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The following messages were posted from 01/01/05 to 03/08/06

Date: 03/08/06 14:39:04 EST

Thanks Max

Date: 03/08/06 14:29:24 EST

If it means anything...the spam looks like it came from "php5.cz". Allwhois.com trace shows that Petr Horinek ans Jindrich Koch both own this domain name. Petr Horinek can be reached at: hope@zoner.cz. There is also another email address: auto-reg@admin.czechia.com.

www.czechia.com is a webhosting page. If anyone speaks czech maybe they can decipher the page and report these 2 assholes or the assholes who are using "php5.cz".

I hope that this might help...if it doesn't, well at least I tried.


Date: 03/08/06 13:43:21 EST

All this spam is from the Czech Republic? Why do the Czechs hate WOV?

Date: 03/07/06 17:33:34 EST

Thanks for that link, John.

I'm happy to hear Stan enjoyed the Andy years. I sure loved most of it (didn't like 'Happy Planet'). I always thought 'Big City' was really a Stan song that made the jump, but I may be wrong.


Date: 03/06/06 23:31:33 EST

Stan's comments/memories of the US Festival can be found here:


John in Montreal

Date: 03/06/06 18:57:31 EST

"Who is playing the Snare in the Funzone US festival video?
Bruce? Mazda? " I'm not 100% sure,but I think that's Louie Rivera who also did some percussion on the "Call of the West" LP. Richard Mazda can confirm. Mucker

Date: 03/06/06 12:14:22 EST

Watching the video is amazing. They all are so young and their performance is so tight. It really makes me long for the "good old days".

Stan, do you have any memories of the US Festival? What was it like to perform for such a large audience? You sure make it look easy. Just running out there on stage and belting out a perfect vocal like it was nothing.

And watching Marc and Joe brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. We miss you boys.


Date: 03/06/06 11:55:14 EST

Who is playing the Snare in the funzone US festival video?
Bruce? Mazda?
Also the sound quality seems to be pretty good.
It would be great to get WOV's whole set from that concert.
Thanks for the link.

Date: 03/05/06 13:37:29 EST

there is a great (although low resolution) video of WOV doing 'Funzone' at a US festival in 1983. If this thing doesn't work it's on www.youtube.com.

..i'm sure you all already know this but i thought i'd mention it anyway..it's VERY COOL.
-London-based nerd

Date: 03/05/06 07:11:30 EST

UMMM!... I'm telling Grandma, he called you a Jackass(arse!). Talk- or not in this case about potent rhetoric rebuttals. Here in sunny England we know this caste as a "CUNT" a must say your Spammy-roadie has more personal implications... ahhhh, may be he's bold except a pathetic pony tail... he should buy a 'syrup',
THE KEV!N,(un)greatful British subject- complete. G'od B'less WOV.

Date: 03/04/06 11:44:54 EST

it befuddles me why idiots post here. They are not wanted, the comments are juvenille and without merit.. looking to get a rise out of us, since they cant get "it" to rise anymore themselves...

you'll never win, and get punked in the process. take your comments and jam them up your arse..repeatedly until it starts bleeding, and then continue until you feel the need to post here again. thats what you do anyway.. we are sure of it..

Date: 03/04/06 01:28:30 EST

The comment below is by a moron that really IS a moron. We all know it.
I bet its from some sad old new wave roadie that got fired ....sniff sniff , poor. old sad loser. Are you bald yet?

Date: 03/03/06 23:43:38 EST

Stan Ridgway is a has-been-that-never-was. We all know it.

Andy Prieboy is a never-been, never-will-be. Make a case otherwise if you can.

Just the way it is, my friends. :)

Date: 03/03/06 11:58:57 EST

Go Get Em Stanny!

Date: 03/03/06 04:02:46 EST

wow..i'm gonna be there! for sure !

Date: 03/03/06 04:00:28 EST

Stan Ridgway and Band will play several shows at The SXSW Music Festival in Austin TX this March 14- 19, 2006.

Stan will also be the featured speaker at "Rock 'n Roll, Drugs, Golf and Puppets - who'd a thunk it?" - at 3 pm in the Austin Convention Center at the SXSW Panels...

The Tour info is here:

Date: 02/28/06 00:49:50 EST

I would work with Marlon again but he insists on taking his trousers off so that you can only shoot him above the waist

Date: 02/27/06 18:08:05 EST

dark continent
92 dollars for a cd of the 1992??
at that price you must buy the cd of the 1987!!
i take the (Italian?) copy.

Date: 02/27/06 17:26:34 EST

Pocohantas, Marlon Brando & Mazda?

Date: 02/27/06 16:21:13 EST


Too many last tangos in Paris?

Date: 02/26/06 22:47:27 EST

Mucker.. you are right. Marc was the worst gambler. Chas and Marc used to like to rib me about being a limey. I endured endless jokes about butter [yeah you had to be there]... sweet revenge came one day when they suggested we play poker. Now I knew nothing about it, they taught me the game and I took those suckers for every penny they had...It was a fair amount of money too! Marc just wouldn't believe that I had never played before ...

He also had a terrible sleep walking habit too..

Diamond geezer though.

Date: 02/26/06 10:09:57 EST

If having to register to this site would stop this (and I know I promised not to call this idiot a "dickheaded spammer" but I can't help myself) "dickheaded spammer" from posting, then I'm all for it.

You register, you get a password (have your browser remember it) and you're done....but, will JtL have the ability to figure out who the spammer is if they register too? If it gives the ability to do that then I say let's go to the next step to stop this fool.


Date: 02/25/06 02:10:51 EST

I would also like to know where Sheldon is and where he has been. If I remember correctly, Sheldon was not only in Department of Crooks, but was also in a band called "The Press." I've tried to find info or recordings from "The Press," but haven't had any luck. The other thing is, a while back Sheldon talked about releasing unreleased WOV songs and rehearsals that Marc had left with him in a box of tapes. Then, all of a sudden, he clammed up and disappeared. It was claimed that we already had all of the stuff he had to offer in the form of bootlegs and downloads, but I know for a fact that some of the song titles he mentioned were definetly never released in any form (EX - Potato Jesus). Also, at about that same time Andy Prieboy proclaimed a ban on the trade of live WOV stuff originating from the period Andy was in the band because he said (through his brother Joseph on the Yahoo group Jazz Crowd) he was going to release a live Wall of Voodoo album. All of this happened years ago, around the time Marc passed, and nothing has happened since. If anyone knows how to get ahold of Sheldon, Stan or Andy, please do so, and ask if they will consider releasing stuff that is not available at the moment in some form or another. It is a shame to let it just rot away when there are so many of us who love WOV.

Date: 02/24/06 23:13:34 EST

Marc Moreland was my teacher too. He taught me how NOT to bet on nags at Santa Anita. When I followed his advice ,I lost my ass. When I followed the OPPOSITE, I came in at 25-1.I'll never forget that horse,Air Pocket. Marc later told me that he always bet on him in later races and Air Pocket came in dead last every time. I hope there's a track in heaven. Marc was a great guitarist but what was really important to him was the horses and his collection of rubber. dinosaurs. Mucker

Date: 02/24/06 23:01:13 EST

Finally a chance to own the REAL THING!!!! If you want the one true Dark Continent you should make it happen!!!!

Just a suggestion from a fellow Walk of Voodoo FANATIC-O!!!!!

Date: 02/24/06 18:21:47 EST

last three days-
ORIGINAL copy of Wall of Voodoo 'Dark Continent' available..[NOT the Italian bootleg that keeps popping up]:

Date: 02/24/06 18:14:04 EST

I hear Marc also taught some of his style to Sheldon of Dept of Crooks fame. Sheldon what have you been up to?

Date: 02/23/06 23:39:32 EST

You see .. that last post is fantastically illuminating. We all know that Marc was talented and a wonderfully friendly guy but ...teacher? This is new and inspirational...


Date: 02/23/06 23:27:35 EST

Marc virtually taught me the guitar when I was 15, lost between J. Scofield & Eddie "fast" Clarke. I'll ALWAYS remember him. -pX Phil, Paris France

Date: 02/22/06 15:37:40 EST

Any chances of getting a screen test for the upcoming production? or is it for only those who last the longest...


Date: 02/22/06 12:52:28 EST

Got my copy of Dark Continent which I have now put in the rack next to my other copy of Dark Continent. They look good together.


Date: 02/22/06 12:34:46 EST

PP Poet,
Its all starting to take off, I feel ! It seems we have a lot in common as StageFright is a particular favourite of mine. Its almost spooky as its such a random rare movie I suspect you know me already...Anyway I have had a thought, I wanna put my movie up online when its done and with your comments in mind I am kinda thinking perhaps a website collection of amateur shorts inspired by WOV. Not as promo vids, but movies in their own right in the mood of WOV.
But we dont have to just have movies. ..include short stories, drawings, songs ..anything...especially Ms V's fantastic car ! What does everyone think? With regards to doing WOV cover versions...we have to be careful...I know I am doing a one of Funzone but thats just because I cant get the original...lets not poison this world with cover versions. I had a WOV cover band and looking back I am glad we never recorded a thing. Unless of course, Stan was to resurrect some again.

Date: 02/21/06 17:38:14 EST

It's the other way around...Chas works in the film industry and Bruce has done construction.

Date: 02/21/06 16:35:29 EST

This is to Gusano,
Hey man Im also thinking of doing a small art-house film, but would like to contribute to your little venture.
Perhaps it could be a side plot to your film? I was thinking of an 80's slasher flik something like Argento's StageFright, and maybe call it 'Dark as a Dungeon', of course it would be as sick as shit.
I hear you were in a band maybe we could get together and you could come up with some WOV Covers for me?
Would be grateful for any response from you Gusano with help in this project, catch you on the Far Side dude,
From Phychopathic Poet

Date: 02/21/06 09:59:05 EST

I know that this has been asked in the past, but I'm lazy this morning and really don't feel like looking...but what has Bruce and Chas been up to lately?

I heard Bruce works in the film industry as a set designer and Chas has a construction company? Still valid?


Date: 02/20/06 10:23:23 EST

I would love to hear the studio version of "Funzone". I know I have been down on the song itself but like you said Maz, you can't base the song on live versions. Keep us in mind if you ever have the gumption to sneak it out.


Date: 02/20/06 10:00:16 EST

Hey Gusano...who knows maybe I will. Just as soon as I clear up those warrants. Let me know if you want any help with the film. Of course I am over here but maybe I can do some remote string pulling. email me directly via my acting site info"at"thequeensplayers.com . Also on the subject of Funzone I probably have a cassette tape of a final mix. I know that Stan does... though it technically belongs to whoever A&M are owned by I can't see why you couldn't use it. You need to get Stan and Chas' permission of course which should be easy enough. As to my permission this posting is it.
Incidentally, Rollo the clown may appear in "Roach Motel" as the fantasy drug dealer

Date: 02/20/06 06:29:50 EST


Overjoyed to hear about your play...Do me a favour and show it in the UK as I never get to see anything over here these days ( Stan or Andy, White Trash Wins Lotto etc ). Thats why I am making my film, as I am filling the gap for myself to get my voodoo performance fix. Loved the stuff about Funzone. I am doing a cover version of it for my film, as I want it to perform in the film as part of a tv commercial for a "virtual" theme park that the protagonist wires up to. Its a great song and I so wish we could get the studio version. I have been making digital shorts and rock videos for a few years now for my own creative output and to help out a few local bands. This voodoo one has been on the back burner for a while and I hope to get it all done by the end of the year. Its amazing what lengths a WOV fan will go to. I dont know why I am doing this, I just find myself having no choice. I hope it gets the forum's thumbs up when you all see it, but I have been in so many bands, shows and projects by now to worry too much about criticism...all I know is I gotta do my bit to keep the name alive.

Date: 02/19/06 22:06:56 EST

And spammers who can't even get code right. Anybody know any good hitmen who can track em down??

Ms. V

Date: 02/19/06 18:03:16 EST

OMG we've been overrun by horrid spammers! Oh WOE!


Date: 02/19/06 08:46:58 EST

Thanks for the response Maz, I wish I could have heard a studio version of "Funzone". I guess the rot had set in by the time they did the live versions so maybe the "feel" wasn't quite there.

I have Stan's "Showbusiness is My Life" and there's a couple of live versions of WOV tracks on some show (I'm guessing in California) where the boys were on fire! The quality of their performance was outstanding... Marc was slashing away at his Explorer and Stan was really getting into it. Impressive to say the lease.

We all should be greatful of the amount of stuff WOV recorded (Andy and Ned included) because within those albums are some of THE most original recordings you'll ever find. There was some sort of Voodoo going on that got those guys together at that time in space.

Of all people, Doris Day (bet you never thought you'd see a Doris Day reference on a WOV page) said it so well...

"Let me live 'neath your spell. You do that Voodoo that you do so well".


Date: 02/19/06 07:10:47 EST

Cunt or cuntess spammer begone!, all we want to do is talk/read; NO ONE IS INTERESTED in what you have(n't!) to say. can't you just let some fans enjoy themselves. You really are ruining our enjoyment, can't you fuck off and get a hobby or something- how about going for the world record for holding your breath. GOD BLESS W.O.V.

Date: 02/18/06 19:59:55 EST

The thing about Funzone is that you cannot judge the song based on live recordings alone. We put as much thought and energy into recording that as anything on Call. It was in fact recorded at the same sessions and only left off the record because of its theme and length. The studio recording has some of the most manic Marc and Joe moments ever recorded. Chas was on fire [in his own sardonic [I'm not on fire way] and Stan came up with a creepy lyric about Rollo which had moments of genius. I think we all believed that we would make another record that could be as strong conceptually as Call. The band started playing the tune on the road but of course before the song was really 'bedded in' the cracks in the band began to show. Sadly the extreme pressures of touring, drugs, booze and the bizness led to the break up of the band that had established the sound. I am, of course, proud of the work that I did afterwards but it was like a different band.


Date: 02/18/06 15:27:25 EST

Ok....skip the last message about the glitches...I resampled the track and no glitches. I think it's my NEW soundcard. I've had nothing but problems with the Creative XtremeMusic soundcard working with my Adobe Audition program since I bought it. It's fine in all other aspects but the two don't like each other too well.

Other than that the disc is great.

Date: 02/18/06 13:34:44 EST

Got my Dark Continent CD today...."Two Minutes Till Lunch" has 2 major glitches so far(Adobe Audition fix). Can't say I'm too disappointed... it's not an official release so you get what you get I suppose. Great live picture on inside fold out. I'll keep everyone informed as to the condition of the rest. Anyone else have same problem?


Date: 02/18/06 12:46:54 EST

Even tho' I think that an entire album of a "Funzone" theme is interesting, I have to say that the song itself isn't high on my list of favorite WOV songs. I can't place my finger on it but it just doesn't work for me...I have a couple of live versions of it and I would never delete them...I just don't find it equal to their other songs.

But then again...who am I?

Max (a guy who has just about everything WOV produced)

Date: 02/18/06 00:27:50 EST

Thanks for the update Mazda. Glad to hear you're talking to publishers about seriously getting it out here for us to read one day...

John in Mtl.

Date: 02/17/06 23:59:50 EST

I hate the song "Fun Zone."

Date: 02/17/06 23:27:16 EST

Yes ...John. The book is still a work in progress. I am up to about 120,000 words but after speaking with a friend at Simon and Schuster who had read it I will cut at least 40,000 words and get on with the sex and drugs and rock and roll part. So there will be at least another ...oh I don't know...say how many words do you suppose Crystal might produce....Funzone originally was the longest lyric of all time. I clearly remember the day Stan first showed me the yellow legal pads filled with amazing lyrics. I think I told him that he had completely lost his fucking mind and then suggested a complete concept album based on one song. In reality, Funzone was so massive that we really did leave it off the record because it was 'the next album'. Sorry to say this...Andy, Chas, Ned & Bruce but we know where the evil clown really comes from and it wasn't 7 days.

Date: 02/17/06 22:04:12 EST


Is your book still in the works too? We spoke about it in NY after Stan's show a couple of years back...

And yes, do please keep us posted about "Roach Motel"... looking forward to seeing it one day.


John in Montreal

Date: 02/17/06 19:51:24 EST

Hi Everyone,

Still intending to finish writing my play, 'Roach Motel' about the Mexican Radio/Call sessions so was pleased to hear that a short film might be in the making. Basically the plot revolves around the real events of that time interspersed with hallucinationatory conversations with a cockroach in a bathroom at the Tropicana Motel. I'm hoping to get Stan to write some original stuff for it ....watch this space ... Now that I have my own theatre space I should be able to mount the production later this year.

Date: 02/16/06 17:09:33 EST

RE: Dark Continent on CDBaby.com

Per the CDBaby.com website: © 1981 viva italia (out of print)

Date: 02/16/06 15:20:34 EST

Hi all...

I'm an occasional lurker 'round these parts, but haven't posted before. Been a WoV fan for years -- Call Of The West was actually the first LP I purchased with my own money. (Oooh, an ''LP'! I'm clearly dating myself here.) "Mexican Radio" lured me in of course, but the other tracks on the album are what really got me hooked. Been a fan of WoV (and various offshoots) ever since!

Anyway, just want to say thanks to everyone who's posted here. It's great reading all the tons of info and commentary about a truly great band. And its especially great to see that Chas, Ned, Stan Bruce and Mr. Mazda drop by from time to time and answer some questions! A really classy thing to do, fellas.

Mazda, if your IRS album ever gets re-released on CD, I'll be first in line to buy it.

- Scott O'House

Date: 02/16/06 04:54:46 EST

Even though I have it on record, cassette and CD already, I couldn't stop it, so I found myself ordering before I knew it. Obsessions are wonderful things sometimes.


Date: 02/15/06 15:28:29 EST

Thanks...I just ordered one too. I went there and typed in Wall of Voodoo and it didn't pop up. Thanks for the heads up! I have 2 vinyls and although they are in pretty decent shape, I'd rather have a better copy.


Date: 02/15/06 12:39:58 EST


Dark Continent On CD Baby This is probably the Italian Job but if you don't have it this is a great way to get it.

Date: 02/15/06 12:39:50 EST

It's there. I just ordered 2. It's at:


Good luck!

Ms. V

Date: 02/15/06 07:29:12 EST

Was just at CD Baby....no WOV that I could find.

Date: 02/15/06 02:42:54 EST

CD Baby has Dark Continent available for purchase on CD, $20 check it out CDBABY.COM A great place to buy CD's great service!

Date: 02/13/06 15:31:56 EST

Toby here -

The short film sounds killer... by all means anything the shed any light upon WOV's ongoing legacy is always a plus. I myself was fortunate enuff to catch Voodoo twice. both times in Germany with Andy. So I would have to say I have Never-Saw-WOV-WITH-STAN-Syndrome.

As for the Germany LP. you are not missing much. it is a really dirty dingy recording. I found a copy of it at a flea market in Berlin in the early 90's. The only thing of note on it is the track listings are all screwy. it Says Don't Steal My Couch Away, Speak It English, FLying Nun, Mexican Reaction, etc. The show was recorded in Berlin in 1988 believe.

Date: 02/12/06 22:13:32 EST

wow-cool to find this community. I've been a fan for some time but only recently developed an obsession of sorts. The only album i have however is '7 days..'. Anyone know where would be the best place in Australia to pick up the others. I dont have a credit card so...

Date: 02/10/06 13:04:54 EST

Just had to drive to a client that has been one of my most difficult, so I played I Wanna Be a Boss so loud and drove like a psycho through the narrow English country roads and when I got to my appointment, I tore the client apart and got him to sign up or shut up...A small victory for my bosses but a great victory for my ego. They've got me for now...but only for now.

Date: 02/10/06 12:43:18 EST

I know for a fact of at least 3 people who will thorouoghly enjoy it; and thats " Peg and Pete and Me"...

ba dump bish ..


Date: 02/10/06 07:32:48 EST

Good morning "dickhead spammer" (notice how I didn't capitalize "dickhead" or even "spammer"). He/she doesn't deserve it. (spam removed)

Date: 02/10/06 05:02:48 EST

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it too Gusano, I didn't get to see WoV either, so I know your anger. I hope the movie will have a great (WoV) soundtrack!


Date: 02/10/06 04:09:16 EST

Guys, thanks for the positive response. I will keep you all updated. With reference to the US festival show, we musn't forget the awesome version of Call of the West. And Funzone comes in at a very close second. Did anyone manage to get the live LP on ebay from the Andy era simply called "Germany" ? I tried to let you all know but it was when the site was down. I couldnt get it as the seller was in Texas and would not ship to the UK. I am hoping someone here won it and wants to share.

Date: 02/09/06 19:49:32 EST

We can definitely link to your site when you are ready.
make sure to update us on your progress. I'm sure many are interested to see what you come up with.

Date: 02/09/06 16:11:02 EST

Hey NZ - love the US Festival show. It's great to hear how excited folks were to hear the 'big hit' performed live (shouting along with 'barbequed Iguana'). And the version of 'Tomorrow' on there might just be the best I've heard. I thought the performance was a little weak on the front end (Stan is way off key in 'Lost Weekend') but they're in true form toward the end.

Gosh I miss Marc.


Date: 02/09/06 16:02:55 EST

As a frequent lurker, I'm very interested in your movie, Gusano.


Date: 02/09/06 13:49:38 EST

I'm up for anything that has anything to do with WOV. For what it's worth, I'll put a link on my blog (not that it will generate any kind of traffic to your site) just because I like WOV...by the way, the blog doesn't have any WOV on it because most of their catalog is availiable (or was) on CD and I don't want to deprive anyone of any possible revenue. Unless someone associated with WOV gave me permission to post an MP3 or 2.



Date: 02/09/06 12:51:27 EST

Can I have all your attention please?
Have just completed the script for my art movie "Never Saw Wall of Voodoo" and I have got some great student actors to appear in it for free. I estimate that I will finish editing this digital short film by August and I think I have enough money to make it. The scenario is its a black comedy / horror / head trip about a guy whose life takes a massive downward turn over the following decade after missing the last UK show of Wall of Voodoo, a metaphor of how it felt to lose the greatest music phenomenon most of the world never really understood. I am making this project for the hell of it and to tell whoever wants to listen to my story in exaggeration. I myself missed them and never saw them, but I have seen Stan a few times. It became a concept or phrase of mine, the "Never Saw Wall of Voodoo Syndrome" which I use to describe the domino theory of how your luck can be spiral out of your control as I was in Germany on the day WOV played Dingwalls in London in 1988, which happened to be on one of only three days I was NOT in England that year!!! However, this is the last time I ask for any objections or suggestions before I begin shooting. I want to know what you guys have to say and whether you would be interested in linking mine to this website upon completion. I think that as I have been a WOV disciple since I was twelve years old ( I am now 35 ) that I have enough of that WOV spirit in me to be able to give my interpretation of the world that the band takes me to. From watching this site over the past few years, only recently becoming a member, I have a pretty good indication that there is a general ambience from all of you that I feel my project taps into. Of course if you dont give a damn what this limey has to say, I can always keep it all to myself and my shores and stay in my job in advertising cursing my luck...
Gusano aka Nod aka English Pete

Date: 02/09/06 03:29:42 EST

Beware of the mouth that moves and speaks no truth
French Spy and "king" of spies

Date: 02/08/06 14:16:05 EST

Thanks for the goodies, NZ. Much appreciated.

Date: 02/07/06 16:26:08 EST

I think that was a person who wanted to get a good price, and send searched for "Voodoo" and forums, and posted all over, without checking what exactly the point with Voodoo is. I'll bet anything, that he hasn't been here before, or knows WoV


Date: 02/07/06 12:40:23 EST

And we're supposed to care because....??

Date: 02/07/06 05:38:27 EST

EBAY: I sell the Voodoo Doll of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Here: http://cgi.ebay.it/SILVIO-BERLUSCONI_W0QQitemZ6249673316QQcategoryZ8621QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Date: 02/06/06 22:09:39 EST

Well... as promised, the US 83 MP3s are now permanent.

Goodie Bag

Also, I'd like to welcome our second newest member to the fan club --
who also happens to be our youngest. (by far) Here's the introduction
I recieved from him, which may be the coolest damn thing I've read:

> My name is Brennen... I am only nine years
> old but my dad is 40 and grew up in the Califonia
> punk scene... He has turned me on to WOV, Dead Kennedys,
> Black Flagg and all that cool Stuff....

There is hope for the youth of today after all! ;-)
More MP3s to come, thanks again to all who helped out.


Date: 02/06/06 09:37:01 EST

Glad I could help, nz. Rock on, dude!


Date: 02/06/06 00:39:51 EST

Max and Elizabeth:

Thanks so much for your generosity. The whole bunch of us fan
clubbers can thank you two for sparing ol' Gramps the pain &
humiliation of homelessness. The site should be back up in a
day or two, most likely with some new MP3 madness on board.

I'll have to dig around a bit...

Thanks again,


Date: 02/05/06 10:00:25 EST

You know what....forget the cheapskate thing and make me look like a real cheap "Bastard"! Any takers? C'mon....I double dog dare ya!


Date: 02/05/06 09:57:16 EST

C'mon people...I'm sure if the tables were turned, we'd be getting some help from the Fan Club. Like he said...even 1 stinking dollar would help. Someone match my 10 or better yet, make me look like a real cheapskate and double it.


Date: 02/05/06 02:27:29 EST

I hate to bring this up, but this is turning out to be a fuck of a bad year so far. The WoV fan club and the host site tangento.net have hit dire straits indeed -- both the domain name and server space are up for renewal, and I am dead f-ing broke. Both are down for the count. (off the air) If any of you folks can help keep the site alive with a donation (1 stinking dollar on up) it would be much appreciated. (Paypal, using Ampcore@myway.com) As you all know, the fan club has always been free, but that little donation button over at Gramps' place has been gathering some serious dust for the last 3 years.

Thanks for listening, and sorry to have to do this.


P.S. if we can get some of this shit paid off, I will post the US Festival '83 MP3s permanently. (for what it's worth)

Date: 02/04/06 18:56:20 EST

anyone know the spanish spoken at the very beginning of "mexican radio"?

Date: 02/04/06 17:12:14 EST

Anybody heard anything from Andy lately? Is he still making music?

Date: 02/01/06 02:40:36 EST

A new Webpage for Stan Ridgway - King Of Men! - and Genius Song Writer of Wall Of Voodoo.

Date: 02/01/06 01:00:34 EST

Yeah, I think the Spam Poison code protects mostly from bots mining for email addresses, etc. One thing's for sure; the board has come alive since the transformation. Great to see Mazda & Ned poking around again! Personally, I dig the new B/G, but although I am on a 1024x768 resolution, I can only see the very tops of the mesa & volcanoes. (or whatever) Still, I like it much better.


Date: 01/31/06 20:49:41 EST

I guess the spammers avoided the spam filter *sigh*

Only good thing is, that the dark red colour they use now, isn't as horrible to the eyes, as the light green one they used before.


Date: 01/31/06 16:28:53 EST

hey nerdy question of the day and probablly old hat for most people here too . what did w.o.v. use for there rhumba sounds was it the roland cr-78?

Date: 01/31/06 14:00:59 EST

Thanks for giving Joe his due.
Old Pal

Date: 01/31/06 05:08:26 EST

I'm still in Norway (Grunerløkka) and running Mucho Mas, my Cal/Mex cafe. Playing a bit with the Tomcats and a Cash cover band (The Handsome Devils). No new recordings with either and I don't have anything from War Diary...maybe Bruce does. My favorite song? Couldn't say. I liked pretty much all of them and had fun playing different songs on different nights. Courage could be a challenge sometimes and Room with a View was fast and furious. The Grass is Greener live was a big, sloppy thrill and building on what Joe played in the 1st WOV was a riot, he was so unique.

Date: 01/30/06 22:44:48 EST

Is it true that Mark and Bruce were in a glam band called "Sky People"?
Neddie from West Covina

Date: 01/30/06 20:49:15 EST

Toby again -
Ned are you still playing with that Rock-A-Billy band? I really enjoyed the show you guys did at the Bow-A-Rama here in LA a few years ago... any chance there is a cd out of any current stuff you have done?

Date: 01/30/06 20:47:41 EST

toby here -

FINALLY some answers!!! Ned is awsome!!! The tracks that he did with Andy on his first solo album are just amazing... keep the stories coming boys... look forward to the Mazda tales!

Date: 01/30/06 17:57:21 EST

Thanks Ned. It's always great to hear from you....now, did "War Diary" record anything?


Date: 01/30/06 17:00:40 EST

The survey results were inconclusive so close to 50/50 that at least for now the site will stay the same. Maybe the background will change from time to time etc.. Please keep the suggestions coming.

BTW Mazda's tip about spam poison has really helped out. Since I added the tag there haven't been any spam postings. Knock on Wood it will stay that way.

For those viewing this page in lower resoultions 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 etc you don't see the whole picture which is a desert picture with mountains and scrub etc.. kinda cool but not necessarily WOV. I made the background picture 1600 x 1200 so it doesn't repeat when looking at it in higher resolutions.


Date: 01/30/06 16:40:57 EST

Yikes, forgot my name. I, Graeme, posted the comment below.

Date: 01/30/06 16:40:13 EST

Hey, is it really Ned?

Are you still in Norway? (Er du stadig i Norge?)

I have many questions to ask him, but for now, what is your favourite Wall Of Voodoo song, that you played on?

Date: 01/30/06 15:40:42 EST

Max - I was playing with Bruce in War Diary when we went in the studio to work with WOV on some demos. We had a good time playing, etc. and they couldn't get rid of me. One night a Mexican fanzine was coming to interview WOV. I asked Marc if I should say I was the new drummer. "I dunno, ask Chas". So I did and he said "I dunno, ask Marc." Overwhelmed by their praise I told the fanzine writer I was in. No one said no and kept on not saying no from that day on.
Not Unwanted Ned

Date: 01/30/06 14:19:55 EST


s V - I can help you out. PM on the way.

I like the new background - more relaxing on the viddies. Hard to make out what it is, though (and it's relevance to this board). Looks like it formatted only a corner of the photo.

Date: 01/30/06 01:05:28 EST

such venom...what did Stan do...stiff him at a restaurant once?

Date: 01/30/06 00:37:59 EST

Hey Rick thanks for illustrating why America is so screwed up. It's all about personal attacks rather than issues. God forbid you would ever have to stretch your lazy brain to think things through and see both sides - much less give any concrete examples to back up your lame arguments. It's much easier to just pick a team and get wasted. Yeah, do what the powers that be want you to do - reduce it all to a friggn' football game or an episode of Survivor.
Meet you in the bomb shelter, pal.
Uncle Sam

Date: 01/29/06 21:56:37 EST

I like this much betterer, I t doesn't chek speeling

Date: 01/29/06 21:10:17 EST

Who the hell claims a similarity between Stan & Noland Vs. Marc & Bruce and Republicans Vs. Democrats.

Wow, what a black & white to have. And WoV members are actually a colourful bunch of personalities. Don't make 'em black 'n white stereotypes. And I even read somewhere, that Bruce actually prefered the Stan era stuff.

So suck on that.


Date: 01/29/06 17:52:52 EST

All artists have big heads

Date: 01/29/06 16:26:14 EST

hey rick you're entitled to your taste but if you wasn't in the room when it all went down like mazda was for some of it you should keep your trap shut it's people like you turning this into a bickerfest t.j.

Date: 01/29/06 16:02:38 EST

Ooo Big Bad Stan and Snotty Brit. Let's beat 'em up and cry about it. Charge money too. Whine whine whine.
Mr. Real
P.S. Got any stock tips?

Date: 01/29/06 15:45:12 EST

I've got a question for the board regulars:

Do any of you have the ability to make cds from vinyl albums? I recently acquired the Lonesome Strangers album "Lonesome Pine" that has Joe Nanini playing drums on all tracks. I no longer even have a way to make a decent cassette tape from an album, let alone a cd. From what I remember, "Lonesome Pine" was never released on cd (though one or two of the songs ended up on later L.S. releases), so I'd really like to have this album preserved on cd if it's at all possible. If any of you regs (NZ, JtL, Mazda?) have the ability and would be willing to help out with this preservation project, drop me an email at vieuxdo@earthlink.net. Thanks.

Rock on,

a.k.a. Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/29/06 14:21:23 EST

Keep it like this... nothing like Stan's- whatever that looks like. The less Stan influence the better. I loved WOV despite Stan but became a Voodoo freak when Andy came along.
Marc Moreland was WOV and was the most original and interesting guitarist I've ever seen. And even though Bruce might have "misspelt" a threat, emotions run high in bands and stupidity runs rampant in youth. Bruce and Marc to me were so much better, darker, seedier,and human than the Devo types of the band (Stan,Noland etc). I know a lot of people feel otherwise- It's the Republican-Democrat 50%-50% polarization thing going on. Everyone has their own taste- makes the world go 'round... but too bad Stan got the big head because the next album would have sold mega and they'd all have a bit more brass in pocket like the lovely Chrissie Hynde. However, for selfish reasons, I'm glad Stan split because 3 albums with Andy is better than 10 with Uncle Remus and his puppets

Wow, this has really turned into a crothety bickering ground. Since I'm grumbling and rambling... still wondering why Miles Copeland couldn't loan a bit of $ to get Marc flown back here from France to expediate the surgery and get some decent care

Date: 01/29/06 10:25:24 EST

Thank you


Date: 01/29/06 08:50:13 EST

Old news. Yes. Politics by IRS. Marc and Chas.

Date: 01/28/06 23:35:44 EST

What's with the bad blood between you (Mazda) and Bruce? Were you ever really considered as Stan's replacement? Why didn't you join if you were considered and who came up with Andy and Ned coming in?

Enquiring minds want to know...


Date: 01/28/06 18:37:12 EST

Bill didn't play on anything I produced. No offense intended. Mazda

Date: 01/28/06 15:18:30 EST

What happened to Bill Noland's status in the band after Stan left?

"Did he jump or was he pushed"?


Date: 01/28/06 02:30:37 EST

yes it was Joe...he left shortly after the initial sessions for these demos cause he didn't like the direction the band was taking. The first time that i worked with Ned, Andy was also there... We went on to do a show with me in the band at the San Diego Arena playing bass and synths/drum machine on New Years Eve...this gig led to Bruce Moreland threatening to kill me... I still have the misspelt note

Date: 01/27/06 09:50:45 EST

Mazda, after the background was changed, then the board was stalled by accident, which is why no comments made at that time made it to the board. The board (as far as I know) have never used Moderator approvement after posting, which is one of the wonderful things about the board, but also one of the problems (regarding spamming).

And I really look forward to the fuller explanation of the Museums/Deep tracks. My big question is, I hear some clear Joe Nanini'ish percussion in there... is it Joe playing on those tracks? It's really strange to see the two Wall Of Voodoo marks, clashed together like that. I love it!


Date: 01/27/06 08:30:32 EST

Hello Earth?

I saw that Max and Toby where wondering what happened to me and needed some confirmation on the Museums/Deep tracks. I made a posting yesterday to explain that I am busy with an off Broadway show right now and for some reason the post never appeared so I assumed moderator delays etc... Here goes again. Yes the vocals on those tracks are mine and I was also responsible for the production. I am going to give a fuller explanation later. As far as spammers go JtL maybe this will help http://www.starsearchcasting.com/linkout/o.php?out=http://English-25470552109.SpamPoison.com


Date: 01/26/06 20:03:56 EST

I agree, not that this style is bad....I just like the old background. Look what happened to all of us....some dickheaded spammer has got all of our panties twisted. We don't know whether we are coming or going.

To hell with the spammers! Bring back the old board and let's try and find a way to keep them from hitting us. Someone out there has to know someone who could help JtL.



Date: 01/26/06 16:36:43 EST

I figured you had just placed a new style, so incomming messages had to be approved...

Let me see, if I can recapture what I wrote. To be honest, then I really loved the old design, and I never understood why people didn't like it. And I always found reading here easy. So I must admit, that I really miss the old "wall" *weeps*

Graeme Qewe

Date: 01/26/06 16:23:17 EST

Thanks to Ms. V for pointing out that I crippled the board. I wondered why no one had anything to say about the new style.

Date: 01/24/06 18:47:34 EST

Comments suggestions?

Date: 01/23/06 12:13:32 EST

(quoting) "$50 for that Dark Continent CD on eBay is a darn good
deal. The seller also has awesome feedback. If I didn't already
have it, I would buy it. What a great deal! "

...why am I reminded of a used car salesman here? Especially the
kind who might plant a fake customer to talk up a lemon. Hmm...

anyway, I am torn as to whether this forum should be re-formatted. I'd say the first thing is to make sure you can get an acceptable interface without forking out any ca$h. This is one of the problems with my board over at the fan club. This thing is so bogged down with ads & bullshit that it's hardly worth bothering with. See what you can find out, maybe Stan has some advice. IF you can get a good board for free or minimal cost, I think it would be worth a trial run. If it doesn't click, the posts can always be transfered back over here.

As to the background and keeping this forum, I think that a lighter, more muted background with dark text is much easier on the eyes and the brain. An example of what I mean is this Wild West background I created for my weirdness pages:

No matter what the decision is, remember that your efforts are well appreciated, JTL.

Date: 01/22/06 11:55:04 EST

Hey look.....it's the "dickheaded spammer" again! (JtL's Note: The spam referred to has been removed) Do you think he/she reads this or just dumps spam here...cause if he/she isn't reading this then it isn't much fun calling them a "dickheaded spammer". So, "dickheaded spammer", do you read this page or not?

Date: 01/21/06 01:20:22 EST

My best mate and I loved Wall of Voodoo and were rapt when they came to Melbourne in 1985. We were from country Victoria (back then) and loved the music but knew little of the image. We had little access to video/magazines back then. So we rolled on up to the venue in St Kilda (long since torn down) in faded blue jeans, white chamois shirts and Adidas runners. And there we were in a sea of black in the freakiest scene we'd ever come across. Great tunes though...

Spider from Melbourne

Date: 01/20/06 16:21:13 EST

I remember back in my high school days being the only person I knew who was fanatical about WOV. I drove around in my little hot rod (a black 1973 Olds 442) playing them along with Black Sabbath, Xtc, Iron Maiden (ahh, the 80's!).

I'm so happy to have this opportunty to share my passion for their great music. Thanks Jtl and all of you.

Cheers from Wisconsin!


Date: 01/20/06 03:08:22 EST

I dunno... kind of like it this way. Why not just erase the spam like we all have to do these days? gad dang spammers!

Date: 01/19/06 20:09:21 EST

Death to spam and to those who create it.. It shows you the mentality of the person who is posting it, as they would rather invade this site with mindless waste, as oppossed to contributing anything that contains thought or originality.

besides if we change it, there wont be anymore hilarious replies from everyone as to how much they suck.


Date: 01/19/06 12:32:55 EST

I prefer the current format because all of the info is in one place. You aren't required to go down a rabbit hole of links to see what is new since your last visit.

I also like to allow the participants to post without having to login. I think that since it is easy, people use it more. Also the anonymity allows for free exchange of ideas without the fear of reprisal. So people have the opportunity to speak plainly and ultimately communicate better.

I also am annoyed by this system's drawbacks including topics being all mashed together, spam and inappropriate/unrelated posts. To help overcome this I am checking this site 6-10 times a day to eliminate the garbage as soon as it shows. FYI I have been deleting at least one spam post everyday sometimes more.

So far the survey is running about 50/50 lets give it a week or so and see what happens.

BTW I am willing to change the backgound and Font so let's hear your ideas and suggestions. While I am kind of into the whole brick wall paradigm I am willing to go in a new direction. My only requirement is that it should in some way remind us of WOV.

Also just want to thank all of the contributors (sans spammers) to this website. Your posts really make this site a fun place to hang out.


Date: 01/19/06 09:16:39 EST

Yes, this forum is nice 'n easy the way it is but if changing it is going to save JtL the major headaches he's been going through taking care of the junk that pops up... well then, let's change it.

One advantage to the other forum format would be the ability of organizing topics into categories and posting special announcements.

I am happy with whatever is easiest for JtL to handle...


John in Montreal

Date: 01/19/06 08:51:53 EST

By the way, any news on when or where we can get a download of the Take Me To Your Leader demo?


Date: 01/19/06 07:52:52 EST


Dont change it. It's annoying with the spams but I find Stan's forum frustrating. I am so busy I only have a few minutes every now and again to take part here and i love reding what you guys have put. Why rock the boat just because of a bit of seaweed.


Date: 01/18/06 23:35:41 EST

I like this setup...we just need someone to help with some sort of scripting to eliminate the dreaded dickheaded spammer.

On a different note...I just got Stan's DVD "Showbusiness is My Life" and man did I ever take a trip back in time. I love Stan's video's. "Big Heat" is fantastic, but seeing the guys (WoV of course) just made my day...seeing Marc brought a tear to my eyes....and Joe, those guys are just brilliant. Chas looked great dancing behind his keyboards and I finally got to see Bill Noland! Bruce looks like a young Syd Barrett with that piercing look in his eyes.....and of course there's Stan. What can I say? I'll be watching it many times.

Thanks JtL for having this forum and thanks to everyone who has ever posted here (except for the dickhead spammer). My best wishes to Stan, Bruce, Chas, Mazda and the rest of the guys. Here's to you and continued success in whatever you do.


Date: 01/18/06 13:14:26 EST

Yes, I seem to remember that Beyond Tomorrow Stan site also have it. And the WoV fan club have this: http://www.xsorbit1.com/users/dogslife/index.cgi

But neither was really succesful, as this place was the best. But with these unstopable posts something must be done, someway or the other. And I really do like phpbb boards!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 01/18/06 12:58:50 EST

The problem stems from whoever posted the ad not closing off their html tags properly. Therefore, the link crap "bleeds" over to the other posts. Once JtL removes the spam, the rest of the board posts will go back to normal.

Ms. V

Date: 01/18/06 10:49:15 EST

Whoever it is, uses guestbook sites ("spiritbooks.thesitefights.com" and "sitegadgets.com") to post here but how they changed posted messages to links is something I'm not familiar with.

Date: 01/18/06 10:17:08 EST

Thanks Ms. V.....I hope Jtl takes your advice.

Date: 01/18/06 10:16:08 EST

Who is "Heart Mor"? There are some previous posts from him / her. If you look below, the name is attached to one of those drug spams. Any connection?

Date: 01/18/06 10:11:41 EST

It's a shame that so many spammers feel the need to post their crap here. One alternative I can see is to possibly change the board to the kind Stan has on his site. I believe the coding "program" for that kind of bulletin board is free and can be found at http://www.phpbb.com/.

And yes, it's JtL who manages this site, not me. :)

Ms. V

Date: 01/18/06 09:56:30 EST

Oops! My bad....then I repeat my old message but substitute JtL for Ms. Vieuxdo.

Sorry JtL!

Date: 01/18/06 08:56:33 EST

What the hell is happening to the site. All past comments are HUGE and in green colour with a link. This is really disturbing.

But to the guy below, this is not Ms. Vieuxdo's page, it's JtL's page!

Date: 01/17/06 21:26:11 EST

a homeowner claim was filed on the damage caused by the intruders that killed Bryan Harvey and his family. along with alot of neighbors in the community, the front door had been unlocked and by happen stance, they picked his home. he had a store in Richmond and was doing very well and was an incredibly nice person. A so very unfortunate ending to say the least.

the damage was of course the blood removal, as it was deemed a potential bio hazard.


Date: 01/16/06 01:52:41 EST

sorry drunk sad mor

Date: 01/16/06 01:50:40 EST

I may e way late but y'all must understand..if yer here...you know good musak. I may be a couple o days late but have just found out that Bryan Harvey (HOuse of Freaks) was murdered alomng with his family in Richmond, Virginia. For those of you who were there, bryan and johnny opened for stan at the COach house way back in 1986. I was a senior in high school. I saw Wall of Voodoo at the Golden Bear in HB a couple of months before so crap oi am rambling. House of Freaks opened for Stan. This was the only band I EVER walked away from the coach house opening foR sTAN AND BEING LEGITIMATE, He was a musician worthy of me and being that i work at tower records you must listen. just kiddin. YTour silence reading this crap suffices. the dude rocked...us stan butt fuckers should care about this loss. insane writer from the other seide.
heart mor

Date: 01/15/06 23:27:13 EST

I also believe that this Wall of Voodoo - Dark Continent CD is a fabulous deal. I recommend you snap it up NOW if you want it! You may never get this chance again!!!

Date: 01/15/06 19:20:31 EST

Robert Williams did the cover. He also did the original cover for Guns and Roses first album before it was removed.

Date: 01/15/06 17:43:23 EST

Does anybody know who did the artwork on the Ugly Americans cover (the two fighting clowns ?)

Date: 01/15/06 02:15:58 EST

I bet you're the seller!
Dark Continent is an amazing album, but it's still awful, that fans have to pay so much for an album, it certainly should be praised as a "darn/great deal". It should be re-released, so that people could buy it for a regular CD's price.

Date: 01/15/06 00:51:22 EST

$50 for that Dark Continent CD on eBay is a darn good deal. The seller also has awesome feedback. If I didn't already have it, I would buy it. What a great deal!

Date: 01/14/06 02:10:41 EST

I have liked little new music since the mid '80s or thereabouts. However, I am now very much into a band named "Clinic" from Great Britain, Like WOV, Clinic has a unique sound with a touch of punk and New Wave influence. Go to www.clinicvoot.org for more. WOV was by far my favorite band in the 80s and 90s....Clinic has been since Y2K.

Also, I just returned from a great DEVO show here in Agoura Hills. They rocked! They played for an hour----all early stuff from their first four albums. Devo plays two more shows this weekend at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA. If you live in the L.A. area, you might want to check 'em out. Call ahead for ticket info first, though.

Westlake Village, CA

Date: 01/14/06 00:54:30 EST

I would like to know what new music you guys are into...I'll post my suggestions after you submit your remarks. I hope to hear from each of you!

Date: 01/13/06 16:45:48 EST

Toby here -

As far as I know all of the tracks on that tape were mazda singing... Deep In the Jungle was the first song that Andy recorded with Wall of Voodoo. Andy's version came out on the Weird Science soundtrack and can be heard in the movie for about ten seconds coming out of the radio in a car. I think that Mazda was working with the boys and was being considered for the lead singer position... I think he could tell it best. Mazda did have an album out on IRS at the time. mazda where are you? Speak, damn you, speak!!!

Date: 01/13/06 04:52:29 EST

dark continent on ebay:


Date: 01/12/06 11:48:52 EST

I'll bet that our SPAMMER is the one who doesn't like the background. If you don't like it then don't come here. Nobody asked you to post here. Leave and take your SPAM with you.

Date: 01/11/06 20:47:43 EST

the backgroound is awesome, stop your juvile critique bastard

Date: 01/11/06 15:52:54 EST

Background is horrible. Let a 12 year old design your site. I'm sure he can do better

Date: 01/10/06 12:41:21 EST

If anybody is familiar with scripting language and can help modify the script to help block the spammers I would surely appreciate your help.

Date: 01/10/06 11:33:10 EST

Thanks for the goodies, Toby.

Date: 01/10/06 10:13:37 EST

Maybe this site should have passwords.....log in and such. Would that get rid of this spam?


Date: 01/10/06 08:31:58 EST

I am having problems with my internet connection so I cant download any stuff. Anyone able to burn me a copy of Grampas House on CD and the BBC stuff etc and will ship to UK?

Gusano ( desparate )

Date: 01/07/06 10:34:52 EST

So we've established that Marc sang "Faded Love" but now correct me if I'm wrong but is it Marc also on the "Museum" and "Deep in the Jungle" out takes? Or is that Mazda? You out there Mazda?


Date: 01/07/06 08:35:53 EST

It's Marc singing on Faded Love.

Date: 01/07/06 03:25:01 EST

In 1983 I was barback/bartending in a huge club in Phoenix called "Graham Central Station." In those jolly good years of New Wave - we had a lot of the great bands that came in and played: Oingo Boingo; Surf Punks; B52s; Pschedelic Furs; English Beat; I could go on and on! I remember I had just gotten "Call of the West" about that time and instantly loved every song on it. And then I went to work - And guess who was playing that night? I remember getting there early to set up the bar and hearing them (WOV) do there sound check. I walked up to the stage and asked Marc Moreland if he would like a pitcher of beer. He was so friendly and cool!!! I still remember to this day how genuine he was!!! When I gave him the beer - He thanked me profusely; which really surprised me because here was a guy who obviously had a lot of fans and special treatment. After the concert was over (which, by the way, would rate in my top 3), I approached Stan Ridgway who was briefly alone just a few feet away from the stage. After expressing my intense interest in his music and the show, I asked him what he meant by his closing remarks after performing their song "Back in Flesh" in the movie "Urgh, A Music War" in which he states: "Thanks for coming. We really love ya. Show business is, is my life"? Since watching them perform for the first time in that movie - I was so intrigued by them; and I always wanted to know what he meant by that. He told me that the make-up people back stage wanted to put make-up on their faces for the movie and that he thought they were carrying on so much about it, and making such a big deal out of it. So he was just being obnoxious by saying that to the crowd before leaving (which nobody in the audience really knew what he meant). But now WE do!!! Like Moreland - Stan Ridgway was just as cool and talked to me like I was an old friend or something! Kind of a simple story but hope you all enjoyed it!!! Take care, Wood E. Hughes

Date: 01/06/06 17:50:45 EST

I was listening to "Faded Love" on "Seven Days in Sammystown", you know, the one that isn't listed on the cover (all 40 seconds of it) and I'm pretty sure that it's not Andy singing but it does sound somewhat similar to the "Museum" demos. Is this also Mazda or are we all wrong and it's Chas or Marc singing on all of the above? Anybody?


Date: 01/06/06 07:48:22 EST

I just got around to the Mazda tracks and I have to say that they are really cool. "Museums" has always been a favorite and to hear different versions....well, I'm impressed. Was Mazda ever considered a replacement for Stan....maybe before Andy got involved or was he just laying out guide tracks for Andy? "Deep in the Jungle"...where did that come from? I like it also. Was it slated for "Seven Days in Sammystown"? I had no idea it existed.


Date: 01/05/06 22:34:51 EST

Hey, that's great stuff Toby. That's always been a favorite track. I'd love to hear more...


Date: 01/05/06 22:06:00 EST

toby here -

I believe all of those are Mazda's vocals... Mazda you out there? Can you confirm?

There is nothing on this side Marc said was recorded in the middle of the night with a phone list of all the heads of record companies like Herb ALpert, Tony Matolla, etc. and they crank called them in the middle of the night and recorded it and just said "there is nothing on this side." and then they thought that they might get sued so they mixed it really low in the mix so you can't really hear what is being said. Marc also said that they put microphones in the middle of the street and recorded the passing cars at night as well. Stan? Anything to add?

Date: 01/04/06 15:19:50 EST

Is the B-side of "Mexican Radio","There's Nothing on this Side" what Stan and Marc used to do when they did the Acme Soundtrack stuff? Is there any recordings from that era around?


Date: 01/04/06 13:21:17 EST

Nevermind....there were too many mispellings of the site.

Date: 01/04/06 13:15:41 EST

Ok, I don't get it.....dimedozen.org. There's nothing there to download. Just a loop round and round and round......

Date: 01/04/06 12:26:06 EST

Great Stuff
Thanks Toby!
Are all/any of the Vocals Mazdas?


Date: 01/03/06 21:46:13 EST

Toby here -

hey Mazda and Co...

what about this: http://www.nakedpunkrockchicks.com/wov

Date: 01/03/06 14:37:25 EST

These demos on Dimedozen are great. Could you also please seed a live show of the Andy era ? Thanks !!!

Date: 01/03/06 14:37:24 EST

These demos on Dimedozen are great. Could you also please seed a live show of the Andy era ? Thanks !!!

Date: 01/03/06 07:34:47 EST

Another Dimadozen.org torrent post went up... this time it's the Sammystown demos. I'm currently seeding, so go grab it.

Date: 12/31/05 02:50:37 EST

In regard to the post by ~V...

Potential Buyers: Some of these "sealed" Dark Continent CDs are Italian pressings, and I'm, not sure if they're even legit. I have one, and it sounds like they have attempted to "remix" or "remaster" the recording, with a bit too much "enthusiasm" on the low end. (although there is a nice write-up on the liner notes, and a pretty cool-looking WoV 'silhouette' label on the disc) Anyway, all I'm saying is: be sure to check into the country of origin. If it's the Italian pressing, I'd say pay no more than 20 Bones.


Date: 12/30/05 22:05:38 EST

It is NOT "Method Green" in 'Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues'.

It is "Methadrine' ... as in the drug.

Methamphetamine (Methadrine) is one of the many amphetamine derivatives that was synthesized by the pharmaceutical industry following the enthusiastic response to amphetamine by the medical profession. Methamphetamine is more potent than amphetamine as a CNS stimulant though it is weaker in other properties (Winger, 1992). Methamphetamine was originally used in nasal decongestants, bronchial inhalers, and in the treatment of narcolepsy and obesity.

Date: 12/30/05 16:28:00 EST

Heya all...

I just received my WOV US'83 - Live and TV compilation 2 DVD set that I paid out for on eBay. I'll probably start an auction for copies and sell it at cost plus shipping (probably $5 total) so that it can be spread around without anybody else having to spend $40 to get it. I also have a great DVD set of URGH! Anybody who just wants to hook up with me, I'll be happy to make a copy for you. If you have stuff to trade with me, that would be cool too. In particular, I'm looking for CDs of:

Grampa's House 'Rarities Bootleg'
Mexican Radio - singles versions
Seven Days In Sammystown
Happy Planet
The Ugly Americans
Dance of Death

Let me know if you want to swap or just want to pay for discs and shipping. Just email me at tuccisbabe@yahoo.com and I'll get some copies made.

I'll start seeding the Happy Planet demos again for you guys... I think there are still two seeders up now. Maybe they just hopped on as well.

Catch you all later... fill me in when the next Grandpa's House collection comes out.

Date: 12/30/05 07:53:55 EST

Dear PLEASE am now seeding...

Date: 12/30/05 06:00:48 EST

unfortunately noone is seeding the happy planet demos on dimedozen so it's impossible to download :-( really sad. I would have loved to listen to them. can someone who has them put them somewhere for dl PLEASE ?

Date: 12/30/05 04:49:37 EST

On dimeadozen there is an interesting torrent for voodoo fans; happy planet demos. See http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=75118 - you have to be a member to download

Date: 12/29/05 17:08:21 EST

HAPPY CHRISTMAS/NEU YEAR to everyone of you,

Date: 12/28/05 22:49:44 EST

Sealed Dark Continent CD for sale... $199. Goes on eBay Jan. 1, 2006.

I may entertain other offers here.


Date: 12/28/05 16:51:41 EST

Hey - I was filing records in the 'vault' yesterday, and I came across my Dog's Life (fan club) packet, and NOW I have a scanner. What were y'all asking for again? The lyric sheets??


Date: 12/28/05 16:50:23 EST

'I was posting on the forum, and I
Was looking for good business.....'


Date: 12/27/05 16:37:25 EST

Wow, that's a lot of spam. What can be done?

And obviously it's a programmed machine making the posts.

Date: 12/27/05 12:35:50 EST

Read between the lines...this ain't no simple spam...there's some serious verbal weirdness going on.
The Prof

Date: 12/27/05 11:54:10 EST

Why would anyone think that they would make any kind of sale by posting this crap here?

I just don't get it......it boggles my mind that someone could be such a moron to actually believe that they could gain anything from posting this stuff here, or anywhere for that matter.

Total idiots

Date: 12/25/05 19:39:22 EST

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all!

Ms. V

Date: 12/24/05 18:23:46 EST

No coal for me, I got mint condition lps of Call of the West, Granma's House, Sammy's Town, Happy Planet, and Ugly Americans for Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas Past likes me...he really likes me! Hooray for Hollywood. And Sally. Ned

Date: 12/22/05 15:45:46 EST

Anxiously awaiting, Gus!

Date: 12/22/05 04:14:51 EST

On dvd, vhs pal and mpeg. At present I am moving house, so I only have internet at work. Once I am set up at home, I will build a site for you to access my stuff. I have also made a short film inspired by but not featuring Far Side of Crazy.

Date: 12/21/05 11:17:50 EST

A video for 'Factory' HAS to be great. What format can you deliver in?


Date: 12/21/05 06:22:53 EST

Thanks a lot for that info. Any idea when?
Is anyone interested in seeing a promo video I have made to FACTORY ?


Date: 12/21/05 02:14:53 EST


The songs from the 'Take Me to Your Leader' demo
tape will be included on the new Grampa's disc.


Date: 12/21/05 01:07:55 EST

A Love Sll

Date: 12/20/05 07:50:51 EST

Just spent a bit of time going through the Forum archives. I don't wish to get emotional but thank God you guys have made this site. I have only in the past year been taking part, but my love of WOV has spanned half my life. I know how frustrating it is for us all desperately tracing rare recordings, but living in the UK, its even worse. Yesterday I found the Take Me to Your Leader demo on ebay, but the owner wont ship outside North America. I know I will get it all in the end, but I don't want to wait forever. So guys, once again, thank you so much for keeping it all alive.

Date: 12/20/05 06:39:20 EST

Wow I found this after all this time. I have been a fan of WOV from way back. Back in 1985 or so I worked as a bouncer where WOV played on the Sammytown tour. I got to see the show from on stage right. Talked with all the guys. I did not get to buy a band shirt but Chas traded his Sammytown shirt for my bar shirt. I still have the autographed poster. I also stopped a drunk from driving home with the help of the band. These guys are great I'm sad to hear two have passed away. I still play the music. What is up with the guys now? Chas I want my shirt back...just kidding.


Date: 12/19/05 10:37:04 EST

Thanks, Napalm. I can't wait (been waiting for months, actually.......)


Date: 12/18/05 17:31:35 EST


The BBC recordings are available for download at the fan club, and have been for months. The link is up & center. As for Grampa's, there is a deluxe, double-disc version in the works. Check the fan club in a month or so.


Date: 12/18/05 16:04:15 EST


Date: 12/18/05 15:53:58 EST

Mexican Radio

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder
And the touch of a world that is older
Turn the switch and check the number
Leave it on when in bed I slumber
I hear the rhythms of the music
I buy the product and never use it
I hear the talking of the dj
Can't understand just what does he say?

I'm on a mexican radio
I'm on a mexican radio

I dial it in and tune the station
They talk about the u.s. inflation
I understand just a little
No comprende--it's a riddle

I'm on a mexican radio
I'm on a mexican radio

I wish I was in Tiajuana
Eating barbequed iguana
I'd take requests on the telephone
I'm on a wavelength far from home
I feel a hot wind on my shoulder
I dial it in from south of the border
I hear the talking of the dj
Can't understand just what does he say?

Radio radio...

Date: 12/18/05 15:51:18 EST

yo im not a hardcore fan i jus like mexican radio cuz its awsome and i got it in on one of my vids its sik it kinda doesnt go with me snowboarding but wutever its mad sweet... well...

Date: 12/18/05 10:10:04 EST

$100?? What a fucking thief!

Date: 12/17/05 23:12:31 EST

RE: seven days in sammys town cd

$100 US. Agree?

Date: 12/17/05 04:11:16 EST

Im trying to find a copy of the cd seven days in sammys town im willing to pay a resonable amount for a cd in new condition

Date: 12/16/05 07:14:14 EST

I am kind of glad there are no sheet music publications for WOV as I would rather not hear any cover versions of their stuff in my local pub. Just remember what Rod Stewart did to Tom Waits' songs !!! Having said that I am recording a version of Funzone for my film project but I am trying to recreate the sound, not to make my own version.


Date: 12/15/05 13:51:51 EST

Not getting too far off WOV stuff, but I saw the Mazda worked with Mark Smith of The Fall some time back in the 80's. Their website lists all the musicians over the years, and who recorded on what and I saw that he had performed on a few songs, playing saxaphone?.. i could be mistaken..

I was curious if the man is truly as nuts as alot of people say he is. Fistfights with band members, sacking bandmates because they didnt dress right or set up the equipment appropriately, etc.. I enjoy their music and was just wondering what he was like working with..



Date: 12/15/05 12:11:40 EST

Easy big fella,
I don't think that any WOV Sheet Music has ever been made available to consumers and I have only seen chords for They Don't Want Me, Mexican Radio and Far Side of Crazy.


Date: 12/15/05 09:52:20 EST

Does this look like a sheet music store to you?

Date: 12/14/05 22:00:08 EST

guitar chords for WOV???

Date: 12/14/05 21:58:10 EST

The artist for the Ugly Americans cover is Robt. Williams.

Date: 12/14/05 21:57:14 EST

can anyone locate and guitar tabs from wall of voodoo

Date: 12/14/05 17:26:00 EST

Any idea who the artist is for the album cover of Ugly Americans in Australia ?

Date: 12/14/05 13:22:40 EST

Hey kids - I was just scouring Ebay, and this guy has some nice vinyl for sale. Check out the Far Side Of Crazy 12" - that one's not easy to find.



Date: 12/13/05 16:15:19 EST

Stan Ridgway’s Last Call Christmas

Date: 12/10/05 16:29:52 EST

Hello to all,
I am a silent reader of the board and huge Stan fan. A few months back there was a torrent set up on a website. I got it and enjoyed it and kisteneing to it and cleaning up my computer erasing it. Any help? Fan Club Downy?
Disc one is good but I miss Disc 2

Date: 12/10/05 13:58:42 EST

hi everyone, I know how hard it is to find some guitar tabs or chords for WOV songs on the web. In the early 90s I did a music show on tv in germany and needed the lyrics for Far side of Crazy. MCA faxed them to me back then, but as a piece of sheet music. I just found it again and I put it up on my site: http://ingoschmoll.blogspot.com/
click on the small picture of the sheet music and you will get a large version. Hope you like it. Actually the chords for the song are correct, but the key is different. If you play it on guitar you have to use a capo on the first fret or tune the strings half a note up. Have fun !!! Also, I am still looking for live recordings of WOV from the Andy Prieboy era. I would pay for them of course !!! Anybody ? Please mail to: schmollywood@gmx.net

Date: 12/08/05 11:34:20 EST

Go and ask the WoV fan club to put it up.

Date: 12/08/05 11:23:14 EST

I still have not managed to get a cdr of the Grandpa's House and the BBC recordings. If anyone can burn me a copy, please let me know. Thanks

Date: 12/08/05 09:55:54 EST

It's not everyday you hear something that reminds you of Wall of Voodoo...but I think this just about fits the bill, especially "Miss Gringa (which doesn't really start until about a minute into the song!)"
There's two MP3s here:

Date: 12/07/05 23:25:43 EST

While enjoying the historic fun of reading through jtl's past archives, one must also say its extremely poetic that Stan and Mazda and Bruce, Chas, Ned all post and reconnect from time to time on this site, and fill us in on all sorts of tidbits and trivia from their times together.. Its quite amazing that when we moved towards the year 2000, that this would be available. Thats more than good enough for me... sentimental hullaballoo and banter from a recollective fan of all time.. and i never fucking saw you jam..

a drinking Decay

Date: 12/07/05 21:26:03 EST

I loved, in 1982, when I saw Wall Of Voodoo open up for the Stranglers.wov was touring Dark Continent.The Stranglers were touring Feline. I lived in D.C. at the time. The actual hook of the band will never,ever ve reproduced.I'm ejs092461@yahoo.com I have origianal stylings of music that will trip you out

Date: 12/05/05 14:14:38 EST

Thats an awesome story about Joe eh.. good thing they werent on tour in Heehawland, US.

Museums whips ass. I played that song all the time in college in the late 80's and nobody knew who it was, despite my countless introductions and rantings. chronic weed back then i guess.. By the end of the semester, however, i was getting many requests to play it, however i'd play a different Wov tune altogether, .. there were just too many great songs to just keep playing one..

Lets try and get ahold of the alternate recordings Mazda was speaking of and get 'em to the club... Missed ya Maz...Fuck the naysayers.


Date: 12/04/05 14:38:01 EST

hi again from vienna - austria

thanks for your response to my question - it helpt to understand :-)


Date: 12/04/05 13:26:46 EST

Hello everyone. Index Masters is on iTunes now. I had an interview with the iTunes group at Apple and the end of the interview was them asking me..."you have any questions for us"? And I said, "why don't you have any Wall of Voodoo on iTunes"? About 4 weeks later...BINGO. I didn't take the job at Apple because they wanted me to accept an offer that included never ending overtime all of the time on salery. Needless to say, my freedom is far too expensive for Apple. So.....take care and enjoy!

Date: 12/04/05 09:56:21 EST

The line (as "Jumped back in my rail. Punchin' it, I got spooked") also appears in the song "Bel Air Blues" by Stan's Drywall project...

John in Montreal

Date: 12/04/05 00:04:14 EST

I just had to respond to this .......

This from a previous post:

"can anybody help me? translate (to german) or explain? my english is very bad and so i cannot translate the phrase "Get spooked and punch it" which i read on AP album "Sins Of Our Fathers"

Many years ago and once upon a time...
Wall Of Voodoo were on tour in Vancouver Canada during Dark Continent.1980 maybe...
After the show the band retired to their hotel and had a party of sorts. wooo.
Around 3 AM it stopped but Joe Nanini did not. Onward he went.

Later on that early morning, the VANCOUVER POLICE called Stan at the hotel and said they had a guy named JOE in their possesion and had arrested him for speeding and evading their capture. Did he know this guy?

Joe made bail the next day with advance dollars from WOV's booking agent and when met at the exit to the jail - the question was PUT!

Q: Joe! Why did you take the WOV tour van on a joyride at 4 AM, where were you going ?, and why did you try and outrun the PO-LOCE?!

A: " I'm sorry, I really am...I just saw those red lights in the mirrror and heard that screaching siren...
I just got spooked and punched it!"

Can we all say honestly that we might not do the same in a similar situation? mmmmmmmm......
from Chapter 4 of "Me an' Wall Of Voodoo 'an Other Things No One Cares About" by Stan Ridgway

pub. Simon and Schuster / with acc. dvd and book on tape by Sean Penn

Date: 12/03/05 18:44:07 EST

stolen from Joe Nannini, I bet. it means something like "get startled and press the accelerator -or step on the gas." sorry no german spoken here..
Old Roadie

Date: 12/03/05 17:23:59 EST

hello there

can anybody help me? translate (to german) or explain? my english is very bad and so i cannot translate the phrase "Get spooked and punch it" which i read on AP album "Sins Of Our Fathers"



Date: 12/03/05 12:47:11 EST

Hello there,
The Kev!n from Albions' shores; first off I think the W.O.V. car 'ROCKS!'... and rolls- no doubt(!). I wouldn't mind having the '7 days...' clown on my E reg' Escort, though some fukwit would only go and 'key' it.
I've got a huge poster of the face/album cover that was purchased years back- no matter where I live it's always- but always got- but got to go up!... and never fails to 'freak' people out; though it's not a cliched evil clown, personally I consider the character to be drunk, stoned or both.
On the phase 1 or 2 question, it's Stan era. Though respectfully Andy must of known 'it was a tough act to follow'. 7 days in Sammystown was very good- but very different; much more 'Goth' inspired. What followed after that seemed to lack originality... I knew things were going 'pair shaped' when a Beach boys cover was the first track I heard off a -then- eagerly awaited new album. But I stuck with them till the bitter end.
I agree instead of a half hearted reincarnation, they simply should have cut there losses and started over a new... or 'do it again' (sorry).
Respect to Mr Mazda, and Love to W.O.V., including the fans... (not that I ever get to meet any!).
P.S. I've got 2 Ugly American T-shirts, same design (near thread bare- worn out, that I'm too scared to wear out anymore!). But when oh when is a business entrepreneur on this site going to start printing up some W.O.V. shirts?: come on! between me and everyone else who visits/writes you'd 'shift' them. (I'll take 3... no make that 4).

Date: 12/02/05 23:53:43 EST

SR Lyrics vs AP Lyrics

As far as WoV goes, I have to say that SR's are by far the best.

However, AP's improved greatly and are now about equal.

Just an opinion from some drunk guy in Atlanta. What's your opinion?

Date: 12/02/05 20:57:05 EST


Date: 11/30/05 23:41:08 EST

I have a large, framed psoter from the voodoo lounge that is signed by the band, any Idea what it's worth?

Date: 11/30/05 12:52:52 EST

I liked phase 2 for Sammystown, but they lost me with "Happy Planet". I think "Sammystown" is a triumph for the band on many levels. And I was impressed with Andy's makeover of 'Red Light' on that Ugly Americans thingy, too. The lad had some big shoes to fill and he did a fine job.


Date: 11/30/05 12:48:55 EST

Wow - I've been away for awhile - especially when the Spammer was atttacking with regular frequency.

I just digitized a great live WOV show to cd - it's at the Bacchanal in San Diego in '81. Very, very good sound. Are copies of this floating around already?? I'd love to do tradesies for some Andy-era stuff.


Date: 11/30/05 12:37:25 EST

I, Jesus

Date: 11/29/05 23:06:36 EST

missing n and tapes.have and halves. Very tired must sleep soon ....maz zzz zzzzzzzzzz

Date: 11/29/05 23:04:34 EST

on some distant cassette tape they exist plus John Parish [who is way more organised], might be able to actually find them, I'll ask him soon. Incidentally, JP's latest band/Album is very very good indeed. He played a great show at the Mercury Lounge. It's not generally well know but have the reason that John and I are friends is because he and his early band Automatic Dlamini were massive fans of WoV so a mutual journalist friend put us together. John's early musical outings had him playing pots and firebells a la Joe Nanini. I produced various demos which led to him getting a record contract. Polly Harvey was in the band. To say that Marc's guitar approach later influenced PJ Harvey who was produced by John would not be stretching the point. So in some way Call of The West led to PJ and John's illustrious career as a record producer. He has gone on record saying that the sessions I did taught him about record production.


Date: 11/29/05 21:30:30 EST

In further support of Mr. Mazda (and his postings), here's another reminder that his own IRS solo album HANDS OF FATE includes very nice work from Marc and Joe on the track "Snakebites"...and the entire album is pretty much a triumph of strangely rocking dance music. Since we're finally beginning to see lost albums make it out of the IRS vaults, any chance of a proper HANDS OF FATE reissue?

Date: 11/29/05 15:34:46 EST

Does those demo's of Museum exist? Would be awesome with those different vocal takes, and Joe playing on the tracks as well.


Date: 11/29/05 13:37:36 EST

Miles Mish Mash Copeland

Date: 11/29/05 12:10:53 EST

Mucker, thanks for the response to my question. I appreciate it. Mazda, thanks for the clarification on the UK trip(and welcome back!).

Date: 11/29/05 00:41:59 EST

Oh alright. I'm back

Mucker..only partially correct, I think I've said this before, the trip to London was not strictly for auditions but to demo Museums. This had my lead vocals in one version, John Parish's in another, a third was Jp and me together and a fourth was a sorta mish mash with all of us including Chas and Marc. I think it might have happened but my relationship with Darth Copeland was none too good and the band probably got the idea this was not a flyer...

Date: 11/28/05 13:18:08 EST

Two things,
Yes there was a movie called Cutting Class that stared a young Brad Pitt and had some WOV/AP songs in it.

Mazda we been missing you man. Ignore the goons and stay with us.


Date: 11/28/05 12:52:41 EST

Hey Mazda, I agree with Elizabeth. And remember, for every person that says bad stuff like that, then there are 100 that digs your stories and input on this great band.

Graeme Qewe

Date: 11/28/05 11:02:16 EST

Joe left some time after Stan. Auditions for a new singer went on for some time with Marc and Chas even going to the UK to look for Stan's replacement. Joe didn't like the prospects and quit a few months after the US Festival and joined Lonesome Strangers,which he stayed with till about mid-1985. Mucker.

Date: 11/28/05 10:36:05 EST

Actually Mz V having looked at your car ...that would be sweet revenge

Date: 11/28/05 09:48:45 EST

Hey Maz,

Don't let the fuckwits get you down. Life's too short to let the ignorant mess with your head. Just tell 'em to kiss your lily-white ass. If that doesn't work, I'll volunteer to run 'em over with my car because, as we all learned from Stephen King's "Christine", a little blood does wonders for smoothing out those little dents and paint scratches.

Rock on,

Ms. V

Date: 11/28/05 01:56:37 EST

Hey Decay and others...For what it's worth ...I stopped posting here the moment some idiot thought that I was selling merchandise to profit from Voodoo. Just setting the record straight. Mazda

Date: 11/27/05 18:16:11 EST


Date: 11/27/05 01:31:18 EST

Just some questions that have been on my mind regarding WOV Phase I:

While it's well-known that the US Festival appearance was the final show with both Stan and Joe, I was wondering:

1) Did both of them plan to leave the band beforehand, or did it just turn out that way?

2) Who left the band first, Stan or Joe? If they didn't both leave at the same time, did the band play any other shows with one or the other after one of them left?

3) I think that Stan's reasons for leaving have been mentioned before, but does anyone know why Joe left the band?

Thanks in advance for any answers to the above.

Date: 11/24/05 17:58:46 EST

A sad and sorry end.

Date: 11/24/05 09:21:44 EST

Scroll down for the saga of the soundtrack of CHUD II.

Date: 11/24/05 05:29:47 EST

My Name is Earl manages to pull out at least one surprising classic per episode, one of the reasons why I love the show so much.

Here's a question, From my very vague memory, I recall WoV did a movie soundtrack, or at least a song or two, from some old B-thriller/slash movie...but I can't remember the name of it. I think it was set in or around a high school? Had some corny title, maybe 'Cutting Class'? Or am I getting it all mixed up from something else. Can anyone confirm/deny my horrible memory?

Date: 11/23/05 14:18:55 EST

What where when how?

Date: 11/23/05 09:47:01 EST

So did everyone catch Mexican Radio on "My Name Is Earl" last night?

Ms. V

Date: 11/23/05 06:00:36 EST

hey everbody, I'm trying to find some good live bootlegs (only on cd) of w.o.v. shows with andy prieboy. please make me an offer if you gave some or if you are able to make me a copy :-) thanks.by the way i live in germany where i saw them live only once unfortunately... mail to: schmollywood@gmx.net please


Date: 11/23/05 00:56:05 EST

RIP Chris Whitley.

Date: 11/22/05 22:02:15 EST

No accounting for taste

Date: 11/22/05 19:17:17 EST

Phase 2 was different but every bit as good as phase 1.

Date: 11/22/05 17:53:57 EST

I think #2 has creepy and crass record exec Miles Copeland to thank for trying to put a new head on an old body. My heart goes out to his victims.
A former IRS Inmate

Date: 11/22/05 17:17:40 EST

Having listened to both, I vote for Phase 1. Much cooler.
Dingo Dan

Date: 11/22/05 10:15:45 EST

Thanks for the kind words about my car. I thank god I was only responsible for the design and not the actual painting of the murals themselves because I can't draw worth shit. The wonders of technology allowed me to grab pictures off the internet (interstate road signs, steer skulls, cacti, the Starsky car, etc.) and use the computer to cut, paste and edit them into desert scenes that my paint guy could use as visual aids. But Patrick, my brilliant airbrush artist, took my cheesy computer compilation pictures and turned my car into a real rolling work of art. Who'd have thought a red-orange-yellow sky could ever blend so perfectly into a burgandy background! You can see more of his car art at http://www.artworks-unlimited.com/ if you're interested.

Well, that's it for me for now. You all have a nice Thanksgiving and don't eat turkey and operate heavy machinery!

Rock on,

Ms. V

Date: 11/20/05 21:16:41 EST

Elizabeth, that car has gotta be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Beyond.


Date: 11/20/05 21:12:36 EST

FYI: Dark Continent SEALED CD on eBay right now, (on the 'Buy It Now' option) and it comes out to about 32.00 US including shipping. I believe there are 3 available. Keep in mind, the seller has a few negatives, but I took the gamble & grabbed one myself.



Date: 11/20/05 18:28:36 EST

Toby here-

WOV phase 1 and Phase 2... well, they really are two different bands. I think they would have done better to just change the name and move on with it. Every review they ever got mentioned that there was a new lead singer. And Andy had some pretty big shoes to fill. I myself, being in the dawn of my thirties, started my love afair with Voodoo just as phase 2 was starting... then went back to live out the glory of phase 1. Never saw voodoo with Stan, although I saw them three or four with Andy. Love both phases, equally... like a son and daughter... If you haven't given phase two a try... please do... there is plenty of stuff out there to try out... keep in mind that it is really a totally different band and if you leave your expectations at the door, you will find that you just might like it. It doesn't mean you have to stop liking phase one... both can conexist in perfect harmony!!

Date: 11/20/05 13:14:42 EST

the pt cruiser was kool as hell,i would like to paint graphics like that on my ride,i would probably have the cover of "sammystown" on the hood and landscape with the "call of the west" cover.

Date: 11/19/05 13:46:42 EST

Speaking of Wov on the radio... I have a weekly show on KAOS in Olympia and my show last week was all about animals and started appropriately enough with Animal day. Y'all can download the show at:


then click on Gimmie Indie Rock.

It's updated sorta weekly and tonight's show will replace it in a few days, so download soon...

It's like getting a free weekly mix tape.


Date: 11/17/05 15:39:24 EST

I have to agree.

Date: 11/16/05 03:09:01 EST

Great website (and great PT Cruiser, Ms. Vieuxdo-- I wish more people would do things like this...creative things with their lives.)

Anyway, my first post. Not much to say aside from the fact that WoV are just one of my favorite bands ever. Such great songs and memories.

I'm sure this has been said a bazillion times, but it pains me that they are seen as some kind of novelty act for the tin pot percussion and the "one hit wonder" label from Mex. Radio. That's all the masses bothered to hear. They really missed out on some excelent songs and sounds.

I must admit (and I hope this doesn't give you a lesser opinion of me) that while I consider myself a huge fan, I really am only talking about Stan and Joe -era material. Dark Continent and Call of the West are two of my favorite albums of all time. But after Stan left...I heard bits of Sammystown and Happy Planet, had a knee-jerk reaction of "it ain't the same...I am not gonna bother..."

And I pretty much didn't. I have followed solo Stan, but I think it's time I reassessed WoV, Phase 2.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Date: 11/15/05 09:27:18 EST

I am sure we have all had that experience Ms Viexdo. I am covering that angle in my film project.


Date: 11/14/05 17:35:35 EST

Great story Toby
Thanks to you and Andy!

Date: 11/14/05 10:16:21 EST

Greetings all!

I too get tired of people saying "Who?" when I tell them what my all-time favorite band it. But it can also be extremely cool when the opposite happens. As some of the regulars to this board may remember, a couple years ago I went into debt to buy myself a PT Cruiser. I designed murals for the sides and back of it with a Wall of Voodoo slant to them. You can see the car at http://www.murderexpress.net/vieuxdocruiser/
if you're interested. I've had many, many people ask things like "What's the 'Voodoo Highway'?", "Where's Sammystown?" and things of that nature. People liked the murals, but never really understood their meaning. Until one day when I came out of the post office and there was a man about my age (mid 40's) standing beside my car with his mouth hanging open. When he saw I was the owner, he scuttled over saying "Oh my god! I've never seen a Wall of Voodoo car before!!" It was really cool to FINALLY have someone besides myself and my friends understand what the murals meant. Also goes to show that, even in small towns like I live in, there are Voodoo fans lurking about.

And that's my story. Have a good one.

Rock on,

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 11/14/05 08:34:55 EST

Hello one and all,
The Kev!n here,
referring to my comment dated 11th of this month. What I mean is that Mexican radio was played on B.B.C. Radio. Obviosly it was more likely to be heard by someone- anyone!, in England; (unless listening on line). Though as previously mentioned this may have been over a month ago; I know it's a 'long shot' but apart from the track being played I was intrigued to know if anything was mentioned about the boys... possibly that Stan's coming over to Albions' shores for a tour (hopefully?!).
P.S. Even now it gets somewhat tiresome those people saying "who?" after they've just asked "what sort of music are you into", or "... favourite group". We've all been there!.
W.O.V. forever.
The Kev!n, I.O.W, extremely- south England.

Date: 11/11/05 04:23:55 EST

Toby here -
Here's your Crap... I mean Carp!!!

I asked Andy about CHUD II and here is what he said:



Put yourself in my place;1987/8.you are broke, your band is broke, your record label has dropped you,and there is rent and back rent, and soon to be more back rent due. You are back at The Soap Plant on Melrose, working for a little more than minimum wage.

And then, out of the blue, your manager calls to tell you that Speilberg! - yes, Steven Speilberg! THE Steven Speilberg-- Well, his brother - in law loves your songs, and wants to use some in a project. And best of all, there's a check for $18,000 if you say "yes."

You say yes, and attach a thousand exclamations marks to that yes, just like a pixie. Although later, when the concept of CHUD was explained, the exclamations fell off and the delighted "yes!" became a "Well, I guess so, sure.... whatever... whatthefuck... ok."

So, for those on the run; The Cliff Notes; I got Speilbergs brother-in-law the songs, wrote one for the climax real quick, and got ready for a W.O.V. Euro tour. Thats it.

I was told that when we got home from our European tour, a fat check, all divvied up, was going to be waiting for us. Wasn't I a hero! But when we returned, not only was there no check, there was no CHUD. The CHUD Corporation seemed to have vanished. They weren't returning calls. They weren't picking up.
Maybe Speilberg's divorce ruined things for the director. I don't know. Obviously CHUD wasn't part of Amy Irvings settlement. We didn't hear from them for months upon months.

Days became weeks, weeks became months, bills went to collection, this months unpaid rent became last months unpaid rent and they all became eviction notices. Finally, after nine or ten months too late, CHUD resurfaced. The check arrived. $18,000 which, according to the fine print of the contract, went promptly to my music publisher: MCA.
I screamed like a wounded monkey. A horribly wounded monkey ...and, after many phone calls, MCA relented... a little, and begrudgingly cut me a check for $500, which though it covered rent did not cover back rent.... and took weeks, if not months to get from Tolucca Lake to 1345 Sucker Street, Hollywood, Ca.

And thats what I know about CHUD. I saw some murky roughs once. I seem to recall Robert Vaughn dressed up like a General, wearing comfortable looking brown shoes. No one was sweating details on CHUD.

So. The songs.You asked about the songs.

If your idea of me doing music for CHUD is one where I studiously analyze each frame,searching for the proper match between action and subtext, your fucking dreaming. Basically, aside from one song, I gave
Speilberg's former brother-in-law some tunes I had laying around in a box. He picked the ones he liked,I remixed them, and that was that.

I worked harder on the handful of porno films I "scored ."

Here are the songs you asked about.
'Guys Like Girls ' was the second -to-the-last song Voodoo recorded as a group. It started out as a jam in rehearsal. It was upbeat and very simple. Lyrically it was a laundry list of what women hate aboutmen, and vicey versy. Very uplifting for Voodoo.

We cut the basics in MCA Demo studio A, in one night. Ned fixed some of the drums later, and Chas redid his keyboard parts. I continued to work on it for a while, adding all the voices,orchestration, and all sorts of filigree.

"Brave New Dance " Ah, poor Brave New Dance. A wonderful song when I started it. It seemed pregnant, ready to burst with ideas when I first screamed it live to a cassette recorder. Sure, the lyrics
didn't exist beyond open vowels and grunts, but they'd come. Don't worry. It had a surfer-hog caller kind of chorus. Perfect to fill with all sorts of pre-apocalyptic Anti Regan Anti Corporation imagery the young people liked so much back then.
Well, about a year later, Regan was still in office, and the lyrics were still undone.CHUD came along and , with a European tour looming, I finished it. Pronto. That is, I crammed words where the word holes were. A faint shadow of its former potential.

Hungry Man was written for Chud to fit a scene. I never saw the scene. Speilberg's-Then-Brother-In-Law explained it to me. I wrote something indicative of why I was doing this in the first place. If you listen to it more than once, then you have spent more time on it than I did.


Voodoo was a co-author on one of the songs, and played on others. They were, by and large, A.P. demos for Voodoo consideration. Contractually these songs were cut in the MCA Demo Studio, and therefore were technically Wall of Voodoo songs, regardless who wrote them. That is, they were published and licenced as W.oV. Fine by me. Pay em all. We were all in bad shape financially.

Like any musician, I have about six large boxes full of old cassettes. Occasionally I find a cassette marked "Hungry Man", and I shudder. It's like picking a dead turtle out of dirty fish tank.

Ultimately, CHUD was a dismal loss all the way around. A tin can tied to my tail . A necktie made of dirty socks. All for $500! At the time I figured "It's going right to video. Whose gonna care, much less remember CHUD twenty years from now?"

And the last gob of spit in my eye; a few years after the movie came out , I was visiting an old friend of mine in SF. He said "Hey, I rented CHUD....I thought your music was going to be on it, but all there was was this awful, stupid, doinky shit."

I shrugged. " They must have taken my stuff off." I said, lying through my teeth.

Date: 11/10/05 14:52:09 EST

not sure we understand Kevin? You mean they played Radio on the BBC?...

Date: 11/10/05 05:35:35 EST

Greetings one and all,
I just thought that I'd mention that Mark Radcliffe Played Mexican Radio the other night on his- (I think B.B.C. radio 3) show. However I recorded this sometime ago -(maybe 1 month)- onto audio cassette; as I listen to and edit them at a more convenient time, transferring those decent tracks onto my comp',(Maybe I should go back to recording directly onto hard drive?). It was as his -sort of- pick of 3 tunes. However as 'sods law' dictates my tape ran out after he'd played a 'taster' of what was to come, yet before the song!. Did anyone catch this?, if so was anything interesting mentioned about the group. I must say I near soiled my britches upon hearing the snippet!; as such wonderful music only ever gets played from my collection- I've never heard it from the B.B.C.!!.
The Kev!n, Isle of Wight

Date: 11/09/05 19:54:26 EST

what's up with the Eastwood pic?

Date: 11/09/05 16:45:49 EST

Not a fan, I gather...

Date: 11/08/05 05:57:27 EST

I would think that "burning " a copy of Happy Planet would be the right thing to do. Fire will purify.

Date: 11/07/05 07:08:31 EST


Hi There,

Is there anyone out there that can burn me off a copy of "Happy Planet"? I have it on vinyl, but no record player. I desperately need it as is my all time favourite album of any artist/band/genre. Also, if anyone could burn me off a copy of "Seven Days In Sammytown", it would also be greatly appreciate.

I can be contacted at deepthought42@ii.net.au

cheers & thanks,


Date: 11/06/05 22:56:19 EST

I am looking for a CD-r copy of "Seven Days in Sammystown". I have "Happy Planet", "Dark Continent" and "Ugly Americans". I would be willing to trade a CD-r copy of any of the above for a CD-r copy of Sammystown.

If your interested, please contact me at mrbooboy@yahoo.com

Date: 11/05/05 14:18:31 EST

Music- Metro Active / North Bay / Oakland CA

Pulp Fiction

Drywall blend synth-pop, film noir and politics

By Greg Cahill

May you live in interesting times, goes the old Chinese curse. (OK, actually that misappropriated quote is from Eric Frank Russell's 1950 sci-fi novel U-Turn.) Into these, uh, interesting times steps the latest from interesting singer and songwriter Stan Ridgway--a pop artist with the heart of a pulp-fiction writer--and his Drywall collective.

Barbeque Babylon: 15 Choice Cuts for Your BBQ Party (Redfly) is the third installment in Drywall's obscure Trilogy of Apocalyptic Documents. It's chock-full of vivid cinematic storytelling and what music writer Zach Hoskins has branded Ridgway's "street-corner doomsday preaching."

It's all about fear and frustration and an impending sense of doom, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

In Drywall, the former Wall of Voodoo singer Ridgway, best-known for the twangy, brooding 1982 alternative-radio hit "Mexican Radio," is joined by keyboardist Pietra Wexstun of Hecate's Angels (Hecate was the Greek goddess of witchcraft), a master of sci-fi and noirish sound; bassist and guitarist Rick King; and various "wrecking crew" members.

You're forgiven if you missed the previous Drywall incarnations; 1996's Work the Dumb Oracle and the 1997 collection of surreal song sketches called The Drywall Incident barely caused a blip on the pop-music radar.

Barbecue Babylon, on the other hand, comes on the heels of Ridgway's critically acclaimed 2004 return-to-form Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs, his first solo studio album in five years. It is a sometimes surreal, often darkly Dylanesque protest record that skewers the government and corporate America. Ridgway, 51, even evokes paranoia about the persistence of AARP junk mail while poking fun at his own creeping age.

The disc is, Ridgway has noted, his Howard Beale moment, his way of saying, we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. "A strange look at a strange land by a strange man," is how the Boise Weekly has described the album.

This flaming party starts off with the Cajun-flavored "Goin' on Down to the BBQ," an uplifting dance number that masks the drunken violence of the subject matter. The jerky, jazz-inflected "Fortune Cookies," which follows, ponders the state of friendly fascism, social decay, sex and death--Ridgway isn't one to mince words.

"Somewhere in the Dark" fuses a sultry samba beat and cooing Brazilian chorus with an ominous narration about alienation and existential angst. The loopy "Abandon Ship" is an unsettling metaphor for the current ship of state and its reckless insistence on staying the course. "Buried the Pope" is the album's most topical tune, a neo-psychedelic examination of blind faith and religion. "In Total Focus" delivers the album's best line: "Hey, maybe if we're lucky, the government will dope us."

"That Big Weird Thing," which launches the second half of the album, is the centerpiece of this strange magnum opus.

It finds Ridgway railing about "shit piles of sour psychotic panic" as Wexstun delivers a funereal montage of bells and dark synth washes.

The song ignites a string of political and social commentary, including "Robbers and Bandits, Bastards and Thieves," that leave no doubt about where Ridgway stands on the political spectrum.

"Rain on Down," "The Alibi Room," "Wargasm 2005" and "Bold Marauder" conspire to stick it to the swaggering swine that feed at the trough of our bought-and-sold democracy.

Indeed, Ridgway reserves his strongest venom for President Bush. Case in point: Drywall closes the disc with a biting, hidden, untitled mash-up of Bush's 2005 State of the Union address rearranged so that GW indicts himself for all the horrors he has unleashed on the Iraqi people.

Imagine if Springsteen had the courage--and wit--to make this kind of political statement?

Review from Metro Active

Date: 11/04/05 21:56:37 EST

Happy Planet & all OOP WoV can be obtained through the fan club, link above & center.

Date: 11/04/05 21:55:32 EST


Date: 11/04/05 21:27:55 EST

Hi There,

Is there anyone out there that can burn me off a copy of "Happy Planet"? I have it on vinyl, but no record player. I desperately need it as is my all time favourite album of any artist/band/genre. Also, if anyone could burn me off a copy of "Seven Days In Sammytown", it would also be greatly appreciate.

I can be contacted at deepthought42@ii.net.au

cheers & thanks,


Date: 11/04/05 01:32:34 EST

BTW, welcome back Toby. Did you bring us all some fresh carp?

: D

Date: 11/04/05 01:31:00 EST

Noland had a site on MP3.com (before it took a big shit) and I was going to do an interview with him. Lost touch after the big crash/ buy-out/ sell-out or whatever the fuck it was. If anyone speaks to him, plaese send him over to the fan club page (link above center) if you'd be so kind.

Thx, nz

Date: 11/03/05 02:46:06 EST

Toby here -
Sorry I've been on vacation... with the fish. I'll look into that CHUD II question...

Date: 10/31/05 11:57:38 EST

Six of One and Half a Dozen of the Other (UK Metabop) 1982

Werth's checkered career has included singing in lovable British folk-pop deviants Audience, almost joining the Doors as Jim Morrison's replacement and putting out a single on California indie punk label Dangerhouse, backed by local LA talent (including a Wall of Voodoo member-to-be).

This is from Trouserpress.com, so it was Joe then. I'll have to look up Bill Noland soundtracks.

Thanks, Max

Date: 10/28/05 13:13:06 EDT

Bill Noland lives in Seattle now and does soundtracks.

Date: 10/28/05 09:56:06 EDT

Joe Nanini was with Howard Werth, but I didn't know of any album appearences.

Graeme Qewe

Date: 10/27/05 07:24:00 EDT

Which WOV member played on a Howard Werth album. Howard almost joined the Doors (Jim's replacement). Anyone got any ideas? I really don't know and I hope someone here knows....just an interesting fact. By the way, what ever happened to Bill Noland?

Date: 10/23/05 17:16:40 EDT

Heard Stan & Drywall played with Randy Weeks at the Claremont Folk Center. Anybody go?
Nancy from Pasadena

Date: 10/22/05 18:24:09 EDT

I've reduced the $ price on my Dark Continent Wall Poster and my Index 12" EP Wall Poster listed on eBay. MINTY FRESH, never used condition. Click To See This StuffWOV Posters on eBay


Date: 10/22/05 02:30:27 EDT

A Lonesome Strangers video (WOV connection? Joe Nannini was in this band...at least for the first album):

You can hear Lonesome Strangers samples on cdnow.com
They are one of the few bands that sound a little like WOV (imho)

Also, here's the site for Randy Weeks from the Lonesome Strangers...you can listen to album samples (check out Last DWI on Madeline)

Date: 10/21/05 10:27:48 EDT

So glad someone has pointed out that Index masters has been out awhile albeit out of print in recent years. I bought it a few years back in Virgin megastore in London. It's an awesome record of course but if there ever should be a day that I should stumble across Dark Continent in any UK store on CD I will certainly comment in the same excited breath as those who have below. Also, where can I get the lyrics to Wrong Way to Hollywood? Have been listening so closely to them since 1986 and that American English and my English can often seem miles apart, its the only song I don't have all the words to. Gusano

Date: 10/20/05 16:12:46 EDT

This is a cool site..and really cool that people are still posting!! I only own Call of the West, but really love that CD!! My kids, 6 & 9 love it too! my 5 year old boy loves to hear They Dont Want Me, and my girl really likes On Interstate 15.


Date: 10/20/05 09:19:59 EDT

I just recently won a radio competition in Brisbane, Australia. i had to request a song that has not been played on the radio for a while. i requested "Mexican Radio" and won a ticket to climb the Story Bridge which is 80 metres high and spans the Brisbane River. i was so stoked as i love that song and i have always wanted to climb the bridge. thanks guys for writing a really unique song!

heidi, Australia

Date: 10/18/05 20:04:38 EDT


Date: 10/18/05 13:48:08 EDT

why are you a genius, mate? Some of us has owned that album with the live tracks for nearly a decade. It's hardly something new and unique and amazing. Even though the album is amazing, but we all knew that.

Date: 10/18/05 04:03:11 EDT

Wall Of Voodoo is genius..and so am I. This is good news. Wall of Voodoo's first record out again. With a live show. This is it!

ok ...i'm buying...going to Amazon here, and give the boys some dough!! :

the Amazon review says:
Editorial Reviews - Wall Of Voodoo re-issue on Rykodisc Sept. 2005
Though they found their fortunes intertwined in a punk/new wave/MTV marketing sensibility that typically confused style with substance, L.A.'s Wall of Voodoo was musically rooted in a distinctly different, often more compelling late '70s art rock ethos. Anchored by the stark, angular rhythms of the late Marc Moreland's guitar and singer/chief songwriter Stan Ridgway's sly sideshow barker vocal antics, this re-release of the band's debut 1980 EP (supplemented with raw, exemplary live tracks recorded at UC Riverside in '79) now seems more prophetic industrial music template than quirky new wave tract. If legend says their ominous, synth-drone take on Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" may have originally been intended elsewhere (WOV began as low-budget soundtrack collective), tracks like "Longarm" and "Can't Make Love" crackle with anxious energy and wit; small wonder Ridgway occasionally revisits them with success in his contemporary incarnation as acoustic singer/songwriter. The live tracks further showcase the band's cinematic bent via a medley of Morricone's main title for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Frontiere's Hang 'Em High theme, as well as offering up early versions of songs from Dark Continent and their 1982 classic, Call of the West. --Jerry McCulley
"This modern world deserves a modern attitude."

Joe The Genius

Date: 10/17/05 20:42:11 EDT

TOBY DAMMIT, could you please email me. I need to talk to you please.

Date: 10/17/05 12:11:28 EDT

I think the live version of 'The Passenger' is the best one out there. That beatbox really cooks on that version.


Date: 10/16/05 05:39:23 EDT

****4 stars out of 5
CD Review: The Index Masters
Posted by Marty Dodge on October 12, 2005 07:57 AM

The Index Masters
Wall of Voodoo
Music from Rykodisc
Release date: 27 September, 2005

This is hodge-podge mixture of the band's original EP and 10 live bonus tracks (some of which are from the EP as well), none of which have been previously released.

The band, most famous for the track 'Mexican Radio', are known to be rather eclectic. This is a collection of rather odd stuff but anyone who knows the art-house new-wavers will not be shocked to hear that. This lot even make Cash's 'Ring of Fire' sound new and original.

If you are a fan of WoV this is a great value for money with oodles of bonus tracks and excellent digital mixing. It is a freaking bizarre set of music from these lot of nutters; check out 'Passenger' for instance. Not exactly the most relaxing music in the world, but the live tracks prove these guys can reproduce their studio wizadry live.

Quite frankly this is a pretty impressive look at a impressive if odd group of musicians. Essential for fans and a good intro for those wishing to delve into the world of Wall of Voodoo.

Rating: 4/5

Filed under: Music, Music: Alternative Rock, Music: Electronica

Date: 10/13/05 20:11:38 EDT

news flash:
Stan Ridgway and Co. play a concert and party on Halloween weekend in Reno NV at the El Dorado Hotel and Casino. Its Free. Presented by Radio station KTHX. Sat.night October 29th.

Date: 10/13/05 12:55:30 EDT

Now if we could just get Dark Continent reissued ...


Date: 10/12/05 00:51:22 EDT

Nice job Stan! Getting the old stuff re-issued. Awesome


Date: 10/11/05 22:17:36 EDT

Editorial Reviews
In the mid '90s, Wall of Voodoo mainstay-turned-solo artist Stan Ridgway bid farewell to the major label treadmill via Drywall's masterfully dark debut and embarked on an indie career as the more historically-rooted, acoustically-centered singer-songwriter found of the compelling Black Diamond, Snakebite and Anatomy albums. The original Drywall concept ("a trilogy of apocalyptic documents") seemed intended to variously antagonize his then-label, subtly evoke his Wall of Voodoo past and offer outlet for his latent "mad scientist" tendencies. But Ridgway has completed that decade-spanning triptych with an album that's closer in tone to his elegiac modern solo work (his main accomplices here are also the same, keyboardist/vocalist Pietra Wextun and guitarist Rick King), if no less thematically provocative than DW's first installment. The infectious, industrialized zydeco of "Goin' On Down to the BBQ" revolves around a typically debauched Ridgway storyline, while elsewhere Stan variously stirs in jazz (the saxed-up "Fortune Cookies"), cinematic cool (the evocative "Somewhere in the Dark" and "Rain On Down") and even folk conceits both nautical ("Abandon Ship," "Robbers & Bandits & Bastards & Thieves") and Celtic (Wexstun's haunting "Bold Marauder"). "The AARP is After Me" and tipsy "Something's Gonna Blow" are filled with typically self-deprecating Ridgway wit, while the electro-edginess of "In Total Focus" and "That Big Weird Thing" contrast sharply with the stark beauty of the morally ambiguous ballad "Buried the Pope." Drywall closes out their first trilogy in rich, expansive style – and ultimately leaves listeners hoping they'll embark on another soon. --J McCulley

Date: 10/11/05 22:17:01 EDT

Wall Of Voodoo: The Index Masters - re-issue on rykodisc
Though they found their fortunes intertwined in a punk/new wave/MTV marketing sensibility that typically confused style with substance, L.A.'s Wall of Voodoo was musically rooted in a distinctly different, often more compelling late '70s art rock ethos. Anchored by the stark, angular rhythms of the late Marc Moreland's guitar and singer/chief songwriter Stan Ridgway's sly sideshow barker vocal antics, this re-release of the band's debut 1980 EP (supplemented with raw, exemplary live tracks recorded at UC Riverside in '79) now seems more prophetic industrialmusic template than quirky new wave tract. If legend says their ominous, synth-drone take on Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" may have originally been intended elsewhere (WOV began as low-budget soundtrack collective), tracks like "Longarm" and "Can't Make Love" crackle with anxious energy and wit; small wonder Ridgway occasionally revisits them with success in his contemporary incarnation as acoustic singer/songwriter. The live tracks further showcase the band's cinematic bent via a medley of Morricone's main title for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Frontiere's Hang 'Em High theme, as well as offering up early versions of songs from Dark Continent and their 1982 classic, Call of the West.
--Jerry McCulley

Date: 10/07/05 02:23:22 EDT

The wild nights at Al's Bar are riveted in my brain. I don't know Stan but a friend from San Marino does. It's all good, and great to find this site - thank Google...

Date: 10/05/05 00:09:02 EDT

Hey There ! I've seen the Call Box video! Great! What you mean? Its the great Wall Of Voodoo in their fucking OFFICE in 1979!!!! Where ya gonna see that again? A real bit of WOV history if ya ask me. Watch Joe Nanini spray the whole band and himself with a fire exstigusher...this vid was probably shot in an hour I think. Its GREAT!
You ma friend are JADED!
Pull off from the media brainwash and wake up.
sincerely yours -

the dog head man from Denver

Date: 10/04/05 07:27:12 EDT

I've seen a hell of a lot worse videos than "Call Box"....like everything from 1985 on.

Date: 10/03/05 22:57:55 EDT

The call box video, if memory serves, was one of the worst things ever. It featured the band walking around their office building doing things that were supposed to be zany like walking in a single file line while carrying a piece of lumber and falling over. Your time would be better spent sanding your face.

Date: 10/02/05 03:24:24 EDT

anyone out there willing to sell me a cd-r of the following WOV discs,i need "seven days in sammystown""dark continent" and "happy planet" contact me at Kenyonlovato2003@msn.com thanks.

Date: 10/01/05 23:36:59 EDT


Date: 09/27/05 13:48:24 EDT

Hey Toby,
do you know wich tracks are on the CHUD2 soundtrack ?
3 of the 4 tracks on Cutting Edge are on the first Andy solo effort, but 2 are credited as being played by WOV ... the fourth is "Guys like Girls"
Xavier from France, Dog's life member

Date: 09/27/05 04:02:45 EDT

What is the meaning of the WOV song "Tomorrow" on the album "Call of the West"? When they sing: "out my window there's nothing where a city used to be,phone lines dead the powers out there's nothing on TV" it makes me think that this song had something to do with Nuclear War.

Date: 09/26/05 11:45:36 EDT

Calvin Sweetbread. Other than the fact that those stories are true, what mach were you running?
Paul McKenna

Date: 09/24/05 16:55:59 EDT

realy got the hook in mee in the 80`s an still dosit tho it is hard to find

Date: 09/24/05 01:05:58 EDT

Anyone know if the video for Call Box (1-2-3) is available at all?

Date: 09/23/05 12:59:38 EDT

I agree so much about "End of an Era", it's one my WoV fave's. I really wish there was a studio version

Graeme Qewe

Date: 09/22/05 18:52:44 EDT

And I still say that 'End Of An Era' is one of the strongest songs they ever did. It's the one I play most on my radio show.


Date: 09/22/05 16:39:35 EDT

Halloween is NEXT MONTH!!!
It's been 9 years since I've read
a sign that says "This Way To Tooele"-
one more reason to be Miserable in NYC

Date: 09/22/05 07:35:37 EDT


Date: 09/22/05 06:04:32 EDT

Released on Rycodisc Sept. 27, 2005
Review by Greg Adams

The Index Masters chronicles the early years of Wall of Voodoo, digitizing the group's debut self-titled EP, The Morricone Themes (appearing here under a different title), from their Ring of Fire 12", and nine live tracks from the same concert at which The Morricone Themes was recorded. The live recordings from 1979 include songs that later appeared on Dark Continent, as well as a very early performance of "Tomorrow" from Call of the West. The package includes lyrics to the first six tracks, an early concert review, and a thorough reproduction of the EP's original artwork. A couple of the live tracks ("End of an Era" and "Invisible Man") are particularly interesting because they are compositions that have not otherwise been released. The Index Masters is a collector's dream

buy it here:


Date: 09/22/05 03:33:21 EDT

hey wow ....I dig the stan talks. great stuff i say.the NPR stuff is right on ridgway. a great artist and songwriter. ok?
"this modern world deserves a modern attitude"
robot bill from IDAHO

Date: 09/21/05 18:45:33 EDT

Stan talks to Lianne Hason on NPR / Weekend Edition – Review of "Snakebite CD" MP3: http://www.stanridgway.com/mp3/npr_interview_directors_cut.mp3

NPR - Stan Ridgway - Ken Tucker "Holiday In Dirt" CD Review 2002 MP3: http://www.stanridgway.com/downloads/media/npr_dirt_review.mp3

Promo - Stan Ridgway - Holiday In Dirt CD Promo: QT movie: by Stan Rdgway: http://www.stanridgway.com/videos/media/holiday_in_dirt.mov

NPR / Fresh Air - Ken Tucker on Stan Ridgway's "Snakebite" CD (2004) http://www.stanridgway.com/downloads/media/npr_snakebite_review.mp3

Date: 09/20/05 07:15:49 EDT


Date: 09/20/05 06:54:49 EDT

I will trade a copy of Sammystown for a cdr of Sammystown for a cdr of Ugly Americans

Date: 09/19/05 18:56:46 EDT

Index Masters being re-released on cd in U.K. next week, does that mean the others to follow? Dave, England...

Date: 09/19/05 15:53:59 EDT

a comment about the celtic frost remake of "mexican radio" i heard the original when it came out,celtic frost did it with a metal edge which is also good.i just wish that all of WOV'S discs where as easy to obtain as celtic frost's are (and at a decent price!!!!)

Date: 09/19/05 15:53:41 EDT

a comment about the celtic frost remake of "mexican radio" i heard the original when it came out,celtic frost did it with a metal edge which is also good.i just wish that all of WOV'S discs where as easy to obtain as celtic frost's are (and at a decent price!!!!)

Date: 09/19/05 15:50:21 EDT

anyone out there have "seven days in sammystown""happy planet" and "dark continent" on cd? i would like to possibly buy a cd-r of all these releases.i already own "call of the west" and "ugly americans" on disc and plan on getting "index masters" when it reissues.IN ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 09/19/05 09:39:56 EDT

Those kind of advertisings would not be existent if Stan was elected president.

Graeme Qewe

Date: 09/14/05 22:05:39 EDT

hey what's the point between Voivod and Wall of Voodoo??????????

Date: 09/14/05 22:02:07 EDT

what do you think of the cover from the swiss thrash metal band Celtic Frost? i think it's an extraordinary cover.
and it's by theme i discovered wall of voodoo!

Date: 09/14/05 08:38:35 EDT

I just got the Stan DVD "Showbusiness ...etc" and it has filled a void that has been a burden all my adult life. I enjoyed the Holiday In Dirt dvd but this awesome. I last saw Stan in London in 1989 and I would love to see him over here in England again. I might just have to come over to your side of the pond next year if all else fails. After coming to this site for years, I have finally bothered to join the fanclub...so I am #91. I have been working on my twilight zone-esc Wall of Voodoo obsession digital movie and its starting to come together nicely. I'm a long way off from the yippy-yie-yeh still. Any US wannabee actors living in southern England let me know. You can write to me at gusanoproductions@yahoo.co.uk but if its spam I will give you fleas in return. Gusano

Date: 09/13/05 22:35:18 EDT

Hi, Thank you....but there is only Index album listed in your web site....i'm chatting from Brazil and around here is impossible to find Ugly Americans CD.
Hope someone could give me any information


Date: 09/12/05 09:18:25 EDT

Hi! See http://www.rhythmonline.co.uk. We're a (small, independent, friendly) alternative music webstore, and we've just added the Wall of Voodoo rerelease to our huge and comprehensive (and eclectic) list of bands and artist. We've got what is probably one of the largest and most interesting lists of its kind on the web - come and visit us? Cheers, Jude x

Date: 09/11/05 22:23:21 EDT

Hi, im looking for Ugly americans CD.....Is there anyone who can help on that?

Date: 09/11/05 12:03:18 EDT

Index Masters is being re-issued on Rykodisc. I checked cduniverse and here is some info: http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=6948321&style=music&cart=270761212

Date: 09/10/05 01:35:15 EDT

NZ, Pantherboy

I'm with you totally; Denis D'amour was a true innovator. I remember an interview with him where he was explaining how their rythm construction had evolved. It was wonderful listening to him demonstrating that with a short riff for every "step" of their evolution.

Strangely enough, he and his work were unknown to most people here in Quebec... Your not a messiah in your country (as we say in french - do you say that in English too?).


Date: 09/06/05 10:50:13 EDT

Piggy's passing is being mourned over here, NZ. Yet another completely unique and innovative sound. At least he looked happy and satisfied on this last tour (2003).


Date: 09/03/05 04:07:45 EDT

I don't know if we have any sci-fi/ thrash metalheads in here, but the passing of Piggy, the magnificent and innovative guitarist of the band Voivod should be noted. As with Marc Moreland, Denis 'Piggy' D'amour was truly a one-of-a-kind musician.



Date: 09/02/05 09:10:36 EDT

If anyone hears from Wall of Voodoo fan Eddie in New Orleans, please have him email me to let me know he's okay. Thanks.

a.k.a. Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 08/31/05 06:55:25 EDT

Gusano here,
I imagine most of you have read the Psycho-Ex novel, which over here in deepest darkest rural England, is not available. I have just read it and am left with a head full of questions on how close to reality the "Slowly I Turn" stories are. Has anyone in the band bothered to publish their memoirs ? I am currently awaiting word from a funding body in the UK which promotes art film projects funded by the UK's National Lottery amongst other things. Would be wonderfully ironic to win this as I am white and my roots are firmly in one-horse-town country. Before I first visited this website I was convinced I stood alone trying in vain to convince folks they were missing out on music way beyond comparison. Once an ex-girlfriend of mine commented after enduring half of Dark Continent that she wasn't sure I was right for her. Of course, this statement alone proved to me the feeling was mutual. Later, whilst washing her out of my system with a bottle of Rioja, it dawned on me that WOV had seen me through many break-ups and at no point had I found myself unable to listen to certain songs reminding me of a painful memory. Now that is proof alone of a great band....one that is immune to sentimentality. I could never cry during Crack The Bell anyway...only with joy.

Gusano del campo

Date: 08/31/05 06:32:45 EDT

Gusano here.
Thanks for all the info.

Date: 08/31/05 06:32:44 EDT

Gusano here.
Thanks for all the info.

Date: 08/30/05 19:08:16 EDT

Toby here -

The songs that were on Ugly Americans that were new, except Wrong Way To Hollywood, were supposed to be on a new WOV album... but Happy Planet didn't do as well as expected so IRS wanted to shelve the band, but they still had one record left on their contract so IRS decided to do a Live album... the band, or at least Andy fought them telling them they could take the same amount of money that the live album would cost and make a new record, but Miles and Co didn't want to deal with it. Wrong Way To Hollywood was supposed to be on Sammy's Town but didn't make the cut. There were other songs as well that were slated for the new album.. some of which ended up on the Cutting Class soundtrack and CHUD II as well. Guys Like Girls was one of them. Interesting note.,.. Living In The Red and Heart never can tell were not actually recorded live... they were recorded in the studio and a live audience track was put over it... the audience track was the band acting like screaming girls... only one reviewer ever caught on when he called Bullhead City AZ and asked them when WOV had played there... there was no record of them ever playing there so he knew the jig was up!!

Andy is working on new material... nothing else to report...

Date: 08/30/05 14:58:33 EDT

Where did you hear that from?

Date: 08/30/05 14:57:53 EDT

I heard that Index Masters was going to be Re-released. Does anybody have any information regarding this or any othe planned WOV re-releases?

Date: 08/29/05 18:41:12 EDT

Andy's brother. His twin I think.

Date: 08/29/05 15:29:07 EDT

Who's Joe P.?

Date: 08/29/05 13:09:17 EDT

Make It So!

Date: 08/29/05 13:00:27 EDT

People can use music by others for any project or they make in "art". There is no permission required. Why would there be? Its only when they "sell it" does it become an issue of property rights.
That's the short story. Even folks that make full lenght features for Sundance use music from various sources that have not been cleared yet. Its no problem.
If it goes to the level of a public festival, the film makers get what they call "festival rights " from the authors / owners of the work. About a 100 bucks a song.
If THEN the big studios come calling and want to pick up their film for wide release, that's when a more formal and comprehensive permission would be required to stay "legal" and compensate the owners for their works. So in other words, you vcan use what you want from anywhere and take it a step at a time.

jean luc pittard -
art expert and director

Date: 08/29/05 12:15:17 EDT

If you want the righst for your film you better get in touch with Miles Copeland. Here is a url for a brief history of how he got into producing tap dance videos

Is Stan going to the UK soon. No

Has Andy published a second novel yet? No

Any news on WTWL? Same as five years ago still in process. Just you wait. All good things come to those who wait. (yeah right) I'd like to meet a single Andy addict who hasn't gone through the tortures of the damned while waiting for more Prieboy music. Mr P is in the middle of about a million projects and can't stand the thought that some of his music might be shared amongst his fans until he is damn good and ready. This even applies to Eye Protection material that is from over 20 years ago. GOD DAMNIT ANDY! either put your music out or let your fans share what they have. I'm sure that if Andy gave the word Toby has plenty to keep us in good spirits until Andy puts out his next release (hopefully very very soon). Sorry for the rant but I am fucking tired of this bullshit. About once a year Joe P. says "I can't say what but something imminent is in the works." Next time I think he pulls that crap on us we should flame his lame ass. ANDY, SOS SOS SOS Your fans are suffering needlessly. SEND HELP NOW PLEASE!

I'm sure this is more than you were looking for Gusano but I feel much better getting that off of my chest.

As for the lyrics I'm sure they will materialize sometime.

I need a drink,

Date: 08/29/05 11:56:47 EDT

Man that's gross.
Who would give a dog head anyway?

Date: 08/26/05 20:11:17 EDT

And not one mention of Wall Of Voodoo in this review! Wow , Stan is really moving fast now. I for one am buying this.

Date: 08/26/05 19:29:28 EDT

Stan Ridgway and Drywall "Barbeque Babylon" CD review:
Terrell's tune-up, 08/26/2005
Ridgway back to new tricks


As a solo artist, Stan Ridgway is nothing short of an eclectic, eccentric musician.

He draws from all sorts of musical sources -- garage rock, horror movie soundtracks, crime jazz, and more. His most recent solo album, last year’s Snakebite, showed a fine knack for rootsy country and blues.

Lyrically, Ridgway has a skewed outlook and a soft spot for losers, loonies, small-time crooks and society’s dregs. Most of his songs are sympathetic to his characters. He grants them dignity and many of his songs seem to offer a ray of hope for those struggling beneath the underbelly.

But when Ridgway records as the front man of his band Drywall, all bets are off.

And, after a ridiculously long recess, Drywall is back with Barbecue Babylon, “The Third Installment of the Trilogy of Apocalyptic Documents.”

Drywall is Ridgway, his wife, keyboardist Pietra Wexstun and guitarist/bassist Rick King.

(For those keeping score, the first installment was 1995’s Work the Dumb Oracle, which contained some of Ridgway’s most intense songs -- “Police Call,” “Bel Air Blues,” “Big American Problem.” The second was The Drywall Incident which was mainly instrumental tracks.)

Like Work the Dumb Oracle, the songs on the new album are darker, harsher, more extreme both musically and lyrically than Ridgway‘s other work. Rays of hope don‘t last long in Drywall Land. And except for a few stray moments, forget about kindness or dignity.

And, yes, the world of Barbecue Babylon is apocalyptic. Corruption is everywhere. A desperate spirit of lawless has settled over the land. Thievery and murder abound, but the government has gone even more insane than the populace. To play on a few song titles here -- It‘s a “Land of Spook” run by people seemingly intent on achieving a “Wargasm.”

Life is cheap. Love is tawdry. Paranoia thrives. (“The AARP is after me," sings one sad Ridgway narrator.) Doom is always just around the corner.

Luckily, Ridgway’s twisted humor still abounds.

Not only does Ridgway make a great carnival barker at the gates of Armageddon, but the music here is some of the strongest he’s ever done.

The opening tune “Goin’ on Down to the BBQ,” is a deceptively upbeat tropical romp with shaking maracas and a happy organ that sounds like it might break into “Tequila” at any moment. The song sounds like a darker version of Joe “King” Carrasco. "Tammy Got a Knife with a razor blade/ She brought her baby with a burnt teddy bear/ Lost her finger on a midnight swinger/ Cook it up and like it medium rare.”

But after the cops break up the backyard party, Drywall goes straight for the Bizarro world with the acid jazzy “Fortune Cookies.” A honking sax soars over the techno rhythms as Ridgway declares, “Fascist state television, it’s a blast … that‘s the way the cookie crumbles.”

On “Big Weird Thing,” against a throbbing electronic sonic backdrop punctuated by sampled voices and sinister clanking bells, Ridgway goes into a berserk rant. He sounds like the celebrated crank Francis E. Dec (Google him, if you dare) or one of those frothing preachers and political crackpots that David Byrne and Brian Eno sampled from short-wave radio broadcasts on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. “It’s a whitewash! Disintegration! Surely something that just seems to rot and fester … Show me these things and I shall salute it.”

On Barbecue, Drywall sounds more like a band than they did on Dumb Oracle. Wexstun, whose voice is a proven delight on her own albums (released under the name Hecate’s Angels) gets two solo spots on this album. The most impressive is “Bold Marauder,” an old Richard & Mimi Farina song that‘s appropriately sinister and, yes, apocalyptic for a Drywall CD:.

“For I will sour the winds on high and I will soil the river/And I will burn the grain in the field and I will be your mother/And I will go to ravage and kill and I will go to plunder/And I will take a fury to wife and I will be your mother/And death will be our darling and fear will be our name …”

Pietra’s also out front on “Something’s Gonna Blow” (with Stan providing unison baritone backup.) This one, with its rolicking garage-rock backup, reminds me of the Farinas also, their more rocked-out tunes like’ “House Un-American Blues Activity Dream” (or maybe Frank Zappa’s “Trouble Every Day.“) Drywall’s tune is a bitchen funky-chicken dance about economic decay.

There’s a secret hidden track featuring the voice of the president of the United States of America. Ridgway surely remembers The National Lampoon’'s infamous cut-and-paste manipulation of a Richard Nixon speech (“I am … a crook …”). He’s done the same shock-and-awe editing here for President Bush.

“Every year by law and by custom we meet here to threaten the world,” the president says, backed by an ominous Mid Eastern sounding Drywall instrumental track, interrupted every now and then by applause. “We must offer every child in America three nuclear missiles … We are building a culture to encourage international terrorism … I have a message for the people of Iraq: `Go home and die.’ ”

There’s one notable calm in the madness of Barbecue Babylon, a cool, almost jazzy little finger-popper called “Buried the Pope.” Ridgway released this surprising reverent tune as a free internet download just days after Pope John Paul II’s death.

“A world choked up with lies and politician doublespeak/ Nowhere to get the truth sometimes, but some will always seek/ Now you can criticize it, run it down/ Maybe religion’s not your dope/ But it’s hard to argue solid about a man of peace and hope/ That’s the day they buried the pope.”

But the funeral is just a short respite for Ridgway’s outrage. Elsewhere he has nothing but contempt for the large and in charge. In a sweet, almost western-sound waltz called “Robbers & Bandits & Bastards & Thieves,” he sings, “Hey nothing’ is new, this story is old/ Some will always steal tin and then sell it for gold …”

That’s not the case for Ridgway and Drywall. They’re selling pure gold with this record.

(Barbecue Babylon is out Aug. 30th in stores and can also be purchased now at the artist's website: http://www.stanridgway.com

Date: 08/25/05 16:25:40 EDT

Didn't Stans website mention uk date(s)in August a while back? Has this tour been put back or shelved completely? Anybody any info
blackpool Moz-UK

Date: 08/23/05 12:34:24 EDT

1 )Anyone know if Andy Prieboy has published a second novel yet?
2 )Anyone got the lyrics to Wrong Way To Hollywood they can put on this forum?
3 ) Anyone got any objections if I use WOV songs on my short film I am making ( non-profit ) I mentioned this a while back, but seemed to have hit a wall.
4 ) Is Stan gonna play the UK soon?
5 ) Any news on the progress of White Trash Wins Lotto ( ie, is it going international )

Date: 08/23/05 10:43:14 EDT

Wrong Way to Hollywood was on the Far Side 12"...

John in Montreal

Date: 08/23/05 10:27:43 EDT

I have always wondered the same things about those 2 'new' songs on 'Ugly Americans'. They're among my favorites, and always teased me about that album that never was. One of them appeared in studio form on the 'Far Side Of Crazy' 12" and I can't seem to remember which right now.


Date: 08/22/05 14:33:10 EDT

Just found out Stan's coming our way here in little ol' Boise, Idaho on September 8th.

Date: 08/20/05 01:31:33 EDT

Holy Mother of God! Voodoo is alive and well in Babylon.
Pope Benedict

Date: 08/19/05 23:33:45 EDT

wow! its out and its got legs!

# 1 at CD BABY this week, Drywall - Barbeque Babylon

Date: 08/19/05 22:15:37 EDT

Dark Continent & the vid were shot at Vasquez Rocks in Aqua Dulce,
California. Infact, MANY films, T.V. shows & commercials as well:


Virtual Tour

Been there, great place to spend the day.


Date: 08/19/05 22:15:37 EDT

Once is enough....not the best vid for Voodoo # 2 for me, in my humble opinion. It lacked the realness and the cinema verite' (if that's how its spelled) of Mexican Radio. And it seemed strained and almost "big hair" heavy metal to me. Trying too hard. Andy looked like Nick Cave. The band looked like they'd gone to a lame dude ranch instead of just wearing regular clothes with a few western touches. The song was ok but it did not really stick like the old stuff. Just my opinion. What's yours?
mr. questions

Date: 08/19/05 21:59:05 EDT

Bill wrote:'Can anyone describe for me the videos for "Far Side of Crazy"?'"Far Side of Crazy" video was shot in B&W. The band wears long dusters like ine "Once Upon A Time In The West" except in black covered in fake dust. Andy wears his finest cowpunk foppery. Locations include the rock formation { Long Pine?) shown on the cover of "Dark Continent" and the movie star mural painted on the side of the building that housed the old Zero Zero Club along Hollywood Blvd. I am told that Joe Nanini was in the crowd scene there but can't spot him. There is also a clown (crying on the outside as well as inside) in several segments ,just like the one illustrated on the "Sammystown" cover. I only saw this video shown on TV once ,on USA's " NightFlight". Mucker

Date: 08/18/05 10:53:39 EDT

Hey all
Can anyone describe for me the videos for "Far Side of Crazy" and "Do It Again" (as I will most likely never get to actually see the damn things)? Also, were the "new" songs on The Ugly Americans ("Living in the Red", "The Heart Never Can Tell") intended for a new WoV album? Barry Rudolph, co-producer of the live album, suggested on his website that the Andy-era band was contemplating a third studio album before they broke up. Anyone have any more info?

Thanks, Bill

Date: 08/17/05 15:02:31 EDT

Marc wrote the song as a demo and Stan and WOV helped him arrange it. Stan sang the song underneath a grand piano at A and M Studios in Hollywood. Knocking loudly on the underside of the piano in the beginning of the song. Herb Alpert came in and said "cool" and then walked out. I know. I was there.

tape machine operator Calvin Sweetbread...retired 1997

Date: 08/17/05 00:39:37 EDT

Me And My Dad

My own Dad passed away a year ago today. The song has always meant something since I first heard it when Dark Continent first came out. It was totally unlike new wave fare of the time. It is especially poignant now. Who in the band wrote the lyrics? Stan? DC songs are credited to the entire band.

"He knows the levels of consistency."


Date: 08/16/05 14:49:53 EDT

It means fly eggs were probably on one's person upon entering the room, no?

Date: 08/16/05 14:29:44 EDT


Stan And Drywall's BBQ BABYLON # 1 at CD BABY this week!

Date: 08/15/05 15:30:08 EDT

What does it mean to keep finding large flies in one room with no entry or exit

Date: 08/13/05 14:27:21 EDT

You need to be more specific

Date: 08/13/05 01:41:21 EDT

I used to have the coolest wall of voodoo / stan ridgeway CD but my friggin x-wife lost it and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know where i could find it?


Date: 08/09/05 21:01:00 EDT

Does Chas still play music?

Date: 08/09/05 20:34:21 EDT


Smell that smoke? Feel that flame!

Stan Ridgway's electro/experimental noise combo,
DRYWALL - IS BACK! With a brand new CD for SUMMER!

With fellow fire-chiefs Pietra Wexstun & Rick King, its a sizzling slab of sonic sedition. 15 choice cuts for your BBQ Party.

Get it now here:

http://www.stanridgway.com/purchase /

Date: 08/09/05 19:27:08 EDT

Its great to hear from you and thanks for posting.

Date: 08/06/05 02:20:25 EDT

oh and by the way. My name is JOE THE GENIUS. (JTG)
You can find my picture here at this URL at the Ridgway Site:
- my head hurts-


Date: 08/06/05 02:16:21 EDT

..it looks like Stan and the band are PLAYING IN UTAH!.. finally! Sat. nite Sept. 10th at the Tracks Brewing Company in TOOELE...just a short brainy drive from my Genius House. All other geniuses should know this but it might be a good place to meet up. Are you there?
Let's have a GENIUS FEST in Tooele!

The show. Right here - Sat. night - Sept 10th!: http://www.tracksbrewing.com/

and here's the Stan Tour Page with more info: http://www.stanridgway.com/tour/index.php

Let's do it Utah! Now I am waiting for the new Drywall BBQ BABYLON GENIUS!.! Where is it and when? Drywall is God. I must have the new Drywall apocalyptic document. Will I be able to buy it at Tracks Brewing? It better. be there,.or I'll have a genius fit.

OK! Who else in Utah is coming? Post it here. I AM A GENIUS!!

Date: 08/05/05 23:17:06 EDT

I am totally stoked too on what I heard! Drywall is GOD!!!
Mamba the Mole Man from Manitoba
we like snakes up here...

Date: 08/05/05 18:10:41 EDT

Heard a sizzling rendition of "Barbecue" in Monterey. Ready for more.
Chef Skywalker

Date: 08/03/05 14:35:21 EDT

uh oh! Damn! Smell that smoke? Feel that flame?

Must be a brand new CD by that lil' old electro-experimental noise combo DRYWALL! "BARBEQUE BABYLON".

Its the Third Installment In The Trilogy Of Apocalyptic Documents ! So call the firetrucks and alert FEMA! .. The new DRYWALL is comun' out next week at CD baby and here!:

Pass the short ribs and don't forget to turn your meat! A BBQ without Drywall is never complete! thank you for your time...

jackie "teak" lazar
talent scout and big wheel

Date: 08/03/05 04:56:32 EDT

NZ, Thanks for the advice, as soon as I get a chance I will become a member. Suggestions for voodoo related titles for the film are more than welcome. I'll mention your name in the credits whoever gives me the title I like the most. I have thought of loads but maybe you guys could do better. Gusano

Date: 08/01/05 11:55:10 EDT

Chas, you said "funzone" was 1 of the 2 best songs you and Marc recorded.. what is the other one and do you ever get a chance to play anymore? was also curious if you have been in touch with Andy or Ned .. we all really miss you guys alot..

thanks so much for checking in


Date: 08/01/05 11:47:00 EDT

Chas, Perhaps you could take a look at the message I left on 25th May regarding my film project. Thanks.


Date: 08/01/05 01:34:40 EDT

Hi Chas! Glad you made an
appearance - hoping all is well!
I wasn't Miserable in NYC!!!

Date: 08/01/05 01:28:06 EDT

". . . on the other side of the fence . . ."

What is Paul Rodgers going on tour with
the remaining members of Queen called?!?
Fuckin' BAD COMPANY, what else!!!!!

Soy Desgraciado en la ciudad de Nueva York

Date: 07/31/05 23:11:38 EDT

Chas, I agree with you 100%. Funzone would have been
an awesome concept to build an album around. If you're
game, email me & we can do an interview or something...

(the fan club dude)

Date: 07/31/05 21:00:31 EDT


As you know, no one has come across a studio version of Funzone (bootleg or otherwise)... but there are a few live versions out there. Don't know if you've got your hands on any of these but I'd be happy to send anything along to you if you need. Feel free to contact me here: jtrivisonno@lycos.com

John in Montreal

Date: 07/31/05 04:54:26 EDT

Responding to a comment from may 2005. I Think Funzone is one of the two best Wall of Voodoo songs that Marc and I ever recorded together. Stan's story is brilliant and Joe's percussion amazing. I would love to have a bootleg copy of that. I think we were all sorry it didn't get on a record. Anyway, to whomever said we never respond to this website - I am available for questions(like the answers or not) for a little while. Thanks tor the continued interest. Chas

Date: 07/30/05 23:45:54 EDT

Recently, Miserable in NYC saw Bruce Moreland. He was
sitting outside of a health clinic, getting some sun.
Oh, the irony!
(heh, heh . . .)

Date: 07/29/05 11:13:37 EDT

Decay - That would hve been the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Chas

Date: 07/29/05 00:12:34 EDT


What you are doing sounds very interesting. I would
advise getting a hold of Stan, (which isn't too hard
to do these days) and ask his advice about the copyright
issue. Meanwhile, we'd love to have you as a member over
at the fan club. (it's free)


Either way, please keep us up to date on your project(s).


Date: 07/28/05 17:19:49 EDT

Does anyone know what club the boys were playing in when they filmed "back in flesh" for urgh-a music war..



Date: 07/27/05 22:08:42 EDT

toby here...

for those of you adventurous type out there... I uploaded and am seeding a couple Voodoo shows over at http://www.DimeADozen.org right now... the early Magic Mountain show and an Andy era Madam Wong show from 88... get em while ya can...

Date: 07/27/05 10:24:47 EDT

Robt. Williams was the artist of the painting on the cover of Ugly Americans.

Date: 07/27/05 10:05:25 EDT

Who painted the cover of the ugly americans?

Date: 07/27/05 04:14:47 EDT

Similiar but more messy.

Date: 07/25/05 11:30:48 EDT

Is 'doing the Onion' anything like 'spanking the monkey'?


Oh - and I would LOVE to see your film when you're finished.

Date: 07/25/05 08:52:37 EDT

I am a film student in England. Have been a Wall of Voodoo fan since I was fourteen ( twenty years ago ) and have been in various bands and music projects. If I trace back all of my influences, it always comes down to one root-cause and that is Wall Of Voodoo. Therefore, whilst trying to raise the cash, via grants and various ex - employers for a DV film project on a larger scale than before, it occurred to me that I need to document my gratitude to this mighty band. At first I thought of trying to compile a biography, but I hate "rockumentaries" and "biogs". So the plan is to pick some songs and make a collection of short stories based on them intertwined. I noticed that the Holiday In Dirt was on a similar vein, which I have not seen yet, however I wish to get down in print a portion of ideas that WOV songs have inspired within me. All I need now is to work out how to get around copyright if it is an issue at all. Any info on who I need to talk to would be most appreciated as once this project is made I plan to present at film fests and college shows, all of which demand copy control. I visit this site regularly, but I haven't written on this forum since 2003. I thought as I plan to put my dream into action, I would raise my hand. Recently, I made a promo for one of my fave songs "Factory". I figured as this song inspired such great visions, I felt obliged to get them out of my system. In my head its the MTV that only I would subscribe to and there's no threat of the Chilli Peppers monopolising my channel. Just that awesome Marc Moreland guitar on an endless loop. Gotta go for now, I'm doing the Onion. But someone let me know please...Gusano

Date: 07/23/05 16:02:41 EDT

Stan Ridgway's MYSPACE.com site:

Date: 07/21/05 00:51:59 EDT

JtL here. Sorry I been away so long. Lots of good stuff and lots o garbage.
Thanks to NZ for letting me know that I was asleep at the wheel.
Keep the good stuff coming.

And the Guys Like Girls song is on the Cutting Class soundtrack
Which to my knowledge wasn't released. If anybody has studio or live versions of this song I would love to hear it.

Date: 07/19/05 20:37:39 EDT

Hey everybody. Apparently I'm WoV fan #85. Glad to see there are so many before me.
I just wanted to mention that I am from Vancouver, Canada and I have collected a decent collection of their stuff on soulseek. If anybody wants some, come find me, user name is silentstdrumr, and say that I sent you.

"I exercise in a most unusual way...."

Date: 07/15/05 00:09:02 EDT

Ring of Fire MP3: go to the fan club, link above center.

HTML: email JTL, and I'm sure he'll straghten it all out for you.
(after he removes all that spam bullshit, I'd imagine)
jtl (at) wallofvoodoo.com


Date: 07/13/05 15:21:42 EDT


Click To See This Stuff

Date: 07/12/05 05:36:18 EDT

Is there anyplace I can buy a Ring Of Fire mp3?

Date: 07/11/05 20:06:27 EDT

Hey I was Wondering if any had the song Guys Like Girls. I've been trying to look for it for about 10 yrs. now if so please e-mail me @

Thanks Kay

Date: 07/11/05 16:48:50 EDT

Does anyone know the chords to Mexican Radio? I want to cover it at my next open mic.


Date: 07/01/05 18:45:48 EDT

'ello, fellow Voodoo fans! Quick question: does anyone have the tracklists for Grampa’s House, Happy Planet Demos, Heaven Or Anaheim?, Take Me To Your Leader, and West Of Sammystown? Gracias in advance ... -Raul

Date: 07/01/05 10:58:13 EDT



Date: 07/01/05 10:42:02 EDT

Ultra rare WOV items NEW on eBay: I've listed a matchbook as well as my posters WOV Matchbook & Posters on eBay

Date: 07/01/05 08:13:12 EDT

Just Drive Decay said.

Okay. Okay.

Don't think this one was posted before on the wall so....

For your scrapbooks, an interview (from University of British Columbia's student newspaper "The Ubyssey") with Marc Moreland and Bill Noland after their "passage" at the Luv-A-Fair, B.C. december 1982. Some errors but interesting (page 8 and 9 of pdf).


Bonne Fete to all of those from the Great White North. Have pea soup, back bacon but stay away from Lactogen; it causes diarrhea.

Larry K.

Date: 07/01/05 02:58:56 EDT

Someone has listed a CD copy of Dark Continent on ebay.

Date: 07/01/05 01:33:44 EDT

Granma's: go to the fan club, link up & center

Date: 06/30/05 00:47:21 EDT

GRANMA'S HOUSE - how much and where? Link please.


cmon everyone tighten up.. keep the WOV stuff coming!


Date: 06/27/05 03:29:45 EDT


Date: 06/26/05 21:05:03 EDT

Hey John!

Happy day off next friday to you too (gotta love thoze 2 fridayz off in a row... well, unless you've been selected for the first of july' "Move the fridge, oven, w&d 3 floors down in a spiral staircase" event)

A bientot!
Larry K.

Date: 06/24/05 14:42:22 EDT

Vanilla Icing, hmmm...must be Miles.

Date: 06/24/05 06:20:54 EDT

And plus Andy also too ! Say somethings.

Date: 06/24/05 00:34:03 EDT

With Joe and Marc no longer with us, I really wish Ned, Chas, Bruce would contribute more to their experiences and testimonials and callings of being such influential artists who have inspired so many of us.. Stan, you have your own site and yet you still have postitive things to say about your times with the band and share them with us here on the wall...

time and life is short, and anything at all you have to say would have major impactt, because aftrer all,,,, this site is dedicated to yuz guyz....

Date: 06/24/05 00:11:40 EDT

Bruce Moreland,... where the fuck r u?!......

Date: 06/23/05 21:07:21 EDT

Salut Larry K.!

Thanks for posting up the link to the cool review! Happy day off tomorrow (for those of us in this part of the world).

John in Montreal

Date: 06/23/05 20:41:34 EDT

Any sheet music (tabs) for WOV is severley lacking on the web; any way of getting some tabs (or chords) for "Can't Make Love'? Much obliged if anyone can supply them.


Date: 06/23/05 12:29:00 EDT

And Vanila Icing?

Date: 06/22/05 23:51:01 EDT


Dunno if this has been posted here before... WOV Hollywood Paladium concert review (April 16, 1981)


"if you like their recorded music, you will love them live"
Larry K.

Date: 06/21/05 15:50:56 EDT

Devil's Food

Date: 06/21/05 14:12:09 EDT

Whatta bout Joe N.?

Date: 06/21/05 13:31:00 EDT

Bill Noland, hmmm, he's more of a chocolate fondant...

Date: 06/21/05 11:54:51 EDT

Let's start a movement to get WOV on "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Date: 06/21/05 11:52:45 EDT

What about Bill Noland?

Date: 06/20/05 22:08:59 EDT

looktornado: I dropped you a line by email...

John in Montreal

Date: 06/20/05 12:55:19 EDT

No, I think Chas is the fudge.

Date: 06/20/05 10:48:38 EDT

I am trying to get ahold of JT in canada. I think we know each other. If you could drop me a email. I wanted to ask you something.

Date: 06/20/05 10:43:45 EDT

Fudge - definitely fudge.

Date: 06/18/05 22:13:44 EDT

Yeah, but is he buttercream icing or just whipped cream icing?

Ms. V

Date: 06/18/05 21:33:03 EDT

Judging from both his work with WOV and his own solo work, I hardly think of Stan Ridgway as icing on anybody's cake.
A Long-time Initiate

Date: 06/17/05 20:54:11 EDT

Heard Mexican Radio on the outdoor speakers at a gas
station today. Damn near blew a gasket. Had to plug
my nose & force air through my ears just to make sure
I was hearing correctly. In Minnesota yet! Made my day.


Date: 06/17/05 19:51:38 EDT

kill me in the red....

Date: 06/17/05 15:04:57 EDT

Quite accurate, but it doesn't say much about how it SOUNDS for the uninitiated. The combination of Marc and Chas is what makes the magic IMO, and Stan's dry wit is the icing on the cake.

Date: 06/16/05 14:21:09 EDT

Right on!

Date: 06/16/05 04:51:19 EDT

From the All Music Guide....a little too late me thinks...
dog head.

Critic's Review
5 Star *****
Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Wall of Voodoo's second full-length album, Call of the West, was a noticeably more approachable work than their debut, Dark Continent, and it even scored a fluke hit single, "Mexican Radio," a loopy little number about puzzled American tourists that's easily the catchiest thing on the album. But
while Wall of Voodoo's textures had gotten a bit less abrasive with time, the band's oddball minor-key approach was still a long way from synth pop, and frontman Stan Ridgway's songs were Americana at it's darkest and least forgiving, full of tales of ordinary folks with little in the way of hopes or
dreams, getting by on illusions that seem more like a willful denial of the truth the closer you get to them. There's a quiet tragedy in the ruined suburbanites of "Lost Weekend" and the emotionally stranded working stiff of "Factory," and the title song, which follows some Middle American sad sack
as he chases a vague and hopeless dream in California, is as close as pop music has gotten to capturing the bitter chaos of the final chapter of Nathaniel West's The Day of the Locust. In other words, anyone who bought Call of the West figuring it would feature another nine off-kilter pop tunes like
"Mexican Radio" probably recoiled in horror by the time they got to the end of side two. But there's an intelligence and wounded compassion in the album's gallery of lost souls, and there's enough bite in the music that it remains satisfying two decades on. Call of the West is that rare example of a
new wave band scoring a fluke success with what was also their most satisfying album.

Date: 06/10/05 19:10:43 EDT


I've seen wallofvoodoo.com there's not a complete 'Ugly Americans' there anyone know where I can get it?

It's the only albumn I've ever heard of their's and I've played it a LOT over the years on cassette. What else would you recommend.

please: mgee AT kothea DOT com

thanks all

Date: 06/10/05 18:30:01 EDT

hey there
we have been looking for a download of just one song....far side of crazy...we use to have it but lost it when our computer crashed......anyone know of where i can find it i would be forever grateful.........pls email me at snowcatisback@aol.com

Date: 06/10/05 18:15:36 EDT

June 10, 2005
A Stan Ridgway "music news" segment on
the "EXTRA" TV Show will air this weekend!
In the USA -Check your local times here for when this "EXTRA" show will air in your area:

In this short "Music News" segment, Stan discusses his new CD "Snakebite" and his career so far, along with a performance with Pietra Wexstun (keyboards) and Rick King (guitar) on a song or two.Strange but true. Ridgway on "Extra".

In Los Angeles, EXTRA is on KNBC Channel 4 and will air
this Sat. night June 11 at 7:00 PM and again at 1:00 AM that night.

Leeza Gibbons

Date: 06/09/05 14:40:33 EDT

NZ - did you get my e-mail? I can hook you up.


Date: 06/05/05 02:48:31 EDT

Hey, it's fan club dude here. Does anyone have an
MP3 of 'Dance You Fuckers'? If so, please contact me.


Date: 06/04/05 08:04:06 EDT

It's bullshit. Wall of Voodoo members have always made up stories to tell the press.

Date: 06/02/05 22:34:25 EDT

As per Editorial Reviews 'bout "Plan 9 from Las Vegas" (from Amazon.com):

"Moreland had been a Vegas resident for the previous three years (he) had already pawned or sold all his old equipment, and told them he had given up music (...) Before the night was over Marc hit a Royal Flush..."

blah blah.

True Story? Psychodrama Bullshit? Anybody out there who met M. Moreland during his Vegas years?

We sure miss you Marc.

Date: 06/02/05 18:40:16 EDT

Havent heard from Mazda man in some time.. hope all is well..

I recall the last thing he scripted to me was "fuck you.."


Date: 06/02/05 08:35:36 EDT

HI to all the WOV fans out there reading these posts.... dedication!
Was watching my fav TV show (unimportant) just now and for some reason WALL OF VOODOO popped into my head.... I used to own the "7 days in Samstown" (vinyl obviously), ditched all my vinyls quite a few years ago due to a flood in our garage and have not thought about this band since! That is some random shit.... voodoo waves must have passed thru my brain while I was watching TV :)... I saw these guys live many many years ago in Melb AUSTRALIA (yes I'm an aussie) and was blown away. Great show and great music can't believe they faded into the ether, I'm a fan of their edge ier songs. Just thought I should post this and give everyone the heebee jeebeessss! :) Maybe I have been taken by the dark side of VOODOO..... Jeff Brisbane OZville

Date: 05/31/05 11:50:32 EDT

Thanks for the SPIT update. I hope to locate a great WOV live show a friend dubbed for me years ago - it's one of the best live tapes I have, and the version of "Invisible Man" is amazing. Then maybe I can get some tradesies going.

Unless someone else is a Killing Joke fanatic like myself. Then we can REALLY talk trades!!


Date: 05/29/05 05:23:37 EDT

Stan & Peter Case played Molly Malone's on Fairfax in L.A. on May 26th. I knew it was coming, but I still managed to miss it. Here's a report from Case's blog -- http://bloggn.petercase.com/.


Date: 05/28/05 06:58:07 EDT

Someone awile back mentioned that SPIT was making its way onto ebay. This is a very good show. I would however tell you not to buy it on ebay.People on here have it for trade so ask around. Anyway it was a concert recorded for radio at CLUB SPIT. The big thing at the end is that STAN is told by the radio people they have time for 1 last song. Radio people figure it is going to be MEXICAN RADIO. Joe stats the songLONGARM instead. They finish & say goodnight. The radio stays on the air hoping they will come back out for. They do & STAN starts talking about how he is glad that is over. He looks over & sees they are still on the air & says "OH MY GOD, WE ARE STILL ON THE GODDAMN RADIO!" You then hear JOE start yelling & screaming. Just throwing a fit because they are still on the air. STAN calms him down & they play MEXICAN RAIDO.
Hope that helps.
I. Tattoo

Hope that helps

Date: 05/22/05 18:14:13 EDT

Soooooo,all this clown talk has me wondering..........Who was the guy playing the sad,dusty clown in the "Far Side of Crazy" video? Mucker

Date: 05/22/05 12:56:58 EDT


I really thought Stan was saying (Maybe because I am pea soup)

"All the clowns are there and every weekend in a trailer in the back..."


"While Ronald kicks his dog around".

So that's where Rollo went...

Did WOV cut a 20 minute version of Funzone then?

Cheers for the lyrics!
Larry K.

Date: 05/22/05 00:33:37 EDT

Thanks for the lyrics! uhhh...who posted them?


Date: 05/21/05 12:53:58 EDT

"Rollo" the Clown - is part of the song Funzone. Recorded during the "Call Of The West" sessions but not included on the album. Transcribed from the live bootleg at the 688 Club in Atlanta 1982.

Funzone by Wall Ofd Voodoo

spoken intro:
You know, when we were all like, uh, about this high, knee-high to a jackelope,
We always figured that the fun thing to do was to go to a funzone.
Let's go––let's go to a funzone.

Tents up in the sky and all the animals are waiting for the big show for tonight
Fat man calls my name, and calls me over to the tent he's waiting in–– and says he wants to fight
And Rollo every weekend in his trailer in the back there with the clowns, holds his all-night poker games
Even the fat man came

Let's go to the funzone
We'll have a whole lot of fun
It's all there at the funzone
It's over when the fun is all done

Ride the fastest ride, you get a ticket from the man there in the booth all painted black
Corn dog for a buck, you take three bites and then you jump––what? there's some ice cream down your back
Meet a girl at night, you're talkin' to her while you coax her to a trailer in the back
Where Rollo kicks his dog around

Now there's some weird ice cream stuck on my shoe
This used to be a buck––well, now it's two
And there's the ferris wheel where you spin around
Someone didn't like it––they got sick on the ground

Let's go to the funzone
We'll have a whole lot of fun
It's all there at the funzone
But why does that clown have a gun?
At the funzone
The funzone
At the funzone
We'll be there or we'll all be left at home

Meet a girl at night, you're talkin' to her while you coax her to a trailer in the back
Where Rollo kicks his dog around

Now there's some weird ice cream stuck on my shoe
This used to be a buck––well, now it's two
And there's the ferris wheel where you spin around
Someone didn't like it––they got sick on the ground

Let's go to the funzone
We'll have a whole lot of fun
It's all there at the funzone
But it's over when the fun is all done
At the funzone
The funzone
At the funzone
The funzone
Let's go to the funzone
We'll have a whole lot of fun
It's all there at the funzone
But be sure to wash your hands when you get home

Stanard Ridgway: vocals, keyboards
Marc Moreland: guitar
Chas Gray: synthesizer
Joe Nanini: percussion

Date: 05/21/05 11:39:30 EDT

There is a band out there that is the only thing that comes close to Wall of Voodoo and they are still together. The band is called "The Cruel Sea" and I've been listening to them for years. They are an australian band, i find their stuff in virgin or tower records. The little shops may not have anything from them. They are great and the only thing that comes close in style. The cd "This is not the way home" is really good. And "The Honeymoon Is Over" is great also. Check them out.

Date: 05/21/05 07:26:50 EDT

Listen to Ce Soir by Golden Earring,sounds like Andy Prieboy, ok it isnt but haha. Dave

Date: 05/21/05 00:05:32 EDT

Larry K,

Yes... truly crazy that someone would understand a reference to Bob Gratton here on the board...

...and good to hear from yet another WOV fan up here in Mtl.

I have been bugging Stan to get back up here for a show for quite some time but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe I'll finally convince him once his new record comes out this summer...

Thanks for posting!

John in Montreal

Date: 05/20/05 23:03:36 EDT

I don't know about Marc's wife but does anyone know where any concert footage of the band exists with Andy. Like the sammy's town tour or something? Everything I've seen and purchased is the old stuff with Stan. I love that stuff but I'd like to get some with andy.

Date: 05/20/05 23:00:02 EDT

Anyone know how marc's wife is doing? Does she still live in France, has she started working again in a band or with a new magic show?

Date: 05/20/05 20:32:29 EDT

Salut John,

Tu es perspicace. Je n’aurais jamais pensé parler d’Elvis Gratton sur le forum de discussion de Wall of Voodoo…Ouais, un Montréalais d’adoption…

While I have the spittoon…

WOV is my best band ever and I’ve been following them since I was a pimpled teenager… that’s more than 20 years ago, when corn dogs used to be a buck.

I’ve been watching the forum for quite a while…years actually. I’ve always refrained from posting anything cuz I had nothing new to say. But that 20 minutes track about Raul (Rollo?) the Clown that was bumped out of CotW was an interesting story. Unfortunately, there’s always a bunch of trous de cul around to turn forums into a pre-pubescent “pipi caca” thing. C’est probablement pour ca que j’avais jamais rien posté.

Nuf said.

Au plaisir de te reparler un de ces 4 John!

And for the others: Be sure to wash your hands when you get home

Larry K.

Date: 05/20/05 20:12:20 EDT

You people lost me about 60 miles back

Date: 05/20/05 17:21:57 EDT

Everybody wants to get inta da act.
Mr.James Durante

Date: 05/20/05 17:19:17 EDT

Re: Mix Magazine Article. "Success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan."
Frank the Philosopher

Date: 05/20/05 15:45:43 EDT

What is Tomorrow Wendy and why is it a waste?

Date: 05/20/05 13:00:26 EDT

Gosh, I haven't posted here in quite awhile but I couldn't resist after seeing a comment from someone who is surely - judging by the use of his colloquialisms - from my neck of the woods...

Larry: Are you THE Larry Krishna? From Krishna Motors?

John in Montreal

Date: 05/18/05 23:11:03 EDT

Does anyone know what happened to Raul the Clown?


Larry Krishna

P.S. Hey, where's Geddy?

Date: 05/18/05 21:36:29 EDT

Hey Hillary:
This is why we have a fan club, man.
The link is up to the right & center.

Date: 05/18/05 13:41:42 EDT

Hello WOV fans, I'm looking for a cd-r copy of
Dark Continent or any Live WOV on CD I don'y have.
I have these following shows to trade plus many more:

Wall of Voodoo "Index Masters" 1st Ep + 11/22/79 Live CD
Wall of Voodoo 9/21/80 Club Lingerie, Hollywood, CA 60 mins A- CD
Wall of Voodoo 11/8/80 California Hall,San Francisco,CA 40 mins A CD
Wall of Voodoo 11/80 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA 45 mins A- CD
Wall of Voodoo 2/14/81 Whisky, Hollywood, CA 50 mins A- CD
Wall of Voodoo 12/30/81 Roxy, Hollywood, CA 50 mins A-/B++ CD
Wall of Voodoo 11/3/82 Spit Club, Long Island, NY 55 mins A CD
Wall of Voodoo 6/2/83 El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada 55 mins A CD
Wall of Voodoo '82 "Call Of The West" CD

Please contact me at: Hillaryduffsface@yahoo.com Thanks

Date: 05/18/05 11:15:26 EDT

What's the scoop on this 'SPIT' cd I am seeing out there for sale. It's an 83 show. How is the quality? I'm excited to see "Me And My Dad" on there.


Date: 05/17/05 16:36:44 EDT

South Pacific?
Hilo Hattie (have you heard my latest -"Just Hula She Said")

Date: 05/17/05 16:27:36 EDT

Re: Message posted Date: 05/08/05 19:28:21 EDT

Wow! Algebra Suicide! I remember them from many years back. "The Secret Like Crazy" is a great album.


Date: 05/17/05 05:24:19 EDT

That's Broadway, Baby!

Date: 05/17/05 05:21:03 EDT

Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

Talk about the moon floatin' in the sky
Lookin' at a lily on the lake;
Talk about a bird learnin' how to fly.
Makin' all the music he can make.

Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

Talk about the sparrow lookin' like a toy
Pickin' through the broaches of a tree;
Talk about the girl, talk about the boy
Countin' all the ripples on the sea.

Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true?

Talk about the boy sayin' to the girl:
"Golly, baby, I'm a lucky cause."
Talk about the girl sayin' to the boy:
"You an' me is lucky to be us!"

Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true?

If you don't talk happy,
And you never have dream,
Then you'll never have a dream come true!
-Bloody Mary

Date: 05/15/05 10:50:18 EDT

"Drive She Said" dedicated to Stefanianna M.

"DJ, PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON!!! I refuse to pick
parts of your face out of my windshield!!!"
(Famous last words . . . She always preferred
Stan, anyway.)

And so it goes . . .

Date: 05/15/05 05:00:32 EDT

Miserable in NYC strikes again:
After the show @ Irving Plaza, me & a former band decided that I should emulate Bruce. So, I put a razor to my head, got tattooed, converted my Korg synth to a bass keyboard, & switched from playing a Peavey Maple Hardwood bass, to playing a black Atlas. None of this helped my "music career" any, of course. We could easily say this happened because I was never as talented as Bruce, or as handsome - GIVEN!(Das ist nicht Nachrichten!!!) Or, maybe it happened because one of the band's founders decided to rope himself an ugly, greasy fatted calf & never return! "Jungle, Jungle, Jungle, Jungle Boogie . . ." Maybe I just belonged elsewhere. I recall the USCG. "Drunken sailor, drunken sailor, what'll we do with a drunken sailor?!?" Sounds like me . . .

Date: 05/14/05 15:22:31 EDT

To "Miserable in NYC" - come on, sing it:
This little light of mine
I'm gonna make it shine

Date: 05/14/05 15:14:50 EDT

Never have a heard such eloquence.
Willie the Shake

Date: 05/14/05 12:07:30 EDT

Re: "Schwachsinnige!" und "Moron NB":
Du hast ein Vogl in diene Kopf!
(I always knew being of German descent
would come in handy!
Most Sincerely,
"Miserable in NYC"
I know, I know - that's redundant!)

Date: 05/14/05 02:53:07 EDT

I saw Wall of Voodoo(Winter of '86), at Irving Plaza, in NYC. That show made quite an impact on me! That same month, I heeded my "Call Of The West", & left to visit friends of mine. In '89, I moved to the SW, & stayed 4 about 8 years. I wish I never had 2 come back 2 NYC!!!
I was in a nasty car accident in '96(part of the reason I moved back 2 NYC). I was in a coma for a while, and when I "snapped out of it", Rehab began. I am still in Rehab & see no end to it @ this point.
Because of all the "medical crap" I've been going through, I had no idea that Marc Moreland had passed away, until recently. I am very much saddened by this! If Bruce reads this by any chance, I send him my condolences, however late this may be. I am truly sorry about the loss of a very talented musician - and brother, of course . . .

"And there are those of us, in this world, who have died, but God would not take them home. That's why they are here, on this Earth, today.
These people don't feel as if they have anything to offer this world. Yet, they are fully aware that people have died, who had an awful lot to give - and did so!!!"
So, would somebody fuckin' tell me, why I am here, when I've tried to leave this life(much more than once!), and a man like Marc Moreland, is not?!?!??!?
Dear God help me, because I just DO NOT understand . . .

Date: 05/11/05 11:02:26 EDT

Nice review on http://blogup.canalblog.com

Date: 05/10/05 01:44:36 EDT

Stan Ridgway was recently interviewed by Jonathan Alley of Triple R Radio in Melbourne Australia. They discuss "Snakebite" and other works as well as some people that have influenced Stan. You can listen to it
here on the stations archive page :

Triple R Archive:

Here also is the station's website:

mr. questions

Date: 05/08/05 19:28:21 EDT

Thanks NZ. Here are my latest finds:
Algebra Suicide (if you watch the video...you might hear something familiar - a rhythm ace):

Jimmy Carter Syndrome:

Date: 05/06/05 15:10:22 EDT


wall of voodoo uber alle!!!!

heil !!!!!

Date: 05/05/05 14:06:13 EDT

Schwachsinnige! Moron Nazi bastard!!!!

Date: 05/04/05 06:20:06 EDT

Voodoo is einfach nur Kacke!!!

Voodoo is the biggest shit ever!!!

Date: 05/03/05 02:34:16 EDT


PICTURES is probably the only band I would compare to WoV Mach I.
There are many similar elements.


Date: 05/03/05 02:05:16 EDT

Hey man, it's that dude with the fan club here. Just thought I'd share my latest site update with you all, because WoV fans not only have great taste in music, they are usually a bunch of sick, twisted mo-fos. This is about a band that went almost completely unnoticed in 1983, but whose album I luckily stumbled across in the .25 cent vinyl bins that same year. Long story short, one of the chaps who made this INSANELY AWESOME music found my feature, tracked me down and granted me an interview -- about an album that is now 22 years old.

Friends and neighbors, meet Andy Stennett, formerly of the band PICTURES:

New MP3s there too; don't miss this one, folks.


Date: 05/02/05 18:59:58 EDT

Keeps life interesting, no? It gets to be a little like the stock exchange.
Voodoo Spirit

Date: 05/02/05 18:52:18 EDT

Oh beautiful, 4 spaceship guys.

Date: 04/30/05 14:40:15 EDT

Chock Full

Date: 04/30/05 14:02:05 EDT

Who isn't clustered like a walnut? Leave those nuts alone.
Shuggy Gargoyle/ex-Everything

Date: 04/29/05 16:37:30 EDT

Hey, we're scrawling on a wall here, man.

Date: 04/29/05 16:19:56 EDT

We're just funnin' with ya, baby.
Dick Wad (bulge on the right)

Date: 04/27/05 18:32:50 EDT

All that and no names.

"While you're at it why not include your name
so people know who you are", wov open forum.

So sorry to have brought such a sore subject.

Estefan Bravo "Guy on the left"

Date: 04/27/05 14:53:06 EDT

Stan's "Camouflage" was clipped on VH1 for the worst dressed awards. The big guy who won American Idol was in this one piece.. it was terrible..

wonder if Stan got paid.?

Date: 04/26/05 23:21:36 EDT

Bitch ass mofo. I'll kick yo ass in memory of Dale Earnhardt!


Date: 04/25/05 12:59:56 EDT

You name the place and time, I'll be there!

Vince Neil

Date: 04/24/05 12:47:05 EDT

Sent you a high-quality MP3, Duke


Date: 04/24/05 02:08:58 EDT

Anybody know where I can get an Mp3 of "Can't Make Love" ( I can't believe LimeWire doesn't have it...where are my old albums when I need them?)

-Duke the Dinosaur

Date: 04/20/05 14:00:17 EDT


Date: 04/18/05 19:31:32 EDT

Meet me in the alley.
Axel Rose

Date: 04/18/05 19:03:49 EDT

Hey all you friends and fans of the "Great Andy Prieboy",
Does any one remember Estefan Bravo from the Andy Prieboy Band and
White Trash Wins Lotto. Well I remember you!
I wanted to invite you all down to the LA Theatre Center to see
"Shag with a Twist". A new musical non-musical production.
The sets and costumes are out of this world and the score, although it was not written in the infamous stylings of Gilbert, Sullivan and Prieboy, is approprietly lounge, exotica and GO-GO!
So check out the web-site get excited and tell a friend!
Not only am I one of the producers I am also the show host. It is my job to welcome you all to the show each Thursday, Friday and Saturday now through June 11th.
See you all there and be sure to have a drink in our polynesian "Jetsetter Lounge".
Thank you for your time and it would be swell to see you all again. I miss those wonderfull days at Cafe Largo.
Estefan Bravo(Axel Rose type charactor)
Assistant Producer
Jetsetter Productions

Date: 04/17/05 14:51:12 EDT

That was very cool of you, Elizabeth - Thanks.

The poster links below will be added
to the fan club today as well.


Date: 04/14/05 18:35:25 EDT

Ultra rare WOV products : Voodoo Smoke. One included (matchbook) with a poster purchaseWOV Posters on eBay


Date: 04/13/05 10:38:10 EDT

Ditto from me, NZ. And, folks, there's a Paypal link on that page of NZ's for contributions. I Paypal'd mine to him as a thank you for the Dance of Death download since I'd have paid for it on Ebay if I hadn't kept getting outbid. A few bucks here and there will add up and allow him to keep up with the bandwidth needed to support our WoV mp3 habits. So throw a few bucks his way if you can afford it.

Rock on,

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 04/13/05 09:55:56 EDT

Dear NZ ,Thanks so much for the Dance of Death download. Much appreciated, Mucker

Date: 04/10/05 03:24:34 EDT

Attention fan club members:

I sent out an update to everyone, and recieved a
few failure notices. If you did not recieve an update
dated Sunday, April 10th please let me know at:


New download available at Gramps'...


Date: 04/08/05 09:14:55 EDT


I have a DVD for trade (dvd-r) of the US Festival, plus numerous Stan era appearances (mainly performing Mexican Radio) plus the video of Far Side of Crazy, tv studio performances of Country of Man and Do it Again and 5 live tracks from German tv in 1987. All pretty good quality (in other words you can actually enjoy watching it!). If anyone has dvd or video of other WOV stuff I would be very interested to trade this for it.

(email sh007a5913@blueyonder.co.uk)

Date: 04/08/05 07:30:58 EDT

Ha ha ha....."Method Green". Methedrine does sound better.

It's like that Bee Gee's tune "Bald Headed Woman"


Date: 04/08/05 00:41:12 EDT

What about Dame Edna and Buck Owens?

Date: 04/08/05 00:38:17 EDT

this is like the Hendrix tune huh? - "'scuse me while I kiss this guy!"...
anybody got anymore?

Date: 04/08/05 00:36:43 EDT

ummm... max?..that's "methedrine" not method green....
its in the lyric book....
marion the librarian

Date: 04/07/05 15:00:47 EDT

Just what is "Method Green" from Stan's "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues"? Is it what I think it is?


Date: 04/07/05 12:12:17 EDT

I've reduced the $ price on my Dark Continent Wall Poster and my Index 12" EP Wall Poster listed on eBay. MINTY FRESH, never used condition. WOV Posters on eBay

Date: 04/07/05 02:48:01 EDT

hey steve wynn is cool...
and so is stan o course.
peter too.

Date: 04/06/05 16:48:20 EDT


Date: 04/03/05 16:44:10 EDT

Can't say I'm a big fan of Case or Wynn. What about John Lydon and Jonathan Richman? Way Weird!

Date: 04/03/05 15:47:20 EDT

The info about the possible group with Ridgway, Case & Wynn was posted on Case's blog. Maybe it fizzled out.


Date: 04/03/05 15:19:22 EDT

where did you read that?

Date: 04/03/05 14:30:14 EDT

I just read that, as of December 2004, Stan was working on forming a "Highwaymen-type group" with Peter Case and Steve Wynn. I also just learned that Case & The Plimsouls are reuniting to tour with X this summer.


Date: 04/03/05 09:04:13 EDT


Date: 04/02/05 10:21:54 EST


Date: 03/31/05 03:36:20 EST

Here is a a recent article from MIX Magazine USA on
Stan Ridgway and Wall of Voodoo - "Mexican Radio"
"Classic Tracks" in MIX Magazine :

Wall Of Voodoo Article:

From the piece in MIX:
A little something about Wall of Voodoo....
Wall of Voodoo's quirky originality made them one of the shining stars of the Los Angeles punk / new wave scene. While there were many commercially successful pop acts coming out of LA in the early '80s, most relied on their image to sell records and
made music in a style lifted from their New York or London counterparts. Wall of Voodoo had a distinct sound that was uniquely American, and their music contained a self-mocking tone that provided early '80s new wave listeners a welcome break from the
somber, self-absorbed new romantics. Their lyrics can be haunting and thought provoking, and while "Mexican Radio" may not tax your little gray cells, the line "I wish I was in Tiajuana eating barbecued iguana" is the work of genius.

The group scored a hit with their "Ring of Fire" cover, but "Mexican Radio" was to be the group's most successful work, receiving considerable play both on the air and on MTV. Wall of Voodoo front man Stan Ridgway left the band to do his own thing, and
continues to record solo material as well as experiment with new projects.

The VAN in MANchester, UK
doggin' down at the corner pub
come back Stan...we need you now.
music is bleek and in need of a skeek.

Date: 03/30/05 18:15:56 EST

I've got one of those "Bruiser" dogs sitting here in my room, looking at me! These ceramic statues were available on the sidewalks of Tijuana, Mexico as late as the early 1990s.

Bill in Westlake Vlg, CA

Date: 03/30/05 04:49:27 EST

Hello out there,does anyone know where to find "the dog"from early Wall of Voodoo pictures?I'm just recently discovering this great band and Stanards solo material and I love it all!!Anyone can contact me at simonblngbrk@aol.com if anyone has info on the dog statue,thanks alot!!

Date: 03/28/05 19:03:05 EST


But don't take aids!!!!!!!;-)))

Date: 03/27/05 12:15:47 EST

Watch out! You could go blind doing too much of that.

Date: 03/27/05 09:19:12 EST

In the old porno called Night Dreams, they use the Wall of Voodoo song Ring Of Fire in one of the scenes.

I thought some people here might find that to be interesting.

Date: 03/26/05 01:03:13 EST

There is a different version of Funzone here:

Tangento.net - Downloads

(scroll down a bit) I prefer it to the US Fest version.

Date: 03/25/05 15:00:01 EST

Does anyone have tabs for this stuff. I guess I could sit down and figure it all out but if it's already ben done I'd love to share the fruits of someone elses's labor. the band I play in got a request at a club last week for Mexican Radio and we looked at each other and said. That was great stuff. We would make a lot of people happy covering it if it was done faithfully.

JC - Elkins Park, PA

Date: 03/25/05 11:30:09 EST

Stan`s got many fans here in Norway. Will he come over and play for us in the future?

Lost Weekend

Date: 03/25/05 01:25:17 EST


Date: 03/23/05 21:33:53 EST

How many versions of Funzone exist. The only one I have is from the US Festival from someone in the crowd. There has to be a better copy of this song somewhere.

Date: 03/22/05 13:07:56 EST

nice album.

back in flesh: too much cool!!!!


Date: 03/21/05 21:55:49 EST

All out of print WoV can be found in one form or another at the fan club.

Date: 03/21/05 18:42:39 EST

Buy the CD. He sells them at all of his shows.

Date: 03/20/05 16:39:26 EST

Have an old cassette with 4 tracks from 1st album. Longarm, Cant make love, Struggle, Ring of Fire. Would love to have them digitally. Any suggestions.

Date: 03/19/05 09:22:03 EST

Don't know about Andy and Stan, but Joe and Ned met and went on to lead happy and productive lives.

Date: 03/18/05 23:07:47 EST

Good question...

Date: 03/18/05 21:50:56 EST

Have Stan and Andy ever met? I was always curious as to Stan's perspective of WOV after he left.

Date: 03/18/05 21:39:18 EST

Stan Ridgway is a genius. His work with WOV and solo projects are legendary. However, Andy Prieboy did make one hell of an album in "Seven Days In Sammy's Town." Moreover, the "Ugly American" live album was great as well. I just saw Stan perfom live the other night. He was incredible and he even did a couple of WOV songs, including a hillarious cover of "Mexican Radio."

Date: 03/18/05 10:23:59 EST

Great article

Date: 03/13/05 19:22:22 EST

WoV Article

I have asked permission to post the article permanently at the fan club.


Date: 03/13/05 18:16:13 EST

That article was GREAT(even if there were a couple of minor errors)! Thanks,Tattoo -Mucker

Date: 03/13/05 14:38:15 EST

sorry, maybe this one will work


Date: 03/13/05 14:35:06 EST

If any of you can get MIX MAGAZINE there is an article on WALL OF VOODOO this month. To view it now go to this link


At the end of the month, this will be taken off the web for the next magazine articals so save it while you can.

Date: 03/06/05 20:45:37 EST


Date: 03/06/05 01:44:08 EST

More head? I get it...

Date: 03/05/05 16:11:38 EST

"Maybe he needs an Agnes Morehead.
Sheila the T." But I bet he woulld prefer a Rita Hayworth......Mucker

Date: 03/05/05 02:16:28 EST

Maybe he needs an Agnes Morehead.
Sheila the T.

Date: 03/04/05 22:21:21 EST

Mr. Richard Mazda is the new Orson Welles of NYC!. now..who will play his John Houseman?...or does he really need one? Maybe not. In a city of change, risk is reward. Things are changing in the big apple, and looks like Mazda is set to begin a new vangaurd! No foolin'! Just fact.
- NY Mr.Seymour...deep down in alphabet city hangin' with Leo...sniffin' for the new vibe.

Date: 03/04/05 15:45:30 EST

Kevin- Hengistbury Head is a Saxon burial ground and fort to the east of Bournemouth. The penisula runs down to Mudeford Beach and its where the Avon finally spews into the sea. If you stand on one of The Needles facing inland and looking left or West you will hear Bournemouthians calling to you. It's the Call of The ....no I can't actually say that.
Mucker- Arthur Lee? Yeah I see what you mean. Maybe we'll get Steve Wynn [Dream Syndicate] to play bass

Date: 03/01/05 21:57:15 EST

You learn something every day!

Date: 03/01/05 15:56:09 EST

Also known in California parlance as "Botts' Dots" after inventor Elbert D. Botts...


Freeway Pumpkin

Date: 03/01/05 13:02:22 EST

Cats-eyes road studs (UK) = Raised Pavement Markers (USA)

Date: 02/27/05 20:19:57 EST

I've listed a Dark Continent Wall Poster and an Index 12" EP Wall Poster on eBay.eBay WOV Posters

Date: 02/27/05 16:21:59 EST

Greetings from the Kevin.
Mr Mazda, where da phuk is Hengistbury Head... is that on the south coast of England.
Liz/Hippie Dave, the festivals aren't too bad; this years headline is R.E.M.... at the mo', it runs for 3 days.
If anyone deserves to play there it's Stan t' man. He can stay at mine... ahhh, sweet 'pipe dream'. "This modern world, deserves a modern attitude".
From Cowes- famous for its annual boat racing,
Isle Of Wight.

Date: 02/26/05 20:41:18 EST

hello Bruce Moreland Here(ex wall of voodoo basist) does anyone know how i can get in touch with Andy Prieboy , we where working on getting some legal stuff and he changed his phone and e-mail let me know brucedawn@mindspring.com say something like my name in your email so I don't deleat it with all the other spam

Date: 02/26/05 15:19:12 EST

I would actually love to see Stan do an acoustic set of Voodoo songs.Dave, England

Date: 02/26/05 15:16:48 EST

Great idea Mucker,but if so, has to be filmed............Dave, England

Date: 02/26/05 13:13:16 EST

Ok ,here's what I would like to see concerning a Mazda/Ridgway concert- a complete performance of the "Call of the West" songs. Kinda like the Arthur Lee performance of the "Forever Changes" album at the Royal Albert Hall in 2003. It's a classic album and deserves it and would be a nice memoriam to Marc and Joe. Mucker

Date: 02/26/05 10:59:49 EST

Hi Decay,

Well...in answer to your question I am always up to something.I have built two new websites, www.leastfamous.com and www.thequeensplayers.com. The first is a musical website with soundclips from a few productions, some history and the promise of new music. I have been in discussion with Chuck D and Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy about their Fine Arts Militia project and I am planning a solo record. I am also about to open a new venue/theater in Long Island City and have been talking to Stan about the possibility of doing a gig in June. I launched a theater company in Jan which now has 25 people involved, have directed one play and am about to direct and act in the next one which I have partially written. I am in the middle of writing a book about the IRS years and more and will be writing another play for summer production. BTW Jtl has kindly put links to the sites on the links page here..

Date: 02/26/05 05:38:40 EST

Cheers Liz, yes i live on the border of Bradford ,where the Brontes come from and the town of Halifax(Halifax is famous for the inventor of cats-eyes road studs in the middle of the roads, usless info part 1)Likewise I have been to the states a lot as my wife comes from Ohio.Its a bit of a culture shock as us Brits who do not drive find it so difficult to cross the road haha,whereas all my american friends are amazed at all the trains and buses that can take you anywhere.As to Wall of Voodoo,I first saw them in Leeds, Yorkshire about 81 or 82 at the Futurama festival.Strangely enough have never heard of any UK footage turning up anywhere.When Stan played Leeds in 86, he jumped off the stage and landed directly in front of my pal Steve and I, looked us in the face and said,'Do you know what the F.ck I am singing about?,' we were surprised at him landing near us so just looked at him, and he shook his head and said 'No, me neither' that was brilliant. Hippie (not hippy) Dave, West Yorkshire, North of England....

Date: 02/26/05 02:01:41 EST

Mazda, what else have you been working on, creatively, other than this website? but with seriousness, have you ever worked with Joe Chicarellli?


Date: 02/25/05 18:35:06 EST

Dear Dave - thanks for the info. on the Isle of Wight. You live in Yorkshire? Cool. I was there years ago. I love the pubs, the pudding and the Bronte sisters - not necessarily in that order. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate trading experiences Identity theft sure is rammpant!

Date: 02/25/05 15:10:51 EST

To I.Tattoo whoever you are,I made one comment about my transaction that I never received on here,and have not been on here for quite a while.All I stated was I send a cassette in good faith and over a year later was still getting excuses.I certainly made no comments about that persons wife as I did not know he was married. A s to who I am, well I m the person who actually suggested the fan club in the first place, as JTL will verify,and whoever pretended to be me, its Hippie not Hippy as tattooed on my arm.Anyway, just wanted to get this off my chest, and its done with, I also sent items to someone else on here as well a paying postage out of my own pocket, but did not get that either, but not everyone in life is honest........ Hippie Dave,North of England.

Date: 02/25/05 14:57:06 EST

To LA LIZ, festivals were banned on the Isle of Wight after 1970,(For those that are not sure where it is, its an island just across from the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth in the county, what you call states of Hampshire.It is a cool place, as I have been several times.Festivals wer resurrected in 2002, however at Ryde sports stadium, and only small scale to those in the old days.Hippie Dave, Bradford, Yorkshire, Peoples republic of England..

Date: 02/24/05 20:24:28 EST


Historical: Fagin, Cromwell, King Lear and The Marquis de Sade.
Modern: Travis in Paris, Texas, Verbil in Usual Suspects, any Joe Pesci [I would kill to be able to improvise like the dinner scene in Goodfellas, yeah it was]

Plus any evil twisted priests, Jack Lemmon in Missing, Jack Nicholson in One Flew/Easy Rider, Denis Hopper in Blue Velvet, the dancing chicken in eraserhead....
My fav original was creating a sleazy Morrocan hotel character called Jimmy who was probably fond of corrupting girls boys and goats

Date: 02/24/05 14:39:34 EST

Cool!! Never got to see the Accused in the day. If only we could have a WOV reunion (sniff!). I don't think Joe or Marc could ever be replaced.


Date: 02/24/05 03:18:42 EST

As Joe Nannini would say - BOHICA

Date: 02/23/05 22:51:15 EST


Date: 02/23/05 22:34:35 EST

A shitload of Sphincter? Oh, I simply can't wait...
Oscar Wilde

Date: 02/23/05 21:39:34 EST

Yeah, Panther that's the rest of my site. Grampa's is just
one cog in the Great Psychotic Wheel. ; ) I'll be adding
a shitload more of those obscure MP3s soon, since I have
just expanded the webspace to 500 MB.

Nice to see another sick-ass Sphincter fan here! BTW, did
you know the Accused had reformed? New CD on the way, DVD,
all kinds of cool shit:



Date: 02/23/05 12:24:58 EST

Hey! Grampa's House has cool links to samples of The Accused AND Mighty Sphincter! I'm impressed. If there was ever a band as unique and talented as WOV, it would have to be the Sphincter!

The drummer still sells their stuff on Ebay and has live videos for sale, too. Definitely the most insane band of all time.

Date: 02/23/05 02:22:20 EST

"Werwolf": Go to the fan club page, and I
GUARANTEE you will have some kind of copy
of Dark Continent within a week or two.

Grampa's House

Does anyone have any vintage W.o.V. pics?
Stan is on the lookout to add to his awesome
new photo gallery...

From Clark Price at Stan's board:

Stan's Awesome New Photo Gallery

"...and if anyone has any "vintage" pics?..
send 'em to us email and we'll take a look..
no big loads though!! one or two at a time
and no more than 4 megs please. Try stuffing
them too if you can. "


Date: 02/23/05 01:54:19 EST

Merv Griffin?
Two head shots coming your way...
The Princess sez high

Date: 02/22/05 22:21:15 EST

Question for Herr Mazda: What historical character would you kill to portray in a film or on stage?

Date: 02/22/05 20:05:28 EST

Sheila, Honey you can always send me a head shot


Date: 02/22/05 07:34:05 EST

Hey guys, i am great fan of WOV from Italy. It's hard (impossible...) to find a cd of DARK CONTINENT in my coutry. Is possible download this from the net?
Thank you

Date: 02/22/05 03:21:15 EST

Where can I join up? I'm a playah too, baby.
H.M.Sheila the T.

Date: 02/21/05 22:19:50 EST

Here are some new links to other cool Mazda (Zoom Zoom Zoom) sites
Check out the Queens Players
Richard Mazda is the Artistic Director and an actor with this group. Worth the visit just to read RM's CV.

The Least Famous Website
This is the place to find Richard Mazda related records, artists(including WOV) and songs.

Date: 02/21/05 22:00:35 EST

When I saw the lead singer of Killing Joke in broad daylight at a festival in Switzerland years ago, he had big curly hair and kinda reminded me of Eugene Levy's Sammy Maudlin character from SCTV.
Terry in Toronto

Date: 02/21/05 17:48:13 EST

Killing Joke (mo other favorite band) issued an outdoor festival gig a few years back. Same vibe - they should never be let out in the daylight. However, they enjoy some tongue-in-cheek humor and some of the songs are amazing - especially "Night Time" which might be the best version of that song that I've heard, and performed in the middle of the day!!

The collection is called "No Way Out But Forward Go".

I wasn't impressed with the "Dance Of The Dead' cd. The performance seemed thin and uninspired. The 2 live cuts off the 3"cd on IRS are far superior.


Date: 02/21/05 02:07:05 EST

Hey! I've seen this US Fest video...its great!...althiough seeing Stan and WOV in broad daylight is kind of shocking seems wrong... and it does not let them set any mood at all, other than the "Another Lame Festival" vibe....good to see though. I perfer the darker club vids..( Atlanta, Sant Cruz..)
anothet voo fan...
Boston -

Date: 02/20/05 21:51:29 EST

I am the one who won the US Festival DVD of Wall Of Voodoo on ebay. I am a frequent visitor to this site, and Wall Of Voodoo is my most favorite band of all time. I realize it is hard these days to find Wall Of Voodoo videos, and that there is great WOV stuff waiting to be seen by so many fans. Therefore I will get in touch with who runs the fanclub, and share it all with all of you. Bear in mind I have a pretty busy work schedule, but I can guarantee by this weekend (or depending when I receive the item) I will have at least a good chunk of the US Festival set made into MPEGS and sent to the owner of the fanclub. I want to give back for what you people have provided in the past, and for having this wonderful website dedicated to the most unique and original band of all time.

contact me at: jtsackett@cableone.net

Date: 02/20/05 17:51:15 EST

I used to stare at the Isle of Wight from Hengistbury Head and wonder....


Date: 02/20/05 03:27:13 EST

Translation please...

Date: 02/20/05 01:11:23 EST

i wont a fucking hatchetman url god mother fucking damnit dog

Date: 02/19/05 16:04:46 EST

I definitely do! Does THE KEVIN live on the Isle of Wight and does it still have festivals and might Stan possibly play there???
La Liz

Date: 02/17/05 21:22:23 EST

Dylan? did some say Bob Dylan?...at last maybe someone who sees the link between Voodoo and Bob the Bard! Stan Ridgway has covered Bob Dylan as well as Johnny Cash and other great songwriters.

a Voodoo AND Dylan fan

Date: 02/17/05 21:05:22 EST

Is that the same Isle of Wight that had really great music festivals? There's a famous photo of Bob Dylan and his pregnant (with Jacob?) wife Sara on their way there...

Date: 02/17/05 15:54:45 EST

Has anyone actully heard of thei ISLE OF WIGHT?,

Date: 02/17/05 15:50:10 EST

Gretings all,
This is great!. I live on an Island at the southern extreme of the U.K. . And Was the only person who'd even heard of W.O.V., let alone like!, it's sooo enlightening just getting all this new info on 'the boys'- both Stan' and Andy respectively.
Anyway, I only wanted to thank all the Freekz and Geekz that you are. "Red light... Blue light".

Date: 02/15/05 01:47:20 EST

I just recieved a copy of 'Dance of Death', which
is a bootlegged version of a 'Grade A' NON-BOOTLEG
live Canadian recording from 1983. Here is some info
about the original release:

BBC College Concert

I'm sure many of you have heard this, but for those
who want it I will be posting it in high-quality MP3
on my newly expanded website. (fan club exclusive)


(p.s. it sounds awesome, but boy did they miss Bruce's
thundering presence on this tour; no disrespect to Noland)

Date: 02/13/05 17:38:54 EST

Do any of you happen to be the same as the person(s)
who won the WoV US Festival DVD on Ebay? If so, the
fan club implores you to share! I would have bid myself,
but cannot afford such extravagences at this time.

$40.00 was just a bit much.

So how 'bout it?


Date: 02/13/05 08:54:12 EST

Good STAN, that dog on the cover is one of the thing who do you GREAT!!!
Original .

Date: 02/13/05 01:40:44 EST

FYI voodoo board:
I just saw that Stan Ridgway will be at SXSW in Austin TX this year.
here is the gig _
The Cactus Cafe
St. Patrick's Day
Thurs. March 17th
Cactus Cafe website:

Olson from Norway

Date: 02/13/05 01:35:30 EST

Sy Amber ...gosh ...i remenber him so well...Sy Amber Clothing owned the building ther on Cosmo and Hollywood...the building where all the punks used to stay.
Stan was the one that got in there first by wearing a straight looking brooks brothers suit, and saying he ran a school for the deaf or something . there would be no noise.
Out of that? ...Wall of Voodoo Soundtracks, the Masque, the Band...
punk rock - art rock - whatever...

I think I'm old now ....but here's this ..

We are the last of the mohicans!

Afetr us? come the barbarians!

paul the propman with frankie
wow what a trip!

Date: 02/13/05 01:24:16 EST

Stan Ridgway bought the "dog" in Mexico and brought it back to the band to their Hollywood Blvd run -down seedy stinky offices and loudly declared, "This is our mascot and symbol!"

The band was not impressed.

On the release of the firstt EP, WALL OF VOODOO - all fans and critics world wide hailed the minimal artwork and "wierd voodoo dog symbol".

After that - the band said " yes..of course....we done that..."...

and it was always thus....

so says,

(or perhaps next door...)


Date: 02/12/05 20:26:18 EST

who is the AUTHOR OF THE DOG?


Date: 02/12/05 13:34:53 EST

The Granma's House picture is one by photographer Ed Colver I think...
either that or Carlos Grasso, who was a WOV art partner back in the day..
- L.A. art ape

Date: 02/12/05 13:23:58 EST

Are you talking about the baby doll head picture? I think I read that it was taken at a place called Grandma Prisby's Bottle Village...I think that was her name...she was kind of like the guy who built the Watts Towers in that she used found materials to make her art.
Euell Howser

Date: 02/12/05 12:11:33 EST

I ask again, doea anyone know where the cover of Granma's House was taken... and whos Granma lived there!.
The Kev!n I.O.W.

Date: 02/11/05 04:04:06 EST

February 17, 2004

Debuted in Special Screening at Largo in Los Angeles, Sat. Feb. 26
Ridgway Also Signs on for SXSW and March Tour Dates

LOS ANGELES -- On the heels of his widely hailed 2004 CD, Snakebite - Blacktop Ballads and Fugitive Songs (redFLY Records), New West Records will release a DVD version of Stan Ridgway’s 2002 album, Holiday In Dirt, on February 22. But it is not your run-of-the-mill music video counterpart.

Instead, the DVD of Holiday In Dirt is a compilation of 14 short films by 14 different filmmakers. The directors got total artistic freedom, but a budget of only $500 dollars. Each film uses a song from the album as its basis.

The filmmakers comprise a who’s who of MTV video directors and art film provocateurs: Phil Harder (Incubus, Matchbox 20, Remy Zero), Rick Fuller (Wilco, Paul Westerberg, Barenaked Ladies), Steve Hanft, Carlos Grasso (Cracker, Oasis, L7, I.R.S. Records‚ Cutting Edge), Jim Ludtke (The Residents), Chuck Statler (Devo, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe), Katherine Gordon, Simon Blake, Dan Brown, Hernan Barangan, David Roth, Heidi Frier & Charles Bowe, and Dave Moe.

The project was produced by Chris Strouth and Rick Fuller.

“Most music videos these days really suck,” says Ridgway. “Mostly because they’re made to show just the band and the singer all the time. What happened to just making a cool interesting film with the music? When producers Chris Strouth and Rick Fuller came up with this idea, I said it will be. Hey! I could get my friends to make a film!

“These great directors were given only three instructions. Do whatever you want. Make it for 500 bucks. And I’m not in it! (But I AM in the inserts in between, guess I couldn’t get outta that one!) You’ll be surprised with what all these great folks came up with and I am extremely happy with the results! I gotta go write some songs now...”

In Los Angeles, Ridgway will debut the Holiday In Dirt DVD with a low-budget Hollywood premiere at Largo, 432 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles on Saturday, February 26. At 8 p.m., the DVD will roll, and at 9:30 p.m., Ridgway will perform. The red carpet will be star-studded.

The Los Angeles date kicks off a round of Southwest tour dates leading up to SXSW in Austin:

Wed., March 9 – PHOENIX, AZ – The Rhythm Room
Thurs., March 10 – TUCSON, AZ – Plush
Tues., March 15 – AUSTIN, TX – The Saxon Pub (South by South Lamar)
Official SXSW showcase to be announced.
Updates at http://www.stanridgway.com/tour/index.php

# # #

For more information on Stan Ridgway, please contact conqueroo:
Cary Baker (818) 501-2001 cary@conqueroo.com

At New West Records, please contact:
Traci Thomas (310) 246-5766 traci@newwestrecords.com
Branda Hall (310) 246-5766 brenda@newwestrecords.com

Some Stan Ridgway audio & visuals:

NPR - Stan Ridgway - Ken Tucker "Holiday In Dirt" CD Review 2002 MP3:

Promo - Stan Ridgway - Holiday In Dirt CD Promo: QT movie: by Stan

NPR / Fresh Air - Ken Tucker on Stan Ridgway's "Snakebite" CD (2004)

NPR / Weekend Edition – Review of "Snakebite CD" MP3:

Amazon link:

Date: 02/11/05 04:03:07 EST

Joe Frank IS GOD!!!
What a great Rant by Joe Frank....is you have never heard him you got to! Joe Frank is hard to describe but he's alot like Stan kinda...you will not be dissapointed listening to Joe!
A Joe fanatic and a Stan fanatic both at the same time..

Date: 02/10/05 17:00:36 EST

Hey, on this Showbusiness is my life DVD, I see it has "This Way Out", "Animal Day" "Can't Make Love", "Funzone" and "Tomorrow". Are these with Wall Of Voodoo? Are they live? Are they music videos? It looks very exciting and appealing but I want to know before I spend my money.


Date: 02/08/05 23:54:35 EST


Ode In Celebration of War by Joe Frank
(You should hunt down the recording of this. It is truly classic)

So, here's to the snappy salute
To spit and polish
The clicking of booted heels, the singing of martial's odes

Here's to the Officer's Club and the swaggering Commandante,
To the loving but abusive drill sergeant
To the constant flow of insult that is the philosopher's stone of survival

Here's to the young lieutenant fresh from the academy
To the troop ship, soldiers with their duffle bags slung over their shoulders
Their cloth caps slouched and angled on their brows

And here's to weeping parents, sweethearts and children
Clutching at the skirts of their mothers
To final, tearful embraces and brass bands playing

Here's to the night before the battle
To the assault, the coursing landing craft
To going over the top
To the airborne troopers plunging from their droning seedpods
To the rubber dingy landing at night

Here's to where the farm boy and the city dweller meet and are made equal
Here's to the arcing shell and magnesium dawn

To the clanking treads of armored personnel carriers
To bullets and howitzers, carbines and recoil-less rifles
To mortars and anti-personnel bombs
To fragmentation grenades and tear gas canisters
To machine gun emplacements and flame throwers
To phosgene and mustard gas
To the serrated bayonet and the deadly rain of shrapnel

Here's to mine fields fraught with sudden fragmentation
To screaming sergeant death, commanding the rag-tag remnants of his courageous platoon

And here's to raising the flag on the shattered field of victory
To the prisoner-of-war camp
To the Med-a-Vac chopper, the hospital ship, sacrosanct yet sunk

To chaplains
To burial detail and body bags
To taps and other songs

And here's to the brave pilots who in their cavalier ready-rooms prepare to become the airborne messengers of death
to the dogfaced infantry who dedicate themselves to the earth as much as their own cause

Here's to words like courage, sacrifice, discipline, glory, maimed, dead

Here's to War

I raise my glass to you
And gaze into the roiling liquid of Death's own intoxication

Oh, War, you have made the low elevated
You have created heroes and history will be written by your winner

Peace is pallid next to you
Peace can skulk and shrink a weakling, a coward's paradise
Peace, you lukewarm bowl of grandmother's mush
You washed-out stand-in for manly behavior

Peace walks through the marketplace offering secondhand bargains
Peace, the shaver of points, the cut-rate merchant
Peace, you miserable converter of men into swine
You destroyer of valor
Quicksand in which nations founder
The bleeding wound in the side of the great avenging angel

The apologist
The compromiser
The appeaser
The rust upon the edge of courage's great sword

What is Peace, but an excuse?
A reason for cowardice
A refusal to accept one's responsibilities?
I spit on Peace
I lift my leg on Peace
I have my dog despoil the miserable garden of Peace

There are no medals to Peace
No honors
No marching bands
No great monuments to Peace
No hymns sung
No great odes
No martial melodies
No parades to Peace

There are no gigantic fireworks displays
No champagne corks popped to Peace
No last cigarettes smoked in its honor
There is no night before Peace
No declaration of Peace

The very absurdity of a nation declaring Peace on another shocks the imagination

And who among us can say that he has heard of the spoils of Peace?
Is there such a thing as a Peace hero?
Who among us have gathered with his old cronies late at night, hoisted a glass and told Peace stories?

What valiant young man has been welcomed back from Peace?
What young boy has gazed longingly at his father,
Saying that he would willingly go to Peace to save his country?

Date: 02/08/05 23:53:28 EST

Thanks NZ for starting the fire.
It had definitely been quite a while since the last archive
18+ months.
The archives are now updated through 2004 and I have truncated this page to just 2005 stuff.

As always it is great to hear from everybody. Lets hope for a good year with less war and some new WOV tunes to be liberated from the vault.


Date: 02/08/05 04:37:22 EST

Hey this is great! Good to hear Stan talking about the stuff and the days that were.
the man at cosmo and selma, ( I found the theif.)
bondo bill

Date: 02/08/05 04:33:46 EST



STAN RIDGWAY Interviews & CD reviews ON NPR - CLICK ON Through!
Lighting Fast! - AUDIO LINKS


1. NPR - Stan Ridgway - Ken Tucker "Holiday In Dirt" CD Review 2002 MP3:


2. Promo - Stan Ridgway - Holiday In Dirt CD Promo: QT movie: by Stan
Rdgway 2002 MP3:


3. NPR_ Ken Tucker on Stan Ridgway's "Snakebite" CD (2004)


4. NPR / Stan Ridgway / Weekend Edition "Snakebite CD" MP3:


Date: 02/07/05 20:48:43 EST

Another obit on Kilgore..Reuters News..BUT with an interesting 1999 comment from The man in black himself...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Country music mainstay Merle Kilgore, who managed Hank Williams Jr. and co-wrote the hit tune "Ring of Fire" with one-time client June Carter Cash, died in Nashville on Sunday of congestive heart failure related to his treatment for cancer, his publicist said. He was 70.

Kilgore, who started out as a singer/songwriter joined forces with Williams in the 1960s when they shared a bill. By that time, Kilgore had already written "More and More" for Webb Pierce, "Wolverton Mountain" for Claude King, and "Ring of Fire," which became one of Johnny Cash's biggest hits.

The latter tune was inspired by June Carter Cash's unrequited love for her future husband, and was first recorded by her younger sister, Anita Carter.

In a 1999 interview, June Carter Cash told Reuters that Kilgore encouraged her to write the song "and let's just leave it that way." She said her husband believed that Kilgore should never have received credit, and he used to get annoyed when Kilgore would talk about writing the song and not mention her. The Cashes died within months of each other in 2003.

Kilgore's survivors include his wife, Judy, and five children.

Date: 02/07/05 13:33:21 EST

Merle Kilgore, co-writer of 'Ring of Fire,' dies at 70
2/6/2005, 11:22 p.m. CT
The Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Merle Kilgore, who co-wrote "Ring of Fire"
during a wide-ranging career in music that started in north Louisiana,
died Sunday evening in Mexico of medical complications related to his
treatment for cancer. He was 70.Kilgore was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004, and also had heart
surgery in the same year and two operations on his back.

"There wasn't a star you could name that he didn't come into contact
with," said Joe Soto of public relations firm Webster and Associates,
and also a family friend.

During his career, Kilgore was a singer, songwriter, disc jockey, radio
program director, actor and manager.

As a songwriter, he co-wrote "Ring of Fire" with June Carter, which
became a hit in 1963 for Johnny Cash. Carter later become Cash's wife.

Date: 02/06/05 14:58:19 EST

So where and whos abode do W.O.V. use on the cover of Granma's house?. I'd love to learn a little history about it- just don't shatter my illusion(!). It really is an outstanding piece of artwork- yet very simple... I could go on about it!.
The Kev!n, Isle of Wight

Date: 02/06/05 03:28:20 EST

Hey! I found this about Stan's tour last year.


voodoo skeek - cosmo vintage / blowjob bin

Date: 02/06/05 03:03:20 EST

for history buffs -
heres the EP with

an old friend of the vood

Date: 02/06/05 03:00:04 EST

to be "EXACT" url is:

wov's ring of fire mp3:

Date: 02/06/05 02:57:59 EST

thnaks Stan.
yu is the bomb.

Date: 02/05/05 18:01:52 EST


Date: 02/04/05 23:33:01 EST

Just grabbed the WOV Ring of Fire mp3 from the web page and am now reliving some good times (where's my beer?). Cool indeed. Thanks Stan & friends!

Date: 02/04/05 14:00:09 EST

Cosmo Alley! Wow did you ever hear the band Dumpster Blowjob?

Date: 02/04/05 03:13:04 EST

With no itunes of the EP and folks looking for history, looks like Ridgway's peeps are listening to the fans...download WOV's Ring Of Fire on the front page at:

Hey! if Stan can't do this who can? cool.

voodo dog skeek (hollywood / cosmo alley vintage)

Date: 02/03/05 13:18:32 EST

Awesome! When you do, could you make it available in a lossless SHN or FLAC format instead of mp3?


Date: 02/02/05 22:58:48 EST

JTL!!! You need to archive this forum page and start a new one. This thing is so jam-packed with text, that I can't even copy/ paste the URLs for Amazon & Ebay from it.


P.S. spent the entire day driving & listening to Stan & WoV.
There is simply no better driving music out there, my friends.

P.S.S. I am going to be replacing that crappy-ass Grampa's House rarities CD that I bought on ebay a couple of years ago & then shared with some of you peeps. In its place will rise a FAR superior replacement that will contain all of the good stuff from Gramp's CD, minus the unnecesary Andy P. solo material. Personally, I can also do without that horrible so-called 'Metal' version of 'Mexican Radio' which is neither metal NOR Mexican Radio. (more like a really crappy impression of ZZ Top) I will then ADD a shitload of the cool rare stuff I have accumulated over the last few years. Anyone who has something they think should be added should let me know via the fan club page. After it is compiled, (maybe a double-CDR's worth of material) ...I will create some killer artwork and make it available to all. (free, with the option to donate)

Date: 02/02/05 22:19:12 EST

Stan Ridgway is putting out stuff pretty rapidly these days! all right!
Look at this on Amazon:

voodoo screwdriver mop-man

Date: 02/02/05 20:54:34 EST

Stan is on tour again in Feb and March....

Wed. March 9th
The Rhythm Room
1019 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 265-4842

Thur. March 10th
340 E. 6th St.
Tucson AZ
(520) 798-1298

Stan on Tour:

Date: 02/02/05 17:18:38 EST

I'm still looking for my damn summer sausage......

paul mckenna

Date: 02/02/05 13:42:27 EST

Anyone know a good spot to download or purchase a full Ring of Fire mp3? Wasn't for sale on ITunes or MusicMatch and didn't find a full version online.

Date: 02/02/05 12:11:32 EST

Now, now don't get so touchy...some galoots consider that a term of endearment I think

Date: 02/02/05 12:02:37 EST

I do, but since you addressed me as "fucker" I will withold that information.

Date: 02/02/05 09:55:34 EST

does any fucker know where i can download far side of crazy?

Date: 02/01/05 23:37:52 EST

Chilll Chianti Boy...pass the pesto
it's nothing to get hep about

Date: 02/01/05 01:12:23 EST

Keep the vino away from Giorgio, Silvio...

Date: 01/31/05 23:25:23 EST

No, sorry, one "l" in inglese. Italian, not Itallian.
-Bilingual Betty and Two-tongued Tony

Date: 01/31/05 19:30:36 EST

with 2 l stupid!!!!

Date: 01/31/05 19:03:54 EST

The answer is Silvio Berlusconi........
- The Italian Imbecile

Date: 01/31/05 04:08:01 EST


Date: 01/31/05 01:33:37 EST

Ridgway Tour Page for Info on Largo - L.A.:


Date: 01/31/05 01:30:15 EST


HOLIDAY IN DIRT DVD - RELEASE PARTY LARGO, Los Angeles - SAT. FEB 26th 8pm / 9:30 full show w/ Stan Ridgway Band

Produced by Rick Fuller & Chris Strouth, 2002

This DVD is a filmed version of Stan Ridgway's 2002 record "Holiday in
Dirt". A compilation of 14 short films by 14 different
filmmakers. The directors got total artistic freedom, but a
budget of only $500 dollars. Each film uses a song from the
record as its basis. The filmmakers are a who’s who of MTV
video makers and art film provocateurs: Phil Harder, Rick
Fuller, Steve Hanft, Carlos Grasso, Jim Ludke, Chuck
Statler, Katherine Gordon, Simon Blake, Dan Brown, Hernan
Barangan, David Roth, Heidi Frier & Charles Bowe, and Dave

Date: 01/30/05 21:12:33 EST

Don't know about that - but, Gianni, the King of Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino... and you thought it stood for "Fix It Again, Tony")) has definitely gone up to that big autostrada in the sky.
Cal Worthington

Date: 01/30/05 19:48:39 EST

"Gianni Agnelli (RIP)" I hope Lauren Agnelli is still around, she's a cutie. Mucker

Date: 01/30/05 15:01:32 EST

Tanks MR!

Date: 01/30/05 13:17:06 EST

Check El Diablo's Roadside Hut between Rosarito Beach and Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico

Date: 01/30/05 12:32:10 EST



Date: 01/30/05 12:04:46 EST

and the cheese...and come back to Italy Stan please...
itallian spy

Date: 01/29/05 19:26:39 EST

Pass the vino...

Date: 01/29/05 18:06:59 EST

......and speack in english........

Date: 01/29/05 18:00:31 EST

"wat is this voodoo stuff? i mean y do we have it? wats it really for?"

Y becuz therz voodoo an' life be4 an' afta an' in beetween..ya dig?

Date: 01/29/05 16:52:22 EST

no Fiat is not I. I is wittier than that

Date: 01/29/05 13:32:58 EST


Date: 01/29/05 13:21:27 EST

The president and the prime minister make a threesome with Bush.
Do you know their names, you American ignoramus?

Date: 01/29/05 13:07:57 EST

Richard Fiat?
Gianni Agnelli (RIP)

Date: 01/29/05 13:05:21 EST

Commie government??? Do you even know who the president of Italia is? He is a bedmate of Bush!

Date: 01/29/05 02:49:11 EST

richard fiat , you're a fucking commie, are corrupted your parents ,they do you!!

Date: 01/29/05 02:40:35 EST

richard fiat , you're a fucking commie, are corrupted your parents ,they do you!!

Date: 01/29/05 01:19:51 EST

wat is this voodoo stuff? i mean y do we have it? wats it really for?

Date: 01/28/05 23:25:43 EST

Hey, Allesandro Italia,

Don't try to tell us who to elect for president. Fix your corrupt Commie government first, then maybe your opinion will matter.


Richard Fiat

Date: 01/28/05 19:32:57 EST

Ridgway and Wexstun please come to Torino. I am jealous of my brother who has seen you in Udine. At least he think enough to buy for me the Hecate CD and Snakebite shirt. Please know that Torino has very good coffee and pastry. I also bring wine and truffles from the hills of Alba. Sorry for my English...

Date: 01/28/05 18:31:50 EST

hey maz...had a nice dinner in milano with mr. parish. finally met face to face after all this time. we drank, we ate, we blabbed...italia was great!

Date: 01/28/05 09:12:27 EST

And i lost the concert in Florence................


Date: 01/28/05 00:08:33 EST

One of the greatest things about Italy is that when you tour there [i have] they will always be able to offer great wine and pasta + wonderful hospitality when things go wrong. We love you all.

Date: 01/27/05 22:17:19 EST

i am happy as happy that Stan came to Italy. can you see this america? make stan president and all will be good for world peace. he is a good american man.
allesandro from rimini

Date: 01/26/05 05:05:34 EST

This is Guido from Rome and Stan just played here and all people were blown away with his songs and voice. 600 I would guess. And after Stan and Pietra signed and were very kind and talked to everybody there. A great show and all were very happy and with much wine and drink show beene! Please come bvack to Itlaia Stan. Italia needs your music.
Guido Carlioto
Rome -
musician and artist

Date: 01/24/05 13:39:53 EST

I am Hippy Dave, and so is my wife

Date: 01/22/05 04:01:18 EST

Toby here -

There is a really cool WOV t-Shirt of the first EP cover for sale at Stan shows right about now...

As far as not paying my website bill... well, it got cancelled and someone swooped the url up as soon as it hit the airwaves... nothing I could do about it cuz I didn't have the money at the time to renew it. (like 8 bucks right! What a LOSER!!!) And so now the links are all dead. I will have new links quite soon... But for the time being use Limewire or Kazzaa...

King Richard always did right by me too...

Date: 01/21/05 23:14:09 EST

I. Tattoo loves Queen Richrad.

Date: 01/21/05 10:13:17 EST

I was once comforted by a freak...it was strangely exhilarating.

Date: 01/21/05 03:07:15 EST

there will always be freaks...i find it comforting

Date: 01/20/05 20:09:20 EST

No, I am Hippie Dave

Date: 01/20/05 19:16:21 EST

Who is this Hippy Dave posting?
I am Hippy Dave.

Date: 01/20/05 15:39:57 EST

Well, This stuff about King Richard really is getting boring. I have never had a problem with him as well as many people on here. If you have, then you need to deal with it. After all, the 3 of you that are making these claims could be anyone. Hell, they might be the same person. I mean don't we have someone who gets on here and says he is adolf hitler? Also to the one saying he heard th King was a queen, that is nothing more than a personal attack. Who cares. If he is or isn't that shouldn't make a difference. It is just you trying to stir things up. To the one bringing up about his wife problems, some of us know about the deal he had to go through with his wife. That is a bit personal to talk about a mans spouse on this forum. You are a class act I can tell. You had a problem, fine. You just don't talk about a guys family that you don't even know.

Oh, by the way, to add to the "he didn't send my trade to me" idea, I really find that hard to believe as will the rest of you if you click on his link found on this site. It should be a little hard for you to contact & trade with him I would think.

I. Tattoo

Date: 01/16/05 14:34:49 EST

I haven't been on this site for a while, but reading through the messages if anyone knows where I can get W.O.V. t-shirts from I'd appreciate it. Back in about '86 I bought 2 Ugly American T-shirts (1 being a spare!)although they are all but threadbare through use. "I press the buttons NOWWWWWWWW!". The Kev!n on the Isle Of Wight, south England.

Date: 01/15/05 15:47:04 EST

Hippie Dave ,wherefore art thou? Mucker

Date: 01/14/05 22:54:09 EST

I heard King Richard is more of a Queen.

Date: 01/14/05 04:48:03 EST

Stan Ridgway and Co. are off to Italy this month of Jan. 05 for a tour. Ciao! Check it out here:

Date: 01/14/05 02:05:16 EST

King Richard=Rich Carter =more of a lazy sod than a thief . Mucker

Date: 01/13/05 21:55:22 EST

Someone's E-Z Listening version of Mexican Radio (and others):


Brad Day
Atlanta, GA

Date: 01/13/05 11:42:17 EST

Hey anonymous, if you want to call me an idiot at least have the balls to print your name and preferably your address too...

Date: 01/13/05 05:49:53 EST

we not confuse, IDIOT!

Date: 01/13/05 02:12:18 EST

Hello...I kind of find it funny that anyone could believe that I would produce the band and sell their merchandise on the net..Thanks for supporting me Stan but those people who are confused can fuck right off. I'm British, i'm always last in the bar and I can take you all in a fight....Grrrrrr

Date: 01/13/05 01:58:39 EST

He probably would not want to mess with Stan the Man, but if any of these accusations are true, buyer beware...

Date: 01/12/05 19:15:33 EST

not with others!!!

Date: 01/12/05 18:48:06 EST

King Richard is NOT Richard Mazda that's true...
but both are friends o' mine.
King Richard has always done fine by me...a good guy in my book.

Date: 01/12/05 18:37:54 EST

King Richard is not Richard Mazda, is he? I think it's a different person. Definitely not a friend of Stan's or of anyone on this board I would say...

Date: 01/12/05 10:21:12 EST

Hi everyone. I'm trying to get hold of a Seven Day's in Sammystown T-Shirt with the clown on the front? Anyone know if they're being re-printed etc?

Date: 01/11/05 14:46:11 EST

that's your friend STAN?????

Date: 01/11/05 14:23:03 EST

King Dick reneged on his trade deals and stiffed people on Ebay . Only becuase I was in a neighboring city and threatened a ass whuppin' as well as reporting him for mail fraud, did he finally send me my stuff. He always had imaginative excuses ,like his wife was commiting suicide or he had a brain tumor.He has access to tons of WOV video and tapes but is pathologically incapable of consummating a trade or sale. He was in Nashville ,the last time I dealt with him.

Date: 01/11/05 00:00:35 EST

why is king richard considered a theif?

is that why he doesnt post any longer as his cover is blown?

deek in Va beach

Date: 01/06/05 10:55:54 EST

The mp3's used to be hosted by WoV fan Toby Dammit on his smutzine.com website. Maybe he forgot to pay his domain registration fee.

Date: 01/06/05 05:58:19 EST

Going to http://www.wallofvoodoo.com/ displays a frame that includes mp3s of many WoV classics. Clicking on any reveals that the mp3 file supposedly exists at http://www.smutzine.com/mp3_s yet there seems to be a disconnect at the top level page as if the domain no longer exists. I heard that a former member was soundtracking for porno flicks and so I thought they might also be bucking the contract censorship imposed by the ghost of IRS Records? Anyone have info? I am in search of mp3 downloads? All renditions of WoV will do.... Thanks, christopher

Date: 01/01/05 21:59:25 EST

We have found an interesting way of making dipshit! It's funny, but it's incredible stupid... People with animal heads, animals with human heads, mutants and other collages for FREE download.

Date: 01/01/05 09:08:36 EST

Thanks..nz...btw is yoda tuning in?

Date: 01/01/05 01:42:40 EST


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