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Date: 06/30/99 14:18:57 PDT

Album news...
The new Ridgway website (www.stanridgway.com) says that Stan's new record, called Anatomy, will be out in October 1999.
Also, I was getting curious about Marc Moreland's solo disc, so I took a look at his record label's site (www.kitchenwhore.com) and it says the record will be out in late 1999. This web-site also features a pretty crazy biography that is a little hard to believe... among other things, it says that, previous to his involvement with Pretty and Twisted, Marc was in a European band called Ensenada Joyride and they apparently recorded and toured extensively in Europe. Can anyone confirm this or is this bio trying to take us all on an Ensenada Joyride? I'd appreciate anyone confirming some of the other stuff in this nutty bio as well...
JT in Montreal

Date: 06/29/99 03:31:28 PDT


Date: 06/29/99 01:49:03 PDT

There one VOW record missing in your discography :
In '86 a VOW Show in Firenza (Italy) has been recorded and pressed on vinyl media.
It's called "SHADOW". I guess that copies could only be find in Europe. I've got it in my hands a few years ago but it was so expensive (around $80) that I could not afford to buy it.
The sound was not as good as on DOD but the vinyl is fucking beautiful.

The French Spy

Date: 06/28/99 11:45:32 PDT

Dirk again -- I'm an idiot; you don't need that little underline in front of the name of the main frame in that little bit of code below. In fact, it'll screw it up! Sorry, very sorry.

Date: 06/28/99 11:42:35 PDT

Further tip from a webmaster: (occured to me as I logged back in and saw the fix!) >target="_(name-of-main-frame)"< will allow you to jump back to the main page without wiping and reloading the menu frame.

Just don't include the parenthases when you insert the name of the main frame into the above code.

Dirk Deppey

Date: 06/28/99 02:33:32 PDT

Ha ha ha, Bruce is using a computer. Bruce, it's Trevor.
Since I can't get a hold of you any other way I thought I
wolud try to get a hold of you through the Wall of Voodoo
site. E-mail me at leftym81@hotmail.com
Oh, and indian chuck told me about the comment about how
I should be in back of the drums rather than singing.
Lefty Mussolini

Date: 06/25/99 06:53:22 PDT

Thanks for the tip. Hopefully the links are fixed.

Date: 06/24/99 22:47:42 PDT

Nice new look. Very cool!

Question for Bruce if he still frequents this page:
What do you think was your strongest songwriting contribution
to Wall of Voodoo was? Just curious.

- Col B. in KC

Date: 06/24/99 14:12:14 PDT

Fair warning from a webmaster: from this point forward, every >A HREF< link that doesn't include >target="_top"< in the code will do nasty things to the frames. Don't believe me? Click on that "Return to Wall of Voodoo" link (above) to see an example.

Date: 06/24/99 11:11:05 PDT

Dunno? But it looks like an old message, or a prank.

Date: 06/24/99 06:30:51 PDT

Wait What's This ?

Date: 06/21/99 19:19:34 PDT

New look,I like it.

Date: 06/16/99 06:38:36 PDT

Translation please

Date: 06/16/99 04:13:35 PDT

Toby-tag lige og slap af, og lad være at tage al æren, du ved
udemærket, at jeg stod bag det største stykke, du har bare sat lidt
til kæmpeidiot. Det er det samme med jer, jeg hjælper hvis jeg bliver
spurgt om det, også lavede jeg denneher discografi, også kommer De og
gør totalt nar ad det, og tager hele æren. I kan rende mig noget så
grusomt! - Lede svin!

Date: 06/14/99 15:57:03 PDT


Date: 06/14/99 14:54:07 PDT

Regarding the discography, my copy of Happy Planet, on CD, has the
song Back In The Laundromat on it, so it's not just available on the
cassete version. - Trackspotting!

Date: 06/14/99 08:07:35 PDT

A while ago someone was kind enough to forward on a picture the DOD bootleg.
I lost that email but I still have the picture.
Could you please re-email me so I can give you proper credit for the picture?
Thanks, JtL

Date: 06/14/99 06:26:57 PDT

The Discography has been substantially updated thanks to the efforts
of Toby Dammit. Take another look.

Date: 06/11/99 12:39:23 PDT

Check it out!
Graeme Qewe has provided me with a discography that you can access at
Please take a look and send any corrections or updates to me at

Out here JtL

Date: 06/10/99 17:54:23 PDT

Hey, I'm new here, and I really don't know much about Wall of Voodoo. I want to get into their music though, because from what I've heard, they sound alot like They Might Be Giants, and I'm a HUGE TMBG fan. Just a couple questions for you guys: Which album do you reccomend I get first? Are they still together? Do they tour alot? Where are they based? If I could get answers to any of these questions I'd really appreciate it. WOV seems to have alot of potential, which is why I want to get ahold of their material. Thanks! -Dexter Flansburgh (GhostKrabb@webtv.net)

Date: 06/09/99 20:47:27 PDT


Alot of you might already know about this, but I'll post it anyway, just incase.

If you go to www.cdnow.com, and do a music search on Wall Of Voodoo, a cd is available called NEW WAVE X-MAS, which has the WOV track "Shouldn't Have Gotten Him A Gun For Christmas"

Date: 06/08/99 23:01:19 PDT

Hey,here's one out of left field.I rate Stan and Andy as both exceptional musicians in their own unique ways.Comparing the 2 is pointless.You like/you don't like!!!!!! whatever.....Its a matter of choice.I rate Black Diamonds highly as an album, equally so Ugly Americans (Down Under).Each to their own eh fellas.


Date: 06/08/99 19:05:22 PDT

Hear, hear -- WoV seemed to have gotten at LEAST as much as they lost when Andy signed on. For Stan, it seems to have been mostly "loss", if The Big Heat is anything to go by.

If I had to give a single reason why I prefer Andy to Stan, it would be compassion; Stan seemed to be reporting on his characters for "geek value", while Andy and the others genuinely seemed to give a damn about the people in their music.

Date: 06/08/99 16:38:49 PDT


Andy is a loser, huh? The stuff (the current play in particular) he is doing right now is a million times more interesting to me than Stan's junk IMHO (at least I put that in there).

Andy wrote Far Side of Crazy, Tomorrow Wendy and is a better singer than Stan. I know that's kinda subjective , but I was getting a little tired of Stan's monotone jab at the music industry. I think old WOV is wonderful, but he could never do a song like Hollywood the 2nd time. Of course, Stan is much better at the off the cuff Ring of Fire ditty. However, for me Andy has a seedier more human- more LA sound.

Hey. It's all just a matter of taste. But to call the incredibly talented Andy Prieboy a loser is an unmeritorious vituperative comment you GAWPER!

Did you ever even see WOV with Andy live? The worst was seeing Stan live with that poor ass excuse for a guitarist trying to play like Marc during the Big Heat thing

PS the guys in WOV you heaped praise on by the bucket full are the ones who picked Andy by the way... Think about that Josie

send hate mail to:

Marc was and always will be the main ingredient for WOV.

Date: 06/08/99 03:54:28 PDT

just let me ask Bruce some questions that I have thought about for a long time:
1. Who was the main songwriter behind which songs on the early albums?
2. Can mention any places on a WoV song where you are playing keyboard/piano?
3. What have you done since WoV?

thank you.

Date: 06/07/99 23:40:06 PDT

cool site you did a great job. heres my comment, i think wall of voodoo was one of the most creative bands of our time. the one thing that really disturbes me is why the hell would they get such a loser like andy prieboy to replace stan ? jose 6/7/99

Date: 06/07/99 17:20:24 PDT


Been a while since I've had computer access, Glad to see that someone remembers "Haystack" from the Golden Bear! What a riot! And yeah... I do remember the "Sit You Fuckers" bit now. Ah, the good old days... The Golden Bear, Magic Mountain (though I was too young to really appreciate it ((maybe why I like (gasp ) the Andy years better?)) The Park Plaza hotel( Marc really cracked Andy in the head with the guitar neck, didn't he?) , Madame Wongs etc!

Talk about a a band that needs a biography written about it! WOV would be perfect! A project I'd like to undertake once I kick all me little hormonally challenged gits out of escuela por el verano!
Saw someone mention marc's gibson .
I vividly recall that red Fender Jaguar with the armadillos and horse stickers on it.

PS anyone know if Cherokee is still alive? Oh yeah... one more question- during that Urggh video when WOV were fishing on the pier...
was that the Santa Monica Pier???

Too all fans of the great WOV I humbly recommend the last album by Spiritualized
OK enough skewed vanilla extract induced rambling

damn I miss seeing WOV live!@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 06/07/99 00:14:48 PDT

Toby here-

Dance of Death is a bootleg and as far as I know, bootlegs are illegal to begin with, so I'm not really sure if anyone is really concerned with copyright laws when it comes to copying an already illegal piece. Speaking from experience, most bands don't mind fans trading shows, as long as no money is changed hands. And I know first hand that Voodoo is one of those bands... Some of us have even gotten pieces directly from them. As far as out of print items... I have no opinion.

Salad/Egg man - shut the fuck up!

Date: 06/06/99 17:06:07 PDT

Copying CDs, even out-of-print ones, is copyright infringement unless you have permission from the people who own the rights. The band gets no money for copies that are made and not sold through regular channels. Several Wall of Voodoo band members monitor this board. Just thought that should be pointed out.

Date: 06/06/99 16:45:24 PDT

Hello. I notice that there are many people looking for deleted Wall of Voodoo CDs. I just happen to have every single Wall of Voodoo CD here. I can also duplicate CDs. I won't copy any of the ones that are still in print of course! I notice that Happy Planet, Dark Continent, Ugly Americans - live, and Dance of Death bootleg are all out of print. BTW.... Dance of Death is the best sound quality concert CD I have ever heard. It was originally a master radio CD for CFNY in Toronto. It sounds exactly as good as Ugly Americans, except that it is Stan Ridgeway 1983 WOV. A must have.
I DONT have any WOV videotapes. I don't even have the "showbusiness" movie. I would be willing to trade CDRs for VHS copies.

Let me know if anyone is interested... E-mail me.
My e-mail is --> tnorman@mail.netwalk.com

Date: 06/05/99 22:51:55 PDT

when is stan playing again. i saw him on his first solo tour 1986 in munich, germany. was a great concert in a small club called alabama halle. doesn't exist anymore.
is there a way to get those latest drywall cd's?
great site, Wall of Voodoo is for sure one of the best bands ever


Date: 06/04/99 13:39:00 PDT

Damned what picture is everybody talking about? I need to know, I need to know! bruce M.

Date: 06/02/99 08:09:34 PDT

Note to King Solomon:


Date: 06/02/99 07:23:20 PDT

Let she who is without internet poaching sin cast the first stone
King Solomon

Date: 06/01/99 16:11:38 PDT

HOWDY !!!!
Umm, I am sorry that I started all of this. Before we get into any kind of debate over this picture that I put up, I will take it off. True, on my site, I use pictures but as for most of them they are skans of pictures I have or pictures from covers. I am sure I could get into trouble for copyrights. But that is why it is a fan site. I have only been given permission 3 times by the artists themselves. TOMMY TUTONE, MIKE PETERS (THE ALARM) & PETE BURNS (NAKED EYES). I want to say THANK YOU to HELEN for taking that great pic.

So, stop this before it starts, I am taking the image off. If I can not delete it from my side, I will email J.T.L to remove the post.

MS. V.: I know you told me it was not a problem & thats cool. But maybe this is for the best.

Date: 06/01/99 14:21:06 PDT

To the gutless wonder who didn't have the balls to sign his name:
I never said I was great. The point I was making is the least people could do is give credit to the person who actually shot the pictures if they're going to distribute them. Sure, I could ruin the pictures by putting huge ugly copyright statements on them. Or I could just as easily be a selfish bitch and keep them all to myself so no one can see them. The majority of fans who frequent this site DO want to know where pictures came from and the stories behind them. If you don't like reading what's here, go elsewhere. And if you had paid attention, you'd have seen that *I* wasn't even the one who took that particular picture. The photographer's name is Helen and she deserves credit for her work whether some bonehead who refuses to sign his name thinks so or not.

To the person who came after the bonehead:
Thank you for your input. I couldn't have said it better myself.

That's all I have to say today.

Ms. V

Date: 06/01/99 09:48:46 PDT

It is amazing how many people do not understand that most of the stuff on the internet is NOT public property.
Copying ANY content off a website and using it for one's own website is technically illegal, unless you have permission from the content's creator. That's just one "for instance."
Just because you can get it "free" doesn't mean it IS "free."

Date: 06/01/99 07:24:57 PDT

Who cares where the picture originally came from? This isn't about how great you are. Its about how great WOV is.

Date: 05/31/99 15:14:20 PDT

Hello again!

King R: Shame on your "other source" for swiping that pic off my site and not telling you where it came from. No harm done. When I put the pics up I figured things like that would happen, but I wanted the fans to be able to see them anyway. There are plenty of shots of Bruce over there for anyone who wants to go look.

I must admit I've felt the same frustration as the King did while watching Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy. I never realized what a music trivia geek I was until I watched that a couple times. I've seen Wall of Voodoo come up a couple times and no one got it either time. But then, sometimes they don't get ones as obvious as the Monkees either. Game shows in general make my blood pressure rise. I had to stop watching Wheel of Fortune cuz I was afraid I'd shoot at the next moron who bought a vowel when it was totally unnecessary.

Well, I'm off to fold laundry. How mundane of me! Talk to ya all later!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 05/29/99 10:25:47 PDT

Sorry Ms.V.
I got that pic from another source. It was the only thing I had with BRUCE on it. Yes, all credit to you. It never came to me to do that.
Hope the move was pleasent. Sling me an email when you get the time.

If any of you have watched VH-1 ROCK & ROLL JEOPORDY. It is easy to get mad at. I was watching it this morning.
the catagory: four letter name groups. They played a snippet of WHIP IT.
Time almost ran out before someone said DEVO.
A catagory of 80's songs: a snippit of MEXICAN RADIO....No one got it.
I was really getting mad at this point.
Next question asked, my wife yelled out the answer 3 times as the contestant fumbled around trying to think of the answer.He got it wrong.
My wife threw her business card holder at the tv set.
I guess you had to be there....

Date: 05/28/99 19:58:07 PDT

Hello all,

I'm baaaaaaack! My computer was delivered to my new abode today ahead of schedule and this was the first place I came.

To give credit where credit is due, the picture the King used in his post was taken by my friend Helen at that show in Sacramento. Me, Helen and our friend Gail braved pouring rains and flooded interstate highways to get to that gig and it was well worth it. Getting up to Sacramento from Los Angeles was quite a challange. There had been flooding rains that had closed part of the interstate and we were detoured through farm lands that looked like lakes. At one point we'd had to cross a river that was almost overflowing because of the rains. We actually saw a dead cow float by on the river as we were crossing a bridge. When I think back on it now, we were insane to drive through all that, but hey, it was for a Wall of Voodoo show! If you'd all like to see more of the photos my friends and I took during our travels with the band, head on over to my Wall of Voodoo Photo Gallery.

Well, I'm outta here to try to find which box my damn CDs are in. It's good to be back online!! Bye for now!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 05/26/99 22:26:01 PDT

Tylerssqueeze, sorry to report that Joe is very sick. Why do you need him?
Can't really say much.

Date: 05/26/99 15:09:44 PDT

Hey Bruce! What kind of bass guitar/amp/setup did you use during your Voodoo years?
Also,can you remember anything about Marc's setup? I know he usually used a Gibson
Flying V type guitar with a Fender amp, but did he use any stompboxes for preamp
distortion? Thanks -an Inquiring Musician

Date: 05/25/99 14:25:25 PDT

From Bruce Moreland: I tried to ansewer some questions a minute ago and my computer shut down on me(kind of the same way old crumar keyboard would) I'll try again! god damned I fucking hate technology because it hates me! ever fill like you could just go out and blow up a school? NO? oh sorry I get carried away some times! Somebody asked why W.O.V. covered Johnny cash's "ring of fire" and I say how could you not love a guy and his music who is adored by sothern babtist's and gets busted in his underware driving his convertable caddilac crossing the mexican boarder with a jar of methamphetamine on his lap, the man in black is god. besides Ring of fire is a great song. and I can't tell you whether or not there was any celebrating over "mexican radio's" success because I was in U.C.L.A. neurophsyciatric institute for most the year of it's recording, "getting inspired I guess you could say", and I had little or no contact with the other members. I don't remember what older singers the other guys liked but I can assure you that Led Zepplin and Beatles were not some of them.

Date: 05/25/99 11:55:30 PDT


BRUCE ?????

Glad to see you on here... NO, you do not know me. Just a fan, like everyone else. Hey, dont worry about spelling. Anyone who has the balls to correct BRUCE MORELANDS spelling has to much time on their hands. As for typing as well as you play keyboards. Dont worry. That great bass line in BACK IN FLESH is what I think of.
Hope to hear from you more. oh, by the way. If you want to read my write-up of WALL OF VOODOO,(It's been up for a year now.) CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GO TO THE KINGDOM

Date: 05/25/99 05:40:18 PDT

Hello all,

Okay, this really is the last post from me because my ex-boss is on the way over to pick up my computer right now to UPS it to my new home for me. This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, THE Bruce Moreland. Bruce, I never got the email you sent, but I don't think I'll mention to Gail you remembered her car and not her name...hahaha!! Gail says hello and so does Helen. Good to see you're alive even if you are stuck in Huntington Beach.

Gotta run, folks. See you all next week if the move goes well! Bye!!

a.k.a. Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 05/24/99 19:24:03 PDT

If the REAL Bruce is posting on this board, I have some questions.

Q1. I too would like to know why Wall Of Voodoo covered "Ring Of Fire"

Q2. When "Mexican Radio" first hit success, was there a huge celebration?

Q3. What was it like to hear "Mexican Radio" on Seinfeld?

Q4. Did Wall Of Voodoo like any older singers, such as Bob Dylan , The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, etc....????



Date: 05/24/99 19:21:44 PDT

If the REAL Bruce is posting on this board, I have some questions.

Q1. I too would like to know why Wall Of Voodoo covered "Ring Of Fire"

Q2. When "Mexican Radio" first hit success, was there a huge celebration?

Q3. What was it like to hear "Mexican Radio" on Seinfeld?

Q4. Did Wall Of Voodoo like any older singers, such as Bob Dylan , The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, etc....????



Date: 05/24/99 16:00:51 PDT

Hey elizabeth! I sent you an e-mail that would have convinced you but I guess you didn't grt it ! it said that I don't remember names but I do remember cars, and the one car that pops into mind is a ford maveric (or however you spell it). to the mention of hay stack, we loved our roadies,espeially haystack,from rock Island, Illanois...he inspired us! I

Date: 05/24/99 09:20:40 PDT

i need to find Joe Nanini-Can anyone help????



Date: 05/24/99 07:35:36 PDT

Why did WOV cver "Ring of Fire"?

Date: 05/23/99 15:06:31 PDT

Hello all,

Just one last post from me before my computer gets boxed up and shipped to my new abode. In a couple days, the old www4.linknet.net website address will no longer be valid and the redirect page will be gone. Anyone who has a link to my site, I hope you've managed to switch it by now. I shouldn't be offline more than a week if all goes well. My site will stay up and any email sent to the vieuxdo@bigfoot.com address will be saved until I get reconnected to pick it up.

I haven't heard back from Bruce with answers to any of the questions I asked to confirm he's really him, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I for one am convinced this is the real Bruce Moreland posting here. The things he said in the one email I got from him and the knowledge he's obviously displayed on this board convinces me he's who he says he is. So welcome to the internet, Bruce. We're glad to have you.

Hey Rich, I was at that Golden Bear show too. The big guy you were talking about, I believe his name was Joe, though I remember someone calling him Haystack. He was a really nice guy from what I remember. The guys sure did find some interesting roadies to help them along the way. Another thing I remember about that show was that management would have had a stroke if anyone got up to dance, so Andy had to sing "Sit, You Fuckers" instead of "Dance, You Fuckers". Never a dull moment at a Wall of Voodoo show.

Well, I'm gonna shut up and get the hell outta Dodge. See ya all when I get back online!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 05/22/99 23:27:47 PDT


Since I've read that Wall of Voodoo's music appeared in the absolutely
terrible film, "C.H.U.D. II", I actually subjected myself to it tonight.
For as bad as this will sound, I recommend "Cutting Class" (which
features the same songs) over this one...Check it out, it's worth
the two bucks just to hear great music over a lame background.

Meanwhile...welcome to Bruce! Thank you for joining us!

Col. B.

Date: 05/22/99 17:38:12 PDT

From an ex-Huntington Beacher.........Bruce are you now into the
surf scene, and can you be seen hanging out under the pier

Date: 05/22/99 00:53:13 PDT

If that's really Bruce typin' in here on this board... One of my greatest memories is the um, rhythm? that was being hammered out during the intro for 'Dark as a Dungeon'at the Golden Bear one January night in my youth.

The dude who looked like he was an escapee from Granger, Indiana and introduced the band by saying " and now heeer'es my fayvrit' band Wall of vooDooooo" then taking a seat next to the drum set was also a intriguing

Rich aka RP McMurphpy
jabberjawe@aol.com (email your wov mp3 requests if ya want)

Date: 05/21/99 20:04:15 PDT

Marc is living with his wife in Paris rather than the former city something I cant spell but It looks like..annacie..or some thing like that to an american, where he lived with his previous french wife. P.S. glad to have scared another child, I will slep good tonight ! life is good.

Date: 05/21/99 09:37:26 PDT

To Bruce (who always frightened me when I was young)
Where is your brother living in the stinky cheeses country ? Paris ?
Glad to know you're still alive ...

French Spy (the earliest french WOV aficionados)

Date: 05/20/99 14:46:09 PDT

Damned I hate this, I type as well as I can play keyboards! Oh well... Bruce.

Date: 05/20/99 11:05:18 PDT

Yes Ian was there the whole time exept for some remixing of some things at the very end of recording. wall of voodoo was a very hard band to record with are old outdated electronics(some of them from the early 1950's) we always seemed dissapointed after a recording it was soo hard to get are sound and mood across with the unorthodox things we would use to achieve a sound I think we always liked doing things the hard way the joy was always pushing just to se if it could be done. but as for Ian Broadie I think he achieved some of the best moods and production of anybody who dared to record use. hope that helps. from Bruce the bas player

Date: 05/20/99 02:36:48 PDT

Toby here -
Talked to Andy about Ian Broudies involvemnt in Sammystown and he stated that Ian was there for the whole duration of the recording including the week they spent on preproduction and the week they spent in Liverpool with Ian's engineer in post production... He was not just tacked on the end after the fact for name recognition. Since Bruce is part of our community now, maybe he can concure, since he was there.

So what have you, Bruce, been up to since leaving Voodoo? I met you once at the premiere of Dr. Caligari, which I believe you worked on. Have you talked to Sadiyan recently? No one seems to know what happened to him.

Date: 05/19/99 17:34:01 PDT

Hello all,

Actually, it was me, Ms. Vieuxdo (a.k.a. Elizabeth) that Bruce emailed. Positive identification is pending, but I really must say I'm 99.9% convinced this Bruce is who he says he is just from the initial email I got from him. Stay tuned for further developments!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 05/19/99 13:55:31 PDT

another message from me bruce! the bass player, Dave I sent you an E-mail hope to hear from you soon, help! I;am rotting in Huntington beach

Date: 05/19/99 13:17:07 PDT

from...Bruce Moreland,Don't know much about my brothers solo album,we don;t talk too much since he lives in France I do know he recorded before he left and he is also recording currently in Switzerland but I don;t know about any release dates. wish I knew more about my own family....kind of sad is'nt it

Date: 05/17/99 14:58:19 PDT

When is Marc Moreland's solo album being released?

Date: 05/17/99 06:06:44 PDT

Success. Far side of crazy is no longer bouncing around my skull its blaring outta my speakers. Thanks all, and keep on rockin.


Date: 05/16/99 00:51:40 PDT

got a few requests for Far Side of Crazy so I posted the MP3 at
ps it's the live version- wish I had the 7 days studio version digitized--- in time I s'pose

I wanted to put living in the red on there, but AOL's dinky little member (what a cute thought... AOL's dinky little member) anyhow- webspace doesn't allow for much as far as mp3s. Living in the Red will be up in 3 or 4 days. I tried sending it on to a couple folks but the file is too large. Now back to cape cods, Vanilla extract and that half a bottle of Flinstone's Chewables I had just a second ago

jabberjawe@aol.com (yeah- that's where all you obstreperous gits can hurl your vituperative comments)
ps catch the bunnymen at the Vegas House of Blues JUN 27 or in LA house of Blues JUN 29

Date: 05/15/99 17:17:48 PDT

I saw WOV in concert they were the opening act for Adam Ant when he was on tour in 85 thought they were great..

Date: 05/15/99 16:38:30 PDT

Shite... I meant the Bunnymen in LIVERPOOL not London (nothin special about them playin in front of those gawpers... I meant the home crowd with Ian and Will on Fire for any of you out there who also dig EATB

gonna go have a cold one with Cherokee at Binions tonight

Date: 05/15/99 16:36:57 PDT

MP3 isnt a dirty word....

I cant find 7 days anywhere on cd,,, but I can burn a copy of 'Far Side Of Crazy' from the live cd for those interested and make an mp3 out of that for now. (remember - you'll buy it if you can find it something like that, huh?)

I'll put it on a web site where it can be downloaded. If ya want Far Side... or "Living In the Red" email me


Fingers crossed that they'll do some kinda reunion show at the palladium before I die

PS WOV at the scream when Andy trashed the keyboards and took some time out to "go do some blow" was the greatest concert I've ever attended- even better than the Bunnymen in London

Department of Crooks, Pretty & Twisted and WOV with Andy or Stan... Marc's guitar makes em all great

Date: 05/15/99 07:31:34 PDT

Hey all. Love the WoV and looking for one song only. I know, I know, its a dirty word but I'd like to know if anybody has Far Side of Crazy in an MP3 format? There, I said MP3!!! Stone me if you must but I love the band and I got this song stuck in my head.

Date: 05/14/99 21:03:12 PDT

well, just playin' around with graphics again. lets see if I can make this look as good as I think it will.

If it worked, ok, so its a little wierd....like I said, just playin' around with some graphics.

Date: 05/13/99 17:48:01 PDT

great site, w.o.v. is by far the best band of that so called 80's time frame. it's too bad so many people only know them from the hit.
Professor Devlin

Date: 05/12/99 03:56:17 PDT

Just wanted to send out some bad news. Along with the sad news of the passing of the lead singer of THE SOUND by throwing himself in front of a train, DANA PLATO from DIFFERENT STROKES has died of an overdose. Shame, I always hade a thing for her when I was growing up.

Date: 05/11/99 13:23:31 PDT


Date: 05/07/99 00:00:02 PDT

Human Hands CD can be purchased from amazon.com.

Date: 05/06/99 12:31:15 PDT

Hi from Germany! I was glad to learn that there are still some people
who remember WoV! I don't know what it's like in the rest of the world,
but it seems that most Germans are only interested in the stuff that's "in".
Until some minutes ago I only knew 2 other WoV-fans. So, does anybody know what the
former WoV-members have been doing?

Date: 05/06/99 08:54:34 PDT

I remember someone saying that the record by Human Hands (Bill Noland's other outfit) is impossible to find because there were only like 500 made. There's one up for auction on eBay right now. Wish I had money to spend on records.

Date: 05/06/99 08:45:57 PDT

I remember someone saying that the record by Human Hands (Bill Noland's other outfit) is impossible to find because there were only like 500 made. There's one up for auction on eBay right now. Wish I had money to spend on records.

Date: 05/06/99 01:14:06 PDT

Who's the frogg that let a message with no name ?
I am also from France and glad to see that there is a least 2 fans that get connected on this site.
For Mr Bruce, welcome on board !!!

French Spy "yep, my watch is really a radio"

Date: 05/04/99 05:56:42 PDT

Well Bruce, welcome on the Internet.
It's a funny place with many good and also many bad thinks. 8-)
Just plug you keyboard on your computer and have fun with
sequencer and drum machine.
I'm from France, and I like WOV (of course). For European Music, try
thinks like Killing Joke or Rammstein. Less melody and more violence
than WOV. In fact, perhaps a different point of view about our crazy world.
Regards to all on this Web Site.

Date: 05/04/99 03:29:05 PDT


I can confirm Bruce is Bruce if he emails me. I haven't talked to him in a hell of a long time, but there's lots of easy questions I can ask that only the real Bruce Moreland would know the answers to. As Aussie Dave says, no offense meant, Bruce. But we've already had imposters pop up on here now and then and I was wondering the same thing Dave was about you being the real thing. I can be reached at vieuxdo@bigfoot.com if you want to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Ms. Vieuxdo
(a.k.a. Elizabeth
formerly of W. Covina)

Date: 05/03/99 23:40:01 PDT

Can someone confirm that Bruce is actually Bruce? Bruce,nothing personal, but if you are "fair dinkum" a lot of people will hang off your every word.Maybe Ms V,JT or the King can confirm i.d.


Date: 05/03/99 11:56:01 PDT

Hi everyone I need info on Voodoo in Africa. Anyone with info please e-mail it to me a Xphiler9@aol.com or DK_Scully30@yahoo.com
Love Always,

Date: 05/02/99 21:07:13 PDT

Did you like the band better with Stan, or Andy?
Avg. Joe

Date: 05/01/99 19:49:15 PDT


Now we can finally hear the stories from the horses mouth.

Hows Marc doing?

Date: 04/30/99 12:27:41 PDT

from the bass player and keyboard player in wall of voodoo: I just got my computer on line I love this page and I am greatful to the people responsible I don't know if this message will get through cause I don't know shit about computers but I will check in as I learn more and correspond. Bruce Moreland

Date: 04/28/99 17:24:16 PDT


Date: 04/28/99 07:12:38 PDT

Which WOV song did Celtic Frost cover?
Which WOV song did Kramer cover?

Date: 04/28/99 07:10:51 PDT

I do really like the "clowns" years...

Date: 04/27/99 00:02:32 PDT

After reading some more messages it would appear the Kramer from King Missile has covered WOV, and one of the band members is the same STAN RIDGWAY who flaked on The Residents for their tribute album Eyesore.
Sorry to appear so ignorant, but until 30 minutes ago I didn't even know who the hell this band was. I heard Mexican Radio somewhere once, but haven't really bothered to see who exactly did it until now. All I have to say is WOW. These guys are amazing!

If anyone wants to yak about music with me, or chew me out for being a newbie, my email is KEYSOR@SONOMA.EDU
Even insults are welcome so feel free to get in touch!

Date: 04/26/99 23:48:52 PDT

Dude, I just now realized that Celtic Frost's version of this from To Mega Therion is a COVER of WOV!
Until recently I thought it was the other way around. I assumed that WOV had done a cover of CF since CF's version came out in '87 and WOV sounded mighty fresh.
I figured they were a 90's band, and had no idea they had been around for 20 years. Good shit!

Date: 04/26/99 08:22:49 PDT


Date: 04/24/99 19:30:37 PDT

* Hey Lefty M *
If you know some of the soundtracks that the boys were on back in the late 70's early 80's please indulge us.... we all want to know. Anyone know about C.H.U.D. II??? Sounds like Cutting Class borrowed a bunch of stuff from C.H.U.D. II. All of those songs were it it first. When the boys were on tour in Australia recording Ugly Americans, the record company got a call from the C.H.U.D. people and wanted some songs... so becasue they were not around the record company just gave them stuff that was lying around. That was all stuff that was intended for the sixth Voodoo album. That's why there are songs that ended up on Andy's solo album. Tomorrow Wendy was also one of the songs that was supposed to be on that Voodoo album.

Anyone intersted in trading Voodoo live stuff check out my trade page at: http://www.smutzine.com/boots/

Date: 04/23/99 22:34:41 PDT

King Richard,
Go to a video store horror section and see if you can't locate the
movie "Cutting Class"...It's really bad and has Brad Pitt and Martin
Mull. Anyway, it features music by Wall of Voodoo. Most of the stuff
is stuff that appeared on "Upon My Wicked Son." "Man Talk," is on
there a lot, and is credited to Andy Prieboy. "Nearer To Morning"
and "For Love" are also heard during the film, but they are credited
as being performed by Wall of Voodoo. Finally, "Guys Like Girls"
is the only song I'd never heard before. It plays during the
particularly drawn-out fast-food sequence of the movie. While the
scene is terrible, you do get a chance to hear quite a bit of the
song, which is a great song. It is credited as being written by
Chas Gray, Marc Moreland, Ned Luekhart and Andy Prieboy. It's too bad
that it isn't on an album. "Happy Planet" would have been a happier
with "Guys Like Girls" on it.

As for the "Clown years" comment...I'm with you 100% on "Sammystown".
I think it is one of the best albums in my extensive collection, and
possibly Wall of Voodoo's best. Certainly the best post-Ridgway

Date: 04/22/99 19:11:26 PDT

So today, I was at the store & saw a book called WHO CAN IT BE NOW. an 80's lyrics game book. If there is anyone out there who does not think I bought it, let me be the first to tell you. I BOUGHT IT.....Anyway,it says this about WALL OF VOODOO."If you thought lead singer STAN RIDGWAY'S head popping out of a bowl of baked beansin the video for MEXICAN RADIO was wierd, keep reading. WALL OF VOODOO formed in 1977 in Los Angelos to compose music for low-budget horror movies. To help pay the rent, the band sold sea monkeys & horse racing tips. But their story gets even weirder.In 1982, a year before the band's one & only hit, bassist BRUCE MORELAND quit to pursue a career as a circus strongman. When Ridgway left, the remaining members briefly considered joining MORELAND on a worldwide tour opening for BITSY THE DANCING BEAR."
Hey, dont blame me, Thats what the book said...

Glad to see the bidding on ebay has calmed down.Good luck to ya RAUL....
GUYS LIKE GIRLS???? never heard that one... Anybody got a copy of that one???

I am surprised that no one has said anything about the post of the "CLOWN YEARS", not that I am wanting it.....Just surprised. After all, SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYSTOWN is thought of, by me at least, as a great work of art.
Just my 3 cents worth.

Date: 04/21/99 15:30:26 PDT

Just to let everybody know...

I know that eBay had some outrageous prices earlier, but they've really calmed down. Keep an eye out... I picked up a CD of Ugly Americans for $17 and got Happy Planet for $9.50.

Now all I need is Dark Continent...


Date: 04/21/99 00:55:55 PDT

For the first time, I caught the horrible movie, "Cutting Class"
and finally heard the WoV song "Guys Like Girls"...what a great
song! I wish they would put together a B-sides compilation so I
could get a copy of it...along with "Deep In The Jungle"... and
"Wrong Way To Hollywood"...and "There's Nothing On This Side"...
Anybody who knows a former WoV member, please pass along this

Have fun, everybody...

"west lane is choked, time moving slow, arm hurting bad
don't say where you're going 'cause they won't understand,"

Col B.

Date: 04/18/99 02:04:23 PDT

It's a shame they don't have any on the jukebox where I drink.
So I have to ask the bartender to turn the RADIO (!) on, and thankfully
there's a station around here that plays Wall Of Voodoo music with
fair regularity.

Date: 04/17/99 21:23:47 PDT


Hi there.. I recently discover Wall of Voodoo... and oh Jesus
what a pleasure. Im really enjoying this experience. But surely
like some others, I don't really like the "clowns" years... so if
somebody are interested in trading "Seven days in Sammystown" vinyl
LP for something nice, that could be great. email me: jeff@webnet.qc.ca

bye everyone.

Date: 04/16/99 15:00:50 PDT


wow, I like the HEADS because of their originality. Along with OINGO BOINGO, GARY NUMAN & DEVO ..... none of which sound like anyone else or each other. That was WHY I liked them so much. Original sound, look, & style.... One reason why I hate 90's music so much..... course I dont think any of you want to hear me get into that here. But you know where you can hear it of course.....

Date: 04/16/99 12:04:38 PDT

Shuster, I see why your friend saw the resemblance. Not in a literal way in comparison to the music.The two bands sounded totally different. More in a way they were unique to the time in a very cool way. The talking heads and wall of voodoo both had a very unique sound each to it's own that no one else had at all. They also came out around the same time. So I can see why the person compared the two.

Date: 04/15/99 22:28:22 PDT


I showed somebody "Show Business Is My Life" and they said that Wall Of Voodoo reminded them a little of The Talking Heads. Does anyone else see where my friend is coming from?

King, you'd be a good one at comparing them.


Date: 04/14/99 18:33:01 PDT

On a different note from the cool posters, I was in Germany last month and ran across a dark continent cd and grabbed it up pretty quick but I also saw on Germany's version of Mtv a band called "Liquido" and they were very cool. Thought you guys might want to check out a really cool German band. So check out their homepage.
www.liquido.de. They have some cool sound clips, "Narcotic" and "Doubledecker" are really cool, but I bought the cd and the whole thing is great. See ya.

Date: Content-type: text/plain Wed Apr 14 08:31:57 PDT 1999

HOWDY !!!!!!! King Richard here..

How very interesting that DANCE OF DEATH has no bids....hehehe, sorry, but I hope that shows people that they can not jack up the price on something just because they saw UGLY AMERICANS go for big money. Dont worry, I am not telling you guys not to bid on the item. $25 is not that big of a price for a bootleg. But when it STARTS at that price, it is a different story. Just my 2 cents worth anyway.

Date: Content-type: text/plain Tue Apr 13 16:58:17 PDT 1999

Hello all,

I have a couple promo posters (one Call of the West and one Sammystown) and, like if King Richard had them, you couldn't pry those outta my cold, dead hands. The COTW one I have is the only one I've ever seen with a picture of the band on it and not just the door on the album cover. I'd put an ad looking for WoV stuff in a magazine called Goldmine years and years ago and that's how I found the COTW poster. I don't know if Goldmine is still in business or not, but if it is and you're a serious collector, I'd try advertising there.

KING RICHARD: Email me your address. I'll see if I can finagle you a Sammystown poster from someone I know who has one. And I never did find the flyer I was thinking about, but I did find the bumper sticker that has the same pic on it. Now all I need to do is try to remember to take it to work and scan it. Email me in a week or so and cybersmack me if I don't have a scan of it to you by then.

Time for me to vamoose....have a good one!!

Ms, Vieuxdo

Date: 04/12/99 20:12:08 PDT

HOWDY !!!!!
I hope this one goes through. I am at my dad's house so I am using his computer. I have been trying to post on here but it seems to tell me no, and give me a screen that says. FORBIDDEN......

Anyway, thanks to J.T. for doing that for me. Interesting that the person put that I was on YAHOO huh???? Folks, I am not going to lie.... If I got my hands on those posters, I would not let go of 'em. As I had told J.T. in my email, the only poster I ever had was a promo poster from SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYSTOWN. Unfortunatly was lost in a flood that lost a lot of stuff I had. I do not know who this person is. I love a good joke, but just dont put my name on the end of it ok pal????

Yes, I do sell posters on ebay under the name WOVFAN. Ones I have sold in the past are ELVIS COSTELLO, DURAN DURAN, HUMAN LEAGUE. No W.O.V. though....If I must say, if these posters are out there, I would like to have 'em too. Most of you have my email address, If there is anything that pops up on here that sounds abit wierd to come from me, do as J.T. did, and let me know.

the ONLY K.R.

Date: 04/12/99 14:54:22 PDT

Hi everybody... JT here. King Richard is unable to post for some reason but asked me to advise everyone that he did not put up that message about the posters. In fact, if you know the KING, you'll realize that the e-mail address listed isn't even his (it'll just come back to you if you try to send a message). Don't know who posted the message but the King says to please ignore it.

Date: 04/12/99 14:30:09 PDT

Hey Toby,
I talked to Bruce and he said they did make some songs that were in movies.That's all I'm gonna say about that.
Lefty M.

Date: 04/11/99 23:48:09 PDT

Well it's been too many years since I had the pleasure of hearing your beautiful dulcit tones, Andy. But I must say that you are the best still. THe albums stand up to the test of time... thus far!
Hope that you will come up with some new material.... that'd be real nice!
with love from your Polish-australian gal.....

Date: 04/10/99 21:13:10 PDT

Thanks for all your info, everybody. I appreciate it.
As for a WoV tribute album...it'd be great if they got the right
people. I'd be willing to do a fast acoustic cover of "Call Box,"
but I'm sure I wouldn't do it justice...

See ya later,
Col B.

Date: 04/09/99 11:07:52 PDT

Dance of Death CD going up on
E-Bay this weekend.
Good luck to all!

Date: 04/08/99 05:49:15 PDT


well its that time again.

CLEOPATRA RECORDS has released the MADONNA tribute cd.
Rumor has it that a PRINCE & U2 tribute cds will be made also.

(take a deep breath) WHY IS THERE NO WALL OF VOODOO TRIBUE CD????

Dont give me that "well, they havent had enough hits" crap.
GRAHAM PARKER? yep he has one
DEVO? yep, them too...
GARY NUMAN? he has two tribute cds.
so who is going to be next as W.O.V. are looked over????
It is not that the time has come, it has been time for a while now.... give us what is rightly deserved. Show credit where credit is due.
(wiping the sweat from my brow)

Hey LARRY !!!!!!!
very cool. I liked SUSIE the best.

ok, I will get off my soapbox now.

Date: 04/06/99 01:51:49 PDT

Check this out!
Larry Hastings COVERS Stan Ridgway Songs - a birthday tribute.
-joel in little rock, ARK

Date: 04/06/99 01:47:14 PDT

Happy B-day Mr. Ridgway....
the folks in Denver...

Date: 04/05/99 03:45:35 PDT

Stan Ridgway's birthday today... all the best, Stan!!!

Date: 04/03/99 04:16:17 PST

howdy !!!!!! King Richard here.....
There is a interview from 1981 where they are saying that they tried to get a song in a movie, but it was turned down. The movie was MOTEL HELL and the song was THE STRUGGLE.

As for the tripping over the power cord story, they cover that one too. Except it was STAN & he was carring some food for the band on stage ( cookies & stuff) to snack on, tripped and the food went sailing into the audience.

'Corse none of this might be true....

Date: 04/03/99 03:44:12 PST

Toby here-

As far as the Voodoo myths like they made music for b-movies and all that.... I think a lot of that is all bunk. Andy once told me that the story they told the press about him, that he sought them out at the Santa Anna race track (where Marc worked for years) and that's how they met him... well that's not true. Andy was going to a party and was waiting for his ride. As he sat there he looked up at the sky and said to himself "Please, just send me a band.... send me some guys who already have their shit together. Someone who will appreciate my stuff and will accept me for me." So he went to this party and he was talking to someone he didn't know and this drunk guy came stumbling over to them and said to the guy Andy was talking to... "This is the guy you're looking for... this is him man." So the guy asked Andsy "So you're a singer?" and Andy said "Yeah.... you in a band?" The guy says "Yeah... Wall Of Voodoo." Light bulb goes off. Andy's prayers have been answered. The guy he was talking to was Bruce and he gave him a tape, they listened to it, loved it and theat was that. As far as the story about making soundtracks.... I think they wanted to, but never got it off the ground. Andy said that the reason that they made up that whole story was that was the Voodoo way. If something is fucked up.... make it more fucked up. Part of the Voodoo code.

Date: 04/01/99 01:35:41 PST

anyone got a mp3 of camoflage with Stan Ridgeway?

Date: 03/29/99 22:00:45 PST

Looking for WOV and Stan stuff, especially a copy of that
limited edition How I Feel... disc. I have lots of stuff.

Date: 03/28/99 13:37:30 PST

Wall of Voodoo are great!
Dark greetinx from Germany - Mystify

Date: 03/28/99 07:10:17 PST

Hey Col B.!

Here's the Dance of Death track list: Call Box - Animal Day - Lost Weekend - Call of the West - Factory - On Interstate 15 - Can't Make Love - Tomorrow - The Passenger - Long Arm - Ring of Fire - Mexican Radio - Back in Flesh.


Date: 03/28/99 01:34:40 PST

And my ass is as big as North Dakota. So what's your point?

Date: 03/27/99 03:10:51 PST

my penis is so big it has its own postal code email me

Date: 03/26/99 21:01:30 PST

Hello Voodooteers!

I'm happy to see that you guys are as fascinated by Wall of Voodoo
as much as I am. A long time ago I read a book about 80's bands that
was chock full of obscure info, and in the book they mentioned that
Wall of Voodoo had started as a company making music for low-budget
sci-fi movies. The band's first gig, according to this book, was at
an all-girls school dance at which Marc Moreland tripped over the main
power cord onstage, thus blacking out the dance. It went on to say that
Bruce Moreland orignally left the band to join the circus as a
colliope player and part-time strong man. I don't know if any of this
is actually true, but I've got a wealth of strange "facts" like this
clogging up my brain. By the way, this is a great website. I never
would have known "Plan 9 From Las Vegas" existed without it. Finally,
for you guys with the "Dance of Death" bootleg, I'd like to know
what songs are on it.

- Col B.

Date: 03/23/99 06:46:18 PST

Hey awl -

Wondering if some knows a resource for any WOV guitar tabs.
Any help would be appreciated.



Date: 03/22/99 04:04:57 PST

Hey Shuster!
I always felt that Lost Weekend belonged in a movie (in fact, I've used it as the soundtrack on vacation videos I shot in the desert in Nevada!)
Did the song appear in a CBC TV movie or was it a "real" film shown on TV?

Date: 03/21/99 19:41:54 PST


There's a Canadian film called "International Feeling" which plays at least a minute of "Lost Weekend". Two people are in a restaurant talking, and the song can be heard in the background.

I contacted the station that aired this movie, and they say that there won't be a soundtrack released for this movie. But if you can get your hands on the movie, check it out!


Date: 03/19/99 00:12:43 PST

Toby Here -
I don't have the VH1 footage... in fact I haven't even seen it, myself. Just everyone I know has called me up to tell me blow by blow commentary of it everytime it airs.

Date: 03/16/99 07:33:16 PST


JT..... unfortunately MIKE WATTERS told me that he no longer does the trading of the WALL OF VOODOO stuff. He has his hands full with the DEVO BOOTLEG SITE. If you have never seen it, it is a wopper. I told him he must have a room in his house just for boots, and cant get through to the other side.

TIM ...... you have mail.... (also, not all kingdoms are made of gold, some are made of CHROME.....get it????)

MS. V....... ah, my friend, the package will go out on thursday. oh, and if, while you are moving, and come across that seven days flyer that we were talking about... send me a scan???

JTL..... are you missing in action??? where are you? or perhaps my emails have been going to bit-heaven...

TOBY !!!!!! I am trying to get my hands on that vh1 footage of MARC. DOES THIS MEAN YOU HAVE IT??? I no longer have vh1, so I cant get it.

and of couse,
AVERAGE JOE...... thanks for the scans.

see 'ya

Date: 03/16/99 03:51:17 PST

Thanks for the info Tim.
A good source of WOV footage was Stan's Showbusiness is my Life video (available on the Dis-Info website)... unfortunately, they are out of stock! Another source for me was a guy named Mike Watters who has several tapes he put together himself... a lot of it from the Andy-era, I think. I don't have his e-mail address on hand but he probably reads the messages on this forum, so you'll find him soon enough...

Date: 03/15/99 20:38:11 PST

My email address is tshealer@hotmail.com

Date: 03/15/99 18:38:15 PST

TIM, if you leave an email address, it will help.

Date: 03/15/99 10:54:22 PST

Hi JT, The label is called Grand Theft Audio and they recently just released a Human Hands discography. I ordered it and its great but I couldnt figure out who the band member was that they shared. you can get in touch with Grand theft Audio at 501 W. Glenoaks Blvd. Ste. 313, Glendale, Ca 91202. Im still looking for info on how to get WOV video footage, if anyone has an idea pleaselet me know. Thanx, Tim

Date: 03/15/99 03:47:48 PST

Human Hands was a band that featured Bill Noland who often played with WOV, although he was not an "official" member... he also often collaborates with Stan. Human Hands did apparently release a couple of EPs and a compilation LP (I think)... I have been searching for these for years! Did the ad you saw say they were available?


Date: 03/14/99 23:41:58 PST

Hi everyone,
I just saw an ad in the zine Maximum Rock&Roll for a band called Human Hands. The ad says it features ex members of WOV. Does anybody know anything about it? Also where can I obtain WOV video footage.

Date: 03/14/99 00:45:17 PST

Hey there TOBY DAMMIT here
I was just wondering what you all thought of the VH-1 story? And BTW that was me all tied up with an apple in my mouth with the flame red hair getting beaten. Just wanted to know what you all thought. Did you think it made Marc look kind of sad? I mean Andy was kind of embarrassed about the whole thing.

Talk Hard is available on a Stan e.p. from Australia of some of his film songs. Talk Hard is a live version on that.

Date: 03/11/99 12:39:12 PST

I just got the WOV tape with an extra song 'exersise' on it and its not included on the LP or CD. Anybody know why they wouldnt include it on the CD?

Date: 03/10/99 23:34:48 PST

Not a lot to say except that they were a great band and i think that its about time Andy put out another album... also if you'd like to vote in my top 10 albums of all time (and get a wall of voodoo or prieboy album where it deservedly should be) then either have a look at http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/6484 or email me with you to pten albums at lukeee@usa.net cheers! luke

Date: 03/10/99 05:12:44 PST

So yesterday I went to the shop to collect the two Prieboy cd's I was
missing (Motezuma e.p. & Upon my wicked son). To tell people who are
searching for these, I hat no problem ordering, except it took some
time to find them in the catalogue. And also I live in a small
european country, so far away from the US. Well it costed quite a lot
(what would be US$ 50) and took 3 weeks from ordering to arrival.
Just to let you know.


Date: 03/07/99 22:18:33 PST

fkoc@ug.bcc.bilkent.edu.tr That`s my mail, please send me whatever u know, about voodoo, but just voodoo, i`ll be preciated if u do that for me, do me a favor and do it for me, i just need ta know sth. about it, i really need that, please please please...

Date: 03/07/99 22:12:36 PST

`You've got smokers cought from smoking, bewers from drop from drinking beer.` I need ta know what voodoo is and all i need is a little article that writes about it, for my term project... Regards with Fado!

Date: 03/04/99 21:58:32 PST


Date: 03/04/99 20:57:14 PST

Avg. Joe will now speak....
Top 5 voodoo songs:
Tse Tse Fly
Ring of fire
Big city
Call of the west
The passenger
As compiled by Avg. Joe inc.

Date: Content-type: text/plain Thu Mar 4 14:58:54 PST 1999


Ok, it is really getting on my nerves with these people selling UGLY AMERICANS & HAPPY PLANET at such high prices.. do not get me wrong, I know how the thing works, I just sold a duran duran poster for $75.00, but the bidding started out at $5.00... There are cd's that are getting bidded on that are going pretty high and they started out at $5.00 too.. but there is a UGLY A. cd that the seller has started biddings out at $30.00. There is no sense in that. As I recall in the past, some have gotten pretty high in bidding, but DON'T start them out so high, some of us cant even afford your opening bid. I do hope of course none of you are the ones guilty of this..Of course you are not. But if you are and just happen to see this, PLEASE HAVE A LITTLE HEART... after all it is a fan that you are selling it to. K.R.

Date: 03/03/99 17:02:46 PST

Hello all,

Just wanted to congratulate Eddie (aka surfined00@aol.com) on his purchase of Bruce Moreland's old bass I had for sale on my web site. I know he'll cherish it as much as I did and it's got a good home with him.

Clark & Agatha: Welcome to the wall. Lots of good people here and we're glad to have ya.

King Richard: No hurry sending the you-know-what. I won't be there til the end of May anyway.

Everyone else: As of May 23rd, the old linknet.net URL for my web site will no longer work to redirect you to the new URL. For all of you with links to my site from yours, PLEASE change the URL to: http://members.xoom.com/wallofvoodoo/ before the May 23rd deadline. I will be moving from New Orleans back to the west coast the last week of May. The web site will stay up on the xoom.com server during the move and my email will still be vieuxdo@bigfoot.com. Thanks to all of you who have emailed and linked me to your sites. I appreciate it more than I can say.

Okay, I'm shutting up now. Have a good one!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/03/99 15:06:21 PST

Hey King!

Think you were mislead about the artwork on Dance of Death. Average Joe is right... my copy's got the same thing... half a goat skull or something. But the inside has got this picture of the boys in the band (with Bill Noland, not Bruce Moreland) standing around next to a brick wall.

That's all for now.


Date: 03/03/99 12:28:29 PST

looks like a half skull of some kind of animal.
Avg. Joe.

Date: 03/03/99 11:19:31 PST

Hi there, Clark and Agatha. great site of yours, BTW.



Date: 03/03/99 10:24:08 PST


wow, the thing with UBL for ordering THE BIG HEAT pretty much shocks me, as it didn't happen to me.... sorry to hear about your crash. That happened to me a few months ago, and I swore it was from joining a OINGO BOINGO online newsgroup...

Yeah, someone sent me an email telling me it was MARC on VH1. If anyone gets that on video, I need it... let me know, and I will get something to you in trade. I am also still looking for the W.O.V. shot on AMERICAN BANDSTAND....

Ok, average Joe, can you tell me what the picture on the front of your DANCING WITH DEATH is of??? I was once told that it is a still from an old black & white horror movie. Hence the name....

HI CLARK.......whats up dude??? Join the crowd....by the way, I still love THEM. My wife is just about sick of it though.... oh well.

SPY !!!!!!!!!!! where have you been????
JTL...... where are you?????? did toby come through?
MS. V..... have a safe trip, you may beat the package there, but it will get to you.

see you guys later.

Date: 03/03/99 02:50:38 PST

Absolutely, it is a friendly place to share informations, it's a forum !!!
WOV activiy is somewhat quiet at the moment and the maSteR voice continues to entertain us.
So feel free to flood this site with SR informations and rumours ...

The French Spy

Date: 03/03/99 02:18:47 PST

hello to all wall of voodoo-ites! our names are clark and agatha price and we are the dweebs that run the stan ridgway dis-information site...
is this a freindly place to share information...?


Date: 03/03/99 01:49:15 PST

stan ridgway = ultra modern records...watch out!

Date: 03/02/99 22:15:57 PST

Hey man I went to the UBL to order Stan's cd "The Big Heat" and something got attached to my computer and the thing crashed, it took a couple of bootings to get back online. Just a warning, or maybe it's just my computer. Oh hey Average Joe, I'd love to get a copy of the "Dance of Death" cd you have. Let me know if that's ok. Also King Richard about the VH1 thing, it was Marc they interviewed. I'm not saying they didn't get Joe also but they for sure got Marc. I didn't see it but my wife told me after it was over, " by the way the gutarist from Wall of Voodoo was on VH1's Where are they now." I almost fell over. Oh well, I'll catch it next time, but he was on.

Date: 03/02/99 15:42:29 PST


The Department of Crooks CD is still available online through Amazon.com. I ordered a couple myself for safe keeping and they arrived safe and sound.

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/02/99 14:59:41 PST

Stan Ridgway's song "Talk Hard" appears in the movie "Pump Up The
Volume", though it isn't on the CD.

Larry Hastings
Beyond Tomorrow

Date: 03/02/99 06:08:07 PST

Finally, after long time problems with the web, I can see this page again.
Still looking for the DoC cd anyone can help?

Graeme Qewe.

Date: 03/01/99 03:33:26 PST

"Dance of Death" is a rare european WOV bootleg CD recorded Live at the EL MOCAMBO.

Date: 02/28/99 20:35:02 PST

I have an import c.d. called "dance of death"
it is not on the album page. Am I the only one who
has it? It is a live show from Toronto.
Avg. Joe

Date: 02/28/99 20:32:45 PST

I have an import cd called "Dance of Death" a live show from Toronto
it is not shown on the album page. Does anyone out there have it or
am I the lone owner?
Avg. Joe.

Date: 02/28/99 19:37:09 PST

There are some Wall Of Voodoo albums still available through a very good company, but prices depend on exactly how much.

CALL OF THE WEST [ Cd, record]

HAPPY PLANET [Available only on record]

SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMY'S TOWN [Available only on Cd]

INDEX MASTERS [ Cd, record]

GRAMMA'S HOUSE [Available only on record]

These are all still being produced, but you have to order them through some of the others. They are selling very fast. Call Of The West is currently out of stock. Payments and others are always open from 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Some of these are unauthorized releases, and may be high in price, but they are worth it. Let us know when availables are here. Currently not master keepings.

Stan Ridgway merchandise also is available!

Mickey Cline.


Date: 02/26/99 15:07:48 PST

Are there any WOV sites that explain the meaning behind the songs?

Date: 02/23/99 21:13:05 PST





Date: 02/23/99 14:17:58 PST

Re: the LP's
If your vinyl is in good shape they are worth between 3 & 10 bucks each. However, you probably won't be able to sell them for more than $5. Since most people don't even own a turntable anymore the demand for vinyl has decreased. Hope that helps.


Date: 02/23/99 10:35:50 PST

You can find the song "Do it again" on the HAPPY PLANET CD

Date: 02/23/99 09:42:50 PST

On what record/CD can I find the sond: "Do it again?"

Date: 02/22/99 05:25:59 PST

The Stan Ridgway CD 'The Big Heat' rereleased 1993 from I.R.S. records
including the 6 Bonus Tracks is available since a couple of weeks at
WWW.AMAZON.COM at USD 11.49 per copy.

Date: 02/21/99 18:47:58 PST

I'm not interested in selling, but does anyone have any idea of a price for these things?---"Dark Continent" LP, "Call of the West" LP, "Far Side of Crazy" 12". Thanks!

Date: 02/21/99 12:45:51 PST

If anyone has the Mexican Radio/There's Nothing on this side EP, reverse the phrase "hello, who is speaking" on the There's nothing side, to me it sounds like "it is so hot". Plese comment if you have done or heard it.

Date: 02/20/99 20:31:17 PST

If anyone is interested, today I got a copy in the mail from the UBL store (ultimate band list) of STAN RIDGWAY : THE BIG HEAT.... don't know how many copies they have left, but if you need one they are $10.95 for the cd. I just say this because its out of print.

Date: 02/19/99 18:43:22 PST

I think what I really wanted to ask was: "Does anyone know where to get a video of 'Mexican Radio.'" -- Pardon the grammar, and thanks. -- TheJayBob@geocities.com

Date: 02/19/99 18:41:18 PST

Anyone where to get a video of "Mexican Radio?" -- thejaybob@geocities.com

Date: 02/19/99 15:36:04 PST

Hey King,

I saw the VH-1 Where Are They Now episode. It wasn't an interview with Joe, it was a short one with Marc. I didn't get it on tape because I just happened to be surfing channels and had stopped on VH-1 for no apparent reason. Maybe I was subconsciously psychic cuz next thing I knew, there was Marc on my TV. No time to put a tape in and catch it. Oh well, maybe next time. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Ms Vieuxdo

Date: 02/19/99 04:28:12 PST


someone on a mailing list that I get was talking about the VH-1 show WHERE ARE THEY NOW. She was saying how they talked to the drummer of A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS and no other old members, just like how they did with WALL OF VOODOO's drummer.........
WHAT ??????
Was there a interview with JOE????
anyone get it on video???
how did they find him????
Don't get me wrong, If they did one on them I am mad that it was not also with ANDY who is getting noticed for WHITE TRASH WINS LOTTO. STAN maybe...or with MARC with D.O.C.
but I would love to know what JOE had to say....

Date: 02/17/99 19:40:29 PST

The 8/4 time (guessing) often appears in WOV songs ("Two Minutes Till Lunch", "They Don't Want Me",ETC.) always gave the music a strange feel. Ever notice how Techno uses a simular time (or more extreme, say 16/4 time)? It gave some of the songs an ominous feel-- can't explain it. As a side note: Talking Heads did part of the song "Animals" in 7/3 time... it's worth listening to. Unsual time signatures in music are so unfamiliar to us (in our twisted "it's all the same because,... well, it's just that way" culture) that we seem to interpret the non-typical progression of such songs as ominous. Did the odd time of the songs result in lyrics that went along with the feel of it, or vice versa? Comments...

- Robert Bodnar

Date: 02/17/99 19:14:39 PST

Hey! I just got a used copy of Work The Dumb Oracal for $10. I found it in a used CD store downtown.

To Steve: I know what song your talking about. I remember thinking the exact same thing.


Date: 02/17/99 19:09:10 PST


Is one of Stan's songs used in the movie "Pump Up The Volume"? There's a singer that sounds an awful lot like Stan in there.


Date: 02/17/99 07:07:42 PST

Yep, he is Bill "Billy Bob" Nolan, he played keyboards on some of his solo album as well as I believe he was a producer on THE DRYWALL project. Is it just me or did anyone else think he looked out of place in W.O.V.????? By the way, have any of you checked over at ebay today? a copy of UGLY AMERICANS CD as of this moment is up to $102.00 ..... I do hope that is none of you bidding that high. That is crazy. and it has 3 days left, it may go higher... sorry, I don't have that kind of money, least not after the money I lost on the superbowl.

Date: 02/17/99 00:32:33 PST

The "other" keyboardist besides Chas during the Call of the West tour was Bill Noland. Bruce Moreland left the band between Dark Continent and Call of the West. With their regular bass player gone, WOV occasionally called on Chas to play bass and added Bill for keyboard help. On my Mexican Radio 45 rpm record sleeve Bill appears in a photo with Joe, Stan, Chas, and Marc. Bill Noland joined Stan and his band when Stan went solo.

Bill Reid
Agoura Hills, CA

Date: 02/16/99 18:39:07 PST

Wall of Voodoo is great

Date: 02/16/99 18:31:16 PST

Ok I have a question for the King or whoever can answer the question. Who played the keyboard besides chas with wall of voodoo in the early days,like on the "Call of the West" tour? Anyone know, I'm not actually asking to see if anyone can guess because I know. I don't know I just know someone else was there. A gun for hire stand in perhaps? Who knows, Marc, Bruce, Stan,one of those guys might know. I know Marc is in France and Burce is in Arizona but if they read the wall or someone else knows please let me know. You can just answer on the wall, no need to e-mail me direct others are intrested also I'm sure. Oh how do I know this guy exists? That's easy, I have photos of the band during a gig in Austin at a place called Club Foot and the guy is on the keyboard right next to chas. It was not bruce, stan, marc, or joe. So who was it? There it is sports fans does anyone know the mystery man?

Date: 02/16/99 16:21:55 PST

to whoever was wondering where bruce is,(you didn't put your name,)
last i heard bruce moved to arizona, where his mom lives...that
was a few months ago.i geuss not to long ago he came back here(so.cal.) to visit but he didn't stay long and i didn't see him.hope that answers your question...


Date: 02/15/99 17:18:16 PST

Can anyone help me, Ive been looking everywhere for the sheet music
for Mexican Radio. If so give me a shout at Accent1997@ns.sympatico.ca
I cant seem to find it anywhere so i would really appreciate it

Thanks, Brian

Date: 02/12/99 07:51:55 PST

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm a little behind everyone else, but I just
got my INDEX masters Wall Of Voodoo disk, and I just have to say that
it is great, great stuff. If you don't have it yet, pick it up.
"Can't Make Love", "Ring Of Fire", "Back In Flesh"...

Great stuff.


Date: 02/12/99 04:46:52 PST

Have a good holiday everyone.
Anyways I'm going home to relax now!
Long live WOV!

Graeme Qewe.

Date: 02/10/99 06:23:12 PST

Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of "Happy Planet" or at least a single of "Do it again" ? If so, give me a shout at Cernunum@netscape.net . I'll buy two copies if you have them.

Date: 02/09/99 09:04:18 PST

HOWDY !!!!!!
no, it was on a graphic program. We should be so lucky for that to be on a magazine now.... You are all welcome to snag the thing, just tell 'em the king gave it to 'ya.

Date: 02/08/99 18:09:09 PST

WHOA! King, is that a real magazine, or did you make it? I would love a copy of it!

Date: 02/08/99 15:14:43 PST

That sounds like a pretty good idea to me

Date: 02/08/99 04:46:11 PST

ok, so sue me but I think this looks cool. Now I hope I do this right and don't make a fool out of myself.

Date: Content-type: text/plain Sat Feb 6 17:04:16 PST 1999

I was listening to some old 80's compilations the other day, and
"Mexican Radio" came on. It dawned on me that the drumbeats in the
beginning of the song sound an awful lot like those in the intro of
Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People". Weird, huh?

Anywho, if you want to hear for yourself, drop by http://members.tripod.com/~elliedoom/spookykids.html.

|| || "You can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being"
//(__)\\ Ellie the Spider-Woman
|| || http://members.tripod.com/~elliedoom/

Date: 02/06/99 08:50:49 PST

Hello all,

A lovely person who goes by the name of Duckstab has created a killer Wall of Voodoo desktop theme and allowed me to offer it for download to all the fans. I've added it to my web site, so click on the link below and go see it. Have a good weekend all!!

Wall of Voodoo Desktop Theme

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 02/05/99 06:15:29 PST

Good idea to put some Department of crooks on the web, so that people that haven't got it (yet - me included) can hear them. There's just one problem the files are TOO BIG, well it is not that I wont spend that time downloading, I'd happyli do that, It's just that all the things I get down from the web, I have to bring home with an A:\ disc, ('cause I don't have web at home), and these disc's haven't room for files in excess of 1,4 MB. I know that there is these Arj files which can split up the MP3's but I just don't know how it works, can anyone give me a sollution on this?

Graeme Qewe.

Date: 02/04/99 01:16:39 PST

hey, thanks GRAEME..... I have always wondered if there where others that had the same influences... scary, isn't it? I must say that they have influenced my , um, strange sense of humor.

On a deserted Island??? hhhmm, I would have to have my CALL OF THE WEST & SAMMYSTOWN too. I would not have one on me with out the other two

thanks JTL for the mp3's....great job. It was all that & a beer coster, hehehehe. Oh, I may have something for you soon. Your gonna LIKE it.
I am never betting on the FALCONS again........

Date: 02/03/99 17:45:46 PST


can anybody tell me what happened to Bruce Moreland...the last time I saw WoV (1988) the band weren't saying to many nice things about him.

Date: 02/03/99 11:23:15 PST

If trapped on a small desert island, and I could have only one album it would be: The Ugly American's Live in Austrailia. (Nuff said!)

Date: 02/03/99 02:02:00 PST

I've just looked at K.R.'s site and found out, that I'm not the only one who likes WOV, monty python & the kids in the. Really I thought I was the only one deranged enough to be that.
Anyways happy birthday to myself.

Graeme Qewe.

Date: 02/02/99 12:51:21 PST

I am interested in purchasing any and all rare Wall of Voodoo products that may be out there, especially video including "Urgh a Music War". Please e-mail me @ LAllen2615@aol.com if you have any info. on this. THANKS!! And this website is amazing!!

Date: 02/02/99 04:56:03 PST

Everybody's so quiet, no one but me got anything to say?

Graeme Q.

Date: 02/01/99 05:22:50 PST

I thought this might be of your interest:
I've been mailing with Drywall dis info, and they say that they're less than 50 copies left of the way I feel today.


Date: 01/29/99 22:29:22 PST

Take a look!

Department of Crooks have granted us the right to post some mp3's off their album "Plan 9 From Las Vegas"

You can download them at Department of Crooks MP3's

If you haven't heard DOC yet this is your chance. You'll be glad you did.


Date: 01/29/99 20:32:07 PST

wall of voodoo with stan on vocals was one of the most creative fucked up bands of the 80s. Its good to see that some people are still into them.

Date: 01/29/99 01:00:28 PST

Regarding the cryptic messages on the EP.....it was recently reported that Marc Moreland said that the members of the band personally etched these in. I think Marc is taking you for a ride on this one. It is inconceivable that the band would spend their time etching messages into the vinyl EPs, especially when they could go play the horses instead. I checked my 3 EPs, all of which have "Replace All Parts" etched in. This phrase is identically etched in on all three. For instance, the horizontal dash in the letter "A" in the word "PARTS" is too far to the left in all three cases. Machines did the etching.

One thing we should keep in mind when we hear anything from a WOV member ---- they are really fast and loose with the truth. WOV never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

Bill Reid
Agoura Hills, CA

Date: 01/28/99 08:37:29 PST

Hey here's a link to a music mailorder store in holland that is listing Dark Continent for sale for $19.75.

Date: 01/28/99 08:30:44 PST

Heads up cause this one is coming in fast and low. The Department of Crooks album "Plan 9 From Las Vegas" Is now out of print but can still be had from some of the internet CD stores Towerrecords.com for example get it now or wish you had. I will post an mp3 of some of the tracks off the disc so you can hear what it sounds like.

Now back to the cryptic writing on the ep's. According to Marc Moreland the members of the band personally etched the messages on the eps. These etchings were a way of personalizing or signing the ep. No word as to any hidden meaning in the scratchings yet so stay tuned.

Date: 01/27/99 08:31:09 PST

Wall of Voodoo is strictly USA baby! Although seemingly appreciated more in europe and Australia then there own homeland.

Date: 01/26/99 20:23:32 PST

Is Wall of Voodoo an American or a British band?
In a lot of ways, Wall of Voodoo seem to remind me of a mix between a small part Devo and a large part Wire. Have any of the members of Wall of Voodoo spoken of being influenced by Wire or Devo?


Date: 01/25/99 16:37:32 PST

Greetings all,

Well, I managed to dig up an extra copy of the Dark Continent CD. To be fair to everyone, I've put it up for auction at Ebay. You can either do a search there on Wall of Voodoo or go directly to Dark Continent CD Auction Page. I see there's also an auction going on for a Happy Planet CD if anyone is interested. Good luck to you all!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/25/99 03:08:40 PST

Allright JtL, now you've got you're disco, then put it on the wall.
Graeme Qewe.

Date: 01/23/99 13:22:51 PST

HELLO- I am looking for "Ugly Americans in Australia", CD only.
I have for trade Rare 12' singles, lps & EPs. I am at EROTICITY@WEBTV.NET Anybody?

Date: 01/21/99 02:13:39 PST

Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" video was aired on VH1's "Pop-Up Video" show on Tuesday. Of course, this is the show where "pop-up" messages appear during the video. It was noted that the band drove down to Tijuana in that junky car to shoot some of the video, and that Stan wanted the "dog" and some "meatloaf" to appear in the video. He got the pot full of beans instead of the meatloaf. Overall, I thought that the "pop-up" remarks were enlightening, humorous, and in good taste.

Agoura Hills, CA

Date: 01/20/99 06:30:39 PST

Way out! Marc moving to Europe! Seems like though news. I bet that he
right now is singing: "Wo-uh It Ain't My Day". Well sorry for my trash like humor, but I've just got Happy Planet on a crackle vinyl, but from what I can hear Ain't My Day is cool! Huh Sheldon why don't you ask him if it's a apropiet song, for the situation.
Graeme Q.

Date: 01/19/99 17:46:54 PST

I also have the JS. KENDUN and the JS. XTHL or XTAL. on my eps.
I just noticed that one of my eps has Wall in Voodoo on the cover in orange lettering and the other is in Gold lettering. One of the eps was released by IRS and the other by Restless Records. Go Figure.

Date: 01/18/99 12:11:35 PST

Anyone realize how apocalyptic sounding CALL OF THE WEST is? Try this experiment. Start Call of the West and the first Crow movie at the same time and see how they coincide with each other.

Date: 01/18/99 03:07:37 PST

This one goes for Sheldon ... Do u know where, in France, Marc and Freddy will be living ?
We are not that many froggies dedicating a big interest to WOV ... I'd like to have a chance to discuss with Marc
while sharing a good bottle of Bourgogne !!!

The French Spy (Ya, my watch is really a radio ...)

Date: 01/16/99 13:03:00 PST

Two questions:

1) Everybody seen SHOUTcast yet?

2) I've got the ENTIRE WOV family tree MP3-ed (including all solo/side projects save Ned's rockabilly band) save Dark Continent and Happy Planet, neither of which I've found copies of yet, digitized for posterity (no, before you ask, I WON'T trade/post the files - - I don't own the rights, and have no intention of undermining the artists' copyrights). All I need is someone with a nice, high-volume bandwidth to serve as a relay point, and we can begin broadcasting VoodooRadio over the internet: all Wall of Voodoo/Stan Ridgway/Andy Prieboy/Pretty and Twisted/Department of Crooks, ALL THE TIME!

Like I said, I need bandwidth, and cassette copies of the material I still don't have (SHOUTcast broadcasts at too low a fidelity to pose any real piracy threat, so cheesy cassette copies will do fine); if you'd like to assist me in the project, or simply have comments and/or legal threats, contact me here.

Thank you.

Methane Goofyteeth,

Program director, Voodoobox Mystery Radio

Date: 01/15/99 14:51:10 PST

Ok, I've got the ONE FALSE MOVE/BEWARE THE MOUTHS... version of the EP.
The BEWARE side also has what I think may be someone's name etched on it: JS. KENDUN
The FALSE MOVE side says something like JS. XTHL or XTAL.
Maybe this is not someone's name but some other kind of code or listing or whatever.

...and Bon Voyage to Marc and Freddy. Hope someone can keep us all informed on their activities on the other side of the pond.


Date: 01/15/99 10:46:55 PST

Hey everybody its Sheldon. Bad news on the WOV front. Marc Morelands wife, Freddy has been
turned down by the INS. She's got to go back to France. This means Marc is going to be
makeing the trip and leaveing the states. They will be leaving on January 28th.
This means no WOV reunion will happen anytime soon. Also the plans for another DOC album
will be on hold. Marc has been working on his first Solo Album and that will be out
this summer. I've heard some of it and its going to be a great treat for every WOV fan
Its a down and dirty low-fi wash with lots of drum machines and screaming guitar sounds.
It will come out on Kitchen Whore records. As each day goes by I get more and more upset
about Marc and Fred leaveing. I just thought you all may want to know.

Date: 01/15/99 08:02:38 PST

I looked at my ep's and one says
"Replace All Parts" b/w "Voodoo Goes To The Races" as below
The second one says
"One false move" b/w "Beware the mouths that move and speak no truth"
This just keeps getting better all the time.

Date: 01/15/99 06:25:30 PST

I will see what I can do JtL. Expect something next week.

Graeme Qewe.

Date: 01/14/99 13:23:59 PST

Hey Graeme Qewe,

Do you have a complete discography? If so send it to me and I will put it up

And thanks for the info on the etchings on the ep's. I gotta see whats on mine.


Date: 01/13/99 01:03:03 PST

I have three vinyl copies of the EP. "Replace All Parts" is "etched" on one side of all three. On the flip side, "It's A Dog's Life" is etched onto two, and "Voodoo Goes To The Races" is etched on the other.

Who knows the story behind these shenanigans?

Agoura Hills, CA

Date: 01/12/99 22:02:12 PST

I am sure many Voodoo Gurus Have noticed that on the vinyl EP on the inner band there are interesting messages etched in there. i have seen three different etchings on the eps. The guys at IRS must have had phun.

Date: 01/12/99 21:17:45 PST

BOOTS, I dont know if this helps or is what you are looking for, but I once ran across this. I never checked it so I can't tell you if it is what you want but it is worth a shot. If you want to take a look click here to go there.hope that works...-K.R.

Date: 01/12/99 17:25:20 PST





Date: 01/11/99 06:19:14 PST

Well I've been quiet untill now (not quite true but) I've been watching this forum with great interest. First of all Re: Larry Hastings on 08/02/98, I disagree, I don't think "Look At Their Way" is about cockroaches, it's about humans, and the sentence "It's phew that's all they ever do a million born when just one dies." Is about the over-population, which our planet is now suffering of. I also wonder if either Viexdo or Jtl would make a complete discography of WOV with singles, ep's, albums etc.

Graeme Qewe.

Date: 01/06/99 15:18:05 PST

Hey all you voodooteers,
Anyone out there got a good quality 12" copy of Mexican Raido they want to part with? Ive been looking for years, I need the extended mixes, not the doll head album, or if someone would burn a good quality copy on cass. for me then please let me know. Thanks

Date: 01/06/99 15:16:58 PST

Hey all you voodooteers,
Anyone out there got a good quality 12" copy of Mexican Raido they want to part with? Ive been looking for years, I need the extended mixes, not the doll head album, or if someone would burn a good quality copy on cass. for me then please let me know. Thanks

Date: 01/06/99 09:34:38 PST

you guys rock hi mom

Date: 01/06/99 07:07:54 PST

Hi! Can anyone tell me if "Far Side Of Crazy" has appeared
on any compilation CDs as yet, such as the scores of '80s
CDs being released at the moment?
Please email me at peter@corplink.com.au

Date: 01/05/99 17:33:21 PST

Well, I do......At ebay, if you hit search for WALL OF VOODOO, an interesting thing comes up. A MEXICAN RADIO '45 cover signed by all 5 members. (NOLAN being your fifth) . I can't afford it, but perhaps some of you guys can.
King Richard