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Date: 12/31/03 10:12:40 PST



Date: 12/30/03 12:16:46 PST

The first 5 tracks of the US Festival show are back up
for a few hours, if anyone missed them the first time.


They will be removed at 6:00 Central time tonight.

Date: 12/28/03 17:43:52 PST

i think u guys kiks ass im mean u guys r the best damn band ever and i luv yaz 4 it, yur rymes r great and everything else is 2
p.s pots kik ass good
-peace out

Date: 12/28/03 09:13:32 PST

Admittedly ,this item ha only an obscure link to Wall of Voodoo history but there IS a connection ,for those in the know: Harold von Braunhut, who ingeniously marketed one of the ugliest and
most boring aquatic creatures in existence -- the almost-invisible
brine shrimp -- as" Sea Monekys," died last month. "...Mr. von
Braunhut's piece de resistance was Sea Monkeys -- which come from
dried-up lake bottoms, not the sea, and are not monkeys but brine
shrimp. His extravagant claims for the crustaceans -- for example,
that they come back from the dead and that they can be trained and
hypnotized-- are convincing because they are sort of true. (The shrimp
do follow light.)

Billions of shrimp have been sold, not to mention a Sea Monkey
aphrodisiac and a wrist watch filled with swimming shrimp. There are
Web sites for sea monkey fans; CBS briefly had a Sea Monkeys series on
Saturday mornings; 400 million of them went into space with John Glenn
in 1998; and, for the lazy, a new Sea Monkey video game allows a
player to 'virtually' care for a shrimp colony, lest the animals
'virtually' die." contributed from Mucker

Date: 12/24/03 18:13:08 PST

Happy holidays to one and all! Special love and thanks go out to Chas, Bruce, Stan, Andy and Ned (with a wink and a wave heavenward to Marc and Joe) for creating some of the most amazing music EVER. I've been listening to it for a couple of decades and I never get tired of it. Rock on, dudes.

Now I'm off to find some way to dispose of this fruitcake. Where the hell are the guys in the hazmat suits when you need 'em??

Ho, ho, fuckin' ho,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 12/24/03 15:21:38 PST

the reason is because have closed all uk call centres-phone companies, amazon etc, moved to india etc. but amazon usa is same.The stan dvd is only one i have ever not been able to play.hippie dave. happy halloween.

Date: 12/24/03 06:50:03 PST

"DVD PHILIPS= SHIT" Amen ,my brudda...What's really great about Philips is their tech help line....it's based in some Third World shitehole where the guy on the line can't understand anything you are saying and likewise you can't deciper his pidgin English."Sprinkle chicken blud on ya masheen and walk aroun' it tree time and axe fer bless'in from Papa Doc, mon. Dat fiss it up propah!" Merry Christmas Y'all!

Date: 12/23/03 14:48:50 PST


Date: 12/23/03 13:40:33 PST

Yes but other people on here had same problem.no nz-my machine was $450/£300 cos its a dvd recorder, as well as player.Guys that did the dvd admitted there are probs with it, and have withdrawn it for now, to rectify matter.my ordinary dvd players seem to play anything, but that disc, cos are multi-region.us dvd- work on it, well all three i have, but that is dvd+ but will not work even though my recorder is dvd+. enjoy yuletide everyone.hippie d

Date: 12/22/03 22:21:51 PST

Yeah Mucker, but two of them?

Date: 12/22/03 06:02:17 PST

I am thinking that the DVD that Dave got was not finalized and would not play in ANY machine other thant the one it was duped on. You have to finalized DVD+/-R's just like CD-R's on they will not play in other machines. Mucker

Date: 12/22/03 01:32:42 PST


The DVD worked for me, no problem at all, and this
thing is THE ULTIMATE WoV experience available today.
The old footage is just unbelievably cool.

I am just wondering, does your new DVD player play:
DVD+R AND DVD-R? This is of the
utmost importance. Maybe you can take back the recorder you
bought, and bring the DVD to the store with you & try it out.
This thing is a must, I tell ya.

(BTW, the DVD player I bought was only $89.00 USD)

Best of luck with it


Date: 12/21/03 02:43:37 PST

The new Dog's Life message board


Date: 12/20/03 21:22:50 PST

Dave, I just broke down and bought a DVD player that is supposed to handle all formats.
I certainly can't afford it right now, but that's how BAD I want to watch this Stan DVD.
Wish me luck! And a Happy & safe Holidays to you, Richard M - and to everyone else here.


Date: 12/20/03 13:54:32 PST

And the same back to you ,Mazda. Gawd bless us every one. Mucker

Date: 12/20/03 08:19:02 PST

May i be the first to be politically incorrect and wish all of you a merry christmas...

Date: 12/19/03 07:13:55 PST

As to the Stan Ridgway dvd,Showbiz.....Would not play on either of my multi region players, and have just bought a $450 dollar dvd recorder, same type dvd+, but still will not work, they even sent a replacement, and that will not work either.hippie dave

Date: 12/13/03 14:07:19 PST

Yes commercialism does put u off a bit,but WOV did deserve it.I think marketing was partly to blame,I played tunes to guys who would never have heard them otherwise, who thought they were fantastic,and maybe harder to market, as u couldnt catogorise them. hippie dave

Date: 12/13/03 12:54:50 PST

Here are some things you can do
this holiday season:

1. Put gasoline in the fireplace. BIG SURPRISE!
2. Eat the Santa cookies and leave him a femur and a glass of goat's blood.
3. Let scorpions loose in stockings.
4. Eat Candy! Your's and everyone else's.
5. Place pet zombie in front of tree, tell him to eat anyone with a white beard and red hat.


Date: 12/13/03 12:36:01 PST


Never use Real Video. Always use XviD :). If you want some REALLY good guides on TV/VHS Analogue Capturing go to: http://www.doom9.org

This is all you will need. There you'll find how to optimize your system, how to capture and how to compress the video and audio, and everything else...
When you go to this website you have to click on the GUIDES section.

I don't think you will have more questions about the ripping part, but if you have, just ask :).

About the hosting, there are different ways of shareing a file. Putting it on a web hosting is not a good idea. Use ftp instead. The best is the edonkey network, for now. I don't know, really.

Date: 12/13/03 11:03:02 PST

Here's what I want to do - I want to take a VHS tape of live WOV performances and videos, and put them on the internet. I have a TV-in card. What else do I need, Real Video and somewhere to host it? Anyone ever done something like this?

Date: 12/13/03 11:01:18 PST

Countchocula here - e-mail address is good, maybe the mailbox was full.Any rate, I tried to sign up to the fan club, so hopefully i'm a member?

Date: 12/13/03 08:20:59 PST

Back in blighty-I emailed count chocula weeks ago, email addy was no good, it came back. hippie dave. worn out-got back from the states a few hours back

Date: 12/13/03 08:20:27 PST

Back in blighty-I emailed count chocula weeks ago, email addy was no good, it came back. hippie dave. worn out-got back from the states a few hours back

Date: 12/13/03 03:32:28 PST

Fan Club update:



Date: 12/11/03 14:12:02 PST

Decay -

Please tell "he of the hilarious email address"
that it really depends how large of a file it is.
Let's get that particular info, and go from there.

Is "countchocula@forpresident.com" a member of the club yet?


Date: 12/11/03 09:40:59 PST

that wasnt me correcting your grammer...

NZ, "countchocula@forpresident.com" was wondering if there is anyway he can post this live video of wov here so we can obtain it.. do you know how this can be done?

much thanks,


Date: 12/11/03 06:01:30 PST

"i" before "e" except after "c"-achieved

Date: 12/10/03 15:45:07 PST


Look, be honest. If WOV had acheived a good deal of commercial success ,most of us would not be interested in them. Most of the appeal of WOV is that they are so NON- mainstream. Mucker

Date: 12/10/03 12:22:41 PST

Mazda, i'll tell you what i know... absolutely nothing, but its good to see i got a rise out of you!?!? you know that there is no other producer out there that can match your talents??

what i cant understand is that although "mexican Radio" was the only song that really made mainstream success, so many other songs that were produced were not only as good, they were better.. nothing off "dark continent" ever really received airplay, and you would think that after "call of the west", there would be high expectations with "7 days" and the label would/should have promoted it,even though stan had departed... when i was in college, i worked as a dj for 4 years in the late 80's and early 90's and i brought my cd's to my shifts and played the shit out of "ugly americans". people would call in stating " who are these guys?"....


Date: 12/09/03 14:42:40 PST

Hey Decay
Fuck you
What do you know about it anyway?

Date: 12/09/03 08:28:04 PST

Just bought Black Diamond. Absolutely great. Big Dumb Town - one of the best songs ever written.

Thank you, mr Ridgway

Anton from Moscow with bears and vodka

Date: 12/08/03 12:52:05 PST

I agree with DECAY - WOV songs still take me away to that special place that only they can take me. I can never thank the boys enough.

On a related side note, Suzanne Vega's "As Girls Go" (from '99.9f Degrees') takes me to that same place. No other song does, though. How about y'all? Any other songs remind you of that special 'Voodoo' feeling?


Date: 12/08/03 11:04:00 PST

Hey Bruce, thanks man.. very cool to think that i can get the skinny right from the man himself who wrote it.. its such a shame to see that so many of the tunes you guys created, never made commercial success. dont know whether to blame the record labels, or mazda...(haw haw)
either way, its safe to say the impact you made with your music, has greatly affected not only myself, but all of us here as well...
keep checkin in...


Date: 12/05/03 17:58:14 PST

Bruce M.

Date: 12/05/03 17:57:04 PST

hey DEACY, i wrote good times after breaking up with yet another girlfreind but i felt really shitty for always breaking up with people just when it got too real (my fear of commitment stuff) so i was sarcastcly stating what good times where ahead when the pain ceased

Date: 12/05/03 17:49:40 PST

I'VE BEEN TOLD YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT brucemoreland@wallofvoodoo.com or something like that. bruce M

Date: 12/03/03 10:18:13 PST

FYI, guys, Stan plays three live gigs this week in California.

Tonight it's in San Francisco at Cobb's Comedy Club:

then Friday night at McCabe's in Santa Monica:

then Saturday at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano:

I kinda doubt he'll play any Wall Of Voodoo this week, but one never knows does one.

Hope to see you there,


Date: 12/01/03 09:04:16 PST



Date: 11/26/03 11:10:33 PST

You been to Moss-side in Manchester mucker?,or Chapeltown in Leeds, real hell-holes.Difference there, you have better laws, we just protect the criminal here, and punish the innocent. Hippie Dave

Date: 11/26/03 11:07:47 PST

Am actually staying 25 miles from Cleveland, at a place called Elyria, but have wheels, so no problems. Hippie Dave

Date: 11/26/03 11:05:38 PST

Cheers Mucker, I fly friday afternoon to Cleveland, via Philli, get to Cleveland 19.05(0.05 here).The muggers have guns here too matey,latest craze in England is bus surfing,we have double-decker, two tiered buses, the little bastards climb onto bus shelter, then onto roof while it is travelling.Suggest driver puts on brakes, then runs over the little shits.Hippie Dave

Date: 11/26/03 06:07:31 PST

OT Memo to Hippie Dave: Have a safe flight over from Blighty. This is the busiest travel weekend of the year in the US so be prepared to go psychotic. When you get to Cleveland , you won't have to worry about go into culture shock ,it's just like going to Birmingham or Manchester-utterly gray(grey?) but the muggers have guns. If you see anybody with jherri curls ,RUN LIKE HELL! Mucker

Date: 11/24/03 14:38:59 PST

I was thinking the same!
The look 'becomes' him nicely, I might add...


Date: 11/24/03 10:34:06 PST

Is is just me, or is Stan resembling Johnny Cash more and more as the years go by? The new MIB??


Date: 11/22/03 02:17:14 PST


Big news coming soon, people!


Date: 11/22/03 01:20:43 PST


~ The first of many in the coming days


Date: 11/21/03 04:05:58 PST

Yes, why?

Date: 11/20/03 17:43:25 PST

Does anyone know how to contact any Wall Of Voodoo members (email? addresses?)

Date: 11/19/03 11:55:44 PST

Thanks for the insight Hippie D.

It was the Mod scene here in California. I dabbled but was too rooted in the hard rock of the times. Somehow the Voodoo stuck. It was my eighties theme music. Then later, I drifted through the Grateful Dead scene with my psychadelic magic VW bus. During the latter nineties, I was the Bass Assassin of a never known math-metal studio project in Oakland. We burned a collection of short, action violence theme music that I will someday put to use on amature karate video spoof production. Dark chase through the back streets with good-evil gang overtones...I used to be a blackbelt in my day. I helped produce a few instructional vids for my old school. in front and behind the camera...studio..direction...you know.
Well E nuf for now I spose.

Quinn "St. James"

Date: 11/19/03 09:37:29 PST

bUT i am not really into the music Quinn,and I have stopped going to rallies now. Hippie D

Date: 11/18/03 14:47:46 PST

Well Quinn,interesting you should ask, the scooter scene is massive here, indeed I have been going on rallies for several years.I have a Vespa,which is like the 60s italian ones.At the rallies they play ska, two-tone, punk, northern soul.The music scene is still going here, a few bands, as to in general, the pre-pubo's and teens are into dance-all dressed in american baseball caps, sports wear,like sheep they all look alike.Many like me go to clubs out of the way, watch 60s psychedelic type bands, but I also like White Stripes,Black Rebel Motorcycle club.But Voodoo are still the best. Hippie Dave

Date: 11/18/03 14:07:05 PST

Hippie D,
BTW that was from me....

Quinn in San Diego

Date: 11/18/03 14:06:16 PST

Thanks for the note Hippie D.
It was cool to hear that so many great acts fell out of the old days around your area. Do movies like Trainspotting and Formula 51 (both with Robert Carlisle) represent accurate looks into the music/youth/drug subculture today. Quadraphenia gave me a great reference for the stages of musical development in the UK...Seems like the 80's in the USA all started in the UK many years earlier.
Are there remnants of that scooter-riding two-tone scene?

Date: 11/18/03 11:01:42 PST

bit quiet on here....hippie d

Date: 11/15/03 05:49:00 PST

Cutting Class IMDB info


Date: 11/14/03 22:45:48 PST

I recently saw this cheesy late 80s teen flick called "Cutting Class" which happend to be Brad Pitt's first big screen debut. Well i was wondering if anyone knew the title to the track (or tracks) Wall of Voodoo did for this film. They are mentioned in the credits but i couldn't make out what the tracks were. If anyone has any info on this i would greatly appreciate it! please email me at eelozano4280@hotmail.com

Date: 11/14/03 21:56:22 PST

Try that again...
Wall of VH1

Date: 11/14/03 21:54:26 PST

I found another oddity; a POST on the VH1 Wall of Voodoo message board. What's really surprising is that there IS a VH1 Wall of Voodoo message board. Let's load that sucker up & show them corporate fucks what real music is:


Date: 11/14/03 16:20:18 PST

The very one....
My-T Quinn.

Hippie D, Tell me about North E...quinnadler@cox.net
C U there.

Date: 11/14/03 12:23:32 PST

Are you by any chance the mighty Quinn as in the song?. hippie d

Date: 11/14/03 12:21:41 PST

Well Quinn, I have been posting on here for many moons.You will not know me in person as I live in the north of England, I sort of suggested reforming the fan club a few weeks ago, and here we are.Hippie Dave

Date: 11/13/03 21:58:48 PST

If anyone is going to see Stan Ridgeway at the Coach House in San Juan Captistrano on Dec 6th, my band Peng is opening for him.
We have tickets Available at www.pengtheband.com for a discounted price.

Date: 11/13/03 17:06:57 PST

Found this interesting 'toon of Mr. Prieboy
just now, while working on the Fan Club site:

Isn't he that Tomorrow Wendy Wall of Voodoo guy?
No, he's the Luke Skywalker in the rebellion against
the Imperial Record Company Forces.

• Tyler Martin
"I use to go see Andy perform in a small club in Hollywood.
He puts on a very entertaining show and he's going places,
I'm just not sure where those places would be."

Click it for the website, where they have a wallpaper version.

Date: 11/13/03 15:33:39 PST

Networking - What U Do and Where...

Every one needs to know:
A good auto mechanic
trustworthy tax lawyer/accountant
dependable plumber
skilled assassin
manager at guitar-trader
shipping clerk at the high-end electronics store
semi-retired computer hacker
master sandwich maker...

Am I right?
So Who R U....hippie dave?
I Already know NZ right?


Date: 11/13/03 15:25:18 PST

Twas me with the 'Ideas'

Now get on it!


Date: 11/13/03 14:51:04 PST

sign the last 1 nz

Date: 11/13/03 14:50:09 PST

Who is the enlightened one with all the great ideas?
This is the kind of input we are looking for around here.
We are now up to 35 members, and though the trickle has
slowed a bit, I imagine we'll be getting plenty more.
I will have some time tonight to get the web page finished
up, and will be posting a link to it here on the forum.

One question for the Anonymous One: when you say -
"A web-link page for those of us interested in 'networking' "
what are we talking here? A chat, like Dave said? or...?

Date: 11/13/03 11:46:31 PST

good ideas,a chance to chat online would be cool. hippie dave

Date: 11/13/03 11:04:45 PST

Fan Club Membership...I would like to have high res images to reproduce album art and tour posters for myself on my work plotter.
Perhaps an open letter to Stan and Chas and Bruce...Definitely a way to hear any unreleased stuff.
Membership card logo for down load would be great...Something oversized, like a backstage pass that could be laminated and one like a business card size.
A web-link page for those of us interested in 'networking'...
A schedule of features on the forum discussion...for example...Tuesday we meet online to discuss new bizness/initiatives...
Election of officers...with real and/or imaginary duties.
Musician's colaboration for an homage project...Write/record a Voodoo-esque song...'leftover Voodoo Stew' Just for us!

Date: 11/12/03 11:42:26 PST

It was actually me that emailed you about fan club, and about 100 others. Hippie dave

Date: 11/11/03 10:55:59 PST

i was listening to dark continent, again, thanks to tangento for the hook up... and was curious about one of their songs on the album.
" good times" is becomming a favorite of mine. whose expieriences are they singing about? it seems like a sordid love tale and the keyboards and guitar on that are very cool... just wondering if any of the voodudes or voodites may have some info on that....


Date: 11/10/03 20:36:23 PST

Well...I would like to see the fan club get access to unreleased Wall of Voodoo material and release it somehow. I think a decent sized fan club would be a good market for limited Wall of Voodoo releases, setting us up for something similar to what "Wire Mail Order" did for Wire during the late 90's (when they were broken up and releases on a large scale were not commercially viable).


Date: 11/10/03 14:36:15 PST

Did any of you have any luck playing that Stan Ridgway dvd?.Mine won't play on 3 machines I tried, something to do with dvd+, didn't think it would matter with multi region players.From what I hear dvd+ is the one that will die a death.Hippie Dave

Date: 11/10/03 12:03:15 PST

So, how are things with members on here?.What sort of things do people want to see from a fan club?.Hippie d

Date: 11/10/03 12:01:27 PST

Never seen London Bridge, as it was likely shown in south of England,and I live in the north.ITV television station for those not in the know are regionalised, so not all same things crop up in different areas.But I have heard of it.When it comes to bands, the north is a poor relation to the south of England when touring.But at least in the north we have Manchester, and Liverpool, two cool places. Hippie Dave

Date: 11/09/03 07:33:55 PST

Voodoo actually recorded some video with Jamie Morgan/Cameron McVey for a show called London Bridge at Ewarts studio in Wandsworth,London. I think they did versions of Tomorrow and Mex R, the show got cut up and used as segments for MTV's Cutting Edge series. I think I'm right in saying that this was with the complimentary black eyes and bruising accquired in a boozer next to Mike's Cafe in Notting Hill.

Date: 11/09/03 06:15:55 PST


Date: 11/09/03 02:22:58 PST

Have heard of rebellious jukebox,but do not remember ever seeing it.Music tv here is terrible,all teeny trendy rubbish.MTV and VH1 are same here, total sh.t.We used to have Oxford Road-show, Rock goes to College, Old Grey Whistle Test, Revolver in the late 70s-early 80s but nothing since of note.Jools Holland has a show, but rarely anything I like on there.Somebody may have filmed the Leeds Futurama festival in 82, as was big event, so WOV would be on it.Hippie Dave

Date: 11/08/03 17:14:01 PST

"Strangely enough,no UK shows on film ever show up,I have been looking since the 80s.", sayeth the Hippie. Maybe no filmed concerts but WOV did at least one TV appearance on "Rebellious Jukebox" ,an early 80's Jools Holland presented show. They did "Tomorrow" and maybe "Mex. Radio". This was actually shown on MTV here in the Americas. Mucker

Date: 11/08/03 00:42:55 PST

Yes,good show,always enjoy watching it.Strangely enough,no UK shows on film ever show up,I have been looking since the 80s.Wall of Voodoo did the Futurama Festival at the Queens Hall in my neighbouring city of Leeds in 82.Not sure if this exists on film, but you never know.Hippie Dave

Date: 11/07/03 15:50:38 PST

I have the 3-Devo concert and the opening set by Wall of Voodoo on tape. Both tapes are kind of blotchy but not bad. Wall of Voodoo played a great set. As for Devo, who I worship their souls, did have technical difficulties. But hey, when you experiment and pioneer something, mistakes are to be made.

Date: 11/07/03 10:12:19 PST

Does anyone remember the "3-D Devo" closed-circuit TV concert from Hollywood just before Halloween 1982?(This was somehat before pay per view. WOV was the opening act. I asked them about it a few months later . They thought it sucked but I thought it was damned great. Devo's backing tapes were all out of sync and their set fell apart. Devo were pretty much over at that point. "Peek a Boo" didn't really enhance their reputation. But Wall of Voodoo KILLED that night. I have an awful quality tape of that performance and wish I could find a watchable one. Them was the days. Mucker

Date: 11/07/03 08:58:51 PST

You all read my mind,I was going to suggest Dogs Life.Not sure what happened to ex President Michael Gutierrez,I think he had a brother that dabbled in bands as well, and wrote for them?. Anyone know different.As I said before, I carried the fan club card around with me for nearly 20 years in my wallet,well not the same one(wallet).It now resides proudly(in plastic) on my wall next to a 85 Sammystown, and a 82 Call of the west promo posters(which I had laminated to preserve them.I still have my 1985 Sammystown tour shirt, but it has shrunk over the years, going to get repro on new shirt.Am I the only one who still has a membership card?.I think it is a great idea to re-use it.I guess we should get the nod from Stan and Chas, Bruce seems ok with it all.Being a dabbler in writing,maybe I can do a WOV history booklet.We could do a fan club t-shirt.Hippie Dave

Date: 11/07/03 06:15:30 PST

"It's a Dog's Life" -that's a keeper. I like the continuity. I was gonna suggest "Lost Weekenders" but I like the idea of the original club better. Mucker

Date: 11/07/03 03:52:41 PST

I can't believe somebody could have so much great stuff about WOV. I've just started transferring all my old vinyl to CD but it takes so long I've just been selectign the best songs off each album. I just got to 7 days in Sammystown and realised I can't pick out the best tracks because they were all so great. What an album of amazing variety. The most enjoyable thing about listening to this album is the memory of the party my brother and I had a couple of days after 7 Days came out. We put it on at the start of the night, and when it finished somebody yelled to put it on again, and again, and again, and in the end it was the only album that got played all night. What amazes me is there are so few scratches on it, especially considering how much alcohol was being downed. Anyway great memories and a great album.

Date: 11/07/03 00:32:16 PST

*and maybe the card should KEEP the run-down look?
I think it would be a perfect touch.

Date: 11/07/03 00:31:00 PST

With you 100% DA, I was thinking along the same lines myself.
Who's got the connection to a printing facility? I know they can run
off a batch of 500 business cards for pretty damn cheap these days.


BTW, we are real close to 30 members now.

Date: 11/06/03 23:49:52 PST

As for a name for the fan club . . . would we be able to use "Dog's Life"? If we're taking up the fan club idea, how about using the original name? The scan that Dave provided of his original membership card got me to thinking about this. Kind of a link to the past, in a way.

Maybe the scan of the card could be cleaned up, and new information put on it (e-mail address, maybe change "official" to "unofficial" if need be) and put up on the fan club page. It could be both a graphic element and a card that members could print off if they wanted to, just for the fun of it. Would we get in trouble using the original "Dog" illustration? It would be cool if we could keep as many original elements as possible (but then, I like to preserve elements of the past).

Just my thoughts.


Date: 11/06/03 17:04:07 PST

Has any one ever seen a WoV tribute act? Heard any WoV covers?

Does NE1 know what equipment made that crunchy unfph and ticklish Pumping sound we all love. What are my chances of forming a WoV-ish jam project? Are there any musicians in the group who dabble?


Date: 11/06/03 13:27:29 PST

I have left message on Andy's Jazz Crowd page, so see if we get any more bods. Hippie Dave

Date: 11/06/03 10:54:03 PST

now that's blatant advertising for ya!!
but hey if it increases the number of members, thus increasing the opportunity for this to work, so be it!


Date: 11/06/03 06:24:16 PST

Florian -

Join the fan club down below, and
all of your prayers will be answered.


Date: 11/06/03 02:11:34 PST

I am one of these people, hopelessly too late to buy any CDs or vinyls
of WOV. The only stuff I own, is a bad copy (on MC) of "the ugly
Americans in Australia..." and the CDs which are still available through shops and amazon.com.

can anyone help me to get CDs (or CD-R copies) of the
albums "Gramma's house" and "the ugly Americans in Australia"?

I live in Melbourne/ Australia. Any advise is appreciated.

email: florian.domberger@domberger.net

Date: 11/05/03 14:42:01 PST

NZ-good to see members are appearing gradually.There must be lots more out there.All this is going to take time to properly get up and running, but is very worthwhile.I will get my thinking cap on for ideas.Hippie Dave,maybe there are a few addresses i missed, I only did email addys, not home pages.

Date: 11/05/03 14:28:05 PST

It was me that sent you email about the fan club decay. Hippie Dave

Date: 11/05/03 13:57:46 PST

Decay, I don't see you on my list of emails recieved.
Please drop a line to WallofVoodooFanClub@rock.com
(unless you already have with a different name)

OK here's a report:

We are moving steadily along with a membership of 22 Vood-oids. (23 counting Decay up there) I am working on a small webpage where I will post updates, etc. and also a little bio section to give all the members a place to tell about themselves. That should be done within 2-3 days. Eventually, I imagine we can find a way to cull all of our rarities, resources and whatnot and begin to spread the wealth. IDEAS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME here, folks - I've never attempted to organize a fan club before.

Keep spreading the word


Date: 11/05/03 11:41:26 PST

as i was writing my joy of a fan club, i rec'd email re: the fan club...

man, you guys and gals are on it!!!


Date: 11/05/03 11:39:58 PST

as far as the fan club, how cool is that!!! years since they have been together, yet so many of us cant get enough... i'm in...



Date: 11/05/03 10:41:21 PST

Oh yes, my machines, 1 is 18 months old, the other about 7 months old. Hippie Dave

Date: 11/05/03 10:40:21 PST

Hi John,yes region 2 here, but I have 2 multi region players, and all dvd films I buy are region 1 from USA, and play ok.I find it cheaper buying from the States, and films tend to be uncut there.I am getting a replacement dvd, hope it works.Haven't tried on my second machine, as have loaned it out, but given disc to the person to try. Hippie Dave.

Date: 11/05/03 07:03:16 PST


What happened to all of Marc's archive stuff at De Longpre house??? Or the jams you guys used to do in the front room????


Date: 11/04/03 19:18:58 PST

To be fair, DVD+Rs and -Rs are SUPPOSED to play on more or less any recent DVD player, according to the disc manufacturers, that is...

However, the truth is there will be bugs and incompatibility issues here and there, especially with players that are a few years old.

Also, Hippie Dave, are you not located in England, where the TV standard is PAL and the DVD standard is Region 2? Chances are the DVD is region free but probably NTSC... that may be causing the problem on your end.

JT in Montreal

Date: 11/04/03 13:18:29 PST

I am having the same trouble with the DVD
...uh +R or whatever. I get the main menu
pages, but any choice made just sends me back.



Date: 11/04/03 12:00:06 PST

Stan should be letting customers know that it's a DVD+R, not a regular DVD. That's not fair. Forgetting cost considerations, I imagine that he'd have trouble finding a legit DVD manufacturer to press the disk, because a large portion of it is bootlegged, even if he's the lead singer on all the tracks.


Date: 11/04/03 11:11:49 PST

Hey Hippie Dave,

If your DVD is like mine, it's actually recorded on a DVD+R format disc... which means it may not be compatible with all players. Don't wanna get all technical here but mine plays fine in my cheap Norcent brand DVD player but not on my Panasonic or my Mac Powerbook, both of which are DVD-R (as opposed to +R) recorders.

All these new disc formats! It's all moving too fast!

The guy who put together the disc did a nice job nonetheless... great looking menus. Despite the varying quality of the source material, it's good to have this stuff on a DVD.

John in Montreal

Date: 11/04/03 10:22:15 PST

Got Stan's dvd today, put it in my machine, and guess what? it is faulty and won't work aaagh... Hippie Dave

Date: 11/04/03 10:21:10 PST

wall of voodudes? hippie dave.

Date: 11/04/03 08:10:08 PST

Or maybe Wallys?

Date: 11/04/03 08:08:38 PST


Date: 11/03/03 18:19:26 PST

"- like the Parrot Heads or the Dead Heads." Oh Gawd ,please tell me you're not serious. That's sickening.

Date: 11/03/03 14:10:07 PST

toby here -

I imiediatly thought of "Barbequed Iguana's" - like the Parrot Heads or the Dead Heads.

Date: 11/03/03 09:46:49 PST

Nominations for fan club name anybody? Hippie Dave

Date: 11/03/03 09:44:37 PST


Date: 11/02/03 18:29:01 PST

I would suppose phrase indcluding "barbequed iguana" might be a nice choice.
or "Far Side Of Crazy"
actually looking through the song titles and lyrics there are many that would fit in some respects.
Perhaps a song title with a little changed twist of some sort?


Date: 11/02/03 16:10:09 PST

So....what are we going to call this fan club?,guess it has to be a song title.I have gone through half of archives, will do rest this week.Sent out about 90 emails.Hippie Dave, England.anyone on here from Cleveland?, I will be there in three weeks,might be doing a few tunes myself(coming out of retirement)

Date: 11/01/03 08:41:39 PST

I sent out a message to the 50 or so members of my Wall of Voodoo group. The group mailing list isn't all that active, but if anyone wants to join you can subscribe at:


I'm the moderator for the WoV group and Toby moderates the Prieboy group that can be found at:


Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 11/01/03 06:43:51 PST

Hi folks
Looking for a good quality MP3 recording of WOV's Can't Make Love
If you have one or know where i can locate it, or even buy the album I would
appreciate it! thanks

Date: 11/01/03 06:42:35 PST

the rights reside with the last label that picked up the contract except if the band were to tour again...Bruce Moreland's Hedge of Magic, Stan's Ju Ju Brotherhood ..Chas T Gray's Fence of Shamanistic Rituals...whoever does own the name it is not likely to be worth negotiating with them/it

Date: 11/01/03 02:46:36 PST

have now spent 8 hours going through archives, sent about 80 emails or more.a lot havent come back, so u never know. phew. hippie dave

Date: 10/31/03 19:34:36 PST

Well here's this much-"come in, come in, this is monkey ranch headquarters, calling bunny hutch " He goes by Jones in Istanbul and Smith in Peru. Marc once told me that "Spy World" was originally called "Die! World" due to his outlook on life at the time. Something akin in sentiment to "I Don't Care" by The Ramones. MuckerJee

Date: 10/31/03 15:44:14 PST

And thanks for the efforts, Dave! You da man.


Date: 10/31/03 15:40:56 PST

Todd? Where is your membership request?
What kind of PMS BS is this anyway?

We are up to a grand total of 6 members so far, including myself. I have no idea what I'm doing here, just wingin' it so far. Also, I fully expect to hear from Elizabeth and JTL over at the 'headquarters'! You two may be the Grand Poobahs of the WoV Fan Totem Pole, but you still have to join up proper-like, just like the rest of us! ; )

That address again is:


Spread the word!

Date: 10/31/03 15:40:42 PST

have sent over 50 emails tonight, to see if old faces from here reply regarding fan club.alas, many are out of date. been looking four hours. hippie dave

Date: 10/31/03 13:47:31 PST

Mucker wrote: "PS: Todd ,don't be so upset .I was just seeing if you were paying attention . I do laud you for claiming your posts even though the opinions expressed may not be universally appreciated."

You bastard! I haven't stopped crying all week! I ran out of Xanax last night, so I've been taking the wife's Midol out of desperation. The anxiety's still there, but I feel much less bloated.


Date: 10/31/03 13:29:16 PST

Have found 40 email addresses so far, up to june 98. phew its hard work. Hippie Dave

Date: 10/31/03 12:09:55 PST

Yes NZ I am up to it,I haven't a lot of spare time, as I have my fingers in numerous pies, yet when it comes to WOV I will make the time.Hippie Dave. will start now

Date: 10/31/03 09:36:56 PST

Please fill in the blanks from the opening of Spy World:

..come in, come in, this is -----headquarters, calling ------
--------- ------ ------- and I thought this was a glamorous job...

Quinn A.

Date: 10/31/03 06:15:38 PST

Another question: Who actually controls/owns the name "Wall of Voodoo" now? Would it be Chas since he was the last one of the original members (other than Marc)who was there at the end? Maybe this was answered before but y'know that was a few million brain cells ago. Mucker PS: Todd ,don't be so upset .I was just seeing if you were paying attention . I do laud you for claiming your posts even though the opinions expressed may not be universally appreciated.

Date: 10/30/03 19:05:14 PST

Has anybody heard from Freddie? How is she doing? Mucker

Date: 10/30/03 18:25:16 PST

Bruce, did that Dark Continent CD make it to you ok?


Date: 10/30/03 17:54:24 PST

Ia'm down for absolutly any endeavor that would realease voodoo onto C.D. or any other medium, video or otherwise, I've had such a hard time finding W.O.V. stuff, it's sad , so you have my blessings. Bruce Moreland

Date: 10/30/03 16:05:35 PST

Has anyone here 'purchased' Index Masters on CD....NE1 own it?

Quinn A.

Date: 10/30/03 15:40:03 PST

Everyone sign up, man.
Let's figure out how many of
us there actually are here.

Date: 10/30/03 15:18:03 PST

so should one send an e-mail to that address, if you want in on the deal, even though one has nothing to contribute really?

the Geek

Date: 10/30/03 14:43:34 PST


The inbox has a limit of 2 MB, so no large files please.

Date: 10/30/03 14:28:11 PST

Here is an idea: I will just open a new email account
called WallofVoodooFanClub@whatever.com, and that will
serve as the central location from which to send out invites
to all the addresses that *someone with the spare time*
will gather from the board here. A good way to search for
them would be to look at all the archived pages and use
the 'Edit/ Find on This Page' function of the browser
and search for the character "@".

Dave? Up to the task? Todd? you seem like a guy with a wealth of spare time & ambition... ; )


I'll be back tonight with the address.

Date: 10/30/03 14:17:26 PST

Quinn, welcome - I will gladly burn a copy of DC for you.
email me at napalmzappa@yahoo.com

There are sources for CD... (getting VERY expensive)
and vinyl too. I will send you the info in my reply.

If we need a web page to post the membership list,
(or anything else) I have the thing ready to go,
as previously mentioned. Infact, why don't you all
send me an email with the subject line 'WoV Fan Club',
and I can at least begin compiling the names.


Date: 10/30/03 13:16:19 PST

New to group -
Hey - where can I get Dark Continent on CD...Used MP3..Good Vinyl?
Anyone willing to Email the MP3 Files?
Quinn Adler - San Diego

Date: 10/30/03 10:47:31 PST

good ideas whoever you were???I cannot see the band not agreeing to all this, as it is a good idea...Hippie Dave.Stan, Chas, Bruce...feedback please?...

Date: 10/30/03 04:37:42 PST

...for them to approve the project, of course.


Date: 10/29/03 22:50:35 PST

My humble suggested course of action for the fan club: first, a website with some method of (voluntarily) collecting e-mail addresses of fans who are potentially interested in an unreleased WOV music cd. Second, one spam mailing to all the fans who did not respond to the fan club website, whose e-mail addresses we can gather from this forum or anywhere else on the internet where people express an interest in WOV. Third, present the number of names we have to the WOV guys. If it's a number that can justify an inexpensive box set release, then ask them to allow one of us to work on that for them. If it is a small number, then ask them to allow us to host the unreleased WOV demos/tracks at Toby's website.

Date: 10/29/03 11:36:25 PST

Hanson brother? aagh, do me a favour. Hippie Dave.hahaha.Surely we should have a data base of members, but then again just a suggestion.

Date: 10/29/03 10:07:56 PST

I stumbled across an unknown artist who I think sounds a lot of Andy Prieboy, although others will probably disagree. Here are links to two of his tunes:


The songs are posted under two different names, but it's the same guy -- Jeffrey Berenfeld. I don't know him; we have no connection. And I doubt he even knows who Andy Prieboy is.


Date: 10/29/03 05:31:57 PST

for what?

Date: 10/29/03 03:00:36 PST

We wait...


Date: 10/28/03 21:03:58 PST

So what do we now to get this thing off the ground?

Date: 10/28/03 19:08:29 PST

Toby here -

There is nothing to decide or to vote for... it is only about getting this fanclub box set off the ground. There is no need for a prezident or anything else as far as I am concerned. let's all just work together. We can all be chief cook and bottle washers. I was mearly trying to take the helm at trying to navigate this ship thru the murky waters of getting all the pieces for this demo project in one place so it could be started and eventually finished.

Date: 10/28/03 13:31:28 PST

P.S. Thanks for the nomination though.

Ms. V

Date: 10/28/03 13:30:22 PST

I'm right here where I've always been. Just staying out of the way of the snipers and back stabbers that tend to lurk in the shadows. If my help is needed for any reason, I can be found at my usual email address. I'm not interested in publicly debating who's better than who or who "deserves" to be a president or secretary or whatever of any club. Thrash it out amongst yourselves and let me know if my help is needed. I'll be out by the pool sipping mimosas and watching Chas burn burgers on the grill.

Rock on,
a.k.a Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 10/27/03 21:44:12 PST

Elizabeth... a fine nomination... but where is she these days?

Date: 10/27/03 16:25:58 PST

I vote for Toby and/or Ms. Vieuxdo
Thanks for thinking of me though.
Also willing to lend my support through this website, links, storage etc...
Peace, JtL

Date: 10/27/03 14:37:17 PST

David Reynolds-Hanson -> the fourth Hanson brother.

yea I'm being silly, I can't take the serious shit. Try living in a tube, and you'll feel the same way.

Diogenes the cynic

Date: 10/27/03 12:48:09 PST



Date: 10/27/03 12:14:19 PST

Cheers Todd,you are a diamond geezer, as we say in England.So...as I said, when we get going, need a data base of names, and addresses of genuine fans.I have got three people into the band recently.I bet there are lots of other fans, or lapsed fans out there, certainly I cannot be the only Brit...Hippie Dave or to show I am genuine, David Reynolds-Hanson, Shelf, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England (Bradford is 90 mins from Liverpool)

Date: 10/27/03 11:41:16 PST

Go Todd, don't take that kind of shit, they think they are soooo clever.

The european Todd worshipper trio

Date: 10/27/03 11:28:59 PST

"Everybody that has posted his name here has been subjected to these subhumans' idea of wit. Ignore these anonymous(except for Todd) cowards."

Who are you calling coward, boy?

>>They really can't help it-when they were circumcised as failed -abortion thalidomide babies,the doctor threw away the wrong piece by accident and developed into mutated foreskins with access to computers.>>

And you're lecturing others about taste and wit? Puh-leeze.

Personally, I don't like the anonymous posters, either, and I've certainly got no problem with Hippie Dave. As for the Muck...


Date: 10/26/03 09:38:35 PST

Well said....anyway, Toby how do you feel about being pres or sec,which you prefer.What do you want to be?,JTL what do you want to be?.When we get this going, those who are genuine, send your details, to whoever.That way we have a list.Must be some fans who have not been on for a while, so could back track forum, and email some, to see if they want to join.Hippie Dave

Date: 10/26/03 09:12:07 PST

Keep Calm there 'ippie Dave.All the regulars here know you are orright. Everybody that has posted his name here has been subjected to these subhumans' idea of wit. Ignore these anonymous(except for Todd) cowards.They really can't help it-when they were circumcised as failed -abortion thalidomide babies,the doctor threw away the wrong piece by accident and developed into mutated foreskins with access to computers.Fuggedabout 'em, it's the only joy they have in their empty existence. Auld Mucker(rhymes wid old fucker-there ,beat ya to it, bastards)

Date: 10/25/03 12:18:47 PDT

I assure you I never suck cocks,this is juvenile puerile crap, have the balls to sign your name you dip-shit.Hippie Dave.There is no need for stupid comments on here,why not JTL as sec, Toby as President.

Date: 10/25/03 09:40:29 PDT

bruce only!!
heil bruce

Date: 10/25/03 07:06:40 PDT

fuck you cocksucker, toby is the best! Fuck of with the JtL business!!!
Hail Toby

Date: 10/24/03 17:09:15 PDT

As this is site,I think JTL should be fan club secretary, amongst other things. Hippie Dave,Bradford,Yorkshire,England

Date: 10/24/03 16:15:14 PDT

JtL, JtL, JtL, JtL, JtL, JtL, JtL, JtL, JtL for Prez!!

The creator of the place that brought us all together

Date: 10/24/03 08:20:56 PDT

Interesting Toby,yes you are the logical choice.So let us hear now from the boys in the band, are you agreeable if the Wall of Voodoo fan club is resurrected?.Hippie Dave, England.

Date: 10/23/03 22:15:09 PDT

Toby here, again -

Thank you all so much for the kind words. For thoses of you new to the program... let me present my WOV resume.

I am a graphic artist by trade. meaning, for the time being I am being employed to create album covers, cd covers, t-shirt designs, flyers, posters, video boxes, etc. I have done over three years work with the rock band Danzig doing cd layout, tshirts, tour pass's and a trillion other things that a fledging rock band would need. Don't worry, because I worked for them does not mean I worship satan or even really like the music they put forth. if you don't believe me, look on the live album or the reissues or Satan's Child. I have a graphic design credit on both. I also did all the graphics on the Samhain box set.

I did employ Marc, along with Sheldon and Marc's wife Freddy, to do the music for Elegant's Angels #2. #1 was by some guy named Kitty Mouse. Interestingly enuff that is the same name of Andy Prieboy's cat, who also makes an appearance in Elegant's Angels #1, Andy not the cat, with his then girlfriend Rita D'Albert.

I've been collecting WOV bootlegs for about twenty years. Ever since the night I inadvertantly recorded the radio all through a WOV show in Frankfurt Germany at the Batcshkapf. I even interviewed Andy and gang after the show. When I heard that the tape was all static as IU played it in the car... I cried for days. I was ready when Stan came through later that year on the Mosquito tour. Which is also the show he just put out on cd on CDbaby.com.

I've interviewed Andy about ten times, Richard Mazda, and Marc.

I retooled the discography as well.

As far as the unsavoury bits... that has nothing to do with WOV. Also remember that Voodoo has a history with unsavoury bits. Nightdreams, Dr. Caligari, Untamed Cowgirls, etc...

This isn't a campaign speech here. It is just to let you all know where I am coming from. It is really up to the boys in the band to decide if they even want to let us do this at all.

Toby D.

P.S. I have nothing to do with that Residents thing. There is another band called Toby Dammit and there is also the Fellini film from which I chose my moniker.

Date: 10/23/03 15:08:00 PDT

My vote goes to Toby, DAMMIT!


Date: 10/23/03 11:54:04 PDT

Well I agree, Toby is the popular choice for various reasons, and i cannot see the band objecting,as after all their music is not really available at the moment, as it should be and we should come together as a collective (like the borg).I have some UK gig tickets somewhere, and you all probably remember my Wall of Voodoo fan club card appearing on here a while ago, which I still had in my wallet.Hippie Dave, England.

Date: 10/23/03 08:31:07 PDT

I would also nominate Mr. Dammitt, because although he runs, or used to run, a porno business that some would describe as unsavoury, he also not only seems to have provided Marc with some kind of musical employment, he also presented the soundtrack to Elegant Angels as a download on his site, which if it isn't by Andy Prieboy should be. Also he gets credits on Resident's cds so a) his musical taste would appear to be beyond reproach b) he has contacts and a certain experience in the music biz, all qualities mister ill-informed anonymous would appear to be unaware of.

Date: 10/23/03 06:43:00 PDT

Why Toby? Because ,you slug,1) Toby knows the history of WOV as well as anyone of us ,2)he has internet savvy,3)he's been actually helpful by sharing his material with us and 4)he's not a total loser asshole who posts insults anonymously. Mucker

Date: 10/23/03 06:37:25 PDT

I don't know Toby except from this message board, and he certainly didn't pay me for my nomination...I just think it will benefit everyone involved.


Date: 10/23/03 04:48:51 PDT

so how much did robert get paid to nominate toby? and just because he interviewed marc once doesn't mean he KNEW him.

Date: 10/22/03 23:40:49 PDT

Toby here -

WOW!! That is pretty cool of someone to even THINK about nominating me! I have been hanging back and waiting to see what happens here before I open my big mouth. All of the things that you said are true though and I have been talking to the powers that be about getting something off the ground... Hopefully they are talking amongest themselves and are making their decision. Whatever they decide, we should respect their wishes and stand by their decision. I think we should start compiling stuff anyway. So if anyone has any flyers, original pics, used ticket stubs or anything else... let's start sending them in. Try to scan them at 300dpi, but save them as jpg's so they ain't so big. You can send anything you like to tobydammit@earthlink.net. Then if this does not get going, we can always find a home for it all on the site here.

Date: 10/22/03 15:31:15 PDT

Honorary presidents should be guys in the band,guy who is cheifly willing to run the show should be secretary...but am sure most of us are willing to help in any way, I am.Hippie Dave, England....i mean chiefly oops

Date: 10/22/03 15:22:24 PDT


Date: 10/22/03 08:58:53 PDT

(opening up the can of worms) Speaking of hoarding,ebay and bootlegs-What happened to King Richard anyway? Mucker

Date: 10/22/03 06:54:49 PDT

About the WOV fan club/unreleased tracks thing. We need a president for our new fan club. I think it should be Toby Dammit, if he's willing. Why, you ask? Because he knew Marc, and is still in contact with Andy and Sheldon. The WOV guys might feel more comfortable releasing unreleased tracks to him to make available to us, because they know that he is not the kind of guy who will hoarde them, and then put them up on ebay as a bootleg or something.

Oh yeah, and I nominate myself for club enforcer....i'll put the smack down, and whatnot.


Date: 10/21/03 18:08:35 PDT

P.S. found a site with some info on wall of voodoo and their equiptment from 1982. Gil


Date: 10/21/03 15:25:54 PDT

thank you so much for drum machine info. that is a great story. what luck went into making wall of voodoo what it was. amazing. thanks again so much. Gil

Date: 10/21/03 15:07:44 PDT

AND: I just recieved my Stan Ridgway 'Show Business is my Life' DVD,
(won on Ebay) and it is signed to my name by Stan the Man himself!!
I am 100% fucking stoked. I'm gonna go have a look at it right now.
I suggest you WoV freaks have a look because I see there are 2 more
for sale over there, along with other goodies: (and the price has dropped 3 bucks!)

Stan Ridgway Ebay auctions


Date: 10/21/03 15:00:29 PDT

The drum machine was... well, I will quote Stan from this
post I just dredged up from the depths of the Voodoo Void:
(almost a year ago to the day!)

Date: 10/22/02 12:50:10 PDT

Stan to Chas: Hey there! You're right about all this Chas...get smart and espeacially Yogi Bear's Rhythm Ace...I am compelled to tell the whole story here for our readers.

In 1975 I met drummer Charlie Butler and we played some gigs together in Whittier at a dive bar (i think it was called the Three Little Pigs..kinda of a barnyard decor...) with another guit player friend Franco Landi, who was a virtual jukebox of songs. Most of the time we just follwed Franco's lead and played covers for a crowd of drunks and crooks...

Charlie's father turned out to be THE Daws Butler, partner to Stan Freberg.from Bennie and Cecil..(Daws was Bennie..) Daws Butler was the voice of all the Hanna Barbera cartoon characters too like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and even Capt. Crunch. Also he worked with Jay Ward on The Bullwinkle series and did so many voices and stuff along with his writing its hard to say it all here.

Ok...now here we go..

It was my habit at this time to go over to the Butler's house and visit with Charlie and play music in his father's VO studio. (footnote: Daws also taught voices and acting at this time in his house and his prize student was li'10 year old Nancy Cartwright...now.. ta dah!...Bart Simpson...) anyway....

I would kinda slide quietly into the living room when it seemed cool.. where Daws had an old wurlitzer organ there... and sitting on top of it was THIS BOX with the name RHYTHM ACE - KALAMAZOO, MICH. emblazoned on the front, with buttons on it with names like MAMBO-SAMBA-WESTERN-BOSSA etc... I'd turn it on and whoa!...RYHTHMS and BEATS...and with a knob to make them go REAL FAST..almost faster than you could take it in...I'd press three buttons at once and get a MAMBOSSAROCKINBEGUINEZOOT! beat...???? huh??!...cool..Clickty Clackety CLICKITY CLACK!!!! boom slap!.
On one of these days Daws caught me! and got real pissed at me..(he could be fairly testy with the kids..) He shouted angrily,..

"Stan..STOP!STOP!!PLEASE!!.I cannot STAND this anymore! You are driving me crazy with that thing! Why don't you TAKE it home and get it outa here. Its yours. Just please STOP NOW! and Stay out of MY LIVING ROOM!!!"...

I was pretty startled and apologized but ...hey...he meant it so I took it. ACE had now been passed to a new generation. Re-born and re-plugged into a world of BIG AMPS and STOMP BOXES...when I got home and plugged that ACE into my twin reverb...WHOA! it shook the walls!

The next year when I had made some demos of some new ideas with it..WARGASAM, INVISIBLE MAN, BONGO BEATNIKS, LIGHT YOUR HAIR ON FIRE, and stuff from my soundtrack experiments and failed employment in this fiels at the time..(i.e. "acme soundtrax") etc..I MET MARC..and played him my stuff with ACE. this was 1977 i think...BRUCE jumped on and then CHAS and then JOE. We was all tight with ACE!

WELL..Wall of Voodoo got going that year and Ace stayed with us for the whole time through the next several years. SO....

When you hear Mexican Radio etc.....listen for a bit of Yogi, Huckleberry and Bennie, Freberg and Butler and Cecil the sea-sick sea serpent......cuz that's the very same machine.

Long live ACE! hey Chas do you have him? Where is he?...

Long winded and blabbermouthing as usual -


Date: 10/21/03 13:57:53 PDT

I just have to say that my favorite song from Dark Continent is This Way Out. Bruce... that bass line is so fucking killer. Everytime when it comes up I blare it!!!!!!! Just had to remind you that you rock. All hail Wall of Voodoo!

Date: 10/21/03 13:36:05 PDT

hello is any body there

Date: 10/21/03 12:46:23 PDT

Voodoo items are rare indeed,I have posters, tour t-shirts, back stage passes etc, but would never part with them for any price....Hippie Dave, England.

Date: 10/21/03 12:44:29 PDT

In reply to Mark's message, Voodoo without El Marco Moreland would never work, so unlikely to see again, and maybe for the best. Hippie Dave

Date: 10/21/03 10:09:06 PDT

to post pics, you need to first upload them to a server.
I can do this for you & host them for as long as you want.

email the pics to: napalmzappa@yahoo.com

After that, I can post them here for you if you want.


Date: 10/21/03 07:18:55 PDT


How do you post pictures on this board?(WOV related ,of course). Or is that a pain in the ass bandwidth- wise? I have a few polaroids from the old days. Mucker

Date: 10/21/03 06:30:28 PDT

i have a question that i can not find the answer to. what model drum machine was used in the early wall of voodoo days? i love that sound. my dad was in a los angeles group in the 80's called "the conservatives", and they had all those same old cheesey drum sounds. All i can remember of it, was that it was a roland, and they called it "little ricky", Like from I Love Lucy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I still to this day consider wall of voodoo to be one of the most interesting and original bands ever. i go to all kinds of underground shows in los angeles, and nothing compares, even now. thanks, gil

Date: 10/21/03 02:20:48 PDT

Attn. ALL past and present WOV band members....
A COMPLETE Box Set w/unreleased/live/rarities would be brilliant. I'm 46 and still a devoted fan.
No band..and I MEAN NO BAND....has ever sound like WOV...Timelessly Original...
Sure wish I could get my hands on any original concert poster(s) or flyer(s) to add to my collection of other bands. To this day I still can't find a genuine item. I guess you should go on tour again to make such things possible..!!.....HMMMMMMMMMM....My best to all of you and yours!!! Mark Mackey meant4u@sti.net

Date: 10/20/03 09:11:18 PDT

Re: WOV Box-Set.......

I a friend who owns a record label www.warninglabelrecords.com and they have just released the Urinals cd...They specialize in old bands and unreleased or new material.... WOV would be a perfect fit...! Bruce,check the websit out and e-mail me with what you think...... Anyone else who checks the site out please post your opinions here...They have all the distribution that's needed and are fair and professional.....


Date: 10/19/03 10:17:12 PDT

ok NZ lets do it....who mentioned no money?, this has to be a non-profit making thing,rather than produce items-eg posters, can utilize things we have to repro maybe.feedback from any members of wov please?
hippie dave.anyone want to contact me, can do so at davedamned@aol.com hippie dave, england

Date: 10/19/03 05:51:44 PDT


Date: 10/18/03 20:06:45 PDT

I'll host this WOV Fan Club thing over at
'Grampa's House', if we can get it going.
Free webspace with no banners, ads or pop-ups.
I will also burn copies of the rare shit we all have have.
(if my comp doesn't die on me)

Let's get 'er rolling folks.


Date: 10/18/03 18:37:27 PDT

I'm in

Date: 10/18/03 16:26:38 PDT

so we gonna do a wall of voodoo appreciation society, come on you lot. hippie dave

Date: 10/18/03 16:25:47 PDT

cheers-hippie dave, as to other comment from no-named bum, guess you were looking for a fag site haha, start talking out of your mouth, and give your ass a rest

Date: 10/18/03 08:44:00 PDT

I think Hippie Dave is on to something....

Date: 10/18/03 05:29:18 PDT

sounds like a fag site to me

Date: 10/18/03 00:55:31 PDT

Took me 20 years to get some Voodoo film footage Bruce, but you can never have enough....As I said once before, why don't we resurrect fan club, and issue items via that?.I am willing to do my bit, could do t-shirts, posters, badges,vhs/dvd, cds etc...keep it cheap, so only to cover costs. hippie dave, england.

Date: 10/17/03 23:44:23 PDT

Bruce, e-mail me an address and i'll copy a VHS video of WOV stuff for you...not the best quality...but it's all i've got....countchocula@forpresident.com

Date: 10/17/03 23:42:37 PDT

Stan sighting or rather...listening. In the 80's horror film, "Night of the Creeps," "Just drive she said" can be heard playing on a car stereo.

Date: 10/17/03 14:18:33 PDT

Hey I don't care if someone want to release a box set or anything else for that matter, that would be very cool by me, and I fine with Richard Mazda, ia'm sure that we had differences in the past but these memories where washed away by drugs a long time ago, lets just say ia'm working with a clean slate and i wish i had some cool old recordings and video's but the fact is i don't even own as much voodoo as the average fan, thanks all Bruce M.

Date: 10/16/03 10:42:40 PDT

Not a lover of playing downloads on pc Richard, prefer the good old cd player.Besides, have never worked from here whenever I tried to download any.Dave, England.

Date: 10/15/03 07:20:33 PDT

Haven't heard any bands like WOV? Well:

Date: 10/15/03 07:19:40 PDT

Did I mention - please?


Date: 10/15/03 07:16:13 PDT

Well, if you don't want to make a box set - how about making the tracks available for download? I'm sure someone here would be happy to lend some space on the web. It's just a shame that as it stands these tracks will never be heard and appreciated by us WOV obsessive types...


Date: 10/15/03 04:53:39 PDT

Just to clear things up a bit ....Yeah Stan and I talked about Box sets there are a number of reasons for us not wanting to do it, some of which are.... Many of the tracks that might have been included are now available right here as downloads, Stan and I are in regular contact but we are not in touch with Bruce [remember he regards me as a pompous idiot], I have been in touch with Andy but he and Stan though not 'at war' are not in touch either, I have also spoken to Chas but I'm not sure if he even gives a fuck, Ned is making cappucinos in ReindeerLand oh and don't forget that Stan is working on new material which is fantastic by the way....see it gets complicated don't it?

it's not really about what people want or don't want on ,it's about the goodwill..

Date: 10/15/03 00:21:21 PDT

Sign that last 1 nz, like anyone gives a crap
; )

Date: 10/15/03 00:20:43 PDT


Everything you need to know about the Stan/ WoV DVD is right here:

The Daily Stanard

I just picked one up myself.
Looks like the damn Holy Grail of Stan videos from my view.

Date: 10/14/03 17:43:06 PDT

To anonymous posters:

Sometimes questions are asked here that may be better addressed off-list. In these cases, there is no way a question will ever get answered if you do NOT SIGN YOUR POSTS or at least leave an email address so someone with info of this nature can get it to you, if they so choose.
I am not claiming to know anything about the DVD's or the shitcanned box set project, I am just speaking from experience here.


Date: 10/14/03 15:34:05 PDT

what about Bruce? doesn't he have a say in this box-thing. I bet he has some good stuff hidden in his drawers...

Graeme Qewe

Date: 10/14/03 14:33:56 PDT

There's someone selling a DVD of Stan's "Showbiz is my Life" on eBay. They say that it's direct from dis-info, yet when I go to the dis-info site, there's no mention of it. Am I missing it by looking in the wrong place? As it has mostly all of the WOV/Stan stuff on it, I'd like to purchase one. I'd like to get one from dis-info but since it doesn't show up on the "purchase" link at stanridgway.com, I'm not sure how to order it from them.

Date: 10/14/03 13:18:11 PDT

to I.Tattoo.Richard told me, Stan I believe no longer on board either.Seems it was pressure of tracks people wanted on it etc etc...But if anyone still willing, I was asked if I wanted to take it on-board, well Richard mentioned it. I will help if people still wanna do. Dave. no I didn't take personally haha

Date: 10/14/03 09:53:29 PDT

What??? When did this come about with X-ing the box set? Any details? Aside from Dave mentioning it? (Don't take that personaly Dave) Some reasons why from STAN or MAZDA maybe?


Date: 10/12/03 14:40:50 PDT

That is one of the best albums ever recorded, decay
Glad to help out


Date: 10/12/03 09:09:52 PDT

tangento, you are the man!!
i so greatly appreciate your assistance on dark continent...

full of tension is rather cool, tse tse fly and crack the bell... ahh, "new" wov tunes to soothe my need... thanks again..


Date: 10/11/03 14:30:15 PDT

The box set is not going to happen anymore....However it depends if anyone else willing to take it on, any takers? I am willing to assist. Hippie Dave, England

Date: 10/11/03 03:10:42 PDT

About WoV's Faded Love:
Where's the rest of it?


Date: 10/11/03 01:51:18 PDT

Marc recorded I walk the line.Hippie D

Date: 10/10/03 20:01:14 PDT

they also covered Faded Love and Do It Again

Date: 10/10/03 11:07:12 PDT

So they covered Ring of Fire and Dark as a Dungeon. Any other country standards that you would have like to see receive the Wall of Voodoo treatment? My pick is "The L&N don't stop here anymore."

In other random comments, if any of you happen to have the good fortune to be in Louisville, KY tonight, Hasil Adkins is testifyin' at the Headliners club. Come to think of it, does anyone know if Hasil ever opened for Wall of Voodoo? I know he opened for PIL back in the day, so it's not out of the question...

p.s. If you want to hear The L&N don't stop here anymore....go here:

Date: 10/09/03 14:49:05 PDT

Cheers Steven, yes I heard from Billy Bones the other week, said he had been hanging around with Bruce. Hippie Dave

Date: 10/09/03 07:38:02 PDT


E-mail me at whitecat8844@yahoo.com



Date: 10/09/03 07:36:09 PDT

Hippie Dave:

Bruce was in the Skulls along with bro Mark, Chas, Steve(BillyBones), and Mick (StenGun) back in the 70's.... He was also the Masque MC (Bruce Barf) on many nights as well as being in the WEIRDOS too... The Skulls re-formed back 10 years ago and along with Mark and KK (Ex Screamers on drums!) ; Bruce played bass again!!! I have pictures from their practices (at KK's house)...Remember that Bruce??? Or how about the Hong Kong show when the lights failed and the Skulls kicked ass in the dark for a couple of songs! Or KNOTB in costa mesa and the awesome Bogarts show with the WEIRDOS!!!!!! Bruce,get a hold of me i'd like to catch up and i'm glad your doing well!!!


Date: 10/09/03 07:10:39 PDT

"help me muder fuckers ive split my arse " Gee ,Popeye ,I don't think even spinach can help yer out there. Mucker

Date: 10/09/03 06:32:22 PDT

help me muder fuckers ive split my arse

Date: 10/09/03 02:33:49 PDT

altogether now....aah ..feel the luv

Date: 10/08/03 06:44:43 PDT

Or maybe you were thinking of my other evil acts.

BTW, thanks for all the great downloads you posted.


Date: 10/08/03 02:01:47 PDT

Hey sorry, Todd.
Maybe I mixed you up with someone else.


Date: 10/07/03 19:59:30 PDT

What are you talking about? What devil's advocate routine? Do you know how many times I've been attacked by anonymous posters? Get a clue. I don't think they should hide behind anonymity.

I wasn't attacking you for your statement.


Date: 10/07/03 19:54:27 PDT

Todd, you & your devil's advocate routine is growing rather tiresome.

But OK, Fine. Than why the hell must people with
such strong opinions hide behind anonymity?
Bruce has posted his email addy right here
on the board. If this person has a problem
with him, why not take it up directly
rather than bring all of us down with it?


Date: 10/07/03 18:08:23 PDT

Do you think Mr. Anonymous might be another bandmember or part of the WOV inner circle with Bruce issues? Think about it.


Date: 10/07/03 11:25:48 PDT

It would be hard for *anyone* to "rule" over such
a toweringly regal personality such as yours!


Date: 10/07/03 03:37:46 PDT

oh Bruce rules? Yawn

Date: 10/06/03 19:43:55 PDT

There's also a "Crack the Bell" performance video filmed at The Central(now the Viper Room). It was shown on that first I.R.S. special on MTV . Jools Holland does a bit with WOV . "Call box " was also shown on this special. Mucker

Date: 10/06/03 19:02:59 PDT

Double on Pete's sentiment. Thanks, Bruce!

I always felt Call Box was THE song to play for the uninitiated. It's so damn catchy and still so unique. Of course, that hasn't stopped my 'friends' from not getting it. Usually, I make them listen to it again extra loud so that that crackling keyboard makes the speakers hum. Damn, do I love that song!


Date: 10/06/03 14:33:10 PDT

By the way, Bruce you rule!! Thanks for still being in touch with us!!

Date: 10/06/03 14:32:36 PDT

I have the "Call Box" video on tape. It's on the Stan Ridgway "Show business is my life" tape. It's a great video. Were there any other videos off Dark Continent or was that the only one. I would have love to seen one for This Way Out. That is my fave!!

Date: 10/06/03 11:26:46 PDT

So it does exist...Well I doubt it would make it onto VH1 UK, as its rubbish, but not as bad as MTV which only caters for teens in sportswear...Hippie Dave, England (No decent music on here, unless you are a trendy)

Date: 10/06/03 00:51:43 PDT

Oh man, I have GOT to see this video
Are there any other surprises like this from the early years?


Date: 10/05/03 21:17:56 PDT

so happy to hear about the Call Box vidio on VH1, I loved that vidio, it was filmed at our 12'x12' rehearsal studio/office/apartment/(no shower)home on hollywood Blvd. and Cherokee it was quite spur of the moment and i hurt my face by falling on it (i was in the moment) Bruce M.

Date: 10/05/03 20:56:50 PDT

I happen to have a store bought copy of Dark Continent. Funny thing. It was the very first CD I purchased when I bought a cd player. I still have it and I am willing to burn one for anyone for free if we can figure out how to make the exchange.

"Afraid to post my real name on this one for fear of retribution from the enormusly wealthy record companies"

Date: 10/05/03 20:21:26 PDT

Riiiiiiight... I don't understand what THAT is all about, but there's obviously some ninny in our midst. Nothing all that new about that. Cheers to you and have fun, randomly making everyone angry around the web. Perhaps it will lend some focus to your life.

Anyway, this "Call Box" video was very home movie-ish. The whole group, all looking very young, prowling around an abondonned-looking California apartment building, sometimes up on the roof at sunset, sometimes playing instruments at staring strangely into the camera.

Parts of the video included Stan lying on the hallway floor, the camera shot capturing his chest and head as he sang, looking as if the camera person was stratling him and filming down the length of the hallway as Stan lies, helpless, beneath.

I really had just walked in and caught the last half or so of the video, so I can't really say what the whole clip was like. But, in all, it seemed very frantic and minimalist, everything shot in one take. It was very reministent of early Police videos, in that it wasn't necessarily planned and, therefore, not so much a COMMERCIAL for the band (as so many videos were and are)... just some folks with an interest in film and a good song to document.

I saw it at my friend's house, so I'll probably never catch it again. But, it was on that VH-1 "All Request" show, so we at least know that they have it on file. To show what a dork I am, I was yelling and jumping around while it played and my friends were asking "Who the hell is this?...What else did they do?"

Their loss, I suppose.

Someone sould hit up Stan et al. for some details about this, sometime. Good stuff.

Cheers and good lives to all.


Date: 10/05/03 13:01:04 PDT


Date: 10/05/03 12:13:54 PDT

No-never heard of a Call Box video myself, mainly as it was not a single....HD, England

Date: 10/05/03 11:49:06 PDT


Date: 10/05/03 11:24:07 PDT

tell about the video, what happened in it.
I've never seen it.


Date: 10/05/03 11:09:58 PDT

...just saw the "Call Box" video for the first time last night on VH-1 all request. It was great! Much thanks to whoever phoned it in (you must be here, right?) I was mostly just hoping for "Mexican Radio", but I was shocked and amazed to see that... never knew it existed. Thanks!


Date: 10/03/03 12:17:37 PDT

are many back in flesh versions, but the best is that of the live concert on the index master c.d. ( also is good that in florence).

Date: 10/03/03 10:30:09 PDT

Yes, back in flesh is a general fav of mine Bruce,best wishes Hippie Dave,North of England

Date: 10/02/03 15:49:44 PDT

thanks everybody Ia;'m finally going to hear Dark Continent again. Bruce , oh my fav's are Tse Tse Fly, this way out, back in flesh

Date: 10/02/03 13:18:45 PDT

did I say fav tunes? hippie d

Date: 10/02/03 13:18:15 PDT


Date: 10/02/03 13:18:14 PDT


Date: 10/02/03 13:18:12 PDT


Date: 10/02/03 13:17:49 PDT

Or I will Bruce, no worries. Hippie dave, England.So Bruce, wot are your own personal Voodoo tunes?.

Date: 10/02/03 10:41:50 PDT

Bruce, I is a friend of hardslug and would be happy to burn you one. I can be reached at senormor@yahoo.com.
heart mor

Date: 10/01/03 12:56:30 PDT

Even Bruce hasn't got some of his own stuff on cd, says a lot about the record labels of today... Hippie Dave

Date: 10/01/03 07:53:29 PDT

i found a c.d. of dark continent after more of 10 years!!!

(used naturally!)

Date: 10/01/03 01:50:36 PDT

Bruce, email me:



Date: 09/30/03 21:03:46 PDT

hey does anyone know where i can download (with out getting sued by a record company) a copy of dark continent, talk about hard to find, i wrote a lot of the music and played bass and keyboards on that record and i have not heard it in ten years since i don't have a turntable. Bruce M.

Date: 09/30/03 09:50:39 PDT

thanks for the info. !!!

my email address is vv18@vafb.com or vv18@earthlink.net

i would be forever grateful to anyone who could help me listen to
dark continent!!


Date: 09/30/03 09:35:46 PDT

Decay, if you put a email address on here, maybe someone might burn you a copy of dark continent.

It is worth a try.

Date: 09/29/03 11:35:27 PDT

5 ??

where i can buy?

in dreamsland???

Date: 09/28/03 10:59:45 PDT

Decay , Get a turntable and look for a vinyl copy of "Dark Continent" in a used record store. Those aren't that hard to find and are quite resonable. I found a sealed one not too long ago for $5.00. Some people who insist that they know about such things say vinyl is superior to CD's. If you do find the LP ,it shouldn't be too difficult to get someone to put it on CD fer ya. Mucker

Date: 09/27/03 02:24:22 PDT

You got to see the show Toby, I am so envious aagh.....yes will bug mazda. Hippie Dave

Date: 09/27/03 00:07:39 PDT

Toby again -

At Andy's show last night he was under the impression that Chas was gonna be there. he did Business of Love and was slated to do Far Side if Chas was indead there, but no one came forth from the audience. He called out to see if he was there and someone in the back yelled out "Yeah!" and he thought it didn't really sound like Chas so he asked him what was the name of that girl he was seeing in France. When the guy blurted out the wrong name Andy said "That's not Chas, Chas doesn't like girls..."

What happened to ya man? It could have be amazing?

Andy also played some parts of Dance You Fuckers mixed in with a Jude song called On The Dance Floor, for the first encore...

Date: 09/27/03 00:03:41 PDT

Toby here -

Andy has been contacted about the box set/rarities cd. He was forwarded Mazda's email and they have corresponded. Now it is up to Mazda to make it happen... so let's bug him!

Date: 09/26/03 15:11:29 PDT

with the music that is currently on the airwaves these days, i often find myself continually listening to my wall of voodoo discs. unfortunatley, i have never had the opporunity to hear anything from dark continent. i know that its hard to find, but i look forward to the day when i am able to score it.. it will be as if it's a new release for me. i can then sit and listen, thinking of the boyz as if they were still here making that awesome sound that no has been able to emulate.. i know the lineup had changed throughout the years, but i'll always know that Marc, Joe, Bruce, Chas, Stan, Andy, and Ned will forever hold a constant place in my musical vault and daily medication..
the closest i ever came to a live voodoo show was from "urgh a music war" which got me hooked on Bruces's bassline in "back in flesh". to this day, it remains one of my favorties. remember the pier when the man comes up and says" telephone call for Wall of Voodoo". you guys had so much style...you made it look easy...


Date: 09/26/03 10:38:39 PDT

Wot about White trash wins lotto stuff on cd?, would be nice to see it, but doubtful ,living in the north of England. Hippie Dave, Bradford, Yorkshire,England

Date: 09/26/03 08:50:58 PDT

Hello, I had a copy of Happy Planet on tape that finally wore out a few years ago, and I really miss it. I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find a copy of this master piece - CD would be best, but tape would work as well. Please reply to awar99@excite.com.

Date: 09/25/03 18:26:32 PDT

Sorry - forgot to mention that is TONIGHT, September 25

Date: 09/25/03 18:24:11 PDT

For any Voodoo fans in L.A.

From the L.A. Weekly:

"Andy Prieboy, Jude at the Knitting Factory.

What the hell has Andy Prieboy been up to? Lots. The big news is that his heralded musical, White Trash Wins Lotto, will be mounted at UCLA next February, or as the man himself puts it, “Axl goes to college.” He’s just finished a novel with humorist Merrill Markoe called Psycho Ex Game, due next summer, and he quit a five-pack-a-day cigarette habit. To celebrate “finishing that goddamn book,” he’s sitting down at “a real keyboard” for one of his evenings of songs and stories, backed by Devo drummer David Kendrick and four operatically trained singers, plus Naked Trucker Dave Gruber as host and White Trash member and Beat the Geek host Blaine Capatch. And when Andy Prieboy sits down at a keyboard, it’s pure enchantment, mucho bon mots, and even a tear or two. And what will he be wearing? “My typical overstated elegance. Fun but funereal. Something dark and tight to accent my 6’ 1” frame and girlish 28-inch waistline.” "
(Libby Molyneaux)


Date: 09/25/03 15:53:23 PDT

Ebay is NOT the only place to find out
of print Wall of Voodoo albums, as
I have stated countless times before.

Anyone who needs more info, email me at

Date: 09/25/03 14:00:23 PDT

If you are Rothschild John, no worries-D.C. will cost u a packet.Australia seems a hotbed for copies.Hippie Dave, Bradford(60 mins from Liverpool)England

Date: 09/25/03 09:25:24 PDT

Only place you will find it JOHN. Hope you saved your money

Date: 09/25/03 09:22:21 PDT

not easy!!
not not not.

Date: 09/24/03 20:18:51 PDT


Date: 09/24/03 07:08:33 PDT

yes 'tis me, myself and aaiii!

Date: 09/23/03 18:03:15 PDT

I smell the brilliance.
Stephen Hawking

Date: 09/23/03 16:43:58 PDT

Bertrand R? Is that you Bertrand Russel? I thought you were dead like me!?

Love your UK philosopher buddy,
G.E. Moore

Date: 09/23/03 16:20:50 PDT

brucie wears a wig and moustache which bruce from the wall could never pull off. Bertrand R from the UK

Date: 09/23/03 14:07:50 PDT

All the best Brucie, the wall is still standing, keep on rocking buddy. Hippie Dave, North of England.

Date: 09/23/03 12:20:11 PDT

ok! bruce, greetings from italy!

Date: 09/22/03 16:00:16 PDT

yes Bruce from the wall

Date: 09/22/03 12:46:02 PDT

It would be easier to help you if you were
more specific about what your needs are, Stuart.

And hey Bruce, nice to see you stopped by!
I hope you will post here more often.


Date: 09/22/03 09:13:05 PDT

any tracks i could download or buy

Date: 09/21/03 13:57:49 PDT

you are bruce?
of the wall ......

Date: 09/21/03 12:16:43 PDT

hey Qewe, you rock too, I don't remember a whole lot about, what inspired me to write certain songs, come to think of it i don't remember what i had for breakfast or even my own name sometimes....well u get the picture rock n roll has been unkind to me, but i think it was about taking some good parts of our culture that ment something,like art into the next world when this one went the same way as the dinosours and we become extinct due to our neglect and greed.I guess Mona lisa the painting was the metaphore for the culter i would bring. Brucie

Date: 09/21/03 11:06:05 PDT

Bruce you rock!!!!

Can you tell anything about your song "Mona", that is one of my faves???

Graeme Qewe

Date: 09/21/03 03:07:38 PDT

Did anyone get in touch with Andy regarding box set? Hippie Dave,

Date: 09/20/03 15:42:35 PDT

Hi Bruce, nice to have you back on here.As to your cds, watch this space.Are you not dabbling in music now?, The guys from the Skulls said they had been hanging around with you recently. all the best to you. Hippie Dave, England

Date: 09/20/03 14:05:05 PDT

hello voodoo fans It's been a long time since I posted anything on this site, I relly did'nt have much to say after my brother passed away but i love this site I do read it from time to time and ia'm so glad to see that other voodoo members post messeges on this site, ia'm making an effort to post more often. Ia'm so bummed that i never see any other of our C.D.'s other than "Call of The West" anyone know if there is anything else that will ever be released, if not thats so sad. Brucie P.S. also so sad about J.C. ia'm sure my brother has used his time in rock n roll heaven practicing his finger picking getting ready for Johnny's arrival, Ia'm sure there jamming right now

Date: 09/20/03 12:54:58 PDT

I don't wanna be in a family with Todd argh!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 09/20/03 10:58:40 PDT

Yes we are a FAMILY !!

Date: 09/20/03 03:54:08 PDT

No Todd, I meant WOV and people who have worked with them in later bands familywise.But there is certainly no need for any bickering on here from anyone. Dave

Date: 09/19/03 17:45:24 PDT

This is a family site?! What a fucked up family.


Date: 09/19/03 15:24:46 PDT

but Pietra is family smartass! Besides stop blaming me for it, I didn't make all the freaking posts.

Lucifer's Raven

PS. were are the photos of our goddess Pietra????

Date: 09/19/03 14:44:57 PDT

This is a Wall of Voodoo...and family site so lay off Pietra ok you silly arse..Hippie Dave,England.

Date: 09/19/03 08:52:24 PDT


Date: 09/19/03 08:05:05 PDT

GruB dich, Herr Copeland! Blaus mir ein?

Date: 09/19/03 06:45:08 PDT


Date: 09/18/03 18:56:55 PDT

Bartók is Béla

Date: 09/18/03 11:54:22 PDT

Pietra is bella!

Date: 09/18/03 09:43:23 PDT

Hey kids - I stumbled on this great discography website that covers many record labels. Here's the link to the IRS page: http://www.bsnpubs.com/aandm/irs.html


Date: 09/18/03 08:54:42 PDT

very gallant sir Jiz

Date: 09/18/03 06:20:09 PDT

Pietra is hot!!!! That's enough!

Sir Jez!

Date: 09/18/03 00:52:42 PDT

haven't posted anything in a long time. What soes Pietra have anything to do with Wall of Voodoo. Marc would turnover in his grave. She has nothing to do with WOV.

Date: 09/15/03 12:21:59 PDT

Wall of Voodoo's Dance Of Death bootleg is being uploaded to the newsgroup: alt.binaries.music.shn today (Sept. 15) if anyone is interested.

Date: 09/14/03 23:05:58 PDT

Mark Ryden is like a Salvador Dali for this century. Meat, bunnies and Col. Sanders...

Date: 09/14/03 23:00:52 PDT

Wow. Mark's paintings are getting more disturbing all the time.


Date: 09/14/03 21:33:28 PDT


Paintings from the Mark Ryden Show next week in NYC
Soundtrack by Stan and Pietra
Availble on cdbaby.com next week Sept. 22nd....

Date: 09/14/03 11:49:46 PDT

and Benny Hill!!!!!

Date: 09/14/03 11:46:05 PDT

Don't forget Warren Zevon!

Date: 09/13/03 23:31:22 PDT

Yes you are quite right, all those of course,John, George, Waylon, Bonzo,Jerry Garcia etc...Hippie Dave

Date: 09/13/03 17:04:47 PDT

Stan and Pietra's Blood Score is up at Ebay under "Mark Ryden" and "Stan Ridgway..gee it looks pretty cool too.
ebay eddie

Date: 09/12/03 21:40:22 PDT

George Harrison too.

Date: 09/12/03 20:55:16 PDT

...and Bonzo and my man Frank Zappa and SRV and why do we keep losing all the coolest ones?


Date: 09/12/03 16:56:04 PDT

Please never forget John Lennon

Date: 09/12/03 15:57:01 PDT

Don't forget Waylon Jennings.

Date: 09/12/03 15:12:29 PDT

Imagine the jamming session tonight,Johnny, Marc, Jimi,Brian,Jim .Morrison and Janis on vocals,John Entwistle on bass, with Joe and Keith Moon on drums....pure Heaven...Hippie Dave

Date: 09/12/03 15:00:06 PDT

(reprinted from stanridgway.com)

Hello Folks, a sad day.

Johnny Cash And June Carter influenced me and so many countless others, its truly hard to take in. We really won't be seeing their
like again - ever.

I 've printed the lyrics to one of Johnny's first songs here. Its one of the first ones I learned to play when I started writing songs
myself. Simple, to the heart, from the gut. I've tried to think of more to say here but its hard. There's just so much of my life that they
touched, and how often I've thought about them, and what an inspiration the both of them have been throughout my own life. That won't stop of course.

Rest In Peace John and June. We loved you and your music and thank you for it and the humanity you both brought into a cold, cruel
world. And its without a doubt, your spirits will continue to inspire as long as "that old wheel" spins 'round, and beyond. Celebrate
these lives folks. They truly were a gift to us all.

with love and appreciation -
Stan Ridgway

"I Still Miss Someone" J. Cash

At my door the leaves are falling
A cold wild wind has come
Sweethearts walk by together
And I still miss someone

I go out on a party
And look for a little fun
But I find a darkened corner
because I still miss someone

Oh, no I never got over those blues eyes
I see them every where
I miss those arms that held me
When all the love was there

I wonder if she's sorry
For leavin' what we'd begun
There's someone for me somewhere
And I still miss someone

Date: 09/12/03 14:59:10 PDT

"At my door the leaves are falling, A cold wild wind will come. Sweethearts walk by together ...............and I still (will) miss someone"

Date: 09/12/03 14:44:52 PDT


R.I.P. Johnny Cash

Another Icon of Americana lost
Maybe he and Marc can have a jam


Date: 09/12/03 12:41:11 PDT

Like John in Montreal said, he united a wide cross section of people. I saw him in concert three times, I believe. The most interesting was was at the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. in early January 1994. In attendance were old people (including my then 85-year-old grandmother), young people, regular country fans, Hollywood hipsters, movie stars, TV stars, rocks stars, wannabe rock stars, etc.

At one point in the evening, Johnny said, "I have many friends here tonight. One of them is a great actor, comedian and songwriter Morey Amsterdam ["The Dick Van Dyke Show"], who co-wrote songs like 'Drinking Rum & Coca Cola.'" Out of all the people there, he mentions Amsterdam. I thought it was kind of touching that he ignored the L.A. pecking order and simply called out to the guy he wanted to call out to.

Awaiting an incisive deconstruction of my obviously puerile post,

Date: 09/12/03 11:54:10 PDT

We will miss you MR. CASH

Date: 09/12/03 10:57:28 PDT

Johnny Cash-I would walk the line with Johnny,he was as cool as they come...Hippie Dave, England....

Date: 09/12/03 08:12:51 PDT

Sad but yes, it's true.

Here's the obit link at cnn.com:


JT in Montreal

Date: 09/12/03 08:11:09 PDT

Is Johnny Cash dead or is this a joke, I haven't heard about this elsewhere, I don't freaking believe it. He looked so good recently. Enough of the dead business already, give it a rest!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 09/12/03 07:50:11 PDT

All J.R. on the cd player today... all day.

Saw him in concert twice. The audience both times proved how far-reaching an artist he was... a mix like you'd never see at other shows: urbanites, green-mohawk-ed punks, native Canadians, old bow-legged big buckle-wearing country folks from Northern Quebec, the upper crust dressed for a night at the opera... EVERYONE appreciated the Man in Black.

John in Montreal

Date: 09/12/03 05:41:34 PDT

The Man in Black will live on forever through his music. Rest in peace, Johnny. We love ya.

Ms. V

Date: 09/12/03 05:20:53 PDT

Today is a sad day ladies and gentlemen. Johnny Cash has passed away. Let us stop our bickering and nonsense is memory of him.

RIP Johnny Cash

Date: 09/11/03 17:29:44 PDT

Dear Brave Anonymous Poster,

How can I have the last word if you won't shut up?

I've obviously gotten to you. Your obsessive attacks on anything I post -- innocent or argumentative, WoV, Cesar or Stan -- are proof of that. With each post, you further demonstrate this obsession.

Frankly, you're getting a bit Hinckley with the request for the address and all. But you don't have that address, so for now I can rest comfortably.


Date: 09/11/03 15:39:41 PDT

Yes, it means so much to him.

Date: 09/11/03 15:29:48 PDT

Let the big defensive baby have the final word. Say bye bye.
Dr. Spock

Date: 09/11/03 14:59:54 PDT


As I understand it, you seem to regard Good Times as the only weak link on Dark Continent, which I found puzzling, as I really love that song. I listen mostly to CotW I guess, firstly because it's my introduction album, and secondly: DC might be a compilation great songs, but CotW is a feeling, if you understand.

Graeme Qewe (just trying to get a WoV conversation going)

Date: 09/11/03 11:45:03 PDT


That's the advice I gave people in this forum a month or two ago. Now, I'm not likely to go away, but if you don't want me talking shit in my posts, stop throwing shit at me and the shit will likely disappear.


Date: 09/11/03 11:36:44 PDT

You should just ignore him and he'll eventually go away like a bad rash. That's what I did.
Todd's Mom

Date: 09/11/03 10:03:09 PDT

To answer my own question, Frank Black & The Catholics' new album is once again a live to two-track affair.

With smugness,

Date: 09/11/03 09:35:39 PDT

But I'm not desperate for fame, anonymous poster. Are you? And since when does it take talent to become famous?


Date: 09/11/03 09:21:23 PDT

Todd has a mother? Bet she didn't marry his Dad ..what a bastard. Not talented enough to be famous except for pissing people off. Todd print your address ...got something for ya

Date: 09/11/03 09:10:10 PDT

I'm so sorry.
Todd's Mom

Date: 09/11/03 09:04:53 PDT

More for the Frank Black Forum...

The Pixies were likely mentioned at Black's show in Santa Monica because the band is reuniting.


Date: 09/11/03 08:31:46 PDT

Oops - sign that last one Pantherboy.

OK everybody - let's clear the air. Which WOV album do you play the most these days? My vote still goes to Dark Continent. With the exception of "Good Times" it has the heavy hitters, in my book. Plus, it was my starting point.


Date: 09/11/03 08:29:07 PDT

Wall Of Voodoo in a Best Buy? And I have to suffer through Dave Matthews when I go in that place. Too bad the person with taste who put it on the system isn't doing their ordering. Racks and racks of teenybopper discs - what happened???

Date: 09/11/03 07:18:58 PDT

Dear Fragile Eggshell Mind,

You might want to take a break from practicing your Jim Morrison poses in the mirror and ponder the smugness and arrogance you employ when you declare me smug and arrogant.

Perhaps it's time you take your trip to Paris, eh?


Date: 09/10/03 21:29:39 PDT

It's the chest-beating arrogance with which you deliver your party favors that turns people off, Todd, my boy. Most people here can disagree with each other and bring in esoteric information without being so damned smug about it.
Sign me "Fragile Eggshell Mind"

Date: 09/10/03 20:35:51 PDT

I walked into the Best Buy in Thousand Oaks today, and heard a ringing phone over their p.a. system. "Strange", I thought..."that sounds like the phone on 'Granma's House'!" Seconds later, I was hearing a horse race being called, won by Kentucky Counselor. I could not believe that "End of An Era" was being heard by everyone in the store! I stayed at the Best Buy until the entire WOV CD had been played. I wish I had been there for "Ring of Fire."

Bill R.
Westlake Village, CA

Date: 09/10/03 19:53:27 PDT

I never worked for Steven Sayadian. I met him, maybe once. It's funny you call *me* sleazy, considering the band's involvement in the porn world.

Pathetic anonymous poster wrote: "What a pathetic need Todd has to impress us with all his "Hollywood Babylon" knowledge."

At least I have something to bring to the party. I'm not the one who started with the Batman references. Forgive me for correcting Cesar Romero for misspelling his own name.

As far as relevant posts go, I've tried to start a discussion about "Don't Box Me In" and further the thread about Stan's production of Frank Black's album, but...

You may now go back to the brown-nosing and babble. Give the people what they want, right?

In the end, it's amusing that you're so threatened by me. What small, fragile worlds you inhabit.


Date: 09/10/03 16:12:42 PDT

In response to one of the last few RELEVANT posts, I'd recommend "Tse Tse Fly" for Mark's dazzling style. I love how he sneaks in at the beginning and then blasts away later. "End Of An Era" impressed me, too. Oh - and "Invisible Man".

Stanard - I have always wondered why "Invisible Man" never earned an official release. It's one of your (their?) best.


Date: 09/10/03 12:21:53 PDT

He used the Roman spelling when he engaged in a triumvirate. Didn't you know that you lowly little worm?
Kenneth Anger

Date: 09/10/03 12:15:13 PDT

Did Todd once say he worked for "Sleaze" Saydian? That would account for a lot.

Date: 09/10/03 12:12:58 PDT

What a pathetic need Todd has to impress us with all his "Hollywood Babylon" knowledge.

Date: 09/10/03 10:19:41 PDT

Robespierre forever! Give Toddy boy a drink, and place him in the guilotine afterwards. I love that scream of death

Sarah W.

Date: 09/10/03 09:57:00 PDT

Dear Anonymous Poster,



Date: 09/10/03 09:54:36 PDT

Dear Mr. Romero,

Firstly, I must implore you to please learn to spell your own first name (C-E-S-A-R). When you were alive, it was said that you'd go to the opening of a tuna can. Now that you're dead, you're so desperate for attention you're trying to lure the living to your graveside for a little cucaracha? I'm not interested, and I'm sure Burgess ain't either. After all, he had hotties like Paulette Goddard when they were still in their prime, so he'd have no need for a pathetic old queen such as yourself. Do yourelf a favor and search out the bones of your old boyfriend Ty Power or just lay there and be happy you still have a moustache.


Date: 09/10/03 09:42:03 PDT

You, me and Burgess Meredith at Inglewood Memorial. You can be Lucky Pierre free of charge.
Love, Caesar

Date: 09/10/03 09:39:28 PDT

Todd, you are a truly irritating self important cunt. And yes its anonymous because you will pompously carry on with your puerile wit whether signed or not.Fuck off

Date: 09/10/03 09:33:03 PDT

Mm... I'm not sure. What time is it?


Date: 09/10/03 05:16:32 PDT

Since when is this the Frank Black Open Forum?

Date: 09/09/03 20:07:11 PDT

IIRC, Black was in the habit of recording live, directly to two tracks, with no overdubbing. A) Is this true? and B) Did he do it this way this time?

With jealousy,

Date: 09/09/03 15:58:36 PDT

frank black's new CD "show me your tears" out today on spinart records -
produced by stan ridgway and also featuring stan playing banjo, guitar, harmonica and backing vocals....the cd also features Van Dyke Parks, Joey Santiago, and The Catholics.

Date: 09/09/03 15:45:38 PDT

Is it me, or do 3 of every 5 posts here
make absolutely no sense whatsoever?

Date: 09/08/03 22:25:35 PDT

Sara(h) Sara(h)
Glamorous nymph with an arrow and bow
Love, Bobby

Date: 09/08/03 12:21:54 PDT

Yes! Todd returns, more shit from those sinister men, like the ones that'll kill me.

Yours in peace,
Sarah Weidelman

Date: 09/08/03 09:54:00 PDT

I thought it was pretty damn good.
Caesar Romero

Date: 09/08/03 01:44:26 PDT

Shameless plug: www.newlondonsummit.com for info on The Trio of Montague - a new play by Stuart Mackie featuring Richard Mazda which premieres this week at London's Etcetera Theatre in Camden

Date: 09/07/03 21:40:29 PDT

Is that the best you can do, brave anonymous poster?


Date: 09/07/03 20:53:04 PDT

Is that someone you pay?

Date: 09/07/03 12:25:51 PDT

What's the name of the record? Is out yet? I checked Amazon.com and the had something from November 2002 that didn't even have a track 13.


Date: 09/07/03 10:15:16 PDT

Buy the new skulls record. Sat with bones and hardslug recently and reminicsed. Track 13 is about Marc. Easy to spot references.

love and kisses,

Date: 09/06/03 23:03:24 PDT

Jealousy? Nah. I just have someone else blow me. I imagine it's easier on the back.


Date: 09/06/03 21:02:18 PDT

Jealousy, thy name is Todd.

Date: 09/06/03 21:01:31 PDT


Please lay of the smokes. You're looking ghastly these days.


Date: 09/06/03 20:56:33 PDT

Oh what a clever man!
Frank Gorshin

Date: 09/06/03 20:24:47 PDT

Dear Contortionist,

No, I haven't. But, from what I've read, this is known as a Drywall Special on the Venice Boardwalk and other areas in SoCal.

Yours in perversion,

Bonus riddle: Who returns like the swallows?

Date: 09/06/03 05:39:43 PDT

Are there copies by Morricone themes single?
Possible send info about:Ring of fire (Short version)and Exercise.
Are there various unreleased material 1979/1983?

Date: 09/06/03 02:25:50 PDT

Stan . . . normal service will be resumed soon...could try richardmazda@hotmail.com or thewoodgoat@hotmail.com . . .saw John Parish the other night ...short film with Lars premiered ..very good ...need to talk buddy maybe will try later

Date: 09/05/03 21:44:36 PDT

I actually tried to recommend "Crack The Bell" as a piece with geniue Marc playing before.

Date: 09/05/03 20:40:42 PDT

stan to mazda...come in...come in .teabags...puppycups and lamby jammys...no ice and too much butter....trying to email...
problems ..big problems
email returns ....???

Date: 09/05/03 11:47:15 PDT

Has Todd ever blown himself?
The Contortionist

Date: 09/05/03 10:57:33 PDT

El Marco rocked on various tunes.Longarm, Back in flesh, you name it, plus his solo cd. Hippie Dave, England

Date: 09/05/03 08:50:38 PDT

Sorry for the downtime. My ISP just changed me over to a full featured web server (whatever that means.) So that was that. If you notice something that looks wrong please send me an email jtl@wallofvoodoo.com


Date: 09/05/03 08:48:38 PDT


Date: 09/02/03 16:25:41 PDT

Hey all,I'm putting together a compilation CD for a young friend interested in guitar. Can anyone recommend a good track showing Marc at his finest?


Date: 09/02/03 09:28:33 PDT

ein reich, hein volk, ein stan!

Date: 09/02/03 09:26:47 PDT

heil to all!!!!!!!!!

Date: 09/02/03 04:05:52 PDT

Well, I heard it was a completely different lyric. Stan?...


Date: 09/02/03 03:33:28 PDT

Probably changed title of song Todd, as it sounded a bit too camp..Rumblefish is a classic film.Hip d Eng

Date: 09/01/03 23:34:30 PDT

A few nights back, I again watched "Rumble Fish," which contains one of my favorite Stan tracks, "Don't Box Me In." I recall hearing a story about how during the scoring process Stan rewrote they lyrics and rerecorded the vocals, changing the song to "Because We're Men." Then at the last minute Stan decided to change it back to "Don't Box Me In," but there was no time to remix or rerecord, so the version used over the film's end credits was taken from a cassette dub. How much of this story is accurate?


P.S. -- Did Stewart Copeland ever blow Stan or vice versa?
P.P.S. -- The Burl Ives post is mine, too.

Date: 09/01/03 23:29:15 PDT

Re: Burl Ives and communism. Ives named names at the HUAC hearings, but he apparently remained friends with socialist folkies like Pete Seeger and Will Geer (TV's Grandpa Walton). When I visited the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon a few years back, daughter Ellen Geer said that Ives would often drop by.

Date: 09/01/03 12:24:41 PDT

Stan not gay, is a macho man!!!!!!!

Date: 08/31/03 14:28:25 PDT

I always knew Stanny was a pinko

Monkey Wrench

Date: 08/31/03 14:10:23 PDT

yes stan!

Date: 08/31/03 13:21:49 PDT

Stan Ridgway spotted at the Frank Black solo gig at Macabe's Guitar Shop last night. Stan and Frank huddled in hushed conversation after the show. Stan was dressed in big blue cuban waiters shirt and had a moustache kinda like Vincent Price. The show was a great, great and for those interested Frank black and the Catholics new cd (produced by Stan) comes out Sept. 9th - "Show Me Your Tears".

I said hi to Stan and then tried to ask him about stuff, and he was nice but he said he was off duty...like a cop. I did'nt see any donuts on him so I just hung out close and tried to evesdrop. I heard the word Pixes about 3 times .Along with something about burl ives, snowmen and communisim. then they saw I was listening and moved away upstairs.

fly on the wall in santa monica

Date: 08/27/03 12:06:44 PDT

I believe that NZ is correct --- the cover of Dark Continent is a rock formation at Vasquez Rocks, near Agua Dulce, along the Antelope Valley Freeway between San Fernando and Palmdale. When I first saw the Dark Continent cover, I immediately recognized the Vasquez Rocks. The "Far Side of Crazy" video was also filmed at Vasquez Rocks.

Bill R.
Westlake Village, CA

Date: 08/26/03 21:30:02 PDT

NZ -


The formations at Vasquez Rocks do look very similar to the one on the cover of DC. I'm inclined to think that you are correct. Vasquez Rocks is probably the place where the photo was taken.

Stan, Chas, or other Voodoo-connected, can you verify this?

Date: 08/24/03 09:16:32 PDT

yes all the same...................
and then?
er peoples.

Date: 08/24/03 02:17:14 PDT


See the similarity?

Date: 08/24/03 02:09:43 PDT

I have always thought it looked quite a bit like a place
about 40 miles North of L.A. CA called 'Vasquez Rocks'.
Many movies, videos and T.V. commercials have been filmed
there, and I believe that hunk of dung 'The Flintstones Movie'
was one of them.

I assume all of this because of WoV's basis in LA, and the
pouplarity of this place for various location shooting.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Captain!


Date: 08/24/03 01:38:28 PDT


Does anyone know the location of the rock formation on the cover of "Dark Continent"?


Date: 08/23/03 17:00:04 PDT

Then who is this sexy thing who always is beside Stanny boy? Hooverman

Date: 08/23/03 16:23:08 PDT

Agatha and Clark Ridgway...er Price

I now have proof positive that Stan and Clark and Pietra and Agatha are all one and the same. Through cross refrencing on EBay and seeing Stan live, it is now proof to me that they have been spoofing us for years. Web geeks since '89? Why don't they do other web pages then? Just Disinfo?? Hmm...

"What The?"

Date: 08/23/03 15:45:37 PDT

Uh,looking again .It is Creepy CLAVE . I need new glasses. Mucker ,over and out.

Date: 08/23/03 08:25:43 PDT

Monkey wrench...got the shark meat, Mr Negative is permanent pinecone ...over ...Creepy Clave [not Clive]

Date: 08/22/03 18:38:22 PDT

Creepy Clive? This is Monkey Wrench, come in

Date: 08/22/03 16:46:45 PDT

"RM=Creepy Clive" -scratched in the runout groove around the label of "Call of the West" LP. Mucker

Date: 08/22/03 07:33:39 PDT

rm? as in R.M. Nixon?

Date: 08/21/03 17:40:00 PDT

i think tha....rm

Date: 08/21/03 17:39:58 PDT

i think tha....rm

Date: 08/21/03 14:40:38 PDT

The box of Voodoo will be worth the wait. Hippie Dave, England

Date: 08/21/03 03:59:03 PDT

How big is it going to be?
Remember what guys say? The size doesn't matter.


Date: 08/20/03 12:46:25 PDT

OK, so how's the big WoV Box Set going anyway?

Date: 08/19/03 20:32:34 PDT

My CotW album doesn't have "he hit" on it, is this a bonus track .......

Date: 08/19/03 09:58:34 PDT

Yes, let's not forget he hit.

I heard that she hit him first.

Date: 08/18/03 15:55:37 PDT

call of the west has he "hit" on it.

Date: 08/16/03 23:05:23 PDT

I love you guys

Date: 08/15/03 20:25:41 PDT

What's the full story on the contract squabbles that have all but made WOV historically invisible? I am contacting Gadfly (who distribute the Tonio K catalog) to see if it's something they could resolve. Dammit. I wonder why the one release, "Call of the West" was allowed the light of day when the rest were subdued, sequestered, and allowed but banquet of blight.

By the way, both "The Department of Crooks" and "Marc Moreland Mess: works are worth the investment.
The former shines with :Whatcha Wanna Do Now?", "One Night in June", and "New York City" (haunting);
the latter slaps back at daily life with "Hey Lady", "Hayride", Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line" - boasting a
worthy footnote relationship to Johnathan Richman (and his Modern Lovers).

christopher (rasputin@teleport.com)

Date: 08/14/03 16:26:24 PDT

You are right Ms V..I did actually have sun stroke on Monday since it was unseasonably hot here in Blighty. felt nauseous then posted something fatuous on this site...classic symptons of sun stroke i believe

Date: 08/13/03 14:48:16 PDT

Hey NAPALM ZAPPA, you are the man.

"You are what you is"

Date: 08/13/03 14:14:14 PDT

Nice to see my members card on your page Tangento, carried ir around in my wallet since the 80s...If I find WOV uk gig tickets will do same.Hippie Dave. England

Date: 08/12/03 21:54:55 PDT


Tangento/ nz here.
I just spiffed up the sloppy mess that was my WoV pages,
and I thought I'd share the outcome with y'all:

(Click it)

No - No, I said a STRAWBERRY Margarita, WITH the GOD-DAMN umbrella!!

Date: 08/12/03 00:15:35 PDT


Stan is in the new August MOJO magazine. Page 23. The new one with Radiohead on the cover. Its a story about the song Camouflage. Its good. I guess war is a new hot topic in the UK and also the song has had some TV play on theie Top of The Pops 80's Show, brodcast all over England and the UK.

Does this mean that Stan and Co. will soon be mounting a D-DAY on the grassy green? Let's hope....

Mean Fiddler?...the Borderline?...Ronnie Scotts?....

Its great to see him on TV. Even with the dummy marine in smoke and fog...

Excited and hopeful for a tour on the new Cd? -

Dick Clark - the goon down at the pub who likes Stan

Date: 08/10/03 15:55:28 PDT


Date: 08/09/03 23:34:00 PDT

"Today has been a lonesome day"

Date: 08/09/03 20:49:10 PDT

(what to 'DO' i meant)

Date: 08/09/03 20:48:08 PDT

my pleasure, dotres

Now what to to with Gramp's lovely little page?

Date: 08/09/03 20:45:34 PDT

Xavier, Xander H:

No prob. Glad to help.


Date: 08/09/03 19:16:00 PDT

I dl'd 16 & 17. I am grateful also. Thanks a lot for making Grampa's House available to us.


Date: 08/09/03 17:09:25 PDT


Time to come in outta the sun, honey. You're hallucinating again.

Ms. V

Date: 08/09/03 13:12:24 PDT

hi Sheila honey.. am trying to load pics of the speedos but the file size is too damm large

Richard the M

Date: 08/09/03 05:11:16 PDT

Dear NZ,
thanks a million for at last providing me with shouldn't have given him a gun for xmas, one of the few remaining voodoo tracks I didn't have - couldn't be bothered to shell out for that crappy compilation album it is on. You provided a major service and I'm sure I'm not only the only grateful one!
Xander H from Potsdam, Germany

Date: 08/09/03 01:57:08 PDT

Thanks NZ for the cool link !!!
When will DC and COTW get the proper deluxe special edition reissues !!!

Date: 08/08/03 20:58:03 PDT

Hey Clay -
See Marco's post.

Date: 08/08/03 20:54:02 PDT

She-duck. She-male, Love, love, love.
Sheila the T.

Date: 08/08/03 20:52:40 PDT

Lord love a duck. Especially a she-duck!

Date: 08/08/03 20:07:31 PDT

Hey Sam Richfield - What model Rhythm Ace did you use in WOV?


Date: 08/08/03 19:30:23 PDT

Stan Ridgeway did his own thing... not sure when, or the name of the album/s. The song I'm trying to find is Camouflage, and the name of the album. If you can help, contact me at. uapress@cox.net


Date: 08/08/03 11:04:05 PDT

Beware the eye of the chicken.
Luis Bunuel

Date: 08/08/03 08:36:18 PDT

Make it soya chicken. hippie dave

Date: 08/08/03 03:49:27 PDT

you chicken , she.... duck

Date: 08/08/03 00:52:21 PDT

That is from solo Stan Ridgway record THE BIG HEAT...Song name DRIVE SHE SAID. He is singer from Wall of Voodoo - but this is after...
Marco from Rome

Date: 08/07/03 23:31:30 PDT

I remember wall of voodoo well in university, and I remember a song I was quite certain was a solo by one of the members, but cant quite remember the song. The some of the lyrics in the song were - just drive she said- it is about a guy in a cab driving a oman away from a bank robery and he goes off into delusional dreams, and she brings him back by saying-- just drive ---. anyone remember this song? and am I remembering it right as from one of the wall of voodoo guys?

Date: 08/07/03 23:23:41 PDT

Where's Mazda? He promised us we'd be seeing him in his black speedos.
Sheila the T.

Date: 08/07/03 19:47:24 PDT

Gramps sez:

"Come on in"

Date: 08/07/03 15:44:57 PDT

How about "Pot in every chicken" (medicinal, of course).

Date: 08/07/03 15:43:01 PDT

"A chicken in every pot and Wall of Voodoo on every i-pod."
The Terminator's campaign slogan

Date: 08/07/03 15:18:39 PDT


Date: 08/07/03 12:23:43 PDT

Pietra Ridgway and Stan Price

Date: 08/07/03 11:11:56 PDT

I don't know, Agatha and Co. Now that Gary Coleman's thrown his hat into the ring for California governor, I've got a tough choice to make.

Date: 08/07/03 02:00:20 PDT

Mark Ryden Show in NYC SEPT.
rumor says stan and pietra will play ..they will play...somewhere in NYC....clark the p ...
go here for more info now and call EARL MCGRATH right away to get him ready...: TELL HIM YOU ARE COMING! (even if ya can't ...)
details and info on the RYDEN show::

Mark Ryden site ...more INFO:

a memo from from
Clark and Agatha Price @
SR dis-info

Date: 08/06/03 22:37:42 PDT


Date: 08/06/03 16:34:47 PDT
anybody's got a link to download Exercise ? we europeans never had a chance to get the tape of COTW

Xavier from France "

Yes, indeed, Xavier.
This one is always up:
Wall of Voodoo - Exercise



Date: 08/06/03 20:58:27 PDT

answer me this batman...
who started wall of voodoo? Stan or Marc?...i'm just wondering as I listen to my very own CD of Dark Continent...a copy from Sweden on CBS...rare?...yes yes...crack the bell is such a great closer.

delwood helms, the wooden man from the sandy shore of
corpus christi, TX

Date: 08/06/03 16:34:47 PDT

anybody's got a link to download Exercise ? we europeans never had a chance to get the tape of COTW

Xavier from France

Date: 08/06/03 00:07:40 PDT

Gramps for Governor

Date: 08/05/03 23:06:51 PDT


Gramps is grumpy...
He sez come back tomorrow, after his fangs have properly soaked!


Date: 08/05/03 20:00:39 PDT

Check out the site "Where's Curious George?" I think they need to do one for Cheney.

Date: 08/05/03 14:07:33 PDT

Its not Bush and Blaires love-child is it, frightening combination-both are on the far side of crazy..Hippie Dave, England

Date: 08/05/03 11:54:03 PDT

"When I go to Sleep" or rather "Then I go to Sleep" was listed on a bootleg of one of the early WOV shows... however, the song is actually "Factory" ("Then I go to Sleep" is just a line from the song).

John in Montreal

Date: 08/05/03 10:31:50 PDT

Hey, just a Wall Of Voodoo question. I read that at one of their earlier shows, when Stan and Joe were in the band, a song called "When I Go To Sleep" was played. Is there really such a song? And if there is, is there a way to get it? I'm pretty sure it was never recorded in a studio. Thanks!

Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 08/04/03 16:56:39 PDT

That's great news, let him go against his father, he's sure to do better :)

Date: 08/04/03 16:46:16 PDT

I've heard that he does. He's known as "Curious George" and runs around with a man in a big yellow hat.
-Sheila the T.

Date: 08/04/03 15:27:04 PDT

Only a matter of time before a woman pres in white house...Good job Bush doesn't have a son called George, to carry on again one day...Or does he? Hippie Dave

Date: 08/04/03 12:59:43 PDT

0h yes but.................................

Date: 08/04/03 10:41:49 PDT

No, Aghata real. I dance with her last night...........

Date: 08/04/03 08:54:07 PDT

who aghata?
i think don't exist......................

Date: 08/04/03 00:12:32 PDT

Maybe the Republicans should run Bob Hope posthumously. He couldn't be any deader than ol' Gray Davis.
-Sheila the T (yes, I'm back, Babies)

Date: 08/03/03 20:58:27 PDT

Agatha's put her name on the ballot for the California gubernatorial recall election (along with Angelyne) and is accepting any and all campaign contributions.
-The Minion's Minion

Date: 08/03/03 03:03:50 PDT

Was that the sitcom that featured a recording studio?

Date: 08/02/03 15:35:36 PDT

where's Agatha P???

from someone who wants to know

Date: 08/02/03 12:28:57 PDT

The sitcom was called "Throb" and starred Jane Leeves who's now on Frasier.

Ms. V

Date: 08/02/03 07:19:10 PDT

I have DL'd Grampa's House 13-15. Bring on 16 & 17 when you and everyone else are ready.


Date: 08/02/03 06:09:21 PDT

What was the sitcom that WOV appeared on near the end of their run? It was on FOX ,I think. -Mucker

Date: 08/01/03 23:10:20 PDT

stan and pietra's art gallery music in NYC in mid - Sept.
for artist Mark Ryden's "Blood - Minature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear"
go here for info:

clark the p @ dis-info

Date: 08/01/03 20:09:54 PDT

Quoting Mikey:
Just wanted to tie this subject in with a WoV theme here: Obvious answers aside, why weren't WoV invited to perform on the Muppet Show? "

How about Stan & Snuffleupagus in a sombre duet?
A Chas & Elmo sombrero soiree?
Bert & Ernie & Andy & Bruce perform Hopi Dances to tone poems?

taptaptap... is this thing on?


Date: 08/01/03 19:48:51 PDT


Well? are you going to click him,
or continue with that SICK fantasy?

Date: 08/01/03 15:25:34 PDT

I never new this #1039
One of my favorite Andy songs "loving the highwayman" was covered by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt.
Call me slow but I just thought I would say so in case no one else knew.

Date: 08/01/03 10:44:23 PDT

More important people are the parents known as Ridgway,Nanini,Moreland,Gray,Prieboy and Luekhardt who gave us the magnificent seven.....Hippie Dave. England

Date: 08/01/03 08:08:45 PDT

"He kind of took us for granted after he sold Elvis' contract to RCA. ... He looked up every time the door opened to see if the next Elvis had walked in."

-- country star JOHNNY CASH, in a Los Angeles Times interview, recalling the ambivalence he and other artists at Sun Records felt toward the label's owner, SAM PHILLIPS, who died Wednesday.

Date: 08/01/03 02:02:52 PDT

And on the subject of Muppets...

Just wanted to tie this subject in with a WoV theme here: Obvious answers aside, why weren't WoV invited to perform on the Muppet Show?

Mikey (Imagining Joe and Animal wrestling over percussive solos.)

Date: 08/01/03 01:54:30 PDT

"You do not know Canned Heat?, classic late 60s band-as in on the road again(andys solo cd), Going up the country..."

Vocalist sounded like Kermit The Frog.


Date: 07/31/03 20:53:51 PDT

"F*ck Bob Hope-Sam Phillips was WAY more important to history than that joke thief.
Rest in peace Sam- Mucker "

You know, it *is* possible to appreciate a legend based on their
OWN individual achievements, without making a damn contest out of it.


By the way, 'The Gramps Thing'

...will resume business tomorrow.

700 miles a week commute + an oft-Rambunctious 2 Year Old = Zero Energy
(see above pic)

Sorry for the delay


Date: 07/31/03 17:23:35 PDT

Fuck! They were geniouses, they would manage without anything

Date: 07/31/03 15:03:44 PDT

If No Sam Phillips then No Sun Records then No Johnny Cash then No Wall of Voodoo(as we know them)? -mucker

Date: 07/31/03 13:41:01 PDT

Fuck Bob Hope and Sam Phillips!
Benny Hill's corpse rules, more naked chicks on the BBC!!!!

Date: 07/31/03 13:17:40 PDT

Mr. Mucker,

I'm sure there are bad things that can be said about Mr. Hope (just ask Arthur Marx), but he was not a joke thief. He paid a large team of writers to churn those gags out for him. He also influenced an untold number of comic actors, including Woody Allen, who largely "borrowed" his screen persona from Hope (a fact he admits to proudly).

Sam Phillips, on the other, while an important historical figure, was not much more than a guy who was in the right place and the right time. True, he did had some vision and an eye for talent, but he was also the guy who sold Elvis' contract to RCA for a quick $40,000.

Yours forever,

Date: 07/31/03 12:45:46 PDT

F*ck Bob Hope-Sam Phillips was WAY more important to history than that joke thief. Rest in peace Sam- Mucker

Date: 07/31/03 12:40:21 PDT

We're all out by the pool sipping margaritas, listening to Johnny Cash really loud and seeing how long it takes for Chas to turn into a lobster from floating around on that raft without sunscreen.

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 07/31/03 10:48:11 PDT

Is everybody on holiday, what u guys call vacation?.Gone a bit quiet on here. HIPPIE D

Date: 07/30/03 15:03:46 PDT

Just been listening to Call of the West, Anatomy and Black Diamond. Goddamn but that stuff kicks ass!

Date: 07/29/03 10:25:04 PDT

You do not know Canned Heat?, classic late 60s band-as in on the road again(andys solo cd), Going up the country, Lets stick together. Hippie Dave

Date: 07/29/03 09:58:23 PDT

I DL'd Grampa's House 10-12 and also the revised 2. On to 13-15 when you and everyone else are ready.


Date: 07/29/03 07:25:25 PDT

I mean the sound is crappy. The show is great, just bad sound.


Date: 07/29/03 07:20:58 PDT

Actually NZ, that show is 1989. My fault. This is what is on it
1. Intro (goddess of love)
2. lights go out
3. red light
4. country of man
*ANDY stops song 1 minute into it to ask security to remove baracade

5. blackboard sky
6. hollywood second time
7. whole lotta love (country version)
8. wrong way to hollywood
9. far side of crazy
10. ring of fire
11. mexican radio

12. back in flesh
13. just ain't my day
14. do it again
15. mexican radio (metal version)
16. wierd backstage interview

Don't worry NZ, the whole show is pretty crappy, but I have been told it is the last time they where recorded playing together.


Date: 07/29/03 03:56:03 PDT

Yes, NZ that is WOV doing the metal version of MEXICAN RADIO. It is taken from the USC show in 1988. Andy also does the country version of WHOLE LOTTA LOVE in that show.


Date: 07/29/03 02:32:31 PDT


You say you don't think the metal version of "Mexican Radio" is WoV, but the singer sounds like it could be Andy, and during the HP tour the band did what they called a "boogie version" of the song. I imagine this could be it. Chas or Ned would know.


Date: 07/28/03 13:54:48 PDT

R.I.P Bob Hope

Date: 07/28/03 13:50:53 PDT

Gramps has opened for business once again:

In MY day, we didn't HAVE any GAMES!!

We just played "Stare At the SUN", and we LIKED IT!!

BTW, I have put tracks 1-3 back up by request.
Of particular interest is Track 2 - Andy's 'Robbing Her Own Room'
which is now at a lower bitrate - but skip-free, thanks to file sharing.
Anyone who D/Led the other fucked-up version should get this one.

Please let me know when you get tracks 1-3, as my webspace is now MAXED out.


Date: 07/28/03 12:03:21 PDT

"Anonymous Comments:
NZ wrote 'I would love to hear this guy play. '

Here is your chance to hear Sheldon, Marc & Freddie aka Dept of Crooks.

http://www.wallofvoodoo.com/mp3's.htm "

Oh, thanks! I guess I missed something there!
So how much of the D.O.C. stuff is Sheldon's guitar work?

P.S. I am working on the Grampa's house tracks... internet was down most of the weekend.

Date: 07/28/03 11:37:36 PDT


Date: 07/28/03 10:52:01 PDT


Date: 07/28/03 07:37:44 PDT

NZ wrote "I would love to hear this guy play. "

Here is your chance to hear Sheldon, Marc & Freddie aka Dept of Crooks.


Date: 07/27/03 18:45:04 PDT

Right click/ save target as/ if that don't work/ throw it out the fuckin' window

Date: 07/27/03 14:05:19 PDT

These mp3 thingies never work on my pc, stick to cds...

Date: 07/26/03 17:29:13 PDT

OK, Exercise should work now...

it is just a version I found with very low
tape hiss, but also a very low recording level.
I took it to Cool Edit and adjusted the equalization
while boosting the levels.


Date: 07/26/03 17:14:39 PDT

hang on, I'm fixing it now...

Date: 07/26/03 16:03:33 PDT

I tried to download EXERCISE remix, but it says that it is unavalible to download.

It's different from the version on CALL OF THE WEST cassette?

Date: 07/26/03 15:20:57 PDT

"where is the remixed version of EXERCISE? "

It is the same one I posted at Grampa's
House, but it is also permanently kept:
HERE on the downloads page.

Date: 07/26/03 14:32:27 PDT

What about Stan doing a WOV acoustic set on cd, maybe with Chas and Bruce. Hippie Dave

Date: 07/26/03 12:29:20 PDT

where is the remixed version of EXERCISE?

Date: 07/26/03 10:21:44 PDT

The so-called "live" version of 'Exercise' is
MY re-mixed studio version! Small world, I guess.


P.S. Tracks 10-12 tonight;
and to the person who needed tracks 1-3, I
am slowly but surely making space for them.
They will be up by tomorrow afternoon.

Date: 07/26/03 07:02:41 PDT

I now have 7-9. On to 10-12 when you and everyone else are ready.


Date: 07/26/03 01:28:15 PDT

Re: the version of "Deep in the Jungle" with Chas singing -- didn't he say he thought he was one of the best things he and Marc did, along with their original demo for "Museums"?


Date: 07/26/03 01:16:59 PDT

Man, I just got a very cool email from Bill Noland.

I just want to make sure you all know that he has some VERY
cool music for sale, listening and download on his MP3.com page:

Bill's Music


Date: 07/26/03 00:46:42 PDT

Oh yeah, and HEY Walt!

Welcome and thanks for the ad.
I would love to hear this guy play.


Date: 07/26/03 00:44:29 PDT

Todd -

I'm not sure about whether or not that version of 'Jungle'
actually is a demo or not.
I am just listing the tracks as they appear on this CD.
To me, it sounds very much like the 12" version I used to
own many moons ago.

BTW, I just got a response from my Soulseek wishlist (file-sharing)
and 'Wall of Voodoo Live' finally turned up a few interesting tracks.

I am downloading them now, but a few of the titles are:

Exercise (Live) (!)(?)
Call of the West and Animal Day (from the US Festival) (!)


Date: 07/25/03 23:58:11 PDT

hey todd,
you should hear the version of deep in the jungle where chas sang....or i think it was chas. its much better. sounds awesome.

Date: 07/25/03 23:55:15 PDT

i just put 2n2 together......is that photo of the mystery girl jtl's new love?

Date: 07/25/03 22:36:42 PDT

i love jtl

Date: 07/25/03 21:14:47 PDT

I guess so. Not sure, I have yet to hear any of the Department of Crooks stuff. I only have Wall of Voodoo stuff. I was thinking about getting the Marc Morelands Mess but just haven't gotten to it.
Just thought it was interesting that someone wanted to form a cover band of Wall of Voodoo. Strange yet.

Date: 07/25/03 21:10:32 PDT

The recording of "Deep in the Jungle" is great. Is it really a demo or is it something that was recorded for "Happy Planet" or a post "HP" studio album that never happened? It's pretty elaborate for a demo of that era, especially when compared to Marc's uber-fuzzy demo for "Country of Man."


Date: 07/25/03 20:50:20 PDT

So this would be Sheldon's ad, eh?


Date: 07/25/03 19:47:40 PDT

I love to come here and read what everyone has to say. I haven't been here in a long time but I saw this add on Craigslist so I thought I would come by and say HI and show you guys this add.

Date: 07/25/03 18:10:55 PDT

Grampa's House

...the door is open.
'The Grampa-Thing' is beckoning for you to enter...
Do NOT let him down; it could 'get ugly'


For those who are not following this 'saga' but are in need
of a nice version of 'Deep in the Jungle', just visit Gramps.

Date: 07/24/03 14:24:37 PDT

Strange but true,have some cds by 70s dutch band Golden Earring-as in radar love,some of vocals sound like Andy....Of course it isnt, but....That radio station sounds good, are all rubbish in U.K., all dance rubbish.Hippie Dave,Shelf, No longer Great Britain.

Date: 07/24/03 13:29:40 PDT

I love Wall Of Voodoo ! You guys should check out this cool ass radio station I listen to online. www.1053thespy.com. It's in Oklahoma City of all places. They play tons of stuff from Wall Of Voodoo not just one song over and over again. Plus I called the DJ and they played my request within 15 minutes. They play REAL alternative music, like The Flaming Lips, bjork, Siouxie and The Banshees, The Smiths, Pixies, and not that Creed crap. Check'em out and tell them to play more of Wall Of Voodoo .


Date: 07/24/03 09:02:55 PDT

Quite right Mikey, as I said in earlier postings,want everything together if poss, and a dvd is a must.preferably stuff we may not have seen.Not sure any from over here exists,searched 20 years for some.Wall of Voodoo sound as fresh now as they ever did, and better than a lot of this modern stuff they call music.Hippie Dave, Shelf, England

Date: 07/24/03 01:00:21 PDT

Hello fellow WoVians! NZ referred me to the site. Glad to hear talk of new/old projects. If my two cents is valued, I like the idea of a box set. Preferably an anthology of everything WoV ever recorded (cleaned up and remastered of course.) I would also like to see a DVD with ALL the videos and live performances (including the US Festival.) WoV was/is a greatly underated band, and an integral piece of Americana that should be shared again with the world!

Mikey Elms
Long Beach, CA.
"Just a passenger and that is all."

Date: 07/23/03 21:03:07 PDT

Sorry to the two(?) of you, but I have been working out of town,
and will not be able to upload the next 3 tracks until tomorrow
night or Friday PM.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this deeply profound hunk of percussive
electronic ambience from one of my top 3 favorites after WoV:

Severed Heads - Pure

Listen to this during a quiet moment, and it will consume you.


Date: 07/22/03 14:47:56 PDT


You'll be happy -- nay, overjoyed! to know that I've been downloading all the tracks you've been posting.


Date: 07/22/03 11:53:02 PDT

Look forward to the Wail of Hoodoo cd releases...But as I said before,If gonna do cds,need a companion dvd....Hippie Dave.

Date: 07/22/03 11:46:27 PDT

Cheers Toby-yes this is my WOV membership card, been in my wallet over 20 years.Whatever happened to guy that ran it?. Hippie Dave aka Dave Damned(my 1977 name)Shelf, England.

Date: 07/22/03 11:30:59 PDT

Toby here-

"I am as happy as a little girl!!! " A (semi) official demos release!!! What a brilliant idea!! I am compiling songs for inclusion. Will talk to Andy about jumping on board.

Here is a jpg that DaveDamned from the U.K. asked me to post...

Date: 07/22/03 08:06:17 PDT


The only problem is, I have no idea how many are doing this.
As far as I know, you are the only one.
BUTT: I will wait until this evening to swap tracks.


Date: 07/22/03 04:29:05 PDT

Makes sense to me. Good way for anyone who wants them to get them. Got 4-6. On to 7-9. Thanks.


Date: 07/21/03 19:40:44 PDT

Ok, to make things much simpler, I have created a
seperate web page for GRAMPA and his HOUSE.

Go there to get the tracks, but please continue to
let me know you got them here on the WoV Forum.
Then I can put up the next 3 tracks.

Make sense?

Grampa's House


Date: 07/21/03 16:30:43 PDT

I might consider writing something "speacial."

Date: 07/21/03 15:16:06 PDT

You seen it here first folks, lyrics to Sam Ritchfield's new single, with new band Wail of Hoodoo.You gonna write the flip Ketra?. Hippie Dave, Shelf, England

Date: 07/21/03 15:02:42 PDT

Come to think of it Ketra,didn't you co-write that tune for Sam's band, not sure, think I'll call the Fernandez girls...Hippie Dave,England

Date: 07/21/03 13:55:57 PDT

"Holy Moses Told The Pharoahs...." is from the Hooters song "All You Zombies" A far cry from Wall Of Voodoo. Which side did you bet on??


Date: 07/21/03 12:38:34 PDT


Date: 07/21/03 12:20:29 PDT

Let's hope not.
Ketra Heston

Date: 07/21/03 10:27:09 PDT

That a track off your new cd Sam? Hippie Dave, England

Date: 07/21/03 03:16:24 PDT

hey folks-
we be takin' in all the blab and blabaroonie...
we be toolin' up a vintage voodoo cd - roonie...
it'll be speacial, it'll be fine
we're startin' the thang..but it'll take time...
its gonna be volume one and two
three and four
on this please chew.......

sam richfield and

"no work of art is ever finished...it simply abandoned.."
leonardo Da Vinci

Date: 07/20/03 15:19:47 PDT

I don't know. A live moose is more impressive.

Confusing, but impressive.

Date: 07/20/03 08:03:22 PDT

sorry that was supposed to say mouse

Date: 07/20/03 08:02:17 PDT

Do wall of voodoo play that "holy moses said the pharohs" song or fucken what?? please answer my stupid question I have a bet with a buddy and the winner gets a live moose.

Date: 07/19/03 20:54:45 PDT

Great, got them. Thanks. Maybe you could do 3 per day so that everyone who wants them would get a chance to download.


Date: 07/19/03 17:15:48 PDT

Well, it's not my CD.
Apparently whoever originally made this thing missed about
20 seconds worth of skips starting at around the 3:33 mark,
toward the end of track 2.

Take it or leave it, I guess.

Date: 07/19/03 17:01:14 PDT

Track 2 is ALL fucked up.
Lemme see what I can do with it...

nz again

Date: 07/19/03 12:14:08 PDT

Grampa's House

(These are high-quality 190+ VBR MP3's)

1. Prieboy - Send in the Drugs

2. Prieboy - Robbing her Own Room

3. Prieboy - Maybe That's Not Her Head

If for some reason this is NOT cool with Andy
or anyone else, contact me immediately at:


...and I will remove them ASAP.


Date: 07/19/03 11:50:19 PDT

I am uploading the first 3 Grampa's house files.
I will leave them up until I hear from whoever wanted them, and then 3 more at a a time, 'till done.
They will be ready in about 15 minutes, and I will then post the links.


Date: 07/19/03 10:56:37 PDT

Will try again Mike,tried for a year to send images via AOL, never works-is rubbish.Where exactly do I send it to on here.Dave

Date: 07/19/03 09:51:41 PDT

Hi Mike-will try to scan, not had much luck scanning via AOL in past.Have some gig tickets somewhere, Stan solo, and WOV from about 85.Hippie Dave

Date: 07/19/03 07:53:06 PDT

hey your face's dik put here!!!

Date: 07/19/03 06:00:18 PDT

And how about the famous WoV cross word thing?

Date: 07/19/03 04:21:06 PDT

Hey DAVE. scan your card and give us a picture of it.
I can't say I have ever seen one.


Date: 07/19/03 02:30:21 PDT

Pantherboy-go onto Madam x webpage,you can email them, and probably one of them will give you email addy for some ex Punilux members.Ex guitarist Mike replied to me,but no longer have email addys.Neville was last heard of as a dj in London in 90s.Did Punilux ever play over there?. Hippie Dave

Date: 07/19/03 02:20:08 PDT

As I said,we obviously all have our own idea's about what should be on the cd's.You could probably do several discs from released, unreleased stuff.Maybe better to simply release all the stuff in volumes?,as with a box set there will always be stuff you like that is not on it.Feedback please..In all, how many WOV unreleased songs exist?.Also as mentioned before, a dvd has to be a must...Why stop at that,reform the 'fan club', I am sure we would all join,and issue items via that.I am quite willing to help in any way I can.Not sure how many there were, I was a member of Dog's Life-the Wall of Voodoo fanclub, run by Michael J.Gutierrez, whatever happened to him?, still have my membership card over 20 years later.Hippie Dave, North of England

Date: 07/18/03 22:57:18 PDT

How about me?
Pazuzu's Parrot

Date: 07/18/03 22:45:19 PDT

Wanna see a picture of me?
"Beelzebub's Bluejay"

Date: 07/18/03 18:51:45 PDT

I would actually think, that it's better to release the outtakes, live, rare and B-sides seperately from the original albums. But of course the Stan/Joe and Andy/Ned years should be seperated as well


Date: 07/18/03 18:30:11 PDT

Is that Tori Amos?

Date: 07/18/03 14:28:25 PDT

I just had an idea - reissue each individual lp release (oops - licensing snag again) with a bonus disc of outtakes, live, etc. from that 'era'.

Hippie Dave - I have all Punilux cd's. Can't get enough of 'em. If you could put me in contact with any of 'em, particularly N. Atkinson, I'd be ecstatic.


Date: 07/18/03 14:03:23 PDT

I meant to say: "I'm so excited about this thing that we now are going to hear B-sides and rare stuff officially released on CD, so I (in my elevation) had to post to this picture" I could not help it.

"Lucifer's Raven"

Date: 07/18/03 03:33:34 PDT

I think whatever tracks we suggest, we will never agree, as we all have our favs.(But love them all really)Obviously the band members should have the major say, but am sure wish to hear feedback,likewise I would gladly spend $100 on a box set.What is needed, and probably being done anyway, is to work out exactly how many Wall of Voodoo songs there are in total.Then take it from there,but certainly rare and unreleased must be included on discs,and also maybe alt versions.Does the rumoured WOV version of Big Heat exist?.Also a dvd is a must,but stuff we haven't maybe seen before.As long as the band members and families get something out of it,I know from experience about writing songs,and getting ripped off..So, either a box set, or release volumes, one at a time.Hippie Dave

Date: 07/18/03 03:21:52 PDT


Date: 07/18/03 02:51:15 PDT

A breath of fresh air, you are!
...who are you?


Date: 07/17/03 23:22:55 PDT

I'm so excited about this, so I just had to post this:

Date: 07/17/03 20:27:53 PDT

Yes, I can post some tracks, but probably not more than 2 or 3 at a time, unfortunately.
My site is very fat with images, MP3's and streaming audio, and I am nearly out of (expensive) space.

I will start posting, in order... (I'll do it... Tomorrow )

...and I'll let you know here on the forum.


Date: 07/17/03 19:15:31 PDT

Got those WoV tracks from your website. Some other tunes too. Thanks. What if you would put up 3 or 4 new tracks of Grampa's House in order every couple of days?


Date: 07/17/03 18:20:01 PDT

I think a box set of cd's and dvd's would be great. I would pay $100.00 smackos for it to go to the families! But it would have to have a live version of "This Way Out" because it the best fucking voodoo song ever. The bass line kicks! Better than "Back in Flesh"
It's amazing how much the Dark Continent cd is selling for on ebay. I was lucky to get one at tower records a few years back. It doesn't leave my house!!I was actually thinking of starting a Wall of Voodoo tribute band but it would be extremely hard to find people that talented. And besides no one can play like Marc.

Date: 07/17/03 17:30:30 PDT

I would also like, if the album would contain demoes, never released tracks and B-sides, instead of well-known tracks. A bit of live tracks might be okay, but entirely live tracks would be too much. I prefer

Date: 07/17/03 16:08:56 PDT

I see some have listed fav Wall of Voodoo songs,difficult, but mine are Lost Weekend, Longarm, Can't Make Love,Back in Flesh, Mexican Radio,Exersizes,Dark as a dungeon,Blackboard Sky, Tragic Vaudeville,but I love them all.First three albums, are pure perfection,have to admit not as keen on Happy Planet, not a patch on Sammystown.Certainly that and Dark Continent should be still available.Just picked up bargain of century, Sammystown cd for equivalent of $3.50..Hippie Dave. (Via Amazon UK)

Date: 07/17/03 16:01:58 PDT

Cheers Pantherboy-yes tis I ...Punishment of Luxury were the best English band I ever saw live, singer Brian Bond(Brian Rapkin) was sacked in early 80s,then formed Punching Holes,have been in touch with some ex members via net, but Brian didn't answer.(He was last seen, playing guitar for a band called Madam X -bit too commercial for me).Do you have all three Punilux albums?. Hippie Dave, England

Date: 07/17/03 15:00:34 PDT

Oops - sign that last one Pantherboy as well.

BTW - over the years, I have located the "Far Side Of Crazy" 12", the "Dance Of Death" cd and the most coveted "Mexican Radio" 3"cd all on EBay. It took a lot of saved searches and patience, but it was all worth it. Now if I can sniff out a copy of "Grandpa's house"....


Date: 07/17/03 14:58:24 PDT

To answer your earlier question, the live cuts on the Mexican Radio" single are different versions than the "Dance Of Death" show. Superior versions, IMHO.

I have a fabulous cassette live show buried in a box somewhere with a steller version of "Invisible Man" on it. Marc's guitar is loud and extra creepy on that one. Any studio versions of that one in existence? Stanny??

Date: 07/17/03 14:56:01 PDT

Hippie Dave -

Saw your post on the Punishment Of Luxury site. Here I was thinking you were a man of good taste. Now I know you as a MAN OF GOOD TASTE!!

Rock on, my friend.

Date: 07/17/03 14:27:08 PDT

Stan sang Camouflage on uk show called Top of the pops, being a top 5 hit here.Not sure if Voodoo did tv here,but music tv was much better then, all shit now. Hippie Dave

Date: 07/17/03 12:23:14 PDT

I think the idea here, is to put together something totally new, rather than items already formulated.Personally I would prefer studio outtakes and demo's rather than live stuff.As to BBC , well probably been wiped by now,they are reknowned for it.Not sure if the gig was shown on tv as part of Rock goes to college series?. hippie dave

Date: 07/17/03 12:19:05 PDT

There are two tracks from Grampa's House there right now:

'Exercise' and 'Funzone' - as well as the live version
of 'Tomorrow' I spoke of in my last post:

Find them HERE

Scroll down about 1/3 of the way.

If you have requests from the GH tracklisting below, post them here.


Date: 07/17/03 10:19:44 PDT

Did you make the Grampa's House tracks available on your website? If so, where can they be found? Thanks!


Date: 07/17/03 10:00:12 PDT

DANCE OF DEATH was a boot that made it's rounds in EUROPE in the mid 80's to early 90's in album form. As of late, I have seen it on ebay now & then in CD form. The show was recorded at EL MACOMBO 1982 for the BBC COLLEGE CONCERT SERIES. A picture of the cover is in the photo section of this site. Unknown reason why it was called DANCE OF DEATH.

Date: 07/17/03 08:22:13 PDT

NZ's left nut has been saved.

Date: 07/17/03 06:38:12 PDT

A. H.

Date: 07/17/03 05:58:53 PDT

Hmmm, NZ ,those two songs are probably are the two live tracks from the "Mexican Radio" mini CD that came out so many years ago and are thus legit releases. Mucker

Date: 07/17/03 00:51:24 PDT

I have two songs; Tomorrow and Call of the West in live
versions that are unbelievably perfect in every respect.
Are they possibly from this 'Dance of Death' performance?
What tour was it?

All I know is I would give my left nut and my authentic Blue Oyster Cult
Eric Bloom guitar pick to have the rest of that show.


Date: 07/16/03 23:40:38 PDT

just guess that the best compilation is actually "Dance of Death".
Got the essence of WOV soul, got it all ... Great show, great performers, great audience and, above all, fantastic sound ...
Have been struggling for ages to get a CD of this collector.
That's the one we should fight for. BBC ought to got a tape somewhere in its archive and I believe this must be in the public domain by now.
Hippie Dave do mind you to enquire with the BBC and fetch this one back from the dead ?
freedom spy

Date: 07/16/03 14:02:09 PDT

If you release everything not available, then we are talking several discs, if it was 10 discs would want.Maybe could be released in volumes?I think to sell only on here, would be bad idea, as there are probably many fans who have not been on here,certainly WOV had many fans in Germany for example.Certainly we all want any unreleased stuff, and maybe some alternate versions..Also as I said before, a dvd would be great,maybe members of the band have footage we do not, a sort of unofficial official release,what do you think Stan, Chas, Bruce, Ned?. Hippie Dave. By having little or nothing available, it stops new generations of fans getting to know of the band.

Date: 07/16/03 13:45:30 PDT


Have I sent you the "fixed up" demos in the past? Do you already have them? A copy will be going to Mazda soon too.

Is the plan to create another series of CDBaby releases (much like our Batschkapp thing and the other live discs)... or to compile something (1 or 2 cds or a box set) from what people send in?

Most of the stuff I have is older live stuff (a collection very similar to King Richard's, since most stuff we come across is bounced back and forth between us) but it's all available to you if you want it.

John in Montreal

Date: 07/16/03 13:25:53 PDT

I hate "best ofs" - they never please everyone.

I think the idea here is to get as much of the material
that is 'no longer available' as possible ... 'available'
In addition, this project should certainly include all
possible material that 'never even *was* available' as well.

All I can say is, it's about time somebody took the initiative and did something.
Cheers to all involved.


Date: 07/16/03 11:19:40 PDT

Lets see.
DISC ONE: best songs from STAN years & some demos
DISC TWO: best songs from ANDY years & some demos
A dvd or vcd of some sort.

Now that IS a box set !


Date: 07/16/03 10:37:27 PDT

Yes certainly The Moreland family and Gayle Nanini deserve something out of this, considering the years of pleasure we have gained from Marc and Joe's music.Ebay should be ok to sell on,as my Voodoo collegue rightly said, the cd's sell for wild prices in all countries..Also they do sell WOV bootlegs on Ebay,one guy even sells a video bootleg,I am all in favour of film footage being available, but members of the band should benefit from such sales.What about a proper, well sort of officially sanctioned WOV dvd to complement cd. Hippie Dave.

Date: 07/16/03 10:12:53 PDT

To JtL's message, I'll like to add, that I also think, that as well as that Marc's family should benefit, then Gayle Nanini also should benefit.

Graeme Q

Date: 07/16/03 08:52:05 PDT

Yes someone should definitely put Marc's stuff out. But it deserves its own release. While The MM & WOV projects might be developed jointly, neither should slow down or prevent the release of the other. Plus I think we all agree that Marc's family should benefit from the release of his material.


Date: 07/16/03 08:09:34 PDT

So try this, make the box or 2 cd set or what you guys come up with, & first try selling them on ebay. No bids, just dutch auctions. Come up with the price you are looking for & do the auction. Let us know on here before you do it and just watch to see what happens.

Stan, I understand what you are asking about how many people there are on the WALL to buy, but ebay continues to sell copies of DARK CONTINENT for 50 to 80 bucks. Every week! This has been going on for a few years now. That 50 or 100 of us would be done by now. You go out to play live shows, those same fans also search ebay.

Why not try CDBABY? YAHOO clubs? set up a website? I am sure that there are sites that would not have a problem adding a link to go buy a WOV cd collection. There are alot of ways to market this on the web & no one goes to jail.

Another idea is like what STAN did with DRYWALL. That enhanced disc you came out with of LIVE in concert? One of the discs could have live footage on it. Say:

Just some ideas. Not to mention the demos. MAZDA might be able to make them sound cd quality.

I agree with STAN on the MARC demos. Let these see the light of day.

As for what to call it? how about VOODOO RIGHTS.

Sounds about as ironic as you can get..


Date: 07/16/03 04:50:47 PDT

Stan email address is same as always..was just using Lesley's 'puter whilst in NY. Home on Friday so send to ZEN or mail@richardmazda.com [which is same thing anyway] don't use Lesley's 'cos we got to set up a new account.

Date: 07/16/03 03:25:29 PDT

I have a feeling that there are more of us than you may think, Stan.

I am in the process of rounding up a few TRUE Voodoo people as we speak,
so there may be some new bodies sitting by the pool very soon.


Date: 07/16/03 03:04:12 PDT

Stan, shut up man, YOU RUEL!!

Date: 07/16/03 00:12:33 PDT

"Stan needs a spelling bee..."
It seems spelling is not my forte....
sorry folks -
see ya in kindergarten......

Date: 07/16/03 00:09:22 PDT

ya see folks...i have not HEARD alot of this stuff from Marc....
BUT ..I would find NO greater pleasure than to sift thru Marc Moreland's demos and music unheard ...its what i used to do!

Marc and me were pretty tight for a while....

Can I say this?...I feel Marc would want me to hear the stuff and maybe make some choices... ...he was the greatest guitar player i ever heard...and I alwqays thought he was the most original guitar "mind" I evre met...
Bruce are ya there? ....Chas?...chime in please...
don't wanna do anything wrong ya know ...should I listen to these Marc things?

Have you guys listened to them yet?

big talk - rip cy amber....


Date: 07/15/03 23:17:49 PDT

More requests:
The pre audience added recordings from *Bullhead Arizona
Dreams of You ("The American Dream")
Big City (Pre-Andy version with Stan doing Ziggy Stardust on the
Commercial ("Really want to Leave by Monday")
Dance You Fuckers (Pre-Andy version)
5.) Instrumental (sort of "This Business of Love" meets "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with occasional train whistle)

Date: 07/15/03 23:07:34 PDT

Hi Stan, here's my best of Wall of Voodoo collection. But to be honest, rather than releasing a best of Wall of Voodoo collection, I would be most interested if you and Sheldon would sift through Marc's old WOV demos (which Sheldon apparently has) and pick out a bunch of unreleased material from both early WOV and Andy-era WOV and make it available to us die-hard Wall of Voodoo fans.
Wall of Voodoo best of collection:
Museums (from Seven Days in Sammystown)
Don't Spill my courage (from Seven Days in Sammystown)
Lost Weekend (from Call of the West)
Factory (from Call of the West)
Long Arm (from Index Masters)
Red Light (from Dark Continent)
Dark as a Dungeon (from Seven Days in Sammystown)
Ain't my Day (from Happy Planet)
Call Box (from Dark Continent)
Elvis bought Dora a Cadillac (from Happy Planet)
Wrong Way to Hollywood (from Ugly Americans in Australia)
The heart never can tell (from Ugly Americans in Australia)


Date: 07/15/03 22:08:31 PDT

ya know...i got a funny feeling about all this. How many do you think we is? I mean in numbers o' people?

i mean..WOV people.... who would BUY a speacial release.. 100 or 200..0r maybe 50 or so.....(whoo boy...!) not much huh?

here's the thing...
what about all of you putting together YOUR special WOV CD! and sending it to Richard and me.

itall has to fit on one cd (80 minutes of music)

it contain ANYTHING YA GOT from aaall eras...Me, Andy...all the stuff!

#3.SEND IT TO: mazda and stan - then we yak over it and you can HELP US go to jail...AND get a real good cd together that's worth our stay in the copyright gulag....we are ready to do the time.

How's that?

some thoughts from the crowd please...? print them here on the forum.

sheldon?,,,king richqard?...others?...we know you got stuff...send it please so we can put it together.

Pictures too!!!

send your cd's here!

ridgway music
PO BOX 9524
los angeles, ca. 90295-1924

email : stanridgway@comcast.net

MAZADA ? what is your adddress now?

oh oh...have I jumped the gun?


Date: 07/15/03 17:56:34 PDT

Grampa's House Tracklist:

1. Send in the Drugs
2. Robbing Her Own Room
3. Maybe That's Not Her Head
4. Big Rock Finish
5. Lights Go Out (Piano Demo)
6. Exercise
7. Deep In the Jungle (Demo #2)
8. Funzone (Live)*
9. Grampa's House (Live)
10. Mexican Radio (Metal Version Live)
11. Ring of Fire (Single Version)
12. Room With A View (Demo)
13. Back In Flesh (URGH! Version)
14. Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun for Christmas
15. Big Heat (Live w/ WoV)
16. There's Nothing on this Side
17. Dance of Death (Instrumental, Live)

*(Not from the US Festival)

Most of you probably know better than I, but I do believe
tracks 1-5 are selections from Andy's solo albums.

MAZ, (or anyone else) - if you want any of these,
I can post them 1 or 2 at a time on my webspace and
they can be downloaded from there, to avoid mailbox clutter.


Date: 07/15/03 16:07:34 PDT

You can now search the entire site including the Archives
Just go to the Open Forum Archives Index (See link above)
And search away.

JtL :)>-

Date: 07/15/03 14:36:01 PDT

"Bye Sarah.."

Well, bye Billy Bob, where's ya going by the way?

Sarah W.

Date: 07/15/03 12:37:01 PDT

P.S. Sarah, I guess you were being tongue in cheek?, I certainly was. Hippie Dave

Date: 07/15/03 12:35:32 PDT

May I apologise most profusely young lady,I in no way try to infer my postings are the most important on here, never have or ever will..I use capitals a lot, force of habit, from years of typing up songs, think they look better.As to getting a haircut...will explain, not that I feel any need to.My hair is hardly long, in fact two years ago I had a shaven head...I am called Hippie Dave as basically I like 60s psychedelic music. In 1977 was a punk,and called Dave Damned, I use nickname as my real name is David Reynolds-Hanson , and did not use in case people thought me a snob, being English and having a double-barrelled surname..Bye Sarah..

Date: 07/15/03 10:32:16 PDT

Damn it Hippie! Let go of the Cap, it's giving me a headaché, and it makes people think that your postings are the most important here.

Sarah W.

PS. and get a haircut!

Date: 07/15/03 09:39:29 PDT


Date: 07/15/03 05:52:12 PDT

Mind you a contract is not worth the paper it's written on if they don't know you're breaching it.
Rollo Machiavelli

Date: 07/15/03 05:49:03 PDT

Ah Fuck It ...mail@richardmazda.com.... Bring it on..

HD...I thought I had been thorough but once more: all songs written and recorded during the life of a contract belong to the company even unreleased stuff. Even more precisely; the actual master tape belongs to whoever paid for it, the copyright of the songs to the publishing to the publisher and the rights to release to the record company. The Master tapes almost never get into the hands of the artist.
For Example
1. Funzone - this was recorded towards the end of the sessions for Call of the West at Hit City West.
2. Initially we thought we would put it on the album and therefore gave it a proper mix just like all the other tracks.
3. Due to the constraints of how much music would fit on a vinyl record [ideally less than 40mins for technical reasons], and for reasons of themes, the unbalancing of the CotW title track and the feeling that it was good enough to create a follow up album around we decided to leave it off.
4. In those days it really mattered what started side one, what started side two, the flow and feel of a record and therefore there was no natural place to put it. [Goddam CD's remove these possibilities and even encourage 99% of artists to put on too many tracks, fillers, alternative mixes and wank-off wak tracks on their ego-blown visions.
5. So after we settled on a final running order the 2" Master tapes along with the 1/2" Master Mix tapes would have been picked up by some anonymous blue collar guy after the label had paid the bill and from Pico Blvd would have made a short journey to the A&M lot on La Brea where most archive tapes went initially.
6. After that the tapes would have been shifted around as and when companies got bought and sold. If they still exist [EMI wiped many great masters by acts such as the Beatles] then whoever bought the rights to the original IRS material should have 'em.

I Hope this clears it up for everybody...The only time the above does not generally apply is when albums are independantly produced. I have my own master tapes for the material I wrote and produced for the Funky Drummer and tapes for the stuff with the JB's but I have no idea for instance where my tapes for 'Hands of Fate' are ...presumably they're rotting away along with 'Funzone' and 'We Got The Beat'

Date: 07/14/03 19:23:27 PDT

Mr. MAZDA, could you please list your email address. Need to ask you something.

Date: 07/14/03 13:19:10 PDT

Well surely the guys in the band have the master tapes of unreleased songs, which no label has any claim on.As to other stuff, that was released who has masters for these?.Although what do we want , are we talking about alternative versions of all songs?.Would the record companies have the rights over these?.Over to you Ricardo Mazdorelli..Any studio versions of the really early stuff?, over to you Sam Ridgback...Things are getting really interesting on here...Hippie Dave, Republic of England

Date: 07/14/03 13:12:51 PDT

Sounds Brilliant Ned, are you still doing the band?.All the best to you Hippie Dave, England

Date: 07/14/03 11:33:21 PDT

Up north where the reindeer run free is good place to hang your hat. Dave - yes and not any more.

Date: 07/14/03 10:26:35 PDT

I have a homemade CD concoction which I scored on ebay called "Grampas House',
which has some decent recordings of a few rare tracks.

I will dig it out and post a tracklist, although I'm sure there are other copies out there.
I remember that it definitely has a non-US Festival version of 'Funzone' that I am very fond of,
as well as the 'Dance of Death' instumental and a bunch of Andy solo-sounding stuff.

Let me know if it will be needed.


Date: 07/14/03 09:49:08 PDT

Aw Ned ...just having a little fun. Refried memories y'know? John.I'll take those tapes...I figure that the best thing would be a an over the top warts and all completest compilation so maybe they would be of interest. At least it would be some help in other copies from other sources show up. Then I could compare them. In NY whilst writing this so will set up PO Box in a few days when I'm back home. Will be in touch. Also will set up special e mail account so MP3's, WAVs could be sent or normal tapes, CDs to the physical address.
Roger and Out

Date: 07/14/03 09:26:07 PDT


Date: 07/14/03 08:14:41 PDT

Box Set:


I "fixed up" the old WOV demo tapes a few years back... they sounded like they'd been recorded under water (and only on the left channel of a 4 track cassette). They're yours if you want them but surely somebody, somewhere has a better sounding version than the tape that fell into my hands... ?

John in Montreal

Date: 07/14/03 06:50:58 PDT

Not in Lapland on a reindeer farm, but in Oslo running a Mexican restuarant (Mucho Mas). My motto - "Has Been Has Beans"

Date: 07/13/03 22:51:56 PDT

I prefer their version of "Sableyalo Mi Agontze" (The Bleating Lamb).

Date: 07/13/03 15:56:34 PDT

Her name is Kim Collins, yes from Kims Fable, look like a rock band, don't know of any WOV connection. Happy Daeve

Date: 07/13/03 15:52:03 PDT

I think no-one has bothered putting wants for a box set, is because everything should be on it...Happy Daeve, Albion.(better known as England)

Date: 07/13/03 11:44:27 PDT

Kim's Fable? Is that the band that does covers of the Bulgarian Women's Choir tunes? I've heard they do a mean version of "Pilentze Sings."

Date: 07/13/03 11:08:13 PDT

I want to put a cool pic on here too! So I'll size Stan's up a bit

sorry for the pinching Toby,

Dr. Graham Spewie (gynaecologist)

Date: 07/13/03 11:03:09 PDT

I know she's in Kims Fable, I'm not sure of the connection to WoV though....

However I forgot to bring out more more requests:
6. Rare B-sides etc. like There's Nothing On This Side, Wrong Way To Hollywood (studio), Dance You F*#%ers, Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun For X-Mas (love that song!), Deep In The Jungle (love that too), alternate versions of Room With A View and Big Cities etc.

If no one else here is ready posts request, then I have plenty!

Graeme Qewe

Ups, I need a cover name too?
in that case
Graham Spew

Date: 07/13/03 10:26:33 PDT


Date: 07/13/03 10:09:39 PDT

Who's the gal in the bandana?

Date: 07/13/03 09:01:20 PDT

Right Roger-Randy Poorboy, well maybe he can be contacted via theatres where White trash wins lotto was put on, is it still running?.So Jed Lookhard has got reindeer and turned into Father Christmas.Happy Daeve, not from England..

Date: 07/13/03 06:27:43 PDT

This is good! This IS REALLY GOOD! Finally the forum ignites...I'll set up a anonymous PO Box and E-mail for reception of goodies..from other sources. On a technical point;

On the Fall album I produced there was a track that the band recorded in Iceland for which the master was mislaid, I mastered the track from a cassette tape and d'y'know what? No-one ever knew, certainly no-one ever complained about the quality.....that's how Funzone should appear. As to Andy tracks I think it would be good but would be relying on his permission and he doesn't appear to surf this wave. Any volunteers for getting Andy to get in touch...mail@richardmazda.com
plus it's no secret that Louise and I went thru a bad break up and she feels that I shouldn't have cheated on her.
Marc stuff is easier..John Parish and I are good mates and he contributed to Ensenada and Mess + I'm sure that Sheldon would help us out.
Chas? Chas? come in Big Guy ...I'm in the moog fer luv...Whatdya say Chas shall we put on the red dress tonight? Sell ourselves for money?

Spoke to Jed sometime back... he now has a reindeer farm in Lapland but hopefully doesn't drink the byproducts...

Toby...got anything for us, no, no not the smut, Dammit?!
The Excitable Roger Masters

Date: 07/13/03 03:35:51 PDT

RIGHT-Ceiling of Virtue albums.Ampex Masters-1.Shortleg.2.The one not in the drivers seat.3.Can't make loafs.4.Stubble.5.Circle of heat.6.Grandpa's Shed.7.End of the Lira.8.Yesterday.9.Human night.
1ST STUDIO ALBUM-Light and Incontinent.
1.Green bulb.2.Three minutes till supper.3.Human night.4.Full of pizza 5.You and your mom. 6.Flesh on my back.7Big insect that stings.8.Telephone call 234.9.That way in. 10Bad times 11.Hit the ringer.........2ND studio album. Hall of the Blessed..1.Yesterday.2.Found Weekday 3.Sweatshop 4.Don't look anyone's way.5.Feet of lust.6.Bolivian Video.7.Pie World.8.They do want me.9.On motorway 25.10.Hall of the blessed.
Include such as Lazy(do no exercizes),No fun flats.
Third studio album-Three nights in Saskatchawan(not sure if i spelt right) 1.Near side of lazy.2.Business of hate.3.Faded gloves.4.Lisa.5.Bricked up window.6.Blackberry pie.7.Small town. 8.Light as a cellar.9.Libraries.10.Magic Lauderville.11Don't throw my porridge away.extra tracks-Right way to fatherhood.No clean clothes.
Fourth studio album-Slappy Helmet-1.Never do it again or i'll kick your ass.2.Bollywood the first time.3.Room full of junk.4.Chain of dust.5.No clean clothes.6.Turn the lights on.7.Country of woman.8.John
9.Buddy Holly bought Norah a T-bird.10.My ass is cleaner. 11.It is my way.12.Hate is a happy thing. Plus any unreleased stuff sang by either Randy Poorboy or Dan Ridgback... Happy Daeve, Isle of Albion

Date: 07/13/03 03:02:33 PDT


Date: 07/12/03 23:37:25 PDT

Cool pics Stan (or is it Sam!),
I am from to time re-reading old posts here (hey it's summer break, I'll decide how to spend my time) and there have been many interesting tracks mentioned during the years that haven't appeared officially, so a wish list on my behalf would be approx. 30 tracks!

1. There are a lot of early demoes and stuff (like Wargasm)
2. Some of the late WoV recordings that was intended for the post Happy Planet album and didn't make it on the Prieboy debut solo
3. Some the early post-Stan/Joe demoes (Mazda singing Museums - yes I would like to hear that!!!!)
4. Some of the stuff Marc had on tape, like the song that would later be I Wanna Be A Boss, Sheldon told about
5. And one of the most important things, a studio version of one of my fave WoV songs "End Of An Era", if a studio version of that excists, it would be gold.

Oh there's so many more, so much WoV gold unheard to my ears!!!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 07/12/03 23:21:08 PDT


Date: 07/12/03 12:24:35 PDT



Date: 07/12/03 12:21:35 PDT

Request List:
Guys Like Girls

Date: 07/12/03 10:22:31 PDT

mazdonini?..!...i am down with this!...it must be done ..."Shadowy Land Mass" with extra tracks? - "Stall off The Pest" with rehearsal tapes...
or how about "Put Us In Jail - We're to Old To Care"....see ya in the gulag cell, and don't forget the saop...

sam richfield

Date: 07/12/03 10:16:57 PDT

I thought I had proposed a bootleg

Date: 07/12/03 09:08:47 PDT

you just made Bruce a girl

Date: 07/12/03 08:23:25 PDT

Ah I see.So I presume the labels in question, MCA ,CBS?, and EMI here have said no in the past?. If they do not want to release the stuff, why hang on to it?.Had a similiar situation a few years ago, with a 70s band called C.C.S.. Nothing was available.EMI said there was no potential for releases yet singer Alexis Korner had over 20 solo albums available.I tried EMI Germany,similiar response, as well as contacting few indie labels.Then about 8 months later they started to appear on german release via an indie I had written to.As the Voodoo stuff was released on different labels in different countries,maybe in one country you may find them more receptive to the idea.Germany is good at releasing stuff you cannot get elsewhere. if to get a release in disguise, how about you could use film soundtrack company-best of.musicians including Dan Ridgeback on vocals,Mick Lessland on guitar, Louise Lessland on bass, Chester P. Black on keyboards, BO Dandini on drums. Also feat-Randy Poorboy vocals on some tracks, Jed Lookhard on some drums. Tracks could simply be Lines from songs or something like that-I have a Bolivian video, da da da da...Call of the North-East,Can make love,Me and my grandad... stuff like that.Or dare I say it....get a b..tlegger to do it. NOTHING LIKE A HIPPIE DAVE, NOT FROM ENGLAND...

Date: 07/12/03 06:52:37 PDT

Right ...here's how it works. All [that's underlined] record contracts have clauses which cover the world in some form or other except when a band specifically excludes a given territory. a territory would be The U.S, the U.K, Europe [which can be sub divided] and so on. Major players like the U.S. and U.K. however often sign a band for the world, I have even seen contracts say 'the Universe' to cover the long term possibility of music in space [Lance Bass in Space?!], and then they licence the music around the world. Even smaller labels such as Stan's New West probably tried to get the rights for the world. Even when as in the case of the majority of Stan's stuff it was a licence deal [this means that the material eventually returns to Stan's ownership]. The reason for this is that if a band doesn't sell in it's home territory the label has the chance to recoup costs thru selling licences to the smaller territories.
Hey, I even had a number one in Finland! Also in New Zealand! Sheep love their music too y'know.

So in short you can be sure there are no loopholes with regard to Wall of Voodoo's rights...we will have to chance it.
It will be a boutique release, no bar code probably without the Voodoo name [unfortunately they probably don't own that either]..steady Dave, and most of the tracks might have crazy names.

Let's go!
And Stan ..I suggest that we take some super glue for the electric gate and some anti burgular paint for the bell push..eggs is good and I hear that 30 day old defrosted Tiger Prawns make an good substitute for jus de skunk.

Mizde [only the names have been changed to protect the guilty]

Date: 07/12/03 02:22:41 PDT

Who has all the masters for the Voodoo stuff?.Do the labels that supposedly have the rights to release, or in their case not release the material, well does it cover the world?.Maybe a loophole where it could be released via a country not covered by such laws?.It is so annoying that such good music remains in limbo, yet the labels churn out conveyer belt shit week in, week out.Record labels are no better than pimps, prostituting their talentless pretty girl-boy bands that have no talent whatsoever. Hippie Dave, Republic of England

Date: 07/12/03 00:32:23 PDT

Mazda oh Mazda?....let's drive up to the hollywood hills again to Miles house again and this time I promise I won't get spooked... and we'll go in and throw eggs at him...

the straw that stired the drink

Date: 07/11/03 23:28:35 PDT

BTW - love the ending, Hippie Dave

Date: 07/11/03 23:27:21 PDT

"Let me see your wish lists people..

FUCK! This is what I have been waiting to hear!

Ideally, a BOX SET - with all of WoV's releases + previously unreleased
bonus tracks, like the studio version of 'Funzone' and God only knows whatever else.

What *is* out there, anyway?
And how much access do you guys have to any of it?


Date: 07/11/03 15:59:17 PDT

I continued to head SOUTHBOUND nearly hit some DOGS out on the road,did I really have enough money to spend SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYSTOWN?.However I was bound by wild desire, as I drove on through a RING OF FIRE.Got hungry, thought how about a bit of fishing, but the fish were on vacation as Chas had said ages ago.Hit a lot of heavy traffic suddenly, and kept thinking, DON'T BOX ME IN.Drove another 50 miles, I had no food left, and was kind of thirsty, but all I could see was a DRYWALL.Suddenly I noticed a guy sat at the side of the road playing a harmonica, it was a face I knew so well, it was Stan. He turned to me and said There's a place you can stay at, its up another mile.....Hippie Dave, Republic of England

Date: 07/11/03 10:41:11 PDT

Too right Ricardo,the Alternative TV album-Strange Kicks I bought on vinyl on release, and would love on cd.Get a Voodoo anthology out,if the bastards tried to sue,well Voodoo can claim loss of earnings ,their material being treated like something stored in Fort Knox.(But far more valuable) HIPPIE DAVE.

Date: 07/11/03 05:57:47 PDT

as far as self publishing goes...hear this. I was recently contacted by Mark Perry of ATV whose IRS album 'Strange Kicks' I produced. Mark has started re-releasing his back catalogue. For those not in the know, Mark was the originator of the u.k. punk fanzine scene with 'Sniffin' Glue' generally considered to be the first of that generation's xerox revolution and then went onto form ATV which along with the Pistols, Clash etc were amongst the first true punk bands from the UK. I asked Mark about how he was going to get away with it in terms of rights. He felt that the material was so far under the radar of the people that own the rights that he would not get sued. So... so long as Chas, Stan etc agree I am willing to compile and release an anthology. Fuck it. Let's be rebels [again]

Let me see your wish lists people..

Date: 07/10/03 21:58:06 PDT

just a note to say thanks to Stan, Mazda, Chas, Bruce(you here?) Sheldon, Ms. V, Toby, and all the rest for your continued support of this forum. Honorable mention goes to Auld Mucker for his Miles Copeland party story and Hippie Dave for his lyrics stories.

I'm with Toby I would toss in some $ to help you all self publish some of that good stuff like Fun Zone etc...

Not really the right venue for this but if you are confused about the Dem candidates for 2004 look at Howard Dean. Please, Please lets make this Bush a one termer like his Dad (Its a California issue my eye.) And if you think you have the right to free speech you had better take a better look at the Patriot Act and keep an eye out for the Department of Homeland Security while you are at it.

And if anybody wants some help posting things or correcting a post etc. Send me an email. jtl@wallofvoodoo.com .


ps.. I have coded this site ti randemly change spelling and punctuation when po,ople post messages. So if you "catch" someone's error keep it to yourself :)>-

Date: 07/10/03 17:25:25 PDT

phone booth...great film, would have been good to have 'Spyworld' running over the credits....

Date: 07/10/03 09:06:56 PDT

okie dokie there mazda...you globe trotter...

Date: 07/09/03 22:45:34 PDT

Yeah ...Stan I'm here, lying low. MP3 was great. gonna be in New York later today so will try to send longer mail then..maybe even phone..viva la revolucion!MZDA

Date: 07/09/03 22:16:28 PDT

This has nothing to do with WALL OF VOODOO aside from the fast that I am a fan. I am also a fan of the band SQUEEZE.

Ex- SQUEEZE singer PAUL CARRACK has released a cd called IT AIN'T OVER. Great music. Do yourself a favor I give it a listen.


Date: 07/09/03 13:27:42 PDT

Somebody should make an MPEG of the video for "Crack The Bell", that would be a truely awesome experience. So if anyone has that vid, please, for Christ's sakes, do something with it for all of us.

Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 07/08/03 22:51:20 PDT

"LOST AMERICA" photos and writings by Troy Pavia -
Cool photos and writings from the man who shot Stan's " Holiday In Dirt" CD .....
with a forward by Stan Ridgway
plus!"Black Diamond" is re-issued by New West Records
go there :
sr dis-information:

have a great summer!

best to all
Clark and Agatha
@ sr dis-information

Date: 07/08/03 19:02:27 PDT

Mazda!? you there....did'ya get my mp3 to the zen address?

Date: 07/08/03 17:46:26 PDT

Stan, you had better get over to the Daily Stanard!
They are clamoring for a Stan R. Western over there,
and it may get ugly if you don't make an appearance soon.

You have already been called "the next Rowdy Yates", among other things...

Duck, You Sucker!


Date: 07/08/03 17:14:59 PDT

right beyond rich land

Date: 07/08/03 12:17:51 PDT


Date: 07/08/03 10:54:23 PDT

i will nee a safe and undisclosed location so as i may "pull the strings" from behind the scenes. And I'll need to sit on a couple of boards of directors for oil companies and get them first bids on the new drill jobs coming up in our occupied territories. I may need a brown shirt and some big black boots too....which way is poland?

Date: 07/08/03 10:00:21 PDT

Chas for president, Stan for vice-president.
That would make the US a country one proudly would support

Date: 07/08/03 08:28:16 PDT

Thanks for name-checking me, Stan, but I think it kills the rhythm of your "Chas in 2004" ditty. And just what am I doing that requires the police to be summoned?

Sadly, nobody responded to my Six Degrees of WoV-Wild Bill Donovan quiz. It should be easy for any WoV fan.



Date: 07/08/03 04:29:52 PDT

CHAS could play his own intro music. Think of it, HAIL TO THE CHIEF done with a drum machine.

Date: 07/07/03 22:49:31 PDT

very good idea! VOTE FOR CHAS T....FREEDOM and LIBERTY
He's the guy with stuff we need
he drinks the booze - he smokes the weed
he'll bring us all together again
he's got a beard and he will bend
the world we know into one big flop
hey!...is that the guy todd?...
better call a cop....

vote for chas! in 2004

Date: 07/07/03 16:46:54 PDT

vote CHAS T. GRAY in 2004

Date: 07/07/03 14:46:55 PDT

Listening to the Chrome box set today and noticed that the song "Creature Eternal" (1978 - from 'Half Machine Lip Moves') sounded a lot like early Voodoo. Influence??


Date: 07/05/03 13:40:45 PDT

Vote Ralph Nader in 2004!!!

Date: 07/05/03 05:07:38 PDT

voices in head?.you must be on the far side of crazy i guess..

Date: 07/04/03 16:05:35 PDT

Happy 4th of July from Hippie Dave in England, now need our own independence day after constantly being shafted by European politicians.

Date: 07/04/03 01:26:47 PDT

happy 4th of July everybody
we're voting for
Howard Dean

being the gov. of Vermont is a little like being the mayor
of knott's berry farm
but then....what we got?....
fight the power....
how come we got no "art folks" at the white house lately..?

stan and pietra

Date: 07/03/03 23:01:46 PDT


Date: 07/03/03 23:00:04 PDT

Chas??...pool party? everyone invited?.... in the valley....keep us in mind cuz we'd luv to see ya boobi head chas yoo...

Date: 07/03/03 00:01:33 PDT

To follow on to that unknown persons suggestion the remaining Voodoos do something..Would have been nice if they had done a one-off for Marc,I know his former band with Bruce did something.Out of curiousity,wonder what Sammystown would have been like with Stan still in the band?.If u look in Stan, what is all this big talk about another Drywall album. Hippie Dave, ENGLAND.

Date: 07/02/03 16:08:29 PDT

This might be of interest.

The first new UPhold Mute in over a year -- Drosophobia -- will air on CKMS shortly. It's an analysis of a year's activities and events...some good, mostly bad. Death, war, fear, and fruitflies...all are tackled in a typically UPhold-ish way (and what does that mean, you're asking? I really don't know).
Also on Drosophobia: a cover of Wall Of Voodoo's "Wrong Way To Hollywood," a bit of a tribute to Marc Moreland

(who died from liver transplant complications). Thanks Marc...I bet you didn't like flies much either.

Date: 07/02/03 16:00:55 PDT


This is a pic of MARC MORELAND on the couch. That is DANNY (drummer for PRETTY & TWISTED) putting a mike up to MARC snoring. MARC woke up in stereo.

Date: 07/02/03 15:01:37 PDT

Wow! It's been months since I've been here! I love Wall of Voodoo, both Stan and Andy versions. Even though the band is not together and the chance for a reunion is impossible, I think Stan, Andy, Chas, and Bruce should get together and record a song or two. That would be a dream come true. Mazda can produce it! AAHH I can still dream can't I? By the way, I've been playing Dark Continent to some heavy metal friends of mine and they fuckin loved it!! Speaking of heavy metal, has anyone heard the version of "Mexican Radio" by celtic frost? Hope everyone is having fun out at the pool with Ms.V. Stan, Bruce, and Chas, If you guys ever come to Boston I'll buy you a few rounds!!!!!
Marc Moreland, meeting you during the Pretty and Twisted tour is a night I will never forget! Rest In Peace!

Date: 07/02/03 12:51:34 PDT

Camouflage by Stan went top 5 in the U.K., surprising Big Heat wasnt a hit.Sammystown is one of best albums, I agree in some ways when bands do really well they never sound as good, when they get commercial.Some of Happy Planet is ok,but not a patch on Sammystown.hippie dave, england

Date: 07/02/03 10:57:46 PDT

Although the Stan years are my hands-down favorites, I really loved "Sammystown" and the way WOV re-invented itself. I had such high hopes, and then "Happy Planet' came out and I turned back to speed metal (yeah, we're all young once...). I disagree with your point about the label. I WOV were too esoteric for the masses and I'm happy they never achieved the popularity of, say, Flock Of Seagulls. Keeps out the idiot factor - only the cool folks dig into the underground (except in Norway, where I hear Stan's "Big Heat" was quite a smash).

Date: 07/01/03 15:11:57 PDT

Being a former musician myself,I must admit although I like to listen to Voodoo as a unit,I like to take in at times the separate contributions.As a guitarist Marc was original,very talented,and one of the first things that attracted me to the band, over 20 years ago.I guess Voodoo were signed to the wrong label,and with the right backing would have been massive.I personally think Stan-the strolling minstrel left at a time when given another year, they would have got bigger in the public eye, or maybe I am just saying that so he would have done another album.Hippie Dave.england

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