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The following messages were posted between 01/01/98 and 06/30/1998.

Date: 06/29/98 19:40:43 PDT

HOWDY !!!!!!!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE........hhhhhmmm, now did anyone think I would not say something about the comments about STAN???? I AM A W.O.V fan, a ANDY fan, but I am very much a STAN FAN....The one who let us read their oppinion, several times....Took care not to put a name at the end...As far as STAN goes, MOSQUITOES, in my mind, was not his best...I liked PARTYBALL better, BIG HEAT is a work of art....as far as his ryming goes, I dont think even when he was with WALL OF VOODOO he really worried about a correct ryming process, he wanted to tell a story, and to make it entertaining...I mean, thats what this is all about, right? When he was with W.O.V, what he talked about was what was in him AT THE TIME....As time goes on, his views, as well as his influences change.(REMEMBER, he made a remake of JOHNY CASH and CHUCK BERRY, now thats influences.) He tries new stuff instead of repeating himself, for that shows he is a artist..This new cd shows his influences...and for that, I will buy it....but enough of that.Welcome BRAD, glad to see you come by, hope ya' stick around....well, I guess the rest of you have heard the STAN thang at the site, so what do you think about it? but please, put yer name at the end of it, ok?
king richard

Date: 06/29/98 19:10:39 PDT

The Way I Feel Today is NOT Stan's new solo album, just an interesting side project...
If you are not a fan of big band music or swing or standards, it may not be for you.
But, as someone who listens to and appreciates this style of music, I must say I enjoyed the record very much (I am lucky enough to have heard the whole thing... thanks Stan!).
Even for those who do not listen to this type of music on a regular basis, the record has several special touches in the song arrangements that will delight those familiar with Stan's music... keyboards, sounds, etc. add to the overall atmosphere of many of the songs, giving several of these old classics a "touch of Stan."

Okay, enough of my rambling... I just hope the record gets out there somehow so that others can hear it too...

(in the booth at the back of the lounge... set 'em up Joe)

Date: 06/29/98 09:41:08 PDT

Sorry about the repeats. It should have only gone through once. Don't get me wrong I love WOV and most of Stan's stuff but since "Mosquitos", things have gone down. I want the old stuff back.

Date: 06/29/98 09:03:07 PDT

I saw the list of tracks that will be on stan's new 30's cd, and you can keep it. I also got to listen to a sample of a few songs on the web and they just conformation of what I thought. YOU CAN KEEP IT! Stan sucks! He has not done anything good for years. His songs don't flow, they all sound like he is trying to make something rhyme when they really don't. If they do they sound really dumb. Hang it up Stan, go be a used car salesman or something but stop pollute us with more crap.

This message was repeated 4 more times. Because the repeats said the exact same thing as the original they have been removed JtL

Date: 06/24/98 20:00:40 PDT

I am no longer alone in the world!!!!!!!!!! Hi, everybody!!!!! Thanks to The King for the URL. I just received an email form someone close to AP stating that he had a musical coming out, but no proper release "...any time soon." And Stan's 30's and 40's CD is just out of our reach. Please, people, I need some support to make it through this dry spell....
Brad Day
Atlanta, GA

Date: 06/19/98 05:23:48 PDT

Greetings fine fans of the WOV...I've been down with these cats since "Call of the West" surfaced. It played a major part of warping my brains to the vast posibilities of electronic music. My aunt Bee used to do a show in Austin,TX called "Status Quo"..one of the few episodes I saw featured Stan and crew. She hooked me up with lots of their propaganda and stuff..made me feel like I knew about something almost no one else did..especially growing up in Kentucky with a growing thirst for freakness. Now days I'm in a band of my own..have been for the past 10 years or so, I work heavily mixing Sampling with the whole Rock thang. My band, Vulvaluxe does a mean version of "They Don't Want Me" so if anybody goes working on a tribute album let me know where to submit it..presently it's a live kind O' deal, but it can be captured. If any of the band ever reads this stuff I'd just like to say thanks for the inspiration. You were a cool drink of water in a drought desert of listening for this good ol' boyeeeeeee. I'd love to see you cats now. Think about it.

Patrick Richardson

Date: 06/17/98 11:08:13 PDT

I still have my pots and pans.

Date: 06/16/98 11:25:20 PDT

just dropped by the wall and its good to see it so busy. Shame the andy prieboy chat rooms not the same... maybe it is but we aint all there at the same time. does that make sense? nah..
later people
Hey What?

Date: 06/16/98 04:39:03 PDT

Stan's new album... some real swinginí stuff!!!
Listen to the samples now!


Date: 06/16/98 03:11:13 PDT

Here, I think this should work. Click here to read about Stan's new album
The Way I Feel Today.

Larry Hastings
Beyond Tomorrow

Date: 06/16/98 03:05:51 PDT

In case you're a fan of Stan Ridgway, he's got a new album--a cover of popular songs from 30s and 40s. It's not available yet, but you can read about it and get some MP3 samples at my Stan Ridgway web site:

Larry Hastings
Beyond Tomorrow

Date: 06/16/98 02:30:49 PDT

Hello all,

There was a single released for "Room With A View" that's a different
version than what's on the album. The B-side is a different version of
"Big City". RWAV was most definitely written by Andy. I remember the
show at Madame Wong's when Chas had a cast on his leg. If I remember
right, he'd broken it playing basketball. One too many jump shots I

Have a nice week folks. Hasta la vista!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 06/15/98 15:50:26 PDT

So far concenses is that Andy wrote RWAV, and that there is a previously released version not on 7 DAYS. If this is the case, yea, that's the one and yea, I think it's better then the one on the Album.

As for WOV, I tried to catch all their shows in LA towards the end - One of the best bands I can remember ever seeing - I remember one show at Madame Wongs West - Chas was playing with a broken leg just recently set - Wadda night. Pity they broke up.


Date: 06/15/98 02:31:31 PDT

"Room With A View" was written by Andy Prieboy and was never recorded
by Stan.

Date: 06/14/98 14:12:59 PDT


I'm looking for "ROOM WITH A VIEW" as done by Stan Ridgeway with WOV /long before/ Andy ever recorded it. I heard it something like 2-3 years before Stan left WOV on KROQ in Los Angeles and rumor was it was some odd 12" from Europe only. I would love to get this if anyone has it. It's much better then the 7 DAYS version.

And NO, it's not on Rumble Fish.... Anyone know where this is?

Xorcist (http://www.cyberden.com/xorcist)

Date: 06/14/98 12:18:06 PDT

cute stan. very cute..... if it was you, you would have had more to say than just that. probably some guy named stan jones or somthing......

Date: 06/14/98 10:07:31 PDT

If they get back together, it won't be with me.


Date: 06/12/98 21:53:32 PDT

I think a good name for a tribute cd would be VOODOO NEVER DIES, have a picture on the front of one of those old zombie flics.

Date: 06/08/98 21:29:56 PDT

I think that it would be great to see Wall Of Voodoo get back together. The Tribute album should be called "Back On The Wall"

Right now I should be cutting my lawn, but I'll do it tommorrow. That seems like a pretty good idea to me, What's wrong with tomorrow? I'm watching him but who's watching me?

Okay, really, I'm going to cut it now.



Date: 06/08/98 21:29:30 PDT

I think that it would be great to see Wall Of Voodoo get back together. The Tribute album should be called "Back On The Wall"

Right now I should be cutting my lawn, but I'll do it tommorrow. That seems like a pretty good idea to me, What's wrong with tomorrow? I'm watching him but who's watching me?

Okay, really, I'm going to cut it now.



Date: 06/07/98 14:08:21 PDT

I was wondering if anyone here had the "Mexican Radio" Mp3 file.
If you do could you e-mail me at SirSmiley@mailexcite.com

Date: 06/07/98 03:18:12 PDT

Aussie Dave to the rest of the wall scribblers.
Good to see some scribbling on the wall again.Got a bit quiet for a while.I have given up on the A.P. chatroom,none of you guys are around the same time as me.S'pose that comes from living on the wrong side of the planet.Anyway,I got the high sign so gonna jump the bus.....

Date: 06/06/98 18:41:56 PDT

ANDY, MARC,BRUCE,CHAS.....AND JOE? where can i get a ticket? maybe someone should tell andy and get it going!!

Date: 06/06/98 03:26:19 PDT

WOW, JOE??? The idea sounds promising.I wonder if he still has his pots and pans???

Date: 06/05/98 21:12:49 PDT

To King Richard, I agree that the band has a better chance of getting back together with Andy. Hey that sounds pretty good to me, I'd love for them to get back together in any way they feel like doing so. The point is they need to do it. As far as the Tribute album, sounds great. They could call it "BARBEQUED IGUANIA". If Ned is in Norway then maybe they could get Joe back. It's just wishful thinking I guess. Oh well.

Date: 06/05/98 16:49:22 PDT

Greetings all,

I haven't posted anything in a while but I got an email today that was
worth dragging my butt away from working on web sites and post something
on the wall. Got an email from Arne, the upright bassist of the
Norwegian rockabilly band Toini & the Tomcats. In case you're all
wondering why the hell that should matter, allow me to elaborate. Quite
a few years ago WoV drummer Ned Leukhardt packed his bags and moved
to Norway. When he's not busy running a Cal-Mex restaurant in Oslo, he
plays drums for Toini & the Tomcats. If you want to go check out their
website it's at: http://home.sol.no/~aertnaes/ttchom.htm There's
pictures and wav files for your entertainment, so mosey on over and
take a look.

That's all from me for now. Gotta get back to work. Byeeeeeee!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 06/05/98 15:18:16 PDT

Letís get working on that WOV tribute... great idea KING! Iíll contribute a spoken-word, lounge version of something...

in the booth in the corner at the Starlight Lounge

Date: 06/05/98 05:31:39 PDT

Howdy!!!!! king richard here. wow, the wall has been busy,huh? well,lets see, to C.J:big howdy!!!! welcome, and hope to hear from you some more, you see we know there are W.O.V fans out there we just got to get them to jtl's wall.To Trojan Burger: I have a friend that has an iguania and the thing freaks me out ,couldnt imagine.....To Shuster: You know, your probably right about that being the lyric in the 90's but lets face it 'I WISH I WAS IN TIAJANIA,EATING BARBEQUED IGUANIA" is sheer genius, after all, it is a pretty memorable line from the 80's. To Surfned, well, you might as well ask why is the sky blue, they were a great band and it is a shame that they broke up. of course there would be a better chance of them reforming with ANDY than with STAN. i am a STAN-FAN but he does have a big mouth and i believe he has said to much to get the rest of the guys to want to get on the same stage with him again....shame,really..i have a point that i would like to bring up because of what C.J said about that band covering MEXICAN RADIO... Did you know that a Devo tribute album came out last year called WE'RE NOT DEVO, and also the Gary numan tribute cd RANDOM was released(its a 2 cd set) Well i want to know where the WALLOF VOODOO TRIBUTE CD is????? they deserve one. Call it DARK-PLANET. or perhaps SEVEN DAYS IN THE WEST....In any case, they are over due !!!!!!! howdy to JT and MS. V, sorry ive been gone the last little bit,so havent checked the chat room in a while......gotta go, but if anyone wants to e mail me, J.T.L has a link to my page under W.O.V sites, send me a readable thang, if your in the mood......THE KING HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!!
king richard

Date: 06/03/98 22:06:23 PDT

Sorry about the duplicate posts. My computer said the thing did not go through twice and I erased it and tried over again and it took the last one, but obviously all three took. Sorry folks. Hey if it's worth anything I have a copy of the Arcinio Hall show when the band was on and they sang "Country of Man", I'll send whoever wants a copy one.

Date: 06/03/98 21:58:12 PDT

Why did the band break up after they got Andy? It seemed to be going good, all the albums were great. The last one was" The Ugly Americans In Australia" then nothing and that was it. What went wrong? It seems Marc visits the site from time to time so maybe you can answer why it was you guys called it quits with the band? This might be a question that everyone knows but I never found out. It's to bad because they were one of the best bands ever. Do you guys ever talk anymore? If so do you think it might be possible in the near future that the band could get back together? Right now seems to be the time because there are alot of 80's bands getting back together and they are doing well. This might be the window of opportunity the band needs. Oh well wishful thinking I guess. I love the Dept. of Crooks cd. You WOV fans need to run out and get it. Thanks surfned007@aol.com

Date: 06/03/98 21:27:59 PDT

Why in the hell did they break up after all? Things seemed to be going good once they got Andy in the group. The last album was "The Ugly Americans In Australia" then without a reason or anything the new album never happened. So it sounds like the only ones who read this site might be Marc or Andy. Marc if you read this can you respond as to why you guys broke up? Also did you guy ever think about the possibility of getting back together? Right now seems to be the perfect time, all the 80's bands are making a come back and doing well. Even a tour would be great. WOV is one of the best bands ever. Thanks surfined00@aol.com

Date: 06/03/98 21:27:48 PDT

Why in the hell did they break up after all? Things seemed to be going good once they got Andy in the group. The last album was "The Ugly Americans In Australia" then without a reason or anything the new album never happened. So it sounds like the only ones who read this site might be Marc or Andy. Marc if you read this can you respond as to why you guys broke up? Also did you guy ever think about the possibility of getting back together? Right now seems to be the perfect time, all the 80's bands are making a come back and doing well. Even a tour would be great. WOV is one of the best bands ever. Thanks surfined00@aol.com

Date: 06/02/98 20:38:31 PDT

If Mexican Radio was written in the 90's the lyrics would be I wish I was in Tiajuana smoking kick ass marijuana.


Date: 06/02/98 20:30:50 PDT

I had barbequed iguana for supper last night, it tasted great.

Trojan Burger

Date: 06/01/98 13:36:18 PDT

recently on a local radio station i heard one of those parody songs ala wierd al that was done to the music of mexican radio. it was clinton singing about fellatio. i wish i could land a copy of that!!
has anybody ever heard any of the cover versions of MR? polvo did one, and i have a cd of another band doing it too. later CJ

Date: 06/01/98 13:31:52 PDT

howdy all of you voodudes and voodettes,
i just discovered this place. glad to see there are so many that still appreciate this band!! they were totally unique. i'm a big fan from back in 82. never saw them with stan, but i did catch the first tour with andy in late 84 and many more shows up to 89. i've seen stan many times too since his first tour in 86. sometime in the future when i have more free time i will post again and offer to trade some recordings from my collection. later people. CJ

Date: 05/29/98 18:57:00 PDT

Always looking for a MIDI file of "Mexican Radio". Please post the
URL of one if you know of it.

Date: 05/29/98 04:43:00 PDT

A QUICKIE FROM THE KING.........howdy!!!!! king richard here.....This is to -C-.....good luck on finding the out of print stuff, the titles you are looking for are DARK CONTINENT(STAN) and HAPPY PLANET(ANDY)....also there is a live disc called THE UGLY AMERICANS IN AUSTRALIA(ANDY) and its pretty darn good...11th grade,huh...well, thats ok, start 'em out young......welcome partner,and hope to see you more from ya, oh, and as for the used record stores, perhaps you may try pawn shops also???????
king richard

Date: 05/29/98 04:19:56 PDT

Iíve heard of Human Hands and have been trying to find anything by them for a long time... whatís it like? The band features Bill Noland, right?


Date: 05/28/98 20:37:05 PDT

Any Human Hands fans? I knew about the Moreland connection and happened across a double LP (red vinyl) and an EP at a record swap. I dig it.


Date: 05/28/98 07:55:31 PDT

I've been into WOV since about 9th grade (I am in 11th now) but i
have hella trouble finding most of the albums. I found "call of
the west" on cd at best buy and i got "index masters" at tower records
i also have seen "7days in sammys town" at tower and used at sam goody
I am more into the stan ridgeway incarnation of WOV, where the hell
can i find the out of print albums? I go to a lot of used record
stores and underground store , for other purposes, but inever see
their stuff there, please help me.


Date: 05/27/98 18:23:36 PDT

Hello, my name is Alan and Iam looking for Happy Planet on CD if anyone has a copy to sell email me at kosmonot@pacbell.net

Date: 05/21/98 14:08:57 PDT

For those deseperatly looking for the very poor "7 days in Sammystown".
You can find it at the very good San Jose Tower Records (Bascom Avenue) at the very low price of $9,9

The French Spy

Date: 05/18/98 05:17:19 PDT

hey, gibt es tatsšchlich Stan Ridgway & Wall Of Voodoo Fans in Deutschland??? Sollte sich mal einer hierhin verirren, schick mir doch 'ne mail: zoomshot@t-online.de
GREETINGS TO THE KING!!! don't miss to visit his site!!
The Passenger

Date: 05/18/98 04:59:10 PDT

hi folks!
looking for film songs?
released in Australia by TWA records, but i bought a copy last year in germany via import by bertus (dutch distributor)...
go to their page:
click on costumer services and you'll see what to do...
good luck!
The Passenger

Date: 05/18/98 03:35:46 PDT

Anyone having trouble getting Film Songs by SR could try tower records in London.. guess that might be a bit of a trek for some of you..good luck
Hey What?

Date: 05/17/98 11:02:20 PDT

Seems this is going to be the only to get a message to the residents of the Andy Prieboy chat room. Been lurking around the room and keep spotting Jtl King R and Ms V but never in the flesh, so to speak.. is there a particicular time any of you go in there ? Think there could br a problem with the time differences. hope to catch up with someone ...anyone soon
Hey What?

Date: 05/14/98 17:27:08 PDT

Oz callin'.Thanks King,found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 05/13/98 19:00:52 PDT

Hey! I found Call Of The West and Seven Days In Sammy's Town in a used record store, down town. I got them for 50 cents each! Side B of Call Of The West is a little scratched, but both the albums are in pretty good shape. The owner of the record store said that both albums were left there by the same guy.


Date: 05/13/98 15:17:06 PDT

I'm sorry to say that both of the resources posted here for the Film Songs Disc by SR don't have any in stock.
Stay tuned and I will let cha know if they get any in. Sorry for any unintended aggrevation this may cause.

Date: 05/12/98 04:21:36 PDT

To the KING
If I was 3 hours ahead of you, Iíd be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean!!! Montreal time is the same as the time in Commerce, Georgia. So I guess Iíll be there at 8:30 pm EDT tonight.
Now itís time for me to Do The Doink... so Iím off

(traveling through time zones...)

Date: 05/11/98 19:54:21 PDT

HOWDY!!!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE.... ok, for those of you who do not know, on the brand spankin' new ANDY PRIEBOY SITE there is a chat room......finally, we can all talk to each other.(i believe this was once an idea of MS. Vs, i think) we seem to be having a problem with the time though...I, being in GA., am on eastern standard time, JTL, I believe is 3 or 4 hours behind me as J.T is 3 hours ahead of me.so we have to work this out. on the chat room it shows a time, that is what we are all going to have to go by if we are going to do this. go check the time now and find out what time it is against your time...and leave a message either on the wall or on the chat room...i suggest that tomorrow, tuesday, at 17:30 (if you are in CA, that should be 5:30, home from work, it will be 8:30 for me.....) lets give this a try...if you can not make it at this time but still want to chat with me, email me with the chat time and i will try to be there...(J.T, i know you will be the hardest to get, but one way or another we will get on the horn with ya....) here goes nothing!!! oh, my email is:


see ya!!!!!!!!!
king richard

Date: 05/08/98 21:11:23 PDT

Chapter 11 in the History of Useless Information about WOV:

A follow-up to Kramer singing Mexican Radio...

I just got back from a BjŲrk concert... the opening act was a unbelievably boring one hour set by this bad drum Ďn bass type of geek... but I swear, one ďsongĒ he played (or rather, his computer played) was a sped-up, off-key, instrumental version of Mexican Radio... although probably no one in the club but me figured this out, the ďsongĒ got the most applause of the set...

stay tuned for chapter 12 and a half...

over and out,

Date: 05/08/98 18:08:11 PDT

Here's a link to the Music Boulevard site for SR stuff. The CD universe site says that Film Music is back ordered but Music Boulevard appears to have it in stock.
Stan Ridgway at Music Boulevard

Date: 05/07/98 14:23:39 PDT

Hey, the cd from SR called FIlM SONGS is available from several online cd sources including www.musicboulevard.com and the following link

Stan Ridgway

Cover Art (C)

The track list is courtesy of KING RICHARD and contains:
Thought you'd all like to know

Date: 05/06/98 05:38:26 PDT


HOWDY!!!! KING RICHARD HERE..... i just got an email from sheldon fergason(dept. of crooks) so the last word on ACE KALAMAZOO comes from MARC MORELAND himself!!!! Marc says that him and Stan just called it ACE, but Stan is a salesman and a storyteller......if you want to talk to me, e mail the king!!!!


see ya....
king richard

Date: 05/02/98 16:31:03 PDT

guys, I have a story for everybody here--listen up! Im a photographer--a student at San jose ST. And I was out taking pictures of people for an assignment--well I came across this one dude, who looked really cool, so I took his picture--and I told him i would give him a copy--so weeks later, once I returned to this place, I asked if this dude was working and showed this lady behind the counter his picture- she told me he wasnt in today and-"did u want him to sign it?" she asked? WHAT, i wondered, shouldnt i be signing it, since i took the damn thing! Well it turns out that this dude was a musican--cool I thought..she went on to tell me that hes a guitarist! He's the guitarist from Wall OF Voodoo!! COOL! So, once i found this out, i flipped out--so, now Im gonna go back tonight and hand this dude his picture! COOL!? Huh? I took a famous persons picture! Write to me if u wanna find out more at: oneb470@aol.com!

Date: 05/02/98 10:08:49 PDT

howdy!!!!! king richard here. glad to see that jtl has an itchy trigger finger on that cencor button. whoever wrote it as well as the one who corrected ms. v's spelling(i didnt even know how to spell it and here in georgia it is said differently.heh heh) if you are someone who just found the site and thought they would have some fun, we are just some fans of a band we think is pretty cool and this is our only way to talk.dont mess it up for us.
long live the king, and to the one who is a fan since cotw, whats your name??
king richard

Date: 05/02/98 08:13:18 PDT

Hey Shuster!

Any relation to ĎWayne & Shusterí? (sorry to everyone else for the obscure Canadian reference). You can get Showbusiness is My Life from the Drywall-Dis-Info website. The e-mail address there is also prbably as close as youíll get to having Stanís own personal address, I think...


Date: 05/02/98 03:44:54 PDT

WOV's great! I've been a fan for years, and they're as great as ever, COTW is still my favourite album.

Date: 05/01/98 19:58:19 PDT

Please remember that offensive posts will be edited.


Date: 05/01/98 16:22:13 PDT

Could anyone please give me Stan Ridgeway's email address? And does he usually send one back? I'm just starting to get into Wall Of Voodoo. I think that they're great. Who influenced WOV? Did they hang out with any other well known bands? Why was Mexican Radio their only main stream song?

I tried to order Showbusiness Is My Life at BlockBuster Video, and they told me that it wasn't available in Canada. Why not?


North Bay, Ontario

Date: 05/01/98 15:49:22 PDT

It's the cover of the Mexican Radio 12"

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 05/01/98 15:10:04 PDT

I saw it here first but Iím wondering what the hell it is...
Pretty scary... if I saw something like that out in a field, Iíd run!


Date: 05/01/98 12:51:29 PDT

Someone apparently has way too much time on their hands if they're
correcting my spelling from nearly a month ago.

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 05/01/98 09:18:52 PDT

Mexican Radio 12" Cover
Cover of Mexican Radio 12 inch

It gets bigger if you click on it and remember you saw it here first

Date: 04/30/98 18:57:52 PDT

to Ms V:
it is "arrivederci", not "arrivaderci"

Date: 04/30/98 04:22:12 PDT

HOWDY!!!! KING RICHARD HERE.... just a quickie. i am sorry, i forgot to tell who solded the mystery of ACE KALAMAZOO...it was our new friend "the passenger" from germany, very knowlegeable guy. also that same day,i got an e-mail from sheldon of DEPT. OF CROOKS telling me the same thing but that ACE now lives with MARC MORLAND at his place..thanx passenger..der KONIG mochte wissen, wie es dir geht ????
king richard

Date: 04/29/98 15:27:24 PDT

Travel agency commercials? 21 Jump Street?
Itís all gettiní curiouser and curiouser...


Date: 04/29/98 07:22:23 PDT

"Hey, come on...didn't you know that?

It's an old Beavis & Butthead episode (I first saw more than a year ago on MTV Europe), but I'm sorry: I can'tremember what they were saying...

Do you know at least that there exists an episode of 21
Jump Street, that starts with Ring Of Fire?

"The Passenger from Germany

Date: 04/29/98 05:44:28 PDT

HOWDY!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE.....beavis and butthead? oh well... anyway to the french spy, i have the info on ACE KALAMAZOO the story(dim your lights) : stan and marc met at the masque in L.A and had an idea to make a company named WALL OF VOODOO INC. , to make music for horror films and b movies(dont know if any of them were done, but there was one commercial for a canadian travel agency that they did the music for.)had to sell cheap souviners to pay the rent. and finally decided to make a band. but before joe nanini joined they used a drum machine,and they even gave it a name....wanna make a guess on the name???? they called it ACE KALAMAZOO..... so you are right, ACE did play on the demo.(o.k you can turn your lights back up.) to aussiedave, good luck on getting the tape, they might give you a copy.you never know.to the guy watching beavis and butthead.......... dont do that!!!! it will rot the left upper corner of your brain( near your eye) and to everyone who is "waiting" when the wait is over, let me know what you think. well, im taking the day off in the kingdom. if any one wants something.....email the king at work!!!! carterkeys@ prodigy.net see ya..
king richard

Date: 04/28/98 20:18:23 PDT

When Beavis and Butthead watched the video for Mexican Radio, they just giggled, and talked about what they would do if they went to Mexico. I think it's cool that they showed that video.

Date: 04/28/98 02:14:09 PDT

beavis annd butthhead? and to think we were excited that kramer on siienfield was singing mexican radio.from one extreme to the other.so what was said? or do we really want to know?

Date: 04/27/98 20:51:58 PDT

Latst Week, on a Beavis and Butthead rerun, they were watching the video for Mexican Radio.


Date: 04/24/98 00:22:45 PDT

Hey Voodoodudes. Bit of mindless trivia from down below.Stan hosted an all-nite music program called Rage on Australian TV a while back.I hope for his sake he was stoned when he did it 'cause if he wasn't then he is some strange dude.Gonna hit the station for a copy of the tape on VHS.Don't fancy my chances much.If I score will make copies available. Aussie Dave.

Date: 04/22/98 06:19:47 PDT

HOWDY!!! KING RICHARD HERE... french spy, glad to here you are back..thanks for the info,will definetly check it out. so in return, here is a little info for you, your quest is hard to find, but i may know a shortcut. if you are interested. mail the king at work!!!



Date: 04/22/98 04:25:18 PDT

To the king,

Iím interested in hearing those demos as well...

Waiting to hear from you...

up here

Date: 04/22/98 04:20:59 PDT

To the King:
French Spy is back on line. I do believe that a guy named "Ace Kalamazoo" did played for a few months with maSteR voice.
It was at the early year of WOV. they both met at the legendary club "the mask". Ace did some demos with WOV as drummer and/or keyboard players.
One should check this out with Dis-Info. By the way, I have an old and scratchy tape copy of "Dance of death", does anyone can help me in getting the CD ?
One scoop, for those with efficient ears, listen to the last SENSER recording "asylum", it is full of WOV samplings (spy world, call of the west, ...).

French Spy. Yes my watch is really a radio.

Date: 04/21/98 20:57:53 PDT

HOWDY!!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE....well I have been very busy latly.GARY NUMAN(REMEMBER HIM?) is coming to ATLANTA, so I have been making plans for about 20 or so from a site on the net to meet at a bar.its more work than i thought. ok first things first...JT, wants going on,glad to hear that yes on "it" i will email you with all info you need,cool? to our new friend in germany...BIG HOWDY FROM THE KING....i might be able to help you, but first you must check your email dude.. for there is the answer . to the french spy...where did you go man? tried to email you but i could not get through, if your still around put a little something on the wall. ok, its been a while since i talked about stan... I just reciently got my hands on the wov 1978 & 1979 demo's.. on the 78 there is no sound of guitar just stan and keyboards/drum machine... i wrote to SR DIS-INFORMATION to ask them who played on these things.there answer was "AS FAR AS WE KNOW, STAN PLAYED ALL INSTUMENTS" but then he asked me what the songs were, ...what????? come on if you know the answer to the question you should know the songs.. so i am not to sure about that one. if anyone has an answer to that question, WHO PLAYED THE INSTRUMENTS ON WOV DEMO 1978? then put it on the wall. the king would be very happy to know..
king richard

Date: 04/21/98 20:32:58 PDT


Date: 04/21/98 18:00:51 PDT

To King Richard,

Good to hear from you!
... and yeah, Iím still looking for ďITĒ
Iíve got a few things I could trade... donít want to post them all up here though. Let me know where I can reach you.


Date: 04/20/98 15:36:51 PDT

Hi Folks!
I'm from Germany (so please excuse my incorrect english). I can't believe that so many people are still discussing such trivial things about a band that didn't release a record for more than ten years... you must all have remained on the far side of crazy - but that's GREAT!!! Since Stan had here a huge Top TenHit with Camouflage in 1986 (damn, is that really 12 years ago!?) I'm a big fan of his and WoV's music. The Big Heat was my first record, so my parents went really mad to hear every day the same 9 songs. Of course I have all WoV records (alsothose with Andy), but in my opinion those with Stan are much better (although SDIS is quite ok) and I think TBH sounds more like the "real" WoV than Andy ever did. But - and that's one of the reasons I'm writing this

I have a LP that nobody mentioned here until now: it's named "The Red Tower" and it's a bootlegof a WoV concert in West-Berlin (rec. April 1986). The guy who did it didn'tseem to have the slightest notion of WoV, 'cause that's "his" tracklisting: Ring OrFire, Mexican Reaction, Flying Nun, Speak It English, First Side Of Crazy & Don't Steal My Coach Away.

Well, this is the right one: A: Ring Of Fire, Far Side Of Crazy, Back In Flesh, Mexican Radio, Room With A View - B: Blackboard Sky, Tragic Vaudeville, Wrong Way To Hollywood

I would make a copy (on tape or CD) for someone who could do the same with Dance Of Death for me (hope you understand that I can't do that foreveryone). So if you have DoD or if you have questions relative to WoV, SR & AP releases in Europe send me an e-mail:
Zoomshot@t-online.de (perhaps I can answer). By the way, I sent some informations to John Relph for his ingenious SR discography. He published already an update, so check at:
"SR Discography

The Passenger

Date: 04/19/98 21:06:40 PDT

hey everyone- i'm looking for a copy of "Ugly Americans..." on CD. if you've got one and for some odd reason want to get rid of it, mail me and we'll see if we can't work something out. many thanks!

Date: 04/14/98 09:51:07 PDT

I am looking for EP's, remixes and 45's from Wall of Voodoo to add to my collection. Please let me know if you have any I am interested to know what is out there. And if you are interested in parting with them let me know that too.

Date: 04/11/98 13:03:34 PDT

Here's a link to the rhino site

Just Can't Get Enough!

Date: 04/10/98 17:50:23 PDT

The song "Gun for Xmas" is on the RHINO Just cant get enough new wave xmas which is currently available from the RHINO web site

Date: 04/10/98 16:14:56 PDT


Date: 04/10/98 08:39:11 PDT

Hi all,

"Gun For Xmas" wasn't on the same 12" as "Wrong Way To Hollywood".
"Wrong Way..." is actually on the B-Side of "Far Side of Crazy" along
with the fabulous instrumental "Dance You Fuckers". The 12" has a nice
cover to it as well if you can find it.

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 04/09/98 23:35:09 PDT

Oh, I should have mentioned: I'm pretty sure that was their only copy of Happy Planet. Those of you who are still looking for it--keep looking, it's worth the trouble.

larry hastings from
beyond tomorrow

Date: 04/09/98 23:33:45 PDT

If you're interested in rare Wall Of Voodo B-side singles (and, if you're reading this, you probably are) then you should order a copy of the Rhino Records release "Just Can't Get Enough: A New Wave Xmas". It has WOV's "Shouldn't Have Gotten Him A Gun For Christmas", which was the B-side to the "Wrong Way To Hollywood" single if I'm not mistaken.

Also: I just picked up a copy of Happy Planet, from
Moby Disc. Y'all are lookin' in the wrong places.


larry hastings from
beyond tomorrow

Date: 04/09/98 23:14:02 PDT

I thought I was the only person on this planet that had any knowledge of, let alone an appreciation for probably the greatest band to come from that part of the planet since the Velvets.As I am dialling in from Tasmania in the land of Oz(yes,where that bloody Devil comes from thats in the cartoons),believe me when I say living "down under" really is "The Far Side of Crazy".You guys think you have trouble getting hold of Voodoo stuff.You've got no idea................jknailor@tassie.net.au

Date: 04/07/98 19:51:05 PDT

If anybody out there can possoibly get the guitar tab for Mexican Radio, please let me know. You can email me at Shuster30@hotmail.com


Date: 04/07/98 19:31:23 PDT

I live in Huntsville Ontario. I too agree that Much Music is for the birds. They show the same crap every day. Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and Puff Daddy. I hope that everyone does send an email to Much Music, demanding that they show Mexican Radio. I've already sent mine. It would be good to see something different for a change.

And Jimmy, to get permission to use Mexican Radio for television, you might want to try contacting A&M Records. I'm pretty sure they can help.


Date: 04/07/98 19:18:35 PDT

I write and produce programming for my local community television station. I think that it would be really cool to lip sink to Mexican Radio. I'd like to kind of redo the video. Only it would look quite a bit cheaper. Me and a few friend's would dress up like Wall Of Voodoo. ONE PROBLEM. I can't air anything that's copyrighted without permission. Does anyone out there know where I could get the permission to do this video?


Date: 04/07/98 16:42:25 PDT

I apologize for posting the same message a bunch of times. Evey time I pressed the Post It button, my message would remain on the screen, and I thought that it wasn't being posted. So I just kept hitting Post It, over and over. It wasn't until I came back later when I discovered that I had posted it more than once. ALOT more than once. I'm very sorry.


Date: 04/06/98 19:04:20 PDT

Number One: As a Canadian (actually, I like to consider myself as a citizen of the world), let me apologize for the guy who posted the same message 50 times...

Number Two: I got a copy of that WOV (opening for Devo) video from Mike Watters and, although it's probably a few generations old, it's pretty damn great (actually, the video quality improves after the first couple of songs). One thing though (for those who are picky about this type of thing), Mike either does not own a Hi-Fi VCR or does not record his tapes in Hi-Fi. He's also got some great Prieboy videos from the lounge-cabaret-style shows Andy does at Largo in L.A. Now Mike is prrobably gonna get swamped with requests for this stuff... but hey Mike, I'm not the guy who posted the first message about the video (I'm just expanding on it). If anyone wants to see more of Andy's artwork, there's an Australian site run by a fan who has posted quite a few paints, drawings, sketches, etc...

Number Three: I did some digging and, thanks to a European fan (Thanks French Spy!), I turned up a copy of Stan Ridgway's The Making of Big Dumb Town. It's a fun home video type production... Check out the Beyond Tomorrow website over the next little while... Larry Hastings will being doing a write up about the video with more details. Since this is not a bootleg and Stan may actually consider selling this thing at some point, I am not prepared to make copies for the public at large for the time being... sorry.

good luck with the Much Music campaign (personally, I don't watch it).

(Jumbo's Clown House North)

Date: 04/06/98 18:58:31 PDT


Date: 04/06/98 17:05:57 PDT

Don't Forget!

Help us Canadians get the video for Mexican Radio back on the air. Send your emails to rsvp@muchmusic.com and DEMAND that they show it. If enough people out there do this, Much Music will have to show this video. Do it for Stan. Much Music shows the same videos every day. It would be great to see Wall Of Voodoo for a change.

Please Help.


Date: 04/06/98 12:27:53 PDT

http://www.geocities.com/Sunset Strip/8539/

Date: 04/06/98 01:15:49 PDT

HOWDY!!!! Been busy latly trying to lay my hands on some odds and ends from some of my favorate bands(trust me even though Athens is known for cool music , there are more copies of "FREEBIRD" out there than you should have in one town.) I got the 12" RECORD of MEXICAN RADIO" and it does have the doll head cover. To STEVE,
on this, it is a different version than CALL OF THE WEST but only slightly( If you noticed something different in the video version, thats what you will find here.) NOTHING ON THIS SIDE is for you if you if you want to put something on your answering machine to scare your boss into giving you a raise. at the end of it there is a reverb version of MEXICAN RADIO" I have always liked JOE but the saw is pretty funny and dont have a clue why its there,ether but he seems by the look on his face very proud of it. SO I GOT 2 COPIES!!! If you need one put it on the wall with your email and we will talk. To those in Canada, maybe they will start playing it more than you think, for some reason ( and remember I am in GA) Country music stations around here as of the last week or so have been playing MEXICAN RADIO,
ahhh......Nope, i have no clue on that one either.To CHROME OXIDE when you do get to THE WALL hope to hear from you.

Date: 04/05/98 20:47:11 PDT

There is a 12" single of "Mexican Radio" and on the B-side is a mostly
instrumental remix of it plus an odd song called "There's Nothing on
This Side". King Richard mentioned below that he was in the process
of acquiring a copy of that 12", though I don't know if he actually
got it or not. It's worth having if you're a serious WoV collector,
epecially if it has the original doll's head cover with the picture
of Joe and his trusty buzz saw on the back. I wish all you Canadians
good luck in getting the Mexican Radio video aired. If you're looking
for a copy of the video, it's on Stan Ridgway's "Showbusiness Is My
Life" compilation video that's available on his web site. The URL for
the Stan Ridgway Dis-Info Pages is: http://www.primenet.com/~drywall/
Good luck :)

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 04/05/98 18:38:25 PDT

This is to all the Canadians out there, who love Wall Of Voodoo. I think that Much Music should show the video for Mexican Radio. I'm tired of them showing the same old videos day after day. Does anyone want to help get Mexican Radio back on the air in Canada? Even if you live in the states, and have no idea what Much Music is. Come on, help us Canadians out. Send an email to rsvp@muchmusic.com and request that they show the video for Mexican Radio. If enough people out there do this, Much Music will have no choice but to show it. Please help.



Date: 04/05/98 18:24:31 PDT

I don't know a hell of a lot about Wall Of Voodoo, but I do know that they kick ass. I first saw them on THE EIGHTIES WEEKEND, on Much Music (that's the Canadian version of MTV) when they showed the video for Mexican Radio. I right away went out and ordered Call Of The West.

Much Music hasn't shown the video since. I've sent them dozens and dozens of emails, asking them to show it, but they never do. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on the video for Mexican Radio? And, is it true that Wall Of Voodoo released more than one version of Mexican Radio?

Please email me at Shuster30@hotmail.com


Steve. North Bay. ON, Canada

Date: 03/31/98 09:01:46 PST

I come from a northern orange county city, CA. I have seen wov at least 30 times. I remember having a conversation with chas and he told me that stans real name was wiesanthol or something to that affect. his father is a rich buisnessman from the valley of LA, joe nanni runs a junk yard in east LA, I currently live in BARSTOW and periodically go and visit the site of dark contenant {album cover}
if you can not find alot of wov stuff your noy looking hard enough, there is a plethera of memrobilia all over O.C and L.A. county. if I can help let me know.

Date: 03/31/98 08:46:17 PST

I have Dark Continent - I'll have a CR-R soon, so (assuming it's ok to duplicate discontinued stuff) if anyone wants to trade a copy of Happy Planet for a copy of Dark Continent, email me at teppy@ironsoft.com

Date: 03/31/98 08:37:52 PST

last week on sienfeld kramer was singing mexican radio.

Date: 03/25/98 15:49:39 PST

DATE 3 / 25 / 98
HOWDY ....I cant believe the luck. I went to a record store in Athens
Ga. called WUXTRYS (no that is not a misprint) to look for DARK C.
or PLANET. They told me if they ever get any they will probably be used although the CD of INDEX MASTERS I got new from there a few years ago . So if any one is interested in those 2 USED CD FORM I can let them know . Also ( the reason I am so lucky) they had 2 copies of the CD5 of Stan's CALLING OUT TO CAROL/CANT STOP THE SHOW(LIVE) / DRIVE, SHE SAID(LIVE)... One is mine, the other if anyone does not have it ( and Im sure a lot of you do, but you never know.) I will be happy to trade.. I know its not much to trade with but maybe we can figure something out. Also in the prosess of getting the vinyl copy of 12" of MEXICAN RADIO/ THERES NOTHING ON THIS SIDE if someone needs it, Its in good condition and I should know in a couple of days if I can get it. so leave it on the wall. Thanx for the info JT now that I know that it exist I will see if I can find it in ATHENS and at one time I found A MUSIC WAR in town but probably will never find it again, but I can search if you need it.AND YES I AM PISSED OFF THAT DANNY ELFMAN LOST 2 TIMES AT THE OSCARS, GIVE THE GUY A BREAK.HE MAKES GOOD MUSIC.....Bet heavy on North Carolina, I am.

Date: 03/23/98 18:56:31 PST

to the KING,

WOV do appear on an US festival video (there were tv broadcasts of various days of US... WOV was on the one featuring "new wave" stuff: divinyls, english beat, flock o' seagulls, etc.). On the video the band is seen playing Mexican Radio (a long harmonica into/and with Bill Noland and an additional drummer in the band lineup) and we also hear part of Funzone over shots of the audience doing weird dances.

"Jumbo's Clown House North"

Date: 03/23/98 17:53:29 PST

I'd love to get a CD of Happy Planet, and will pay plenty for it. Email me at teppy@ironsoft.com

Date: 03/23/98 07:17:06 PST

DATE: 3 / 23 / 98
WHAT KIND OF ROMANCE????? I am so happy ! what more could a KING want? I bet on NC, KY, STAN., AND ..not on utah.
oh well 3 out of 4 is not bad. I have been waiting sence 1983 to say this; CHAS IS DARIN STEVENS FROM BEWITCHED. Is it incredible
or what? by the way wanted to ask if any one had the HAPPY PLANET t shirt.. who is the guy laughing on the back? also is there a reason that I can not find THE BIG HEAT on cd? I got PARTYBALL
on cd yesterday for 6.99 ( cheaper than the tape when I originally bought it) does the US festival that WOV played at exist on video?
if so tell me who to contact. If your in a NON- WOV mood check out a friend of mine at INTEGRATED ANOMALIES & THE ViLLAGE. his name is number 6 , who knows you might have fun. so grab a dounut
and say HOWDY ........ http://www.cyberhighway.com/~blreed
youll be glad you did. well have to go collect my money.

Date: 03/23/98 01:57:58 PST

Greetings again,

King Richard: Thanks for the email. I can most likely dig up one Stan
and one Andy live tape of the eras you mentioned. Just email me with
an address where to send them and I'll try to get them done next

j.t.: No internet romance between the King and I (shave me bald and
call me Yul!), just a love of good music. And be grateful you never
encountered the prez we were talking about. Some people are too creepy
for words.

Everyone: I've acquired a sh*tload more web space to sprawl to with my
web site. Anyone have any suggestions how to put that space to use?

Well, gotta run. Have a good one!!

Ms. Vieuxdo
(yes, that is a real email address)

Date: 03/20/98 04:39:52 PST

To John in Toronto,
I GET the tapes. I've spend the whole night staring them. Despite, they are
NTSC (an other US bull shit) they are GREAT. 3Big Dumb Town " and the making of is comming to u
soon. I just need to find a spare tapes reader to make the copy. It will be done this WE, I sword ...

Thanks to make internet the best media to share my feelings with WOV and SR fans. Long live to the americans.

The French Spy.

Date: 03/19/98 20:03:11 PST

To sbrady who's got what I'm looking for:

I e-mailed ya but I'm still waiting for a response...


Sorry to cut in on what almost seems like a burgeoning internet romance between The King and Ms. V.
I'm also sorry I've got no comments about this bogus president guy. I guess he never made his way up to Canada... then again, I've never been able to talk to anyone else up here about WOV either. Thanks for this wall JTL... now I know I'm not alone. I've met fellow fans from France, Germany, etc.... a truly international thing! Thanks to the others for their great sites too (Ms. V!, Larry's Beyond Tomorrow, etc.)

over and out.

Date: 03/19/98 17:29:24 PST

Greetings again to King Richard and all Voodoo-ites,

Sounds more and more like we're talking about the same guy who was
supposedly running the fan club. The record company may have thought
he was appointed, christened and approved of by the band, but the
record company didn't seem to be too in touch with reality at that
point in time. In the beginning the band tried to help him out,
but the guy was a little too obsessive and we all soon started doing
our best to avoid him. I remember spotting him one night at a club
and actually running and hiding in the ladies room for a while to
avoid him. To say we were all relieved when he dropped off the face
of the earth is an understatement. Unfortunately, I can imagine what
the guy had to say about Ring of Fire...it gives me the willies. By
the way, I believe you're not making up the stuff you heard from the
so called prez. I dealt with the guy enough myself to know that he
was quite capable of coming up with wild tales that, while they may
have sounded kinda logical, they were nothing but fantasies he made

Well, I'm going to head outta here again. King Richard, email me with
what era live tapes your looking for and I'll see if I can come up
with a couple for you.

The preceding message has been brought to you by Whizzo Butter - the
butter totally indistinguishable from a dead crab. Available wherever
fine non-dairy products and crustaceans are sold.

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/19/98 05:57:05 PST

Date 3 / 19 / 98
I AM SO DEPRESSED. Georgia Tech lost last night to Penn state,
had some money on that one. Lets see, hello Ms. V. thanks again.
but as I said, I found that one a little hard to swallow. Yeah he was a little wierd but I got in contact with some great WOV fans through him.
But you have to remember this was during HAPPY PLANET, and if you wrote to the record company about "DOGS LIFE" this guys adress would be sent to you. As for for most of the contacts of that time that I made they thought he was appointed ,cristened and approved of by the band. Around the time of UGLY AMERICANS
he suddenly disappared . As I had said, I didnt want to make any one
angry just saying what I was told ( you should hear some of the other stuff he said about RING OF FIRE) Thanks Ms. V for not being more
sarcastic towards me. Oh and that reminds me " long live the wall"
interesting, but Im going to have to say I liked "Dark side of the moon"
better. Im not the bad guy, I am still trying to get some LIVE WOV STUFF, and I hope to hear from someone else who delt with the
Prez. So everyone else does not think I am making this up. But as
they say"ITS GOOD TO BE THE KING" well I have to find some
money to pay the Penn State fan.


Date: 03/18/98 16:45:51 PST

Hello again King Richard and all you other Voodoo-ites,

Those sure are some interesting non-truths you got from the self
proclaimed WoV fan club prez. If you talked to the guy I think you
talked to, he doesn't know his rear end from a hole in the ground.
I always wondered what happened to that guy who kept telling everyone
he was the president of the fan club. He used to give me and the band
the willies. Anyway, considering the writing credit for "Can't Make
Love" is given solely to Bruce Moreland, saying it was a dig at Chas
by Stan doesn't add up. I'm not going to join the Stan vs. Andy WoV era
debate but I do agree with the King that Stan is not god. He was talented
while he was with Wall of Voodoo and he's talented without them. The
same applies to Andy. I've never had to deal with Stan on a personal
level so I have no opinion on him as a human being. But I've known Andy
for, geez, I guess it's more than 10 years now. Lord, I'm getting
old!! But I digress... To put it plain and simple, Andy's a nice guy.
I have nothing but the highest respect for him and his music. I'm just
grateful I was given the opportunity to "discover" his talent through
his association with WoV. Bottom line is: if the music pleases someone,
does it really matter if it's Andy or Stan singing? I say take your
good music any way you can get it :)

Okay, I'm shutting up now. The preceding has been brought to you by
the good folks at the Stuckey's on Route 666 just south of Sammystown.
Drop by sometime and pick up one of their famous pecan logs. You all
have a good evenin'....bye!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/18/98 16:23:09 PST

To the King.
Can't Make Love,
Marc told me that it was his brother Bruce that wrote the whole thing.
And Bruce wasn't trying to say anything to Chas or about Chas. As for the
whole thing about who wrote what.......I've been lucky enough to listen
to hours of Marcs demo tapes and old WOV band practices. Stan takes way too
much credit for the songs...........
-sheldon (department of crooks)

Date: 03/18/98 00:28:55 PST

Long live the "Wall"

Date: 03/17/98 18:40:08 PST

DATE: 3 / 17 / 98
First I would like to thank Ms . V for answering me, I am honored
and I thank you for the imput. NOW , lets see. To the french spy, Sorry, Stan is not GOD.(if he was his record sales would be better)
I agree with the rest although I never thought of the lightning bouye
thing before,interesting... To the guy who didnt sign his name....HHMMMM sounds like I struck a nerve. I take it that what you meant to say was you and your dad saw marc moreland ( IF your dad
WAS marc, I want an autogragh cool?) just kidding with you man dont take it personally just saying what the club prez said. ( another tidbit he clamed was that YOU CANT MAKE LOVE words that stan wrote was directed at once again CHAS. I dont know about that one,after all if a song was directed at me I dont think I would play it every night like chas had to. but if you listen to the song when stan starts singing about " THE BOYS IN THIS CITY" the keyboards get louder.) As for stuff I have to trade for WOV AUDIO LIVE (US FESTIVAL) It consists
of NONWOV VIDEO. DEVO-GARY NUMAN-DURAN etc. but also have some obscure movies,tapes,and stuff I could possibly deal with.
I once asked a bootlg dealer if he had any WOV LIVE VIDEO. His answer was " I would give my left testicle for some good WOV" interesting.... sort of the same file as the STAN is a lightning bouye thing. Hope to hear from the spy again , as for anything I have said this time that may offend... I apologize in advance and hope to hear from you .


Date: 03/17/98 17:03:35 PST

Hi gang,

I think I'll stay out of the Stan vs. Wall of Voodoo controversy for

I've been a WOV/Stan fan for ever and would like to obtain some clean
concert tapes of performances of either Stanvoodoo and/or Stan/Drywall
stuff. I like DAT or MD, but would be happy w/ cass's. I mostly only
have Robyn Hitchcock/RH+Egyptians/Soft Boys stuff for trading. It may
seem like a strange marriage of taste, but it works well for me.

Please let me know. Thanks,

Date: 03/17/98 05:21:47 PST

STAN IS GOD !!! How can somebody write something bad and unfair about this guy.
Please do not blame an ugly american to act as an ugly american especially if you are his neighbour ...
Stan did always behave this way and, I hope, will continue to. Don't you like his accurate and cynic vision of your society.
Listen to "lost week-end" or "big american problem".
He is like a lightning buoy lost in a see of shit.
WOV tried to take benefit of their growing success but without imagination nor creativity.
"Call of the west" is definitively recognized a key milestone in the 80s sound.

The French Spy

Date: 03/16/98 14:10:46 PST

To King Richard.
I remember BOTH the keyboard sounds and the guitar from Mexican Radio. (Besides Stans voice) Stan was a great voice
for WOV but when he left both the band and Stan sufferd. Stan writes great words but his
music mostly SUCKS. Stan was note ASKED to leave WOV. I bet if you ask each member of WOV
you will get Stans story and the rest of the bands story. Stan WOV is my favorite but Stan DIDN'T
write all of the music too. Me and My Dad was a Marc Moreland song Mexican Radio was Mostly Marc Moreland.
The Passanger was mostly written by Bruce Moreland. I Can't Make Love was another Bruce Moreland
song. Stan wrote alot of stuff but he wasn't god. And everything he says about WOV isn't always
true. Stan is a press man, He knows how to tell a story. If he didn't know how to make shit up,
he would be such a brilliant lyrics man.

Date: 03/16/98 10:07:53 PST

to jt in Montreal -
I have what your looking for.

Date: 03/14/98 21:53:36 PST


Any solo-Ridgway concert tape swappers out there?

I have a 70-minute audio tape of Stan live at the Washington DC 9:30 Club, 1986, plus
a few live WoV audios (live L'Agora 1983; US Festival 1983; Levittown, NY 1983).
Interested in swapping any of these for any solo-Stan-Ridgway concerts (no WoV, thanks).

Company policy forbids me from posting my email address, but if you can post yours here, I'll email as quickly as I can.

New York, NY USA

Date: 03/14/98 10:43:21 PST

I met Stan Ridgway in the late 80s and did a little business with him when he opened a small studio in the Valey. I found him to be low-key and courteous, and that's not always the case with customers; especially in the showbiz world.

Date: 03/14/98 04:21:17 PST

I have no doubt there's at least 16 hours worth of live bootleg Wall
of Voodoo music floating around out there. I've got about a dozen
90-minute tapes of live shows myself. There's also countless hours of
video floating around. I made a compilation tape (well, tapes plural)
for Marc a few months ago that, if I remember right, came out to about
6 hours worth of video. And that didn't include any solo Ridgway or
Prieboy stuff. The audio and video stuff is out there if you look hard
enough. Personally, I retired from making copies after doing it for
Marc. If I have to see or hear Mexican Radio one more time I'll go

Well, I'm outta here folks. Have a nice weekend!!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/13/98 16:26:12 PST

DATE: 3/13/98
WOW! Am I suprised, I thought someone would be mad about the comment I made about Stan & WOV , instead It looks like some of you agree with me.( I liked the idea about changing the name when Andy joined. They were great, just not the same.) I have two things I would like to ask. In the 80s the fan club prez claimed to have 16 hours of live bootleg . I find that number a little hard to believe but still there must be SOME out there besides INDEX MASTERS & UGLY AMERICANS recorded live. Have some?
leave me your E MAIL address. Oh , and two lets have some Ideas for a rename for ANDYERA. A few to start the ball rolling.SAMMYSTOWN, BLACKBOARD SKY, VOODOOCHILD....
So lets here some.


Date: 03/12/98 21:40:38 PST

Like I said before, what's the story on the "Invisible Man" 7 inch? Plus, Wall Of Voodoo without Stan or Joe was invalid in my book... An End Of An Era. They should've changed the damn name. Dark Continent is still superb as ever, however.
Creepy Clave

Date: 03/12/98 12:59:13 PST

to urine00,
did you get my email?

to anyone else,
i'm seriously itchin' to get my paws on a copy of Dance of Death but my leads aren't getting me anywhere... anyone got any clues?


Date: 03/11/98 15:09:13 PST

All I have to say is that while Stan might not be as great on his own
(I remember buying The Big Heat and being mostly disappointed), he WAS
the sound that made the band so great. When Andy joined, they turned
into mainstream garbage. And so what if he's a bit pompous in interviews?
I don't really care about how snotty he is (and to be honest, I don't
think he is), I want to listen to his excellently messed-up delivery.


Date: 03/10/98 18:50:00 PST

date: 03/10/98
comments: i first became a wall of voodoo fan the first time i saw them perform on american bandstand. DICK;why do you have that door behind you? STAN: Its a long story.... I became a member of dogs life. (i have the membership card to prove it, it did exist as a fan club) The fan club prez. told me back in the 80s that the reason that stan left is because he was ASKED to! He would often make gay slurs about CHAS (there once was a guy named CHAS who lked to..............)As for if stan was responsible for the WOV sound...YES HE WAS!!!!!!! If you ask someone if they remember MEXICAN RADIO they will not say they remember the guitar or keyboard,they remember the voice,either they liked it or they hated it but they did so because of the voice.I am and will always be a fan.I have alot of WOV stuff from the fan club and also my looking here and there. I am sure I have just ruffed a few feathers with this and I hope to hear responses
just remember I AM A FAN , I have all the cassettes including DARK CONTINENT but I do not have DANCE.
long live the king....

King Richard

Date: 03/06/98 19:32:09 PST

If anyone knows where I can get a copy of Happy Planet on CD, can you please contact me at chester@iweb.net.au

I'm still looking.



Date: 03/06/98 05:14:04 PST

To the French Spy,

Merci for the phone call!
Here's another message bilingue. Send me ton adresse par e-mail et I will be able to send you the tapes.
I will TRY to get them converted to PAL to save you the trouble.

Merci again!


Date: 03/05/98 05:39:11 PST

To Master "jt"

sorry for the flatline but i was out for business trip for quite a while. I will call you TODAY so that we can discuss tarding options
OK guy. By the way, I have some wonderful Stan live's B&W picture I took myself in france in '86. I can give u some copies as well. Some
of them are even signed by maSteR voice.

talk to u soon

The French Spy

Date: 03/04/98 19:16:40 PST

To u.a. in Frankfurt,

contact me at odm@total.net


Date: 03/04/98 11:57:42 PST

oh, like teh genius i am i fogrot to provide my address for below:

Date: 03/04/98 11:57:04 PST

What is the date and setlist for dance of death? I have some WoV shows as well as some '79-'80 demos that i would like to trade for other early shows
p.s. the venue for the show off index masters is the barn at UC Riverside, its really not a pub, but it does serve alcohol.

Date: 03/04/98 04:15:48 PST

i was hoping for more info on stan t ridgeway and andy prieboy. perhaps the other linx will have this. i'm glad to find another fan!


Date: 03/03/98 23:06:39 PST

To j.t. in Montreal

Since my e-mail is via my company I'm not allowed to publish it. Maybe
you can provide yours and I will contact you immediately.

Date: 03/03/98 17:43:57 PST

To u.a. in Frankfurt,

I'm very interested in Dance of Death... Provide your e-mail so we can discuss possible trading options. I'm sure I have a few things that will interest you from various stages of WOV, Ridgway, and Prieboy careers.


Date: 03/03/98 07:01:21 PST

'Dance of Death' has been recorded at the EL MOCAMBO in Toronto.
Taken from the WFMY FM Broadcast.

Date: 03/03/98 06:44:34 PST

Dance of Death Sound Quality is in excellent Stereo. Approx. 60 mts.
I guess the show is from Toronto. Since I'm at work right now I will
check tonight.

Date: 03/02/98 19:47:53 PST

About that swap...
Let me think it over. What's the sound quality like on Dance of Death? (That was from a radio broadcast right? From Toronto, I believe?).

Date: 03/01/98 23:39:14 PST

Would like to swap CD3 featuring Mexican Radio, Call of the West (Live),
Tomorrow (Live) against European Dance of Death CD. Anyone interested ?

Date: 02/28/98 07:49:13 PST

Yeah, I've got a copy of both the URGH! LP and the video (I've been searching for the CD too but have pretty much given up). WOV only appears once on the LP and in the video, singing Back in Flesh. The applause at the end of the song actually goes on a bit longer on the record and we hear Stan saying "Thanks a lot for coming... we really love you... show business is my life." I guess that's where the title of Stan's compilation video comes from. On the video (which was actually released to theatres back in the early 80's... it played mostly in art houses or repertory cinemas), before seeing WOV perform, we see them in a short staged scene (the only band in the movie to be featured in this way): they are fishing and listening to a ball game on the radio, we hear a phone ring and a guy walks in saying "Telephone call for Wall of Voodoo"... then Stan takes the call and we cut to the perfomance.

How's that for useless information everyone needs to know?

Anyone looking for more obscure live tracks by Wall of Voodoo might try to find a copy of a CD3 (those little mini-CDs that needed to be fit into an adapter to be played in certain CD players) released by IRS/A&M that featured three songs: the single edit of Mexican Radio, as well as live versions of Tomorrow and Call of the West (recorded at the Barstow Auditorium).


Date: 02/27/98 15:54:33 PST

URGH! was available on CD a few years ago. A bit difficult to find now. You may also want to keep an eye out for the URGH! video which includes quite a bit more music than the LP/CD - can't remember if WOV appears twice though. Anyone have a copy?

Date: 02/27/98 15:52:19 PST

Hey French Spy,

I e-mailed you awhile ago about the tapes and about how we could arrange a trade but I haven't heard back from you.
What's going on?
J'ai toujours votre numéro de téléphone, mais avec le décalage de 6 heures, c'est plus facile par e-mail.


Date: 02/27/98 04:41:12 PST

"Back in flesh" appears as the track#5 on the fisrt WOV LP
"Dark Continent" released in 1981. It also appears on the "Master Index"
CDs release which includes the first EP and a live taken in a small and
dark pub somewhere in California.

The French Spay "my watch is really a radio"

Date: 02/26/98 17:30:02 PST

The first place I heard WOV was on the album "URGH! A music War!" where they sung a really good live version of "BAck in flesh". I have'nt heard this version on any other album to date (that I've found)& I've since bought all the other WOV albums. Is the "Urgh!" recording on any other lp or anything? The albums worth getting for this track alone!

Date: 02/25/98 13:54:14 PST

WEll, Both songs (nearer to the morning and Man Talk) were used in a Brad pit movie
Called "Cutting Class" The credits list them as Wall of Voodoo. I think that
both songs were written when Wall of Voodoo were together and never put out.
Both songs are Andy's tunes.

Date: 02/23/98 04:31:24 PST

These are not Wall of voodo songs but Andy Prieboy's. They both appear on his
first album "Upon my wicked son" released in '90. Hope this help

The French Spy

Date: 02/20/98 05:34:17 PST

Hi ,if anyone knows the album in which I can find the wall of voodoo songs "NEARER TO MORNING" and "MAN TALK" please write me at wesley_crusher@hotmail.com
Thanx a lot!!!!!

Date: 01/25/98 16:04:56 PST

Yesterday I bought a modem and the first thing I did was searching WoV in the net and...it's incredible! At least I can resolve my doubts on the lyrics (expecially about the damn Sammystown)! Well boys and girls I will come to see this forum everyday. I want to tell you a story about my first meeting with the group. I am italian, living in Milano. I was 16 when i went to the "Young Italian Communists Federation" festival (!) in a little place called Piazza del Cannone inside the Castle of my city and I saw roadies making up a stage, I saw a blond full-leathered man with drumsticks and I understood he could be a rockstar and so i asked him an autograph... he was Ned Leuckhardt!!!
We talked a little and I stayed to listen to the concert in the backstage. The day after i bought "Happy planet", and that's how began the story...
I hope I didnt bored U, with this long letter, and I hope U can bear my broken english. I already know I love you all...sniff!
nebbia!@usa.net write me and I will tell you what did Ned write to me!!!
Bye from Itay

Date: 01/20/98 16:20:32 PST

If you're looking for some Wall of Voodoo pics, pop over to my web site
at http://www4.linknet.net/Vieuxdo and follow the link to the Wall of
Voodoo Photo Gallery. I finally got the damn Gallery links all fixed
after the powers that be changed my URL without letting me know. So,
for those of you who tried to get to it and found it unavailable, it's
back up now. I tested everything and it works again. Enjoy :)

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/20/98 06:21:13 PST


Date: 01/17/98 14:51:35 PST

This is a great website. Another one worth visiting is Beyond Tomorrow especially if you are a Ridgway fan.

Its amazing the places you sometimes hear Wall of Voodoo or Ridgway music. When I was on holiday in Tenerife the local radio was playing Mexican Radio and my brother was at a concert in Edinburgh and during the interval they played Ridgways Ubas House of Fashions.

One of the really good things about being on the web is being able to find info on my favourite artist Ridgway and also like minded fans. This wasn't possible before as in Scotland I did'nt know any other fans!!!
The internet opens up all these possibilities!!!

Just buying WOV or Ridgway stuff is very difficult for the following reasons:

1. Record shops don't always stock them
2. I have to buy imported CDs
3. Before the Internet I had no way of knowing when Stan had released a new album. I just had to pop to my record shop and keep on checking!!!!!! Hardly a great solution!!!

I've never had the good fortune of seeing WOV or Ridgway live. Hopefully, Stan will play a gig in Scotland. Theres a few really cool venues such as King Tuts in Glasgow!!! A cosy sort of place with a great atmosphere!!!

Dave the Scot

Date: 01/16/98 19:03:24 PST

Whoops! That should be

Drywall 'Work the Dumb Oracle' CD

on the post below.

Date: 01/16/98 18:32:10 PST

Great Page! I had no idea that there were people who still listened to
WoV anymore (besides me)...

I have some extra items that I would like to sell/trade, if anyone
is interested:

'Dark Continent' CD
Stan Ridgway's 'Partyball' CD
Stan Ridgway's 'Songs That Made This Country Great' CD
Drywall 'The Drywall Incident' CD
Andy Prieboy's 'Sins of Our Fathers' CD
Andy Prieboy's 'Upon My Wicked Son' Cassette
WoV 'Far Side of Crazy' b/w 'Wrong Way to Hollywood' and 'Dance You
F*&@^ers' EP
WoV 'Call of the West' Cassette
WoV 'The Ugly Americans' Cassette

I'm looking for:
'The Ugly Americans' on CD
'Call of The West' on CD
Andy Prieboy's 'Upon My Wicked Son' on CD

If you are interested, I can be contacted at st52@cornell.edu, and we
can try to work something out. The CDs are in perfect shape, but the
quality of the cassettes varies from great to...not so great.

Date: 01/16/98 14:19:51 PST

Got a WOV original EP. Immaculate. Two things of interest...EP is first edition (dog on the cover is gold) and all band members signed when in Little Rock. Anyone interested in this rare WOV artifact? e-mail danecowling@comgroup.com

Date: 01/15/98 18:34:07 PST

Now I've seen it all!! Kramer on Seinfeld was singing Mexican Radio!!!
You people on the west coast, check it out in about two and a half hours...


Date: 01/07/98 01:33:47 PST

Salut John,

maSteR voice m'a envoyé 2 vidéo : le fameux "The Drywall Incident"
et une vidéo regroupant la video de "Big Dumb Town" et le making of
de cette dernière. Je peux en faire des copies sand problème.

The French Spy (my watch is rellay a radio and my gun a pen ...)
Paris (jcm@divi.com)

Date: 01/06/98 18:45:33 PST

Hey French Spy!

Est-ce que Stan a envoyé des vidéos autres que "Show Business is my Life"? Si oui, what videos did he send? I'm interested.


Date: 01/06/98 03:41:33 PST

I have got a truck load of diamonds, I would like to share with you Stan and "real" WOV fans.
One year ago, I decided to sent an email to SR himself just to testify my admiration and tell him how does he takes a big place in my life.
I also sent him few very good reviews from french magazines. 3 months later, I've received a package with tee-shirt, signed pictures and CDs as well as videos.
So, if anyone of you wants copies of these let me know ...

The French Spy.