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Date: 06/30/03 19:59:44 PDT

**falls out of her chair laughing hysterically**

Ms. V

Date: 06/30/03 19:16:53 PDT

Todd - I just love a man with a big gut, so please grow one for me - Chas.

Date: 06/30/03 14:53:09 PDT

After a late night of Marco and I listening to old Wall of Voodoo demos and songs, I asked him if he could still write stuff like that.
His answer was something like this
Marco: Awe, I don't think I have that no more....sorry.
Sheldon: A talent like that just doesn't go away
Marco: Yea, Maybe....But it sure seems rusty and I forgot where I left some of the parts.

Date: 06/30/03 13:05:42 PDT

Yeah, but who would play geetar? (I'd fork over $$$$ just to hear ol' Chaz, though....)


Date: 06/30/03 06:16:53 PDT

Todd,I guess your hipster humor just goes under my head but the co-headliner show IS a great idea. Mucker

Date: 06/30/03 00:52:26 PDT

That wasn't supposed to be funny. I think he really looks like a cocker spaniel. And Johnette looks so young and purty.

But, really now, GQ. Groucho's dead and so is his greasepaint moustache. I've got that kind of hip, kind of now humor that kids today appreciate. Get with it or get over it.

BTW, Andy will be playing The Knitting Factory in LA on Sept. 25.

What we really need is an Stan 'n' Andy co-headlining tour, a la David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. Call it the "Masters of Voodoo" tour. They can hawk Tijuana dog statues, etc. It'd probably sell out two nights at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano!


Date: 06/29/03 20:00:34 PDT

Does Andy look like a Slavic cocker spaniel or what?


Date: 06/29/03 18:27:20 PDT


Date: 06/29/03 15:18:46 PDT

great show, got the video.hippie dave

Date: 06/29/03 09:00:31 PDT


Date: 06/29/03 01:32:45 PDT

The Magnificent Seven continued.after leaving the diamond bar, i was now alone as Joanne had decided to stay on, it was then i discovered that my car was all jacked up,no wheels, and they had stole my radio,was this the end?.Luckily found the garage, had some man talk with the owner montezuma, who was a man of faith, and car was fixed in no time.We discussed whisky and cadillacs,and new york city, it was then i thought about going to aunt sandies house.After going southbound for a few miles, i picked up newspapers,on my long quest to find a wall of voodoo where resided the magnificent seven,Stan, Mark,Joe, Bruce,Chas,Ned and Andy....I was supposed to pick up directions , but bad news at the dynamite ranch,my contact who went by the name of the gumbo man was no longer there.Pretty boy floyd luckily knew what I wanted to know, and so I was on the road again.Found another call box, had a number that Stan had given me last time i had seen him on some dark continent somewhere, but there was no reply.Last time I had seen Stan he wasn't very well, as had been bitten by a tsi tsi fly,and so was full of tension.as to the others,Andy and Ned had last been seen in crazy, crazy Melbourne,as they thought the grass is greener, on the other side of the fence.Mark was working with his brother Bruce as they did once a year during animal day.Chas meanwhile i had seen briefly out walking with darla one night in june,as to Joe he had gone to joliet to build a new drum kit which must have weighed all of sixteen tons. to be continued. HIPPIE DAVE, ENGLAND

Date: 06/28/03 17:03:00 PDT

....story aint finished...to be continued.next stop for the magnificent seven is sammystown.watch this space. hippie dave

Date: 06/28/03 11:17:16 PDT

Hippie Dave!
Great story man, but you missed a golden opportunity towards the end,
where you should have *cracked* that Mission Bell!


P.S. Hey Mazda, what were you doing during all of this mayhem?

Date: 06/28/03 07:08:22 PDT

The time when WOV supposedly got there arses kicked was on an occasion when the guys were over in London to work with me. IRS' office in those days was at the top of Kensington Park Rd at the junction of Blenheim Crescent. Stan and Marc were in a pub [forgotten the name] on the corner. This was a 'old man's pub' and not one of the now commonplace gastro-pub/wine bars. A geezer was talking to a woman in a rough manner. Stan who had had a couple [drinks not people] spoke up and asked the guy to be more polite. His american accent and semi drunk manner obviously grated and before they knew it Stan had taken a very useful right hook which left him with a black eye and Marc was used to polish the bar counter and ended up with a bruise or two. As I recall Chas and Joe weren't involved. Come to think of it I think that WOV were recording their segment of 'London Bridge' which later got shown as part of 'The Cutting Edge' on MTV.

Date: 06/28/03 02:06:38 PDT

it was a lost weekend when i felt the call of the west,suddenly a longarm appeared through the window of my car.the passenger, well drive she said as we headed off for grandma's house.a invisible man was walking along the road past the red light,and it was two minutes till lunch.she was horny, and offered me sex, but i said i can't make love, as was tired from all the driving, in the big heat.tried to find a callbox to right carol, or peg, but could not find one, aah carol, these were good times, my passenger was naturally full of tension.we headed through a tunnel that was as dark as a dungeon, as we headed for the big city, and as i looked in the air all i could see was a blackboard sky, at the end of the tunnel was a ring of fire.me and my dad had driven this road many years ago,on the wrong way to hollywood.i could hear the mexican radio in the distance, should i go check it out, no i'll do it tomorrow.suddenly i saw a building, that reminded me of a factory back home,i went to ask if there was a vacancy,

, but they don't want me, so i headed off onto interstate 15.a police car suddenly appeared and it was then i knew it was the....end of the line,but the car was covered in camouflage so we were lucky..after the storm, we continued to drive, passing a museum, as we headed through tragic vaudeville.joanne, my passenger said she wished she was back in the laundromat, i would have settled for an empty room, when the lights go out.in sweet pig valley had food,chatted to mickey the priest,noticed a girl huddled over a table, valerie is sleeping said mickey.heard the mission bell,as i was having a drink in the diamond bar, tried to put an old bent coin in the jukebox, but no luck there, so didnt get no bel-air blues. to be continued. hippie dave aka david reynolds-hanson england.

Date: 06/28/03 01:47:44 PDT

this site is getting more interesting.as to insulting me, well i think somebody did once, but was crossed wires, so no probs there.someone said wov got arses kicked in a fight over here, cannot see that.but there are lots of idiots over here in england(one is tony blair).stan what are your fav voodoo tunes?,same to chas.i think back in flesh on first album is one of best.in early 80s here,most played voodoo tune in nightclubs(not trendy townie places) was lost weekend.i remember at leeds in 86 stan jumped off the stage and landed right in front of me and said, do you know what the fuck i am singing about?,i was so surprised by his sudden appearance, i shook my head, he said neither do i.your songs are like stories stan, surprised you havent written any.hippie dave,isle of albion(england)

Date: 06/27/03 19:36:33 PDT

Water polo in the pool in half an hour. Bring your own sticks and balls....

Ms. V

P.S. Someone haul out the tiki torches...the pig's roasting and the luau begins at sunset. NO POI!!

Date: 06/27/03 19:34:09 PDT

Normally, when a person copies and pastes an entire article,
they use quotes and link to the source.

Credit where due:

Eric M. MusicPoint


Date: 06/27/03 19:04:06 PDT

I got hold of a bootleg where Stan anounced that he doesn't have the sports gene. I was so happy - I thought it was just me. We should start a support group.


Date: 06/27/03 17:03:39 PDT

So, you think that Wall of Voodoo are just another has-been from the 80's and they should be doomed forever to countless appearances on compilation albums with the likes of Men Without Hats, Haircut 100 and A Flock of Seagulls (because, you know, they all sound the same anyway)? Wrong. Dark Continent marked the first full-length release from the underrated band whose previous 1980 self-titled E.P. (recently reissued by Restless Records with eleven bonus live tracks) showcased an overwhelming departure from the New Wave sound with primal rhythms, weird sound effects and inventive guitar work. However, with Continent, Wall of Voodoo finally hit their stride, and there hasn't been anyone before or since that has sounded remotely like them.

Musically speaking, the components of the band don't seem all that creative: a drum machine, synthesizers, one guitarist, etc. But it's what the band does with their equipment that makes it all so intriguing. Stanard Ridgway's barking vocal style is a key component, and he's more apt to sing about animals, fixing cars and going to work; in fact, he's obsessed with the oppressive nature of employment. His lyrics on the subject range from the campy "Two Minutes Till Lunch" ("Just then I heard my foreman call/'Don't touch that you'll blow this place up'"), the hysterical back-and-forth banter between a hapless employee and a dictating boss in "Back in Flesh" ("Well, I'd rather go bowling/'The lanes are closed'/Maybe a little tennis?/'Your racket's got a hole'/How about some baseball?/'The field's rained out'"), or the stark "Me and My Dad" ("He's telling me how he died to live/Working hard labor").

The driving force behind the band is undoubtedly percussionist Joe Nanini. Using a drum machine as a backing device, he utilizes temple blocks, triangles and cowbells to further define the band's unique sound. However, the real find lies in the extremely inventive guitar style of Marc Moreland. He plays somewhat like a cross between Poison Ivy of the Cramps and Johnny Cash. With songs like "Call Box," "Tse Tse Fly," and "Crack the Bell," Moreland's unique picking style, and intense rhythmic sense gives the band an bold and edgy style that has yet to be matched.

Dark Continent is also peppered with weird ambient effects, and an overt sense of humor. Take for instance the frenzied synthesizer effects in "Me and My Dad," and "Back in Flesh," and the truly bizarre instrumental passages that popup in between songs. Overall, it's quite interesting to hear the band right before they invaded the airways a year later with "Mexican Radio."

I'm not even going to begin to discuss Wall of Voodoo's Western motifs (which could probably fill an entire book), but if I were you, I'd consider picking this puppy up, because it's a true original. It might be difficult to find, however, because it's out of print - so check those used record stores.

This modern world deserves a modern attitude.

Date: 06/27/03 16:43:22 PDT


Date: 06/27/03 16:10:20 PDT

The cuckoo steals the nest of others because he's too lazy and unskilled to build one for himself.
-The Resident Ornithologist

Date: 06/27/03 12:57:41 PDT

"DEVO is the sound of things falling apart"
-Jerry C. from DEVO

I think he was wrong. The sound of things falling apart is this message board.

Date: 06/27/03 07:16:12 PDT

The Parting Glass or...... the last time I saw Marc Moreland: I think it was in Raji's on Hollywood Boulevard around Labor Day 1986-Joe Nanini was there too-it was the last time I saw him too.I had bought some cigarette loads that day at the Magic Shop down the street and we had fun waching them blow up in the faces of various Lonesome Strangers . Marc preferred to watch them blow up in his own face -he was that kind of guy, he didn't really want to emabarass or hurt anyone else but liked to be the butt of a joke himself. Europa was bellydancing there that night and I got an erection watching her ,man ,she was hot! But the last time I saw Marc may have been at that shitty Miles Copeland Jungle party the same week. Adam Ant was chatting him up and may have even been trying to hire him as Marco Pirroni's replacement(that TWANG! thang ,ya know).Thank God that didn't happen. My last memory of Marc was him making fun of me for slobbering over the drunk ugly Bangle at that party. " Bobby ,You're such a fuckin' skeek!" was his parting remark to me. I sobered up after that trip and didn't set foot in LA again for 11 years. Auld Mucker

Date: 06/27/03 01:47:59 PDT

Todd - you are a great humourist. Groucho Marx suxx. Not talkin' 'bout Jim Kerry.
Report me when you finish a full length album. I'm sure it will beat Call of the West. With your best hit "Anton sucks dicks for Rothmans". ('cuz I smoke Rothmans).

By the way. As I see, there is a lot of WoV information on different sites on the net. Why not gather it together here, JtL? To refresh and modify this resource and make a great WoV portal.

Best wishes
Anton from Moscow

Date: 06/26/03 23:05:45 PDT


Date: 06/26/03 21:58:18 PDT

Ok Ms. V. check your mailbox. (getting all my records togethe...Where did I put those ADAM ANT 45's???)


"To do is to be."

"To be is to do."

"Do be do be do."

Date: 06/26/03 17:52:08 PDT


Date: 06/26/03 17:51:34 PDT


Hey, if I could keep everyone's email address straight I wouldn't have to post on the board asking Stan to email me every time I need to talk to him. One of these days maybe I'll actually remember to put people's emails in my address book. So if you have my email, drop me a line and we'll talk about the pool dj gig.

And now back to our featured presentation....

Ms. Vieuxdo

P.S. Who the hell drank the last of the margaritas and didn't refill the pitcher?? Bastard!!

Date: 06/26/03 17:30:49 PDT


Date: 06/26/03 17:22:14 PDT


Date: 06/26/03 17:16:55 PDT


Date: 06/26/03 17:09:19 PDT


Date: 06/26/03 17:06:00 PDT


Date: 06/26/03 16:45:06 PDT

I now return you to... Uh, well, what ever it is going on here..


Date: 06/26/03 16:40:51 PDT

Wow, I hate to change the subject, as it is sooo interesting...

I visited a yard sale today & found a stack of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY mags. The one on the top had the headline "THE SIMPSONS: THE 25 BEST EPISODES EVER!" Well, I couldn't turn it down...

Anyway, I opened said issue & found the following letter to the editor. The issue is from Feb. 7 2003:


I would like to point out a sadly forgotten artist from your issue ("In Memoriam 2002"). MARC MORELAND died March 13, 2002. He was a pioneer in the West Coast new-wave music movement, being a founder and guitarist for the seminal L.A. band WALL OF VOODOO. It's easy to overlook his contribution, since he's long since been filed in the "one-hit wonder" category, but most of us who grew up on '80s music would never discount his influence on that unique sound. signed, DARRELL McGRATH Phoenix

Ms. V., If 'ya need a copy of that there thang for your site, drop me a line.. You still got my my email address.

Maybe I could D.J at the pool.... ;>


Date: 06/26/03 09:01:16 PDT


Come on out to the pool. I've got a pitcher of martinis, but you gotta supply your own olives. And hey, bring some guacamole to go with those chips!

Ms. V - who's intrigued but also mildly frightened of the possibility that Mazda might show up in a thong

Date: 06/26/03 06:32:43 PDT

I.Tattoo, let me in your community, please. Maybe we should open a new "calm down" forum?

Anton fMSK

Date: 06/26/03 06:00:32 PDT

It's getting a bit warm around here. Might come back when it cools down.

Um, Ms. Vieuxdo, Mind if I join you at the pool? I'll bring the chips!


Date: 06/25/03 21:03:37 PDT

As for Chas's ability to take care of himself in physical confrontations,Joe Nanini once told me that the members of WOV were involved in a bar fight in the UK and all of them got their asses beat EXCEPT Chas who wedged himself in a corner and used his puerto rican roach killers as an effective weapon . Auld Mucker

Date: 06/25/03 16:19:54 PDT

Oh cocktails!! Now I can tell you that besides the speed, the weed and the beer that many of my best production ideas for CalloftheWest came from the endless White Russians that I used to consume at Club Lingerie after the sessions or..homemade Superstrengh Vodka Sunrises made back in my room at the Tropicana Motel [after all the Crystal Meth I used to feel that my heart was gonna pump itself outa my chest and i needed to get loaded to calm myself down] Course I needed to get wired again in the morning.
Mazda [it's my name, get over it]

Date: 06/25/03 16:12:15 PDT

I nearly gave up on the forum...it is tedious sometimes. And Todd i got your vaguely insulting reference to the Wankel engine. Thanks for that. Not sure what you are seeking, you seem to be intent on antagonising both band members and fans alike. Incidentally slang for dick over here is Todger. It's interesting that I didn't namecheck you in particular when i said about people copping Stan's vernacular but you took the bait as if you are never online. I mentioned that when Bruce tried to insult me that i wrote a strong put down but never posted it. if you want to be rude to me,Stan, Sheila the T, Hippie Dave or whatever then just get it outa ya system. But do it in one go so that we can move the board on. Like Stan I can't stop you from being rude and if you want to be a grumpy cunt then i am down with it. I'm so so sorry that your Planet is a Black and not Happy one but give us all a rest.or not i suspect...

As for the complimentary post about 'Hands of Fate' ...thankyou whoever you are. I am particularly proud that I got so many contributions from many talented friends for the album. I presume you were talking about 'Snakebite' when you were referring to WOV which benefited from some brilliant Marc Moreland blue box. If you really want to know more then post up a email address and I'll get back to you personally. I'm not sure that here is the right place to talk about my other stuff.

Date: 06/25/03 16:07:35 PDT

I'll be out by the pool sipping a mai tai if anyone needs me....

Ms. Vieuxdo

P.S. Chas, where the hell did you hide the suntan lotion....or do I really not wanna know the answer to that?

Date: 06/25/03 13:34:23 PDT

Hello again you skeeks -
I was talking with Chas a while back on the phone and we had a great yak over old times. We both said what a kick it was to read this board. Its just great to know, like the song from WestSide Story... "there's a place for us".

So...let me say that I think what anyone posts is fine by me. Insult me. Praise me. Compare me. To tell ya the truth, I'm just happy and humbeled that anyone cares at all about what we did. Its never really art untill it hits the echo coming back.Then it really starts to swing.

All the music we made together still haunts me. It was not easy at times. But then what else we were doing? We really tried to make something truly different and it took alot of thought and work, sweat and many, many hours, days , weeks, years of dedication by all of us in the band. Sometimes I wonder if I have the stuff anymore. I know I'm not as young as I used to be, and what we did with this band, all the songs and strange stuctures, the instruments, the "DRIVE"!, ...I can hear it now and say..."We done DID IT!" Its just truly satisfying to know that the music still gets to people somehow. And to also know that there ARE people out there with ears to hear. Even if they're interested sometimes in the scandals, rumors, sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Hell!..afterall...we were all flying on the edge then and things happened. Its only natural to ask about.
When I think of Miles Davis, I just don't think of a trumpet. I think of a proud intelligent black man, enduring racisim, getting off drugs and kicking cold turkey at his fathers house in St. Louis, getting bopped on the head from cops on 42nd Street in the 50's, the drugs, the wives, the friendship with Gil Evans, etc, etc...Its all there when I listen to him. So context informs the music.

Chas ..are ya there?...remember that gig with Boingo in Bakersfield?...Question for the folks: What were you thinking when you sucker punched that guy in the bar?...What a wild incident that was. I remeber thinking, "What?! Chas slugged some guy!...Whoa!...now we're really outa control!"...hey! maybe he had it comin'?
luv -

Date: 06/25/03 13:00:18 PDT

I'd be surprised if Mazda hasn't just given up on this forum, but I'd like to try again to ask for some commentary from him on the fine "Hands of Fate" album...which, of course, has one stellar track with WOV contributions.

Date: 06/25/03 12:39:55 PDT


Date: 06/24/03 15:22:58 PDT

i am not going to get drawn into any arguements,or insult anyone.i am only here to praise the music of wall of voodoo,and the various offshoots.First saw them over here in 82 at Futurama festival in leeds, west yorkshire england, and i was hooked.As I said before,anything any band members want to say about days on the road, in the studio etc is their business,and if they want to tell us anything, that is their decision.Same as anyone on here,whatever we say about our past,you should respect a persons privacy.all the best to everyone on here.hippie dave, england.

Date: 06/24/03 01:23:51 PDT

In the words of Mr Negative ..no no no no no no nono...Miles Copeland was not the organ grinder. For someone who wasn't actually there you sure do know a lot. Miles may have lent us the money for the organ and the monkey but he never twisted the crank. HE
DId NOt MAKe THE MUSIC!!! Sign your postings too

Date: 06/23/03 16:27:13 PDT

Maz baby,

Sorry, I ain't touchin' this shit with a ten foot pole. I, of course, have my own opinion on the decline of the Open Forum. But opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one and most are best kept out of public view.

Pretty much all I have to say is I've had a hell of a lot of fun over the years with the Voodudes. I sometimes miss the old days of driving to gigs through floodwaters or lying to the border patrol about knowing the band so as not to get pulled over and searched for illegal aliens. I miss sitting in the dressing room smoking WAY too many cigarettes and being grossed out by the amount of vaseline that found its way into Chas's hair. I miss teasing Marc about his palm tree head coif and having philosophical conversations about porno flicks with Andy. It was was the best of times and sometimes the worst of times, but it was never dull. And the music feels as fresh to me now as it did in the beginning.

And that's my 2¢,for what it's worth. Oh, and Maz, if you need some more female touching, Chas always knows where to find me. **nudge nudge wink wink**

a.k.a. Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 06/23/03 10:31:04 PDT

Elizabeth..I think we need some female touching on the forum....Scoovieuxdo were are you?

Date: 06/23/03 10:28:57 PDT

Hey Stan,
Dontcha just love the way that people try to imitate your vernacular?! Monkey ChoW!!! HELLO...it's fruit, fruit fruit...monkey's do not chow down. Now chimps will chow down...they be eatin monkeys and shit, maybe that posting shoulda read chimp chow which has a better ring to it.

On a serious note ...when Bruce started calling me names on this site I wrote a very long evil put down. Very vitriolic and very true. Then I didn't post it. Listen everybody Stan, Chas, Me ..hell even Bruce are not the monkeys. We're the organ grinders..and we don't work for chimp change neither!

I take 10-1 on Ridgway in the 4th.

Date: 06/23/03 00:48:44 PDT

OK guys, kinda late, but...
so, if there are still anyone interested in the snowboard film that has Mexican Radio in it, it's MDP's "True Life", from Peter Line's section. Thanks for the info, Tattoo and the rest of the people who helped me.
I'm on Bulgarian wowwow radio...

Date: 06/22/03 07:01:49 PDT

will you visit **scories** at :

french wov fans

Date: 06/18/03 16:39:10 PDT

Evening all. After a long time searching, I finally managed to get hold of a copy of Seven Days in Sammystown. Is it just me or is "Big City" one of the best songs ever written? Say what you like about early vs later WOV and the various merits of Andy vs Stan, but this is one of their best moments. The rest of the album can't quite match up, but there are still some top notch numbers like Tragic Vaudeville, Mona, Museums, and others. Keep an eye out for the CD and grab it if you can - I got outbid on Ebay several times and saw it trade hands for over $50, so if you don't like it then you can always flog it and probably get more than you paid.

Date: 06/18/03 14:42:20 PDT


STANRIDGWAY.COM is up and running again!! (It's about damn time, too.)

Date: 06/18/03 05:04:33 PDT

Stan Ridgway LIVE! on CD
Limited Edition Ridgway pressings - back in stock @ cdbaby.com

1.NYC Live

2.Beyond Tomorrow Live!!


Date: 06/15/03 14:51:16 PDT

Thank you very much to all the guys from WOV, words can´t say what they´ve given to the world with their unique music. Special thanks
to Stan, who has wonderful ideas (thanx for What ever happened to
you). Does anybody know, where I can get posters of WOV (Call of the West or Dark Planet)? A compilation with rare material would be great, but I don´t dare to hope for that. If you know, where I can find a poster, please mail to: Sialpe@Web.de
Special Greetings to Bruce! Thank you! Simon from Germany

Date: 06/15/03 12:32:00 PDT

dear bruce-i went to jr.high with you and marc-you both were such kind guys and beautiful boys too-i just wanted to express my sadness of marcs passing and to say hang in there bruce.i lost my brother a few years ago and it is just a fucked up thing.i am glad you sweet guys made it big-although i swing on phrancs side of the world i always thought you two guys were the best-sincerley sue wegrzyniak aka travis

Date: 06/12/03 12:52:30 PDT

P.S. I meant to say, "do EMI and Capitol own the rights
to ALL of the unreleased AND discontinued WoV material?"

Date: 06/12/03 11:24:52 PDT

How many do you think we could get
to legitimately sign a petition?

-Just a thought

Also, do EMI and Capitol own the rights
to ALL of the unreleased WoV material?

And to Toby:
I'm with you, if the 'Voo-dudes' are up to it.
I can raid the piggy bank; it will be FUN.


Date: 06/12/03 08:04:19 PDT

Toby here -

About six months ago (o.k. it was only a month ago) some guy asked about a show in Berlin that he claimed his band opened for the Voodoo boys at. He asked if there was an audio recording of this show. Well, I am happy to tell you that there is. It was actually released on vinyl as a record called Red Tower. It is the one that has the totally wrong track listings. It says "Don't Steal My Couch Away" instead of Courage and other very funny things in that vain. If you are intersted in a copy let me know... tobydammit@earthlink.net

No back to your regualarly scheduled program...

Love Chas... MORE CHAS!!!!

I think we should press up a cd rarities disc ourselves... all the Voodoo guys are right here. If we footed the bill, they could unearth the tracks.... I got a few bucks...

Date: 06/12/03 06:45:30 PDT


Date: 06/12/03 05:58:51 PDT


RHYNO RECORDS put out a DEVO anthology & a demo collection called RECOMBO DNA. They could do the same with VOODOO.


Date: 06/12/03 01:17:50 PDT

EMail emi and Capitol..they got the goods...

Date: 06/11/03 23:04:22 PDT

There's no way in hell a box set will ever happen -- it would never sell enough to warrant the cost. The best one can hope for is a comprehensive best-of with rarities.


Date: 06/11/03 17:58:46 PDT

We can at least bug the shit out of someone, can't we?
Anyone have some choice email or mailing addresses to get started with?


Date: 06/11/03 12:47:27 PDT

wov fans can do somenthing, for boxset!

Date: 06/11/03 07:56:42 PDT

wall of voodoo box set, long overdue..nothing available due to petty record companies, wont release, but will not let anyone else either. rhino wanted to do it last year. hippie dave, england.bombard mca and the rest with letters.

Date: 06/10/03 19:10:56 PDT

"he reads the funnies 1st, just like me.. dont go to chruch and neither
does he, get drunk sometimes, sing old show tunes, he talks in his sleep and says..."

Date: 06/09/03 10:01:33 PDT

trying to reach gayle nanini...anyone able to help?


Date: 06/08/03 18:21:31 PDT

A Wall of Voodoo box set sure would be great. Why is everything out of print these days?


Date: 06/08/03 04:36:07 PDT

What are the odds of me getting autographs for the album "Call of the West"? If not possible, can I at least get an E-autograph.

Date: 06/07/03 15:33:41 PDT

one tries to please y'know?

Date: 06/07/03 07:06:30 PDT

Well Mazda, I guess you can say you make a lasting impression.

Date: 06/06/03 07:57:00 PDT

do you mean the lovebat?

Date: 06/04/03 14:19:29 PDT

No, I think it's Mazda and that big drumstick.
Sheila the T.

Date: 06/03/03 08:08:26 PDT

nothing of new!!

Date: 06/03/03 00:44:29 PDT

well done sir jiz

Date: 06/02/03 03:04:03 PDT

The secret weapon is that it has to be played by Marc to work!

Sir Jez!

Date: 06/02/03 02:08:32 PDT

answer you , Stan!

Date: 06/02/03 01:19:32 PDT

I did ny best RM...what, pre tell is yhe secrct weapon? Please tell the awaiting throngs.
Ravel - "the greatest orchestrator the world has ever known"

Date: 06/01/03 09:37:05 PDT

1 for you, 1000000 for me!!!

Date: 06/01/03 09:35:03 PDT

the bass is easy..........
you can try....

Date: 06/01/03 04:27:45 PDT

what a load of bolero...close though you forgot the secret weapon Monsr. Ravel

Date: 06/01/03 03:52:10 PDT

and back in flesh?

Date: 06/01/03 02:13:27 PDT

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder and the touch of a world that is older
I'm on a Mexican Radio...I'm on a Mexican Whoa -Oh Radio....

Maurice Ravel

Date: 05/31/03 19:53:07 PDT

Where can I find guitar TAB for "Mexican Radio?


Date: 05/30/03 20:15:49 PDT

Yeah ought make a real release with all these stuff, Funzone, the versions of Museums and Deep In The Jungle which Chas spoke of. And there's many more, Shouldn't have given him a gun for instance. The world really needs a compilation of rare WoV stuff!!

Graeme Q

Date: 05/30/03 16:41:44 PDT

Are we completely helpless here?
Is there NOTHING we can do to help get studio Funzone
and the rest of the unreleased WoV stuff unearthed?


Date: 05/30/03 16:19:34 PDT

you cannot obviously compare stan's wall of voodoo against andy's,but cannot say one lineup was better than the other.someone suggested if andy didn't want to sound like stan, he should have done his own band, but of course he sounded nothing like stan.sammystown and dark continent are the best albums ever,but i love them all.marc on his solo album was the new lou reed,all jacked up is a classic from a pure genius.As to comparisons, you simply cannot compare wall of voodoo to anyone, they were unique,and still are in sound. hippie dave, bradford,yorkshire, republic of northern england.

Date: 05/30/03 15:54:32 PDT

. i am understanding you Chas. as they say in Sweden. Seriously those are my feelings too. Those two songs rocked and were perfect examples of everyone working at their best at all times. Wayne's World put it best. I love you man. RM

Date: 05/30/03 15:13:34 PDT

Here's my two cents. It was Joe in S.F. Hilarious. I neer saw a Juno6 until I met Andy. Richard and Stan, I don't know what you're talking about. In my opinion, the two best records we did were with the incomparable Richard Mazda. I don't know if Richard is the best producer4 of other peoples material, but he certainly understood us. Call of the West is the best song we ever released. Funzone is maybe the second best song we ever recorded. Not released for a number of reasons. I think it was Stan, Richard,Joe,Marc, and Myself at our best.There are also recordings that Marc and I did of Museums and Deep in the Jungle that were as good as anything WOV ever did. Marc and I always wanted to release these. Still do. Cheers, Chas

Date: 05/30/03 10:42:10 PDT

P.S. This is not to say he did not come to appreciate the "twang" and incorporate it into what he did quite well.
Ep Guy

Date: 05/30/03 10:36:20 PDT

Have you heard Marc's pre-Voodoo stuff with the Skulls or even Sky People (West Covina)?
EP Guy and L.A. Scenester

Date: 05/30/03 01:53:12 PDT

hiyo..there. iam poodle fron japan..i want the wall voodoo
my engish is bad wher do i get wall voodoo music?
i am japan
wall voodoo is great

Date: 05/29/03 22:36:44 PDT

Marc was as big a fan of that stuff, he was doing the twang y'know

Date: 05/29/03 14:59:24 PDT

I doubt if any of those guys would even have known who Sergio Leone was without Stan's influence. His tastes always seemed more wide-ranging and eclectic than those of the rest of the band.
Not a dis, just an observation...
-A low-rung studio guy who worked on the first EP

Date: 05/29/03 09:55:10 PDT

Yep,Flock of Seagulls WERE a joke band .We laughed ourselves sick at them back in 1982. All they are remembered for today is their dumb haircuts but nearly all the bands of that era had gimmicks of some sort(talcum powder dusted long rider coats in an attempt to conjure up Sergio Leone imagery? Sound familiar?). But if you listen to the FOS(Full of Shit?) records ,there really is some quite good guitar work on those songs. Auld Mucker

Date: 05/28/03 22:46:17 PDT

To whoever said:
"outofprint sucks or I cannot understand their search system..."

Yes, it does suck, at the moment.
GEMM and OOPM are places that should be checked periodically,
as the selection and prices vary a great deal from one day or week to the next.
(just like ebay)


Date: 05/28/03 20:06:51 PDT

Hey Todd,
Who is Steve???
And hands of Clash, they ruled just like WoV.


Date: 05/28/03 18:40:01 PDT

"You should get outta these night clubs, get a little sunshine and fresh air and learn how to play golf..."

Ms. V

Date: 05/28/03 17:12:29 PDT

I'm not desperate to prove anything, I'm merely stating an opinion. You are certainly free to disagree with it. Each man to his own poison -even when it's served in treacle.
Lovingly, Pete

Date: 05/28/03 06:44:20 PDT

Guys...please read what was said...I said the earlier shows weren't always great not that they were never great. I was making a reference to the fact that WOV had a hard time cracking the UK which they never really did. They did get a lot of respect from the media and industry but not hits. Pete, your comment about form and content is way wide. To generalise like that is to ignore the content of the Beatles, Sex Pistols, Clash, etc etc. Being a Brit that contributed to WOV's finest album I don't really want to see the discussion sink to xenophobic comments. I merely pointed out the differences in the markets and audiences. Both countries have dumb and brilliant artists and no sensible dialogue could ignore the cross pollination of US and UK talent. Even something as horrible as Shania Twain's bland juggernaut of a career is a US/UK collaboration with Brit Mutt Lange co-writing/controlling her. The Clash, Sex Pistols et al owe a debt to The New York Dolls, Iggy, MC5, Richard Hell etc. New Yorkers created the punk 'tude and we created a movement to go with it. Then brought it back home to youse guys.

There are other factors too...Back in the 80's the Cruise Missiles sited in Britain but controlled by Reagan/The US created a groundswell of genuine anti-American feeling which meant that Americana type bands ie Voodoo may have been unfairly overlooked. Even right now the Iraq war has created an anti-Brit and American feeling throughout Europe and the Middle East. It would have been different if those Weapons of Mass Blah Blah had been found but they weren't. Nor did we find much less kill Sadam or Bin Liner so a shit load of people around the world feel it was an immoral and unjust war. Real Politik affects the way people feel about music because music is part of all our lives.

Oh... and sorry Pete but Flock of Segulls did suck the big one [I'm saying this despite the fact that I used to sport a lobotomy haircut too]!

Now lets all be friends! MAZDA

Date: 05/27/03 16:27:52 PDT

I never saw the original WoV live, but I saw the Andy-era incarnation on five or six occasions, and they were great -- much better than similar acts that come to mind. And before you go dissing Flock of Seagulls, you should check out their self-titled debut album. They get a lot of crap because of those ridiculous hairdos, but they made some good music and, from what I've seen, were pretty good live.



Date: 05/27/03 11:45:23 PDT

I disagree entirely about the live performance aspect of the original WOV. These were some of the most exciting shows I'd ever seen - edgy, entertaining and intelligent. I saw the band in L.A., New York and San Francisco and they were brilliant. Other members of the audience thought so too, judging from the number of encores. Guess the U.K. is just more big on form than content - lots of dumb hairdos (Flock of Seagulls) and stupid hats (the Thompson Twins). Granted, there were some stupid-looking American bands too, but you have to admit the Brits took the cake.

Date: 05/27/03 06:09:34 PDT

outofprint sucks or I cannot understand their search system...

Date: 05/26/03 10:25:32 PDT

Ebay is one, GEMM and Out of Print Music
...are a couple more


Date: 05/26/03 09:05:26 PDT

"Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas" is currently available on the Rhino CD compilation "Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Xmas."


Date: 05/26/03 08:18:09 PDT

GUN FOR CHRISTMAS was released as a single as I remember.I only heard it on the radio a couple of times. It showed up on a I.R.S. cd called JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. Has DREAD ZEPPLIN, TIMBUK 3, SQUEEZE, KLARK KENT, etc. I heard it was the last officiallly recorded song of WOV. But then, I wouldn't know. I await to be corrected by thouse who do. I'm just trying to help. What I do want to know, is the name of this snowboarding movie that has WOV songs in it. It is not nice to tease fans like that IVO.

Of course, the bad news is that if you want a real copy of DARK CONTINENT, you will have to get it on ebay.


Date: 05/26/03 04:56:10 PDT

I first heard WOV in a snowboard film a couple of months ago. Since then I've been trying to find some records, but my efforts seemed to give no result. Anyway, I downloaded some tracks, I even got the whole Dark Continent on MP3, but I'm not very proud of it - I want it in original...
I have a question - I have a song, and I love it: Shouldn't have given him a gun for Christmas. I didn't see it in the albums' link. Can you tell me more about it, and how could I find it...
I am 22. I like WOV's music and lyrics a lot. It is one of the greatest bands I've ever listened to. Thank you.
Ivo, Bulgaria (dat's way too far from the US)

Date: 05/26/03 02:48:59 PDT

typos typos always tyops

Date: 05/26/03 02:43:16 PDT

Todd, Pete...everyone . It's good to see a proper discussion on the board of the merits of the various stages of the band but sometimes there is too much concentration on the Stan/Andy axis and it's effects. One only has to listen to Marc Moreland's mess to see that he was interested in lots of different musical colours. Particularly string synthy type sounds and that many of his melodies were actually quite major key and could even be decribed as uplifting. The dark materials as experienced in WOV mk I,II or whatever were often the natural result of all the characters involved; Joe was a really dark horse with some heavy secrets for instance, Ned was a far more rounded character, Andy was more interested in twisted little stories but not in the same film noir way as Stan and so on. Then add in the drugs everybody did, the drink, the sexual preferences, the era, Miles and the the Record Co. and from all of that possibly Stephen Hawking could develop a reasonable theory of where it all came from.

In short I feel that Chas and Marc wanted Happy Planet to be different, hell they wanted Sammystown to be different and at the same time they obviously wanted Andy and Ned in the band and were reasonably aware of the fact that it would create a different band. During the Stan era there is no way that Joe or Stan would have dressed up in cowboy hats and duster coats covered in talcum powder [yessum thats how they got the prairie dust effect]. However the earlier version of the band wasn't always great at projecting live. I remember the first time I saw the band in London at the venue where they went down like a lead baloon in front of a typical punk audience. Chris Stamey, Alex Chilton and others from the American New Wave also had massive image problems in the UK. Conversely the Andy era band played several great shows in London notably at the Mean Fiddler.

Go figure huh? In works both ways; consider for a moment how Roxy Music never really cracked the US, The Boomtown Rats never really did it but then again both countries went bigtime on the Knack. The Go Go's never meant that much here but later Belinda Carlisle had some hits. Hey remember Oingo Boingo? Well we don't. I am only really aware cos I involved in the same stable of artists from IRS/A&M. Lastly we hated Flock of Seagulls and Bush so much that we sent them into exile in the US. I guess Gavin isn't comlaining about his life with Gwen but he would have to use her name to get on the guest here in London despite being from London's Shepherds Bush [Geddit?] Oh forgot..I produced far more American, Australian and European artists than any UK ones and used being mistaken for a Yank in my own country. [No biggie]

Phew! Mazda

Date: 05/25/03 16:39:47 PDT

So if Andy didn't want to sound like Stan, why didn't he just start his own band? As far as I'm concerned, the later stuff sounds fuller, but it also lost a lot of its initial spook. Guess I'm just a sucker for the Ridgway/Nanini period. That's where Marc's guitar sound seemed more integrated to me and the overall vibe of the group seemed fresher and edgier - more authentic.


Date: 05/25/03 12:37:04 PDT

Thanks to Sheila the T. for the confirmation/correction of the San Francisco blow job story. My ex-girlfriend probably told me Nanini (and she told me some 18 years ago), but I remembered it as Bruce, who obviously had a reputation for, uh... extreme behavior.

And thanks to Richard for the details about the recording of HP. I'd much rather hear stuff like that than anyone such as myself prattling on about why this one is better that one.

Judged on its own merits, I think the production on "Happy Planet" is really good -- overall the best in their catalog -- but it is also a little bit less Voodoo. As I mentioned previously, I don't hear the Rhythm Ace, the keyboards seem a little bit more modern '80s and less pawn shop and there is less of Marc's Luther Perkins-on-speed picking than there was on "Sammystown" and what is there sounds like it's got a lot '80s effects on it (as opposed to what I understand was his traditional set-up of a stompbox and Fender amp).

I don't want to start another skirmish between you and Bruce, but most of the bass parts sound programmed, not plucked, another bass player is credited on "Country of Man" and Bruce was out of the band by the time the album was released. How much did he participate in the sessions?

The HP tour just wasn't the same without Bruce's bass and slightly dangerous presence.


Date: 05/25/03 12:30:10 PDT

I seriously doubt Bruce actually wrote that "idiot" remark. Some other malcontent probably did it. How do I know? Bruce can't spell - He would have written "pompuss". Mucker

Date: 05/25/03 11:46:48 PDT

Bruce ...i think idiot is a word that was used to describe you far more often than me. Pompous I'll accept. Didn't mean to upset you...thought you would admit to your rock and roll behaviour.

As regards Happy P it may be one of the most ironic record titles around. The guitar wasn't so much low key on that record it was more like it got covered up by the sonic weight of a real drum kit and the more florid keyboard style of Andy's playing. Also the minimal '4ths' and '5ths' which Stan employed to good effect along with his patented claw method of playing was not there. This used to compliment the blue box sound of Marc's guitar which was not there for the obvious reason that Andy didn't want to copy Stan.

Date: 05/25/03 11:41:06 PDT

I've looked at life from both sides now.

Date: 05/25/03 11:18:43 PDT

Okay okay...I've been a little miffed at you all for not appreciating my attempts to give these pages a little "sparkle." Call me the "Liz Smith" of the band's misadventures - but the Princess and I were at the infamous I-Beam show in S. F. and saw it all "go down" as it were. It was not our hunky Bruce, but the very talented and adventurous Mr. Nanini who offered himself up as a guinea pig to those claims someone in the crowd was making. Just don't tell the police...
Going back to my leopardskin pillow to sulk.
Sheila the T.

Date: 05/25/03 09:28:29 PDT

I like CoW, too. I like "Tomorrow," "Factory," "They Don't Want Me," "On Interstate 15" and "Call of the West" and I don't *hate* "Hands of Love," "Look at Their Way" and "Spy World," but it ain't "Sgt. Pepper" or "Revolver" and frankly I enjoy listening to HP more. If I'm browsing my CD racks, my fingers are more likely to go to HP than CoW.

It's not an anti-Stan thing, either. I'd much rather listen to "Black Diamond" than CoW, too. It has better, more mature songs, etc.

And as far as the production of CoW, "Mexican Radio" is so much more intricate and, arguably, superior to the other tracks, it sounds like it could've been recorded for another album.


Date: 05/25/03 09:07:46 PDT

What, one superior song on CotW, and that's Mexican Radio. True it was that song that first got me into WoV and CotW, but now I like the album for all the other brilliant songs. Try to carefully listen to those songs on it, i.e. "Tomorrow", "lost Weekend", "factory", "spy world", "they don't Want me", "On interstate 15" and the title track; and then say that Mr is the only superior track. These other songs are just as incredible if not even better. THIS is music!

Graeme Q.

Date: 05/25/03 04:02:07 PDT


Date: 05/25/03 03:55:45 PDT


Date: 05/24/03 23:52:32 PDT

"Happy Planet" better than "Call of the West"? Of course, it's subjective. IMHO, CoW has one great song ("Mexican Radio") that's better than anything on HP, while HP has many really good songs, including "Hollywood the Second Time," "Chains of Luck," "When The Lights Go Out," "Country of Man," "The Grass is Greener" and "Ain't My Day," all of which are far superior to "Look at Their Way," "Hands of Love" and "Spy World" and arguably everything else on CoW save for MR. Actually, virtually every song on HP is superior to those three. Similarly, save for "Mexican Radio," HP is a better production.

Re: WoV offices. I believe the Cy Amber Building is the one I was thinking of.


P.S. to Bruce -- Mazda may or may not be a pompous idiot, but the universe of WoV fans need to know -- Did you get your cock sucked a male fan at a show in San Francisco?

Date: 05/24/03 23:24:31 PDT

Mazda'a a pompous idiot.

Date: 05/24/03 23:14:37 PDT

"Happy Planet" better than "Call of the West"? Have you been chewing on some mad cow?

Date: 05/24/03 19:06:05 PDT

Setting the record straight -
PT. 211

There were two WOV offices the first being where most everything happened - above the CY Amber Men's Clothing Store on Hollywood and Cosmo streets ( one little block east of Cahuenga Blvd.) south side of the street.

I rented the office space in Sept. 1977 I think, from Mr. Cy Amber who even then was about 80 years old.He owned the whole buiding and rented the offices ..The "CY AMBER BUIlDING". It was printed on the glass door in front. I said I was a "graphics arts company" and that we made little if any noise, just the pushing of crayons on paper, so he did not have to worry about any music or such problem from me. I wore a grey suit that I'd bought from Sears and Roebuck for 35 dollars, and put Bylcreem in my hair slicked back and black wingtips top complete my con. We were there for I think 3 years before Joe Nanini shit down the skylight from the roof top one night, tripping a burgeker alarm in an electronics store on the first floor, summoning the Po-lice and Cy.We were all living in the room more or less and when they got there we were all plastered drunk and stoned in a pile of empty bottles and beercans. Said Cy to me that night.... "You!..you lied to me Staynardy!
I believed you! But now I know yoose now a no goodnik are LIAR! I think I will shoot you... and then shoot myself..I do not care..I am an old man!..." I was able to talk Cy out of it but our days were getting numbered there and we soon had to move.

The second office was at Beverly Blvd. and La Brea , upsatirs second floor. This is in the Call Box video. Hello Mazda....you're right about that Juno...I had the Jupiter 8....or was it a 6?...


Date: 05/24/03 19:05:08 PDT

I am sitting here with my jaw on the floor.

"I think (Happy Planet)'s better than "Call of the West" "

I certainly have grown to like this album quite a bit over the years,
but that statement just seems ...I dunno... impossible?

Considering the 'era' when 'CotW' came out, and the amount
of originality and innovation found within the album,
I just don't see how the two can even be compared.
I have always considered 'Call' to be among the top 10 albums of the entire decade.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion.

Just out of curiosity, how would you rate H.P. against the first E.P. and Dark Continent?


Date: 05/24/03 12:25:34 PDT

Thanks for your reply, Richard.

I've heard "Happy Planet" referred to as "ill-fated" (or something like that) in this forum, but I like it a lot. Overall, I think it's better than "Call of the West" (heresy!), but not as good as "Sammystown." Perhaps people bag on it because it's lacking the Rhythm Ace and Marc's guitar tends to be heavily processed and/or buried in the mix.

I've been reading this site since I heard Marc was getting the liver transplant back in late 2001/early 2002, but it was only within the last month and a half that I purchased Department of Crooks, Marc Moreland Mess or Pretty and Twisted (not much quality Marc on the latter). Listening to them has given me a better appreciation of Marc's talents as both a songwriter and guitarist, and I'm now much more aware of the low-key role his guitar played on "Happy Planet."

How do you feel about "Happy Planet," Richard? It's never been discussed in the forum much. Any memories of its making? Were you there for the "Do It Again" video shoot?

And about the WoV office... Was it in a shithole building on the south side of Hollywood Blvd. at Cherokee? I recall Stan saying it was in the same building as Steve Sayadian's offices, where they shot "Cafe Flesh." Back in the late-'80s, I used to frequent that building when I wrote for Film Threat, which had offices across the hall. I was really into Wall of Voodoo at the time, yet I never made the connection, even after Bruce Moreland showed up at a Film Threat party with Sayadian. I also particpated in a photo shoot with Ladi von Jansky, who had something to do with the "Happy Planet" cover, yet I still never put two and two together.


Date: 05/24/03 11:06:34 PDT

Ok Todd...Good to have some honesty instead of the rather boring attempts at wit that occasionally fill up this board. But...let's set some things straight....
1. Stan might be right about the Juno but I recall a Juno 106 which we used on 'They Don't Want Me' on CofTW and later post Stan era this keyboard became more important possibly because Stan probably kept the Jupiter 8 which was the main keyboard workhorse for That album. The Jup was considered state of the art for the time for it's polyphony and internal sequencer whereas the 106 was seeking a role. Later in the 80's the 106 became the source of many iconic club basslines and it was used on the Happy Planet record as well as live.
2. 'Do it Again' was not foisted on us. We wanted to do it [again] and I for one like the version we came up with but hated the remix which I had nothing to do with and did not like...,that was a foist by the suits.
3. Bruce was always up for anything so competitive cock sucking was more than likely. This is the guy who sent me a death threat after I produced Happy Planet...he was not happy and back then not on the planet. I think the fact that I played bass instead of him at the San Diego Arena gig on New Years upset him the most. I think he once liked me because he gave me a fake fur hat but it didn't last...


Date: 05/24/03 00:59:23 PDT


This is my first posting after lurking for quite some time. A guy named Rich has repeatedly mentioned WoV's show at the Scream (at the Park Plaza Hotel). He says it was '89; I thought it was '88, but I believe it was their penultimate (that's next-to-last, for those of you who misconstrue the meaning of the word) show in L.A., followed by the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre gig in '89, which I missed for some reason.


For Rich, it was his best WoV show, but, to me, it seemed like the band was breaking up right there on stage that night. Mark hitting Andy over the head with a guitar... Andy calling Mark a "rotgut alcoholic" (little did I know how accurate that statement was)... Andy turning over his keyboard at the end of "Blackboard Sky" (I think)... Andy bitching about their flop single "Do It Again" (was it forced on them by the record company?)... It wasn't a bad show, but my favorites were on "Seven Days in Sammystown" tour at the Berkeley Square and some venue in Sacramento, where they wore Western clothes dusted with talcum and Bruce pounded a piece of metal during "Dark as the Dungeon."

One more thing... Stan wrote that WoV never had a Juno keyboard, but they certainly did during the Andy years, but -- with the help of tape or something -- it had been retitled Junk, and their Oberheim (I think) had been similarly rechristned Opie.


P.S. -- An ex-girlfriend claimed to have attended a very early WoV show in San Francisco where some gay men said they could suck better cock than a woman (or something like that) and Bruce took them up on their offer to prove it.

Date: 05/23/03 23:49:48 PDT

so all you voodudes,wot are your fav tracks, obviously they are all brilliant.the magnificent seven live on (marc, bruce, chas, stan,joe, andy and ned)why oh why did they not carry on a bit longer and make a few more fantastic albums..yes by the way, who is that guy with the kid?, looks familiar.hippie dave, yorkshire, england.

Date: 05/23/03 15:14:20 PDT

Fresh outta hell on a mornin´ so cold and alone, nobody there to say welcome home. So I roll like the leaves I blow like the sand and tumble like a papercup that´s caught in the wind...

Guess I know now what they meant.

Than u for listening.

Date: 05/23/03 03:04:23 PDT

Crashed my car yesterday, listening to Good Times......Came to a stop off the road and went to greet the other driver and after a while I realised that Crack The Bell was roaring out of my car stereo....I had to smile, and I had to let you people know. Nod, Inglaterra

Date: 05/22/03 02:32:26 PDT

This is Nod from England. I am devastated to hear that Marc Moreland has died. As a musician myself and a huge WOV fan, I would like to say that Marc was my greatest influence and there was never such a unique sound as his. The world of music has received a devastating blow. I had harboured the faint hope that one day WOV may play together again and now all I have is memories and a rare record collection. If there could ever be one thing I could say about Marc, it is that he formed what to me is the greatest band in the world, a band that changed my life forever. I miss WOV so much and now I miss them more.

Date: 05/18/03 17:56:42 PDT

The WOV office? The one in the "Call Box " video and where Jools Holland did the interview on the roof? Wasn't it on La Brea? Maybe around Melrose intersection? Mucker

Date: 05/18/03 17:52:21 PDT

Desperately trying to track down a live version of ‘Ring of Fire’ used to listen to many years ago on a tape got in Bali (maybe a bootleg?).. no longer have the tape but would love to get that track again… anyone have any idea how I can get it or the album? Pls contact dragon@guernsey.net if you have any news.. ta!

Date: 05/18/03 11:55:30 PDT

Meanwhile, here is a very interesting article I just stumbled across:

Stan Ridgway: The Music is the Movie

nz again

Date: 05/18/03 11:47:41 PDT

I think the ones who "don't get it" are the ones who come around here
only to display their mastery of inept sarcasm and tactless impudence.

If I find out where the office was Robert, I will hand-draw you a map.


Date: 05/18/03 10:49:03 PDT

there is nothing!!
you found something only here in europe!

Date: 05/18/03 05:21:48 PDT

Some people just don't get it, do they....

**shakes head sadly and walks away**

Date: 05/17/03 20:11:16 PDT

Hey, I'm in L.A. and I'd like to see Wall of Voodoo stuff. I'd like to buy a Wall of Voodoo shirt and other stuff. Also I'd like to see the original Wall of Voodoo office. Just tell me where to go....


Date: 05/16/03 21:26:41 PDT

Very sad news about June.
Thanks for the cool story, Stan.


Date: 05/16/03 12:44:42 PDT

june carter-that ring of fire,may the flame burn on forever.hippie dave,bradfordyorkshire, england...

Date: 05/16/03 12:36:59 PDT

We are saddened to hear of June Carter Cash's sudden passing and can only say she was a truly special, and extremely talented personality in her own right. Its hard to imagine a world without her and we can only send our love and prayers to the Cash family.

I had the plesure to meet June once in Edinborough Scotland back in the day with WOV on tour. She and John and their entire family were staying at the same hotel as us, in town to film a "Johnny Cash: Xmas in Scotland" TV special... and we met in the downstairs pub, along with her daughter Carlene Carter, a very nice person as well.

June was so natural and unpretentious. She laughed easily and immediately set you at ease with her relaxed sense of humour about things. I asked her about the Carter Family music and also if John had ever heard our version of Ring Of Fire. She had and loved it! That really made it for me, of course, her having written it. (along with fellow song-writer Merle Kilgore). She said that John had maybe heard it but wasn't sure and said "oh that John!..he's always somewhere else in his head ya know!" I still wonder.

Just then the elevator doors opened in the hotel lobby, and there was Johnny!, all in black and looking like a GIANT among all the fairly short Scotts. June said " oh boy ! Here we go! Gotta get to the show!" and I shook her hand and thanked her once again for all the music.
Johnny strode to the front entrance past the pub, glanced at me but did not smile , while June gathered her things and whisked out the entrance with John.

I still don't really know if Johnny's ever heard our version. If he ever did I hope he saw it as a tribute, which it is.

One more thing. June was very cultured and worldly wise, she studied acting with Sandy Meisner of The Actors Studio, and of course her family, The Carter Family, are an American musical treasure. But she still had and mantained a down to earth and rather eccentric personal style.

As she was leaving the pub there at the last minute I noticed her purse was actually a small fuzzy rabbit's head hollowed out and its ears were the straps. I'm not kidding.

Rest in Peace June Carter Cash. We'll remember and cherish meeting you always. We loved you.

Stan Ridgway and Family

p.s. Go out and buy "Press On" her solo cd that came out a few years back. Its like a diary of Junes' life. Its a great great record.

Date: 05/16/03 09:32:06 PDT

Well WoV's cover of Ring Of Fire, is a classic of the WoV history.
Sorry about hearing of June's death, she did indeed seem like a pleasant person. - And a great songwriter too!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 05/15/03 22:06:16 PDT

June Carter Cash passed away this afternoon . She was 73 . Some of you may not be aware that she wrote "Ring of Fire" with Merle Kilgore. June was a really nice lady.

Date: 05/15/03 09:55:00 PDT

Does that mean that you have a live recording of them when you opened for them or that you need a copy of the show?

Date: 05/15/03 03:34:39 PDT

Does anybody have any information about the live recording from the "Metropol Loft" gig, Berlin in the Late 80's. My band opened for them.

Date: 05/14/03 15:16:13 PDT

How about a change of scene?

What's your favorite environment for listening to WOV? I'm sure some will mention driving in the desert. Being a midwesterner, mine's always been lying in bed in the dark. Marc and Chas just take my brain to these places.....


Date: 05/14/03 01:00:55 PDT

Anyone know if any possibility that the video for "Ride",,,( there was one, right?)is digitized and available for us marc freaks to view. I need more than the voodoo video collection.. The only way to see mm play now is by digging up as many vid snips as i can. Thanks

How 'bout unreleased Crooks mp3s? Anyone?

The lucky two dollar bill

Rich <<< shivering on cahuenga and yucca" well Orange County

The ice cream truck ? it's 8 o'clock in the fuckin' morning!

Date: 05/12/03 16:51:08 PDT

Caltrna - ? whomever left a posting for chas fram caltrans - pleases let mer know . That is a part of my pasd I would love to staaay in touch with. DOT Chas

Date: 05/10/03 12:16:35 PDT

From a Trouser Press Article 'Breaking Down the Wall of Voodoo':

Stan Ridgway:
"Los Angeles has a lot of Mexican radio stations that bounce off the mountains.
Some days they're there, and others you try to find them and they're gone.
Before I wrote the song I was thinking about people in LA tuning their car radios to try to find 'real' [English-language] music.
I like to listen to sounds or a language I don't understand; you can leave the country without leaving your car.
We put the song together with that in mind.
'Mexican Radio' is a romantic tale of ethnic bewilderment, of vanishing urban communications. "


Date: 05/10/03 08:15:03 PDT

What does the song Mexican Radio mean? Why did they make the song? And what poetic value doe sit have? I need to do a report on the song and i need these questions answered

Date: 05/07/03 11:54:34 PDT

"PUNK!!??? Don't call me a punk! A punk is a guy in jail who takes it up the butt for candy bars so don't call me no punk ,punk!" Joe Nanini , The Exit Inn ,Nashville ,Tn. May 1983

Date: 05/05/03 13:40:59 PDT

stan is simple, a star but a simple man with the persons!
others wov members are stars too!!!!!

Date: 05/04/03 12:33:42 PDT

NED is in a band called TONI & THE TOMCATS.

Date: 05/04/03 07:11:00 PDT

No, it was MARC that worked in a hotel in London, check out the interview with TOBY.

Date: 05/04/03 01:54:04 PDT

are bruce,ned and chas still making music,if so what bands?.someone said bruce worked in a hotel in london at one point,cannot see it,but you never know.so why exactly did wov split.also are there any unreleased tracks in the vaults,and i dont mean their albums,wake up mca,a and m..keep going to send them piece of my mind,but cant find addys for them,tossers(as u in usa would say jerkoffs). hippie dave,yorkshire,england

Date: 05/03/03 04:16:37 PDT

I am the Creepy Clave...RM

Date: 05/02/03 23:19:54 PDT

OK dudes, that was just a theory ... a wrong one indeed. I blew it off. But hey, unlike statements, theories are meant to be challenged.
Talking about challenges ... where do the following statements can be found in the WOV works ?
a) RM = creepy clave
b) one false move
c) beware the mouths that move and speak no truth
you are not gonna find those on CDs ... Mazda or J.S Kendun should be able to shed some light on those riddles.
Sacrebleu !!!
Freedom Spy

Date: 05/01/03 16:40:18 PDT

Lord Buckley's Birthday is the same as Stan's - April 5th!

and a Happy B Day to Ms Vieuxdo!!

pele'the tranny

Date: 05/01/03 12:47:42 PDT


Date: 05/01/03 12:24:27 PDT


Date: 05/01/03 11:28:54 PDT

Don't forget Saddam Hussein (April 28th).
Anyone wanna buy a statue of Ishtar really cheap?
Larry the Looter

Date: 04/30/03 21:57:48 PDT

So what you're saying is that you are actually 39 "Part 4"
; )

Happy birthday to: Ms. Vieuxdo, Chas, Mr. Montreal, Stan, Richard M. and anyone else who finds their way in here!


Date: 04/30/03 19:23:34 PDT

P.S. Happy Birthday, Ms Vieuxdo. Sending you cyber-lilacs.

Date: 04/30/03 19:14:58 PDT

April is the cruellest month, breeding / Lilacs out of the dead land..
T.S. Eliot

Date: 04/30/03 18:39:18 PDT

Okay, this birthday in April thing is getting spooky. Mine's April 24th and I'm now a pitiful 43 years old. Can I get a group hug??

**creeping towards the loo with her silver walker**

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 04/30/03 15:41:28 PDT

Yeah, what is Chas doing these days?
-An old buddy from CalTrans

Date: 04/30/03 14:37:21 PDT

DOMINICK (my birhtday's in June)

Date: 04/30/03 14:34:03 PDT

Thanks for the birthday wishes Stan and R.M.!

Glad you're enjoying the exotic concoctions, Stan! I'm working on even more potions... I'll send the recipes when I get them just right.

And when is our next exciting "convention" weekend in NYC gonna take place?


J.T. in Montreal

Date: 04/30/03 13:07:46 PDT

God i just love you guys....by the way completist types i appeared on Eastenders [blighty's biggest soap, kinda all my children with cockney accents and bad teeth], got the final lines on the show which is a big honour then followed that up by appearing in new pop video as a hideous creature in tiny black Speedos, mirror contacts, all over black body paint and fangs. Also my new studio is opening in two weeks. so as you can see i am finally settling down.
Hey stan.. xenadrine is the new black and legal!
Chas ya lovely big bear good to hear from you, happy b day!!!!!and Stan and canookie John! happy happy happy

Date: 04/30/03 12:39:53 PDT

Agatha's cross-posting from other sites. You bad bad girl!
Clark Price

Date: 04/30/03 12:38:02 PDT

Must be all that Summer Love!

Date: 04/30/03 12:31:48 PDT

John in Montreal! you big wonderful canook you! Happy Birthday to YOU!
Next thing I know it'll be Larry Hastings Bday too...! Got your mai tai hi ball mag and recipes and am mixing up a bamboo booze hole to swim in...

Date: 04/30/03 11:34:09 PDT


Date: 04/30/03 11:17:18 PDT

All this Drywall talk...

Stan and co. did a great extended, semi-acoustic version of Police Call when they played NYC last November. Deserves to be heard by more of the folks here...

Can't wait for all this reported new stuff... new Stan, new Angels, even new Drayall (?).

Still lurking around here after all this time,
John in Montreal
(whose birthday also falls in April... today, in fact!)

Date: 04/30/03 11:15:03 PDT

Chas - are you still making music?

Date: 04/30/03 11:04:13 PDT

Who's playing drums on the new Drywall CD?

Date: 04/30/03 10:54:44 PDT

When does new Stan Ridgway CD come out?

Date: 04/30/03 10:47:47 PDT

In answer to Dominick's question: Ivan Knight (formerly of the neo-psychedlic Rain Parade) was last spotted playing drums in a blues bar in Madrid. Before that he was busy documenting the music of the local tribespeople in Taos, New Mexico. Someone also spotted him eating a large plate of fried rice and black beans at a surfing competition in Costa Rica. As for Pietra Wexstun, she can be heard on the new Stan Ridgway solo album, the new Drywall apocalyptic document, the new "Blood Show" soundtrack, and the new Hecate's Angels' CD,"Saints and Scoundrels." New new new!
Check 'em out when they come out! Which should be very very soon.
-Agatha Price, Media Whore

Date: 04/30/03 09:48:38 PDT

Chas! its your Birthday month too? Gee...I never knew.
Let us meet in our wheelchairs back near the 'ol WOV offices on Cosmo and race each other down to where the Gold Cup used to be.
I'll buy the crank and then we'll call Mazda collect and get him to re-mix Exercise as a kinda "white stripes" car wreck rave -up.
Millions could litterally be lining our sad empty pockets in a matter of days! The kids are dumb enough to go fer it! what do ya think? Just a bunch 'o Big Talk?
Happy B Day Chas!
stan the straw that still stirs (but slightly less frantically at times...)

Date: 04/30/03 09:10:50 PDT

My favorite Drywall tune is HELL IN A HANDBASKET.
-Diogenes the Cynic (yes, I stole your name - the world ain't fair!)

Date: 04/29/03 23:48:32 PDT

O.K. I'll try again. Mazda I had forgotten that you were a fellow April birthmate with Stan and I. Happy Birthday! I have not checked this site in months - probably six. I heartily agree with the things you and Stan - the straw that stirs(to quote our hero Joe Nanini) have said. I will try to be more dilgent in checking in as I find this site quite informative and entertaining. My love to you both, Sexually yours Chas..

Date: 04/29/03 23:38:36 PDT

in any case Marc always said you were an idiot, so I guess it's true. Love to all , Chas.

Date: 04/29/03 22:34:54 PDT

Did anyone here see the movie "sonny" directed by Nic Cage...Wall of Voodoo's "Ring Of Fire" is in it and its a cool cool thang ...babe...
the hollywood gal

Date: 04/29/03 16:39:37 PDT

Hey what's with the code? Is this site bugged?

Date: 04/29/03 16:36:31 PDT

-George Washington

Date: 04/29/03 15:59:52 PDT

OWN PRIVATE SEX CLUB is the best song!

Date: 04/29/03 14:55:18 PDT

My fave's on The Drywall Project would be: "Police Call", "Bel Air Blues", Hell In A Handbasket", "Highway Song", "Mr. Smith" and "Time Wave Zero" - sorry the album's just too good to just mention one.
The D. Incident is equally good, and the pair really suits each other. Almost all tunes on that one genius. - "Bring Me The Head Of Jackie Lazar"!!!
Drywall IS indeed God!

Date: 04/29/03 13:13:17 PDT

The "Menendez Boys" tune is actually called "Bel Air Blues." My favorite is "Back towards Diamond Bar." Very spooky cool.
Jimmy from Diamond Bar (I'm not kidding!)

Date: 04/29/03 12:54:23 PDT

"violence And Murder" from The Drywall Incident is the ultimate composition!!

Date: 04/29/03 12:40:39 PDT

Right on!.. what a great CD ... the lyrics are really out there...
my favorites are MR.SMITH and TIME WAVE ZERO... love the "are you sleeping brother john" lick in THINK I'LL CALL THE MENENDEZ BOYS... isn't that what that tune is?... really dig it...any more info on Pietra Wexstun and Ivan Knight?...

Date: 04/29/03 10:52:19 PDT

Drywall is God!

Date: 04/29/03 01:30:07 PDT

I don't know much about this whole WOV thing. I've been a casual fan since whenever "Urgh! A Music War" came out, and I saw its first theatrical release, and it changed my life forever, in no small part because of WOV's performance. My favorite albums are Index masters and Dark Continent. OK, so I've dated myself. I just thought I'd share with you all that bought (on a whim) the 2CD version of Stan's Drywall Project. I haven't heard it all yet.. I'm listening to little parts of it over and over and then moving on to another few songs. It's fascinating. What do you all think of this thing? I can tell right away it'll take me many, many listens to fully appreciate it.
"I am looking for a dildo in the sky",

Date: 04/29/03 00:53:08 PDT

next monday ...keep it coming i can feel the love in the room [behind the locked studio door....]

Date: 04/28/03 23:23:06 PDT

Did Richard Mazda have a birthday?

Why were the major media not informed of this special event? Why did not Ted Koppel, or Charlie Rose, or the BBC devote an entire program to this man's musical and artistic, literary and surreal contributions to modern thought and thinking? He was there when it all came down!

Its a strange and upside down world we live in. A world where "genius" starts the revolution and "thieves" carry it out.

Happy Birthday Mr.Richard Mazda! Producer extrodinare.
A total pleasure to know you still and here's to many more birthdays!
Hey?! ..now who locked this studio door?
Stan Ridgway

Date: 04/28/03 09:47:20 PDT

Don't worry Mazda, I reckon that in a week all this will drown in a heavy celebration to the man who produced some of the best albums ever!!!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 04/26/03 13:33:54 PDT

Guys, don't you see what we have here? a brand new WOV fan. Personally, I want to hear what he has to say. Remember how it was with you guys when you first got turned on to WOV? Let's try to help him. AVERY!!! I assume the one you bought was CALL OF THE WEST, but let's ask you some questions:

1. What cd did you buy?

2. What is your favorite song on it?

3. If you could pick a song to be released, which one?

4. What would you compare their sound to?

5. Tell us why you have connected with the WOV sound?

6. There was a second lead singer after STAN RIDGWAY left named ANDY PRIEBOY. Whould you be interested in hearing what they sounded like with him?

7. What did you like better, the lyrics or the music?

Let us know. Any of you, TOBY, MS. V, KR,JTL,NZ, MAJOR MAL.
Hell, STAN & MAZDA! This is a new fan & as hard is it may be to think that all these years later people want this great music because they are hearing it for the first time is great. You guys ask him about it. Let's try to make this cd not be the only thing he gets from this band that we love so much.


Date: 04/26/03 13:18:21 PDT

best late who never!!!!!

Date: 04/26/03 12:41:46 PDT

hello Avery!....?...don't think there will be any Wall Of Voodoo on Tour soon....the band is no more and has been for quite awhile. in fact , two original members have passed on... But its great you finally found them and theur music here after all these years.

Wall Of Voodoo Lives!

Date: 04/26/03 03:25:15 PDT

This is bloody Mary.

Date: 04/25/03 19:19:13 PDT


Date: 04/25/03 12:31:22 PDT

Charo rules!

Date: 04/25/03 12:29:57 PDT

I've got a birthday surprise for you, mi amor.
Coochie, coochie
Princess Puta

Date: 04/22/03 04:48:32 PDT

Which Michael am I? The only one who ever did his impression of Abe Lincoln at Al's Bar. (As if that wasn't a red light...)

Date: 04/21/03 17:47:25 PDT

Man, I'm just a desperate fool in search of a CD-R of "Dark Continent". I wore that LP down to nothing over the years, and I'm depressed by its utter lack of availability on CD. If any kind soul out there could please help me out with this, I can trade a copy of the Index Masters.. I've also got a boatload of Zappa for trade, or I'm certain I can find a suitable currency of reciprocation..
SOMEBODY PLEASE take pity on my condition! I'd buy it if I could! A thousand thank-you's to anyone who's willing to help me out in this regard, please respond privately, before I'm bitten by a tse-tse fly and contract sars or some damn thing.
This way out,
-Patrick (splat@darkwing.uoregon.edu)

Date: 04/21/03 17:17:28 PDT

i rember the shark shack by the way

Date: 04/21/03 17:16:13 PDT

hey guys ....that's ...touching..y'know it's dumb reely but i jus' love that fact that my boith day is on a special day,[in a latino/l.a. kinda way], an' yeah I wuz no child genius but only 26 or so when i first met the voodooose and ready for something to happen'....
Which Michael are you? ...there were a couple around that time

Date: 04/21/03 12:27:59 PDT

Where to start... where to start...?

Stan, I owe you an apology from about 21 years ago, when I disappeared into my first clinically-depressed isolation without apprising you, and after you'd been SO kind to jump in front of the camera for that CalArts project I was humping with. Didn't you realize people go around for half their lives with guilt feelings over things you'd forgotten about 10 minutes after they happen?

RM, Boberg's shark shack was in Hermosa. He also used to serve filet of soul. I know he filetted mine.

I prefer pasta to tubers.

How strange that Joe and I both ended up in Atlanta. I guess not so strange, if you consider that most people end up in one of the 20 largest U.S. metro areas -- which is what makes them the 20 largest, btw... altho I didn't completely end up in Atlanta... oh well, you know what I mean...

In Biarritz for my b'day in '89, I'm in a seaside cafe, and suddenly the sound system starts spraying Carol all over the place, and I was happy. Garsh.

Still floundering,

IRS NDoP, circa 1 B.C. (Before Cary)

Date: 04/20/03 15:38:06 PDT

Er... If Mazda is turning 39 now, then he must have been in his teens when producing CotW. I can imagine Mazda being a child genious but still...

Date: 04/19/03 23:57:06 PDT

Mazda, Happy Birthday in advance!
Are you 39 like me?
(this is my FIRST year of said age)
; )


Date: 04/19/03 12:28:33 PDT

Feliz Cumpleanos, Ricardo. Tu eres muy viejo!

Date: 04/19/03 08:35:48 PDT

Happy birthday to be on may 5th !!!!

Date: 04/19/03 05:29:14 PDT

hey...it's my bithday on Cinqo de Mayo! Somebody...Anybody..!?

Date: 04/18/03 23:29:56 PDT


Date: 04/18/03 10:28:25 PDT

How old is he?

Date: 04/18/03 09:10:47 PDT

Happy birthday ANDY PRIEBOY!!!!

Date: 04/18/03 07:28:26 PDT

we want video of w.o.v.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
free or payament!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 04/16/03 06:40:57 PDT

Change is in the air...
Judging from the fact that stanridgway.com is down now, the new Stan Ridgway CD will be released soon and the website is being redesigned... I hope.
Some one clear this up...

Major Mal

Date: 04/14/03 21:21:56 PDT

its great to have this resourse in the Beyond Tomorrow pages in addition to the page here. Thanks Moe.and thanks Larry Hastings at the BT site. The video of Funzone is just ..well..can I say it ? Dope babe! ...full, robust dope! A blast from the past.

Dopey...from Utah.

Date: 04/14/03 21:12:05 PDT

The Ridgway "Beyond Tomorrow" website has a WOV Funzone vid fronm the US Fest in the 80's right here - very cool!
and there are also some notes from Stan Ridgway about the show that day...
go here now!:

moe the wov media badger

Date: 04/14/03 18:09:49 PDT

Performance of Voodoo doing FUNZONE is on stanridgway.com

Date: 04/14/03 08:35:27 PDT

VIDEO OF WALL OF VOODOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE WANT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 04/13/03 13:53:57 PDT


imperator of the world
CICERONE you worm, your brother hero!!

Date: 04/12/03 22:15:19 PDT

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.

Date: 04/12/03 22:05:09 PDT

Is that you, William Bennett?

Date: 04/12/03 20:35:04 PDT

Maior pars mortalium, Pauline, de naturae malignitate conqueritur, quod in exiguum aeui gignimur, quod haec tam uelociter, tam rapide dati nobis temporis spatia decurrant, adeo ut exceptis admodum paucis ceteros in ipso uitae apparatu uita destituat. Nec huic publico, ut opinantur, malo turba tantum et imprudens uulgus ingemuit; clarorum quoque uirorum hic affectus querellas euocauit. Inde illa maximi medicorum exclamatio est: "uitam breuem esse, longam artem". Inde Aristotelis cum rerum natura exigentis minime conueniens sapienti uiro lis: "aetatis illam animalibus tantum indulsisse, ut quina aut dena saecula educerent, homini in tam multa ac magna genito tanto citeriorem terminum stare."

Date: 04/12/03 20:17:48 PDT

Oh no, I'd rather be discussing the size of Mazda's love pole and how it relates to the big beat.
Sheila the T.

Date: 04/12/03 20:02:03 PDT

Hey, Mr. Tattoo. You may be forced to wear a numbered one, if you don't keep your eyes and ears open. That's all we're saying.
In addition to being fans of WOV, some of us are artists too. And we prefer freedom of expression to having to carve a bunch of statues of Stalin or Saddam Hussein to survive.

Date: 04/12/03 14:18:59 PDT

To be sung in the key of "F" for freedom:
"If men are precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." (from George Washington's address to Officers of the Army, March 15,1783) Boom shakalakalaka Oh yeah!

Date: 04/12/03 13:31:21 PDT

I thought this was the "Forum," not the "Coliseum."
Freedom of speech forever!!!!
Natalie Mains

Date: 04/12/03 01:24:10 PDT

hey you southern boy, don't mis-use my name

Sir Jez!

Date: 04/12/03 00:31:08 PDT

Look at all this anti-Republican rhetoric .........Jeez ,who woulda ever thunk that the fat Dixie Chick would post on the WOV forum.

Date: 04/11/03 17:25:32 PDT

"If they don't get the green - they can't make the scene."
- Barney the Beatnik
P.S. Wit is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder.

Date: 04/11/03 17:13:06 PDT

Support all artist-endorsed websites and manufacturers!
Love, Tinkerbell

Date: 04/11/03 13:23:13 PDT

That's a bit harsh. How about exile and hard labor?

Date: 04/11/03 13:09:56 PDT

Death to all right-wing corporate bloodsuckers like Cheney, Chaney or whatever. That's why it's so hard to find CD's by great artists like WOV. They've been lost in the corporate shuffle that's plagued all media.
The Seeker

Date: 04/11/03 08:52:24 PDT

Just because you like Wall of Woodoo does not necessarily mean you are clever or witty. (It's Lon CHANEY ,dumbass) -Mucker

Date: 04/10/03 21:18:21 PDT

Dick Cheney = Phantom of the White House (is he related to Lon Cheney?)

Date: 04/10/03 10:16:00 PDT

Regime Change 2004 (or sooner)!

Date: 04/10/03 08:53:15 PDT

Bush must be a geography teacher. Went to Northern Ireland and thought he would stay in Dublin. Poor States....

And after the war, when they take all the oil with good ole Dick, i guess George II will become richer than William Gates III.

Date: 04/08/03 17:24:55 PDT

Or died from SARS

Date: 04/08/03 09:59:47 PDT

We have all been bombed by a mistake.

Date: 04/08/03 01:43:47 PDT


"The lanes are closed"

"Your racket's got a hole"

"(the) Field's rained out"

"The fish are on vacation"


"The greens are overgrown"

...so I don't know WHERE the fuck they are!!


Date: 04/07/03 19:58:18 PDT

Where the hell is everybody???????????

Date: 04/04/03 14:33:23 PST

Guess I shouldn't be surprised that "Excercise" was not on Kazaa, but I ripped it from my cassette: http://zardoz.dsl.visi.com/mp3/voodoo/Excercise%20-%20Call%20of%20the%20West%20-%20Wall%20of%20Voodoo.mp3

Does anyone else have a line on the other Double-Asterisk (**) songs on the Discography?

Date: 04/01/03 17:41:46 PST

Check this out...go here, turn on your speakers, and let the song load (it begins loading automatically)

Date: 04/01/03 11:01:47 PST

"Love is a happy thing. It gives the loggers a song they can sing and it puts the bean right back in the green yeah, love is a happy thing..."

Date: 03/30/03 17:06:38 PST

H-hey (sniff)why not... Thanks guys for making everything better. I apologize for what happened... WOV Forever!!!!!!

Date: 03/30/03 15:11:39 PST

Come back oh friendly photo man. We didn't mean to dis you. We just wanted to thank those folks for their kind remarks about the show. Everybody needs love, dontcha' know...and we love you too for sharing your pix. Can we kiss you and make it better?
S & P

Date: 03/30/03 10:21:50 PST

Um.... Yeah.... I wasn't posting the pics about the Blood Show... Yeah.... It was a friendly thing to do.... And you just (sniff sniff) stomp on my heart with your remarks... Oh Lord... I feel so useless... Goodbye cruel world..... BAM!

Date: 03/28/03 21:36:58 PST

Can we buy this Mark Ryden Blood Show music soon? Some of us do not live in Los Angeles ya know. Please oh please.
Sammy the Skeek from the 'ol Salt Lake

Date: 03/28/03 21:28:17 PST

We mean about the Blood Show. Not the pix. We're sure they're good too.
S & P

Date: 03/28/03 18:20:13 PST

Gee thanks.
S & P

Date: 03/28/03 14:50:41 PST

Hey... Found some WOV pics from June of 83. It's only Marc and Chas, probably because Stan and Joe left. Anyway, here's the website...


Date: 03/27/03 19:54:07 PST

I too saw the Blood show with Stan and Pietra's music. Entering the red velvet inner sanctum felt like entering a seance room at the Addam's family home (funny that Angelica Huston was there). Banshees wailed, angels sang and ghostly children murmured prayers. Terrific stuff. Right in step with these emotionally perplexing times.


Date: 03/26/03 23:16:36 PST

Saw Mark Ryden's Blood show this past weekend. The music was beautiful, eerie and evocative. Sure hope there's a CD in the works. The paintings were lovely little gems - none of which I could afford. Saw Angelica Huston there. I'm sure she could afford them.
-The Lady in Red

Date: 03/26/03 19:06:45 PST

Hippie Dave,Bradford,Yorkshire,Northern England:

email me if you want burned CD copies of ANY WoV material.
I will not do 'Call of the West', beacause it IS available,
but anything out of print is fair game -
until somebody gets off their ass and releases this stuff.


Date: 03/26/03 12:29:53 PST

tried that alt.binaries.sounds but got nowhere...Anyone knows who exactly owns the rights to Voodoo albums?.Records no good,need cds.Bloody ridiculous they are not available.Hippie Dave,Bradford,Yorkshire,Northern England.

Date: 03/25/03 22:58:31 PST

"skeeks" = WOV speak for geeks and /or dweebs / freaks...kinda brutal but true. we all need to get along...
ms. margaret mead / anthropoligist PHD

Date: 03/25/03 22:54:29 PST

maz - sr here...i've just read your email. and i have responded to the zen place. ...sorry... i did not see this mail until now today 3/25/03.., check the zen address and all will be revealed...we need to get our cyber - sounds a poppin'...don't bring any skeeks wit cha....please...i can't take anymore in the house..we be full up....

sr & pw at the sand standin' on plywood....

Date: 03/25/03 13:05:40 PST

It's a new cover...new liner notes, too.

Dane Bramage

Date: 03/24/03 07:52:41 PST

Has anybody checked out: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&uid=10:39:24|AM&sql=Ag5520r3at48v ?
Is that a new cover for Black Diamond - or a huge AMG mistake?!?!?

Graeme Q.

Date: 03/23/03 06:51:10 PST

Hey Stan, read your own board for once...

Date: 03/23/03 01:33:36 PST


Date: 03/22/03 20:38:05 PST

Hi. I am looking for the cassette Dark Continent or the first EP on cassette if it ever was put on cassette? Does anybody know where to obtain this? Please email me at elvisina14@aol.com

Date: 03/22/03 13:49:11 PST

If you have the newsreader capablility, someone has posted mp3s The EP ,"Dark Continent" and "Call of the West" on alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1980s. If you have no other means of getting these tracks ,you can download them from there. They were posted within the last week . BTW, I'm not the geezer who posted them so no bitcha to me if you have a problem with them being there. Auld Mucker

Date: 03/22/03 01:48:57 PST

because there are rares!!!!!

Date: 03/20/03 14:12:21 PST

why the hell are the wall of voodoo albums not on cd?,have them on vinyl,but no player.Who owns the rights to release the stuff now irs are gone.Tried the net,but are like rocking horse shit to find.Best band I ever saw live,brilliant.HIPPIE DAVE,BRADFORD,YORKSHIRE,NORTH OF ENGLAND

Date: 03/20/03 03:18:15 PST

Hey Stan ..read ya email maz

Date: 03/19/03 23:23:37 PST

Already a year plus...

Rest in peace, Marc
Gonna play the cover of walk the line in my wedding music rotation this summer... probably get plan 9 from vegas and maybe tomorrow or tse tse fly to counteract my fiance's dixie chick selections

the lucky two dollar bill to all

Date: 03/17/03 13:33:13 PST


Date: 03/17/03 13:24:55 PST

Stan Ridgway and Pietra Wexstun have composed a musical score for new
works by
artist Mark Ryden. This week in Los Angeles.

"BLOOD" - Miniature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear

The show is open to the public March 22 through May 10.
The event:
The paintings:

Date: 03/16/03 13:39:20 PST

wtf is THAT supposed to mean?

Date: 03/15/03 13:21:03 PST

only a true member of wall of voodoo can be the director of this site, and not others.

w.o.v. funs (international)

Date: 03/14/03 20:13:48 PST

I can't believe it's been a year... wow. You are missed, Marc.


Date: 03/14/03 07:28:38 PST

This is what I get for being one of only two people
who showed up here to pay tribute to Marc yesterday?

FYI, My site gives full credit for the "stolen" photos, in more than one place.
(including the bottom of the page that photo links to)

Not to mention, Ms. V, you said many moons
ago that you were going to return the favor
of all the links I posted to your site on mine.



Date: 03/14/03 07:07:24 PST

Hey, if you're gonna steal photos to post on your web sites or here on the wall, you might be kind enough to mention where you got them from in the first place.

Ms. V

Date: 03/13/03 10:58:24 PST


Date: 03/13/03 10:50:21 PST

The best way to learn those songs is the old-fashioned way:
By Ear.
Let the spirit of Marc enter you, and all wi' be well.

One year on a Marc-less planet is one year too many by far.
R.I.P., Marc - you are missed.


Date: 03/13/03 07:40:15 PST

Does anyone know where I can find Wall of Voodoo guitar tab? I'm learning to play, and would like to learn some Wall of Voodoo songs, particularly: Longarm, Factory, Lost Weekend, Don't Spill my courage...any help would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 03/13/03 02:18:59 PST

we know us??'
WHY I AM I??? it's too much strange
i remember a song of JL
i am he as you are he as you are me and we are.............

Date: 03/13/03 01:08:31 PST

A year ago today Marc died. It still seems unreal and wrong.

Date: 03/12/03 19:19:24 PST

"Hitler has only got one ball,..... the other is in the Albert Hall. Himmler has something similar..... and Goering..... has no balls at all" -The original lyrics to "Colonel Bogey" (aka "The Theme From the Bridge Over The River Kwai".

Date: 03/12/03 18:29:42 PST

In the latest developments involving Iraq and the USA, a forgotten WOV song popped into my head. And it goes a little something like this...

"We get hard when we hear the sound, of megaton bombs falling on the ground. And if we can't get it up then, then we'll all cum clean when we count to 10. I wanna have a wargasm, I wanna have a wargasm right now!" - "Wargasm" off of the Take Me To Your Leader Demos

Date: 03/12/03 09:21:04 PST

Camoflage is on Stan Ridgway's solo album "The Big Heat." It's still around (I just saw it on overstock.com for $9) and well worth a listen.


Date: 03/08/03 17:07:51 PST

please tell me where i can find the song camoflage.

Date: 03/08/03 15:02:21 PST

Hi, this is Chris from Germany and I have a question.
How do you (or do you at all), as experienced W.O.V.-listeners interpret the lyrics from the W.O.V.-song Full Tension? To me it sounds like the author was inspired by a chemical-drug-experience when writing this words. It felt to me like a déja vu when I listened to it that way, so I´d like to know if any of you is of the same opinion, or maybe has nearer info bout this.

Date: 03/08/03 11:22:24 PST

They're from "End of an Era", the first live track on the index masters. Stan was and is an underappricated genius, as were all others in that band (but we all know that already).


Date: 03/07/03 23:14:42 PST

Wow!...If those are WOV lyrics........they're the first ones that I don't recognize!

Date: 03/07/03 20:56:33 PST

"My conscience calls me to the phone...speaking voice, telling me it's time to go. I think of the past, the present the future and it's all the same." - End of An Era


Date: 03/07/03 12:50:48 PST

"Look at the way they're walking. All these people around are giving me looks. They keep a big secret on the quiet side. Where's the nearest place to hide? Look at their way."

Date: 03/05/03 21:52:12 PST

Yeah, I got lucky about 6 months ago on GEMM
(a brand new Index Masters CD for $15.00 US)
...but since then the prices on Dark Continent and I.M. have skyrocketed.
It is still worth checking there every so often, though.
Trust me on that.


Date: 03/05/03 19:37:03 PST

Oh, and by the way please don't refer me to that website in Bumfuck, Egypt b/c dealing w/ those assholes is a pain.......first they 've got ,then they don't ($57.00 a copy) .......believe me I've tried!! Thanx..........Brujo14@aol.com

Date: 03/05/03 19:22:50 PST

I have managed to weazel CD copies of both "Dark Continent" and "Call of the West" but have not been able to obtain "Index Masters " on CD. In the past, I have found people gracious enough to burn me a copy on a CD burner (please don't start w/ the legal bullshit, b/c if they were available from IRS, I'd be the first one to jump on it).....and I have compensated them accordingly. I have two (2) pristine copies of "Index" on vinyl(album) so if someone wants to trade or sell me a copy on CD I would be most appreciative. Please E-mail me if you can and will help me w/ this....Thanx Brujo14@aol.com

Date: 03/05/03 16:40:57 PST

I think you have Miles Copeland and his piece of shit IRS records to thank for not being able to find any of this. Any good band he ever signed had to get away from his cheapo rip-off ways. Not to mention his crass inability to understand artists.
A Former Employee (who had to get away too)

Date: 03/05/03 15:06:21 PST

You'll do it tomorrow?

Date: 03/05/03 15:05:38 PST


Date: 03/05/03 11:23:36 PST

"But I've got another Factory back home, I got a barbeque pink mustang fenders chrome. At nine o' clock I'm in my chair sat down. Just lately when my wife talks back to me I slap her around"........

Date: 03/05/03 09:45:05 PST

songs for unique peoples,
what's the others?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Date: 03/05/03 05:25:08 PST

"Maybe I should'a stayed in school, he said"...."yeah, I know, start your own business cleaning swimming pools, she said"...instead of another Lost Weekend........

Date: 03/05/03 01:56:26 PST

"Date: 03/04/03 15:20:48 PST
where the hell can you get all the cds?,want to replace tapes.Time all the albums were reissued on cd,an insult to the band that they are not.Dave,England"

Dave, England -

Try here:

If that doesn't do it for you, contact me:


Date: 03/04/03 23:51:19 PST

more drywall please

Date: 03/04/03 22:51:26 PST

"This Way Out" is as timely as ever. Genius.

Date: 03/04/03 19:12:27 PST

I'd have to say that "Tragic Vaudeville" and "Big City" are my favorites off of Sammystown. Although, Sammystown spawned some of the most incredible songs Voodoo ever recorded. While every single song on Dark Continent blew me away from the very first time I heard it. "Back In Flesh", "Crack The Bell", "Animal Day" and "This Way Out" have to be my favorites off of that album. I think the reason they didn't become hits was probably because they were too unique and sophisticated at a time when European new wave and dying punk bands were running crazy. Not to mention all of that pop shit.

Date: 03/04/03 15:20:48 PST

where the hell can you get all the cds?,want to replace tapes.Time all the albums were reissued on cd,an insult to the band that they are not.Dave,England

Date: 03/04/03 11:35:22 PST

mona what is ?
mona lisa?
in venetian language mona = pussy ok?


Date: 03/04/03 08:54:19 PST

Mona fucking rules - the best song on Sammys

Date: 03/03/03 16:06:33 PST

The key word is “ponderously” as applicable to death metal cavemen or goth neckbiters with bootblacked hair (who think Ann Rice’s purple prose is the highest standard of literary achievement in America)...Then there is “intelligently” stupid (like “Mexican Radio” or even “Tse Tse” fly - that is more dada-absurdist. (Think Robert Smigel of TV Funhouse and Triumph the Dog fame or musically speaking Black Randy and the Metro Squad - which, by the way, featured both Joe Nannini and the illustrious David Brown)...Just adding a little fat to the fire. (now that Whitesnake is out of commission).

Date: 03/03/03 13:41:06 PST

"It was two minutes till lunch, so i got good and ready, but then I heard my foreman call.....DON'T TOUCH THAT YOU'LL BLOW THIS PLACE UP!"

Date: 03/03/03 13:31:21 PST

"Someone smashed my alarm, it's got me on the edge, ya know it's so sharp"

Date: 03/03/03 10:20:56 PST

Not so surreal - people do eat iguana in Mexico.
Princess Puta

Date: 03/03/03 09:13:47 PST

That's surrealistically clever!

Date: 03/02/03 23:34:33 PST

"I wish I was in Tijuana....eating barbequed iguana"

Date: 03/02/03 12:39:23 PST

yeah, I agree

Date: 03/02/03 10:09:37 PST

Sorry, but I always found that song to be lame. "Crazy Roman gowns"?
The lyrics are ponderously stupid.
Sticking my neck out again.

Date: 03/02/03 04:44:39 PST

I think Mona would go great with his deep voice


Date: 03/01/03 15:22:49 PST

Since WOV did a couple of songs associated with Johnny Cash (he didn't write either "Ring of Fire" or "Dark as A Dungeon"), I wonder what WOV songs would make a good Johnny Cash record? i know he is ill but he is still recording. He even won a Grammy the other night. How about "Lost Weekend"? Little Mac

Date: 03/01/03 14:25:48 PST

What about baked?

Date: 03/01/03 07:14:54 PST

eat pasta with NATURAL pomodoro with NATURAL olive oil , for potatoes you must eat boiled ( because can be dangerouse if you eat them fried). Hey!!


Date: 03/01/03 06:53:41 PST

I eat both

Date: 02/28/03 15:33:35 PST

I'd rather eat pasta than potatoes.

Date: 02/28/03 11:27:31 PST

john travolta feel himself more italian than irish!!

Date: 02/27/03 23:19:04 PST

Are you calling me a mook? Hey what's a mook?
Robert DeNiro

Date: 02/27/03 23:15:50 PST

I repeat my question...why "Sienna" and not "Nagasaki"?

Date: 02/27/03 14:13:21 PST


Date: 02/27/03 11:00:09 PST

FYI : Joe Nanini's mother was/is Japanese. Little Mac

Date: 02/26/03 23:49:06 PST

Previous message Robert Klaysmat,,,Drummer


Date: 02/26/03 23:47:31 PST

HATS OFF................Original Music,,,,,,something that todays' music just can't grasp................Robert Klaysmat,,,,Drummer

Date: 02/26/03 15:11:41 PST

So the "N's" got mixed up in the surname and the city (Siena/ Sienna & Nannini/ Nanini). Is that what you're saying? Is this an ancestral reference on the part of the late, great Mr. N.?
Pedantically yours, Signor Mookie

Date: 02/26/03 12:45:04 PST



Date: 02/26/03 06:56:36 PST

No Dave Brown of Dangerhouse didn't leave a message. NZ wrote a message which quoted DB.
Try to READ what the messages actually say.


Date: 02/26/03 03:36:55 PST

dangerhouse rocked!

Date: 02/26/03 03:36:01 PST

And is that REALLY ..THE Dave Brown who left a messaege here?
luv -
the voodoo dog...
and one who tells lies every day...

Date: 02/25/03 14:43:01 PST

Why "Sienna"?
The ever-curious Mookie

Date: 02/25/03 07:44:09 PST

Sorry for the wait. I have been in Florida for a bit so can just now answer the question from thenewwaveguy about the liner notes of BOHICA.

What I have is a bootleg. The cover looks different from the original (it does not have the RALF REED ASS SHOT.) On the inside it reads as follows:

If you met JOE NANINI you know that he was one of the funniest fux on the planet. This track (WIWTFRR) is certainly proof. In any case, the band was called SIENNA NANINI, and never really existed, but featured BILLY BASS of FUNKADELIC. KK of SREAMERS/BEING JOHN MALKOVICH fame. The guitarist from RHINO 39 and many pay for play wierdos. Must be heard to be believed. Haven't converted it to MP3 cuz I'm a sound snob, but who cares anymore. Joe's dead.

There you go....

Date: 02/22/03 16:18:06 PST

Hotter than the devil's crotch and just as smelly

Date: 02/22/03 16:02:55 PST

is it hot in here?

Date: 02/22/03 15:45:22 PST

Spread the word? Hell no!
People die everyday, things burn everyday.
If you don't like fires in your home, then live in cave.
Or in a barrel like me!

Diogenes the cynic

Date: 02/22/03 11:35:11 PST


Hey guys and gals , I am deeply affected by this recent tragedy in Rhode Island,and as an electrician,
I have worked in partially burned out houses to make sure that
the power to the source,
usually an electric range, is completely shut down, so repairs can begin.

Any such home was invariably saved by a fire or smoke detection device.

Seeing is believing, and reading about a fire that consumed its victims in a matter of mere minutes,
with flames and deadly smoke - we must realize that most homes can go up just as quickly.

This kind of thing can happen in any home, and the smoke can reach you
while you are still sleeping soundly,
at which point it is usually too late.

So check the batteries in those smoke alarms people, and make sure there is one operating on the highest ceiling
of every floor of your house and within 6 feet of every bedroom entry.
- And have a fire extinguisher within arms reach of your stove.

If you are a renter, your landlord is responsible for ensuring that these codes are met.
If there are not sufficient devices in the house, they must incur the cost of installing them.

This is no joke. Spread the word, too.



Date: 02/22/03 10:40:53 PST

Just a hunk o' burnin' limey love, you were Dickie boy. The accent got 'em first and then when they got a load of the lower forty, they were hooked. Yeah Baby! Yeah Baby! Yeah!
Sheila and her Posse

Date: 02/22/03 07:45:09 PST

Oops...forgot about Melvis! You're right she bats for the other team, gets on the other bus with the other rug munchers..However she seemed friendly enough and always guest listed me so I won't hear a bad word about her. I did get a beer shampoo in the club right on the dance floor one night when Europa took exception to a dalliance with Donna and figured that I deserved public humiliation. Me? I was so high I jus' kept on dancin' til my threads were dry then went back to the Tropicana. With somebody or other.

Date: 02/22/03 00:59:35 PST

Mazda wrote:"I can assure you that The Lingerie Club's waitresses loved it. all of them
Unashamed and as yet unbowed [still playing with a straight bat]
RM" Even Melvis?!? Sheesh! She was a scary 'un.

Date: 02/21/03 22:41:48 PST

Sheila, mi amor...I'm up in the City by the Bay - not far from the old Mabuhay..remember Uncle Dirk..and the B.J. machine? Saw WOV there and they were fabulous. Anyway, let me shamelessly SPAM and put in a plug (plug?!) for my new flick - "Gringo o Gringa?" Love love love to you all. Let me blanket you with blessings (as the King of Pop would say)
Adoringly yours, Princess Puta
P.S. What ever happened to Adore O'Hair? Saw him at the Roxy with the Voodoo boys.

Date: 02/21/03 20:36:20 PST

:: Climbs into one of those 'Altered States' meditation chambers
and listens to 'Gramma's House' on a loop, until further notice ::


Date: 02/21/03 14:05:59 PST

I'd say it was definitely in the Voodoo spirit.
Mookie (the Newbie)

Date: 02/21/03 13:10:53 PST

Dr. Arnold Poofter Longhair? G.I. Joke? D.C. snowman? Sheila the Tranny? Princess Puta?

Who the hell are those guys (assuming, that it isn't just one prank.
What is going on?

Date: 02/21/03 13:03:19 PST


Date: 02/20/03 22:49:59 PST

Yes, Your Highness Honey, it's little ol' Big Girl me - but since my operation - I've hanging out at the IHOP on Sunset. Where are you parking your throne these days, Sugar Dumplin'?
Te Amo, Sheila

Date: 02/20/03 12:35:50 PST

Hey Sheila Baby - Is that you? Are you still hanging out at The Beef Bowl on Santa Monica and Wilcox (or was it Cahuenga?) I know they closed Los Barralitos (the Mexican Transvestite Bar) down the street. Ah, those were the days..I know you used to have the hots for Bruce too.
Princess Puta

Date: 02/20/03 10:54:28 PST

Hey! That's Prime British Beef and I can assure you that The Lingerie Club's waitresses loved it. all of them
Unashamed and as yet unbowed [still playing with a straight bat]

Date: 02/20/03 08:36:20 PST

**peers myopically at Mazda's hunk o' beef and shakes her head in amazement**

Who'da thunk?!

Ms. V

Date: 02/19/03 17:49:59 PST

And what a hunk o' beef he had!
Sheila the Tranny

Date: 02/19/03 10:45:11 PST

Full story on how I came to work with Voodoo is too long to put here Flannery but suffice to say that a meeting between myself and Miles Copeland at which he gave me the Index Masters to listen to led to a subsequent meeting where I slagged off the sound as 'too thin', he asked me whether I thought I could do better which was a 'no Brainer'. After all, I was a snotty new wave guy with too much testosterone,[later I managed to enlist the help of as many LA women as possible to assist with this], as for the sound, the desire to make them sound more 'beefy' led to decisions such as the 'snare drum in M Radio chorus or not.

Date: 02/19/03 02:16:03 PST

Hi Toby,
Thank you so much for the reply. I am so pleased to hear Bruce is still with us! He was a bit of a wild one and I'm sure he still has it within him. He is a great guy and I had the pleasure of spending time with him, he has a big heart and a big smile!
Dawn UK

Date: 02/19/03 00:09:08 PST

Toby h ere -

Bruce is clean and married and living in North Hollywood. He came out to a Skulls show that was an impromtue tribute to his brother. He joined them on stage for a few songs. He looked great.

Date: 02/18/03 08:26:07 PST

"Check that map, you navigator sap!
or we'll both end up with our heads in our lap."

great line.

D.C. snowman

Date: 02/18/03 07:38:08 PST

I stumbled upon this site and was pleased to see Wall of Voodoo still inspire fans. I was friends with WOV back in the 80's and would really like to know if Bruce Moreland is okay and cleaned up his life! He was a good friend and we both moved on with time. I was sad to hear of his brother. Anyone spread any light on Bruce???

Date: 02/18/03 00:16:11 PST

I remember reading something by Stan somewhere about it having been inspired by Jimmy Carter's failed mission to rescue the hostages in Iran... You know, when some military helicopters were shot down and people started picking up the charred remains and dancing with them...
The kinda footage that gets edited out of the news today and put into some "Faces of Death" reality show.
G.I. Joke

Date: 02/17/03 19:40:43 PST

Q: about Dark Continent
This Way Out is one of my favorite songs on this masterpiece of Voodoo.
There's never been a song I've heard even remotely like it. I know that Rocket From The Cyrpt covered it recently and it was great ..with horns and brass. A very cool cover of the song.

My question for Stan or Chas? or maybe Mazada or anybody else that knows.

What's the story on this song? I know its about a military manuever but what? and where and why? Please fill us in oh Voodoo voods.

mr. negative fron the snowy banks of D.C.

Date: 02/17/03 10:23:32 PST

correction - COLTRANE...

Date: 02/17/03 10:22:52 PST

The "dogs" instrument is a soprano saxophone, like the one Coltarne played on "my Favorite Things"...

Dr. Arnold Poofter Longhair - PHD of Musicology
Wall Of Voodoo University, Dogstar Nebula...Known Universe

Date: 02/17/03 01:01:12 PST

i saw wall of voodoo in 87' at the roxy...was that there last tour?

Date: 02/16/03 23:49:45 PST

Dear Stan,

I am listening to Mosquitos right now. And on Dogs, I heard an instrument I reckoned to be a trombone, and I looked in sleeve, assuming to find the always cool playing Bruce Fowler on trombone, but there was just one sax man listed. I can hear the sax (in the opening, and in the chorus etc.), but I would say, that the brass instrument playing in the background, when you sing "And there, on his tombstone / Carved so bold / The words are clear and strong" is defienetly not a sax! Or is it?


Date: 02/16/03 04:07:40 PST

Hey Mr. Mazda!
Tell us how you got with WOV? and what you first did with them?
How did you find yourself there to begin with?
Can ya tell us the studio and time for "mexican radio"?

Tell us a short story of the event. Please Mr. Mazda!
"the Making of Mexican Radio?"

Flannery the Fan dweeb,
Irish and wants the truth....

Date: 02/14/03 23:29:12 PST

Pete -

welcome aboard, and if you feel hope slipping away
for the procurement of Dark Continent, I can help.


Date: 02/14/03 21:51:46 PST

Thanks Brujo -
Now that I know, I think I'd rather stay "outside" or keep it "outside" or whatever... I appreciate the gesture, if not the posture.

Date: 02/14/03 16:33:58 PST

Hey Mookie! Since nobody seems to want to answer your question here, I would be happy to do so for you.....BOHICA was a solo effort that Joe Nanini worked on and it stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again....hope that took the sting out of "an inside joke".......Brujo14@aol.com

Date: 02/14/03 12:31:38 PST

To the unsigned poster who asked whether Andy Prieboy wrote "Tomorrow, Wendy" - yes, he gets the credit on Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting album notes (he also plays keyboard on that one). What's funny is that this album is what brought me in a roundabout route to this site (Johnette Napolitano's site mentioned Marc Moreland and I knew the name was familiar but I couldn't remember from where, so I dug further and ended up here). I've been a fan of WoV for 20 years. I was saddened to hear about the loss of Joe and Marc, but thanks to this site, I have a lot of new material to look for. Still have never been able to score "Dark Continent" but I'm not giving up hope.

Thanks to everyone who has at one time or another been a part of WoV - you guys have rocked my world


Date: 02/14/03 06:19:24 PST

I've been checking this forum for over a year now, and have yet to see a mention of Richard Mazda's fine "Hands of Fate" LP/cassette. It's an amazing exercise in saminess that somehow still sounds fascinating...and you've got Moreland and Nanini contributing some very WOV-like moments on "Snakebites." It's certainly been one of my favorite perpetual candidates for CD reissue...and, of course, it would be interesting to hear recollections from The Man Himself.

Date: 02/13/03 22:20:09 PST

Now I see how to do this...sorry .

Mark Ryden website


Date: 02/13/03 22:18:16 PST

Drywall (Ridgway/ Wexstun / Knight) is also now commissioned to write music for artist Mark Ryden's new gallery show in March - "The Blood Show".
More details as we get 'em. We just heard, because we are fans of both and we just found this site for Wall o Voodoo.
Here's Mark Ryden's website...although this supposed to be secret so far so you won't see anything about the show. But check out the stuff.

Its heard to be March 18th -23rd in Los Angeles somewhere.

paint your soul -

Cantonine the ART MONSTER -

Date: 02/13/03 21:47:09 PST

Hello yal' I managed to dig up an old video of that IRS special with the WOV intrview.It's old and loved so it's got a little snow n whistle. I really enjoy the impromptu skipping and zombie-ing around,and roof-top-punk-rock-fire extinguishing to "Call Box".I do believe it's Mark that slides down the wall on his chin?My late and dearly departed friend and I allways wondered if it required stitches.
We also enjoyed Stan at the end, needling away at Miles Copeland.Was Miles trying to get some Belinda,and Stan put him on the spot?
These questions need answering! Puddintate

Date: 02/13/03 20:44:51 PST

Inside an outside joke. What?
Spooky Grayhead

Date: 02/13/03 20:37:56 PST

"The Master" may say it to me..but if I don't know what it means, he may as well say be saying *^%#@!&+! Or maybe the insult is just being left out of an inside joke. So @#$%^&* to you too!

Date: 02/13/03 19:35:27 PST

STAN producing Frank Black and the Catholics?!?!?!!!!!!!

My stars....that's the finest combo I've heard of since chocolate met peanut butter.


Date: 02/13/03 19:31:18 PST

"Bohica" is something Joe (the master) will say to you, if you don't behave.


Date: 02/13/03 16:40:43 PST

What's a Bohica?

Date: 02/13/03 15:49:08 PST

Greetings fellow WOV fans!

I have a question related to the Joe Nannini "BOHICA" CD. Back in November, I. TATTOO posted the following about it:

"The cd is called BOHICA. on the linernotes it tells more detail."

Here's my question. I have the BOHICA CD, but the one that I have doesn't have any liner notes. Does anyone have the liner notes (perhaps I. TATTOO, if you are out there)? I'm very curious to know what they say, as this is a rather odd CD. I'd be very interested in reading the liner notes.

Many thanks.


Date: 02/13/03 13:38:26 PST

Hey...I Just remembered...the Shark Meat BBQ quip came about because Jay Boberg who lived in either Hermosa or Redondo Beach would often invite us 'Guys' to come on over to his house by the beach for yep...Shark Meat! O!The irony of a record co. 'Shark' inviting 5 non sunbathing C Meth abusing, chain smoking pale as fuck cynics to a beach party! To eat his own kind?! That's canniblingus isn't it? Bunny Hutch? Hmmm..haven't quite joined up the dots on that one...Stan? Incidentally dear reader...check out the Rolling Stone article on Meth....hey that shit wuz dangerous...!!!!!!! [just like us]...At least we got the job done I 'spose. The great thing about those days and the work is that it was hyper reality which we translated into a great album..and no I don't have a gun [neither did Cobain...yeah right] never needed one. According to my Ex Wife I'm a scary little shit ...got a heart o' gold though says the new wife.


Date: 02/13/03 13:23:48 PST

Stan....I love you little dude

Date: 02/13/03 13:04:33 PST

Didn't Andy Prieboy write "Tomorrow Wendy"? I just pulled the tab and lyrics and they credit it to Concrete Blonde. I know they recorded it and released it on the "Bloodletting" lp, but I thought Prieboy wrote it...Shegs...

Date: 02/13/03 12:02:59 PST

Ok now folks - let's all calm down and hold hands....there.

Popping back in here I see that we need to clear the air on this issue of "whispered / distorted / hard to make out" introductions to some WOV songs on Call of The West. NOW the storied secrets can be told!

The band and I would often make up "nicknames" for various people / record executives that delt with us, and these captains of industry would sometimes drop by the studio, (right when we were about to just get a song recorded right fianlly!) and basically bother Mazda and us with worthless comments and innane insights into what we were up to.

After they finally would leave, the nicknames for these hapless chowder heads would start up, invented mostly by our lovable Joe Nanini who certainly had a real talent for such things. The real good ones were not recorded but what you hear are private jokes made public, but surely funnier to us that anyone else. We got some payback pcyhologically this way, ...hey! insult therapy!

Spooky Greyhead? Creepy Deadeye?...Mr. Negative?...Bunnyhutch Headquarters? Shark Meat BBQ et all? ...can't say who but anyone care to take a guess? Connect the dots and all will be revealed.

Also on the Crack the Bell question here...Shelley, Keats and John Dunne will answer most but not all. Gee, I just loved to crack that bell with Joe and everyone night after night. I wonder what ever happened to it?

By the way, I find myself at this time a "senior advisor", producing Frank Black and the Catholics in a studio in Hollywood. Two doors down from the old Wall of Voodoo offices. Memories like they were only yesterday....yes. The alley on Ivar still smells the same, and the corner Spotlight is still a bar that doubles as a den of theives. Some things never change.

back on the Blvd. -

Date: 02/12/03 22:31:58 PST

I enjoy a good hot bed and was quite amused by the exchanges - especially the one about the "trouser trumpet." That's musical isn't it? Happy Valentine's Day.

Mighty Aphrodite

Date: 02/12/03 19:26:56 PST

I believe that if you listen closely that you'll hear Stan say...."Hello, hello....this is monkey wrench calling bunny-hutch headquarters" ..............but I could be wrong.....please don't yell at me you guys

Date: 02/12/03 19:17:39 PST

"Hello, hello...this is Monkey Wrench calling money-hutch(?) headquarters...no smoking greyhound..." AH, I don't know.

Who would have though this board would be such a hotbed of hostility! I blame the whole mess on Unrequited Love.

Perhaps we shuld declare war on that.


PS -- Hi Tangento! And THANKS!!

Date: 02/11/03 15:22:55 PST

Woah there Boys!!!!..listen, there is being sardonic and there is being sceptical but worst of all there is being witlessly cynical ... but don't get upset! Celebrate it. Creepy Deadeye, Spooky Grayhead,Mr Negative, the Tile Salesman, The Gas Station Attendant Who Coulda Been Somebody, The Factory Guy...oh whatever.remember

Sense of Humor is Better Than a Bug up Ya Ass

Date: 02/11/03 06:35:42 PST

(to unsigned asshole)

I must really be stupid - you mean I won't get my question about a WOV song answered by a (gasp) member of the band so I can clutch my vinyl copy to my chest and gaze at the ceiling in bed knowing that MY question was answered on this forum? I must have my ego WAAAAY out of line. I thought this forum was for engaging in talk about a great band, when it's obviously (in your mind) for making ridiculous insults to fellow fans (assuming you are one - OH! my ego again!!) and not having the guts to sign your own name. My mistake.


Date: 02/11/03 00:48:43 PST

I heard it was something like:

Tell Smoky Grayhead the bus stopper is a guy
Tell Mister Magden to check on the chocolate

but I'm not sure
Graeme Qewe

Date: 02/10/03 17:24:31 PST

So, just exactly what is spoken at the beginning of Spyworld? Tell Spooky Grayhead what? Tell Mr Negative...?

Been wondering about this for a long time


Date: 02/10/03 13:50:50 PST

A lot of serious questions are asked in here, Panther, and most are unnoticed. Yours were not one of the better, so control your ego-trip!

Date: 02/10/03 13:43:16 PST

Ciao.I am Silvano from Centrale Rock Pub.I often play wall of voodoo's records in my pub.WWW.ROCKPUBCENTRALE.COM

Date: 02/10/03 09:52:51 PST

boo hoo

Date: 02/10/03 06:48:01 PST

I asked a serious question about "Crack The Bell" which went unnoticed.....


Date: 02/09/03 18:36:40 PST

boy that cleared this space

Date: 02/08/03 16:50:08 PST

Yeah, Scholar Boy, you've just insulted the music makers themselves.
Spanish Tony

Date: 02/08/03 16:38:18 PST

Oh Serious Scholarly One - What do you want to know, buddy? Who burped in the background on Call of the West? One man's research is another man's idle speculation.

Date: 02/08/03 10:24:37 PST

so ask a question then

Date: 02/08/03 08:15:11 PST

Ya know, I visit this site because WOV is my fav band...I come here to discuss or reasearch info on WOV.....but lately, this idle chit-chat disguised as witty banter makes this site feel more like a standard "chat room" complete with meaningless babble about nothing that has any reference to WOV or their music

Date: 02/08/03 08:15:09 PST

Ya know, I visit this site because WOV is my fav band...I come here to discuss or reasearch info on WOV.....but lately, this idle chit-chat disguised as witty banter makes this site feel more like a standard "chat room" complete with meaningless babble about nothing that has any reference to WOV or their music

Date: 02/08/03 06:55:12 PST

Thanks for watching Ms V but ...who watches the watchers

Date: 02/08/03 03:00:48 PST

uh oh! should I call Dan Qualye?...POTATOE?

Date: 02/08/03 02:59:28 PST

Thank you Ms V for giving us this page to yak on..!
I will spell better now. Just watch.
Oh Chas!...Mr. Wayne Kramer and Band is at the Baked Potato for the next few weeks...
huh?...what ya think?...

Date: 02/07/03 13:54:53 PST

**eyes bouncing back and forth between the sides as if watching a particularly odd tennis tournament**

Ms. V

Date: 02/07/03 09:41:41 PST

Oh Sir Cheese...you're so clever that you forgot ya 'not be' about yer trouser trumpet...and I happen to know that dilllys and trumpets are nothing compared to a finely honed mind. I think we can assume that Stan's is honed and finely too....
As for your sympathy ..stick it up ya ass

Date: 02/06/03 21:40:35 PST

You are way out of line in ya guesses poor Mazda,
so pull yourself together now Richie,
remember that jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez is an expression, someone might use so often they deserve it as a name.

And dear lady P., I will have everything you want ready for you, including a special gift from below my belt. It may worth a lot, but it's nothing compared to a smile on your face. - Let us elope!
We can always give Stan a cheap old chambers dictionary from a second-hand store. As a replacement.

Sir Jez!

Date: 02/06/03 18:48:50 PST

your dilly bag's too li'l!

Date: 02/06/03 16:19:55 PST

Pietra Darling - ditch all these losers and run off with me and my dilly bag.
An Aussie Admirer

Date: 02/06/03 15:28:57 PST

Well....Ms. P ..Though I am unsurprised by your devotees for your charms are many but..... I had never figured on the SSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssutcliffe!
One of those moments of attraction that passed me by....oh and Stan you better getcha self a Thesaurus to compliment yer Rhyming Dictionary if you want your Moon to be in June so ya can still spoon with Lady P.
It seems that a vocabulary conflagration is sadly inevitable.
Ruminatedly Challenged Mazda

Date: 02/06/03 15:06:38 PST

I have now taken my dictionary out of the closet and will use. gee...
bist regerds -

Date: 02/06/03 12:01:01 PST

Who do you think it is little Richard? Think carefully.
And stay off(!), the lady and I were made for each other

Sir J.

Date: 02/06/03 11:04:21 PST

Why, Richard, is he all yours?
-Ms. P.

Date: 02/06/03 01:59:21 PST

Sir Jez?! Is that you Lord Jeremy? Pietra...stay away from Hooverman, Stan can always use a spellchecker

Date: 02/05/03 21:55:46 PST

Hey Baby, is that a gun in your pocket? If not, let's talk.
-Lady P.

Date: 02/05/03 13:35:47 PST

Pietra you sexy thing, leave Stan and join me,
Sir Jez!

Date: 02/05/03 12:46:00 PST

Hey Stan,
Learn how to spell.
Love, Pietra

Date: 02/04/03 19:27:34 PST

Spector Freed On Bond:

Date: 02/04/03 13:57:00 PST

Dear Folks,

In the continuing slide show of personal family portraits on the site, another genius producer's picture has been posted on our site here:


Its yours truly and loveble cuddle-bun Mr. Richard Mazda..enjoying a walk on the Santa Monica Pier last year..and although Mr. Mazda has been known to yell quite loud at me and musicians at times, and brandish perhaps a riding crop or producer's bull whip...no.not ever....have I have never seen him with a gun...

It seems only appropriate to say somthing about recent events here in Los Angeles, seeming as how, Pietra, Frank and I recently attended a birthday party for Phil Spector last year and met him, his family and all his gracious musical partners and admire all his work and found him to be a sweet and caring 62 year old ICON that was extremely intelligent and also very funny with a wondertful sense of humour about himself and his place in it. This was the man after all that put up all the money for Lenny Bruce's defence way back when, and he was very much aware of the same hypocricys and parodoxes of our culture that Lenny was. It was simply a thrill to meet him and his family of musicians and studio folk finally after all these years.

When I was 19 and first came out to Hollywood looking for my way in the music business, the very first place I went looking for work was Gold Star Studios... to get a job with Phil Spector, my hero (along with Brian Wilson).I was ready to clean toilets and empty trash. But.. I was about 4 years too late cuz Phil was in his "seclusion period" and was not there anymore. But I found Stan Ross, Phil's genius engineer still at the console controls there and he was kind enough to give me a tour of the famous contol room and the famous concrete basement echo chambers. I still am excited just remebering being able to yell a little "whoop" down in that cavernous space where so much music I loved and grew up with had hit those walls and come out the other end to hungry idealistic ears all over the world.Phil Spector's Music?..the sound of freedom. An immence, rich, and orchestral "Wall of Sound". Brian Wilson has said Spector's inventions are "Pocket Symphonies", and I think that's a perfect description. He changed what is was to make a recording. And hey they still work just like then. All in under 3 minutes...

All our prayers and deepest sympathy to the familys of Lana Clarkson and Phil Spector. Whatever happened can only be described now as a total tradgedy for all, and its a sad day. But sadder still for the days to come, as the media will have a field day with peoples lives and past.No one will be spared the "objectification" of their souls and families.

Get ready and batton down the hatches for quite a new level to the Hollywood Newsmedia Feeding Frenzy, cuz this one will have it all. There is heaps o' plenty of old archival footage huh? Big Stars, The Beatles, London, NYC, the Brill Building, Sunset Strip, Music, The Swingin' Sixties, Hippies, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll.

Anyone know or remember the Fatty Arbuckle story? Well...here we go again...its just so terribly tradgic all around is all I can say. And don't think I'm excited about any of this, cuz I just feel sad for all and everyone and the memories we all hold.

and guns just suck ok?

Peace and Love still works -

Stan Ridgway and Family


Date: 02/04/03 10:18:54 PST

Hey ,Mazda: were there times during the "Call of the West" sessions when you wished that you had access to a gun?

Date: 02/03/03 14:30:44 PST

By the way..didn't Phil pull a gun on Ronnie Spector and not the Ramones? Or did he get it out for them as well as his wife?

Date: 02/03/03 14:28:51 PST

'lo Kevin from IOW.....The haunted hotel may have in fact been Miles' house in Marlborough Place, St John's Wood and not a hotel. Most of us who stayed there [there were many] found it unduly creepy. Don't forget...on 'spyworld' Miles' nickname was Spooky Greyhead.....WOOOOooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 02/03/03 12:21:09 PST

Spector has been taken in for questioning NOT arrested for murder....
Let's wait for the facts to come in folks...

Date: 02/03/03 12:10:01 PST

It is ironic that a picture of Phil Spector was recently posted here considering that he was arrested for the murder of a woman found shot dead at his Alhambra mansion today (Mon. Feb. 3rd) I watched an interview with Markey Ramone who said he couldn't believe that Spector could ever do something like that even though Dee Dee Ramone once accused him of pulling a gun on the band back in the 80's.....

Date: 02/03/03 12:02:27 PST

News: Phil Spector was just arrested as a murder suspect.


Date: 02/01/03 16:04:44 PST

Greetings,The Kevin yet again.
I've just remembered about a tabloid story I read about a few, few years ago. When the boys were touring England (about 84) the hotel they were staying in was apparently haunted!.I remember Miles Copeland made a statement about things that went bump in the night!Does anyone- possibly English know anything about this?.My memory's very vague on this one. PeasXXX. The Kevin I.O.W.

Date: 02/01/03 15:37:55 PST

Greetings, The kevin here from the Isle of Wight,(a small place of the south coast of England),but who needs to know that!.What's the film footage situation like?. For example, when I was a kid I remember the Mexican Radio vid'...I'd love to see/ have it. Anyway this is my first time(!), it's just cool to know that i'm not the only person listening to this incredible music, or atleast to read stuff and get other info and opinions. While i'm on the subject, does anyone know what the subtle narrative at the end of Call Of The West is all about?, Stan's speaking really quietly...?. PeasXXX.

Date: 02/01/03 14:31:41 PST

Billy Bob Thornton anyone?

Date: 01/30/03 11:52:18 PST

We already know, that this picture! Told us the "01/16/03 14:43:14 PST"

Date: 01/30/03 05:11:46 PST

This image goes with one of them thar posts down yonder...

Found it on Stan's Dis-Information page.

Date: 01/28/03 12:32:56 PST

Stan -

I've always been curious about what "Crack The Bell" was about? I've had trouble deciphering the lyrics after "They cover their mouths with one hand" too. My guess would be a statement about bucking the system ('cracking' the liberty bell) but I'm curious if you can give us any more hints. That one's one of my all time favorites.


Date: 01/27/03 19:55:49 PST

Just curious: anyone know if dept of crooks ever recorded anything on vid? How 'bout Pretty & Twisted ( I saw a post about the "Ride" video)?

Just need more marc stuff. I'll trade if anyone has the aforementioned stuff.. if there is any. I have all sorts of wall of voodoo (andy and stan)on video except for the German sammystown tour caught on tape I've heard about.

rip guitar dude and joe

i'm still bitter about stan going off to do a cheeseball thing with hokey ditties like pick it up and put it in your pocket / camouflage etc

one more wov album after COW would have been mega.. not discounting what Andy did (I actually like most of the Andy stuff better). Oh well,
Marc was the band to me anyway

the ice cream truck ? it's 8 o'clock in the fuckin morning

Miles Copeland bites ( he probably could have gotten a plane here from France and some better med situation)



aka Halibut George shiverin' on Cahuenga and Yucca lookin for some pills

Date: 01/27/03 10:58:33 PST

Yes ....Jess is the same guy[another Brit] ..although when in a Limey baiting mood the band [and me, after all I am an honorary American] would refer to him as Lord Jeremy of Hooverville. Jess also worked on Birthday Party, Fall and ATV records with me. Most of which were recorded at Matrix Studios in London.
ps I just loved that stripey shiny shirt which I would team up with a pair of ladies nylon slacks and no underpants all of which would give Chas and Marc great hilarity. You see, it wasn't all drugs and bad moods....a lot of it was fun.

Date: 01/25/03 11:03:32 PST

From the archives I see there ARE a few pre-1980 demos and soundtrack releases that I don't have (at least I have a couple B-sides, and I wished for years my favorite disc of any band CALL OF THE WEST was released with the extra song on CD - "Exercise" only from the cassette).

Glad to see Richard Mazda, Ridgway and others are here and posting from time to time over the last 24 months!

And a happy new year to all!

Steve www.surgat.da.ru

Date: 01/25/03 09:24:10 PST

Hey Joe is STILL somebody! And he will always be so.
BTW Mazda, you said the engineer's name was Jeremy, on my copy his name is Jess, same guy?
Very cool pic!


Date: 01/24/03 22:52:29 PST

Site looks great!
More, more, MORE
...like a pic of Joe yelling at somebody
...or that he used to BE somebody...
or whatever you've got!


Date: 01/23/03 04:32:31 PST

Ps Stan just sent me a picture from the Call oof the West sessions. So I uploaded it to my site.RM

Date: 01/22/03 08:28:16 PST

Dear All ..I have been updating my site check out 'Act' for ridiculous pictures from Harry Potter and others and Early Years for a Mazda with hair and no wrinkles

Hey New Guy...i like to think that I might also know some stuff...of course Stan, Chas and myself check out the postings and maybe just maybe we also post anonymously to stir things up too?...But Stan doesn't 'monitor' it, that honour goes to JtL who owns the site and who does a remarkably restrained job as well

MAZDA www.richardmazda.com

Date: 01/21/03 23:51:25 PST

Yeah, I dont know- I thought I read something about
some IRS people being involved in these CD's not being re-released...
Maybe someone can help us out here.
All I know is that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is responsible,
and need a swift kick in the "Bohica".

Man, I told you to email me.
I already have Dark Continent, official and bought in '91,
but I will not deprive you of "Index".
You will be hearing from me.

Date: 01/21/03 20:43:15 PST

Being a newbie here I was a bit skeptical that it really might be Stan Ridgway but what the hey. The posts are enlightening with details that only he would likely know.
The pictures I took were taken with a 126 camera with flashcubes (remember them) that I snuck in. One has Stan in the spotlight with a microphone. The other has Marc Moreland with a Flying V and Chas Gray on keyboards.
BTW IRS Records has been out of business since the mid 90's. So they are not likely to be re-releasing anything any time soon.
So can I get in on a deal for Dark Continent?

Bob S - BobS41@charter.net

Date: 01/21/03 03:57:07 PST

Bob S. -
Look around. Stan has graced us with his impeccable wit and off-kilter anecdotes on many occasions.
He nicely offsets & cancels out the ridiculous anonymous bickering matches that sometimes erupt in our little dungeon.
Now how's about sharing those snapshots, 'eh buddy-boy?

I have the link you need. I recently found Index Masters BRAND NEW,

I see the only CD version is a whopping $57.50
Does anyone know how to get a hold of these boneheads at IRS or whatever the fuck, so we can tell them to GET the FAT ASSES OFF of the rights to OUR Wall of Voodoo Music?
As I have stated before, this is essential American Music, and should be available to EVERYONE.

Jeeezus H. RhythmAce

scorp: email me at napalmzappa@astound.net and we shall work a deal.


Date: 01/20/03 20:52:44 PST

If someone has a CD copy of The Index Masters and access to a CD burner, I would gladly burn a CD of Dark Continent (of which I, being totally awesome, have an original CD.

If it sounds like a deal, post up here. If you are pissed about me copying CDs and you were once in Wall of Voodoo, let me know...I'm very sorry and I recind the offer. Please don't call the FBI.

However, if you're just pissed that I'm offering to burn an out of print CD, then I can't help you.


Date: 01/20/03 20:40:48 PST

Wall of Voodoo is not forgotten. I saw them perform at Headliners in Madison on 4-22-1983. I still have the ticket stub and a couple Instimatic pics from the show. I remember 'Funzone' from the show. Thanks for the Funzone download link! Great to find a website like this. Does Stan really monitor this forum?

Wish Dark Continent would be re-released on CD. I should have bought it when I saw it.

Bob S

Date: 01/20/03 19:49:54 PST

drywall is god

Date: 01/17/03 12:37:20 PST

Dear Stan,
Hence I belong to the small cult of Drywall fanatics, I will ask to please make the second apocalyptic document, as I believe that when the triology is complete, it will united form the answer to the big question of life.
Well IMHO I think Drywall is the best thing you've ever done, not because your other albums weren't great - because they surely are - but because "Work The Dumb Oracle" and "Music for the Drywall Incident" are stunning and it becomes a thing that just lies with you all the time (also when you're not listening). Likewise I think "Brand New Special And Unique" is some of the best on Holiday in Dirt, it has the Drywall sentiment, and clearly belonged to WtDO.
BTW Stan, what ever happened to Joe Ramirez? I really enjoyed his bass lines.
I also did solve the connection between "whatever happened to you" and the Black Diamond song, even before I read your clue - towards the ending of the song it is very clear.

And thank you for the great music,
Graeme Qewe.

PS. Please don't sack Jackie "teak" Lazar, he's got a great singing voice ...

Date: 01/17/03 11:20:03 PST

Dear Mr. Ridgway,

Could you let us in on the studio tracks of Fun Zone and Fine Line?
I want to have them so badly to complete my Wall of Voodoo Collection.
I would be grateful if you could drop me a mail at wolf.halama@genion.de.

And never forget: I exercise in a most unusual way.
Many greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 01/16/03 22:50:27 PST

hey its cool baby...
Francis "Frank" Delia -
now writing "che gueuvara" bio pic for Benicio Del Torro
it will be awesome...

Date: 01/16/03 16:36:08 PST

Y'know what Stan...i knew that Frank was the man but didn't know how to spell his last name...his fault i guess. dileah de lear day leo no offense intended Frank....i just didn't know....not in the loop i guess....wait ..i waus introduced to Ed Colber once...that's not you RM

Date: 01/16/03 14:43:14 PST

Well...dropping in here to the "wall" after a while , i right away see something I feel compelled to set straight. May I say a name that had all and EVERYTHING to do with the Mexican Radio Video and The COVER for Call of The West? His name is Francis Delia>

and Frank (as he known to familiars) solely directed this and also photographed the cover and the inside design not Steve Saydian. Steve and Francis had a business together in the office next door to our WOV offices on Hollywood Blvd. and I got to know them both around 1978.

Frank and I struck it off immediately in that we both liked so much of the same things in art and culture and Frank being my senior, I learned so very much from him. And still do cuz we still hang. A dear friend.
This is a man who boxed with Norman Mailer at one of his infamous "mayor parties" back in the day, and actually broke his rib. How's that for NYC party favors? I've seen the pictures.

Frank and I and WOV conjured up the Mexican Radio Video out of our mutual love for Goddard, Dali, Duchamp and well...Russ Meyer...not to mention a working with no budget at all and filming all the interior shots in the Offices of Frank and Steve. Many other people helped too of course like Prop master Paulie on the door and building the props. I think it was Paulie who designed the bowl for the beans, which came from an idea Frank and I had after talking about the special effects in Jean Cocteau's "Blood of a Poet" and "Beauty and the Beast:" Check them out and you'll see the similarity to the "radio" vid.

Frank and Steve parted ways many years ago, and it then that the new WOV engaged Steve for what came after this. I continued to work with Frank and did more videos and projects with him. The vids "calling out to carol", and "southbound" come to mind...

Hey Chas! chime in here with more details please if ya like cuz well...there's not many left of us here to remember huh?

Just for the record too, Frank Delia's credits also include directing "nightdreams" which contained "ring of fire " in the now unforgetable cowgirl dream sequence. In all truth, Frank was such an admirer of this take on thge song that he "borrowed" the tune and placed in the film without us knowing. Afetr it was done we said. Whoa! gee ..what will this mean fer us...but I guess its ok....afterall who's gonna see it anyway really...uh.. yeah -.

I'll put a recent pic up of Frank Delia up here:


That other person with Frank is none other than producer ledgend Phil Spector, whom we both had the pleasure of meeting lately. I took the pic. Lookin' good! Oh and by the way Frank continues writing movies and filming them and all the rest. An inspiring figure and a trure force of nature!

Mazda, been meaning to get a hold of you lover. You may be right but you invaluble "song science" is bearing fruit here, deep in the tunnel of cynisisim and pathos. I be twangin'...I be twistin', I be "beneath the wheel" today...

Yours in ginko biloba -
Stan Ridgway

Date: 01/16/03 08:03:29 PST

NZ, I would love to work with Stan, I did spend a few days with him in early December and we looked at all the material he is working on for his new album. We got along great but i think that Stan's current working methods are now so insular/idiosyncratic to him that maybe he doesn't need a producer.

Date: 01/15/03 23:30:29 PST

Toby here -

Now finally something I can chime in about! The guy that directed Night Dreams Rinse Dream was actiually Steve Saydian who also directed Cafe Flesh, the video for Mexican Radio AND the video for Do It Again off of happy Planet. he also shot the covers of both Happy Planet AND Call Of The West. marc and Bruce were friends of his and Bruce continued to work with him into the early 90's when he directed Dr. Caligari (Bruce and Marc both have credits on it) and there is a song that appeared in Untamed Cowgirls of the Wild West, a really wacked video he did in the early 90's that is credited to Bonnies Boys. Which Andy has confirmed is actually a demo that marc produced which became Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac. Bonnie is Marc and Bruce's mothers name. No one seems to know what happened to good ole' Steve. The last thing he was doing was art directing a tv series down in San Diego. And that was in 93 or 94.

Date: 01/15/03 19:34:26 PST

I have always thought it was some of Joe's cool percussion


Date: 01/15/03 18:09:26 PST

It sounds like Jiffy pop to me.

Date: 01/15/03 16:50:01 PST

I thought the clanking sounds at the end of "Back in Flesh" was someone tap dancing. Sounds like it to me!

Date: 01/15/03 13:50:12 PST

Mazda -

I've always wondered - what were the clacking sounds at the end of "Back In Flesh"? They sound like some sort of Pachinko machine in a subway tunnel. I think I have the right song in mind (I'm at work right now.)


Date: 01/15/03 13:00:15 PST

It's amazing how quickliy a Mazda post can restore some credibilty to this forum.
Richard, have you and Stan ever considered working together again?


Date: 01/15/03 00:35:25 PST

True or False? : The same guy who directed the porn film mentioned below-"Night Dreams " -also directed the "Mexican Radio" video? Expiring minds want to know. Little mac

Date: 01/14/03 23:38:35 PST

Oh Goody! A real question [getting sick of the abusive posts]..

The voice at the beginning is Stan, I put the microphone direct into a Radio Shack mini amp [little grey plastic box thingy, still available] and then recorded it through another microphone directed at the 11/2 inch speaker. We might have also plugged it via Mark's Blue Box. I gor the idea for using the mini amp from Peter Gabriel who used one on his third solo record. The mini amp is also how I got that 'crunchy' sound on Marc's guitar on 'They Don't Want Me' and some of the Harmonica sounds on other tracks....

Date: 01/14/03 13:25:05 PST

A question R. Mazda.
Who talks in the scratchy interphone right at the beginning of "spy world" ?
A british band, Senser, has sampled this segment at the beginning of their song "charming Demon" (very good stuff by the way !)
French Spy.

Date: 01/14/03 07:54:49 PST

I would say interesting...

Date: 01/14/03 04:55:34 PST

The porn movie you're thinking about is called Night Dreams and can be found online if you look around. Ain't I just a font of information?!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/14/03 04:19:15 PST

Was that an interesting WoV message, or just plain sickly?

Date: 01/14/03 02:12:05 PST

you know it's funny. I was just thinking about the song "ring of fire" and i rememberd why it really struck a chord. When I was 18(around 1984) I was rooming with a buddy and he had this porno tape and in it was a scene where "ring of fire" by WOV was played. There was no talking only a bunch of surreal camera shots and a few ladies in the desert wearing only holsters and cowboy hats. In the holsters were dildos. There was campfire going and a longhorn steer skull and the camera kept going from the action to zoom in on the fire or the skull. Man if you were trippin it was wicked. I wish i could find waht the name of the video was. it really burned the song in my head for years

Date: 01/12/03 14:19:46 PST

Are there people who still watch the video of AMERIKA series?

By the way - are there anywhere Bruce Moreland's bands music?

Anton from Russia with Kalashnikov, KGB, bears, vodka, shapka and Gorby

Date: 01/12/03 08:28:25 PST

Has anyone seen the video for the Pretty and Twisted song "Ride"? I caught the tail end of it awhile back when vh1 had a video show called crossroads. Just curious. I miss Marc and Joe.

Date: 01/10/03 06:24:54 PST

ok back to the Music....A while back I posted an item asking what the link between WOV and Surburban Lawns was...nobody answered so I'll post the answer anyway: I produced Mexican Radio for Voodoo and S Lawn's 'Baby' Ep back to back in one manic session that lasted an entire weekend. It was a case of ship one band in then ship 'em out and bring on the next.


Date: 01/09/03 13:33:24 PST

Hi Anton.
If your trip to Germany leads you to Hamburg, please let me know at


Date: 01/09/03 11:55:25 PST

FOUND IT!!!!!!

Date: 01/09/03 08:26:52 PST


I'm out of town til next Tuesday and don't have my email address book with me. I can still pick up email so drop me a line at vieuxdo@earthlink.net.

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/08/03 23:25:56 PST

Ms. Vieuxdo
please write me. just want to figure out some stuff.

For those who don't have them,
there are 4 semi-rare WoV tracks on my ever-growing D/L page:



Date: 01/07/03 23:51:56 PST

I haven't heard anything about Chas and Bruce still doing music professionally. I know Bruce guested with a band a little while after Marc's death... was it the Skulls? I don't know much pre-WOV lore.

Date: 01/07/03 18:44:36 PST

If someone knows please tell me if Chas and Bruce are still in the music business, I understand Stan still is... I have all the old albums but I have no idea how to transfer LPs to CD so I can listen to then on my comp...

Date: 01/06/03 03:46:00 PST

Hey, Mates.
As you know, there are some B-sides, bonus tracks and other rare tracks to go with the Wall of Voodoo albums.
I managed to fetch them off the web and burnt myself extended versions of the original WOV albums Call of the West and Dark Continent as well as the Index Masters.
If anyone wants to see the tracklists, he or she can drop me an E-Mail at wolf.halama@genion.de

Greetings by Hungerhahn

PS: As the albums are out of print anyway, I have no bad conscience. Apart from that, I have the oroginals anyway.

Date: 01/05/03 19:02:11 PST

Does anyone here know what Bruce Chas or Stan are up to these days...

Date: 01/05/03 04:11:50 PST

Happy 2003 to you all!
I greet the chap from Russia.

Hungerhahn from Germany

Date: 01/02/03 09:34:16 PST

Happy New Year from Moscow, Russia!
Mr. Ridgway - come to our cold country. You will make the best gig in your life. The are so many fans of you and WoV music.

Date: 01/01/03 12:33:13 PST

Happy 2003 to one and all!

Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

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