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Date: 06/30/04 22:38:26 PDT



Stan Ridgway: A thinking man's punk survivor
Times Correspondent

Though best known to most music fans as the voice behind 1982's Wall Of Voodoo hit, "Mexican Radio,'' Stanard Q. Ridgway is anything
but a disposable pop hero exiled to the retro/oldies section of your local music shop.

The 50-year-old former punk rock icon arguably is one of the rock generation's greatest storytellers, on the same level as Leonard
Cohen, Jim Carroll, Tom Waits and his personal hero, Johnny Cash. His dark and sometimes disturbing lyrics often are creatively
recycled Americana images and story lines culled from urban myths, pulp fiction novels and old film noir thrillers.

"I do read a lot, but I don't think that is where a lot of this stuff comes from," said Ridgway, denying any "high-brow" connotations.

"I don't know where these characters or these songs come from, they just come."

Writing songs since he was age 14, Ridgway cites his passion of putting pen to paper as a way reflecting himself outward.

"The best way to describe why I write songs is to pass along something (songwriter) Van Dyke Parks once said to me: 'Stan, we all
write because it's the song of the self and in this world of confusion, the self needs to make a stand.' It's an affirmation of your
connection to a world. That's the best reason to write. It's the reason I do it. I certainly don't do it to make money," he laughed.

Though staying well below the radar since he left Wall Of Voodoo, Ridgway has remained extremely busy in music. In that time, he has
scored a half-dozen indie film projects, written soundtrack songs for a number of major films (including Mickey Rourke's "Rumblefish'' and
"Simpatico'' starring Nick Nolte

and Sharon Stone), produced other artists (like Frank Black and The Catholics), released a series of diverse solo recordings for a variety
of record labels, and even landed a U.K. Top 5 single ("Camouflage").

Ridgway's latest CD, "Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads and Fugitive Songs,'' is perhaps his finest overall collection to date, despite the artist's
self-depreciating comment nn "I probably should have stopped doing this a few albums ago, but just can't let it go.''

After years of moving from record label to record label, last year Ridgway decided to go it alone and formed REDfly Records.

Laughing at the notion of his suddenly being a record mogul, the one-time punk rocker explained he had grown weary of the politics and
policies of record labels.

"Back when I started out, it used to be a three-month process to release an album. Now it's like eight months to a year,'' he groused.
Ridgway said that if he had stayed with New West Records, his label since the late 1990s, "Snakebite'' would not have been released
until sometime in early 2005.

Forming REDfly enabled the artist to release his new album via the Internet as early as April

(www.stanridgway.com). The CD landed in the racks at such major "brick and mortar' retailers as Tower Records and Best Buy earlier
this month.

Like the best of Ridgway's eclectic oeuvre, the 16 songs nestled into this "Three Act'' album are musical vignettes populated by a
twisted cast of darkly-hue characters most everyone can relate to in some way.

His protagonists include a vengeful ex-husband ("King For A Day''), laborers on a chain gang ("Crow Hollow Blues''), and a mournful soul
lamenting how life has by ("Classic Hollywood Ending'').

Ridgway takes center stage in one of the album's finest cuts, as he comes to terms with unvented emotions from his past ("Talkin' Wall
Of Voodoo Blues Pt. 1'').

Ridgway cites such disparate artists as Marty Robbins, Frank Zappa, Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis and Bob Dylan among his musical
influences. He began his career doing soundtrack work for low-budget horror films and originally formed Wall of Voodoo with a group of
friends as a means to do that.

Ridgway's trademark is his "Johnny Cash meets Orson Welles'' vocal style, which he accents with strings, brass, synthesizers, flutes,
accordion, percussive devices and such mind-melting "old school" sound tools as a mellotron and a farfisa organ.

His bizarre production/arranging sense is akin to that of the late Zappa.

Stan Ridgway (with accompanist Pietra Wexstun)

When: 8 p.m. Tuesday (21-and-older show)

Where: Schuba's Tavern, 3159 N. Southport Ave., Chicago

Tickets: $15 advance, $18 at the door

For more info: (773) 525-2508 or www.schubas.com



June 25- July 1

By Monica Kendrick

Stan Ridgway
6/29, Schubas

Wall of Voodoo veteran Stan Ridgway is 50, believe it or not, and the new Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs (Redfly) is his
seventh solo release. It's a very loose sort of concept album, its 16 songs unified by a fascination with being on the road. They're all
propulsive story-songs with plenty of odd local color (imagine Tom Waits, circa Rain Dogs , with a little more melodic focus). "Talkin' Wall
of Voodoo Blues Pt. 1" is a sad, funny retelling of his old band's rise and fall: "We played a show for 40 grand / And the manager took
every cent." (In other words, yell for "Mexican Radio" if you must, but you'll look like a jackass.)



Also Playing

Friday, June 25, 2004

Stan Ridgway

What would an '80s mix tape be without "Mexican Radio"? Or Ridgway, the ex-Wall of Voodoo singer, who's been making warped sounds since the Reagan
era. 9 p.m. Monday. Grog Shop, 2785 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland Heights, $12. Call 216-321-5588.

© 2004 The Plain Dealer. Used with permission.



Punk icon only says it when it's there

Web-posted Jun 25, 2004

Of The Daily Oakland Press

Notes from the music beat... Presidential election years seem to have an inspirational effect on Patti Smith .

Stan Ridgway gets a lot of questions about his past - it goes with the territory when you have a hit as big as 1982's "Mexican Radio,"
which was with his old band, Wall of Voodoo.

So on his new album, "Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Sons," Ridgway came up with an ingenious way of answering the queries -
a rolling 6-minute track called "Talking Wall of Voodoo Blues."

"Over the years, people always ask me, 'Stan, what happened with Wall of Voodoo?' " says Ridgway, 50, who left the band in 1983, six
years before it disbanded. Two members, Marc Moreland and Joe Nanini, have passed away in recent years.

"I fell on the idea of this song, and I thought, 'This is great.' Not only is this a good story, and not only did it happen to me, but now I
can just say, 'You should listen to that song, 'cause it's all there. Go listen to that and I won't have to tell you again what happened.'
That works for me."

And though Wall of Voodoo is long gone, the band lives on thanks to the punk group Authority Zero, whose revved-up cover of "Mexican
Radio" - the song that put "barbecued iguana" in the pop culture vernacular - appears on its new album, which comes out Tuesday.

"They sent it to me," Ridgway says, "and when I heard it, I said to myself, 'I've gotten slow in my old age.' I think they play it about
twice as fast as the original - and I like that. That's fine. They even do some editorial with the lyric to make it present to themselves. You
can quote me on this; 'I love the kids and their rock 'n' roll ...' "

Stan Ridgway performs Sunday at the Magic Bag, 22920 Woodward Ave., Ferndale. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15. Call (248)

Date: 06/29/04 23:53:55 PDT

There was a group that performed on either letterman or Conan recently that had a song which mentions "Wall Of Voodoo or Mexican Radio and was wondering weather anyone knew the name of the group.

It's a long shot ,but I thought I'd try!


Date: 06/29/04 10:03:09 PDT

Stan Ridgway- Tonite at Shubas Tavern in Chicago. Come on down. It should be a great show!!! I'll be there.

Barry V.

Date: 06/28/04 19:39:24 PDT

Do anyone here knoe Edward the drummer in WOW

Date: 06/22/04 17:04:31 PDT

Can you make out to Calgary in the near?
Great clubs and a hell of a time, always.
Black cowboy hat required. (provided of course)

Good health and keep it going!


Date: 06/22/04 09:58:32 PDT

So Stan what Neil Young tune(s) are you going to preform this weekend?
Any chance that mp3's from the show will be made available to the faithful?
Stan Plays Neil Young This Weekend In NYC

Date: 06/14/04 13:54:06 PDT

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Date: 06/14/04 02:00:19 PDT

My brains pretty fried but Wall OF Voodoo, The Police, and Romio Void still have songs bouncing around in my head. WOV was the best band to ever play the Spirit Club in San Diego.

Stan if your out there, speaking of the "Spirit Club", Mad (Jerry's wife)died a few months ago. Hadn't seen her in years but she's the ONLY chick I remember who worked at any of the places I played at.

Hulk (Surf Punks)

Date: 06/11/04 15:27:17 PDT

oh my god I love you guys so much thanks for the help I have been searching for this for weeks for a fathers day gift but couldnt find it I was just going by what he said trying to find it off to eBay.

Date: 06/11/04 08:38:16 PDT

P.S. to message to H:

The song "Jenny Says" originally appeared on Dash Rip Rock's 1989 album "Ace of Clubs." If this is the song that you had in mind, this might be the version that you are thinking of. "Ace of Clubs" is out of print, but there are some used copies on amazon. Of course, you might find it on eBay, too.



Date: 06/11/04 08:24:49 PDT


Does the chorus go like this?:

"Jenny says turn off the radio
Jenny says turn off the light
Jenny says turn off the video
You beat yourself up to bring yourself down
Let it go, let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go, let it go
When the world keeps coming down on me
I let it go"

If so, the song is "Jenny Says," by Cowboy Mouth. Cowboy Mouth is a group made up of former members of Dash Rip Roc, Red Rockers, and the Blue Runners.

The song "Jenny Says" is on their 1996 album, "Are You With Me?". The CD is still in print, and the band is still active (they put out a CD, "Uh-Oh" in 2003).


Date: 06/10/04 17:59:53 PDT

Hey H any more lyrics you can remember. Would definitely make it easier to ID your song.

Date: 06/10/04 17:57:22 PDT

There is no Back In The Flesh WOV song that I am aware of. That is probably some bootleg or something. So if they are both WOV then they are probably both versions (if not the same the same version) of Back In Flesh

Date: 06/10/04 13:47:10 PDT

help me out here guys there is a song by wov that i thought was called janie says or let it go but i cannt find that listed anywhere any ideas

Date: 06/09/04 10:48:32 PDT

Luther's Blues is one of the nicest clubs I've ever been in. Great sound, ambience, beer, etc.

Hi Bob


Date: 06/09/04 10:11:47 PDT

Ah yes, Madison, Wis. The home of Garbage and Smart Studios featuring Butch Vig and company.

Stan - Madison has several venues for a performance of your proportion. The aforementioned newly-opened High Noon Saloon, Luther's Blues featuring national blues perfomers, the Wisconsin Union Theater on campus featuring worldwide performers of various genres and the Barrymore Theater featuring performances of other alternative genres.

Bob S

Date: 06/08/04 13:50:43 PDT

I have a question, is the song BACK IN FLESH, the same as BACK IN THE FLESH, or are they the same???

Date: 06/08/04 13:42:04 PDT

I have a question. Now I am just getting into Wall of Voodoo, but the question is - Is BACK IN FLESH, different than the song, BACK IN THE FLESH"? Because I see two different songs of this, or are they the same?

Date: 06/08/04 08:56:00 PDT

That has been brough up before. Still pretty cool though, and I've never managed to see that episode yet.

Graeme Qewe

PS. Thanks to anon. for the info on Gano, decided to send him a birthday mail.

Date: 06/08/04 07:26:52 PDT

I would guess that this has been brought up before . . . but please excuse me, since I was not a regular Seinfeld watcher. Yesterday I caught an episode that I hadn't seen before. In it, Kramer and Newman decided to reverse the peepholes on their doors so they could look inside their apartments before entering. While Kramer was working on his door, he was singing the chorus to "Mexican Radio." Then, right after the ending credits had run, a couple seconds of "Mexican Radio" were played!

Date: 06/07/04 08:09:34 PDT

Since the Femmes have been brought up: Just happened to read in this morning's newspaper ("Today in History" column) that it's Gordon Gano's 41st birthday today, 6/07.

Date: 06/06/04 19:46:22 PDT

Dahmer is Dead by Violent Femmes:

Dahmer is Dead
Dahmer is Dead.
A broomstick bashed him upside his head.
Upside the head, upside the head.
Bloody broomstick.
Dahmer is dead.
Am I supposed to feel outrage?
Am I supposed to feel sorrow?
Jeffery Dahmer has no right tommorrow.
Dahmer is Dead
Dahmer is Dead
A broomstick bashed him upside his head.
Dahmer is Dead
Dahmer is Dead
Bloody broomstick.
Dahmer is Dead.
Along with a broomstick upside his head.
Along with broomstick.
Dahmer is dead.

Date: 06/05/04 20:54:35 PDT

Anyone have some links to WOV mp3... I have most on vinyl... but no CDs...:(

Date: 06/05/04 13:58:21 PDT

ned gone native maaan! and why is a small child growing out of his shoulder?

Date: 06/05/04 05:20:17 PDT

I was involved in the making of the "Far Side of Crazy" video & have a VHS copy that I'd love to dupe digitally.

Date: 06/05/04 04:56:56 PDT

From south of the border:
listen to

Date: 06/04/04 16:41:43 PDT

Wisconsin- Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer .Need we say more?

Date: 06/04/04 12:18:00 PDT

Aw, all this talk of Winsconsin makes me think of the Violent Femmes. Anyone else know them? Cool band, although not as cool as Wov 'f course!

Graeme Q.

Date: 06/03/04 10:24:11 PDT

I'm with Bob S. - Wisconsin can be a lonely place, but it's poetically beautiful and I've called it home for 10 years now.

Stanny - we have a bitchin' new club in town (Madison) called the High Noon saloon. Please come help initiate the thing - it has a Western theme and the whole shootin' match.


Date: 06/03/04 05:56:24 PDT

Gotterdamm Squarehead -Ja ,fer sure , Ay tink so.

Date: 06/02/04 23:18:22 PDT

Paul Schaeffer?

Date: 06/02/04 23:15:53 PDT

The guy who wasn't Joe Nannini?

Date: 06/02/04 23:11:29 PDT

Ned L. ?

Date: 06/02/04 22:33:35 PDT


Who is this sunglassed man?

Date: 06/02/04 09:57:08 PDT

Some Wisconsin cheese if Stan would come to the great Midwest.
Bob S

Date: 06/02/04 09:50:58 PDT

What is the deal with the angry guy and Stan? Is that his angry neighbor? Hey man if you have a problem with Stan go knock on his door and complain, don't do it here.
Ed in New Orleans

Date: 06/02/04 09:34:39 PDT

Hmm.. Stan's character is nothing if not inherently noble. He is a gent through and through. Marc once pissed in my closet but I never thought any less of him despite a trip to the store to buy industrial strengh bleach. If you have a real beef or some real info then put a name to your whinge. And maybe have some cheese with your whine. Mazda

Date: 06/02/04 08:59:56 PDT

Chill, Baby
Sammy Davis Jr.

Date: 06/02/04 05:31:34 PDT


can anyone please tell me what "Sammystown" stands for ?
Is it an allusion to some guy named Sammy, a drunken clown probably?
or an indirectness to another town with a lot of gambling and whorehouses or just an imaginary place in someones head?
This question makes me mad !


Christian from Germany
u can also write under : pentil@gmx.de

Date: 06/01/04 23:38:57 PDT

How can you steal from yourself?

Date: 06/01/04 13:52:42 PDT

I think I recognize that angry man....


Ms. V

Date: 06/01/04 11:54:37 PDT

the pigs drink clean water!

Date: 06/01/04 10:57:36 PDT

the birds always pick at the best fruit.
bette davis

Date: 06/01/04 10:49:12 PDT

The sad part about Stan is most of his first solo album was stolen WOV songs. Marc wasn't very happy when he heard it. Stan was wrong for doing that.
Don't get me wrong,I'm a Stan fan when it comes to his music but his character goes right out the window.
Grow up Stan, ya punk! And keep your garbage in your area.

Date: 05/31/04 21:04:02 PDT

ok then...
Stan Ridgway
Snakebite on Tour:

Pete without Peg

Date: 05/31/04 19:54:53 PDT

Stan and Band do Kurt Weil : Listen to it here:
bob thomas - the man in the basement of Wall -Mart.

Date: 05/30/04 16:32:33 PDT

-Hush Puppy

Date: 05/30/04 14:08:23 PDT

ah you are.......
i understand now!

Date: 05/30/04 10:57:18 PDT

you'd never run out of firewood

Date: 05/30/04 10:53:35 PDT

I wish Jackie Teak Lazar was my neighbor.

Date: 05/29/04 22:43:44 PDT

this just in! more later....

Date: 05/29/04 14:48:20 PDT

who is agatha & clark price ????

Date: 05/29/04 12:24:09 PDT

I wish Agatha Price was my neighbor

Date: 05/29/04 11:50:33 PDT

i wish stan was my neighbor.

Date: 05/28/04 00:18:51 PDT

Stan still has a huge ego and is a pain in the #** I should know he's my neighbor.

Date: 05/25/04 16:18:23 PDT

i know i am too lazy to scour the many pages of the formum to help me find someone who can help me as i know it is on here, but... i would love to get a copy of "7 days" if anyone can help me with that..

tangento is the only hook up i know of, but anyone in the "posse" have any suggestions? much love and appreciation.


Date: 05/24/04 12:05:53 PDT

Thanks for the reminisces, Max. I discovered the boys when a neighbor friend/collector discovered 'Dark Continent'. "Call Box" was like that first hit of WOV crack for me - I was hooked beyond hope. Later, I found "The Passenger" and "Long Arm" on a cheapo A&M sampler and craved more. By then the EP was out of print, and a few years later, while in college, I was truly honored by another dear punk rock/weirdo friend (who, almost prophetically, was named Andy) when he showed up at my house and bestowed upon me his own copy of the thing because he knew I craved it more than he did.

I've told this story here before, but it's waaaaaaaaay down at the bottom somewhere.

Anyhoo, thanks, Max!


Date: 05/21/04 21:49:51 PDT

"Hey, is it true a video was done for "Crack The Bell"? " Once again, yes........and no. It wasn't a proper music video but a lipsynced performance filmed at the old The Central bar on Sunset (it is now the infamous Viper Room). The "Crack the Bell " video was shown as a segement of "The IRS Special" filmed at the end of 1981 and only shown on MTV a couple of times in 1982. The "Call Box " video and a short interview with WOV conducted by Jools Holland were also shown as part of this hour long IRS Records commercial. The Cramps ,Go-go's ,Alley Cats,Oingo Boingo, and Dead Kennedys also had clips included. Mucker

Date: 05/20/04 16:05:14 PDT

Jody, send me your email address again, so once again I can give you my address,davedamned@aol.com, not that after nearly a year and so many excuses I have much faith left. Dave

Date: 05/20/04 10:30:30 PDT

Yesterday, on the Bob & Tom radio show, there was an outside WOV reference. While talking to Jack Blades & Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), the subject of 80's musical guilty pleasures came up. Bob mentioned "red light 1-2-3" although he didn't mention WOV by name.

Bob S

Date: 05/19/04 20:04:53 PDT

Ok, listen up…out of all the music I have ever bought and believe me I have bought a lot, the only group that have made a lasting impression on me has been Wall of Voodoo. I have all of the commercially released albums including EP’s, 4 of Stan’s recordings and The Department of Crooks CD which by the way has some great stuff on it. “Seven Weeks” to me is a long lost WOV track. There hasn’t been any band that comes close to the sound WOV developed…I may travel a bit away from that twangy guitar and half sung, half spoken narratives, but I keep coming back time after time.

I remember buying the first EP based on 2 factors. The wonderfully dark cover and the fact that it was released on IRS were enough for me to buy it. I had never heard of WOV up to that time but after listening to it over and over I just couldn’t get over the genius of it. What the hell were these guys smoking? I had a ritual I followed almost every night. I’d come home from work, take a shower, crack open the stash box, light some incense and totally escape into that EP. I’d lie on the floor and listen to that entire thing almost every night. (Insert a small message about the non-use of mind-altering substances here because we all know how dangerous they can be…he said with a snicker.) When I introduced my friends to WOV, the ritual expanded to the 5 of us and a lot more trips to the stash box.

I saw part of a video on MTV way back when and I didn’t catch who the group was but I knew that sound! There was no mistaking that music. I had a subscription to Trouser Press and saw a full-page ad for “Dark Continent”. I actually put the magazine down and drove 50 miles to Cleveland to pick it up at the only place that would have sold it. Youngstown, Ohio wasn’t exactly the hotspot for new music so we had to travel to “Record Revolution” or “The Record Exchange” to get anything good to listen to. I couldn’t wait to get home to listen to it. I kept thinking that it just couldn’t be better than the EP…it couldn’t be. I was wrong. It was even better than I could have hoped for. I was convinced that the rest of the world had something wrong in their heads…I was the only one who actually got it. Why weren’t people listening? My friends agreed with me. Then “Call of the West” came out. It got better…3 groundbreaking albums in a row and the world still wasn’t listening. I decided that WOV was MY group and if everyone else didn’t get it then that was their loss. Stan, Bill, Marc, Chas, Bruce, Joe, Richard, Andy and Ned…I thank you all for giving me some wonderful memories of my youth.

The music that you listen to is the soundtrack to your life. My life has become more enriched thanks to these guys.

Max Murdoc

Date: 05/19/04 03:35:18 PDT

Dave, email me again with your mailing address.
This is no one here's business.

Date: 05/18/04 08:38:37 PDT

who is this man ??
you trade something?

Date: 05/17/04 11:51:10 PDT

Where's the vhs , from a year ago, you know who you are,

Date: 05/16/04 13:56:36 PDT

Hey, is it true a video was done for "Crack The Bell"? I know Wall Of Voodoo have videos for "Call Box", "Mexican Radio" and "Far Side Of Crazy". If anyone has seen the video, or HAS the videos for "Crack The Bell" and "Far Side Of Crazy" (Jesus, I would be in heaven), please let me know. And if you have seen the video (if there is one) for "Crack The Bell", let us know what it is like.


A Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 05/16/04 13:35:20 PDT

[these UBB tags don't work here]
just use straight HTML

Date: 05/16/04 03:46:40 PDT

Thanks for the info Bob, I'll give it a go.

Date: 05/15/04 08:01:23 PDT

Sorry, but who is King Richard?

Date: 05/14/04 20:33:37 PDT

hey bub ?...you must be from the 80's ?

Date: 05/14/04 20:32:49 PDT

oh well

Date: 05/14/04 20:32:38 PDT

lets try this again..huh?

Date: 05/14/04 20:30:27 PDT


Date: 05/14/04 20:26:04 PDT

Re-starting an old habit. Me too! try over here at
Wall Of Voodoo still lives on with Stan and he's got his best record out since The Big Heat. Snakebite. You have to hear Talking WOV Blues on it. Its great! what can I say?

Happy to have you back on board the Voodoo bus.

Bob Thomas

Date: 05/14/04 17:48:12 PDT

I Have only one poor story to tell. back in the 80's I saw W.O.V in a sad little club in Preston. Lancs. England I was already hooked but in the gig mesmorised. I was drunk and no mistake, so the memories are somewhat limited, I was a teenager, It's what we do! I remember some interaction with band members but it was hazy. But they put me on the guest list for the rest of the tour. Memory very hazy. Unfortunately I was a poor art student at the time and couln't afford to follow them round the country. (shame ,would be so easy now) Anyway they sent me a postcard which I still have, if anyone doesn't believe me, (prize posession) trying to pick up all the albums I havn't got. Re-starting an old habit!

Date: 05/14/04 12:36:10 PDT

To the person who wanted a WOV live at Leeds, England 1985 tape about a year ago,and I sent straight away, been waiting ever since for your part of the bargain, frankly you are a disgrace.....you know who you are....dave

Date: 05/13/04 15:20:26 PDT

Anyone in need of out-of-print WoV albums,
please contact me through the fan club:

Dog's Life website

Date: 05/13/04 11:16:40 PDT

Hey everybody. Cool stuff going down at ol' Stan's website. They have downloads available for songs like "Bongo Beatniks", (one of Stan's older songs from 1976) and others. Keep a look out for more rare and vintage tracks from Stan! Here's the link:


Date: 05/13/04 07:46:04 PDT

I took the advice of a WOV fan on this site and tried to contact Hip-OSelect.com regarding a possible "Dark Continent" re-release. Any other ideas as to where I can find it? Can you get a CD copy in the UK?

Date: 05/10/04 11:44:23 PDT

Anyone have an actual date on when WOV played in Pittsburgh Pa. back in the early 80's? I have been working on a timeline and this date escapes me.

Date: 05/09/04 07:25:19 PDT

Regarding shows,forgive me if i am wrong Stan, but the last time i saw u in north of england was about 85. dave

Date: 05/07/04 21:53:11 PDT

Steve Terrell, esteemed music scribe, writes on "snakebite" and "saints and scoundrels" for the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper: to be printed tomorrow Sat, 5/8/04
His blog before publication is here:


Date: 05/06/04 23:27:46 PDT

Thanks for claenung up in here, JTL. Place was a disgraceful mess.


Date: 05/05/04 04:09:41 PDT

ready and willing

Date: 05/03/04 20:46:22 PDT

mazda? we ready for england. song pluggers? monkey wrench? shark bbq's?

Date: 05/02/04 17:49:47 PDT

you have to hear this! [/url]

Date: 04/29/04 12:25:48 PDT

Kazaa is shit: use "Slsk"

If you can't find the tracks you
want, contact me at the Fan Club


Date: 04/29/04 07:09:42 PDT

Those songs are usually on Kazaa....

Date: 04/29/04 00:52:30 PDT

Hi, folks. Could you help me. I need several WoV songs in mp3 (studio versions of them). Are the available anywhere?

1. Back in Flash (DC)
2. Tomorrow (COTW)
3. Chains of Luck (HP)
4. Grass is Greener (HP)


Date: 04/26/04 22:34:44 PDT

as we said...more to come.

Date: 04/26/04 21:54:34 PDT

Someone once told me that there are states outside of California.

Date: 04/26/04 21:54:20 PDT

does Stan know, that there's a place called europe, that eagerly awaits some touring too?


Date: 04/26/04 19:08:02 PDT

stan ridgway and co. on tour:

thu. june 3, 2004
knitting factory
hollywood, ca.
"an evening with"
ph: 323 463 0204

fri. june 5, 2004
coach house
san jaun capistrano, ca.
"an evening with"
ph: 949-496-8930

sat. june 5, 2004
SOhO resteraunt & music club
santa barbara, ca.
"an evening with"
ph: 805-899-2176

mon. june 7, 2004
12 galaxies
san francisco, ca.
"an evening with"
10 pm
ph: 415-970-9777

more to come:

Date: 04/22/04 17:06:35 PDT

check that map
you navigator sap
or we'll all end up
with our heads in our lap!

who's in charge?
better ask the sarge!

Stan on This Way Out!
Dark Continent / WOV

Date: 04/22/04 10:22:09 PDT

Bring back the draft and really give em something to whine about...
-Julius Caesar

Date: 04/18/04 17:53:41 PDT

no..i guess not...

Date: 04/18/04 06:31:46 PDT

Did we really need to know that much just because they covered Mexican Radio?

Date: 04/17/04 13:17:54 PDT



Band On The Road With Fat Mike's PunkVoter Tour

April 12, 2004- NEW YORK, NEW YORK-Authority Zero want a revolution and they are taking it to the streets. The band will unleash their no-holes-barred tell-us-what-you-really-think sophomore album Andiamó (English translation: "We go") on June 26. The band is currently touring with seminal indie outfit NOFX on the Punkvoter tour, a tour aimed at getting fans to register and vote.

Andiamó, produced by famed Fat Wreck knob-twister Ryan Green (NOFX) and un-official Sublime member Mike Happoldt (a.k.a. Miguel), was recorded at SJS Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. Andiamó showcases the band's effusive writing abilities and is their ode to bucking the status quo. Taking their cues from socially motivated peers like Bad Religion and Pennywise, artists whom Authority Zero has been compared to in earnest, these Phoenix native sons crafted an album of catchy melodies and witty lyrics infused with their now signature punk-ska aesthetic.

Andiamó's driving first single "Revolution" is a call to arms for listeners to find their voice. Their sardonic, edgy cover of Wall of Voodoo's alternative hit "Mexican Radio," has already become a concert favorite while the spitfire "Solitude" showcases lead singer Jason DeVore's vocal strength and guitarist Bill Marck's nimble fingers. The idiosyncratic "PCH" employs the Bill of Rights in a marvelous dose of wit and satire. Of course the guys still know how to rock a party- they close the album with hidden track "Rattlin Bog"- a live version of the Irish drinking song in which DeVore spews lyrics at warp speed.

Andiamó's cover lampoons the iconic All-American painter Norman Rockwell's youthful classic "No Swimming," replete with gas masks, tattoos, and a symbolic America Flag. Authority Zero will no doubt make a name for themselves in the rock new world order.

Authority Zero are vocalist Jason DeVore, guitarist Bill Marcks, bassist Jeremy Wood, and drummer Jim Wilcox. Authority Zero established a clamoring fanbase, selling 80,000 copies of their major label debut "A Passage In Time" by touring the country many times over with Sum 41, H20, and Van's Warped Tour. Single "One More Minute" went Top 30 at radio and enjoyed major airplay on Live 105 (San Francisco), Y100 (Philadelphia), Q101 (Chicago) among others.

Join the revolution:

4/12 Santa Cruz, CA Civic Auditorium
4/14 Irvine, CA Bren Events Center
4/15 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
4/16 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
4/24 Las Vegas, AZ Intramural Field/UNLV Campus
5/7 La Jolla, CA Porters Pub*
5/12 San Bernadino, CA Gotham-La luna*
5/13 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues*
5/14 Soma San Diego, CA*
5/15 4th & B Theater San Diego, CA*
5/19 Agoura Hills, CA The Canyon Club*

Date: 04/17/04 12:23:45 PDT

[url=http://www.cdbaby.com/topnow?cdbaby=1c2aadd76ce2320533a17c271c3a7803]CDbaby's TOP sellers this week.[/url]

Date: 04/16/04 14:51:13 PDT

"Just meet me on the corner by the Tail Of The Pup!"


Date: 04/16/04 10:35:55 PDT

i see many dogs ,
but he is not!!!

Date: 04/16/04 10:07:46 PDT

Bow wow wow. Where is everyone?

Date: 04/15/04 03:33:15 PDT

the dog is always the dog

Date: 04/14/04 19:00:22 PDT

This one is for the eyes, for the eyes of the other dogs to come...

Date: 04/14/04 14:36:37 PDT

Jackie "teak" Lazar sings:

Date: 04/14/04 12:54:35 PDT

The dog sings

Date: 04/14/04 03:59:00 PDT


Date: 04/12/04 12:14:30 PDT

I've only seen them in shops and roadside stalls in Baja California (places in or around Tijuana or Ensenada). Also on Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles.

Date: 04/12/04 05:44:01 PDT

dog's voodoo! who shop sell it?

Date: 04/12/04 00:26:06 PDT

got it wrong babe...stan's new one is here:

Date: 04/10/04 17:12:05 PDT

Love the new CD, Stan - but what I'm really looking for are photos of Miles Copeland bellydancing. Anybody found any?

Date: 04/10/04 09:24:08 PDT

After all these years, it sounds like Stan has done it again. He's made another song that is uniquely Stan and is also quite possibly radio friendly! Now, if he can only somehow get the country stations to play Afghan forklift.

What are you waiting for, go and listen to it:

Date: 04/09/04 06:08:21 PDT

"I am looking for other photos by Jules Bates. He did the doll heads photo on the LP Single of Mexican Radio -- anybody have any info?" Jules did the "Freedom of Choice" cover for Devo.

Date: 04/08/04 10:36:04 PDT

To my brother George -
It's payback time!

Date: 04/08/04 09:47:21 PDT

You take the (birthday) cake. Happy B-Day!


Date: 04/07/04 22:18:59 PDT

You're all beautiful cats!

Date: 04/07/04 19:20:07 PDT

crazy baby! Ridgway is one beautiful cat!
Sammy Davis Jr.

Date: 04/07/04 18:17:50 PDT

I assume stoopid fux is a compliment to us all?

Date: 04/07/04 17:25:46 PDT

All the best!
Bob Goulet

Date: 04/07/04 11:37:08 PDT

Boy! is that a birthday speech or what?...bring on the drinks! Let's make a toast! Where's Dean Martin and Don Rickles?
Happy B Day Stan!

bill the boob

Date: 04/06/04 22:54:54 PDT

ride on stanny!

Date: 04/06/04 19:58:03 PDT

YOW! and What!?!! Am I 50 now!!??!! Who'd a thunk it?

Thnaks all and everyone for the 5-0 birthday salutations.Even the stoopid fucks that post here! I say 60 is the new 40! Fuck you!

What a trip we been on friends... and it ain't over yet! Makes ya pause a bit though and think of things, friends here, bandmates, and pals gone and the where the hell is it heading. but!.... We must march onward! 1- 2- 3- ! Makin' things! Imagination. Music!

The echo of you all is what keeps it there.

Take stock old folks and young folks! Its what we all gotta do. March! Let's march!

Life is a very strange mystery huh? This poem ( below) comes to mind by Keats written for his brother George.

Be well everyone,... and let's keep following the sound. Without you, there is no echo. But wait!...ears up now?...Can you hear it? I hear an echo.....?

yer ol' brother blabbermouth,
Stan Ridgway

MANY the wonders I this day have seen:
The sun, when first he kist away the tears
That fill’d the eyes of morn; - the laurel’d peers
Who from the feathery gold of evening lean;-
The ocean with its vastness, its blue green,
Its ships, its rocks, its caves, its hopes, its fears,-
Its voice mysterious, which whoso hears
Must think on what will be, and what has been.
E’en now, dear George, while this for you I write,
Cynthia is from her silken curtains peeping
So scantly, that it seems her bridal night,
And she her half-discover’d revels keeping.
But what, without the social thought of thee,
Would be the wonders of the sky and sea?

Poems (1817)

Date: 04/05/04 18:47:04 PDT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Stan! May you have 50 more just like it.


Date: 04/05/04 18:12:43 PDT

That's a lotta love pats.

Date: 04/05/04 13:56:32 PDT

Happy Birthday Stan


Date: 04/05/04 11:19:10 PDT

Yes... yes... yes!

Happy big 5-0 to Mr. Stan Ridgway!

All the best to you Stan.

John in Montreal

Date: 04/05/04 11:01:47 PDT

*Somebody* turns fifty today.


Date: 04/04/04 14:40:43 PDT

From Variety .com

Let's Eat! Feasting on the Firesign Theater
(Royce Hall; 1,838 seats; $40 top)

Presented by Hal Wilner, Janine Nichols and UCLA Live. Reviewed April 1, 2004.
Band: Carrie Bartsch, Michael Bolger, Pablo Calogero, Sal Cracchiolo, Danny Frankel, Eric Goldberg, Neil Leonard, Paul Litteral, George McMullen, William Roper, Ken Rosser.
Musical director: Steve Weisberg.
Performers: John Goodman, Howard Hesseman, Nelson Lyon, Mark McKinney, Bob Odenkirk, Rick Overton, Scott Wainio, Chloe Webb, George Wendt, Ralph Carney, Stan Ridgway, Todd Rundgren, David Thomas, Loudon Wainwright III, Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen.
Played by a brass band augmented by accordion, fiddle and assorted percussion, the overture for "Let's Eat!," Hal Wilner's tribute to the Firesign Theater, sounded like something one might hear at an addled fairground. It's just the right note to hit when you're dealing with the Los Angeles-based quartet's humor, where puns, obscure references, musical parodies, mimicry and politics strike in dizzying, layered salvos.

In a two-hour program drawn from the four classic albums Firesign wrote and recorded in the late 1960s and early '70s, the "Let's Eat!" skits, re-created by a troupe of actors and musicians including John Goodman, Stan Ridgway and Todd Rundgren, were occasionally dated in their references. But the world they limned felt amazingly, if uneasily, contemporary. B-movies run on TV all day alongside vapid talkshow banter (Him: "It's been a year since the world ended." Her: "At least as we know it."); ranting evangelists; sado-masochistic gameshows ("Beat the Reaper," where contestants win if they correctly guess what disease they have contracted); and anchormen who deliver "the rumors behind the news." The counterculture has become the culture and imposes its idea of correctness with an iron fist, as police officers arrest citizens who aren't "groovy."

Prescient in their distrust of media saturation (this from an era in which even the biggest cities had maybe five TV channels) and pre-postmodern in the way their characters question their fictional state, the skits are a kind of lysergic updating of old radio comics such as Bob and Ray and Stan Freberg whipped up to a hilarious froth with Orwellian dread and Joycean wordplay.

"Let's Eat!" stays true to the spirit of the albums by returning to their roots: radio plays. Seated on Royce Hall's stage with scripts in hands, the cast members stepped up to the microphones, occasionally using the podium or pulpit on stage for effect. Highlights included Bob Odenkirk as the existential, Cal Worthington-styled used car salesman Ralph Spoilsport; Mark McKinney as Porgie Tirebiter, the star of Paranoid Picture's "High School Madness!"; and David Thomas, who added a craggy madness to the various preachers and hucksters that populate the Firesign world. Rundgren's rendition of the faux-hymn "O Blinding Light" and Wainwright doing his best Gene Autry on "Back in the Saddle" honored Firesign's talent as pasticheurs.

Production wasn't without hitches -- cues were missed, lines fluffed and, at one point, Goodman lost his place in the script. But the troupe, enjoying itself immensely, overcame the rough spots with humor and panache.

Not everyone got the joke; after intermission, about one-third of the initially sold-out Royce Hall was empty. But Firesign fans, those who spent hours memorizing the albums (and the Firesign Theater's four members, who took the stage for a bow) appreciated the respect given the material. As the albums remind us, "Abraham Lincoln did not die in vain; he died in Washington, D.C."
Reviewed by
Steve Merkin


Date: 04/03/04 11:06:30 PST

the continental cd is a direct copy on cd from the video LIVE AT THE CATALYST CLUB 1980. It is a bootleg thatr has been floating around for awile now. For those of you that have STAN'S SHOWBUISENESS video or dvd, it is the concert that ANIMAL DAYS footage is shown ( after the song ,someone throws food at STAN & hits him in the nose with it.)

The 6 of 10 is Bull.


Date: 04/03/04 10:23:01 PST

The pic is from:
US Festival Website
A very cool site that I never knew about. I was there for 'Heavy Metal Sunday' in '83, and have always regretted missing 'Day 1' with WoV & Oingo Boingo's final performances with their original, 'classic' lineups.

As far as that 'Continental' CD/CDR, I saw it there on Ebay a few months ago & it drew a pretty high price. I was also wondering about this thing. From what the guy says, it's circa 1980-81 from the Catalyst Club with excellent sound quality. ("... this show is the best I've ever heard, better than the Index Masters stuff ") If anyone here either has or ends up with a copy of this, I'd sure like to post it on the Fan Club site.

Date: 04/03/04 09:29:10 PST

What is that picture from?

Date: 04/03/04 08:36:50 PST

Does anyone have any information on the WOV live 1981 "Continental" CD/CDr I just saw on Ebay? The seller says there were only 10 made. I haven't ever seen this recording before.

Date: 04/02/04 03:54:18 PST


Date: 04/02/04 03:11:58 PST


Date: 04/02/04 02:43:42 PST

Ride on ! Skulls , Gears and Weirdos! The REAL stuff for those that know!

Date: 04/01/04 23:15:48 PST

For those of you in L.A. - there's a gig tonight
with 2 bands who carry strong ties to W.o.V.:

Friday, April 2nd at the Echo: The Weirdos, The Skulls, The Gears
The Echo's Website


Date: 04/01/04 22:47:27 PST

please check the mp3 links on the discography page. they are all linked to wrong pages. :)

Date: 04/01/04 01:08:52 PST

Is Hal Willner doing this? He's done some good stuff. Will Stan be wearing a tuxedo?

Date: 04/01/04 01:06:37 PST

Check them out or forever be lame.....


Date: 04/01/04 01:04:08 PST

Stan performs this April 1st at UCLA in a tribute to The Firesign Theater with John Goodman, Howard Hesseman, Mark McKinney, David Thomas, Todd Rundgren, Ralph Carney, George Wendt and Chole Webb and others who dug the Firesign.....Anybody know what the hell we're talkin' about? Firesign Theater?

Thad Spencer
Custodian @ www.stanridgway.com

Date: 03/31/04 17:38:58 PST

Nope, didn't understand a word of it.

Date: 03/31/04 13:58:46 PST

En tant que vieux fan il est toujours agréable de se réecouter sans lassitude tous ces bons albums… Ahhhh qu'il est maintenant loin cette belle époque… sniff! ;-)
Nosferatu (un goth de Mulhouse France(68))

Date: 03/30/04 17:47:08 PST

Not only is STAN RIDGWAY'S SNAKEBITE being released on April 21st, but so is the new cd by HECATE'S ANGELS. Get them both through cdbaby.com

Date: 03/29/04 15:17:34 PST



Date: 03/29/04 13:05:12 PST

hello b dawg

Date: 03/29/04 13:04:52 PST

mexican radio is an awesome song

Date: 03/29/04 08:36:54 PST

Hey - I was just out on the eBAy message boards and caught this ad for a new studio in the CA area - check out the name:


I recently took ownership of a recording studio and am looking for forums in which to advertise for free or for little $$. If anyone's interested, here's my plug:

Recording/Mixing Studio
Grandma's house is a professional recording studio in the hippest part of Hollywood and centrally located north of the 101 overpass on Cahuenga Blvd (close to Franklin Ave). A beautifully remodelled studio encompassing 1,000 sq/ft of creative space. We have flexible hours, low rates and a comfortable atmosphere.
Song Mixing/Music Recording/Voice Over Demos
For full rate card, studio breakdown and booking


Date: 03/27/04 13:53:35 PST


snakebite is to be released late april.

Date: 03/27/04 00:16:16 PST

hey!? is stan's new cd out now? I think i heard it on kcrw los angeles this morning. "throw it away" or something.... ? anybody hear it?

cliff from the great old days at the whiskey circa 1981 ( wall of voodoo were genius!)

Date: 03/25/04 15:46:42 PST

Stan made the same comment when they "performed" on MV3. He said the same story, just with it being JOE instead of CHAS.

Date: 03/25/04 13:00:09 PST

Does anybody besides me remember the live ocncert/ multi-college simulcast that wov did with devo in the fall of 1982? Between songs, Stan wasasked "How did you guys get the name wall of voodoo" Stan's response--"Chas and I were scuba diving one time and he came up and said he had the bends. I thought he said he wanted to be on the band so that's how we got the name wall of voodoo." Classic

Date: 03/21/04 00:35:13 PST

I bought yet another dvd player, and guess what, it played the Stan dvd, well sort of,it jumped about trackwise, so was in fact a dud. dave

Date: 03/18/04 19:45:26 PST

The original photo (but not the art piece) for the 12 inch sleeve of Mexican Radio featuring the Doll's heads was taken by Jules Bates. He died around the time the single was released (late 82) ,killed on his motorcycle by a hit and run collision in LA . Jules also did the "Freedom of Choice " cover for Devo. Jules was loved by everybody who knew him. RIP buddy. Mucker

Date: 03/18/04 03:44:50 PST


Piece of artwork from different angles that WALL OF VOODOO used for the cover of MEXICAN RADIO 12"

Date: 03/17/04 21:53:43 PST

My Spiderhole or yours?

Date: 03/17/04 21:52:29 PST

You are indeed well-acquainted with our ruthless ways...
-The Thief of Baghdad

Date: 03/17/04 20:39:50 PST

will there be musicians to screw? and leave out to dry?

Date: 03/17/04 15:34:16 PST

I would love to book his wonderful troupe here in Baghdad... I could even offer free accommodations... Lots of deals, lots of steals to be had now...What do you say, Mr.C.? We could make it beautiful for you.
-Ali Baba (friend of Sheila the T.)

Date: 03/17/04 15:16:23 PST

And I thought this was a glamorous job.....

Date: 03/17/04 13:57:41 PST

we have attended Mile's bellydancing show and shock!...
Miles is transvestite! He shimmies, he shakes...its bloody amazing!

Date: 03/17/04 10:51:30 PST

voodoo related trivia - monday got back to the Ramada eastside in NY and...bumped into Miles in the lobby. Mentioned that i was in touch with SR ...no response spooky grayhead is now completely white haired making him a spooky whitehead. haven't seen him for oh...15 years or so he is now touring a belly dance troupe around the U.S.

Date: 03/17/04 04:49:53 PST

Chas is fine. I talked to him a week or so ago and he was alive and well. I hope to have enough money saved to drive down to L.A. later this year to visit him and a few other friends. If I make it, I'll take pictures to prove he's alive...he he he!

Rock on,

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/16/04 18:12:19 PST

I miss Marc but I also miss Chas. What black hole has he fallen into. Should we list him as legally missing? Should we have our own "Chas" Alert for people who look like a mix between Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) and the dude from Bewitched? Anybody seen Chas???? How I miss those synthy sounds.

Date: 03/15/04 03:44:20 PST


Date: 03/15/04 03:42:17 PST



Date: 03/14/04 23:33:28 PST

hey!? what's with the Marc Moreland interview going to this guys Toby's porno? What 's that about?

sleeeezy and NOT at all wall of voodoo! shame!

Date: 03/14/04 21:53:57 PST


stan ridgway: slide guitars, snake guitar,
melodica, vcs
pietra wexstun: oberhiem, juno 106
bruce zelesnik: drums, rhythm ace, perc.
hayden burke: moog bass
Didn't want no MTV,
Didn't want no VH-1
Was a time so long ago
Yeah, we had some punk-rock fun
We made a great big noise
For all the girls and boys
It was 1977
Now two are gone to heaven...

Date: 03/14/04 20:18:28 PST

Wall Of Voodoo LIVE! at the US Fesival. mp3's and video. Thanks to Larry Hastings "beyond tomorrow" archive.


Date: 03/14/04 20:13:45 PST


Date: 03/14/04 20:10:59 PST


Date: 03/14/04 19:51:59 PST

oh mazda! we gotta talk! Time marches on huh?.....and I think we wanna live in an apartment in NYC too! Why not next to you guys! " Hey Ethel?...yeah Ricky..where's Lucy?" Let's connect. Trial and tribulation, music still hummin'. guitars are strummin'...more songs a ' comin'...analog snapshots and field recordings. email me with yer phone number baby.

Date: 03/14/04 19:18:52 PST

yeah i know ... bummer ...but will soon be sorted ..kinda busy right now, about to move to new york for good...sick of blighty...got robbed in Jan. confronted burglar and was stabbed...in fact i'm in new yok and just made an offer on an apartment and lickin' me wounds but still it's cool...no laptop though so not online as much as b 4

Date: 03/13/04 21:38:51 PST

Mazda! yer site's down, man. : (

Date: 03/13/04 06:49:48 PST

"I don't know why you say good bye I say hello..."

Date: 03/13/04 00:21:56 PST

It's been two years since we lost Marc. I miss him and wish he still was somewhere in our world.

Date: 03/10/04 23:11:10 PST

a review on Stan and Pietra's Blood CD for Mark Ryden:

Stan Ridgway / Pietra Wexstun
Mark Ryden's Blood
All Music Guide
The latest release by Stan Ridgway pairs him with vocalist Pietra
Wexstun, of Hecate's Angels. Together they have composed a soundtrack
for artist Mark Ryden's latest series of paintings, entitled Blood, and
the music accompanied the paintings as an installation at the Earl
McGrath Gallery in New York in 2003. The music has been issued in a
limited-edition triptych package (featuring representations of the Ryden
art) of 7,500. For those unfamiliar with Ryden, he is the now notorious
painter whose work is an obsessed amalgam of pop culture kitsch, surreal
darkness, and what appears to be variations on the face of Christina
Ricci painted over and over again. From bunnies carving meat, to little
girls in repose waiting for something bad to happen with a look of cool,
dead reserve, to pictures of longing where sorrow, hipster detachment,
and dread all commingle, Ryden's work isn't for everyone. Musically,
Blood harks back to the work of the company named Acme Soundtracks that
Ridgway and his partners created before they became Wall of Voodoo. It's
spooky, striking, and deeply atmospheric but lush and melodic, all at
the same time. Don't look for grimacing ambiences influenced by Brian
Eno here; this is music that broods, sings, whispers, and slithers.
There are lush moments of physical beauty followed always by deeper,
more sinister emotions. Vocalist Wexstun's wordless voices add so much
to the Ridgway compositional method that they layer another dimension on
to the tracks and give them a more melancholy or alternately ecstatic
feel. For fans of Ridgway's Western noir songwriting, this will be a
stretch, but it ought not to be; this is a soundtrack that is cohesive,
compelling, and more than a little unsettling. And dare say, it is far
more interesting that the artwork it accompanies. Thom Jurek


Date: 03/10/04 21:51:11 PST

we mean ....

album covers and song lists:


Date: 03/10/04 21:49:05 PST

New and Noteworthy to Wall Of Voodoo forum:

stan ridgway - "snakebite"
& hecate's angels "saints and scoundrels"
both cds out on Wed. April 21, 2004 via cdbay.com exclusive.
on redFLY records usa.


Date: 03/10/04 17:26:54 PST

I will be frank. I am looking for rare Stan-era Wall Of Voodoo or Andy-era WOV VIDEOS. I am looking for a complete VHS of the US Festival '83, (WOV's full set only), live concert footage from their old days. I have two concerts, the one in Atlanta from February '83 and their gig opening for Devo. I also have Wall Of Voodoo on a night at the improv doing "Back In Flesh", as well as Wall Of Voodoo on Arsenio Hall doing "Country of Man" & "Do It Again" as well as them on another late night talk show, (forgot the guy's name) doing "Wrong Way to Hollywood" and "Grass Is Greener". I also have two of their music videos. The video for "Mexican Radio" and "Call Box".

I know King of the 80's has vids, I know Chrome Oxide has vids. Are either of them gonna answer emails? Hell no! Why? Because they have all the good shit, so why should they answer emails? I am looking for someone with good Voodoo footage willing to give another Voodoo fan a chance to see some good WOV stuff. I am willing to pay for shipping and handling. I heard there is a "Crack The Bell" music video, and I know there is a huge amount of Voodoo footage, and I know people have the stuff. If you have it, the least you could do, FOR YOURSELF, is to sell the stuff on ebay and make big bucks or make mpeg files and put the shit on the internet. Either way, you'll find a friend in me and in every other single average joe from the grand design happy as hell.

In closing, will someone get the friggin' guts and help some lesser fortunate Voodoo fans have some piece of the pie?


JS (contact me at jtsackett@cableone.net)

Date: 03/08/04 13:45:35 PST

Toby here -

I guess I've just been laying low... out on Chuanga and Yucca... looking for some pills.

I lost my website so the Marc interview and my boot list went out into the ether. I'll work on getting them to another server very soon.

Andy does not have a website per say. He does have that Jazz Crwod Yahoo group which I moderate. I encourage you all to join if you are so inclined.

And Yes Catholic School girls kidnapping me... I would DEFINATELY be down for that!!! I mean it wouldn't be the first time!

Hey man, tell Stan to get ahold of me... if he want to get that DVD out for real. I am VERY up on all that stuff and have a few connections with real distributors that could get it into store and money into his pocket. email me here: tobydammit@earthlink.net
And anyone else who is so inclinde feel free.

One last thing... I have this weird live journal thing at: http://www.livejournal.com/users/tdammit/ so check it out if you're so inclined

Date: 03/08/04 03:12:46 PST

Hey Dave, what's the URL to Andy's site?


Date: 03/08/04 03:01:35 PST

Not sure what is happening with Stan Ridgway dvd.I was told was withdrawn as not working on many machines, including 3 of my own, and 9 others I tried. Dave

Date: 03/08/04 03:00:03 PST

Toby has been posting on Andy Prieboy site, so is still alive. Hippie D

Date: 03/07/04 14:33:20 PST

I don't know, have you ever seen TOBY'S pornos? Being kidnapped by the catholic girls ,he might be getting just what he wants.

"ok girls, it's time to play find the crusufix!"

Date: 03/07/04 14:02:06 PST

Does anyone know the lastest on the dvd release of "Showbusiness is my life"? Have the playing problems been sorted? Is there a release date?
Kev, England

Date: 03/05/04 23:46:22 PST

don't be so sure. Just looked at their page. Hm, hm, hm. Let's just say, I'm not jealous.

And they have many east-coast bands in their links. But no WoV, shame!!!!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 03/05/04 12:36:03 PST

and he's being flagellated right now (which is better than being molested by a priest!!)


Date: 03/05/04 09:34:59 PST

TOBY has been kidnapped by the CATHOLIC GIRLS!!!

Date: 03/02/04 17:14:20 PST

TOBY? Are you alive? still looking for the boot addy.

Date: 03/01/04 11:44:38 PST

Heard of Catholic Girls, even here in little ol England,Hippie Dave

Date: 02/28/04 14:27:43 PST

So are you going to add Wall of Voodoo
to your 'favorite bands' links or WHAT?

Here's a little help:


P.S. do you gals have any long-lost pics with the boys?

Date: 02/27/04 13:43:57 PST

Hi - We're The Catholic Girls - all girl rock band. We had an album on MCA in the 80s (and we're back together and playing and recording again) and had the pleasure of playing with Wall of Voodoo in New Mexico in 1983. The band was great and we really enjoyed opening for them! Just wanted to say we're sorry to hear about the loss of Joe and Marc. So many great musicians from the 80s have left this earth. Condolences to their family, friends and fans.
Gail, Roxy, Doreen and The Snick
The Catholic Girls

Date: 02/27/04 03:15:38 PST

hey Toby! Where are you at man? Not only has your tribute to Marc went A.W.O.L., but so have you.
Do we need to check the milk cartons?

Date: 02/26/04 18:35:35 PST

When, if ever, is DARK CONTINENT going to be released on CD?? It's my favorite from the band and I only have two well worn copies of it on vinyl. It is definitely high on my list of out of print stuff I want to see released on compact disc. Maybr Rhino or their new limited release label, Handmade, could get this done, but it is WAY overdue........

Date: 02/26/04 00:15:56 PST

Well, here's a good chance to get a "Dark Continent" reissue (or maybe even a WOV box set). MCA is beginning Hip-O Select, an Internet line similar to Rhino Handmade. They'll be doing limited-edition CD reissues. And, of course, MCA owns the IRS catalogue. Go to Hip-OSelect.com and register with your e-mail address, and you'll get an e-mail response soliciting suggestions for reissues. Express your interest in WOV, and maybe they'll see a potential profit in getting those albums back out to the public. You're welcome.

Date: 02/25/04 23:32:47 PST

Just browsin' the forum. Still wishing I could see the best guitarist I've ever seen play again. I had tickets for Pretty & Twisted at the Galaxy Theater and got a call the day before the show that it was cancelled. So I guess the last time I saw Marc play was at USC? Anyone know when the last WOV concert in Southern California was? I get that whole time period of "Living In The Red" mixed up between madame wong's, coach house and rios shows.

Any word on Andy era live WOV stuff being released yet? I think the Stan stuff is okay, but that whole time beginning with the "Sit You Fuckers" show at the Golden Bear until the end was just heaven for me as a youngish future amateur musician who was always entranced by that guitar.

searching for demos ( I heard that the "Joanne// Jo Anne? demo rocks ), live boots etc. i have some stan and andy era stuff i can trade on vid

alien tiki godz

Date: 02/25/04 11:24:36 PST

For the guy a few messages down, celias. It will be interesting when one of your female companions realizes you stole those lyrics, (also re-writing them in crude english) from Shawn Michaels theme music back when he used to wrestle in the WWE. Interesting.

Date: 02/25/04 09:18:50 PST

don't mistake porno with wall of voodoo music!!

Date: 02/25/04 05:28:58 PST

Hi Dave
Yes, I was a bit surprised when it played on my region 2 player. It seems to be hit and miss with that disc...

Date: 02/24/04 16:36:31 PST

I´m sexy, I´ve got da look that drives you wild.
I´ve got da move, that really moves, I said she´ll applue down the sky.
I´m just a sexy Boy, I´m not your Boy toy.if want write me to celias1@hotmail.com

Date: 02/24/04 16:27:25 PST

Yes, Weird Science used a WOV track. A very catchy little tune called "Deep In The Jungle".

Date: 02/24/04 16:21:42 PST

Don't forget the porn film "Nightdreams" used "Ring of Fire " in the analingus cowgirls scene. Also didn't "Weird Science " use a track? "Lost in the Jungle"?

Date: 02/24/04 16:20:32 PST

Don't forget the porn film "Nightdreams" used "Ring of Fire " in the analingus cowgirls scene.

Date: 02/24/04 09:15:08 PST

Here's all the soundtracks WOV did, according to imdb.com. In the movie "The Natural History Of Parking Lots", they use the song "Mexican Radio" but say it's from 1980 Slash Records. In the movie "Duets", they also use "Mexican Radio", but they refer to the members as Charles Gray, Stanard Funsten, Bruce Moreland, and Oliver Nanini. "Head Office", an 80's comedy from 1985, uses "Far Side Of Crazy". And of course there's "Cutting Class", which holds pretty much the final studio trax that WOV did. What gems those are, and we must find them someday. Here's the link:


Date: 02/24/04 01:49:31 PST

Talking of footage, am awaiting for some more from someone, but debatable whether it will ever arrive.....

Date: 02/24/04 01:48:17 PST

So dvd played on a region 2 player Simon?,strange being a region 1 disc.The people that created the disc admitted there was a problem with it, I tried two copies, and I know others on here had similiar problems, so it was withdrawn, for the time being.I have lots of Voodoo footage, but you can never have enough.Hippie Dave, Bradford, England

Date: 02/24/04 01:45:13 PST

I think Rumblefish is brilliant.Hippie Dave

Date: 02/23/04 12:17:54 PST

Nothing personal of course, Pantherboy (the whole "fucknut" thing... )
These Ebay things bring out the best in all of us I guess, haha.

Actually, I just scored a Sammystown poster, and I was
actually kinda shocked to be the only bidder on that one.

Date: 02/23/04 10:46:39 PST

Hey NapalmZappa - I think I was that 'fuknut' you're referring to. I have been searching for that little gem for YEARS, my friend. I hope you enjoy your copy - I think the live versions on there are much superior to the "Dance Of Death" tracks. If I had a way to post them somehow I woul dhave shared the joy with all y'all by now. I'm still stuck in the 90's as far as net savvy goes. Sorry.


ps. If it makes ya feel any better, the copy I got was in rough shape.

Date: 02/23/04 05:29:15 PST

"Don't Box Me in" was a great track but IMHO ........"Rumblefish" is one of the worst pieces of crap I have ever seen. Mucker

Date: 02/22/04 18:04:10 PST

Yeah Toby, even your "Toby's interview with Marc" isn't there anymore. What's up pornmaster?

Date: 02/21/04 11:02:42 PST

"Is it WOV that made the soundtrack of Coppola's movie "Rumble Fish"?"

No. Police drummer Stewart Copeland did the score and collaborated with Ridgway on the song "Don't Box Me In," which played over the end credits. It's a great score.


Date: 02/21/04 04:01:47 PST

Hey TOBY, what's your boot page addy again? For some reason I can't seem to find it.

Date: 02/21/04 02:04:02 PST

That's a classic Ridgway MUSIC !!

Date: 02/20/04 18:44:20 PST

Is it WOV that made the soundtrack of Coppola's movie "Rumble Fish"?
Thank you

Date: 02/20/04 05:51:33 PST

The Stan DVD is great stuff, it played fine on my region 2 DVD/VHS combo. It's great to be able to see some WOV footage.

Date: 02/19/04 11:35:41 PST

from what I was told the Stan dvd will reappear,as was defective on all but us players.e.g. would not play, so no idea how good it is.Tried it on 10 uk multi region players. hippie dave.

Date: 02/18/04 11:58:32 PST

Haha! Damn, I'm sorry 'mor' but the last time that 3 CD came up I got deked in the
last seconds by some fucknut. That time it went for $28 fucking bucks, too!
If it's any consolation, I will be posting the two live tracks on the fan club page.


Date: 02/18/04 09:58:33 PST

I'd like to thank napalm weeny fer outbidding me on a WOV cd3 ebay style. I thought we were friends. mor

Date: 02/18/04 04:33:51 PST

The Band of Holly Joy was a band from England, that was around in the mid-80's. At least about their releases I can help:
cheers, andi

Date: 02/17/04 08:41:34 PST

Does anyone knows a band called "The Band of Holly Joy". I'm trying to find something about then in the internet and they seem to have disapeard... :(

Date: 02/16/04 18:27:00 PST

Yup... It's Prieboy alright. He even appears as a musician in the movie when Beals sings the song (he's the one playing the accordion). Beals starts to sing another Prieboy song too ("How would I know love now" if I remember correctly) but you don't get to hear the whole thing as there is a scene change...


Date: 02/16/04 16:56:30 PST

I have spent several hours already trying to find the original artist of the song that Jennifer Bealls sang in a movie starring her and Billy Zane from 1991 called "Blood and Concrete: A Love Story". The song is titled "One Girl in A Million". I am led to believe that Andy Prieboy may have something to do with it but info has been hard to come by outside of his two solo albums. I have tried numerous searches for this soundtrack but to no avail. I think my next step is to try going to music stores or even calling a few satellite radio dj's. Would anyone here have any info? The credits after the movie are very blurred for some reason but Andy's name seemed to fit. Thanks for any additional info. It's a fun song by the way and Jenifer did a sweet job with it.....Jeff

Date: 02/11/04 17:13:30 PST

Stan's DVD, 'Show Business is My Life' has lots of old WoV footage -
although I don't know whether he is planning to release another
batch. Anyone?


Date: 02/11/04 11:14:44 PST

Anybody have any old Stan era Voodoo footage? I am looking for their appearance on American Bandstand and for old gigs. I have their gig opening for Devo and their Atlanta gig. Please let me know!


Date: 02/10/04 05:49:55 PST

Felix, you migh find an offer for "Happy Planet" on www.gemm.com
Good luck.

Date: 02/09/04 14:14:51 PST

could someone help me with a Happy Planet cd????? felix6931@yahoo.com

Date: 02/09/04 05:31:17 PST

He whiplashed snidely...

Date: 02/09/04 00:56:53 PST

oh!!?? does it?...when did yu find out? Welcome to our club of Voodoo.

Date: 02/08/04 02:02:56 PST

Wall OF Voodoo Rocks!!!!


Date: 02/07/04 20:02:37 PST

U got mail graham003


P.S. I need suggestions for Grampa's next batch of MP3's

Date: 02/07/04 07:41:19 PST

surely to goodness in this day and age i can get happy planet on cd!!!!COME ON someone must have it if you can get back to me on graham003@msn.com

Date: 02/05/04 18:02:54 PST

was watching the history of super bowl 1 on HBO this evening which recapped the events during the super bowl and behind the scenes stories etc.. , and stans tune "murry's steakhouse story" was played during a portion of the show. about half way into the show, which is an hour long.. they talk about the Kansas City Chiefs and how they were underdogs and there was stans tune!! pretty cool.. dont know if anyone else out there has heard this or not.. just fyi. they been playing this show alot lately..


Date: 02/05/04 14:06:37 PST

yo dog

Date: 02/05/04 14:06:28 PST

yo dog

Date: 02/05/04 14:05:46 PST


Date: 02/04/04 11:35:19 PST

Hmm - I just saw a copy of "Sammystown" on vinyl in a dollar bin in Ohio, but I couldn't think of whom to buy it for.


Date: 02/04/04 06:12:44 PST


Back in flesh on the Urgh! sampler


Date: 02/03/04 18:11:45 PST


Date: 02/03/04 18:05:25 PST


Date: 02/02/04 20:58:53 PST

(The guy that posted below this post) CD Preferably

Date: 02/02/04 20:57:36 PST

Hello, I am looking for a used or new copy of Seven Days in Sammystown. Please email me if you would like to sell. phantasystarep12@insightbb.com or you can IM me at PAR1SkAtEr Thanks.

Date: 02/02/04 10:14:11 PST

I toss this out every now and then, and here I go again ... I have an Internet radio show that focuses on new wave and post-punk from the late '70s to mid-'80s. That means I play lots of Wall Of Voodoo and many of their contemporaries. If you're interested, check out http://vaultradio.cjb.net -- thanks! -Raul

Date: 02/02/04 04:06:40 PST

can the person who I swopped items with last summer, please honour his part of the bargain, he asked me not to name him on here, as is known to all and sundry.but I will do so shortly, if I do not hear from you.Dave

Date: 02/02/04 04:04:37 PST

as to talk of a reunion for vh1, well would never be same without Marc and Joe,but as a tribute to those guys, well Stan could sing and play guitar,Bruce bass,Ned drums, Chas keyboards..Personally I think Stan's best stuff was with WOV.Hippie Dave

Date: 02/02/04 01:00:32 PST

I recently bought a used 7" of "Museums" by an Australian distributor. Was this song officially released or is it just a promo?
Thanks for help.
Andi - Switzerland

Date: 02/01/04 13:35:21 PST

Andy won't let us distribute live Andy-era WOV stuff, claiming that eventually some sort of live Andy-era WOV release is in the works. It's been a while since that post on the Yahoo group Jazz crowd message board, and I haven't heard anything about it since.

Date: 01/31/04 11:32:19 PST

Hi, I am desperately looking to buy some good WOV live recordings (only tracks with A.Prieboy) . Anybody out there who would sell them ? Can be in any kind of format vinyl, CD or even MP3 files. Please contact schmollywood@gmx.net

Date: 01/30/04 17:47:16 PST

Hey Stanard, if you have a moment, is it possible to give us the lowdown on the tribute show... your thoughts on the affair, your choice of music, and were able to pick the song.. etc..
"just gotta get that 1-2-3"..


Date: 01/30/04 12:43:50 PST

sssssss....soon. legal law beavers chewing on logs and paper products...munching slowly but surely setting up the empire.

Date: 01/30/04 12:33:48 PST

I took my WoV w/ Stan and Stan Solo CDs and ripped all the tracks into an mp3 format. It was 12 CDs in all. Then I burned all the files onto one CDR. I ripped at a 160 kb/s rate. Index Masters, Dark Continent, Call of the West, Big Heat, Mosquitos, Partyball, Black Diamond, Working the Dumb Oracle, Anatomy, The Way I Feel Today, Holiday in Dirt and some miscellaneous tracks all on one CDR. Now I have a virtual Stan jukebox both at home and at work.

Bob S

Date: 01/30/04 09:29:31 PST

uh oh..guess i'll have to sign off with my full name..

Date: 01/29/04 20:12:55 PST

You win...well, a sense of personal satisfaction that comes from being right? Except for one thing, it's "dark as a dungeon."
So when's snakebite coming out?

Date: 01/29/04 18:07:24 PST

songwriter and great geetar picker..merle travis...the singin' coal miner...so there! deep as dungeon and 16 tons.

alan lomax

Date: 01/29/04 11:56:20 PST



Date: 01/28/04 23:30:18 PST

Wall of Voodoo trivia time: Wall of Voodoo and Stan Ridgway (solo) both covered songs written by ____________, a well known Kentucky song writer

Date: 01/28/04 09:55:53 PST

Hey rm1! Are you my clone..?
The original rm

Date: 01/27/04 20:57:48 PST

Here are some reviews of the Hal Willner produced "Songs of Randy Newman - Shock and Awe " show at Royce Hall UCLA Sat, 1/24/03 ...for the record folks! Thought it would be interesting. Maybe more interesting than talking about what VH-1 is doing...but hey! but then..hey not to say there's anything wrong with that..someone call larry david...!

Terry Arizona - steel guitar to travel

Date: 01/27/04 20:51:00 PST

Concert Review: Randy Newman, Tribute
Mon January 26, 2004 07:25 PM ET

By Tony Gieske

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Sure, you love Randy Newman as much as he loves L.A., maybe
more. But two straight nights of his stuff -- his wonderful stuff that we all know and love -- can begin to raise

On Saturday, "Hal Willner Presents Shock and Awe: The Songs of Randy Newman" shoveled out more than
40 instances of Newmaniana, starting with "Cowboy" and ending up 3-1/2 hours later with "Mr. President
(Have Pity on the Working Man)."

The outcomes varied wildly, depending on the talents of the more or less underground cast Willner had
assembled. But when you compared certain songs the way they were done Friday by Newman himself and
the way they came out Saturday in the hands of Willner's purveyors, you began to see what a monster talent
this guy Newman really is.

The famous "You Can Leave Your Hat On," for instance. Newman prefaced it with a disclaimer -- that it was
written when he was in his 20s and that he now regards it as one of his saddest works. His rendition
somehow minimized the salaciousness of the narrative, in which the girl is asked to strip and stand on a
chair with one hand extended into the air above her. Somehow he makes us feel as worldly as he is.

But the way Gavin Friday -- the former Virgin Prune whose co-written song "Time Enough For Tears" was up
for a Golden Globe Sunday -- did it, all subtlety went out the window as he waggled his hips, squatted
lasciviously and made a play for a listener in the front row. The band played ham-handedly behind him,
conducted by someone waving a toilet plunger. It was either awesome or just very noisy.

Few artists improved on the Newman versions of the previous night. Howard Tate, the long lost soul singer,
was one. He handled "Louisiana 1927" with immense skill, placing the phrases so that they made the
unorthodox arrangement for big band work like a charm. And Tate, an alumnus of Joe Tex and Marvin Gaye
tours, made you feel the story, about the six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline, the way John Lee
Hooker did when he sang about the mighty flood in Tupelo, Miss.

Ellen Greene, an actress (Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors") as well as a singer, was well-equipped for the
quirky little Newman song-skits like "Marie," who the lonely drunk guy always loved but from whom he would
turn away at the first sign of trouble. She gave this one plenty of voice, although the punch line got
suppressed. Newman didn't push it, but you couldn't miss it.

Jennifer Charles, formerly with Elysian Fields, stood out in her accounts of "Lonely at the Top," "Beat Me
Baby" and "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield," which Newman did not play. Less successful were avant garder
Robin Newcomb, who brought atonality to "Shining"; and folkie Victoria Williams, who missed a few steps in
"Davey, the Fat Boy" but redeemed herself with fellow folkie Vic Chestnutt in "He Gives Us All His Love,"
which came out pretty and without the Newman irony.

Something like that also happened when David Hidalgo, the Los Lobos guy, sang "Sail Away." He seemed to have little idea what the
song is about, namely the transatlantic slave trade. Here again, you saw how delicately Newman had played the ironic aspects in his

And despite the massive array of talent for Shock and Awe, there was nothing offered onstage to compare with "I'm Dead (And I Don't
Know It)," a song about wrinkly rockers, with which Newman had brought down the house during his night out there alone.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Date: 01/27/04 20:48:31 PST

Shock and Awe: The Songs of Randy Newman

(Royce Hall; 2,200 seats; $50 top) Presented by UCLA Live. Produced by Hal Willner and Janine Nichols.
Reviewed Jan. 24, 2004.

Performers: Mark Anthony Thompson, Jack Shit, John Ventimiglia, Victoria Williams, Stan Ridgway,
Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Charles, Ed Harcourt, Vic Chesnutt, Rip Torn, Ellen Greene, Robin Holcomb,
Van Dyke Parks, Howard Tate, Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer, E, Jon Brion, Perla Batalla, Julie
Christensen, David Hidalgo, Bob Neuwirth, Bill Frisell, Greg Liesz, Sebastian Steinberg, Oren
Bloedow, Steve Weisberg, strings and horns.


A correction was made to this review on Jan. 26, 2004.

No one puts on a better tribute concert than Hal Willner, this year's
artist-in-residence at UCLA Live. A sympathetic and generous listener with an
almost preternatural ability to match performer to song, and a Rolodex to back it up,
Willner's previous tributes (to Thelonious Monk, Kurt Weill, Harry Smith and Nino
Rota, among others) have been revelatory, if at times overstuffed. Past Willner
shows have pushed the six-hour mark. But Saturday's "Shock and Awe: The Songs
of Randy Newman" (following Newman's solo concert on Friday) was a well-paced
and relatively streamlined affair, with 46 songs clocking in at a little more than
three hours.

With a fine band -- including guitarist Bill Frisell, pedal steel player Greg Liesz, bassist
Sebastian Steinberg and drummer Pete Thomas -- buttressed by strings and horns, the
evening showed Newman's range as a composer, while the singers emphasized his
humanity and his literate way with character. As usual, the selection of songs and
performers hit the mark a high percentage of the time, as everyone onstage looked to
be having a fine time performing Newman's music.

Highlights included a sultry version of "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield" by Jennifer
Charles (lead singer of New York's Elysian Fields) and Victoria Williams' version of "Texas
Girl at the Funeral of Her Father," which inhabited the song's childlike mixture of
wonder, fear and sadness. Howard Tate's high tenor gracefully floated over the
floodwaters of "Louisiana, 1927"; Stan Ridgway turned "Bad News From Home" into a
brooding Southern Gothic tale, and Gavin Friday's "In Germany Before the War" was
filled with a whispered theatrical menace, while his rendition of "You Can Leave Your
Hat On" was an over-the-top cabaret seduction. Bob Neuwirth brought a wizened
knowingness to "My Country."

Vic Chesnutt found an unexpected humanity in "I Want You to Hurt Like I Do" -- which in
Newman's hands limns one of the most monstrously self-centered characters in his
catalog -- turning it into touching country soul. The Eels' E performed a similar alchemy
on "I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore," reimagines the tune as a classic cheater's ballad,
"Me and Mrs. Jones" crossed with Raymond Carver.

A few non-singers were included in the lineup with mixed results. Best was John
Ventimiglia (Artie on "The Sopranos"), who performed "Shame" with a '50s hipster
growl, making the song's aging Lothario even more pathetic, convinced he's still got it.
Rip Torn should have nailed "Political Science" and "Roll With the Punches," but he
forgot the lyrics to the former and never found a groove on the latter. Jimmy Fallon
performing "They Just Got Married" just didn't work. The idea of turning the song into
standup comedy is a sound one, but his frenetic perf clashed with the song's deadpan
humor. He didn't seem to trust the material, so he had to pump it up with mugging,
leaps and wiggles. Perhaps he thought it made him look like a rock star, but the effect
was closer to Howard Dean.

But it was long forgotten by the end of the night, when the entire company (minus
Fallon) took the stage for "Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man)."

Willner returns to UCLA on April 1 with his tribute to the Firesign Theater, "Let's Eat!"

Date: 01/27/04 20:44:25 PST

Newman’s Own: An All-Star Tribute to America’s Favorite Songsmith

By Tomm Carroll
Music Critic

Jan 27 -- “Feels Like Home” indeed. That song and over 40 others from the vast repertoire of
singer-songwriter-pianist-composer Randy Newman were performed by a plethora of artists on
Saturday night at UCLA’s Royce Hall, which for all practical purposes could have been re-christened
“Newman Hall” last weekend.

Following his solo, sold-out show at the venerable venue Friday evening, Newman was feted the next
night. Well, feted isn’t exactly the right word; Willner-ized is more like it.

A veritable auteur of star-studded musical and spoken word tributes, producer Hal Willner, who also
happened to be this season’s Artist in Residence at UCLA, presented the eclectic, three-hour-plus
“Shock and Awe: The Songs of Randy Newman,” an all-Randy, all-the-time concert of contemporary
Americana that recalled in depth and breadth “The Harry Smith Project,” the now legendary tribute to
the great folklorist’s music collection that Willner staged at Royce a few years ago.

Backed by an orchestra of horns and strings, led by guitar great Bill Frisell and pedal steel master Greg
Leisz, a well as the country rock trio Jack Shit (featuring Pete Thomas and Davey Faragher of Elvis
Costello’s band), a bevy of musicians and even some actors took center stage to sing praises to
Newman with his own material.

Virtually every number was a winner, even the composer’s more esoteric songs; well-known
chart-topping tunes like “Short People” and “I Love L.A.” were wisely missing in action. This was a
salute to Newman’s oeuvre, not his “greatest hits.” All of which means there were many notable

Among the highlights were Stan Ridgway’s renditions of “Bad News from Home” and especially
“Rider in the Rain,” both of which were almost transformed into Ridgway’s own sardonic road-trip
style of songs; Irish singer Gavin Friday’s theatrical readings of “Germany Before the War” (as a Kurt
Weilly whisper vocal) and “You Can Leave Your Hat On”(as a playful sexual braggadocio that
reclaimed the song from Joe Cocker); Victoria Williams getting weepy with “Texas Girl at the Funeral
of her Father” and at her usual quirky on “Davey the Fat Boy”; and Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo’s
gorgeous, gospel-like version of “Sail Away” and his tender take on “Going Home.”

Also deserving special mention were Jack Shit’s romp through “My Old Kentucky Home” (sung by
guitarist Val McCallum); the sparse blues of Jennifer Charles’ “Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield”; pianist
Van Dyke Parks joining Frisell and Leisz for an amazing recreation of the main title of the film
“Ragtime”; E (of the Eels) turning “Living Without You” into one of his own lonely laments; actor Rip
Torn at his most snarly Newmanesque (but unfortunately forgetting a few of the words) on the very
timely “Political Science”; pianist/singer Robin Holcomb’s avant-garding of “Shining”; the
all-soul-and-strings arrangement of “Louisiana 1927” featuring Howard Tate; Ed Harcourt’s beautifully
lethargic “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” and a folksy minstrel version of “Dayton, Ohio” by Jon

The only overt political statement was made by wheelchair-bound alt-country icon Vic Chestnutt, who
sported a knit cap in which was sewn “Bush is a Lying Cracker.” The artist, who performed several
tunes, including a stunning “I Want You to Hurt Like I Do,” also sang the last song, for which all of the
singers emerged to sing back-up.

Dedicating the finale to “our lovely Mr. President,” Chestnutt led the ensemble through a
Depression-era jazz-style “Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man).” And yes, he left his hat on

Date: 01/27/04 13:13:47 PST

For anyone interested, here are some pics from the 2002 Ridgway Convention in N.Y. a little over a year ago...


John in Montreal

Date: 01/27/04 12:46:06 PST

call of the west one of the best!!
but the last voodoo.(with stan)
dark continent is not easy to found!!

Date: 01/27/04 12:19:29 PST

Hey NZ
I'm back in Voodoo land. It's alot better than being at work. To answer the question about what albums I have. I have (Call Of The West)(Seven Days In Sammy's Town) (Dark Continent) and (Happy Planet). West and Seven Days are my favorites. Just like the grittiness of the music. The Continent is growing on me and Planet isn't bad. I'm one of those people who believe there are no bests as far as music is concerned. It just gets down to what individuals like. Wall Of voodoo is like the the stuff I write. It isn't for everybody. But that's alright. Too much art work is created with an eye on the average to attempt to appeal to a large audience. When you do that you lose your own voice. Hell, I'm rambling now. I'll drop you an e-mail and let you know how to get hold of me.
Take Care
Have fun
John Dark

Date: 01/26/04 20:40:28 PST

Yeah, that was a great big photo of Margaret Hamilton... I mean, Stan.

Date: 01/26/04 20:08:37 PST

Any way you could scan this thing & email it to me?
If so, I can upload it for all to read.
(email addy is two posts down)


Date: 01/26/04 12:58:26 PST

Los Angeles Times Calender section Today 1/26/04:
Along with pics of winners of the Golden Globes, there's BIG pic of Stan singin' his heart out at The Hal Wilner Randy Newman Tribute Show @ UCLA. A great review of the show! Anybody see it, Sat. night?

Bob Thomas - your photo copy man

Date: 01/25/04 22:12:31 PST

Hey John, welcome to Voodoo-land. I had a look at
your book on Amazon, and it sounds like a great read.
I plan to pick up a copy as soon as finances allow.
I also have a question or 2 for you, if you would be
so kind as to email me at: napalmzappa@yahoo.com

P.S. which WoV albums do you have so far? Some of the best
ones are the toughest to find, but "we" can help with that.


Date: 01/25/04 21:18:34 PST

Hey All
Just dropping in for a few words. I'm new to listening to Wall Of Voodoo's music. Picked up a cassette of Call Of The West about a month ago because I recognized Mexican Radio. I've Been hooked every since. These boys are bad!!! They don't sound like anybody else. I really like the driving rhythms and the pure unpredictability of the music they produced. Since that 1st cassette I've picked up 3 other albums. I have not been disappointed. Call Of The West, Tragic Vaudeville, are my current favorites. Next week I'll probably get something else stuck in my head. WOV thanks for the head trips. If you like these kind of trips check out the fiction by John Dark author of Blood And Rain.
John Dark

Date: 01/25/04 10:08:43 PST

and Ned too!

Date: 01/23/04 21:46:42 PST

I disagree, I think that a reunion - either Stan and Chas or Andy and Chas would be interesting, especially if they wrote new songs.

Date: 01/23/04 18:48:35 PST

You're absolutely right ,Panther. But I would really like to see the remaining members (and Mazda too!) on TV in a retrospective . Mucker

Date: 01/23/04 16:52:55 PST

Barring an outernational hit as a result of a movie tie-in or a cover by a rap act .. to rightfully bring their music to an ignorant public .. erm, no.

smith in peru

Date: 01/23/04 10:03:45 PST

I would have no interest in a reunion without Marc. It just wouldn't be right - and who could take his place anyway??


Date: 01/22/04 19:23:50 PST

Anybody seen the new VH1 program "Bands Reunited"? Defunct 80's bands original members are brought back together for a one shot reunion-even if they hate each other's guts. I know two mainstays of WOV are gone but one can dream ,right? VH1 .com is taking online submissions for future reunions. Mucker

Date: 01/22/04 03:51:37 PST

That's it kids! Quit ya job!

Really be a rebel

Date: 01/21/04 23:28:34 PST

I turned in my notice at work today, only two weeks left at that hell hole. The opening of Call of the West spurred me on all day, "...What he left behind he hadn't valued half as much as some things he never knew."

Date: 01/21/04 10:57:26 PST

yo mama u fucking retarded peice of shit

Date: 01/21/04 10:41:02 PST

Alas no,Two of band are no longer with us, bless em,and the band have not toured for over 10 years at least. dave

Date: 01/20/04 13:18:42 PST

I really liked the first, second and fird album guys. Does Wall of Voodoo, still tour.

Date: 01/19/04 21:56:02 PST

The lyrics are dumb, but the Sparks - eaten by the monster of love sounds similar to Andy era WOV (minus country twang)

Date: 01/16/04 23:54:44 PST

has anyone heard of a solo project by a former wall of voodoo member which was very indie in nature, guitar-vocal driven and had lines such as "god knows i have only you, i put you on a pedastal....it's such a cruel game...." and "doctor i've been feelin' that kennedy feelin' of loosin' control....am i too far gone to walk a straight line...." i f this strikes a chord (pun intended) please e-mail me at gypsystyle157@yahoo.com with the answer i.e. what's the name of the artist or the cd!? a friend turned me on to it a long time ago and the tape broke long ago and i'm now searching out the tunes again. i'm pretty sure the name wall of voodoo was dropped in refference to the music (which i loved) and i would love to access it again. THANKS!-

Date: 01/15/04 15:29:35 PST

Where is everybody?,disappeared on a lost weekend. hippie dave

Date: 01/14/04 10:33:30 PST

it's full of GH lps!!!!!!!!!!!1

Date: 01/12/04 05:20:19 PST

I would like guitar tabs as well, especially to lost weekend and factory, but I haven't had any lucking finding any.

Date: 01/10/04 03:52:20 PST

I remember buying Grandma's House in Leeds, England about 86 I think. Hippie Dave, but I think they were imports, not sure from where.

Date: 01/10/04 03:49:48 PST

Yes Grandma's house was on cd, but long gone.Hippie Dave

Date: 01/09/04 10:52:58 PST

and dance of death ??
a very few numbers !!

Date: 01/04/04 05:37:16 PST

Granma's House was released on CD, but I suspect in very small numbers. I remember seeing it in the Virgin Megastore in London in the early 90s.


Date: 01/03/04 20:59:56 PST

This may have been covered in the past, but...I'm looking for guitar tabs from WOV's Call of the West? Only song that can find anything for is They Don't Want Me. Any help, link please?

Date: 01/03/04 20:57:21 PST

This may have been covered in the past, but...I'm looking for guitar tabs from WOV's Call of the West? Only song that can find anything for is They Don't Want Me. Any help, link please?

Date: 01/02/04 16:02:01 PST

sorry that was so sloppy, but I have a mutant virus
running through my veins. Happy New Year, everyone

Date: 01/02/04 16:00:27 PST

Granma's was never released on CD as far as I *know,
but all the songs on it are avaialbla through through
the WoV fan club. (see link down below about 4 posts)

* Granma's House releases:

LP: 1984 UK I.R.S. (A&M) IRSA 7048
CT: 1984 NL I.R.S. (CBS) 40-26088
LP: 1984 NL I.R.S. (CBS) ILP 26088


Date: 01/02/04 09:39:59 PST


I´m looking for the "granma´s house" CD. Has it ever been released on CD?? I haven´t found anything about it yet. If you have any information for me, please contact me.....


Thanx a lot

Date: 01/01/04 23:59:14 PST

I have been a wall of voodoo fan since they first started and just want to say, Happy New Year guys. Also I've been a fan of a band that I'd say is the only thing that even comes slightly close to WOV. They are still around and are an australian band. Their name is "The Cruel Sea". Look them up on the web if you are looking for really cool music.

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