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Date: 12/31/04 19:37:26 EST

If anyone has the following, I am willing to pay a decent price of your choosing for it. 1. "Do it Again" video. 2. "Far Side Of Crazy" Video. 3. WOV's full set at US Festival on VHS or DVD. I have the Atlanta show, and their Hollywood set opening for Devo on VHS. I also have the Andy era WOV on Arsenio Hall Show, and the videos for "Call Box" and "Mexican Radio". And the unfortunatley short, but interesting video for "Crack The Bell". Like I said, I am willing to pay a decent price of your choosing. If you have any of the above items, I would really appreciate you emailing me at: jtsackett@cableone.net

I am seriously seeking the US Festival set though.



Date: 12/30/04 20:12:13 EST

Very much looking forward to this book, RM. I will
do my part to help promote the shit out of it for you.


Date: 12/30/04 19:46:28 EST

the fall are an outstanding band... a great sound that each album is

Date: 12/30/04 14:21:07 EST

Thanks for your compliments, I will accept all and any whether deserved or not. Bring on the brickbats too...if they ain't talking about ya you don't figure.

As to the other instruments I am 75000 words into the writing of a book which will have exhaustive amounts of info about how the records were made as well as anecdotes about our adventures. It will be like a Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles without the road trip part. the book will also contain info about IRS, Miles, my work with Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, The Fall, The Scientists, Blondie's Clem and Nigel, Bootsy Collins, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley and Pee Wee, The Average White Band and more......this time the gloves are off. Sex. Drugs. RocknRoll. Violence.Breakdowns and Breakups. Assholes and Angels......you got the picture? If you can wait it should be worth it........Mazda

Date: 12/30/04 10:08:33 EST

Mr. Mazda,
Thanks for the synth info. Call of the West is an amazing record. What other recording equipment did you use? what else have you produced?

Date: 12/29/04 23:24:43 EST

maybe mr. toby knows this stuff....afterall he makes those films huh? What say T?...how big are you?

Date: 12/29/04 23:22:41 EST

its the angle of the dangle, not the worth of the girth

Date: 12/29/04 21:30:46 EST

It ain't the meat, it's the motion!

Date: 12/29/04 21:05:17 EST

...short yes..but oh so satisfying...

Date: 12/28/04 18:09:18 EST

Toby here -

Tattoo so you are saying that the bit torrent making the rounds as WOV 1986 in Germany IS the Red Tower bootleg LP? That's what I thought... that's the one that I mentioned the dialogue from. Oh well... always looking for that unearthed gem....

Largo show was great... but short. Probably the shortest show so far.

Date: 12/27/04 07:17:36 EST

Me too ...but on the Santa Monica Pier Countess Wextun reigns supreme

Date: 12/26/04 23:55:08 EST

I love that game!

Date: 12/26/04 16:16:32 EST

I'll get richtig on it.


Date: 12/26/04 14:42:06 EST

Whack a mole for me...Happy Groundhog's Day (a little early)
Ms. P.(O) W.
USA Uber Alles!

Date: 12/26/04 09:03:37 EST


This bootleg is called "THE RED TOWER". I belive this is the one that all the names of the songs on the cover were wrong. I remember Toby once talking about it. As I also remember, I believe the sound quality is nothing to write home about either.


Date: 12/25/04 10:29:42 EST

Fleece Navy Dad Ridgway-Wextun Dynasty.
It really is a mad, mad, mad world but I'm doing it Yankee!

It is almost 2 years since we walked on the beach as I lovingly watched the wind blow through your hair, Pietra banged a glass fibre gopher and we fantasised about lobbing eggs over Miles' security gate....Halcyon Daze

The Legal Alien

Date: 12/24/04 18:47:21 EST

Mazda and Family. May I say have a Happy Christmas? Or should I say Happy Quanza, Hanakka, Geronimo, Soltice , Devil Day, Kranky Klaus... etc..etc..? or is it now the P.C. Happy Holidays?...But then?, what's wrong with Happy Holidays? ...I always thought when you said that it just included New Years too!, and it was shorter to say or type?...This country is maddness...aren't you glad you're here?
Merry Fuckin' Xmas and Happy Damn Holidays and all the rest! Gee...

Date: 12/24/04 18:03:23 EST

i chian...

Date: 12/24/04 13:40:33 EST

Jupiter 8, Juno 106, oberheim sequencer, mini moog, prophet 5 and my little battery casio which sly stone tried to steal..

Date: 12/23/04 17:48:32 EST

Someone out there must have a photo of Stan in a Santa hat - so hop to it!!


Date: 12/22/04 16:53:08 EST

What kind of synths were used on the Call of the West album?

Date: 12/21/04 15:15:22 EST

Toby here -

Anyone wanna be a good samaritain and seed that WOV 1986 Germany show? No one seems to have it open... Also anyone who has heard it is it the Berlin show? Before Wrong way Andy started talking to a heckler and he yells "I'm an American!" Which the boys reply "This next song is aboout our home town, Asshole!" then they say "He's probably from Hollywood, that's why he's such an asshole!" Any help would be killer!

Stan-Largo-tonite! Whee....

Date: 12/18/04 22:57:54 EST

Bit torrent is becoming a common peer to peer file sharing tool these days. I'm afraid you'll have to deal with it. Just scroll down and follow my step by step instructions and you won't have any problems.

Date: 12/18/04 12:10:25 EST

Yes King Richard indeed rips you off, dont go there....

Date: 12/18/04 04:56:50 EST


Date: 12/18/04 02:20:30 EST

ich bin ein weinerschitzel
- jfk

Date: 12/18/04 00:01:25 EST

Anyone that refers to himself as King is going to be a little off. I believe he is the Atlanta, GA, area.

So, what happened?

Date: 12/17/04 14:37:05 EST

Flacs,macs,bits,torrents,wavs.........acckkkkk! I'll never understand this shit. Gimme back my turntable.

Date: 12/16/04 21:51:28 EST

talk about a blast from the past! I googled "Mexican Radio" on a lark and came up with your tribute page! What a great band, and absolutely one of the greatest music videos ever. The deranged look on Stan Ridgeway's face in the video still makes me smile and cringe when I think about it.

Thanks for your page!


Date: 12/16/04 12:34:36 EST

don't trade with king richard!
it's a thief!!!

Date: 12/15/04 15:40:19 EST

Hello WOV fans, I'm looking for any Live WOV on CD or Dark Continent,
I have these following shows to trade plus many more:

Wall of Voodoo 9/21/80 Club Lingerie, Hollywood, CA 60 min A- CD
Wall of Voodoo 11/8/80 California Hall,San Francisco,CA 40 min A CD
Wall of Voodoo 12/30/81 Roxy, Hollywood, CA 50 min A- CD

Please contact me at: Hillaryduffsface@yahoo.com Thanks

Date: 12/15/04 13:20:59 EST

adsl 256?

Date: 12/14/04 13:07:09 EST

Convert flac's to a lossless wav format to burn directly in a music format on CDR. Don't convert to an mp3 format unless you just want to listen to them on your PC or mp3 player. There is a loss in quality in the conversion to mp3.


Date: 12/14/04 09:10:33 EST

Download times
w/ cable modem
- appx 2 hours for the WOV show
- appx 5 hours for the Ridgway show

Date: 12/14/04 09:08:59 EST

Pick Flac for windows from the list, and download it.

After that, install flac.
Then run flac, select the bit torrent files you downloaded with the flac program, choose an output directory, and then hit decode.
The output directory you chose will now have the WOV mp3's in it.

Date: 12/13/04 23:46:27 EST

bit torrent ok got it...flac program wha?....how fer pc's?

Date: 12/13/04 15:21:56 EST

how many hours for downloading in windows?

Date: 12/12/04 21:21:01 EST

1. Ok, here's where you get the bit torrent client for Macs (downloand and install it)
2. Here's where you get flac for Macs http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html
3. After you're done the stuff above, just get the link to the bit torrent you want (from this board), and paste it in your web browser. You have to register once you get to the website (but it is free). Then download the stuff you want.
4. After it finishes downloading, you have to use the Flac program you downloaded to unpack the file, which will turn it into an mp3 format.
That's it - you're done!

Date: 12/12/04 19:57:14 EST

First you need to download and install bit torrent software. You also need to get a flac program, which is used kind of like a zip program, allowing you to take the files (after they are downloaded) and unzip them into an mp3 format.

Thanks for posting the link to the bit torrents!

Date: 12/12/04 14:34:02 EST

I may be biting off more than I can chew here but...what is a bit torrent and how do you download this stuff anyway? I've registered but whn I click on the stuff..nothing! Do I need software...bit torrent software...? and does this work for Macs?
egghead in Iowa

Date: 12/12/04 10:45:55 EST

Here's a new Stan Ridgway bit torrent from 2004


Date: 12/12/04 02:30:05 EST

Any more Joe Nannini photos?

Date: 12/11/04 21:56:08 EST

Here's a Wall of Voodo Bit Torrent of an old "andy" era show in Germany in 1986..enjoy....


Registration is required...:)

Date: 12/11/04 02:38:05 EST

if any one can supply copy of song far side of crazy call warren mobile # 0418 716548 or 22 stephenson st sadliers crossing 4305 qld australia

Date: 12/11/04 01:41:11 EST

Are you American?

Date: 12/08/04 17:57:02 EST

Somethin's wrong with this hyar postin' mochine. Grab a wrench and a stogie - or is that a wench and a stoolie??


Date: 12/08/04 17:55:32 EST

Did you ever think you'd see the day when you had to confront the cold, hard facts about the 'Ugly American'? I didn't.


Date: 12/08/04 17:54:04 EST

On a political note, did you ever think you'd see the day when you'd have to admit the cold hard truth to yourself about the 'Ugly Americans'? I didn't back in the day.


Date: 12/08/04 16:43:55 EST

I have looked for Sammystown shirts in the past, and have been unsuccessful. You could make one yourself with one of those kits that allow you to print an iron-on t-shirt label. They are available at most computer stores, but the finished product is not very durable. On the other hand, if you could interest enough people on here, you could place an order to have the shirts professionally made.

Date: 12/08/04 15:02:25 EST

Time travel?

Date: 12/05/04 13:41:24 EST

Need to find WOV "Seven days in Sammystown" T-shirts. Any idea's?

Regards to all- Jonny lotus

Date: 12/04/04 19:58:16 EST

Breasts and a bulge...the way Sheila the T. used to be...
-The Swinish One

Date: 12/04/04 15:38:21 EST

That'll be a geezerbird then. Or a lady with a thing?

Date: 12/04/04 01:00:43 EST

Geza with breasts

Date: 12/03/04 05:25:47 EST

and is that geza gideon too?
punk rock old man
walkin' the plank...

Date: 12/02/04 21:02:30 EST

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Date: 12/02/04 19:38:55 EST

The picture is from the BAGS link a few lines down. The one in the front with no shirt and a bow tie is JOE NANINI.

Date: 12/02/04 19:37:19 EST


Date: 12/01/04 13:50:37 EST

That maybe true but we Brits call 'em wankers

Date: 12/01/04 12:42:12 EST

Jerks come in all nationalities.
-Kofi Anan

Date: 12/01/04 01:22:29 EST

Who the hell is that, who signs him-/herself with the name of my country?
I bet it's an american!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 12/01/04 00:49:19 EST

Grunts grunts grunts

Date: 11/30/04 23:25:50 EST


Date: 11/30/04 17:40:48 EST

They clepe us drunkards with swinish phrase...
The Ham-ster

Date: 11/30/04 14:44:11 EST

ah intelligent conversational impartations are giving me excitations

Date: 11/30/04 13:04:04 EST

My ex-girlfriend has a pet chimp. she tried to get me to join them for a threesome, but like I told her, "Homey don't play that game."

We's broked up.

Lester in the hizzouzzle. Fizzool, chazzrizzle littizzle.


Date: 11/30/04 13:01:49 EST

Yer sik

Brown-Eye99, Toronto

Date: 11/30/04 13:00:46 EST

I got busted for manhandling my hogleg on the I77-Route 503 overpass and splattering the windshield on a passing state police cruiser.

Keepin' it real.

Boogins, NZ

Date: 11/28/04 07:49:57 EST

I just listened to Spy World from Call of the West for the first time in ages. It sounds as though is was written yesterday. I said it back in 82 and I say it now; WOV - years ahead of their time!

Thanks for the music, Stan et al.

Tony, UK

Date: 11/27/04 22:35:29 EST

I know Stan..you did earn it but saying 'hey! leave the little lady alone' or similar in a broad Barstow accent when Britain is in a "I hate America because we are gonna fry first thanks to your fucking cruise missiles" type mindset ....ouch!

By the way buddy ...Teak is the original hard wood...long before Wenge or Iroko..

Dylan... a goddam Genius finished the last four pages last night...Had smoked a pinecone fag made with Coltsfoot then finished myself off with two glasses of v. strong Port. Woke up with the book jacket welded to my sweaty back. Chronicles indeed.

Date: 11/27/04 22:14:02 EST

hey Mazda -
Yes...that black eye was earned. A bit of old -fashioned chivarly was the fuse and bomb, and I should have kept my mouth shut... but that was hard to do. I do remember Marc Moreland coming down the bar on his stomach waiting for a haymaker from some Clockwork Orange droog. I'm sorry..I really am!.....moral to the story?
When in "working class" pubs in London ? DO NOT speak out on dysfuntional activities among the rouge man - apes in attendence..you will punched in the face !. Better to find revenge elsewhere...maybe an LSD cocktail in their flagon ( make 'em THINK a bit huh?) ...or perhaps a more "stealth and secret" response to their shameful actions? oh well...
Back to the Dylan's "Chronicles" .!...Greenwich Village in the 60's...! the Clancy Brothers! Genius. Dave Van Ronk! another genius. Turning off the TV....!

Date: 11/27/04 15:28:21 EST

Watch out for that Teak man!

Date: 11/27/04 13:29:08 EST

I'll be consulting Jackie on that one...any good fights planned?

Date: 11/27/04 04:13:22 EST

they're not?!?
Maybe you should just wait until they kick Kansas City butts in a few days, and you may change your mind.

- Chargers

Date: 11/26/04 12:43:21 EST

But the Chargers aren't my favorite team.

Date: 11/26/04 07:46:54 EST

did you know, that N is among my 26 favourite letters of the alphabet?

- Chargers

Date: 11/25/04 02:14:26 EST

I mean last month...You can't remember clubs, I can't remember dates..

Date: 11/25/04 02:12:33 EST

Stan in top form at the World Cafe in Philly a couple of months ago. Almost missed it but a friend hepped me to it. No fights that I was aware of...
Nick (The Claymation King)

Date: 11/24/04 18:28:25 EST

I saw Wall of Voodoo in 1983 in Philadelphia on South Street. Too friggin old to remember the name of the club. They were amazing. Still enjoy the tunes to this day...

Date: 11/24/04 18:10:02 EST

All gone
No mom
Nobody wins

Date: 11/24/04 00:00:51 EST

By the way..I'd like to see the man who reckons he can take Teak...

Date: 11/23/04 20:28:55 EST

I was at that Mercury Lounge show with Stan, Chapter Eleven and the drunken firemen (musta been all the job stress). I even bought the live recording of that show. Great versions of "16 Tons" and "Crystal Palace." Lucky not to have been in the line of fire of either punches or puke. Diamond Dave

Date: 11/23/04 17:29:05 EST

you cannot be serious..

Date: 11/23/04 17:17:24 EST

who are the members and what instruments do they play

Date: 11/23/04 16:47:54 EST

Actually. Stan and Mark got punched out in the King William pub in london's Notting Hill. Stan made a remark to a guy who was arguing with his girl. Large london white trash thought Stan was a wise ass so all hell broke loose and Funsten got a black eye. Marc was beat up pretty bad too but he was such a happy drunk he'd didn't feel a thing. True.
Remember that one Stan? Don'tcha just love london?

Date: 11/23/04 15:55:53 EST

Saw Jackie Teak get punched out by a couple of Soprano types at Maxwells in Hoboken once. He probably had it coming.

Date: 11/23/04 15:41:08 EST

Speaking of NYC, saw S & Co. perform at the Mercury Lounge a while back. A couple of drunken firemen started throwing punches at the bar there. They were finally escorted out and poured into a cab. One of them immediately threw up all over the poor cabbie’s back seat. Yuck!
- Nancy from Brooklyn (thanks for sharing)

Date: 11/23/04 10:20:41 EST

I was at the Joe's Pub show in New York. No red necks there but after the show I had a heated debate with a very sophisticated chap from the lower East Side. Fortunately we were able to settle the matter amicably and we then repaired to the Bowery Bar to join Stan and Pietra for post show cocktails. Hurrah!

Date: 11/22/04 23:21:41 EST

I was also at “Pappy’s Punch Palace.” What’s the Wild West without a brawl or two? Ran into some real characters. Tried not to look them in the eye. All that red meat and liquor...lookout! The show was outstanding despite the sucky sound system. Liked the stripped-down version of Ring of Fire and the unexpected cover of Randy Newman’s “Sail Away.” (great choice). Reminded me of those early Wall of Voodoo shows too - edgy, unique, entertaining - but with an added dimension of soul. The snow was a nice touch.
-Rory from Rialto (where I have a cotton gin)

Date: 11/22/04 22:26:00 EST

Stan at Pappy's Punch Palace 11/20/04

I read this somewhere in a Stan interview. He said he "googeled" stuff and tried a number of other names he would have peferred but there were all taken. No one seemed to want to name a company called redfly though. ...what's in a name huh? right on stan. i was there at Pappy's Punch Palace in Joshua Tree. I was lucky to have been in another part of the club when the fight broke out..it was awesome and scary but I kinda had a thrill I'm embarrased to say. Reminded me of the old days when Stan and the Wall could not go anywhere without an incident. A great show by Stan and Pietra and Rick. Powerful and insanely hysterical is my review! Stan is still quite craxy and that's not a bad thing.
the desert rat from joshua tree
( i got a studio there...!)

Date: 11/22/04 21:31:38 EST

Stan - why did you choose the name Redfly for your record company?

Date: 11/22/04 21:19:28 EST

Terrific Tex-Mex version of Mexican Radio!

Date: 11/22/04 20:31:13 EST

and when the pie is open
the dog (fig. 5) begins to sing

Date: 11/22/04 18:45:57 EST

Toby here -

Just checked out the last three Stan shows this last week and weekend. The hollywood show was very tight sounding for a very tight room. Good time though. The San Juan show was a MARATHON!! He kept adding song after song... lots of Voodoo stuff too. And the show at Pappy & Harrietts was amazing as well. They never really got the sound right, but what do you expect from a biker/cowboy bar? The natives were quite restless and a bar brawl broke out at the end of the night that have about five or six people being ejected into the SNOW COVERED night air! One innocent guy got totally cold cocked right in front of me as I was ducking under the table! As far as the Voodoo material he did Call Of The West, Factory (great slow version), Mexican Radio (or course), Ring Of Fire, and on the last night did Lost Weekend (also quite slow) Great time all three nights!!

Stan you ROCK!!

Date: 11/22/04 18:04:48 EST

Ecce Beavis

Date: 11/22/04 16:15:55 EST

Stan, if you're out there contact me. I'll make you a sick azzed skull ring. www.TONYCREED.com

Date: 11/22/04 14:26:25 EST

your music sucks

Date: 11/22/04 14:25:41 EST

hey yawl wuts up

Date: 11/22/04 14:23:43 EST

your music sucks

Date: 11/22/04 14:02:21 EST

As in Lady Killer? (Now don't get too clever. Beavis gets upset.)

Date: 11/22/04 12:05:27 EST

Because he is the Green River killer

Date: 11/21/04 21:10:32 EST

How do you know?

Date: 11/21/04 11:59:48 EST

Gary Ridgway is more popular with the ladies than Stan.

Date: 11/20/04 19:27:38 EST

And Barf Boy

Date: 11/19/04 15:00:21 EST

The Bag Lady?

Date: 11/18/04 09:03:53 EST

i'm just finishing the psycho ex game. andy prieboy instantly went onto my favorite authors list. there is a touching depth of emotion to his stories. its enough to make me explore wall of voodoo, something i never thought i'd be doing...


Date: 11/17/04 15:20:58 EST

Alice Bag & Bruce Barf

Date: 11/17/04 11:51:50 EST

The Barf probably relates to Bruce's bout of Bulimia

Date: 11/16/04 23:26:59 EST

Barf Bag?

Date: 11/16/04 23:26:56 EST

Barf Bag?

Date: 11/16/04 14:27:27 EST

I was standin in line
I was bidin my time
I was watchin the clock on the wall...

Date: 11/16/04 05:10:08 EST


Date: 11/15/04 20:51:22 EST

Here's a link to Alice Bag's website, with a picture taken at the legendary Canterbury Apartments around the corner from the Masque, that includes Bruce "Barf" Moreland...


Date: 11/15/04 01:31:45 EST

Yeah dude - fuck all clever people.

Date: 11/15/04 00:27:08 EST

Hey everyone spam lord buckley.com.
i know of some great sites which will rewrite his hard drive

Date: 11/15/04 00:25:30 EST

fuck all you clever people

Date: 11/15/04 00:24:54 EST

Yeah sorry lord buck...but I checked the site ...some of it's cool but none Voodoo related so you are just another schmuck trying to hitch to WOVs coat tails..shame on you...and you thought you were so creative and in reality you are a sad little brit impersonator who can't get people to hit your site. tim berners-lee would turn in his grave if he was dead

Date: 11/14/04 20:56:05 EST

I'm considering posting all my work.
Willie the Shake

Date: 11/14/04 20:48:12 EST

I like Lord Buckley, but I think you had to be there.
Lady Alice

Date: 11/14/04 01:48:39 EST

RE: Buckley's Muck

That was easily the MOST tiresome & pointless,
LEAST amusing claptrap I have ever had the extreme
displeasure to read. I vote that JTL removes the
SPAMMING offender's post immediately.

(God's own hatchet man)

Date: 11/14/04 01:20:53 EST

Hi! I'm Brad, from Atlanta, GA. I like WOV and related music.
OK, bye.

Date: 11/13/04 14:18:50 EST

Jeez! it's jez! quick run away

Date: 11/13/04 13:53:10 EST

I'm all for having a good time - but maybe an AA meeting or two wouldn't hurt...

Date: 11/13/04 10:56:40 EST

what is voodoo

Date: 11/13/04 09:38:53 EST

Is all this crap REALLY necessary? This used to be a good place to hang out. Now it's just annoying.

Date: 11/13/04 04:16:46 EST

by Lord Buckley:

God's Own Drunk

I'd like to do a little creative wig bubble for you called "God's Own Drunk."

I want the boys to... of course... with their Prince Bernard, and Sir James, and the Lady Doris and Prince Valentine.

You know, a creative orchestra, my lords, my ladies, is a rare and delightful thing. Right? Look! Do you see any music?

I gotta do a thing for you called, "The Cop Out," one time. It's a beautiful thing. And a thing called "The Bad-Rapping of the Marquis de Sade." A very interesting affair.

But for the moment I'd like to do for you "God's Own Drunk."

Said, eh, just like I say before. I, I'm a non-drinkin' man. Never drank for some season or other. Didn't like it. But like I said, too, I promised to take care of my brother-in-law's still while he went in to vote.

Went up there and it was just where the map said it was. And I'm a gonna tell you something - it was no little old five or ten cent still. It was laid there just like a golden mountain opel, with a kind of a honey dew cry comin' from it.

I ain't a drinkin' man, like I 'splained to you, but that big old yellow moon was a hangin' up there, and God's lanterns was a hangin' in the sky, and that curiosity got the best of me, and I took a slash.

And I got a crazy, revolutionary feelin' in my doby. That yellow whiskey went down my throat like honey dew vine water. Humph, it tasted mighty good!

I felt a revolution goin' through my body like there was great neon signs a goin' up an' sayin', "There's a Great Life a Comin'!"

Feelin' it talkin' to me, and I took another slash, and I got another jolt, and I took another slash, and I started to sing.

I started to sing.

And that big old yellow moon a hangin' out there and God's sweet lanterns a hangin' in the sky, and I's a singin'.

Never could sing a note before in my life, but I's a singin' as fine and as pretty as you'd ever want to hear.

And I took another slash.

And then I took a big full...

That big old yellow moon a hangin' out there. God's lanterns a hangin' in the sky, and suddenly I got a tremendous revolution of emotion in my bodylike I was fallin' in love with everything in God's sweet world that moved, lived, didn't live, animate, inanimate, black, blue, green, pink, mountains, fountains.

I was in love with life, 'cause I was drunk!!

I wasn't fallin' down, slippin', slidin' drunk.


A fearless man!

And that's when I first saw the bear.

Big old Kodiak-lookin' fella, about sixteen foot tall.

I walked right on up to that bear, 'cause I was God's Own Drunk and I loved everything in this world. Walked right up tight to him about four-and-a-half feet and I looked right up in his eyes and I want to tell you somethin' brothers and sisters-my eyes was redder than his was! Hung him up.

And he's a sniffin', he's a sniffin'. He's tryin' to smell some fear. He can't do it, 'cause I'm God's Own Drunk and I'm a fearless man.

He expects me to do two things, flip or fly. I don't do either. Hangs him up.

I told him, I said, "Mr. Bear, I'm God's Own Drunk and I love every hair on your twenty-seven acre body. I'm a fearless man!"

Said, "I want you to go... I know you got bear friends over the hill there. Harry Bear, and Tim Bear, and Jelly Bear, and Tony Bear, and Teddy Bear, and Field Bear, Hazel Bear, John Bear, Pete Bear, and Rare Bear! Go over and tell all of them that I'm God's Own Drunk tonight and I love everything in God's green creation. I love them like brothers but if they give me any trouble I'm gonna run every God-damn one of 'em off the hill!"

I moved up. Don't you know he moved back two feet.

I reached up and took the bear by the hand. I said, "Mr. Bear, we're both beasts when it comes right down to it."

He's a lookin' down at me.

I said, "I want you to come with me. You're gonna be my buddy. Buddy Bear."

Took him right by his big, old, shaggy man-island sized hand, led him on over, sat him down by the still.

Well, he's a sniffin'. He's a sniffin'. He knows there's honey dew around there, some kind of honey bear honey dew of some kind. He's a sniffin'

I know what he's a sniffin' at.

I took a slash or two myself to taste 'er out and I filled him a bottle.

Did you ever see them bears, the sillouette of them bears at the circus, suckin' up that sasparilla? Ahhh, it's a fine lookin' sight!

And he downed another bottle. And he downed another bottle. And I put two more in him and pretty soon he started to sniff and snort. Tapped his foot.

And he got up and started to do The Bear Dance. Two sniffs, three snorts, a half a turn and one grunt.

And I'm trying' to do it, but I couldn't do it 'cause it was just like a jitterbug dance, it was so simple it evaded me.

But we was a dancin' and yellin'!

And God's sweet moon a hangin' in the sky, and God's sweet lanterns out there and there's jubilation and love on that hill.

And finally my love, it up and got so strong it overwhelmed my soul, and I laid back in the sweet green hill with that big, old Buddy Bear's paw right in mine and I went to sleep.

And I slept for four hours and dreamt me some tremulous dreams.

And when I woke up that old, yellow, moon was a hangin' in the sky, and God's sweet lanterns is out there and my buddy the bear was a missin'.

And you know something else, brothers and sisters?

So was the still!

From Buckley's Best, World Pacific Records

Transcribed by Earl Rivers

Check Lord Buckley out:

Date: 11/13/04 00:07:30 EST

God, I'm drunk
I'm so drunk, that what I write might actually make sense.
I love you Stan, Bruce, Ned, Chas & Andy
And I particulary love you Richie Mazda

Sir Jez!

Date: 11/12/04 03:14:59 EST


& acoustic tri0 This _ Monday
9 pm
The Hotel Cafe
Hollywood, CA
"an evening with"
(323) 461-2040

Date: 11/11/04 13:02:30 EST

Hate to shake you but WoV wrote and performed the original Mexican Radio. Anyone else is a cover.


Date: 11/11/04 12:25:05 EST

We have an inner office bet about the song "Mexican Radio." Who ORIGINALLY sang the song? Some artists implicated in the bet are B-52's, Kenny Rogers, Authority Zero, etc. Who did the orginal and who did the cover? Thanks for your help! Sincerely, The Service Wench

Date: 11/09/04 14:57:20 EST

I'm off to Paris soon to meet up with Bruce and Freddy. Maybe we'll take in the Mona Lisa.
Think twice about Big Cities,

Date: 11/09/04 13:59:17 EST

I miss anna

Date: 11/09/04 12:13:29 EST



Date: 11/09/04 07:20:36 EST

There always has to be one in the crowd.....I asked what the other band members were up to because there may be others who are new to this board who really don't want to sift through some of the garbage posts like, "YES, IN THIS SITE!!" Oh well......what are you going to do. Thanks for the reply tho'.

Date: 11/09/04 07:12:55 EST

temper termper ...things can get out of hand y'know

Date: 11/08/04 17:02:07 EST


Date: 11/05/04 07:31:58 EST

Anyone have any idea what the other band members have been up to? Bruce, Andy, Chas, Ned.....any new recordings? I remember reading about Ned (on the other side of the planet) and I'm sure Andy has been doing things but what has Chas been up to? How about Bruce?

Date: 11/05/04 04:53:46 EST

Stan Ridgway Tour Dates:


the voodoo dog

Date: 11/05/04 04:50:43 EST

Stan On Tour next wekk in the Northwest -


by Kurt B. Reighley

That voice. There's no mistaking it. The adenoidal snarl immortalized on the 1982 MTV hit "Mexican Radio." The one that challenged "Don't Box Me In" over the credits of
Rumble Fish , and scaled the UK top five in 1986 with "Camouflage." It's the voice of Stan Ridgway , original singer for Wall of Voodoo . And while it's not quite the
piercing bark it once was, it still has plenty of bite... even over the phone.

Ridgway makes a long-overdue Seattle appearance at the Triple Door this Wednesday, November 10, in support of his latest opus, Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads and Fugitive
Songs (on redFLY Records). Featuring 16 songs, Ridgway describes the disc as an exercise in "gothic folk noir." Shady characters populate cuts like the lurching "Wake Up
Sally (The Cops Are Here)" and "King for a Day," a detailed account from the POV of a crack-smoking car thief. Despite his vivid descriptions of the album's disreputable
cast, Ridgway claims his own criminal record is relatively clean. "I've probably ridden in a stolen car, more than once," he admits, "but not lately."

Musically, the dusty, atmospheric songs of Snakebite bristle and twitch with stringed instruments, a sharp contrast to prior, keyboard-oriented Ridgway outings like The
Big Heat . "I wanted to play a mandolin and Dobro, get back out the slide guitar, and write songs with all that in mind." He coaxed his wife and sometimes-collaborator,
Pietra Wexstun, to augment her arsenal of keyboards with an accordion. On "That Big 5-0," he even provides percussion on tap shoes.

The emphasis on traditional instruments like banjo and harmonica harks back to Ridgway's earliest influences, before he became fixated with film scores. (Wall of Voodoo
was originally formed as a collective of movie composers, not a traditional band.) As a child in Pasadena, the singer "fell into a stack of records" that previously belonged
to his aunt. "She had collected all the old folk records, from the late '50s and early to mid-'60s: The Limelighters and the Weavers, Pete Seeger and Odetta and Josh

Ridgway also permits himself a look back at his own history on the penultimate cut, "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues Pt. 1." "It's part one because the song is actually much
longer than the version on the record," which already clocks in at six minutes. He rattles off the band's rise and fall, and pays homage to former bandmates Marc Moreland
and Joe Nanni, both of whom passed away in recent years.

Although his voice has mellowed some with age, Ridgway says he's done nothing deliberate to achieve that. "I have trouble sounding like anything other than what I
sound like," he says of his distinctive timbre. "The singers I like are the ones who have a direct, honest delivery--one which isn't that different from when they talk. I love
Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash of course, and Bob Dylan. Bob gave us all permission to sing, even if we weren't singers."

Date: 11/04/04 15:50:42 EST

Will be in touch JTL

Date: 11/03/04 09:33:56 EST

Hi RM,

Was not at the San Diego show but... we did sit and chat at the B Bar in New York a couple of weeks ago after Stan's show at Joe's Pub.

Didn't get your email address or contact info at the time but I did want to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and hear all those WOV "war stories" from way back when. Great talking to you (and your family) about other stuff as well...

My contact info can be found on the board at stanridgway.com


John in Montreal

Date: 11/03/04 09:25:06 EST

Sad to think that there were over ten thousand people at that San Diego show and not one of them on this forum...ah the fickle finger of fate just gave me the bird

Date: 11/02/04 22:44:01 EST

I vote BAKED

Date: 11/02/04 12:51:39 EST

What kind of beans were used int eh "Mexican Radio" video? We are fighting between messy baked beans and red kidney beans.

Date: 11/01/04 12:41:22 EST

Congrats to David on his desperation-driven Ebay sale of "Dark Continent" - went for over 100 clams on Ebay. You'd think some label luminary would take note of the ongoing demand for this great album.


Date: 11/01/04 05:58:55 EST

how many months to downloading this concert???

Date: 11/01/04 00:20:15 EST

Stan just emailed me the quote about the San Jose radio Station.
The wonderful but sad irony is that a record whose main context was a sardonic if respectful comment on Latino radio is used by the presumably white 'rock' djs to comment on a programming change.

Also a question: Was anyone present at the show in San Diego's arena when I joined the band onstage to play bass/program just prior to the recording of Happy Planet. We started the show with me onstage for the first few numbers on a sofa reading a newspaper?

Date: 10/31/04 21:38:33 EST

Awesome, thanks for the torrent links.
Downloading the show now.
BTW, who the hell am I thanking?


Date: 10/31/04 16:45:11 EST

Here's a bit torrent of an old Wall of Voodoo show in FLAC format.

You must register to download the torrent. Here's the link...


Need help with Bit Torrent...link below...


Need help with decoding or playing flac files...link below...


Date: 10/31/04 14:41:28 EST


>From the news:

SAN JOSE -- The city's oldest rock station has started programming
in Spanish, a move industry officials say was prompted by the growing
influence of the area's Latino population and the graying of the rock
market. The last complete English song to play on KSJO-FM (92.3),
which started as a rock station in 1968, was Wall of Voodoo's
"Mexican Radio" Thursday night. Instead of hard rock staples such as
Metallica and AC/DC, the station now plays "La Preciosa," an oldies hit
format featuring hits by Vicente Fernandez, Los Bukis and Juan Gabriel

Date: 10/29/04 23:58:28 EDT

There are still giants left Stan, and you're one of them!

- Graeme Qewe

Date: 10/29/04 15:13:20 EDT


Scrub as I might, I can't clean that evil mud out my soul...

-Dane Bramage

Date: 10/29/04 03:55:36 EDT

As a young dumb, dorky yank who traveled to ol' Blighty in the late 70's and listened to Peel's shows then and whenever I was there after, the only DJ in America that even comes close to the great John Peel is Tom Donahue, the man who championed and made free form FM radio in America out of San Francisco in the 60's - which I grew up on and got all my music from in my teen years. I think John Peel is the last of that good genius lot I'm afraid.

I'm sure they both were aware of one another somehow, because they were very similar in their tastes and brave, genre busting brodcasting and their interest in things new and innovative no matter what money or "big deal" was behind it. Thet just heard the muisc. Giants are leaving us and I'm sad for it.
Thank you John Peel... you never got even close to being twee'.. ...You made a big diffrence for so many artists and musicians and you are a GOD DAMN LEDGEND to us yanks! Happy at least to hear you were on a vacation and somewhere just as brave as the music you played. RIP good fellow... and now who do we turn to? Andy Kershaw?.....(????)- $$$$$$$$$$$$

Stan Ridgway

Date: 10/27/04 22:50:15 EDT



Do I smell a CARDIACS FAN in here??


Date: 10/27/04 14:30:17 EDT

Hey Mazda,

You hit the nail right on the head about how difficult it is for us Yanks to understand the magnitude of Peel's contributions to music. All of my British friends and pen pals right now are utterly devastated by his loss.

-Dane Bramage

Date: 10/27/04 14:25:12 EDT

As amazing as that list is, if you look closely, it is incomplete. It tracks only those artists in session from 1992 onward...incredible to think of how many more sessions predated those!!

Personally, I remember fondly those done for XTC, The Sea Nymphs, and Cocteau Twins.

Date: 10/26/04 23:20:35 EDT

Here we go:

Peel Sessions

Date: 10/26/04 23:11:43 EDT

Thanks for sharing, Richard. It's a sad day indeed. I once came across a list of ALL of the artists who did Peel Sessions. I'll have to track that down again.

R.I.P John Peel


Date: 10/26/04 19:55:30 EDT

Thank god JP didn't care much for spelling bees and the rules of good grammar

Date: 10/26/04 19:51:52 EDT

RIP Peely.
Condolences to John Peel's family.
For those who are not from Britain imagine a DJ with the power to influence like Rodney Bingenheimer, Wolfman Jack or Alan Freed except John remained influential right up to his death for over 30 years. He never 'retired', lost his edge, his abilities and instincts were never blunted by the passing of time. I owe him a huge debt. In the late seventies John was the only DJ worth gettting new music and bands too. My band Tours like countless others waited for John outside BBC's Broadcasting House with a boxes of records under our arms. He took us all for a pint, talked about cricket and his team, Liverpool. Later that night he to play our first independent single, 'Language School' . That was the first of over 50 consecutive nightly plays on Radio One. He was also kind enough to say that next to The Undertones' Teenage Kicks that ours was his favourite single. Later that year we signed a deal with Virgin and this directly led to me becoming a producer and my first fateful meeting with Voodoo and the recording of Mexican Radio. God I owe you big time Mr. Peel.

There will never be another DJ anywhere in the world who will have such a massive influence on music. We all owe him.


Date: 10/26/04 14:31:52 EDT

John Peel played Wall Of Voodoo from the very beginning in '77. From cassette demos Stan gave him in London that year while visiting the city. A great explorer and broadcaster has passed and will be missed by all who love music. England's only DJ that ever really went to the wall for bands and new music. Rest in Peace.

voodoo dog

Date: 10/26/04 13:27:10 EDT

John Peel:


Date: 10/26/04 13:25:06 EDT

R.I.P. BBC Radio 1 presenter John Peel. Died while on holiday in Peru. His efforts to introduce new music will be sorely missed...

Date: 10/26/04 06:54:26 EDT


Date: 10/25/04 02:37:02 EDT

'Camouflage' can be found on Stan's albums Songs That made This Country Great and The Big Heat
(as well as countless singles & live albums) but unfortunately, both those albums are out of print.
You can find that song in a multitude of forms for a decent price here:

Stan at GEMM


Date: 10/25/04 01:08:21 EDT

I heard a single out there called camouflage, but can't seem to find that song on any of the albums. Have you heard of it where do you think I can get it

Date: 10/21/04 03:00:51 EDT

Congratulations on the new papoose!

I wish this child all the health and luck and love in the world.

We're all the better for it.


Date: 10/21/04 02:21:47 EDT

More like Harry Dean Stanton...still good to see something in a major mag.

Date: 10/20/04 09:45:28 EDT

Found illustration...looks nothing like him

Date: 10/20/04 09:45:09 EDT

Congrats! I guess that's why you didn't make it along to Joe's Pub

Date: 10/19/04 14:37:21 EDT

The world's youngest Stan/Wall of Voodoo fan was born 10/15/04 at 11:58pm to Black Diamond! Currently Mother and Jackson Delmar are relaxing to "Ballads" and counting the days to Pioneertown! Thanks to Stan for being there and still writing. Gosh.

Date: 10/19/04 11:28:04 EDT

Can someone post the New Yorker illustration on the forum. Can't seem to find it..

Date: 10/19/04 00:59:48 EDT

For anyone that cares, has the money, and isn't put off by this shameless promotion, I'm selling my Dark Continent CD on ebay.

I feel like a real heel selling it, but times have gotten about as rough as I can take without selling everything but my body.

I started it at 99 cents, so hopefully it won't be too much out of anyone's price range, but if anyone wants to give me hundreds of dollars for it, I'm not going to complain.

I'd post a link, but it's not like it's that hard to find. It's the only one on ebay, I think. Well, I'll try...


God bless you all. And thanks for putting up with another idiot trying to swindle you out of your hard-earned dollars.


Date: 10/18/04 07:25:42 EDT

Various Artists - Left Of The Dial (4CD Box Set) Is a new release that has "Back in Flesh" (not Mexican Radio) plus alot of different stuff from that era. At $54.99 (kinda hefty) but it's nice to see that WOV hasn't been forgotten.

Date: 10/17/04 14:06:15 EDT

Does Andy Prieboy actually have a website now? I know he had the domain name registered, but nothing really ended up there and now it's expired...

Muffy http://www.dangermuff.com

Date: 10/16/04 01:23:46 EDT

I do not understand all the hostility. I would think having Voodoo's great name mixed with a famous cult director like Sayadian only add to Wall Of Voodoo's legacy.
Terry The Tiger

Date: 10/13/04 21:28:30 EDT

wooo! you know its happening when you get an "illustration" in the New Yorker! Go Stan!

just another new york skeek,
back at the peppermint lounge in '81

Date: 10/13/04 21:25:47 EDT

NEW YORKER MAGAZINE: Stan in "illustration"

Stan Ridgway bulliten board:

Follow this link to our bulletin board, and then to an "illustration" of Stan Ridgway for the NEW YORKER magaazine this week for Joe's Pub NYC and Maxwell's New Jersey this


Date: 10/13/04 13:55:36 EDT

Then I go to
Then I go to
Then I go to


Date: 10/13/04 13:49:58 EDT

wow! thanks for posting this. Great to hear Stan on this show!
Sally in Utah

Date: 10/13/04 02:04:16 EDT

Recent (excellent) Stan Ridgway NPR Interview posted at the fan club:


If any FC members DID NOT recieve the newsletter I just sent
out, please let me know here: WallofVoodooFanClub@rock.com



Date: 10/12/04 14:32:27 EDT


Date: 10/12/04 12:40:35 EDT

It's not being "threatened." It's just that other people worked with the band as well. His brother's post seemed to exaggerate the guy's importance. It's all pretty laughable.

Date: 10/12/04 01:49:08 EDT

Who's so threatened by Steve Sayadian? I just mentioned some confirmed Vooodoo-related credits.


Date: 10/11/04 23:59:20 EDT

I always get it right
I never get it wrong

Date: 10/11/04 23:30:08 EDT

did someone say Allen Ginsberg?....he was my father!
when he drifted towards the dark side he cut off my hand and then ....

Date: 10/11/04 22:32:40 EDT

The Andy Prieboy show will as guest stars feature, the new members of Wall of Voodoo, Steve Sayadian & Allen Ginsberg

Date: 10/11/04 22:14:11 EDT

Andy Prieboy will be performing at Borders in Westwood this week. Oct 14 @ 7:30 pm - located at 1360 Westwood Blvd. LA CA 90024. Visit www.bordersstores.com - westwood location.

Date: 10/10/04 23:50:48 EDT

Where's SS's credit on those tunes???

Date: 10/10/04 23:03:37 EDT

Raid kills bugs dead

Date: 10/10/04 21:55:09 EDT

Should have searched just a little bit harder since IMBD has a listing for the movie that includes the songs. Of the ones they note the one that I don't think I've heard is "Guys Like Girls". I've got a reasonably large selection of demo's, boots and rarities from Wall Of Voodoo and Andy Prieboy so if you have this song, 'Guys Like Girls" and want to trade please let me know!


Written by Charles Gray, Ned Leukhardt, Mark Moreland and Andrew Prieboy
Performed by Wall of Voodoo
Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI) and Skeek Music
Used by permission of MCA Music Publishing

Written by Andrew Prieboy
Performed by Wall of Voodoo
Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI) and Skeek Music
Used by permission of MCA Music Publishing

Written by Andrew Prieboy and Ned Leukhardt
Performed by Wall of Voodoo
Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI) and Skeek Music
Used by permission of MCA Music Publishing

Written by Andrew Prieboy
Performed by Andrew Prieboy
Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI) and Skeek Music
Used by permission of MCA Music Publishing

Date: 10/10/04 21:37:33 EDT

Caught a terribly awful movie minutes ago called "Cutting Class". Andy Prieboy had quite a few credits but they were rolling by so quickly that I didn't catch all of his contributions. Of course Man Talk was obvious but since I missed the first half of the movie I obviously missed some other songs. Does anyone here happen to know what other songs are credited for this movie.

I'm just wondering if there are some more Prieboy songs I need to try to hunt down.

Many thanks,
jim clark

Date: 10/10/04 19:46:49 EDT

Who's in charge? Better ask the sarge

Date: 10/10/04 14:32:22 EDT

cool! lets have some more beat poetry!

Date: 10/10/04 14:17:22 EDT

Oh My!
Gregory Corso

Date: 10/09/04 21:51:30 EDT

Check the map, you navigator sap
Or we'll all end up with our heads in our laps

Date: 10/09/04 17:34:50 EDT

Todd and Toby must be your altar boys

Date: 10/09/04 15:18:41 EDT

Hi fans, thanks for all the worshipping and apprais, and boy do I deserve it. I created Wall of Voodoo, man. Wrote all the songs too. I'm so great.

- Steve Sayadian

Date: 10/09/04 14:07:57 EDT

I think it was Eugene Landy.

Date: 10/09/04 08:34:52 EDT

Steve Sayadian was responsible for the concept and cover design of Happy Planet. The photography was by Hustler photographer Ladi Von Jansky. This is from the liner notes.

Does anyone know who directed the "Do It Again" video? Was it Sayadian? They use the set from the cover shot.


Date: 10/08/04 23:18:40 EDT

I read Andy & Merril's book, "The Psycho Ex Game," and speaking as one who was there, a LOT of it was true....the names were just changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 10/08/04 14:02:04 EDT

Who's got a hand on the crackdown
Who's got the word on the double talk
Hands on the wheel and a flash of steel
We got a secret letter with a government seal

Date: 10/08/04 11:49:05 EDT

I just finished Andy Prieboy & Merril Markoe's novel "The Psycho Ex Game," and it was quite good...really on the mark in some places, and a little bit scattered elsewhere. But what confused me the most was trying to figure out how much of it is "true."

The parallels between "Wall Of Voodoo" and the band in the novel ("Slowly I Turn") are ridiculously obvious. But when strange stories start getting told -- particularly about the origins of a song called "Venus (de Milo)" (AKA "Mona (Lisa)") you start to wonder how much to believe.

Has anybody read the book?
Muffy St. Bernard http://www.dangermuff.com

Date: 10/06/04 17:36:30 EDT

All the way up the river to Sing Sing, twice twice.

-Roto Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band

Date: 10/05/04 17:15:38 EDT

It was at the Futurama Festival in Leeds in 1981 that I first beheld the splendour of WOV and I heard 'Mexican Radio'. They were on the same bill as Theatre of Hate, Echo and the Bunnymen and others, and I can remember at the time being very impressed by the band. I had often wondered what had happened to them. Good music never dies, man.

Date: 10/05/04 14:54:48 EDT

Callbox Video = Derek Burbridge, I think
Teabags r'Us

Date: 10/04/04 01:41:43 EDT

Didn't think Ali G was old enough to remember...

Date: 10/03/04 20:34:44 EDT

we want voodoo we want voodoo is it too much to ask? what kind of real voodoo merely burps up gas? and where's miles? and wazmo? and brucie? i likes the song factory; and i wishes joe nan-neeney and quiet marc-ie was still wif us cause i miss dem very much

Date: 10/01/04 11:09:38 EDT

I hear Su has a child now...hope she turns out better than Carrie's Mom. Worried she might put mescaline in her formula.

Date: 10/01/04 02:17:44 EDT

Call Box video directed by some limey - not, Godley and Creme..who?
Angela Lansbury

Date: 10/01/04 00:11:04 EDT

I don't know who did what, but for the first time, this site is interesting and exciting. Please, keep up the discussion!
Piece of gum on Stan's shoe

Date: 09/30/04 20:28:22 EDT

the gover-nator!

Date: 09/30/04 14:49:57 EDT

seems like an awfully long time ago -give it a rest

Date: 09/30/04 13:52:59 EDT

re: Call Video...Godley & Creme?

Date: 09/30/04 12:58:21 EDT

Oh lay off Mr. B.M. Every band needs a skeek magnet, no?
Queen LaSleazah

Date: 09/30/04 10:00:48 EDT

Thanks for the 'Mr.'

Date: 09/30/04 09:59:51 EDT

It's all true....
call me Sheesh male...

this site only kicks it when we be arguing. It's tempting to bring out Toby now and then..I think that some of the disputes/disagreements are directly related to the 'two' Voodoo's by which I don't mean Stan-Andy rather with Bruce/without Bruce. Bruce was always a playa in the sense that he befriended people who he introduced to the band? NO?

Date: 09/30/04 03:54:14 EDT

Dick Cheney? Call Box? seems to make sense somehow.
our man flint

Date: 09/30/04 03:52:58 EDT

Hello, my name is Dick Cheney and how the heck can I make money out of this petty dispute?

Date: 09/30/04 03:47:00 EDT

hey! what about the Call Box video? Just saw it on VH1 last week real late where they mentioned some Stan dates in New York.
Who directed that one ? Anybody got the facts?

I am curious yellow

Date: 09/30/04 03:17:54 EDT


The truth!!!

I think WOV Producer - Mr. Richard Mazda wrote the whole damn record really!!!...AND he played ALL the instruments on the records and sang all the parts too!! PLUS - he told the young slimy boys what clothes to wear and how to speak that "skeek speak" they did so well. Thanks to Mazda !! It was ALL Mazda ! He directed the video too! AND he built that famous Voodoo door himself out of cheap English plywood from a dark and spooky rest stop on the M4.
Mazda? Genius ! I should know...I was there and looking for my little bitty kiddy pool down Pico with my chicken in a bag. Sue Tissue? where are yu? You were the true genius among us....

we learned from you...and we marched onward.

call me ishmale

Date: 09/30/04 03:07:00 EDT

From Clipland on the web:
The source for video and film


Artist: Wall Of VooDoo
Song: 'Mexican Radio'
Year-Date: 1983
Album: Call Of West

Genre: ?

Director: Francis Delia
Director of Photography/Camera:

Date: 09/30/04 02:56:53 EDT

"genius starts the revolution, and thieves carry it out"

- somebody smarter than us

Date: 09/30/04 02:55:08 EDT

ss also helped me preapre my role in rock creep - the motion picture

Date: 09/30/04 02:53:02 EDT

from the web:

Stan Ridgway At Pollstar; The place to find all info on the gigs:


With a newly stripped down, cool to the bone "gothic- folk -noir" trio of himself on acoustic guitar and harmonica, Pietra Wexstun (of the band Hecate's Angels) on keyboards and electronics and Rick King, (of the Barstow band, Mirage) on slide guitar, bass and banjo, Ridgway sings songs from his new release "Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads and Fugitive Songs" (redFLY), in addition to his previous solo works and stark de-constructions of his songs from the Wall Of Voodoo catolog.

Date: 09/30/04 02:17:13 EDT

SS helped me prepare for my role in Predator- Kevin Peter Hall

Date: 09/30/04 01:26:18 EDT

Wasn't it Joe Nannini who coined the term "rock creep"?
Dangerhouse Dan

Date: 09/30/04 01:06:14 EDT

Using their music without asking them - sounds like a great guy...Wonder what Jerry Stahl thinks of him, Drugs wouldn't be involved would they?
Hedda Hopper

Date: 09/29/04 22:58:09 EDT

I don't know any of these people personally, though I have heard of the director Stephen Sayadian. All I know is I am looking at a copy of the Call Of The West album and it says: Cover designed by Stephen Sayadian. I believe that's proof in the pudding, as they say.

Date: 09/29/04 21:54:59 EDT

Toby here -

However you all want to slice it, Saydian and Voodoo had a long history together... Marc and Bruce both worked on Dr. Caligari behind the scenes min 1989... There was also that song that appeared in Untamed Cowgirls Of The Wild West in the early 90's that was credited to Barbara's Boys which has been confirmed as a demo from Marc and Bruce looped twice. In the interview I did with Marc he told me that Saydian had a office down the hallway from their rehearsal space back before the first ep came out... they became friends and Saydian used Ring of Fire in Night Dreams without asking them... they were ultimately o.k. with it, though, according to Marc. Saydians partner during Cafe Flesh was writer Jerry Stahl who wrote Permanite Midnight. It isn't mentioned in the movie but the book touches on it for a bit. Saydian was single handedly responsible for starting the new wave movement in the adult industry in the early eighties. Then the Dark Brothers came along and really kicked it into gear. What ever your take on any of this is, Saydian was an important associate of the Voodoo boys!

Date: 09/29/04 15:58:11 EDT

Oh man, I remember Mike Gormley from the LAPD management team. Major 80's flashback!! Good to see you're still alive and kicking, Maz. C'mere and let me rub your head just for the hell of it! Saw Chas last month and he's looking pretty good for an aging rock star...ha! He's certainly aging better than I am!

Rock on,

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 09/28/04 18:12:27 EDT

Well i didn't want to be the first to dish on the SS debate but here's my take on it. As most fans know I produced the Call and Happy albums and other stuff too. I never heard Steve's name mentioned but more than once. I spent a shit load of time with them. As to stories about invitations to 'Manage' well..most of the time Mike Gormley of LAPD management was in charge and I can only think that a drunken badly remembered conversation is to blame. Mentor? I don't think so
Now let it lie

Date: 09/28/04 17:29:30 EDT

I gave birth to Jesus
The Virgin Mary

Date: 09/28/04 04:16:38 EDT

"two are gone to heaven" WOV FAN/HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD FLY ON WALL ASSIGNS CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Stan Ridgway conceived the warped door on the cover that was built by the late Paulie Peterson, a gifted production designer and wonderfully strange man (Sayadian was propmaster on inner sleeve shot). Paulie is the same man who built the German impressionistic bathroom in the grainy B&W shot that served as key art in the international ad campaign for Brian DePalma movie Dress To Kill photographed by Francis Delia(DGA/WGA). Delia, aka Frank, was the sole photographer on Call of the West album including the cover, the portrait of the boys on the back and the inner sleeve still life; in each instance the "design" is in the photographs which "bleed" or go to edge of cover/sleeve. ON RECORD: Delia produced/directed "Mexican Radio" which was mentioned in (the 1st paragraph of) Time magazine's MTV cover issue (1983) as one of the defining clips in the advent of music video (along with his video of the Ramone's "Psychotherapy", MR made a listing on Rolling Stone's Top 100 videos of all time). Stan Ridgway & Delia co-conceived MR clip with Paulie P contributing storyboards under Delia's direction. Abel Ferrara suggested RP on the window of the warped door which spurred Delia to take the band on location to Tijuana to shoot "home movies" of WOV. Delia's initial success with "Radio" was no fluke: over the next decades he had successes(including number ones & platinums) with diverse artists such as The Stray Cats, Starship, The Blasters, Rockwell, solo Ridgway, The Bruthers and continues as TV & feature director-writer. The real stars: four guys called Joe, Marc, Chas & Stan (oops, don't forget Bruce!) "...One weekend, Marc's song fell out, the single they still talk about; We made a video with Frank Delia behind the lens Labor Day Mexico, lots of beans and drugs and friends But all was gonna bust; how were chumps like us to know? We took off on that tour so long and played and sang our radio song, oh-woah Now, it seemed like that old voodoo dog we had was payin' for its fleas We lost control of our own band to the record company..."


Date: 09/28/04 04:09:56 EDT

Hello Wall Of Voodoo
How can i get my hands on some t shirts of yours?
regaurds Zak

Date: 09/28/04 02:16:01 EDT

like ...yuk!...maaan...

Date: 09/28/04 01:33:12 EDT

My brush with Wall Of Voodoo; It was the late 70's and WOV was renting an office on the corner of Hollywood Bv. and Cherokee, The Amber building. They had a place on the 2nd floor, where they rehearsed all day and slept there at night. Though the place was not zoned for living, Sy Amber the owner, made an exception. One night about 3:00 in the morning, the alarm sounded in the 1st floor clothing shop. When the cops arrived, they entered with caution. As they proceeded in, they noticed that the skylight was broken out, and directly below the window was a fresh, still slightly smoking, human Churchill. Besides the stench, they came to the conclusion that nothing in the store was stolen. When the owner, Sy Amber arrived, the cops explained the situation to him. Well, Sy was besides himself. He proclaimed,"I would of rather been robbed than shit on, this is the ultimate insult". The police went on their way and Amber stormed directly upstaires to Voodoo's residence. Pounding on the door, a naked Bruce M. answered. Sy yelled "I know it was one of you and I'm pretty sure it was you Bruce". Bruce holding back the laughter, denied it, and so did the rest of the group, but Sy would have no part of it,and Voodoo was out on their asses that morning. Years later, I learned who the culprit was. It was none other than the latent maniacal, Joe Nanini. He said "he never met a whole he didn't like". The reason this tale has such lasting meaning, is that Wall Of Voodoo wrote their greatest songs in that building, and had Joe invested a few dollars in a butt plug, who knows what might of been. Well, that's my brush with WOV, let's hear yours.
Longtime Voodoo freak-in the can burning a mule.

Date: 09/27/04 12:58:15 EDT

ME TALK like TONTO and masked man big BLOWHARD!

Date: 09/27/04 12:22:21 EDT


Date: 09/26/04 21:40:29 EDT

They broke up. Get over it. I'm sure everyone had their reasons. And although some of his solo albums may be hard to find, Stan Ridgway is still making great music and I'm at least grateful for that.

Date: 09/26/04 21:24:27 EDT

To Lame Brigade: You think bands like The Talking Heads, The Cure, Blondie or The B52's are better than Wall Of Voodoo, I don't think so. If Voodoo would of stayed together, they would be mentioned in the same breath as the bands I just listed. Even groups like REM, D. Mode or U2 are more famous because of their longevity. One will never know how big Voodoo could have been.

Date: 09/26/04 21:05:12 EDT

Does that mean Nick Cage is a Wall Of Voodoo fan, I believe so, cool. If Voodoo would ever get back together, and Stan did not want to, how about Nick Cage as lead singer.

Date: 09/26/04 20:54:21 EDT

I was just turned on to Stan's music by my Uncle. I love I Wanna Be Boss and Pete, Peg, and Me. The problem is finding any of his albums in the stores. Someone please help, or I will have to buy Rap records.
John Thunder-Boston

Date: 09/26/04 20:49:15 EDT

Is there any chance Wall Of Voodoo will ever reform. I'm waiting
Buck T

Date: 09/25/04 13:04:03 EDT

Welcome to the Steve Sayadian site. If you think you have reached the Wall of Voodoo bulletin board, you are sadly mistaken. It has been infected with the SS virus.

Date: 09/25/04 01:01:16 EDT

I love NightDreams. I always thought that was Wall of Voodoo duing the Ring of Fire song. Where can I get a copy of Ring of Fire?

Date: 09/25/04 00:55:51 EDT

Right on TheFinalelbow! I always wanted to know the story between Wall of Voodoo and the director Stephen Sayadian. I saw Nick Cage on a talk show, and they asked him "what made you use WOV's remake of Ring of Fire to end your movie Sonny". He said "one of my favorite movies is the cult classic NightDreams, and Voodoo scores that movie. Please keep posting Finalelbow.
Spike from Miami-Longtime Voodoo fan

Date: 09/24/04 23:05:25 EDT

right on

Date: 09/24/04 22:45:40 EDT

Most videos suck. In my humble opinion, MTV almost singlehandedly destroyed music.
Dane - a fan since high school

Date: 09/24/04 16:27:07 EDT

Is it for free?

Date: 09/24/04 15:19:07 EDT

Is that the same SS who directed Cafe Flesh and Dr.Caligari. If it is I can see the same style in the Do It Again video. Contact me, I would love a copy of the video.

Date: 09/24/04 15:05:20 EDT

I am very sorry, I thought this was a forum for Voodoo fans. Most people that follow a group want to know all about them. I guess it is for people who want to play phone tag and read what they wrote. Anyway, it was great hearing from you Bruce M. I had a feeling you would read and respond. I know you want to distance yourself from Voodoo, but it is your past, and I think a good one!

Date: 09/24/04 14:54:54 EDT

To anyone who would like a copy of the "Do it Again video", Contact me at: Thefinalelbow@aol.com

Date: 09/24/04 06:33:56 EDT

i am sorry. I didn't mean what i said.. I meant anything yer brother steve did. after all he wrote all the sings right? and had everything to do with COW?

pip from Utah - a voodoo "fan"

Date: 09/23/04 22:58:03 EDT

I am sorry, I didn't mean Seven Days In Sammystown, I meant the video for "Far Side Of Crazy". Thanks

Date: 09/23/04 22:56:40 EDT


I would like to know how I could get a copy of the videos for "Do It Again" and "Seven Days In Sammystown"! I am willing to pay a reasonable price for the videos and shipping as well. Email me at jtsackett@msn.com to let me know.

Date: 09/23/04 22:54:16 EDT

For the forum...
Below is a link to listen to an archived audio interview with Stan Ridgway
from NPR's Weekend Edition with Liane Hansen.
Broadcast Sunday Sept. 19th 2004.

'Songwriter Ridgway Offers Potent, Eerie 'Snakebite'

Date: 09/23/04 22:19:08 EDT

Whoa, hold up a minute here... Andi -- I wanna know more about this "Wall of Voodoo Fanclub in Germany", and especially the "fanzines that came out". Is there a way to scan these 'zines, so I can post them at the current fan club site? Either way, please email me at Ampcore@myway.com. (please use 'WoV' in the subject line)

Date: 09/23/04 12:18:35 EDT

Why would "a Voodoo fan" know how close this guy Saydian was to the band or not? That seems to be something people who directly worked with them would know. Apparently this guy needs some attention. Is he pissed because he wasn't mentioned in Stan's "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues?" Maybe this Dude, grand creative force that he apparently thinks he is, should write his own tune and set the record straight for those of us who would even give a shit.
Hollywood Slim

Date: 09/23/04 02:50:48 EDT

"rock's biggest acts?" some one call the lame brigade.

Date: 09/23/04 02:42:04 EDT

i am a long time voodoo fan. i first met the boys in 1957 when they were in kindergarten. my brother el duce was a mentor as well as the creative force behind all wov fingerpaintings. he directed the "do it with poo -poo" video, which was considered one of the smelliest and best of that period. he was even asked to babysit but declined.


Date: 09/23/04 02:16:43 EDT

To the smart-ass who called my comments "spam", it is obvious you are not a Voodoo fan. If you were, you would know how close all of the boys were with him. I believe if Voodoo would of stayed together, they would be considered one of rocks greatest acts. It is a subject Stephen,Bruce,Andy and the late Marc often talked about at Stephen's home in Hollywood. I think if Stan was honest with himself he would also agree.

Date: 09/23/04 01:59:47 EDT

I love the Do it Again video. I just saw it the other day on Mtv2, could not believe it! I would love to own a copy, so you will be hearing from me finalelbow.
Henry Spencer-longtime Voodoo freak

Date: 09/22/04 05:32:42 EDT

Around 1986 I was a member of the Wall of Voodoo Fanclub in Germany. There were a few fanzines that came out. I still have them. Was anyone else in this fanclub?
Cheers, Andi from Switzerland

Date: 09/19/04 18:36:37 EDT

H'mmm, maybe everybody needs to read my book, "Memoirs of an Amnesiac."
-Oscar Levant

Date: 09/19/04 17:59:19 EDT

The post below smells like spam. Those who were there beg to differ....

Date: 09/19/04 16:30:49 EDT

I am a long time Wall Of Voodoo fan. I first met The Boys around 1982. My brother Stephen Sayadian was a mentor, as well as the creative force behind all Voodoo visuals. Stephen designed, and shot; The Call of the West album. He also created and shot the famous- Do it Again- video, which is considered one of the best videos ever to air on Mtv. Stephen was also a very close friend of all the boys, he was even asked to manage them, but declined. Stephen just recently hooked up with Stan at his gig in Chicago, they had fun remembering old times. Stephen was crushed to hear about Marc's death. Marc and stephen were so close at one time and Stephen always said Marc was Voodoo's secret weapon. I was really glad to see this site, and I am happy Voodoo will not be forgotten. Will post again, take care and don't let the wind blow your spit back into your face. Thefinalelbow@aol.com (Damon)

Date: 09/19/04 16:03:04 EDT

Great interview, Stan
Dave from Detroit

Date: 09/19/04 15:41:12 EDT

The Marc Moreland Official Website:

Date: 09/19/04 15:39:27 EDT

The Stan Ridgway Official Website:

Date: 09/19/04 14:34:06 EDT

Just got turned on to Wall of Voodoo via Public Radio interview with Stan Ridgway and immediately went to this site! The blue printing against the black background, however, is VERY hard to read! How about lightening up the printing so us old farts can read it!! Now it's off to get CDs - Love these guys!

Date: 09/19/04 00:47:53 EDT

More Ridgway Tour News: East Coast Dates in October - Pappy and Harriet's in the Calif. Desert in Nov.
Tour News:
October 2004

10/16/2004 - World Cafe Live / Philadelphia, PA / 8:30 PM
(215) 222-1400

10/17/2004 - Joe's Pub / New York City, NY / 9:30 PM
(212) 239-6200

10/18/2004 - Maxwell's / Hoboken, NJ / 9PM
(201) 653-1703

10/19/2004 - Rams Head Tavern / Annapolis, MD/ 8PM
(410) 268-4545

November 2004

11/20/2004 - Pappy & Harriet's Pioneer Palace / Pioneertown, CA / 9PM
(760) 365 - 5956

Date: 09/19/04 00:43:58 EDT

Snakebite Review
by Danté Dominick
Special to RockzillaWorld
August 22nd, 2004

The common review tactic of aligning the work in question with similar artists or styles simply is not apt in the case of Stan Ridgway and his latest release, Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs. It would be misleading (and far too difficult) to list the styles of music employed on Snakebite, so in lieu of hard-to-pin genres, let's examine an abbreviated list of instruments credited to the musicians. Starting simple, there are various guitars, drums & percussion, piano and bass. Then there are the less conventional instruments, but ones we are at least familiar with, such as harp, jawbone, French horns, celeste, glockenspiel, melodica, autoharp, bamboo flute and tap shoes to name a few. Then we have the third tier of, well, objects not typically considered musicmakers: angry birds, underwater bells, shovels & rakes, beer cans, sci-fi machine, trash compactor, popcorn box, etc. and some things called oberhiem and juno 106.

In the past three weeks I have listened to Snakebite more than any other album and I'm still not sure what I think. That's not true actually. I know I like it. Just surprised I like it so much and deeply curious about whatever force it is that keeps me popping the disc back in for yet another listen.

Stan Ridgway's music is well known to quite a lot of folks. He enjoyed fleeting mainstream fame during the early, edgy heyday of MTV and the subsequent decades as a solo artist have found a legion of loyal followers. His avant-garde, industrial folktales are well-thought, complexly layered gizmo soundscapes built atop barebones acoustic folk. Ridgway is a media-age storyteller.

Snakebite is broken into three acts. Act One includes twisted tales of human lives gone amuck, fodder for sensational 5 o'clock breaking news quirks. "King For a Day" follows a man's cell-phone conversation with the woman whose auto he just "stole" as he is chased by a battalion of police and news crews. As the narrator gives "a message for your mother/Out the window, can she see?" it is evident this is the knockout ending to domestic deterioration and not a random crime. The conclusion finds the singer crashing the car into a house, "Daddy's home."

Act Two begins with the obscene gaiety of farifsa organ (?) and glockenspiel (Pietra Wexstun) and "carny drums" (Bruce Zelesnik) in "Runnin' With the Carnival." Here Ridgway enlivens the fascination a country farm boy holds for the traveling carnival, finding romance and pure charm in what is truly grotesque, "Oh, the dogface boy lifts his leg out in the pourin' rain/When you're travelin' with the carnival, there really is no shame." The boy is so taken with the Monkey Woman, Rubber Man, Bearded Lady and Siamese Twins that he expresses, "I'm tired of totin' water, feedin' chickens in a shack/I'm runnin' way with the carnival, an' never comin' back."

The following number, "Our Manhattan Moment" mocks cosmopolitan high-society, the juxtaposition of following the dreamy-eyed boy in "Runnin' With the Carnival" with this depiction suggests the daily lives your average, fashionable urbanite are today's true freak show:

One night up in a penthouse suite
Your famous friends I got to meet
So nice to have my pinky painted blue

Not one to mince words, Ridgway strikes hard with the acerbic conclusion:

These city streets burst at their seams
And flood the earth with people's dreams
But you're only concerned with some new shoe

So we'll amble through the bars
And count the pretty colored jars
I still wish that I could be as dumb as you.

The project starts to slow down at the onset of Act Three, provoking thoughts that this generous platter of 16 songs should maybe have been slimmed down. But Ridgway was simply saving the best for last. The final cut, "My Rose Marie (a soldier's tale)" clippity-clops along like the hooves of a lonely horse and a remorseful harmonica playing a Dixie melody. This five-minute song captures an entire movie score; on the big screen is a poor chap whose honorable devotion is rendered pointless when met with returned abandonment. A wonderful example of Ridgway's ear for composing a score spiced with little touches of woodwinds, brass, strings and keys at the perfect moments to portray emotions with solid clarity.

But it is the preceding number, "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues Pt. 1," that will floor the longtime fans. Some 25 years later Ridgway lays down the painful truth about his heady days in the band that is this song's namesake.

Yeah, I guess we blew it big time
Business got us bent
We played a show for forty grand
And the manager took every cent
Every goddamn cent

Ridgway is reminiscent of Warren Zevon who refused for years to play "Werewolves of London." Like Zevon, Ridgway eventually capitulated and re-commenced playing his signature song in concert. But don't expect to hear "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues" at live shows. Most are amazed he cut this song at all.

This omission is easily forgivable as Ridgway is anything but stingy with his performances. A recent evening at Austin's Saxon Pub found the singer weaving through his recordings and he performed noticeably longer than the scheduled time. The swelled crowd hinged to the beginning of every number in an unspoken competition to be the first to identify what song he was starting to play. Slightly surprising is how jolly and chatty the singer is considering his songs are often brooding and, uh, demented. Ridgway routinely jokes with the crowd while seemingly modifying the set list as desired because, "that's my prerogative as Bobby Brown the philosopher says."

Fine with us.

There. I believe I just finished the first ever review of Stan Ridgway that did not include the title *e****n ***i* in it anywhere.

Date: 09/18/04 03:41:16 EDT

thanks for fixing the crack in the wall jtl, hippie dave

Date: 09/16/04 16:52:49 EDT

I bought mine right here from the man himself:

and got a Snakebite bumpersticker too!

Got mine in the mail in 3 days!

koochie in dallas

Date: 09/16/04 13:01:35 EDT

I finally found "Snakebite" at Bust Buy. About time they had it. I think Stan may need some better distribution.


Date: 09/15/04 16:35:56 EDT

-David Letterman

Date: 09/15/04 16:35:54 EDT

-David Letterman

Date: 09/15/04 06:24:38 EDT

Read Andy P.'s and Merrill Markoe's excellent novel 'Psycho Ex' about 4 irresponsible brains.
Oliver Sacks

Date: 09/14/04 21:57:18 EDT

Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs
by Hal Horowitz

Stan Ridgway sounds recharged on a sprawling set that revisits familiar territory but
does so in a fresh fashion. Not counting 2004's Blood which was more a soundtrack, this
is the ex- Wall of Voodoo frontman's first solo album since 1999's Anatomy . The 16-song
track list is divided into three "acts" which infers that there is a thread connecting the
tunes. But even if one senses a vague theme about traveling, reflections on life, and tall
tales of outcasts, outlaws and loners, the narrative -- if there is one -- is difficult to
follow. That won't lessen a fan's enjoyment of this splintered but always innovative and
challenging album. The music occasionally has a twisted carnival feel, similar to a
more upbeat version of Tom Waits ' unique style, but much less abrasive. Ridgway's
offbeat lyrics are some of his finest and most thought-provoking, with songs like "The
Big 5-0" either telling a straightforward tale of a pair of losers trying to find the titular
road,or a more oblique observation on a mid-life crisis. The words are juxtaposed against
a modified Bo Diddley beat that also conveys the rattling of wheels on a highway. The
singer's distinctive harmonica provides the high lonesome effects on "God Sleeps in a
Caboose"; standard Ridgeway train fare played with unplugged sympathy for its
windswept landscapes and loser hoboes. "Throw It Away" implicitly references his Wall
of Voodoo days where the bellboy puts the main character -- which seems to be Ridgway
-- on hold after saying he heard "that radio song." "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues, Pt. 1" is a
candid recap of his years in the band, sung with a detached yet loving approach which
rails against the commerciality of the record business and pays tribute to two members
who have passed. Musically, Ridgway sounds assured throughout this terrific, and
rather long, but never boring disc. While it is by no means a bid at stardom, he
incorporates avant-garde elements within pop structures. As such it is arguably his
most impressive -- if not necessarily cohesive -- release and his best album. Established
fans will be thrilled, while newcomers are encouraged to search this out and work

Date: 09/14/04 11:06:55 EDT

Dear Sirs,

Is it a rare cd "Film Songs" by Stanard ?

Date: 09/14/04 01:31:37 EDT

Sorry folks
My ISP just changed there server config and it has taken me until tonite to fix it. Thanks to Hippie Dave for the heads up that this thing was broke. Lets get this thang rollin.

Earlier today the US Festival version of Funzone came up on my mp3 jukebox(Well Itunes)and I was overwhelmed. Man I sure miss this band.


Date: 09/14/04 01:24:40 EDT

Where'd all the dip go?

Date: 08/19/04 05:30:14 PDT

Hei Stan,
When you come in ITALY????

Date: 08/18/04 04:15:38 PDT

you got me there....perhaps because i didn't produce it! just kidding but seriously you'll need chas or stan for that one...mazda

Date: 08/16/04 08:57:21 PDT

Yep - Mazda explained it better than I could. It's those CHORDS, dammit!!

Ok - since I have your ear, why wasn't "Invisible Man" ever officially issued back in the day? It's one of my favorites!


Date: 08/13/04 18:19:54 PDT

Fan club news:

Sorry about the lack of activity, but I have been going through
some tough times these days.

We are now up to 62 members. Not bad, really. I think this email
from one of our latest members is really cool and encouraging:

hey, my name is justin, im a 17 year old kid, and i just
found my dads old tape of call of the west. Now i am hooked on
you guys. i cant find tapes or cds of you guys anywhere so i
started downloading. i love dark continent, and my favorite song
is back in flesh. you guys were awsome. i wish i could have seen you..... oh well thanks for reading my letter. adios amigos

I guess he thought I was in the band or something, but I fixed
all that. Pretty cool though, that people Justin's age are still
discovering WoV.

I'll try to get a newsletter out soon, and remember -- any
bootlegs or other contributions to the club (rarities, old pics, etc.) ...would be greatly appreciated & will be posted at Gramps'
place for all to share.

That is all for now --


Grampa's House

P.S. Thanks for checking in and for the cool stories, Richard.

Date: 08/13/04 04:20:09 PDT

Mazda...I must personally thank you for your contributions, not only to this site but to WOV in general. Thanks for everything. WOV's sound is something I never tire of.


Date: 08/12/04 10:39:42 PDT

For what it's worth Stan and I worked long and hard on the vocal for that one. It is an early example of Stan using his 'pure' voice as opposed to the narrator/spoken style which is employed on most of the COTW album. Also it's an early example of a song that whilst it fitted on the record was not a narrative in the style of the title track or even Spyworld. Lastly the chords and melodies were more sophisticated and haunting than the other tunes so after repeated listens it kind sticks in yer soft underbelly and gestates.

Date: 08/11/04 12:14:21 PDT

What's everyone's take on the song "Hands Of Love"? I would have never mentioned it among my favorites, but it's the one I play most on my radio show. Not sure why....


Date: 08/10/04 08:58:48 PDT

and the only method i'm into is Champagnoise... dead dogs and parent abuse don't really figure

Date: 08/10/04 08:49:56 PDT

still here NZ. Site is going back up soon. Have been working on the new Batman movie ... had a winnebago [shared] 2 away from Gary Oldman and three down from Christian Bale [both not sharing] so if that's hanging with hollywood ..well, this is the life!

Date: 08/10/04 01:19:25 PDT

Need help in locating WOV tracks. If you know how then please visit me at http://vilesilencer.com and use the contact form on the site.

Date: 08/09/04 20:33:44 PDT

mazda hangs with the big hollywood stars and shows them the method.

Date: 08/09/04 16:55:57 PDT

Anyone know what became of Richard Mazda and/ or his website?


Date: 08/06/04 15:32:58 PDT

Hey you out there. Great to know that there is a WOV Site in the net. Still a big fan, although there is no chance to get a CD of them here in Germoney. Seen them in ´87 and ´88. They made it an unforgetable Gig.So. I´m off again. Misses is waiting. We´re going to walk through a Museum. Hold your heads up... Oh god, I´m getting old... Shuoldn`t have tried to find anything about my lost youth...

Date: 08/06/04 04:29:37 PDT

VH1 has a new show called "The Alternative". Not only did they talk about Stan's new release I also believed they mentioned some tour dates and then they followed that up with the video for "Callbox (1-2-3)". F**king amazing! I hadn't seen that video since 1982.


Date: 08/05/04 10:41:21 PDT

i bought my SNAKEBITE at Barnes and Noble in Sata Monica. They had several there.
koo koo the shoe

Date: 08/04/04 23:23:40 PDT

All Tower Records in the USA have Snakebite and its gettin' out to the other stores slowly but surely..
a redFLY worker...

Date: 08/04/04 15:35:08 PDT

What big box stores can Stan's new album be found in? I've been to Bust Buy, Circuit City, Borders, Barnes & Noble and others with no luck.

Date: 08/03/04 18:26:50 PDT

woof woof!

Date: 08/02/04 03:16:56 PDT

To anyone in search of WoV Dark Continent CDRs...
Please go to the Dog's Life fan club & join up:


(free membership)


Date: 08/01/04 14:16:39 PDT

Ok, everyone, calm down. I emailed the seller of the CALL BOX dvd. Here is what she had to say:

Thanks for looking! All music video singles are fantastic quality. All music videos are remastered when transfered onto dvd (enhanced color, dolby digital sound). This is not a concert, it is the music video from satellite tv. All music videos are from promo dvds (no logos) & satellite (with logos). If you are looking for excellent quality videos, you've come to the right place. Let me know if you want. Thanks!

In other words folks, if you have Stan's SHOWBUISINESS IS MY LIFE, you already have the video.

I. Tattoo

Date: 07/31/04 08:33:03 PDT

I don't have the Call Box DVD but looking at some of the seller's other items on that site, I gather that it is simply a DVD single (i.e. the Call Box video and nothing else). The guy seems to specialize in selling DVD singles of videos from the 80s...

Date: 07/30/04 16:51:13 PDT

Someone please post a review of this "Call Box" DVD.

Date: 07/30/04 16:31:35 PDT

Hey, can anyone here give me a summary/description of the "Far Side of Crazy" and "Do It Again" videos, as it seems I shall never see them?



Date: 07/30/04 13:02:29 PDT

Don't know, but I ordered one since it was cheap. I'll let you know when I get it!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 07/30/04 10:50:19 PDT

Anyone know what this "Call Box' DVD is all about?http://www.musicstack.com/item.cgi?item=43349456


Date: 07/30/04 04:23:59 PDT

My mistake.....a mighty brain fart.....so that was it? Just the 2?


Date: 07/29/04 18:53:17 PDT

There never was a visdeo for redlight but there was one for callbox. It was WOV first video shot.
pooh bear the voodoo expert

Date: 07/28/04 04:21:16 PDT

How many different videos did WOV make? I know of 2, "Mexican Radio" and "Red Light"....and does anyone know where I can get my grubby little mits on them?


Date: 07/27/04 16:48:20 PDT


Don't we have any brave souls willing to make a cd-r to help our Nancy?

BTW Nancy it is helpful to post an email address when soliciting assistance.

Date: 07/25/04 12:14:45 PDT

In some ways, Dark Continent is Wall of Voodoo's greatest album. Although it lacks the "Mexican Radio" of its follow-up, there is no filler and the arrangements and concepts are
brilliantly executed. Proffering an utterly unique blend of drum machine beats, Marc Moreland's Western-influenced guitar leads, and Stan Ridgway's distinctive vocals and lyrics, Dark Continent has been
compared to the music of Devo, but is not quite like anything — or anyone — else. The songs deal with natural and industrial perils, tense relationships, and reflect a cranky, working-class perspective that
offers an interesting contrast to the new wave elements of prominent synthesizer and hyperactive rhythm box beats. If originality and artistic vision are any measure of a rock album's worth, Dark Continent
delivers on both counts. — Greg Adams

Date: 07/24/04 21:38:46 PDT


Date: 07/24/04 07:44:14 PDT

lp is rare!
cd is more rare!!
if yuo are lucky can found used!!!

Date: 07/23/04 18:54:05 PDT

cobbler of puppets?

Date: 07/23/04 18:53:12 PDT

Dark Continet is very rare indeed. I se it for 100 bucks on ebay sometimes. I'm happy I have mine from 1986 from Germany. So there..
Good hunting though. Its simple the best WOV record there ecver was.
Hans - the Cobbler of Puppets

Date: 07/23/04 17:50:42 PDT

Hi there, I'm looking for a CD of Dark Continent can anyone help me?
Thanks, Nancy

Date: 07/23/04 16:59:53 PDT

"Aka's" was probably the wrong route to go with.
What I was getting at, is his new band mates.

Who they are and the stuff they did that lead them to the Great Stan!
Rob, Calgary AB.

Date: 07/22/04 18:21:35 PDT

Oklahoma Okay!
Tommy J.

Date: 07/22/04 00:50:59 PDT

OK CITY! all right Stan!

Date: 07/22/04 00:49:35 PDT


9 pm
The Rhythm Room

Phoenix, AZ

"an evening with"

(602) 264-7880

City Limits Tuscon, AZ "an evening with" (520) 904-3595

The Paramount

Santa Fe, NM

"an evening with"

(505) 982-8999

8pm The Saxon Pub Austin, TX "an evening with" (512) 448-2552
9 pm
The Gypsy Tea Room

Dallas, TX

"an evening with"

(214) 744-9779

8:30 pm The Blue Door Oklahoma City, OK "an evening with" (405) 524-0738
9pm Lion's Lair Denver, CO "an evening with" (303) 320-9200

Date: 07/20/04 23:42:23 PDT

hey waht about OK City?

Date: 07/20/04 23:41:33 PDT

Stan Ridgway on tour in August:

9 pm
The Rhythm Room
Phoenix, AZ
"an evening with"
(602) 264-7880
City Limits
Tuscon, AZ
"an evening with"
(520) 904-3595
The Paramount
Santa Fe, NM
"an evening with"
(505) 982-8999
The Saxon Pub
Austin, TX
"an evening with"
(512) 448-2552
Lion's Lair
Denver, CO
"an evening with"
(303) 320-8200

Date: 07/20/04 22:38:37 PDT

Do you mean who else have they played with?

Date: 07/20/04 19:10:07 PDT

aka's? ya mean....? what?....

Date: 07/20/04 18:18:10 PDT


current members! R.M.

Date: 07/20/04 18:16:18 PDT

Anyone know the "AKA'S" of Stan's band? The excellent collaboraters.

grats, R.M.

Date: 07/18/04 12:49:43 PDT


Date: 07/18/04 11:51:26 PDT

watch the CALEXICO band!!!

Date: 07/17/04 09:46:14 PDT

oops...I mean "sell," since I never acually bought one.

Date: 07/17/04 09:44:23 PDT

Fishing for free CD's. Send them to me and I'll resell them on E-bay.
Mara from Mozambique

Date: 07/17/04 00:15:46 PDT

wooo! the new yorker. hi brow. huge subcriptions. right on stan.
i check in here every now and then and its good to see.
bob thomas - remember me from vancouver?....

Date: 07/17/04 00:12:48 PDT




Issue of 2004-07-12 and 19
Posted 2004-07-05



Stan Ridgway has been turning out distinctive noirish rock and roll since the late seventies, first as a member of the
group Wall of Voodoo and then as a solo artist. Snakebite (Redfly) is among the better outings of his long, off-kilter
career. In sixteen songs, Ridgway blends together rock, jazz, and blues in the service of his always strange, but never
frivolous, storytelling. Over the years, his songwriting has become more personal, and, in addition to intimately
narrated songs like “Our Manhattan Moment” and “Wake Up Sally (The Cops Are Here),” there’s “Talkin’ Wall of
Voodoo Blues, Pt. 1,” a rollicking retelling of the rise and fall of his former band.

Date: 07/16/04 19:11:38 PDT

ciao! Do you know of Wall Of Voodoo Gilberto?

Date: 07/16/04 15:25:49 PDT


Date: 07/16/04 12:38:00 PDT

Spreading in the state Maranhão, Brazil

Hi Friends! I would like to introduce myself. I´m Gilberto Mineiro, I am journalist and broadcaster in São Luís, (island in the north of Brazil and the state is the Maranhão), where I produce and I present some special programs in local radios, write about music (bossa Nova, Jazz, new music, classic, new age, progressive, blues, Brazilian Music, world Music, Ethnic Music and much more) and cinema at newspaper of the city. It would be a pleasure to me to be able to divulgue your work in my city. If you enjoy my idea we could be partners. As a journalist, I can write about your work and present your songs at the radio in my programs. All I need is your Cd and some informations about your work that you can send me by release.

Grateful for the attention.

I will be waiting for your news.


Send to Radio Universidade Fm C/O Gilberto Mineiro

My address is: Rua Santa Rita, 664- centro, São Luís – Maranhão
cep-65015-430. Brazil

P.s to hear my show radio at the university radio called " Company of the Music ", go to the site: http://www.universidadefm.ufma.br/

every Thursday, 8 p.m , Brazilian schedule

Visit my link “Música em Companhia”: http://www.elo.com.br/pagina.php?dst=colunas&col=1

Date: 07/16/04 09:12:34 PDT

RIP : Arthur "Killer " Kane -Mucker

Date: 07/16/04 04:42:53 PDT

Hmm... am I gonna have to ask about in-concert blow job rumors to get this going?


Date: 07/14/04 09:43:48 PDT

"Now I never knew how your curtain came down /
Or what was backstage in your mind /
We never played that lost reel we found /
The lights went up, and we'd run out of time /
And it's only when the curtain's down /
That the ending's understood /
Like an old time movie, like a film from Hollywood"

I'm sure it could've been inspired by a hundred different relationships in Stan's life -- or none at all -- but I wonder if "Classic Hollywood Ending" could be a rumination on his departed Voodoo brothers.

Date: 07/14/04 00:14:56 PDT

well... that says it babe. stan is the man. maybe he should just be wall of voodoo now. At least we'd get some of the songs out there to the jerks and morons. i'd like it. its been 20 years i think.

texas voodoo bob ( saw 'em at club foot 82 - austin TX - changed my life.)

Date: 07/14/04 00:07:21 PDT





Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads and Fugitive Songs

US release date: 9 April 2004
UK release date: Available as import

by Will Harris

Stan's the man when it comes to the voodoo that he do so well.

Even if he isn't remembered as one of the greatest musical storytellers of his generation (though there's little question that he will be), Stan Ridgway will
forever rank high in the field of Most Distinctive Voice. That nasal delivery of his has been instantly identifiable ever since Wall of Voodoo had their
commercial breakthrough in 1982 with, you know, that song .

Ridgway's never really been afraid to follow his muse wherever it takes him, as evidenced by such minor masterpieces as The Big Heat and Mosquitoes .
Since leaving the constraints of the major label lifestyle in the early '90s, however (not long after the release of 1991's Partyball ), he's really gone hog
wild with the creativity. One minute, he's giving you the musical equivalent of film noir, then you turn around and find him doing a two-disc set of big
band standards and Broadway show tunes, and performing them completely straight, no less.

Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs finds Ridgway close to the sound of his Geffen-era work (1989-1991). Divided into three acts, Snakebite is
full of the sort of lyrical darkness that's been a hallmark of Ridgway's material since the get-go.

In Act One, "Wake Up Sally (The Cops Are Here)" is narrated by a several-time loser on the verge of getting arrested for having robbed a bus. Total
haul: $12.00. Nice one. "Now, didja gas up the truck like I told you to?" he asks. "No, we can't take the dog, he's gonna bark." A few songs later, in
"King for a Day", another poor bastard ...or is it the same sad soul? ... is on the run, smoking crack, and bragging to someone (Sally, perhaps?) on his cell
phone that, "Hey, I'm doin' 110 now / Can you still hear me on your phone? / I got a hundred cops behind me / And overhead I hear the choppers groan /
Oh, I'm headed for the wall, now / Gotta hang up now, thanks for the loan".

In Act Two of Snakebite , it becomes evident that Ridgway is a man out of time. (If he wasn't, would he really be making lyrical references to Stubby
Kaye?) Each song here could be a movie in and of itself, but every one of them would've been made before 1950. "Runnin' with the Carnival" would've
been directed by Tod Browning, "God Sleeps in a Caboose" would have to have starred Henry Fonda, and there's little question in my mind that "Crow
Hollow Blues" would've won Bogart an Oscar.

The third act of the album contains some of the most personal songs Ridgway's ever written, including "My Own Universe" and "Classic Hollywood
Ending", where he bemoans the way things were left between himself and someone from his past, using film as a metaphor:
Now I never knew how your curtain came down /
Or what was backstage in your mind /
We never played that lost reel we found /
The lights went up, and we'd run out of time /
And it's only when the curtain's down /
That the ending's understood /
Like an old time movie, like a film from Hollywood

At the fifteenth of Snakebite 's 16 songs, it becomes evident that Stan may well be a fugitive himself, having spent much of his life running away from his
own past. Despite carving a unique musical niche for himself, there's been an albatross around poor Stan's neck for over two decades, and it's apparently
gotten too heavy to ignore any further.

The "albatross", of course, is the aforementioned Wall of Voodoo, or, more specifically, that goddamned "Mexican Radio". Though hardly the first '80s
band to have the one-hit wonder tag slapped on them, Wall of Voodoo had it worse than others; when the ears of middle America hear a song called
"Mexican Radio" and lyrics about "eating barbequed iguana", son, what you've got yourself there is a bonafide novelty hit. Never mind that Ridgway was
waxing lyrical about American tourists visiting our Southwestern neighbors; for most folks hearing the song, it might as well have been "The Curly

And, let's face it, Stan's face popping out of a bowl of beans during the video probably didn't help things any, either.

Twenty years later, Ridgway has finally tackled those Voodoo days in song. "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues, Pt. 1" appears near the tail end of Snakebite
; reminiscent of Cockeyed Ghost's "Burning Me Out (Of the Record Store)", where Adam Marsland details his band's pissed-up departure from Big Deal
Records, Ridgway painstakingly relates the rise and fall of the Wall. It's sad that the tale begins with the observation that, of the band's original line-up,
"two are gone to heaven" (drummer Joe Nanini suffered a fatal blood clot in his brain in 2000; guitarist Marc Moreland died in 2002 from liver failure),
ends with the admission that the band disintegrated as a result of the fact that "we were all just big assholes", and, in the middle, includes these lines:

One weekend, Marc's song fell out, the single they still talk about /
We made a video with Frank Delia behind the lens /
Labor Day Mexico, lots of beans and drugs and friends /
But all was gonna bust; how were chumps like us to know? /
We took off on that tour so long and played and sang our radio song, oh-woah /
Now, it seemed like that old voodoo dog we had was payin' for its fleas /
We lost control of our own band to the record company

It isn't all anger and regrets -- although a hell of a lot of it clearly is. But Ridgway makes a point of acknowledging both up front, and in the song's finale
says that "we had some punk-rock fun". And he's obviously still proud that "we practiced music night and day" and, as a result, eventually played the
Whiskey-A-Go-Go "with Miss Ivy and Mister Lux" (the Cramps). After keeping it pent up for so many years, one can only hope that it's been cathartic
for Ridgway to get some of this stuff off his chest, though some may wonder why it took long for him to get around to doing it.

I guess it just goes to show that, while master storytellers may know how to weave a yarn that draws the listener in and keeps them rapt 'til the very end,
they oft have the most trouble just telling their own tales.

— 6 July 2004

Date: 07/13/04 12:14:00 PDT

Toby here -

I just got Snakebite. Talkin' Wall Of Voodo Blues pt 1 sent chills up my spine and then it left me sobbing like a baby....

Best song of the year... althought I am a little biased.

I think Pt 2 should be leaked to the website early.... Stanard? wadda ya say.
Ya totally outdid yerself!

Date: 07/13/04 04:29:43 PDT

Edward is Ned's real name, the 2nd drummer in WOV.

Date: 07/07/04 06:15:07 PDT

rip Thomas Klestil

Date: 07/06/04 23:48:12 PDT

The guy who started it all...

Date: 07/03/04 18:14:02 PDT

rip Marlon Brando

Date: 07/03/04 14:33:04 PDT


Date: 07/02/04 13:01:35 PDT


Date: 07/02/04 01:48:01 PDT


I´ve been asking some questions before on this board and I know you talented people can disclose all of the WOV secrets.
Here´s another question: Is there Really a "Q." in Stan´s name ?
And if, what does it stand for ?

Christian from Germany

Date: 07/01/04 18:48:38 PDT


Now, I know I had somethin' to say
But the problem is, to say somethin'
Uh, you've got to say it
And I still don't remember a thing
Since the funny gas come out of that pipe next to me
I guess they didn't okay it
Now I remember––did I tell ya?––cut my thumb off
At the knuckle on a broken band saw
Didn't see the belt buckle or the blade slip
And I remember when the doctor did it up with a stitch
Funny thing––still got a scratch that I can't itch
Where my thumb was

Well, I've brought the same piece of chicken in a bag
To work every day for the last twenty years or so
And I really don't mind, work assembly line
Got an intercom blastin' the news and the latest on the baseball scores
Come around every Friday, well, I get a paycheck
Take the same road home that I come to work on––heck
It's a living

And I've got another factory back home
I've got a barbecue, pink Mustang, fenders chrome
And at nine o'clock I sit there in my chair
And I don't know why I lose my hair
And then I go to...
And then I go to...
And then I go to sleep

Well, I like to know what I'm doin' when I do it
And I do what I'm doin' 'cause I don't know what to do
When I'm not doin' it
Sometimes I remember as a boy my father told me
I could grow up To be anything I wanted
And every day at lunch I still look for my lost
Digit––still got that funny scratch
So maybe when I find it I can itch it
And I got a little rubber pool in the backyard
For the kids to wade in
And I? I? I... I, I, I.

I've got another factory back home
I got a little backyard, pink Mustang, fenders chrome
At nine o'clock I'm in my chair sat down
Just lately, when my wife talks back to me I slap 'er around
And then I go to...
And then I go to...
And then I go to sleep

Whoah-oh-oh-oh! until fade


Lyrics by: Stanard Ridgway
Music by: Wall Of Voodoo
Published by: © Copyright 1983 Big Talk Music / Illegal Songs (administered by BMI)
Produced by: Richard Mazda


Chas T. Gray: synthesizer, bass, backing vocals
Marc Moreland: six and twelve string guitars
Joe Nanini: percussion, drums, vocals
Stanard Ridgway: vocals, harmonica, keyboards

from : http://www.stanridgway.com

Date: 07/01/04 18:01:40 PDT

I can listen to "Factory" ALL day long and still can't get the fffnnn words right. Can't impress anyone with my lack of that! Help me out.

Rob M. (Can't find Album)

Date: 07/01/04 09:38:55 PDT

Awesome show!!!
Nicky in Detroit

Date: 07/01/04 08:44:50 PDT

Go Stan Go!

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