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Date: 12/28/98 19:56:05 PST

just a question.
I found out that an early version of FAR SIDE OF CRAZY had the opening line "I am LUCHIOUS & JESUS" instead of "I am PILOTE...."
I know who PILOTE was, but who was LUCHIOUS????
just wondering.

Date: 12/28/98 06:03:51 PST

Is anybody interested in swaping the SR enhanced CD 'THE BIG HEAT'
(US I.R.S. X2 13125 - featuring 6 Bonus Tracks) against my European
WOV CD 'DARK CONTINENT'? If so, please leave your email address.

Date: 12/26/98 06:59:16 PST

...and a happy Boxing Day to all my fellow Canadians!


Date: 12/26/98 00:01:29 PST


Christmas was here once again, and I must tell you about the VERY nice gift that was given to me this year. A friend gave me a "Call Of The West" Sweat-Shirt!!!!! He didn't say where he got it, but what a beauty!!!! I don't know if I'm going to wear it. I might just hang it up to keep it nice. What a Merry Christmas it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: 12/25/98 17:14:44 PST

Merry Christmas all!!

Ms. V

Date: 12/17/98 15:07:14 PST

Hello All, Just thought I'd check in to see what's new, and wish everybody Happy Holidays!--Z

Date: 12/17/98 15:05:36 PST

Hello All,

Date: 12/16/98 11:57:03 PST

Hello all,

Please, dear King, spare me the rewrite of Mexican Radio!!! Having heard it over and over and over and over again ad nauseum while making video tapes for Marc, I can honestly say I don't think I want to hear it or see the video again for several years.

I have a request for you folks who also have WoV related web sites. If you still have my web site (formerly at http://www4.linknet.net/vieuxdo/) linked to yours using the old address, could you please change the link to the new one as soon as you get a change? The new address is: http://members.xoom.com/wallofvoodoo/ The reason I moved the site to Xoom was because there was a chance I would be moving away from the New Orleans area and the old address is my local ISP's server. Well, as it turns out, I *will* be moving from New Orleans to the Oregon coast. The old site will continue to direct people to the new one until the end of May. After that, it will most likely shut down. So please update your links before then so the small community we've built here continues to thrive with unbroken links. Also, if someone has a WoV related site that I dont have a link to on my Voodoo Links page, let me know and I'll add ya.

Okay, I'm shutting up now. Happy holidays to you all!!


Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 12/15/98 15:43:41 PST

me parece que todo esto es una porqueria

Date: 12/15/98 14:31:20 PST

hhhhmmm, interesting lyrics , Ed........
better than putting the lyrics to MEXICAN RADIO. I know if I did it, MS. V would make a special trip down here to GEORGIA to shoot me in the head with a harpoon gun. (hehehehe, uh, hi MS. V) To BURGER.....take warning to J.T ...he is right, DRY WALL is , well ...uh, kind of.....you see.. lets just say, it has more dust on its cover than other videos that I have...
hope every one has a great holiday....
"Rember, If you are going to drink. Don't drive....CRAWL !!!" - Grace Slick, 1985

Date: 12/14/98 21:20:35 PST

Oh man, Trojan Burger... you're asking for a hell of a lot but here goes:

Showbusiness is my Life: a lot of videos by Wall of Voodoo and by Stan solo (including Call Box, Mexican Radio, Drive She Said, The Big Heat, Calling Out to Carol, Camouflage, etc.), a lot of live footage of WOV and Stan solo (includes some professionally shot stuff from various obscure TV shows, as well as home video quality stuff shot from the back of the theatres), home movie type of footage from Stan and Chapter 11's European tour in 1989 (mostly in France but also Belgium... this is a lot of fun... the whole gang fooling around on the road, in hotel rooms, at sound checks, etc.)

The Drywall Incident: almost impossible to describe... Stan and band sitting in an empty lot being interviewed, pretending to get pissed off at the director, black and white footage of extra-terrestrials visiting the greater Los Angeles area, news footage of the LA riots, clips from old soft core skin flicks, footage of ants crawling, a guy pulling an old iron cot through a dry river, Pietra burning "the money", cockroaches drowning in a martini glass, a ventriloquist's dummy gets shot and dumped into the trunk of a car, Ivan Knight eating sloppy take-out food with his bare hands, a family in the suburbs barbecues ribs and Dad points up at a UFO with the barbecue utensil, Stan bets on Dumb Oracle "to lose"... get the idea?

Both videos are a kick and well worth it (although The Drywall Incident is an acquired taste).


Date: 12/14/98 17:58:35 PST

Skids with guns.
Aren't much fun.
See me run.
From skids with guns.

They shot Fred.
And now he's dead.
Bullet in his head.
He's full of led.

Skids with guns.
Aren't much fun.
Shoot my wife.
But leave my son.

They shot my dog.
They killed my hog.
Captain's log.
Where's my frog?

Skids with guns.
Aren't much fun.
That was my song.
And now it's done.

I'M ON A MEXICAN RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: 12/14/98 17:46:35 PST


I'm seriously thinking of ordering "THE DRYWALL INCIDENT" Could somebody, who has seen it, please give me an entire description of what it's about?

Trojan Burger



And if you have time, a full description of "Show Business Is My Life"

Date: 12/08/98 19:42:27 PST

just make sure you play TOMORROW for them also.
that seems like a pretty good Idea to me.

Date: 12/08/98 18:12:19 PST

Today in my grade 12 English class, the teacher told us to write our favorite song out as though is was a poem. So I wrote out the lyrics to "Mexican Radio" The teacher read it out loud for the entire class to hear. They thought it was pretty neat, and wanted to know who it was by." Wall Of Voodoo", I told them.

Tomorrow I'm bringing in the CD for them to hear.


Date: 12/08/98 03:10:58 PST

Hello all,

Just thought I'd relate something that popped to mind recently. Several years ago I was acquainted with a man who made his career as a U.S. Marshall. When he found out I ran a Wall of Voodoo web site he told me a cool story about his time in the army. During many of his helicopter training missions he and his buddies would buzz around blasting Mexican Radio. He said he still laughs when thinks about how they would be screaming "Radio!!!" at the top of their lungs while taking out whatever targets they were aiming at.

Well, that's all for me today. Happy holidays all!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 12/07/98 20:14:24 PST

HOWDY !!!!!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE.........
Well, tonight was my 6 yr. old sons christmas play for school. I had to warn him NOT to break into a chorus of MEXICAN RADIO....... It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. Trapped here in GEORGIA, it never came to me what would be in store for me. The breaking point was a country version of RUDOLPH T.R.N.R., (I kid you not !!!) the quote of "HO HO HO Y'ALL" was a bit much...... come to think of it, maybe I should have let him sing MEXICAN RADIO after all. It might have fit in, at least it would have made ME smile anyway........

Date: 12/06/98 19:42:10 PST


Once a great Johnny Cash hit.
And also a great W.O.V hit.

Date: 12/05/98 19:33:24 PST

oh, what have I done??????
I bought a 80's comp. cause I'm into that sort of thing.......anyway, one song was MEXICAN RADIO, been playing the tape all the time in the car. Never realized how much my 6 year old little boy has been hearing this song.... I am in the car, driving down the road with him and the song comes on...... he starts singing the chorus at the top of his lungs. I cracked up when he started singing "RADIO, RADIO, RADIO, RADIO"

oh, what have I done???

Date: 12/01/98 13:15:14 PST

Thanks for the advice!--Z

Date: 11/30/98 16:18:43 PST

Hey! When are you going to point us to some other cool links? That page has been blank for over a year. The did ring would be a good place to start.

Date: 11/27/98 07:46:47 PST

Hello all,

In case anyone wants it, the jacket Chas is wearing in that photo the King posted is for sale on my web site. And if Z is looking to pick up some vinyl Wall of Voodoo treasures, there's some of those there too. Anyone interested can drop by at:

Wall of Voodoo stuff for sale!

If ya find something you like, my email is there for you to contact me. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Talk to you all later!!

Hasta la vista!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 11/26/98 20:55:49 PST

Well, if I could write, maybe I could make the picture show up....no GEORGIA jokes now.....so lets see if the king can do it now.....
THERE.... now that should do it.- K.R.

Date: 11/26/98 20:51:26 PST

eh, just found this....I know, not as impressive as the concert poster, but hey..... I recognize it from the same photo shoot that was used in HIT PARADER mag. just a different pose....see 'ya.

Date: 11/25/98 00:24:49 PST

Message to Z.
Your next purchase should be any album that you can find,either on CD or vinyl or whatever.If you can find it grab it, no matter what it is.There ain't that much out there and you'll regret not buying it later.

Aussie Dave

Date: 11/24/98 14:04:59 PST

Hello, out there! I have just recently gotten into WOV, and I must say, that I am very impressed. Unfortunately I do not know much about the band or what albums are the best. The only one I have in my collection is Call of the West. Any suggestions on what my next WOV album purchase should be? Later- Z

Date: 11/24/98 10:31:27 PST

Stan won't get back with WOV his ego has grown two big.

Date: 11/24/98 10:14:37 PST

I've been trying and trying to get used to Stan's new stuff. It just won't happen. I've been a WOV fan since the beginning and also a stan fan with his first 3 solo albums, since then he has taken a huge downfall into nowhere. The new stuff with the old music on it still won't work. I guess one day stan will find his nitch again, but pppsssttt hey stan here's a clue, you left it years ago for a solo gig that didn't work. Get back where you belong with WOV.
The Dude

Date: 11/22/98 13:34:10 PST

To the person who was looking for "Dance You Fuckers" on CD,

You might want to copy it to a high quality audio tape and then burn it to CD, that would work.


Date: 11/22/98 11:05:44 PST

HOWDY !!!!!! quickie from the king...
thats nothing, I am playing it right now on my cd drive on my computer..... got a good echo thang going on in here....

Date: 11/22/98 03:38:19 PST

From Croatia
I play Call of the West all the time.
Hear you latter.

Date: 11/20/98 12:27:14 PST

Anyone know if the song "dance you fuckers" (originally released
on the b-side of the 12" single "far side of crazy")
has been released on CD anywhere?
It's a cool song; I'd like to get it on CD.
p-mail me if you've got any info at tobin.copley@ubc.ca


Date: 11/20/98 00:31:28 PST

First King Richard,now Queen Elizabeth!!!!! Kinda works,doesn't it.

You guys think you're a long way from San Jose.

Try livin' here on the other side of the planet.

Aussie Dave.

Date: 11/17/98 16:13:57 PST

Hi again,

Thanks for popping by with a post, Sheldon. In case anyone was confused by him mentioning "Elizabeth" in one post and "Ms. Vieuxdo" in another, well, I guess I gotta fess up and tell ya all my real name actually is Elizabeth. Gee, what a revelation!! NOT!! Anyway, like Sheldon said, any comments you have that you want passed on to Marc can be emailed to either me or him. We'll see it gets to him one way or the other. I'll probably be moving from New Orleans to the Oregon coast next year and I know I'd make a special trip down to San Jose to see Wall of Voodoo. Hell, I'd definitely go down there for Department of Crooks too. Sheldon, Marc and Fred make some damn good music together.

Ok, I need to get outta here. One more thing: King, I'll try to remember to dig around in boxes in the closet this weekend for that flyer for you.

Ok, I'm really gone this time. Hasta la vista!!

Ms. Vieuxdo
a.k.a. Elizabeth

Date: 11/16/98 20:06:57 PST

HOWDY !!!!!!!!!!
JT: where do I dig this stuff up???? looks like it was dug up, doesn't it? found it by accident. ..

MS. V: ah, my friend, if you could do that , I will be a happy KING. (it was what I was hoping the flyer was when I found it.

SHELDON: be more than happy to. SAN JOSE is a one or two miles from ATHENS GEORGIA, but hey, it's a start. right???

JTL: TRAGIC??? maybe it's a bootleg in another country....or a compilation.... know what I mean??

see everyone later....

Date: 11/16/98 19:08:34 PST

King: Where do you dig this stuff up?

Sheldon: A brilliant idea! ... ties right in with my "Stan and Andy... duets!" concept. I'd even do my best to fly out there to attend... but can it work? Stan's getting busier and busier scoring movies these days... Andy's doing the musical-thing... would they be willing to participate.

I gather from your post that you'd rather see the reunion happen with Stan... me too. What I wouldn't do to hear the band play Lost Weekend live! Anyway, I'll send an e-mail, as you suggest, and we'll see what happens.


Date: 11/16/98 17:52:57 PST

Hello WOV fans.
This is Sheldon from Departmant of Crooks. (sounds of crickets rob the silent air)
I just want you all to do me a favor. I was talking to Marc the other night telling
him what a great band WOV is (was) And I asked him about a reunion with stan and the old band.
He started to say things like, do you think anyone would even care? Do you think people would come out
to see a WOV reunion? Well, I did my best to tell him about everyone here and how easy it would be
to pack a club in little San Jose. If all of you would let him know by writeing to him at
mexradio3@aol.com or through Ms.Vieuxdo, we will be able to show him that they would be able to
sell some seats.
P.S. He never uses a computer, or I would just have him come here.

Date: 11/16/98 17:52:27 PST

Hello WOV fans.
This is Sheldon from Departmant of Crooks. (sounds of crickets rob the silent air)
I just want you all to do me a favor. I was talking to Marc the other night telling
him what a great band WOV is (was) And I asked him about a reunion with stan and the old band.
He started to say things like, do you think anyone would even care? Do you think people would come out
to see a WOV reunion? Well, I did my best to tell him about everyone here and how easy it would be
to pack a club in little San Jose. If all of you would let him know by writeing to him at
mexradio3@aol.com or through Elizabeth, we will be able to show him that they would be able to
sell some seats.
P.S. He never uses a computer, or I would just have him come here.

Date: 11/16/98 15:21:53 PST

Hello all,

Thanks for posting the weird WoV flyer, King. In case anyone is interested, the club it lists called Fab Mab is actually the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco. I don't know what year that flyer was from though. Oh, and King, I used to have a flyer with the quote you're talking about on it. In fact, I used to have a bumper sticker that said that. If I can find it, I'll scan it and email it to you.

As for the existence of a Tragic Vaudeville album, as far as I know, one doesn't exist. Like JtL said, that song is a track on the Sammystown album.

That's all I have to say for now. Have a good week!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 11/16/98 13:36:27 PST


Date: 11/16/98 13:36:25 PST


Date: 11/16/98 08:00:50 PST


Question: How come there is no listing of Tragic Vaudville on the album site?

ANSWER: You're going to have to help me out here. If there is an album entitled Tragic Vaudville I have never heard of it. The album it appears on is Saeven Days In Sammystown. There is a page devoted to this album and the lyrics for this album(including Tragic Vaudeville) have been posted as well. If you're thinking of something else let me know.


Date: 11/15/98 19:55:59 PST

I agree with you, King Richard. It's tough to order a Wall Of Voodoo CD, it doesn't matter where you live. Here in Canada, Toronto is the best place to go for W.O.V But they usually only carry "Call Of The West" and "Seven Days In Sammy's Town,"

A little while ago, I found "Call Of The West" in a used record store. They let me have it for $2:00 and there isn't a scratch on it.


Date: 11/15/98 19:35:50 PST

just found this on a random check on the net. I do hope this works.
not sure on the year on this thing. A poster I am trying to find is from the SAMMYSTOWN tour. Pic of the band and the really cool quote " There is a place that you can go that exist only in your mind.....SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYSTOWN. " If any of you have this and can skan it for me, send it to my email. kingofeightiesmusic@angelfire.com

Date: 11/15/98 05:06:42 PST

hehehe, you want to know why it is so hard to get a cd in ITALY???
I can't even get one in ATHENS GEORGIA, home of R.E.M. & the B-52'S.....they just look at 'ya wierd...oh well, you can always order something from online (cdnow, etc.) I think everyone still reads the board, they just don't have that much to say.--K.R.

Date: 11/14/98 13:06:56 PST

Doesn't anyone read this message board any more?????

Date: 11/14/98 07:28:41 PST

How come there is no listing of Tragic Vaudville on the album site?

Date: 11/12/98 08:08:34 PST

why in italy it's so difficult to find out a cd of Wov?????

Date: 11/08/98 21:17:05 PST

Just stumbled across this site, and I thought I might make everyone a little jelous. I saw WoV three times with Stan, including a great show at the Whiskey A Go Go in LA that featured Johnny Thunders jamming with the band on a version of "Louie Louie" and twice with Andy.
R Garcia
Ventura CA

Date: 11/06/98 15:52:21 PST

Sorry the only way you will see Wall of Voodoo live is in videos. The band just doesn't get together. We wish they would and maybe someday they will but it doesn't look likely right now.

Date: 11/06/98 15:33:59 PST

Hello all,

For those of you who have tried to get to my WoV or Department of Crooks sites lately and have been getting an error message, never fear. It seems Xoom.com, where both sites are housed, seems to be having server problems this week. It's not just my sites being affected, so at least that's some comfort. Hopefully they'll fix their problem soon so I don't have to move the whole blasted menagerie again.

Anyway, I'm off to order pizza. Hope you all have a nice weekend!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 11/05/98 14:56:30 PST


Date: 11/04/98 18:56:13 PST

Hey can somebody tell me whatever happened to Bruce?

Date: 11/04/98 18:54:14 PST

Hey can someone tell me whatever happened to Bruce?

Date: 10/30/98 16:22:10 PST

Does Wall of Voodoo Ever Perform Even Occassionally?? I became a Wall of Voodoo fan in college and was resurected this week when I picked Seven Days and Index Masters. I would love to see them LIVE

Date: 10/29/98 13:03:36 PST

way to go shuster.....pullin' those strings....educating the masses...
I am trying to get enough money to buy the STAN double cd.
sooner or later......
by the way........who ever had the little remark about showbiz.....
be MAN enough to put your name after it...unless you are a woman.
Then be WOMAN enough to put your name after it......
King Richard

Date: 10/27/98 19:50:17 PST

It should be called "Showbuisness Was My Life,Kind Of' "

Date: 10/27/98 19:35:09 PST

It should be called " Showbuisness Was My Life, Kind OF'"

Date: 10/21/98 19:10:41 PDT


Showbusiness Is My Life on T-V? That's cool, Shuster! I hope you do air that on your local station. I haven't ordered a copy yet, but is that a good pragram to show on Public access? I mean, I read that it has a whole bunch of strange footage that MTV wouldn't air, because it was too bad for TV viewers.

Soda Wax

Date: 10/19/98 18:49:17 PDT

Hey guess what? I have been given permission to air Showbusiness Is My Life on my local television station! I want to air it so that the people in my city will learn about Stan and Wall Of Voodoo. I think that people might take interest in Stan's work.


Date: 10/14/98 22:56:51 PDT

well, here I am pleading that someone might see this and think its a good idea...
FIRST OF ALL....coming out soon is a tribute cd for the queen of the 80's....MADONNA

So where is the WALL OF VOODOO tribute cd??
they deserve one...ok, so W.O.V isn't MADONNA, so why does
GRAHAM PARKER have a tribute cd???
YEP, he has one too... sure he is a influence, but come on..PARKER???
One day someone will get smart and do one, they might be amazed at the artist that would come out to do a cover...
here's hoping....again

Date: 10/10/98 15:31:46 PDT

For the Stan fans among you: Stan's standards CD The Way I Feel Today has been released. It's a limited pressing of 500 available directly from Dis-Info, and each one comes with a signed picture. To read all about it, check out my Beyond Tomorrow news page.


larry hastings
beyond tomorrow

Date: 10/10/98 10:51:56 PDT

Hello again folks,

Okay, I've finally gotten around to setting up an email mailing list forum for Wall of Voodoo related things. If I manage to do this right, you will be able to click on the link below and find easy instructions on how to subscribe to the list. It's a pretty cool thing actually. Your post to the mailing list will go out to all the subscribers. Kinda like this wonderful wall JtL put here coming to you in your mailbox. Be sure to select the "digest" option when signing up. That will give you the posts all in one daily email instead of individually. That's all I have to say for now. Have a good weekend!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Click to subscribe to WallOfVoodoo

Date: 10/06/98 20:10:39 PDT


SODA WAX, you need to go to SR DIS-INFO (the link can be found on J.T.L'S WALL OF VOODOO links.) yes, the whole video is on there, complete with the iguana crawling out of the pinata. they are the only ones I have seen with it.. when you email them, tell CLARK that THE KING said HOWDY !!!!!

Date: 10/06/98 20:10:18 PDT


SODA WAX, you need to go to SR DIS-INFO (the link can be found on J.T.L'S WALL OF VOODOO links.) yes, the whole video is on there, complete with the iguana crawling out of the pinata. they are the only ones I have seen with it.. when you email them, tell CLARK that THE KING said HOWDY !!!!!

Date: 10/06/98 18:39:14 PDT

Could somebody tell me where I can order Stan's "Showbusiness Is My Life" movie? I've tried a whole bunch of different video businesses, but they've never heard of it. I've even tried ordering it from a place that speacializes in ordering hard to get movies.

To anyone that has watched the tape, does it have the entire Mexican Radio Video on it?

Soda Wax

Date: 10/04/98 21:14:34 PDT

Two side notes in response to two side notes.

1)For those who don't have access to Dr Caligari, the back cover features
some of the weirdest sets I've every seen. One photo features a woman
licking a GIANT (2 ft wide, 3 ft long) tongue coming out of the wall.
I will definately watch this flick in the next week or so and report

2)I saw Oingo Boingo on their final tour and the show was 3 hours 20
minutes. No opening act, no intermissions. And the ticket was around
$15. Their final show was rumored to be over 4 hours. Boingo knew how
to give an audience their money's worth. And it never seemed like an
endurance test. In fact, they always left you wanting more.

Marc 42
to be over 4 hours.

Date: 10/04/98 08:00:27 PDT

Hello again,

Okay, I finally found the time to type up a list of Wall of Voodoo merchandise I have available for sale. If anyone is interested, go to:

Ms. Vieuxdo's Wall of Voodoo Sale

I hope that comes out right when I post this. Anyway, surf on over and see what's available. Bye for now!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 10/04/98 03:44:37 PDT

Another bit of trivia:

Bruce Moreland helped design and build the sets for the Dr. Caligari movie.

Ms. V

Date: 10/04/98 03:42:23 PDT

Well, that doesn't seem fair Bill, my version of DO IT AGAIN 12' has 3 different mixes of the same song as well as something called BONUS BEATS (just the drum track and a little keyboard) Interestingly enough, I never heard DO IT AGAIN played on the radio, but often I heard the D.J's play BONUS BEATS in the background while telling the weather or what song they would be playing next...hhhhmmmmm
King Richard
The Kingdom

Date: 10/04/98 01:09:31 PDT

Good questions from Marc42!

I would think that most WOV fans enjoy much of Oingo Boingo's music. Both bands received a lot of radio airplay here in Los Angeles on KROQ-FM in the early 1980s. I saw Oingo Boingo a couple of times, and was treated to more than two hours of music from them both times. I saw WOV about a dozen times, and it was rare for a WOV show to exceed 60 minutes. The untimely end of each WOV show was always a big letdown for me...their shows were too short!

One of the last WOV shows with Stan was at the Beverly Theatre in L.A....Marc Mothersbaugh of Devo was in attendance.

I don't know if WOV "toured" for Happy Planet, but I saw them live a few times in L.A. after Happy Planet was released. With Andy, they almost always did "Mexican Radio" and "Ring of Fire" in concert. In fact, in what might have been WOV's first appearance in L.A. with their new singer (Andy) at the Palace, they opened with their fog machine on full blast and a very slow version of "Ring of Fire." It was eerie and awesome!

My "Far Side of Crazy" 12-inch single (1986, I.R.S., Made in England) has "Wrong Way to Hollywood" and "Dance you F***ers" on the "B" side. This studio version of "Wrong Way to Hollywood" is a lot better than the version on 'Ugly Americans", and an early (bootleg) demo version of "Wrong Way" is even better (spookier and catchier) than the single version, in my opinion.

"Back in the Laundrymat" and "Far Side of Crazy" are "B" side tracks the 12-inch single of "Do It Again." (1987, I.R.S., Made in England).

Bill R.
Agoura Hills, CA

Date: 10/03/98 11:51:04 PDT

Well, I've gotta check out Dr Caligari now. I liked Cafe Flesh, but I'm
just not into hard-porn...maybe an R-rated version would be more enjoyable.
The back cover is freaky!

So do y'all think that Andy is actually from Bullhead City? I am going to be
transfered in my job soon, and there is a one in six chance it will be
to Bullhead. I hope not (it's a hell-hole, even for Arizona), but if I
do, I'll grab a burger at "Big Joes" for everyone. :)


Date: 10/03/98 07:44:55 PDT


Mitchell Froom, who did the Drywall-like music for Cafe Flesh, also did the soundtrack to Dr. Caligari (although Iíve never seen it). Neither of those soundtracks are available on CD... but Froomís soundtrack to the film Slamdance (which also featured Stan on the song Bing Canít Walk) was available on LP for a short time... Froom, although known mostly as a producer, has a pretty good CD out now that features many of the artists heís produced as guests on the various songs (he is also in a band called The Latin Playboys... a weird off-shoot of Los Lobos).

Andy/Babyman... also appears in the movie Elegantís Angels as a pimp who shines his shoes a lot and says stuff like ďI donít know nothing about where you can get a woman... Iím in the music business... I can tell you about music...Ē or something to that effect. He DOES NOT appear in a sex scene... just a funny, short bit out on a street in broad daylight... one of the two women heís with (NOT the one who takes off her clothes in the next scene) looks kind of like Andyís band member Rita DíAlbert with a black wig on???

king of useless information

Date: 10/02/98 19:49:07 PDT

ok, fine....that link didnt work....just email me at
King Richard

Date: 10/02/98 19:45:20 PDT

no, not the porn thing again......
OINGO BOINGO fan/W.O.V fan......hhhhmmm, perhaps.
there is also a link with DEVO and both bands (as MARK MOTHERSBOUGH of DEVO does film scores also) also on a DEVO web page out there, the picture at the top of the page is a painting by ANDY P.....go figure...
ah MARC42, very good remembering THROB, and the late night show they were on was THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW. ......Marc42, you need to email me by clicking here...
well thats all for know...gotta run...
King Richard
Thee Kingdom

Date: 10/02/98 17:48:07 PDT

Actually, there is a version of Mexican radio with Andy Prieboy,
off Ugly Americans. Although it is a live version, I think it is a
good example of Andy singing early WOV. I like Andy but I don't
think he can sing it that well. It should be remembered that although
Stan and Andy have a similar sound, their styles are quite distinctive.
Their is a distinctive difference between S-WOV AND A-WOV.

Jukebox Hero

Date: 10/02/98 00:13:14 PDT

I just looked at the website for that "Angels" porno. (Actually, I'm
downloading the AP music now.) There's a "bio" page that shows all the
"actors" and their characters. Halfway down, past the fake boobs, there's
a pic of Andy all dressed up like a pimp. His character's name is "Babyman".
And guess where Babyman was born...

...Bullhead City, AZ

The plot thickens, even after sitting around for 10 years.


Date: 10/01/98 23:56:29 PDT

Oh, I thought of a few more items...

1)In general, are WOV fans also Oingo Boingo fans? They were both from
SoCal, both percieved as one-hit wonders by non-fans, both keep fans
talking long after their breakup, both have a "film music" sound and
in fact many members compose for films. Also, they were both born out
of "concepts" and not originally a "band"... Stan & Marc formed Wall
Of Voodoo Inc, and OB was originally a performance art troupe called
Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo. (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
also fits into that catagory- It was the title of a film that never
got made. The soundtrack was later released, and the "band" was born.
But I digress.) And the cover of Andy's first album is a painting borrowed
from Danny Elfman! So am I onto anything here?

2)Someone said that "Gun For Xmas" was NOT the b-side to Hollywood. So
why is this rumor so widespread? And does anyone actually have their hands
on this thing?

3)I mentioned that I don't care for Pretty & Twisted. However, I LOVE
the song Johnette and Marc did for the Carpenters tribute album. Marc
was one of the few people on that album to offer a distinctive sound.
That song (Hurting Each Other) is simply beautiful. So again, I think
my problem with P&T lies with the lyrics. (Which is odd, since I love
Concrete Blond as well.) Does anyone know how Marc feels about that
album? I don't see it mentioned here.

4)To the person who wanted to hear an Andy version of Mexican Radio...
haven't you heard Ugly Americans?

5)Back Of The Laundermat used to be a traditional sing-along on long
school bus trips in my HS marching band. My friend even wrote some
great barbershop style harmonies for the chorus. (As you might of guessed,
my friends and I weren't the most popular group, but I still think we
were the coolest.

OK, I think I got all my WOV thoughts out. My wife has never heard of
them, and the old pals are long gone, so it's nice to discuss them.


Date: 10/01/98 23:19:00 PDT

Wow...I have so many things to say.

First of all, I'm glad to see a WOV site that isn't biased toward Stan.
I tried to look up WOV on HotBot and all I got was Stan fan sites. Don't
get me wrong...I love Stan. I got to see him at a big rock fest a few
years back- right before Partyball. Stan was headlining, but at least
80% of the crowd left before he played. It was kind of weird, just a
couple hundred fans standing around on a baseball field, cheering for
"Call Of The West".

Anyway, I really do prefer the Andy years, and I was beginning to think
I was all alone. But here are the things that are really on my mind...

1)Thanks for clearing up the "Bullhead City" mystery! I grew up less than
an hours drive from Bullhead City in Lake Havasu, AZ. The whole county
shared a phone book, so I KNEW there was no such place as Big Joe's Bar.
However, while that clears up the mystery on Living In The Red and The
Heart Never Can Tell, why would they have recorded a DIFFERENT studio
version of Grass Is Greener and passed it off as live? Was there no
tour for Happy Planet? Also, does anyone "here" have the original single
for Wrong Way To Hollywood? I know that Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun
For Christmas was on the B-Side. I already have that song from the New
Wave Xmas album. But I would sure like to hear Wrong Way in it's original

2)Does anybody remember seeing WOV on a show called (I think) "Throb"?
It was a sitcom about a record company. I can't remember any of the
stars, but one of the minor characters was a receptionist named Blue.
Blue was played by Jane Lieves (spell?) who plays Daphnie on Frasier.
Anyway, a different band would "audition" on the show each week. WOV
appeared and played Country Of Man. (They didn't get signed.) They
also played Country Of Man on a late night talk show...possibly Joan
Rivers? This is pretty much what hooked me on WOV. Also, I never understood
why they were known as a "one-hit wonder", since I always thought
Country Of Man was a big hit. (I have also often heard Blackboard Sky
on the radio.)

3)Is "It's Not The Heat, It's The Humanity" an actual play? And what is
the status on Andy's play based on the life of Axl Rose?

4)Did anybody get to see that tour a few years back that featured
Andy and Johnette doing acoustic duets? I'm still kicking myself
for missing it. Incidentally, I don't care for Pretty & Twisted much,
but it's Johnette's lyrics more than Marc's music.

5)I have seen Cafe Flesh, and I can understand how it sounds a bit like
some of the Dark Continent material. Lots of weirded out synth sounds.
Incidentally, you all should check that film out. It's the only XXX movie
that makes people fast-forward through the sex to get to the plot. It's
a fairly artsy sci-fi flick with some bad hardcore sex edited in. Only the
final sex scene looks like it belongs in the movie. I expect that it was
originally intended to be a art-house film, but the final scene made
it too pornographic. So they spliced in some more sex after the fact.
The same guy made Nightdreams as well. I haven't seen that, but it has
been mentioned that Ring Of Fire is on the soundtrack. He also made
an R-Rated film called Dr Caligari. My store carries it, perhaps I will
check it out just for the music.

Well, that's it for now.

Date: 09/28/98 18:28:45 PDT

my brother, ned leukhardt, the last drummer in wall of voodoo, is now is a norwegian rockabilly band that has two CDs out on hepcat records. the band is toini and the tomcats. they have their own web site. they just played three nights in NYC. bill leukhardt sept. 28. 1998, which is ned's 43rd birthday

Date: 09/23/98 04:10:49 PDT

ah, the porn-discussion seems to start again ;-)
talking about soundtracks: some time ago i read that WOV produced a movie called "catholic panties" that they showed on their first concert in a ladies boarding shool (must have been in 1979 before the release of their first EP)...does anyone know something about that?
greetings from the german passenger

Date: 09/21/98 15:47:29 PDT

Thanks j.t. I couldn't remember the "Elegant's" part. :)

Ms. V

Date: 09/21/98 04:52:09 PDT

Why do I always seem to be providing info on porn?

Mitchell Froom's Cafe Flesh soundtrack sounds a lot like Stan's Drywall music but no, no one from WOV appear on that soundtrack.

Andy did the music for Elegant's Angels Part I and Department of Crooks did the music for Elegant'ss Angels Part II.


Date: 09/20/98 18:52:26 PDT

What would an Andy version of "Mexican Radio" sound like? Does anybody think it might not sound that bad? Give me your opinions.



Date: 09/20/98 08:59:27 PDT

Wall of Voodoo as a band did not do music for porno movies, but several
members of the band HAVE written music for adult films. There is also a
film called "Night Dreams" that features WoV's version of "Ring of Fire"
playing during a lesbian scene. I don't know if Stan personally has ever
composed any music for adult films. I guess Larry would be the one to
know more about that. But I do know Andy and Marc wrote music for a
film just recently, though I can't recall the name of it right now....
"Something's" Angels....hey, it's a Sunday and my brain is taking a
break :)

Ms Vieuxdo

Date: 09/19/98 17:35:20 PDT

WOV never did the soundtrack to a "porno movie". I'm not really sure how this rumor got started, but it seems to stem from Mitchell Froom's soundtrack for a pseudo-erotic movie called "Cafe Flesh". But nobody from WOV appeared on it. I've never heard it—maybe it sounds like WOV or something.

Stan and Andy have met, more than once. I remember a quote from an interview with Stan Ridgway: "I like Andy. In fact, I just had dinner with him last week."

larry hastings
beyond tomorrow

Date: 09/19/98 05:20:05 PDT

Skwishy, one hit does not mean number one hit, it means that the band only had "one" hit in its history.

Date: 09/18/98 21:46:55 PDT

Is the clown on the "Seven Days In Sammy's Town" album supposed to be Marc? They both have the same haircut. Just wondering?

Date: 09/18/98 21:29:29 PDT

Why would Mexican Radio be on a cheap CD called "One Hit Woders?" It wasn't a number one hit.


Date: 09/18/98 17:17:20 PDT

Has it ever been suggested that
WOV should put out a compilation
of B-SIDES and rarities. Songs such
as "Deep in the Jungle" from Weird
Science is a rarity which I would
like to have. I have also heard a rumor
that WOV did the sountrack to an
"adult movie." Interesting.

Jukebox Hero

Date: 09/18/98 17:04:28 PDT

I have always wondered if Stan
and Andy have ever met each
other and if they got along at all.
An interesting scenario would
be if both rejoined the band and
did a tour or even a record.


Date: 09/18/98 05:34:14 PDT

I'm desperately looking for a CD-copy of Dark continent.
If you can help me:

Date: 09/17/98 11:41:03 PDT

I saw "Mexican Rasio" on a cheap CD called "One hit wonders". Never heard of it before, so when I finally heard the song on an old Dr. Demento record, I tried to find the CD, and it was gone! Damn! E-mail me if you have any WOV videos.
I am studying mass comm now, and want to work on Mexican Radio when i'm done!


Date: 09/11/98 17:34:17 PDT

Dance you fuckers....

Date: 09/10/98 21:46:10 PDT

There's nothing on this side.

Date: 09/10/98 20:25:03 PDT

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder.........................................

Date: 09/10/98 10:23:21 PDT

nothing for the next 12 days I guess.

Date: 09/09/98 13:59:31 PDT

and then what happened?

Date: 08/28/98 02:05:35 PDT

last week Bruce and i went fishing...the fish WERE on vacation...we
didn't get a single bite...so we decided to throw rocks at things
and brake bottles...that was more fun!!!just thought i'd share with
ya'll...oh and bruce is sick(he hasn't been feeling well for a
few months now)so everybody think about chicken soup and maybe
he'll get better via telepathic osmosis.

Date: 08/26/98 21:51:36 PDT

I can supply Steve with a copy of the video "Mexican Raido". The one they played on MTV years ago,with the cool door they used on the cover of "Call of the West". Yep, I've got that one. surfined00@aol.com

Date: 08/25/98 04:09:05 PDT

This struck me while watching an Andy P video immediately after having listened to Stan Rís CD of standards...

Brilliant idea number 47 (in a series of 112):

Stan and Andy... duets!


Date: 08/24/98 03:11:28 PDT

Here is something that may interest you, a site called cafe 80's.It is an interview with MARC MORELAND.

Date: 08/24/98 03:06:45 PDT

This may interest some of you, a site called cafe 80''s. It's an interview with MARC MORLAND.

Date: 08/22/98 00:32:01 PDT

Can anyone tell me what Wall Of Voodoo albums are available on CD? I've heard the famous "Call Of The West" album enough times now, and I'm ready to move on to more great Wall Of Voodoo albums. Any recomendations?

Also, who can get me a copy of the Mexican Radio video?



Date: 08/21/98 04:19:59 PDT

I recently learned that all the songs recorded in Bullhead City, Arizona (on the Ugly Americans CD) were actually studio recordings made to sound live to fill up the record. If I remember correctly without going to look at the CD, I believe The Heart Never Can Tell was one of those songs.

Date: 08/20/98 18:01:31 PDT

i'm just sitting here, listening to the ugly americans and asking myself does there also exist a studio-version of "the heart never can tell"? have never seen one (i only know a studio-version of "wrong way to hollywood")...who can answer?
the german passenger

Date: 08/19/98 14:26:10 PDT

I have been looking for an album called Ugly americans in australia
,for a couple of years!
if anyone could help me get it (on CD)?
please mail me on vfr40@hotmail.com

Date: 08/19/98 01:33:26 PDT

Hey, the Y2K alarmist has a point, there is a connection between WOV and the pending demise of civilization:

Out my window there's nothin' where a city used to be
Phone line dead, the power gone, there's nothin' on TV

larry hastings
beyond tomorrow

Date: 08/18/98 17:09:24 PDT

Interesting tie in to WOV. Now how do Bill & Monica relate to WOV?

Date: 08/18/98 09:54:41 PDT

You folks better get some batteries for your portable cd players if you want to listen to more of WOV. The date when we will loose electricity in most all cities is coming. THE Y2K PROBLEM IS VERY REAL.

Date: 08/12/98 05:51:52 PDT

here's the passenger from germany again...i didn't post a message for quite a while, but always kept my eye on the wall...i heard that bruce had some problems with his health, so he wasn't with the band during the recordings for "call of the west"...to king richard & jlt: check out your (e-)mail-box...

Date: 08/11/98 02:40:45 PDT

the most i could say is that bruce was taking care of personal
businessduring the recording of that album...that album is not one of
his favorites...oh and i talked to bruce again today and he said hello
to everyone.

Date: 08/10/98 15:44:14 PDT

howdy !!!!!!! king richard here....
this is to PIPER.......
I never heard why, be it that he quit, took a leave of absense, or helping someone else at the time....but BRUCE was not with the band during CALL OF THE WEST.

On the album, MARC played bass & guitars..On the CALL OF THE WEST TOUR, keyboardist BILL NOLAN was added to the band and CHAS played bass when needed...

BRUCE came back for SEVEN DAYS, dont know if he payed on DEEP IN THE JUNGLE from WIERD SCIENCE though....BRUCE also was not on the UGLY AMERICANS IN AUSTRALIA album either...
king Richard

Date: 08/10/98 12:12:10 PDT

Does anybody think it strange that Bruce Moreland is not pictured with
the band on the album Call of the West? Bruce was definitely an
important part of Wall of Voodoo. I remember him doing session work
with The Weirdos off their greatest hits vol.1


Date: 08/10/98 00:34:55 PDT

i talked to bruce tonight...hesaid he would come on and let everyone
know whats up with him. it might not be for a while but he will come
on at that. he also told me, "tell them i did write all the songs,"
but he was just kidding.


Date: 08/09/98 10:11:50 PDT

howdy !!!!!!! King Richard here.....
Ok, I read the comment yesterday and have been trying to think of how to respond...without anger, I will try my best.....
I am and will always be a WALL OF VOODOO fan...since the first time I heard them, something about them, maybe because no one else sounded like them. Maybe because fans didn't just like them, they LOVED them, and people didnt just not like them, they HATED them. There was no room in the middle.

When STAN left, I was shocked, but very pleased with ANDY, he didnt try to sound like STAN, he tried to be his own person thrust in a position known for a specific sound, and did a very good job...I think SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYSTOWN is classic, and ANDY is the guy that gave us the line "FOR SUCH A VILLIAN, I AM CRIMINALLY UNDERPAID.." Also the only guy that has the guts to make a country version of LED ZEPP's "WHOLE LOTTA LOVE". Not to mention the really cool hat......

True, I am a STANFAN, but I have never said that I hated ANDY, If it ever seemed that way in anything I have ever written, I am sorry of the mistake. So a word of advice, we are a selected bunch that like a band that was not that accepted, if anything else, we should get along instead of bickering amongst ourselves.....so in the words of FOREST GUMP :
"Thats all I got to say about that.."

Date: 08/07/98 03:44:07 PDT

bruce didn't write most of the songs on his own...but he did write
alot of songs.bruce was and is a great song writer, but he does not
deserve ALL the credit.oh and i will try to get bruce to come on here
and say hello... i hadn't seen him for a while since our band broke
up but i saw him again a few weeks ago.


Date: 08/04/98 01:54:43 PDT

Why do I have the feeling all HELL is about to break loose when KING reads that?

Date: 08/03/98 20:50:26 PDT

I don't think anyone could have said it better than KING RICHARD,So someone please get a hold of the guys in the band and lets get this thing going. We need more WOV stuff. Some of you have made contact with these guys so call them and ask. All they can say is no. They may never read this or any of the posts on the wall here. If anyone has any contacts for Andy,Marc,Chas,Joe,Bruce please call them or write or whatever but let them know we want more.

Date: 08/03/98 19:13:20 PDT


Date: 08/03/98 17:33:27 PDT

I know that Mexican Radio did not make it to #1 but I was always under the impression that it had at least made it into the Billboard Top 40... however, according to liner notes on Rhino's New Wave Hits CD (volume 8), the song (released as a single 11/82) went to #58 on Billboard's Hot 100 and to #64 on Music Week's Top 75 Singles in the UK.

And by the way, I seriously doubt that Bruce Moreland was the "main songwriter" in any incarnation of WOV... I'm sure others in the know would agree (and that, my friends, is the extent of my involvement in this whole, silly "who's better than who" & "who's responsible for what" debate).


Date: 08/03/98 13:23:18 PDT

I was just wondering, did Mexican radio go to number 1? Where did it make it to on the charts? Was Wall Of Voodoo a one hit wonder to the main stream world?


Date: 08/03/98 06:35:53 PDT

"Ridgway only wrote the lyrics". Well, he just made the sound of WOV ??? For those who would like WOV to get back on first stage, please keep in mind that they became, and still are, a cult, mainly because they splitted at the rigth time. I would not see them making spam as Echo and the Bunnymen ... WOV is now an object of fantasm and that definitevely the best they could expect.
Are there any other gang that can show such a resume ?

French Spy

Date: 08/03/98 04:17:57 PDT

Hi, I'M a U.K. WOV fan and saw them play live many times in the 1980's. They were the best live play I've ever seen. Personally I think the Andy Prieboy fronted WOV were even better than the Stan Ridgeway WOV. Prieboy wrote my favourite WOV track the absolutely brilliant 'Wrong way to Hollywood'. The 'ugly Americans' is one of the truly great live albums and truly captures the genius that was WOV. I still miss the band and I know from talking to Bruce Moreland (Birmingham, England 1984-Tin Can Club) that there are many WOV songs not released officialy. Bruce was the main songwriter in the first incarnation of WOV and his contribution to the group is not fully recognised by many people (Stan Ridgway only wrote lyrics).

Date: 08/02/98 03:25:29 PDT

As long as we're voicing opinions: in my opinion, Call Of The West was Wall Of Voodoo's finest album, and song.

Now from the high timberline to the deserts dry—
Who'll risk dangling from some hangman's tree

Oh, and not to be depressing or anything, but Joe Nanini left WOV before Stan did. I suspect he wouldn't be interested in a reunion either.

On a final note, a bit of trivia. Have you ever actually read the lyrics to Look At Their Way? There's an extra stanza printed in the liner notes that isn't sung:

(It's grab and chew, that's all they ever do
A million born when just one dies)

That, with the rest of the lyrics, makes it clear to me that the song is about... cockroaches.

larry hastings
beyond tomorrow

Date: 07/31/98 12:13:08 PDT

HOWDY !!!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE.....I have to comment YES, WE NEED A NEW VOODOO CD!!! here is what should be done :

1. NOT a best of collection, MY GOD, I can do that.....
2. get Joe, nothing against Ned, he has got his band, Joe doesnt, and Joe was unbievable to watch.
3. Get ANDY to sing, yes I like STAN, but he doesn't want them, and they sure dont want him...ANDY, as far as I know are still on good terms with them (worked with marc not to long ago right?)
4. all new songs, please no remixes, or live stuff (or if it is live do what they did on UGLY AMERICANS, remember?)
5. how about a shot on MTV's 10 spot? did you see JANES ADDICTION reunion show on there? everyone went nuts!!!!
6. this one may get a negative response, but do not change your sound...I mean, alot of there old stuff as well as the sound could work on the radio now, after all, they were never really the norm.
7. please do not fall into the trap of GOTTA HAVE A HIT SINGLE... dont sell out guys.
8. sombody get a hold of ANDY and tell him !!!!!!!!!!
9. what would be cool, is if the cover was from one of those old voodoo b-movies?? more disturbing the better....just to let people know they havent lost there touch.
10. record company, dont worry about if they are going to sell as many copies as MARILYN MANSON does, give them a chanch, it will sell, after all, if there is no interest in them, why release INDEX MASTERS??

ok, I have said my piece for now, I am and will always be a huge fan, its just that we need more to listen too. 10 years to wait is too long guys.....please, for your fans....
king richard

Date: 07/31/98 08:10:51 PDT

I Disagree.
Dark Continent is #1 and defines WOV.
I just wish it was out there to buy.

Date: 07/30/98 22:12:58 PDT

I thought I read a while back that someone said that "Seven Days In Sammy's Town" was the group's best ablum. I agree. For me as a hard core fan since they started I love everything they did but if I have to pick one it would be "Seven Days". It's just a personal taste I guess, but I wrote this because of the last entry about Andy. I agree, he should not be forgotten. He helped to carry on the sound we all have loved for years now. I still wish they would get Back Together, because now is the perfect time. Everyone is into the 80's stuff again. Come on guys it could be fun. Let Stan continue to do his solo stuff and get Andy back with the guys and get another album out. I know Marc is with "Dept. of Crooks" and Nat is off in Norway in a hillbilly band but get Joe back and Marc put the "Crooks" on hold for a while. As for the comment two below this one about Stan having a big mouth, I'd doubt if this is the one and only Chas. Some folks have been bad mouthing Stan lately, they need to shut their mouths. I bet they can't say they were a part of one of the coolest bands ever. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone just shut the hell up!

Date: 07/29/98 12:50:23 PDT

What about Andy Prieboy? He was with WOV for the second half of
of their career and he released two albums(Upon my wicked son and
Sins of our Fathers) and the EP Montezuma was a Man of Faith.
I like Stan alot and I have most of his albums but I think Andy
should get at least a share of the credit. Piper

Date: 07/29/98 10:12:24 PDT

Big Stan still has a Big Mouth!

Date: 07/28/98 05:55:03 PDT

Thanks Aussie Dave... keep us posted.


Date: 07/28/98 03:04:40 PDT

AussieDave to jt.
No luck with the video yet.Bloody copyright bollocks and a dozen other reasons given by the programmer why I can't have a copy.Still....knowing the channel it was on,it will probably be shown again in the future and I'll have my remote holstered at the ready.
............and Luther played guitar.................

Date: 07/27/98 19:32:33 PDT

To Aussie Dave,

Did you ever get your hands on that tape of Stan hosting that Australian video show?


Date: 07/24/98 00:43:59 PDT

Hi guys
I just found this site its great.
Im a W O V ,Andy and Stan fan and i live in Sydney Australia
I have a copy ofWOV The Ugly Americans which is a live cd recorded
in melbourne in1988 if anyone wants a copy
email me

Date: 07/23/98 16:27:30 PDT

Hello. I am a Police fan,and I have the lyrics to "Don't Box Me In"
(which is by Stewart Copeland,ex-Police). May I add them to this site?
My e-mail adress is jorme@capecod.net. "Don't Box Me In" is the only song I have with Ridgeway,and I have nothing by Wall of Voodoo-but what I have is spectacular. The members of Wall of Voodoo have earned this site!

Date: 07/23/98 16:09:23 PDT

Greetings Voodoo-ites,

Ms. Vieuxdo here again to poke and prod you all. Just wanted to let
everyone know I've added a new link to another Ridgway web site on my
Wall of Voodoo Links page at: http://members.xoom.com/vieuxdo/wovlinks.htm
Even if you don't care about the new link, you might want to pop by
the page anyway to hear the new midi. A lovely man named Fabio in
Italy sent me a midi he'd made of "Red Light" and I put it on the
links page for all to hear. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks
a million Fabio!!

Under the heading of "Coming sooner or later..." is the following:

Okay, I was digging around in my closet the other day looking for a
particular rubber shark I knew was in there somewhere (yes, I like
rubber fish...so sue me) and I stumbled across a big fat envelope that
contained old Wall of Voodoo articles and interviews. I haven't added
anything new to my web site for a while, so I decided to start
transcribing the stuff so everyone can read them. They're mostly
xerox copies people had sent me over the years, so the photos that
accompany some of the articles aren't too great, but I've scanned them
anyway and will include as many as possible with the articles. This
project is going to take a while because I'm doing most of the typing
on my lunch hour at work while I try to stuff my face with a sandwich
between paragraphs. If anyone has any old articles they'd like me to
include, email me and I'll let you know what address to send a xerox of
it to. I think you'll all enjoy these peeks into the true weirdness of
the guys in the band when you read some of these interviews.

Okay, that's about all I have to say for now. Have a good weekend. Bye!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 07/18/98 16:13:45 PDT

Somebody told me that Stan met and talked to former Beatle George Harrison back in 1983. Harrison was vacationing in the same area as Stan. Can anyone tell me if that is true?


Date: 07/16/98 02:15:43 PDT

I am having a hard time beleving there is another WOV fan. Must be on the far side of crazy!!!!!! THANK STANARD FOR THE NET!!!!

Date: 07/15/98 03:38:00 PDT

If you head over to my news page I have one or two suggestions on how you can buy Dark Continent.

larry hastings
beyond tomorrow

Date: 07/14/98 06:29:10 PDT

Thanks for your help Larry. I think that a big reason for the sound to change, from Call of the west to Seven days, was because of Joe Nanini, I give him a lot of credit for the superb sound in the Ridgway era.
What about End of the line and Stormy side of town from Stan's debut album? Have anybody heard them?

BTW where can I get Dark continent?

Date: 07/12/98 10:36:00 PDT

WALL OF VOODOO IS AN EXCELLENT BAND AND, ..............................................................................

Date: 07/09/98 13:37:04 PDT

Sorry I forgot to enclose my name.

Date: 07/08/98 15:33:31 PDT

A P.S. from Ms. Vieuxdo:

I certainly hope, for his mental health's sake, that Big Stan hasn't
been watching me. And Stan, if you have been watching, I apologize
profusely. I'll foot the bill for the shrink. Have your people contact
my people.

Adios revisited,

Ms. V

Date: 07/08/98 15:30:59 PDT

Wall of Voodoo is still alive through their music if not through their
physical presence. I've had little to say recently since the board has
been Stan oriented. I've been busy designing a commercial web site for
a friend lately, so I haven't added anything new to my WoV site except
a link to King Richard's site. Is all this WoV linking considered

Hope you are all doing well. I'm off to do more work. Adios amigos!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 07/08/98 08:51:34 PDT

Uhm, it's like this site is becoming more and more a Stan's one. Is WOV still alive ?
Well, it's up to them.

French Spy

Date: 07/07/98 22:55:31 PDT

I liked the "STAN"dards and what Stan did to them.
I also like the fact that everybody doesn't agree with me all the time.

Date: 07/07/98 09:08:16 PDT

Hey Stan is not so bad, his drywall stuff is not as good as his earlier stuff but a swing era album sounds cool. I'm going to buy it. Hey, we love ya Stan. Hope your new stuff does great.

Date: 07/06/98 22:07:49 PDT

I've gotten permission to put up a track from Stan's forthcoming solo CD. This isn't a side project like The Way I Feel Today, this is the real deal. I don't have a page dedicated to the album (yet), but you can find an MP3 of a whole track on my news page here. I hope you enjoy it—me, I think it's da bomb. The track that's up, Whistle For Louise, for me combines the stylistic advances of Black Diamond with the lyrical imagery of Mosquitos.

Should I just assume that everyone here stops by Beyond Tomorrow now and then, or should I post here anytime I get something particularly interesting?


larry hastings of beyond tomorrow

p.s. End Of An Era has never been released except as that live track. Who knows if it exists in any other form.
p.p.s. Dry spell? Now, Partyball to Black Diamond—now that was a dry spell. This is Indian Summer compared to that!

Date: 07/02/98 21:09:43 PDT

Give 'em hell, French Spy.

Aussie Dave.

Date: 07/02/98 05:07:48 PDT

In "Index Masters" there is a song named "End Of An Era." That track
just blow me away, it is so superb that I don't know what to say. Does
anyone know if there is a studio recording of it? and if I could get
the lyrics for it? My copy of "The Big Heat" includes 6 bonus track,
two of them "Stormy side of town" and "end of the line" are proberly
the best S.R. tracks ever made, have any of you heard those two

Date: 07/02/98 04:59:28 PDT

Now I know why this forum is so huge, when you repeat everything 5 times. And by th way: Stan's latest "Black Diamond" is great.

Date: 07/02/98 02:39:29 PDT

To the moronic guy who sent 4 times the same message to make one clearly understand its interesting message.
Hey, man, if you don't like it anymore, don't listen to it.
Nobody obliges you to buy Stan stuff nor to listen to it. You think it's crap but your reaction is also crap. I believe you are more than 40 now and that you'd like to stay in the eighties.
Psychiatrist are of common use now, consult one, he will definitively help you in chasing your teenage demons and frustration.

The French Spy

PS : Next time you flame Stan, be at least courageous and sign your name.

Date: 07/01/98 11:43:16 PDT

I think wall of Voodoo was one of the most brilliant new wave bands,
both in terms of their musical asthetic(electronic horror movie sound-
tracks meet western meets third world percusion meets factory percu-
sion) and their lyrical content(satire meets pulp fiction). The only
other band I can think of that's comparable to them is Devo(in fact,
Wall of Voodoo is almost equivalent to some parallel universe devo
that had Johny Cash for a front man!). I'm annoyed that they were not
more succesful as a band, ecspecially since most Eighties new wave
bands sucked long and hard when compared to their Seventies counter-
parts. Does Wall of Voodoo still exist in some form? If anyone has
any feedback they'd like to give me they can write to me at the fol-
lowing address:tmla@hotmail.com.
Thomas La Homme