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Date: 12/29/02 16:29:05 PST

Wow! I never knew so much bootleg Wall of Voodoo stuff was out there.
Does anybody have some of these concerts on CDR? I have some non-Voodoo related bootlegs I could trade... or two blank CD-r's for one copy... res1fhb1@verizon.net

Date: 12/29/02 08:59:57 PST

Before you ask dumb questions like the one to Stan why not ask y'self how you would feel if someone close who was an important figure in your life died? Yep, it's a no-brainer..

Date: 12/29/02 08:57:53 PST

It was black humour

Date: 12/29/02 01:13:55 PST

Hey Stan, Do you miss Marc? Do you still think of all the music that could have been?

Date: 12/28/02 18:50:15 PST

well I'm assuming Bruce has these problems under control now??? What's he doing now?

Date: 12/28/02 08:39:41 PST

this is the gift for christmas??

Date: 12/27/02 10:48:01 PST


As a Christmas gift,here is a list of known WALL OF VOODOO bootleg shows taped. With the exception of shows with "*" beside of it, these are in audio form only. If it has a "*" after it, it means it is in video form. I do not believe this to be a completed list. There is more out there. At least with this list, you can check off what you have & what you need.

If you have any bootleg dates not listed to add, please do so. Also tell if it is in audio or video form.


2. 11-22-79 RIVERSIDE, CA., THE BARN (COULD BE '80)

3. 04-19-80 LOS ANGELES, CA.










13. 11-19-81 SAN DIEGO, CA., BACCHANAL





18. 11-17-82 EAST LANSING, MI.

19. 11-20-82 MILWAUKEE, WI.

20. 11-22-82 MINNEAPOLIS, MN.

21. 00-00-83 USA, ON TV INTERVIEW *


23. 02-09-83 NEW ORLEANS, LA.

24. 03-01-83 HOUSTON, TX., NUMBERS 2



27. 05-00-83 CLEVELAND, OH., THE AGORA

28. 05-11-83 HOUSTON, TX., NUMBERS 2

29. 05-28-83 DEVORE, CA., US FESTIVAL

30. 05-28-83 DEVORE, CA., US FESTIVAL *









39. 12-26-85 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA.



42. 01-04-86 SAN DIEGO, CA., GOLDEN HALL

43. 01-05-86 PHOENIX, AZ.

44. 02-10-86 LONG BEACH, CA., BOGART'S


46. 03-04-86 NEW ORLEANS, LA.



49. 03-19-86 BOLOGNA, ITALY, QBO


51. 03-23-86 FLORENCE, ITALY ( A.K.A."SHADOWOV")

52. 03-24-86 TORINO, ITALY, BIG CLUB



55. 04-05-86 BORDEAUX, FRANCE












67. 05-25-86 LYON ENTPE, FRANCE





72. 00-00-87 ROUGH PLANET 2 (remaining "HAPPY PLANET" DEMOS)

73. 03-16-87 HOLLYWOOD, CA., LATE SHOW *

74. 05-04-87 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA







81. 06-26-87 HOLLYWOOD, CA., LATE SHOW *







88. 04-08-88 SAN DIEGO, CA., RIO'S







Date: 12/26/02 14:23:00 PST

I'm confused - is all this name-calling a little black humor amongst friends and/or are we seeing some pissing matches? I would rather hear what Chas is doing these days or if Sheldon's going to release any nuggets for us. Mazda's Record-Producer memories were a hoot. Stop the name-calling, you fucks, or at least sign your name and be adult about it. I have seen 2 Killing Joke boards ruined with this juvenile nonsense. I'm sure your posts would be much more welcome on a Limp Bisket board somewhere. Piss off.


Date: 12/25/02 18:44:50 PST


Date: 12/25/02 18:44:02 PST

fuck everything and everyone of you voodoo doo doo heaDS

Date: 12/25/02 17:17:25 PST

I've just stumbled over this website and...wow...the memories came flooding back.
WOV were very much unknown here in Australia but the first time I saw their video clip for Call Box 123 I was hooked.
I have their first two albums which I still listen to from time to time and I also have some Stan albums too.
WOV were cutting edge for their day.
The word "brilliant" is well deserved for these boys.

Date: 12/24/02 12:11:38 PST

and quite probably Bulimic

Date: 12/24/02 02:35:50 PST

At the time Bruce was chasing the dragon......

Date: 12/23/02 01:59:31 PST

another "sonny" site...

Date: 12/23/02 01:48:44 PST

sonny the movie....


Date: 12/23/02 01:43:59 PST


This is the story of a young man, Sonny (Franco), living
in New Orleans and trained to follow the family tradition
as a paid male prostitute for wealthy women, and he
hates it. He wants to free himself from this
predetermined life and find something for himself
outside the business, perhaps even in the Army, but
his family won't hear of it.

Release Date: December 27th, 2002 (LA/NY).

Date: 12/23/02 01:38:43 PST

"SONNY" movie trailer w/ WOV'S RING OF FIRE!
"Ring of Fire" in new Nic Cage Flick "SONNY"

If you go out to see a movie over the holidays, you just might run into a trailer for "SONNY", the new directed by Nic Cage movie.
Wall Of Voodoo's RING OF FIRE is heard along with Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side".
Anybody seen it yet?

Date: 12/22/02 19:00:33 PST

Hi I'm a old fan of Wall of Voodoo... I was lucky enough to see them in Brisbane Australia in 1989 (I think...lol... brain don't work too good) and I saw Andy twice when he toured here with Concrete Blonde a few years later... I got to meet Andy Chas and Marc in 1989.. but not my Bruce who was the one I really wanted to meet being my favourite (cmon I was only 21)... ha! Anyway when I asked the guys why Bruce didn't make it on that tour they all sort of laughed and mumbled and sort or side stepped the question and said "Bruce had some personal problems... blah blah" I've been wondering for all these years why he didn't make it to Australia in 1989... anyone here a Voodoo expert with encyclopedic knowledge???

Date: 12/20/02 14:11:27 PST

"I really liked" -> "I really liked it"

Date: 12/20/02 14:10:21 PST

Hey Sheldon,

Just listened to the Lucky Two Dollar... I really liked, but seriously how could you suggest to put it in instead of Oh-Oui Ann, that's one of my favourites!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 12/20/02 13:28:33 PST

Ok, I just read through the last three months of postings on the wallhere , and thought I could help out a little.

1. If you're looking for rare CD's/vinyl/singles try searching GEMM -http://www.gemm.com/

2. Yes, Marc Moreland played guitar and Patricia Morrison played bass for the Bags. They played at the Masque Benefit at MacArthur Park, Los Angeles around February 1978. This is the same Patricia Morrison who later was a member of the Gun Club and the Sisters of Mercy. Marc also played in the Skulls, along with Chas. T. Grey at the same concert.

- res1fhb1@verizon.net

Date: 12/20/02 12:47:20 PST

CD For Sale: The Weirdos - Weird World Volume 1, 1977-1981
Features Bruce Moreland on Bass guitar on several tracks.
email res1fhb1@verizon.net for offer/more info.

Date: 12/17/02 18:39:48 PST

to the guy making fun of Joe: shut up!!!

Date: 12/17/02 17:34:31 PST

hello. i like the wall of voodoo. do you too? i do. me too. wall of voodoo.

rip, joe.

Date: 12/16/02 12:55:46 PST

Say, has anybody managed to get his or her hands on the studio version of Fine Line?
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 12/15/02 17:05:22 PST

no helen x I haven't

Date: 12/15/02 08:52:24 PST

An URL for that picture please

Date: 12/15/02 06:55:06 PST


Date: 12/14/02 04:39:54 PST

Toby here -

aging Gothic Pretty boy??? Where do you get your information? When you don't sign your posts, that's what happens.....

Date: 12/13/02 12:55:39 PST

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up!

Date: 12/13/02 10:06:26 PST

FYI - oh, aging Gothic prettyboy - it's "aussie,", not "yankee."

Date: 12/13/02 08:46:27 PST

T.V. Watchin', Jesus Cheese, Sweet Black Potato, There's a Hole in the Pope, Get Off the Phone ... the list of unreleased WOV Household Hits goes on and on.

Date: 12/12/02 23:28:10 PST

Sheldon - are you still working on compiling Marc's old WOV demos with the intent of eventually releasing them to a WOV starved public?


Date: 12/12/02 23:17:49 PST

Chas - do you still play music?

Date: 12/12/02 23:09:28 PST

Chas did work at Caltrans, somewhere around 1977-1979. I can't remember exactly. Freeway Operations, Traffic Operations, Personnel, and Public Information were the dpartments. Hope this helps.

Date: 12/12/02 17:35:52 PST

I think I'm 'Bohica-Phobic'

Date: 12/11/02 21:03:23 PST

Toby here -
"Toby my friend? ...yo!......what do you do for a "livin'".....just curious yellow. And do you live in Calif.? and do you have an ID card...?
bob the happy swag man"

Some would say that I hardly work for a living. I do however, clock time designing video boxcovers for "lowbudget shot on video feature films". Then sometimes I also direct said "lowbudget shot on video feature films". I do live in Cali, and I just got my id card stolen... was that you Bob? Give that shit back man!!! So yes, I do have an ID card, a brand spankin' new one. And what does this have to do with anything, Bob?

BTW a fellow Voodooite, Robert Brammer, has fowarded me the whole Joe Nanini album Bohica, and asked me to host it... so I did... here: http://www.smutzine.com/nanini/

Date: 12/11/02 17:00:05 PST

Wow mr. Hitler, can I ask you, what do you think of that Andy Prieboy used your voice for his song "That was the voice"?

Date: 12/11/02 12:59:08 PST



Date: 12/11/02 10:29:44 PST

So Chas had sex with the virgin Mary. Wow!

Date: 12/11/02 04:10:38 PST

i meant that the music fullfilled me and left no other room to my emotions

Date: 12/11/02 00:46:17 PST

just got marc moreland mess. it is so great that i have absolutely no emotions

Date: 12/11/02 00:17:51 PST

chas is god...
signed -
jesus - his son

Date: 12/11/02 00:15:50 PST

Toby my friend? ...yo!......what do you do for a "livin'".....just curious yellow. And do you live in Calif.? and do you have an ID card...?
bob the happy swag man

Date: 12/10/02 16:43:37 PST


Date: 12/10/02 08:47:38 PST

Aw gee...

Da Limester

Date: 12/10/02 04:30:27 PST

so it was even better to credit all the stuff to wall of voodoo like in the good old times of Ridgway-Nanini Era

Date: 12/10/02 04:07:36 PST

Toby here -
Andy had this to say about Busniess of Love etc.
"I was being sued by Polymedia. We didn't want the others to get imbroiled in the suit. Sammystown was coming out and things hadn't settled yet... so my name was left off. As it was on Courage, and Big City. Big City I spruced up,added a second verse...so, I don't know if that constitutes a writers share...but, you get the idea."

Mazda... I love ya fella... I was just responding to a earlier post.. by a (probable) yankee fuckwit tosser!

Date: 12/09/02 01:45:00 PST


far side (prieboy)
business of love (gray/prieboy)
mona (b.moreland)
room with a view (prieboy)
blackboard sky (prieboy)
big cities (gray/b.moreland/m.moreland)
museums (m.moreland)
vaudeville (b.moreland)
courage (gray/m.moreland)


Date: 12/08/02 22:36:31 PST

I am sorry to hear about your posters, they were very cool.
You have however, inspired me to create this

Anyone with a website is more than welcome to use this to link to my WOV feature.
If you need help, email me:



Date: 12/08/02 13:08:49 PST

"Steven" posted the following to this bulletin board:

> Date: 11/06/02 07:30:40 PST
> Hello all:
> I am looking for a copy of a very special flyer
> from a show that I attended at the Starwood in 1980....
> It has a very special sentimental meaning to me and
> I know someone out there has a copy of it! Please Help!!!!!
> The date was Sept. 9th with the B-People and the art was really cool.
> It's a pyrimid with an all seeing eye at the top and
> the band names were in bone writing!!!!
> Tom Recchion has it but will not take time to copy it for me,
> so I decided to see anyone else has one.
> I have tried to get it through mutual friends and
> Stan I know you donnot have it, although you said you
> remember the show really well! Please post a contact e-mail here
> and i'll respond so we can work something out..
> I would at least like to have a copy of it..
> Thanks for everyone's help in this matter!
> Steven...


I'm a long time fan of Wall of Voodoo, having been fortunate enough to see them repeatedly, as early as 1979, at the AntiClub, Blackies and the Starwood, here in LA. I was also involved within, and made & remain friends within, the music scene at the time (with such bands as BPeople, Human Hands, Monitor, Shadow Minstrels, and many others).

I am one of the "mutual friends" to which "Steven" refers in the aforementioned posting.

Regarding Tom Recchion:

Recently I got word from Tom that he had been mentioned on a bulletin board, regarding the desired flyer. (Using Google, I was able to find this bulletin board, and the above posting from "Steven".)

At the time, it is true, Tom did not come thru with a photocopy of the flyer for "Steven". And, at the time, I was very disappointed with Tom. After all, I thought "Steven" was a friend of mine, and this flyer was important to him.

However, now I'd be VERY wary to deal with "Steven".

You see, back in November 2001, "Steven" stole posters and flyers (and a couple of CDs) from me, valued (I believe) in the hundreds of dollars, but also of "very special sentimental meaning to me".

To view the stolen items, go to this link:
... then click the link "Posters & Flyers, stolen November 18, 2001".

Luckily I had the brains to take pictures of the items, prior to loaning them to "Steven", who was SUPPOSED to either photocopy & return certain items (like that New Order/BPeople poster), or sell them outright for me (as I was, and still am, unemployed and BROKE). Instead, "Steven" disappeared. His phone number: disconnected. Repeated email attempts: ignored.

Just look at some of these items. That WOV poster, for instance. And that Devo poster, for a Starwood appearance. This stuff had "very special sentimental meaning to me". Now I'll never see it again.

I was such a fool.


If you're planning to deal with "Steven", all I can say is: BEWARE.

Date: 12/08/02 10:26:56 PST

Limey fuckwit wanker

Date: 12/08/02 10:13:48 PST

Yeah Toby but like my mentor 'I murdered a rock, I wrestled a whale, I made medicine sick, I put thunder in jail'....blah blaH..sIZE ISN'T EVERYTHING! Ahm a lean mean limey machine and....I got no hair. HaH! Beat that with your wedgey mullet.

Chester...thanks for your comments, incidentally I never trained as an engineer, just smoked some pinecones, rubbed myself all over with a whole nutmeg then chewed some banana skins and hey pesto....it was all pasta, punk and pure goo goo muck from there on...

Date: 12/08/02 00:28:45 PST


"p.s. - Does anyone know where I can get the CD or download the remaing tracks. Boom Shanka (May the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman) "


Why yes, Jamie



Date: 12/06/02 23:39:58 PST

"what i want to know is where is Pietra? Fuck Mazda...he's a limey fuckwit"

Toby here -

I'm a lover not a fighter... and I have at least 150 pounds on you... what's that in stone?

Andy wrote some of Business of Love, but there was a issue to some publishing deal he had that was not ironed out by the time he got into Voodoo so he gave Chas all the credit... I can't remember the whole story... And I might have it all wrong... Chas? Wanna chime in?

Date: 12/06/02 19:36:50 PST

Hey Mazda,

As a fellow sound engineer, I'd like to say that Happy Planet is the finest piece of the craft I have ever come accross (even though my vinyl copy has been played to a literal death, my tapes' been nicked, I was stupid enough never to buy it on CD and I'm missing the last 3 tracks on my computer because they closed down Audio Galaxy during my downloads) and remains my favourite of all time thanks to your brilliant production with a very talentent group of musicians. I used to use the tape to help tune a room before gigs due to the fantastic dynamics and also so I could turn on the musos and punters to WOV (which happened often). Thanks Richard for your gift of an amazing piece of work and for an inspiring talent that always kept me aiming higher.

cheers and thanks,


p.s. - Does anyone know where I can get the CD or download the remaing tracks. Boom Shanka (May the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman)

Date: 12/06/02 16:38:36 PST

Uh a fight, I'll put 20$ on Mazda

Date: 12/06/02 14:02:10 PST

What do you mean might?...you and me Toby outside right now...

Date: 12/06/02 14:02:06 PST

What do you mean might?...you and me Toby outside right now...

Date: 12/06/02 09:20:17 PST

Hey, does anybody know what the Dj is actually saying when he comes in at the beginning of "Mexican Radio"? I've always wondered what it was in english.

Date: 12/06/02 00:04:35 PST

hm... it seems i've always underestimated Bruce Moreland as a musician and a songwriter.

Date: 12/06/02 00:00:18 PST

So if i've got it right.

far sides of crazy (prieboy)
business of love (gray)
mona (b.moreland)
room with a view (prieboy)
blackboard sky (prieboy)
big city (gray/m.moreland/b.moreland)
museums (m.moreland)
tragic vaudeville (b.moreland)
courage (gray/m.moreland)

any corrections?

Date: 12/05/02 15:23:21 PST

I have it on good authority that Pietra and Richard are the best of friends. They once won a salsa dancing competition together at the Hollywood Palladium back in the early '80s.

Date: 12/05/02 07:40:02 PST

Toby here -

Another way to go to get the video into your computer, is to record it onto a mini dv tape through a camera. Any one that has a reversable in/out port will do. Then use any number of the free video capturing programs that usually come with new computers nowadays. I know that Mac's come with iMovie that is really good and easy to use. You just Firewire your camera into the computer and capture away.

Mazda might be a fuckwit, but we love him anyway!

Date: 12/05/02 05:09:45 PST

There are basically two ways to go.

1. Invest in the hardware and software required for this.
This is fine if you will ever be using it again, and have the Dinero$ to spend.

2. Send or bring it to YesVideo, and they will transfer the video footage onto a DVD for, I believe $29.95.
(not sure on that amount)

Link 1: Synthetic Aperture - This place has all the goodies and tons of quality advice.

Link 2: YesVideo - They have all the info, including a store locator.

Hope that helps, and if you have some good stuff, I will be the first to donate to help cover some expenses!


Date: 12/04/02 23:10:20 PST

I would like to put the wall of voodoo videos i have online, but I do not know how to get them from a VHS tape into my computer. If someone here has any ideas on how to do it...please let me know. My e-mail address is: countchocula@forpresident.com


Date: 12/04/02 21:43:45 PST

I heard Mazda was in L.A.directing a new film with Miramax. Has anyone heard of this film called The Boom Slap Murders?...

Date: 12/04/02 21:41:05 PST

what i want to know is where is Pietra? Fuck Mazda...he's a limey fuckwit

Date: 12/04/02 21:39:44 PST

is richard mazda in L.A.?

Date: 12/04/02 19:21:46 PST

I attended a Wall of Voodoo concert around 1982 at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. I went with my girlfriend and a bunch of my cross-country team members. I recall during the show Joe Nanini ranking on Yale, which was nearby, asking, "Where are all the khakis?" and "anyone want to pop my zits after the show?" We were fascinated by the pots and pans he played. (None of us went to Yale by the way -- we went to State U. We did, however, crash Yale parties and pretend to attend Yale.) After the show, somehow we ended up downstairs with Stan and Joe Nanini and WOV. We told Nanini we wanted to name our track club after him. Joe told Stan, who asked, "What? A frat club?" We hung out for a while and traded humor with Nanini. As Stan and WOV were leaving outside Toad's, our track team ran past them screaming: "JOE NANINI TRACK CLUB!!!!!!!" Nanini laughed and Stan looked confused.

Shortly after, at the college, one of our group anonymously posted throughout the school meetings for Whale Watches at the university pond hosted by the Joe Nanini Track Club.

Shortly after, I ended up in the dean's office who was threatening to expel me and my friends for something I can barely remember. I remember him threatening us with expulsion, then leaning over, in his smarmy manner, and, in all seriousness, ask: "And just who IS this Joe Nanini?"

I now wear a suit to work, drive a Volvo and live in the Midwest. I have three children who listen in the backseat while I play "Mexican Radio." My four-year-old loves it.

I sometimes leave messages at work using WOV names for old college friends to this day. Listening to WOV takes me back to a great time in my life.

Thanks Stan and the guys.

Date: 12/04/02 19:18:23 PST

i recently caught a little debbie comercial on the tele featuring gary numans' "cars " being played.. take no offense,.. i am a large fan of his music and i understand musicians need to make a living at their craft.. but it somewhat bothers me to see that happen and sell out the music like that, especially for a snack cake..

its nice to know that " room with a view" wont pop up for a century 21 ad, or "on interstate 15" for ramada inn..just a thought


Date: 12/04/02 09:46:35 PST

My cd of Sammystown claims "Mona" to written by Bruce, so I tend to stick with that, until I hear something else from the persons inplied.
Oh and as long as we are at the subject, I remember that my old vinyl of Happy Planet had "Elvis Bought Dora" to written by Prieboy and Marc and not just Andy as stated here, and the half-hidden track "Love Is A Happy Thing" is credited to Marc on my LP, and not Andy (besides it is at the start of side B, just before Country Of Man, and not at the very end). And as far as I remember then it was just one of the songs "Chains Of Luck" and "Grass Is Greener" that was written by Chas/Andy/Ned & Marc, the other was just written by three them, although I'd have to check which song it was, and who that was lacking.


Date: 12/04/02 01:57:20 PST

"Моna" is credited here to Andy Prieboy, and on Allmusic it's said that it's written by "one of the Morlands' family". So where is the truth? Out there?

Date: 12/03/02 22:17:58 PST

Was that date the first time you and Barry Manilow were, you know, "close?"

Date: 12/02/02 05:37:13 PST


Does anybody have a list of Wall of Voodoo tour dates and cities from the early 1980s? I heard and met the band at Vig's in Madison, Wisconsin in November 1982. I need to know the precise date. This has great personal significance to me. Thanks for any help.

Jim Kobielus

Date: 12/01/02 21:43:04 PST

Thanks a lot!

Date: 12/01/02 15:37:31 PST

According to the single I have, credit for the writing of Dance You Fuckers goes to Chas T. Gray.

A question I have about the song itself is that sometime near the middle to end, there's a voice that says, "Son, can I ask you something. Could you spare a few dollars? I'm a little short this month. I'd like to buy something for the kids." It just seems out of place to me, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it.


Date: 12/01/02 10:59:55 PST

And if someone would tell the drunken russian guy, where to get the Dep of Crooks album...

Anton here was - have\had been

Date: 12/01/02 10:57:08 PST

Steven Soderberg just presented a new movie - Solaris (upon Stanislav Lem). When Andrew Tarkowsky made Solaris - it was 25 years ago and thay said that he was deeply influenced by mr Cubrik's "2001". Now Hollywood is making a new version.

As for me - Shining is a great movie. Jack is great. But who ever seen "The dead of Winter"?

And - are there here Jim Jarmush fans?

Date: 12/01/02 10:49:41 PST

It was Anton

Date: 12/01/02 10:48:47 PST

Hey guy! Do not worry (as they say)! It's a boogie style in the song - and it's said in the song - it is a metaphore i used (i hope you know the word).
Whatever - mr Graeme - if you have ears - you will listen to and comprehend.
Dr.Richard Mazda is actually the best of all sound eng., ever been.

Date: 12/01/02 00:54:56 PST

The here's Johnny comment could also be a reference to the Johnny Carson show opening....not sure though.

Date: 11/30/02 18:52:47 PST

Not to neglect Anton's questions, though this page says "Back In Laundromat" was written by Prieboy, never heard of a "boogie" version though. But I'm glad that my LP of Happy Planet doesn't have the song on it, I never liked it. And to comment on Anton's comment, I would say I clearly find Sammystown better than Happy Planet, although Happy Planet is still a great album. I think that CoTW is what shows Mazda's great skills, that snare drum on Mexican and the tambourine on On Insterstate 15 which both he has mentioned here to be his idea are truly great, the album would have lacked such genius ideas!

What I wanted to ask it actually regarding Happy Planet, in the beginning of The Grass Is Greener Prieboy sings: "Here's Johnny!", I saw some time ago the movie "The Shinning" and here Jack Nicholson said "Here's Johnny!" in the excact same way, and when the movie was quite new when the album Happy Planet was made, I want to ask if there is any connection?

Graeme Qewe

Date: 11/30/02 10:05:10 PST

Anton here -

BTW, who wrote Dance you fuckers and Laundromat boogie?

And one more. Listened through Seven Days in Sammystown and Happy planet once again. It's clearly seen on which album the real Master worked (i mean sound engeneering and producing). Though in terms of music material i prefer Seven Days, Happy Planet has a perfect deep and full sound. Thanks, mr.Mazda! ;))

Date: 11/27/02 22:34:09 PST

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! And a special thanks to all the Voodudes for so many years of killer music. Love ya all!

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 11/27/02 07:43:52 PST


1. As an opening act before everyone sits down to eat, stick your hand up the turkey & put on a puppet show for the kids.

2. Start drinking about an hour before meal time.. That way, you can tell Uncle Bob how you really feel about his "20 years younger girlfriend".

3. Foodfights are always a plus.

4. While eating your turkey, freak everyone out by taking the large turkey bones and put on the left side of your plate. Take the small turkey bones and put them on the right side. Suddenly move your chair over to the left side and start laughing at the small bones.

5. Ask to carve the turkey. Everytime you cut it, start to cry and say "I'm sorry fluffy" or what ever the name of your family pet is.

6. That night,to get your lady in the mood, come in the bedroom covered in cranberry sause & make turkey gobble sounds.



Date: 11/26/02 23:01:19 PST

A while back ,there was a mention by Stan of Luther Perkins and his influence on Marc Moreland. This is a quote by Luther when he was asked why he didn't play more elaborate guitar parts like other players, just the bare bones licks that he was known for, he said "Those folks are LOOKIN' for it. I FOUND it." I think this quote would apply to Marc too.

Date: 11/26/02 00:37:46 PST

Anton here -

Thanks! So he was a sort of guest star on Ugly Americans

Date: 11/25/02 08:18:13 PST


Date: 11/25/02 05:13:43 PST

Hey Anton
Roger Mason was the keyboard player in an Australian band called 'MODELS' who were sort of popular in the '80s.Now he's doing jingles or some such thing...........

Date: 11/24/02 23:35:18 PST

hey ya know, joe's pub was super cool for us from the city. we got there at 9, stood in line and then sat in real super comfortable chairs by 9:30 when Stan came out, acoustic guitar and harp rack, and played probaly the best show i've ever seen him do. and i've seem wall of voodoo in the 80's at the peppermint lounge and the ritz and all the solo tours here at the mercury and the old mud club too. Joe's had some great lights, GREAT sound! 30 foot ceilings, great service and booze was a flowing. Stan;' voice was in top form and he sang in a basso profudo manner that was super cool and real intimate and right to you. he did some songs by pianist and singer mose allison - hello there universe (had not heard it before) and monster's from the id (heard it) that were very jazzy and fit his voice perfectly. wow. Pietra and Hayden bass-man and Bruce drum-man were right there in the pocket for some stuff i heard but alot i've not.The band rocked. new songs - wake up sally, the cops are in town, riding on that train were new ones that were as good as anything Stan has ever done. can't wait for the new record. also mission in life for closing and mexican radio kinda bloozey and sloppy good, ( the zydeco version Stan said) and loved the "good ship ridgway" rap when he added the band on stage. stan continues to grow and evolve like the rest of us and me and my peeps are digging it. we clocked the show at an hour and 10..wished he could have played more but there was a dreaded disco staring up and he let us know. fuck the disco. more stan. after the show we were stoked and it was an auesome show. right on stan and come on back to nyc soon soon soon. aftger the show we went to carnegie deli and ate pastrami sandwhiches and then headed to the DBA baer on 1st street, a cool place for all different kinds ogf beer and brands...thanks stan for coming to ny again.

drowing in the tide,

jeff and the new brooklyn group via
Bloomfield NJ...(the WOV Dirt Club gigs)

Date: 11/24/02 22:24:10 PST

Who else saw Stan and Pietra at Joe's Pub in NYC? We gotta get the low down. Thanks Bill L and ? for giving us midwest folks a view of the show. Sure wish he'd play Chicago soon. Shuba's last time was killer.
following the trail -
geddy - not from rush

Date: 11/24/02 18:03:59 PST

I saw Stan at Joe's Pub on Saturday night. First, let me advise you that Joe's pub sucks. They told me doors opened at 6:45 for Stan's show, well when I got there they told me they opened at 9. After coming back at 9, Stan fans were lining up outside. It was damn cold and our friend Joe kept us waiting outside for quite a while, while Howard Fishman finished up. So, screw you Joe's pub! Anyway here's the songs I can remember that he played: Gone the Distance, Police Call, Wake up Sally the cops are here, Train of Thought, Mexican Radio (though a much different version from anything I've heard before), Mission in Life, Big Dumb Town, Peg and Pete and Me, and two covers: Houses of ticky tacky (this title may not be correct) and Monsters of the Id. He probably played a few others as well, but that's all I can recount from memory. His voice sounded great and he was his usual charming self, sounding very much like an old style balladeer country player. Despite that, I was a little disappointed that he didn't play more Wall of Voodoo (replace all songs with Longarm) and that the show lacked the crazy electro sound that I have come to love from my Wall of Voodoo records. That said, it was a great show, and you should catch him if you can.
Now if only he would play somewhere in the south....like say, New Orleans?

Date: 11/23/02 04:42:01 PST

Toby here-

Wendy is a real person. She lived in the town that Andy and his brother grew up in, in Indiana. I believe he knew her. Concrete Blonde covered his song as did a techno group called system syn. And of course it's on his first solo album.

Date: 11/22/02 22:12:55 PST

Saw Stan at Joe's Pub in NYC tonight -- man, can he still put on a show -- previewed lots of new stuff -- even did a Drywall song! This is about my fifth Stan show in sixteen years or so, and even though he was getting rushed to finish by a certain time, I think this might have been my favorite. Stan's voice sounded great, and his guitar-picking is seriously underrated (I guess we were all watching Marc too closely all these years and never noticed). Pietra's keyboards were as haunting as ever. Definitely a show worth checking out.

Bill L.

Date: 11/22/02 18:44:51 PST

Wendy is a prostitute dying of Aids. I don't know if she is a real person or not, and if she is real, whether Andy had a relationship with her. If you want a thorough answer to your question, the most knowledgeable folks on this topic can be found at an Andy Prieboy discussion list, located here:

Date: 11/22/02 09:56:49 PST

hello all my name is paul and i have a ? about andy prieboy. supposedly he wrote a song called "tomorrow wendy" which of course was performed by "concrete blonde" now i am sure that someone has already asked this ? here but unfortantly due to time constraints i am unable to look through the entire message board. anyways that being said who was wendy and what relation ship did "wendy" have with him thanks for all the help i can get

Date: 11/21/02 19:10:34 PST

Oh geez....give it a freakin' rest already!

Ms. V

Date: 11/21/02 17:16:00 PST

It comment to be understood in the remembering of the "Chas is gay" comment????

Date: 11/21/02 14:13:33 PST

"Me and my Chas/We got a good thing goin'"


Date: 11/20/02 18:43:55 PST

Anonymous wrote:
"Are WOV doing any concerts soon?"

Boy, do you need an update. We wish.

Chas, you rule and you shall be my next
write-in candidate for...
uh whatever it is I am voting for.

Date: 11/20/02 18:34:00 PST

Are WOV doing any concerts soon?

Date: 11/20/02 11:03:26 PST

oops - I menat to add that I'm.....


Date: 11/20/02 11:02:18 PST

I can honestly say that Chas has had an effect on my psyche like no other (with his music, of course). Unless he can explain my addiction to buying vinyl

Date: 11/19/02 17:59:56 PST

I'd give Chas my vote anytime

Date: 11/19/02 15:31:21 PST

Chas is our ruler now? When was the election?? Damn...no one ever tell me anything!

Ms. V

Date: 11/19/02 09:59:17 PST

Hey Chas...you do rule but not on yer answerphone

Date: 11/18/02 23:05:41 PST

From an interview found here: http://www.usc.edu/student-affairs/dt/V127/N32/veteran-rocker.32v.html

Stan claimed to be working on a follow up to Lost Weekend. Was it ever released? Here's the text of the interview:
"SR: Yeah, I've thought about things like that. I tried some things like that once; I once thought maybe this is what happened to that couple in "Lost Weekend." In fact, I have a song I'm working on that is actually those two people, and they're still on the move--it's called "King Sized Drag."

Date: 11/18/02 17:57:50 PST


You rule! Have you seen the new lineup of The Skulls yet? Pretty damn good and Billy Bones (AKA: Steven Fortuna) is still goin' strong!


Date: 11/18/02 09:03:35 PST

just ordered Marc Moreland Mess. hope they will send it to me. not the way they fucked me up with the index masters


Date: 11/17/02 15:07:00 PST

To clarify something - Marc and I wanted to do the Sammystown album with Richard. We thought the demos of certain songs we did with him were the besst things we had recorded. Still do. There was a problem with record company interference. Same problem as led to our disbamding. Andy's inclusion in the band hd to do with the fact that he had some great songs that Marc and I thought we could elaborate on and the fact that we could actually get along with him as a person. Marc and I wanted to start a band with Richard Mazda and John Parrish, but were again shot down by the record company There you have it- Chas

Date: 11/16/02 06:51:35 PST

My extra copies of BOHICA have been spoken for.

Date: 11/15/02 13:51:00 PST

Puddin'tate, VERY COOL. Thanks!

Date: 11/15/02 09:34:57 PST

The SIENNA NANINI disc has the following songs:

Date: 11/14/02 22:35:13 PST

Hello folks! Puddin'tate here with a link to the "long ago" promised photo I bought at Shop Suey a coupla' months back,enjoy!:


Sorry bout' the dee-lay!Nice to know the info flows here, I hope it never stops!I just got Call of the West on CD and feeling the love again!I can't help but share this photo.
Thanks, to that band who's parents musta' breathed in too much L.A. smog!

Date: 11/14/02 22:10:38 PST

Index Masters used to be readily available at Barnes and Noble and Borders in Tampa, FL. They had lots of copies...I haven't been in there in a year or so, but I doubt they are being overwhelmed with demand for WOV.

Date: 11/14/02 16:24:24 PST

how about some mp3's????????

Date: 11/14/02 15:25:31 PST

I have some extra copies of the BOHICA CD if anyone is interested.
Email me at jtl@wallofvoodoo.com

Date: 11/14/02 13:48:40 PST

Thanks, Andi, and welcome!
I knew of that place, but forgot the name.
I just ordered me up a copy.
Invisible.. Invisible MAN/ Invisible...

Date: 11/14/02 08:46:39 PST

Hi. This is Andi from Switzerland. Just found out about this forum recently. If someone is still looking for the Index Masters - check www.gemm.com
You'll find there a lot of Wall of Voodoo stuff.
Good luck. Andi

Date: 11/14/02 03:52:30 PST

Anton here again

And who is Roger Mason?

Date: 11/14/02 03:38:03 PST

Anton here -


third review... we all had to communicate with the guy two years ago... we are late.

Date: 11/13/02 14:17:11 PST

"Index Masters is widely available on cd in retail stores last I checked. "

I beg to differ.

I have had Tower and Amazon serching for this for the last 2 months.
They have failed to even locate a USED copy, and Amazon has just emailed me to admit utter defeat.

If you know where this can be readily bought, KICK DOWN!
I have wanted a copy for nearly ten years now, since my CRACKhead brother STOLE it for more CRACK.

Date: 11/13/02 03:53:33 PST

Index Masters is widely available on cd in retail stores last I checked.

I'd like to hear the BOHICA demos as well...if someone figures out how to get a copy, please post mp3s!

Date: 11/12/02 19:07:57 PST

O.K.....Due to the kind responses of select individuals on this website,I have finally obtained copies of both "Dark Continent" and "Call of the West"........thank you all very much!! Now.....to complete my quest I am officially appealing to all WOV fans .....does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of "The Index Masters" ? I have the album but would like to get a copy on CD........I don't care if it's a burned copy from a CD burner.....anyone w/ Info please E-mail me at BStiffxyz@aol.com.......thanx, Don Sivard Jr.

Date: 11/12/02 13:34:21 PST

It was meant symbolically, it's just a thing you say, when there's something you really want. Jez!

Date: 11/12/02 13:26:58 PST

DON'T KILL ANYBODY FOR IT. Just ask around. I would love to hear details about SIENNA NANINI. There are 3 people on here that can tell about it. First, I would hope that GAIL NANINI could tell us. What the rest of us could say is nothing compared to what she knows.

Date: 11/12/02 05:50:27 PST

BOHICA= "Bend Over Here It Comes Again"

Date: 11/11/02 16:39:52 PST

Now that's a bootleg I want to kill for!

Date: 11/11/02 13:44:37 PST

yes, Joe did do some demos before he died. This is what I have been told. These where done starting the last few years before his death to right before he died. It was under the band name Sienna Nanini. It was to be a release on Dangerhouse records as I understand. He got alot of his friends to help. A bootleg is out there of the first 5 demos. The cd is called BOHICA. on the linernotes it tells more detail. Hope that helps.


Date: 11/11/02 08:15:21 PST

Toby here -
I'm just gonna shut up now. I'm spreading more dis-info than info.....

Date: 11/11/02 07:42:56 PST

I always thought his name was Conny Plank, I remember I read when I started to know WoV that "Ugly Americans" was dedicated to Conny ("who died in Köln in 87), and remembered the name from his great work with Czukay (of Can)

Date: 11/10/02 16:33:49 PST

Toby here-
Me and my big mouth... Sorry Richard. I thought that you had worked on Deep in The Jungle along with other things when Andy first joined the band. I guess i just assumed that you were busy when they came around to recording Sammy's Town. But you know what happens when you assume....

The guy you are thinking off is Conrad Plank. They were going to record with him in his studio in Cologne and the funding for the records got dropped the day before they were going to go. He even offered to do it for much less and it still didn't happen. And by the time they got it all figured out, he had died. Check out a bio for him here http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=Bysjx7i58g72r

Date: 11/10/02 16:16:59 PST

"Patsy Cline would have been proud." But what about Bob Wills ?(original version 1950) -macfarb

Date: 11/10/02 14:10:54 PST

As I was to understand it...........
The guys worked with Ian Broudie because of the sound that Echo and The Bunnymen had on there records at that time. Much to Marc's surprise...Ian Broudie was more interested in playing his guitar in another room and showing up really late to the recording sessions. Gil Norton was doing much more than engineering on Sammystown. Gil was able to work with the guys helping to further his desire to be a producer. And thank god for that....He would go on to produce most of the Pixies best work. Including a great re-mix of Gigantic. Back to the Sammystown record. Another thing was that the guys in Wall of Voodoo had rehearsed the songs for that record so much that the recording sessions were pretty smooth. Some of the songs had been written during the Call of the West days giving the guys a lot of time to re-tool each song over and over again. Marc always talked of good things when it concerned Richard. Marc had an affection in his voice when it came to the times he and Richard worked together. Marc told me that he felt that there were similarities between the sounds of WOV and the Bunnymen and he felt this would work with the new WOV. And at one point.....the guys of WOV went after the guy that produced Kraftwerk...I can't remember his name. But the poor guy got bit by some bug and passed away before they could start work on the record.
Anyway....I have a headache.....too much coffee.

Date: 11/10/02 14:05:01 PST


Date: 11/10/02 13:45:26 PST

sign that last one NZ

Date: 11/10/02 13:42:57 PST

Ahhh but there IS at least one Waltz in WOV's repertoire...
One of my favorite tracks, even though it was just a tease:

"...It was in/ the springtime/ that you said goodbye/
I remember our faded love..."

"Faded Love", from Sammystown.

(I am thinking... is this also their only cover song other than 'Do It Again'?)
Anyway, there has GOT to be a longer version of that sucker SOMEWHERE.
I just love what Marc & the guys did with that one.
Patsy Cline would have been proud.

Date: 11/10/02 06:36:46 PST

Actually, I do believe "End Of An Era" off of Index Masters is a waltz.

Date: 11/10/02 05:27:57 PST

For the same reason they didn't do 16/3 unless you count there's nothing on this side..

Date: 11/10/02 05:23:32 PST

Waltz is 3/4! Why did Voodoo never do a waltz

Date: 11/10/02 03:52:44 PST

To Put the Record Straight:
1. I was not on Sammystown and never claimed to be.
The only albums I was involved with were 'Call of the West', 'Happy Planet' and some tracks on 'Granma's House'. Furthermore I dont think the band wanted me on 'Sammystown', I would have never refused them. Perhaps Andy, the label or band felt that Broudie was more 'pop'.
I don't know I never asked them, it would have been undignified.

[note to Toby how did you get the idea of other committments?].

2. No as far as I'm concerned the chorus rhythm is based on a reggae 'one drop' beat, as you as aware no doubt all common time signatures can be interpreted as 2/4 or 4/4.


Date: 11/09/02 16:36:28 PST

Wasn't the snare actually on 3 rather than 2 & 4 in Call ?

Date: 11/09/02 12:08:11 PST

Thanks for the correction, Toby. What ultimately ended up killing the "solo project renaming," did WOV just put their foot down and the record company backed off?

Date: 11/09/02 10:47:32 PST

Toby here -
Mazda was not on Sammy's Town persay. He was hired to work on some demos with the boys when Andy first entered the band. One of which was Deep In The Jungle. Then he had other commitments and they got Ian Broudie to produce, after a few sessions with Miles in the Producers chair. The Miles sessions are what are on the first single with Andy, which was release just before they went to England to support Echo & The Bunnymen, I think.

As far as them going with Andy as a solo artist and canning Wall Of Voodoo, I think the thought process was that Andy would be easier to manipulate and he obviously had some great demos that got him the job in Voodoo in the first place. At the time the solo thing was brought up, there was a lot of dicention in the ranks and Marc was actually MIA. No one knew where he was. He was gone for about three or four days. The record company was still not sure that they wanted to support Voodoo. They knew that the fans might not buy anything from this new concoction. So starting from scratch with Andy seemed possibly better at the time.

Date: 11/09/02 09:03:45 PST

There are quite a few good articles that when pieced together would form a decent overview of WOV's history.
I can give you the URL to my feature, which has links to many articles of this nature, as well as other WOV resources.
Just keep in mind that this 'Sam Umland' guy is a huge Stan fan, but seems to underestimate the significance and durability of WOV's Music, which bothers me a great deal.
You will see what I mean when you get there.
Here is the feature:
Wall of Voodoo

Date: 11/09/02 08:31:44 PST

Is there any place where I can read an complete history of WOV ?. I would like to understand more about the history of the band & members and what they're up to now. There's not too many bands like WOV these days.

Date: 11/09/02 05:56:47 PST

Are there several versions of Seven Days In Sammystown? My copy doesn't feature Mazda on it.

Graeme Q

Date: 11/08/02 22:47:11 PST

Hi Mazda, if you're willing I'd like to hear about your experience producing Seven Days in Sammystown, as that is my favorite WOV album (that and Index Masters...but I realize you weren't around for that). Can you clarify the situation that might have dropped the Wall of Voodoo name in favor of an Andy Prieboy solo project...I still don't understand why that would have been done, because Andy was (as far as I know) an unknown, while Wall of Voodoo was still a recognized name.

As always I appreciate you sharing your WOV experiences with us,

Date: 11/08/02 22:05:49 PST

Oh Ok...No offence taken or intended but I am not aware of anything specific in terms of songs that Joe 'wrote'. His was not that kind of talent. However he was extrememely creative in terms of working along side drum machines which was a a rare thing in those days and his rhythm ideas and sounds were 100% fresh. I really enjoyed working with Ned on Happy but it was a very different band and it would be fair to say that losing Joe was as big a blow to the band as Stan leaving. Happily they survived it. Incidentally if you take 'Mecican Radio' as case in point it's true that Marc came up with the idea and chorus but the bulk of the verses were written by Stan,the 'crazy' Oberheim sequencer may have been Chas and Joe's wholly unique drum parts were his own. So I call that song a co-write.

Date: 11/08/02 19:42:35 PST

Hi Mazda,

It's not I need it all spelled against me, but I do remember that mentioned some time ago an other point, where you were "battling" against Joe (I think it was about the tambourine in "on interstate 15", and I think that it as well as the snare beat on Mexican Radio is perfect. So I didn't mean it as an attack on your production (it couldn't be better!), but it's just when I first bought Call Of The West, I thought about who wrote what. And now I hear that Chas wrote that, Bruce wrote Me And My Dad etc. Marc wrote Mexican and They don't want me and Stan wrote a lot too. But I never hear of a track that Joe wrote. I love his percussion, just take a track like Back In Flesh on Index Masters. But I never hear of a single thing that waqs his idea. And that's all I want to hear a single thing which was Joe's idea!!! He must have some ideas, didn't he????

Date: 11/08/02 15:02:09 PST

Listen, lil' buddy nobody ever said Joe was against everything. Just Most Things plus if you read my posting you'll see that I used the word crucial in relation to his contribution.

Perhaps you need to have it spelled out to you.

Joe's drumming and style was probably the most original that I had the pleasure of working with. I am not afraid of a challenge and Joe
was certainly that.

I'm English, we're big on irony you see.

I think I can honestly say that even if Joe drove us crazy he also was universally loved by by all of the band members and yes, by me.
I have no regrets but Joe's life had no sugar-coating and you know what? Neither does mine...there were some issues towards the end of Joe's and Stan's time in the band but then stakes were high. We all pushed our substance abuse beyond what was acceptable then and now. Now some of us are 'happy' drunks and others are shall we say a little more voilatile.

But ..y'know what? Life ain't grey/gray but it also ain't paisley coloured/colored either and if you add abuse in too it goes of the scale y'know?
Still we miss Joe and Marc...what does that say?

Go figure then keep it to y'self


Date: 11/08/02 10:37:48 PST

I have heard that Joe worked on some solo demos before he passed away. Anybody have any further info?

Date: 11/08/02 05:52:19 PST

It seems, all that people mention concerning Joe, is how he was against all. Joe got 1/4 credit, didn't come up with anything at all? This can't be true

Date: 11/07/02 16:04:11 PST

Date: 11/07/02 15:58:04 PST
Signed NZ

Date: 11/07/02 15:58:04 PST

Richard Mazda...
Stories like that is the reason we all still come here.
With all due respect to Joe and his opinion, that snare bit is what makes the song happen.
It achieves a flow during the chorus that would not have been possible without it.
And thank God you stopped the engineer, because Joe's Rant at the end of the record is one of the defining moments of the work as a whole.
I wish to God that the concept that included "Funzone" had become an album, because over the course of the last year or so, it has become one of my favorite songs, by ANYONE.

And to the CalTrans Guy, I could picture any of these guys in that trademark orange suit, including Mazda. ;)
I hope we can get to the cold truth of this matter.

Date: 11/07/02 13:04:46 PST

Bad Joe coming soon............

Date: 11/07/02 13:02:53 PST

Postscript to my last posting:

Re:the famous 'I coulda been somebody,Damn You speech':
This rant at the end of the 'Call of the West' track is a genuine unscripted moment. The track as anyone who has listened to it knows is a monster epic. It was not easy to record and Joe's parts were both crucial [the miltitary snare] and complicated there were obviously many moments of tension.
At the end of the tune Stan's very presence seemed to be upsetting Joe [not hard to do]he launched into his tirade without warning and I was so amazed by it that I rushed over to stop the engineer from stopping the recording. I LOVE THAT MOMENT! There were other crazy drug fuelled moments some of which decended into pure farce and others which contained heartrending pathos such as that one.....

And do you know what the best thing is? ...Joe really was Somebody
Somebody special and unique

[By the by because it and 'Funzone' were/are both epic albeit on very different subjects it was felt that we couldn't put them on the same record]

Date: 11/07/02 12:47:38 PST

Ok ....Joe Stories...Well when we were working on 'Call' joe was especially cantankerous and difficult. He got his album nickname Mr Negative [check reference on 'Spyworld'] from his unflinching habit of saying 'No' at least six times as if this would win the argument. For example when we recorded 'Mexican Radio' I explained to the band that I felt that some distinction between the verse and chorus rhythms was necessary.Joe immediately launched into his trademark mantra..."no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!" Being very patient and impressed by the veracity and clarity of his argument I naturally caved in. NOT.
I patiently and carefully explained the theory of Pop production as defined by the 'Greats' [Phil Spector, George Martin and Brian Wilson]. I presented my argument with the poise and wit of the Captain of the Debating Society on the question."This House believes in the sanctity and sacrosant nature of the importance of differential sonic qualities between versification and the climaxual Chorus,discuss". His response? "NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO, NO!!!!!!!

Yep, one extra NO and much louder.

What was the suggested musical part that was driving him mad?

A snare drum hit on the 2 and 4 of the bar. Who won? Well me, the band and the audience. Like two rutting stags Joe and I clashed many times and thankfully we usually broke off before goring each other to death....besides I was the limey interloper whose countrymen were addicted to butter and bad teeth. I would always be the butt of the jokes during the session......

But then again revenge is a dish best served cold.....with lashings of butter don't you think?

Date: 11/07/02 10:48:22 PST

Which one of the band members worked for CALTRANS?? I have a bet with a friend that one of WALL OF VOODOO worked here.

Caltrans Employee, Los Angeles

Date: 11/07/02 09:08:41 PST

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! One Rhythm Ace mochine on sale at e-Bay right now - lasts for another 8 days. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=920112805


Date: 11/07/02 01:42:42 PST

ALL hail The GENIUS - JOE NANINI - THE original drummer for WALL OF VOODOO -
"I used to be somebody god damn you!...don't walk away!!!"

All and anyone who have stories of our pal JOE chime in HERE....we wanna here it ALL..good and bad...he was JOE!

A truly funny and brillantly dangerous man..who gave all he had to give to the WALL OF VOODOO. WE Thank you Joe.
Stories of Joe!!?
Write them HERE!!!

Groucho the Sloucho
joe's friend..(and i miss him...the shit)

Date: 11/06/02 20:17:58 PST

When they did the show in NYC, the bass player had a fake hand resting on top of the Moog. More bands should have their sence of humor.

Date: 11/06/02 20:10:34 PST

WOV came up on the H.Stern show this morning. It made me remember the show I saw in NYC at the Paladium. They were promoting "Call of the West". This was possibly the best rock show I ever saw. I've seen a lot. It seemed like they were fairly worn out. I wasn't very familiar with "Call..", when they did the part at the end of the title track ("... I USED TO BE SOMEBODY, COME BACK HERE GODDAMM YOU!!, I USED TO BE SOMEBODY"), it really looked like the drummer was going to kick someone's ass. He was pissed. They were fantastic. The Moog bass, the kitchen percussion, the abstract set with the strange door. I'll never forget it.

Date: 11/06/02 07:30:40 PST

Hello all:

I am looking for a copy of a very special flyer from a show that I attended at the Starwood in 1980.... It has a very special sentimental meaning to me and I know someone out there has a copy of it! Please Help!!!!! The date was Sept. 9th with the B-People and the art was really cool. It's a pyrimid with an all seeing eye at the top and the band names were in bone writing!!!! Tom Recchion has it but will not take time to copy it for me, so I decided to see anyone else has one. I have tried to get it through mutual friends and Stan I know you donnot have it, although you said you remember the show really well! Please post a contact e-mail here and i'll respond so we can work something out.. I would at least like to have a copy of it.. Thanks for everyone's help in this matter!


Date: 11/05/02 23:50:10 PST

to all voodoo fans out there...i'm trying to locate a copy of "happy planet" to buy. am willing to pay up to $25US. please contact me asap if you can help me out.

Date: 11/05/02 19:13:53 PST

i learned of them through a leading snowboarding video

Date: 11/05/02 06:45:32 PST

Ebay is the only place to find those albums on cd. Your other option is to just download the songs off of a file sharing service and then burn your own cd's (which won't hurt Wall of Voodoo because as far as I know of no Wall of Voodoo albums are available commercially except for Index Masters and Call of the West).

Date: 11/04/02 19:30:48 PST

Hi, does anyone know where I can get the WOV albums on CD (apart from Call of the West)?

Btw my 5 favourite WOV songs are

Big City
Good Times
Tragic Vaudeville
Full of Tension

Thanks to whoever set up this site!

Date: 11/04/02 12:27:21 PST

From: http://www.trouserpress.com/entry.php?a=wall_of_voodoo
"Los Angeles' Wall of Voodoo made junk music that can be extremely entertaining as long as you don't expect too much from it. "

What uh...kind words from the Trouser Press. I guess every review can't be a good one....though I'm still left wondering what junk music is and how I get in on the ground floor of it.

Date: 11/04/02 02:12:16 PST

This is pretty difficult for me... I was responding to e-mails on the discussion group from my own band, when someone brought up my dear friend Marc... I grew up with the brothers in West Covina and we became fast friends. I was backstage at a Voodoo show at the Country Club when Savage Republic was the opener. Marc told me they were good and I should check them out. a year later, I was in Sr and 18 years later, I'm going on a reunion tour. Bruce, if you're out there? I miss you.... You know what a great soul you're brother was. God bless..
thom f.

Date: 11/03/02 14:32:01 PST

Some of the tricks of messin' with the brains of the 'lectrics actually were influenced by circumstances and Peter Gabriel. By circumstances I mean that Ace didn't have all the high falutin' inputs and outputs of today's computers and drum machines so naturally microphones and treatments through amplifiers came about as a natural part of the process. The DX drum machine came much later and was arguably not as much of a crucial part of the sound as the Ace and Roland 808,it came designed for the chips to be substituted since onboard ram or rom was v low. Once again substitution thru necessity. During 'Happy Planet' i found the DX to be a bit 'clunky' . But what the hell do i mean by PG?..........hmmm answers on a postcard please

Date: 10/31/02 18:05:52 PST

Thanks, Sheldon. I really love hearing these tales of Ace.
Are you telling me that nobody has a picture of this musical icon/ entity for inclusion in my WOV Tribute?

Date: 10/31/02 11:04:08 PST

Sheldon Here........
The lesser known drum star for Wall of Voodoo was the Oberheim DX7. I think the poor over looked drum machine's brightest day was during Blackboard Sky. This same drum track showed up on the Department of Crooks CD in the song Whiskey and Cadillac's. The DX7 was often subjected to the Wall of Voodoo tradition of "what happens when you do this?" Marc would show me how Chas would take out the chips and swap them around then put them in backwards just the hear what the thing would do.
When ever I talked to Marc about the things that WOV did to elctronics, he'd always give me a little insight as to what they were thinking...(or not thinking) Marc once said, "So many bands were using the same equimpment those days. How we used it was what set us apart. You had to give everything a little bit of the Voodoo."

- Sheldon

Date: 10/30/02 17:43:05 PST

Chas does not have a Rythm Ace. He wishes he does. He alternated between our most comforting friend and our cruelest sabateur. Sheldon - I hope you have them locked up tight.Stan - As always, you have a flair for good stories. Can't get enough. Chas

Date: 10/30/02 00:19:22 PST

sr lyrics...

Date: 10/29/02 00:07:26 PST

Short Cut for Stan Tix in NYC:

Date: 10/28/02 23:24:43 PST

STAN and BAND play a weekend @ JOE'S PUB in NYC
Friday, Saturday- Nov. 22 and 23.
solo acoustic and w/ quartet

Do you have your tickets yet?

For ticket purchase and reservations
please call:
Joe's Pub @ 212-539-8778,
or, for Telecharge:
you can call 212-239-6200.

Email Joe's Pub @:schedule@JoesPub.com
Joe's website:

Joe's Pub Location:
425 Lafayette Street, NYC

between East 4th St. & Astor Place.
Take N train to Broadway & 8th St.
or 6 train to Astor Place.

.....another shameless plug from sr dis-information

Date: 10/28/02 11:44:23 PST

and did you know, lest we forget... that Wall Of Voodoo's name was inspired by genius producer Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound?

Date: 10/28/02 10:58:54 PST

Does anyone have mp3's of these pre-WOV bands?

Date: 10/28/02 09:56:54 PST

Does anyone know of an MP3 file-sharing site like Audiogalaxy once was? I could download ANY song I wanted to on that site. Now we're left with sites like Grokster and Kazaa. They're ok, but I want a site where I can download more Wall Of Voodoo stuff...

Date: 10/28/02 04:44:49 PST

And Ned was a Flesh Eater before joining Voodoo.

Date: 10/28/02 02:34:22 PST

And Ned was a Flesh Eater for a year before joining Voodoo.

Date: 10/26/02 21:40:58 PDT



Date: 10/26/02 16:40:48 PDT

Lest we forget-

Stan was once a Model Citizen and Flesheater, and Chas & Mark were Skulls! Joe was all Metro Squad and Bruce Barf, oooops, Bruce Morland was a wierdo. Which makes Wall of Voodoo one of the best bands EVER to exist ever! Plus, they were amazing live!!!!!

Date: 10/26/02 11:59:12 PDT

Don Sivard:
I think that Dark Continent is impossible to obtain on CD, I've tried for years without luck. If you ever find a way to obtain it, then let me know!

Graeme Qewe

Date: 10/25/02 21:21:21 PDT

Hi Everyone-
I am looking for a (VERY) special flyer from a show that WOV played @ the Starwood, Sept 9th, Tues, with the B-People in 1980... The art work is a pyrimid with an all seeing eye at the top with the band names written in bone writting... It has a very special meaning to me! I'd like to purchase it or a least get a copy of it... The original was done on light brown paper and Tom Rechion was the artist... You can reach me @ big.frosty8@ntlworld.com



Date: 10/25/02 19:41:11 PDT

I will attempt this again.......I want to purchase any EARLY WOV CD that is available....I have "Call of the West" and have been told that "Dark Continent" is available but am unable to find someone willing to direct me to a site where I can buy it........I recieved E-mail from www.mindspring.blah blah blah ....but when I showed interest, I could never get a follow-up response..........PLease somebody tell me where I can get my hands on any WOV CD !!! Thanx........Don Sivard ........My Address is BStiffxyz@aol.com

Date: 10/25/02 02:48:29 PDT

TONITE! Fri. Oct 25th
Stan Ridgway and Band o' Spooks
A Special pre - Halloween Show
at the Coach House in San Jaun Capistrano, CA. - Friday Nite Oct. 25th

Stan Ridgway and Band of Spooks
Songs - Ghost Stories - Frightening Behavior
Stan will also read from Edgar Allen Poe, William Burroughs, the N'Sync
bio and other blood curdling literature appropriate to the occasion.

its a' gonna be pretty scary folks -

33157 Camino Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano
CA, 92675
Tickets & Dinner Reservations (949) 496-8930

Clark and Agatha Price @ dis-info

Date: 10/25/02 02:38:57 PDT

Stan to Sheldon -
hey paly!...are your "Ace's " flat and about 1 foot by 3 foot, wood box, kalamazoo?

inputs high and low?...do they contain "western" beat?..that's the one fer Granma's House....

Date: 10/25/02 02:34:03 PDT

Chas T. Gray = the "original" Slim Shady....
dr drool

Date: 10/24/02 22:01:48 PDT

Isn't a variation of that how most of us met Chas? It all had to do with bars, drinks and shady friends. Oh, the humanity!


Ms. V

Date: 10/24/02 21:54:15 PDT

Stan was hanging with Ace at a club, and in walks Ace's friend Chas. Well Ace bought Chas a drink and introduced Stan to Chas and the rest is history.

Date: 10/24/02 20:21:45 PDT


Would you please tell how you met Chas? It is my final wish, for I am dying. Well, not really. But still, tell us tell us tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 10/24/02 02:48:26 PDT

I NEED a pic of "The" Ace.
The Legend... The Sidekick...
The Cyborg...
The International 'Man-Machine' of Rhythm.
I bet CHAS has one.

Date: 10/23/02 21:27:49 PDT

So...........since ACE wan original member ........could he put out his own Wall of Voodoo album or tour?

Date: 10/23/02 21:26:05 PDT

This has been the best week on this forum page in ages!

Date: 10/23/02 12:34:29 PDT

Loving this Rhythm Ace history lesson!

Check this out:


John in Montreal

Date: 10/23/02 12:01:38 PDT

Ace of Ace's
Sheldon here - When I first hooked up with Marc, I asked him about the Ace. It was like asking to see the Holy Grail. Marc walked out of the room to return with this old blue gray box with the words Wall of Voodoo on it. It was THE ACE. He plugged it in and showed me all the beats that I would then name the song they were used for. That was the same week Marco caught the Wall of Voodoo question/answer on Jeopardy.
You can hear the same ACE on the Department of Crooks CD. And Marc also used it on his Marc Morelands Mess record. ANYWAY...... when we were working on the DOC record....Marc and I found and bought a few ACE's to back up the old one so it wouldn't get banged around when we played live. So I have 2 of the same ACE's that Wall of Voodoo used and 2 others that are later models. The FR2 (a flat book shaped version of the WOV ACE) and the FR3 (a totaly different version. Smaller and different sounds) When I get the chance I will take pics of them for those who would like to see what they look like inside and out.

Date: 10/23/02 10:18:12 PDT

Hey Stan, how'd you meet Chas?

Date: 10/22/02 22:56:03 PDT

This shit is really getting good now...........for cartoon trivia buffs ,another voice guy was Paul Frees who happened to also be an undercover DEA agent . When Frees showed his badge to one Elvis Aron Presley ,the jump suited King of R&R was so green with envy ,he got all fulla them Doctor Nick specials and made his infamous flight to DC to have a little talk with Nixon about getting his own badge. There is a definite link between rock & roll and Hanna Barbera. Hell, The 13th Floor Elevators were even on HBR Reords for a while.

Date: 10/22/02 14:09:14 PDT

Ace should be in the Smithsonian
(unless he's ever gonna get used again ;)

Date: 10/22/02 13:54:15 PDT

Stan, that was really f-ing cool.
I need a pic of Ace.
Here are 2 more links, showing the resume and bio of June Foray, who's voice was a huge part of my childhood:
(she did Rocky of Bullwinkle and a shitload of other classics)

Link 1

Link 2

Date: 10/22/02 13:09:19 PDT

A p.S. from Stan:
Daws Butler passed away over a decade ago. I attended his funeral with Charlie and the family. Franco as there too. All the voice people from everywhere were there and everyone he helped. He was a great teacher and artist. I don't think I ever thanked him enough for what he gave me.
Thanks again Daws.You'll never know what that machine did for us and how many miles it traveled and how many oceans it crossed.

here are some Daws Butler Links folks...check them out. Daws was true original, made ONLy in America...
a big hearty "boom slap" to all





Date: 10/22/02 12:50:10 PDT

Stan to Chas: Hey there! You're right about all this Chas...get smart and espeacially Yogi Bear's Rhythm Ace...I am compelled to tell the whole story here for our readers.

In 1975 I met drummer Charlie Butler and we played some gigs together in Whittier at a dive bar (i think it was called the Three Little Pigs..kinda of a barnyard decor...) with another guit player friend Franco Landi, who was a virtual jukebox of songs. Most of the time we just follwed Franco's lead and played covers for a crowd of drunks and crooks...

Charlie's father turned out to be THE Daws Butler, partner to Stan Freberg.from Bennie and Cecil..(Daws was Bennie..) Daws Butler was the voice of all the Hanna Barbera cartoon characters too like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and even Capt. Crunch. Also he worked with Jay Ward on The Bullwinkle series and did so many voices and stuff along with his writing its hard to say it all here.

Ok...now here we go..

It was my habit at this time to go over to the Butler's house and visit with Charlie and play music in his father's VO studio. (footnote: Daws also taught voices and acting at this time in his house and his prize student was li'10 year old Nancy Cartwright...now.. ta dah!...Bart Simpson...) anyway....

I would kinda slide quietly into the living room when it seemed cool.. where Daws had an old wurlitzer organ there... and sitting on top of it was THIS BOX with the name RHYTHM ACE - KALAMAZOO, MICH. emblazoned on the front, with buttons on it with names like MAMBO-SAMBA-WESTERN-BOSSA etc... I'd turn it on and whoa!...RYHTHMS and BEATS...and with a knob to make them go REAL FAST..almost faster than you could take it in...I'd press three buttons at once and get a MAMBOSSAROCKINBEGUINEZOOT! beat...???? huh??!...cool..Clickty Clackety CLICKITY CLACK!!!! boom slap!.
On one of these days Daws caught me! and got real pissed at me..(he could be fairly testy with the kids..) He shouted angrily,..

"Stan..STOP!STOP!!PLEASE!!.I cannot STAND this anymore! You are driving me crazy with that thing! Why don't you TAKE it home and get it outa here. Its yours. Just please STOP NOW! and Stay out of MY LIVING ROOM!!!"...

I was pretty startled and apologized but ...hey...he meant it so I took it. ACE had now been passed to a new generation. Re-born and re-plugged into a world of BIG AMPS and STOMP BOXES...when I got home and plugged that ACE into my twin reverb...WHOA! it shook the walls!

The next year when I had made some demos of some new ideas with it..WARGASAM, INVISIBLE MAN, BONGO BEATNIKS, LIGHT YOUR HAIR ON FIRE, and stuff from my soundtrack experiments and failed employment in this fiels at the time..(i.e. "acme soundtrax") etc..I MET MARC..and played him my stuff with ACE. this was 1977 i think...BRUCE jumped on and then CHAS and then JOE. We was all tight with ACE!

WELL..Wall of Voodoo got going that year and Ace stayed with us for the whole time through the next several years. SO....

When you hear Mexican Radio etc.....listen for a bit of Yogi, Huckleberry and Bennie, Freberg and Butler and Cecil the sea-sick sea serpent......cuz that's the very same machine.

Long live ACE! hey Chas do you have him? Where is he?...

Long winded and blabbermouthing as usual -


Date: 10/21/02 21:44:48 PDT

Stan - Just now read your comments from August on Wall of Voodoo's forming. They seem to be very accurate. I think I could only add non-musical influences such as Get Smart, coolorful sports figures, Hollywood Blvd., Sony 2-Tracks, and cartoons - especially Daws Butler's Rythm Ace. Chas

Date: 10/21/02 21:38:08 PDT

pantherboy, Raul - If you are going by information from Michael Guttierrez as fact you could be quite mistaken I would deem that unauthorized - chas.

Date: 10/21/02 21:35:08 PDT

jtl - check with john parrish fir the most excellent "automatic dlamini" cover of Mexican Radio, The best, - Chas

Date: 10/21/02 21:34:54 PDT

jtl - check with john parrish fir the most excellent "automatic dlamini" cover of Mexican Radio, The best, - Chas

Date: 10/20/02 13:53:26 PDT

**reaching over to hand Mazda his pill and a glass of water**

Everything will be fine once you swallow this....I promise :)

Ms. V

Date: 10/20/02 13:19:23 PDT

Fuckin' fuck the fuckin' fuckers!
(Dr. Demento? I think that's who said it.)

Date: 10/20/02 06:57:16 PDT

Dissin' fuckin' fucks is wat I fuckin' like to fuckin' do 'cos i fuckin' like it you fuckin' fuck [say this in a Dick Van Dyke accent]

Date: 10/20/02 06:56:22 PDT

Dissin' fuckin' fucks is wat I fuckin' like to fuckin' do 'cos i fuckin' like it you fuckin' fuck [say this in a Dick Van Dyke accent]

Date: 10/20/02 02:15:59 PDT

Toby here -

Hey Chas,

I have a copy of two different version of In My Night... great song! Any chance we will ever see any other Chas T. Grey demos see the light of day? We're all dying to hear them. In My Night is so good... it would be a shame to have those gems collecting dust.

Date: 10/19/02 18:59:29 PDT

Get OVER it, people!

Date: 10/19/02 18:46:35 PDT

Chas is gay? No fair, he was hot!
--a female fan

Date: 10/19/02 04:40:14 PDT

What hath I wrought?
What manner of sub-terranian shenanigans will be the result?
This may get UGLY, pray for me, WOV-ites.

Date: 10/19/02 01:00:01 PDT

the horror...the horror...

Date: 10/19/02 00:58:55 PDT

Aammy the "scalp of mazada" + big time "wiseguy" ...says..
Hey!...don't dis me me babe ...or we make you play da tamborinbe with da Jay Boberg guy...... (the fuckin' fuck..!)

it won't be pretty...

you do not know me

Date: 10/19/02 00:55:19 PDT

hey wow! is Stan in the Mafia?...
teddy the chin

Date: 10/19/02 00:50:40 PDT

Stan's "people" to NZ -

Hello our very good friend NZ!
May we poke you with the past.... You have agreed and a "friendly arrangemnet" was struck between us..(thanks alot, a whole lot... by the way)...Let us review:....

1.) NZ pays a penny per collage, in $1.00 increments.
2.) PLUS an agreement to fund and build a large swimming pool in Stan WOV's and Mazda's name
3.) AND....an agreed deal to polish "jackie "teak" lazar" to a fine shine in the sun..and then strangely and intimately "engage" him in front of Gray Davis.....

DONE DEAL if yoo can do this!

Now remember this!...MAZDA AND WOV MUST have the same deal or Stan will NOT OBLIDGE on your venture
...on second thought...
CHAY GRAY to this in equel measure...and he must ghave a MILLLION DOLLARS on porch by next Friday.....or there is NO a big fat DEAL BABY!....' fer yoo!...

P.S. CHAS the T. ?...contact stanridgway.com...? its urgent...

"tonight we take care of all family business.....
and NZ will "sleep with the fishes...."


Date: 10/18/02 16:02:49 PDT

If there are enough fans to justify this website, how come the only old WOV CD available is Call of the West?.....I have the albums but would really like to obtain all the early WOV stuff on CD's. Surely I can't be the only one who wants this........can anybody help me ?....E-Mail me @ BStiffxyz@aol.com.........Thanx

Date: 10/18/02 11:19:48 PDT


Here's a page from an old Keyboard Magazine from June 1982,
in which Chas Gray and Stan Ridgway talk about their uses of the sequencer and synthesizer. Other bands from that era talk about it too. It also shows what kind of keyboards and synthesizers Wall Of Voodoo used when you scroll to the bottom of the page. They talk about Dark Continent too. Here's the link!


A Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 10/17/02 23:57:57 PDT

Yeah right ...backpeddling is never attractive. I want a penny too NZ whether I'm funny or not. PS Check out video director on www.frankenskippy.com

Date: 10/17/02 22:37:56 PDT

One more:
Is there a Picture of "Ace", the rhythm machine floating around anywhere?

Date: 10/17/02 22:19:15 PDT

Boy, has this place become confusing.
Hey Richard M; Stan and I traded emails and he wants a penny per collage, in $1.00 increments.
I had to think about it long and hard:ok, I'll do it.
Stan is a righteous and funny man.
He reminds me of ... well, a Stan Character!

A big hello to Chas, gay or not.
Have you been making any music lately, or thinking about it, Chas?
You guys had an amazing chemistry, to say the least.
Thanks for the few years you gave us.

Date: 10/17/02 20:37:08 PDT

I meant "Chas is gay" in the meaning of gay as beautiful, I'm not up with american slang!

Date: 10/17/02 12:13:04 PDT

As for "rights to the name" of Wall of Voodoo....This is what Marco told me. As long as 2 of the members who were on the contract were still together...they could use Wall of Voodoo. So, I asked him, if Bruce played bass for Stan and they wanted to use the Wall of Voodoo Name.......Could they? He then said. "It wouldn't surprise me if Miles let 2 Wall of Voodoo's on his lable. If it ment more money."

Date: 10/17/02 01:40:05 PDT

anyone have any links to the story that johnette wrote "joey" with Marc in mind? I saw that mentioned on here before

damn, i still wish i could see my favorite guitar player again. No one will ever be nearly as interesting a musician to me. i don't even wanna see any concerts anymore- except maybe if leonard cohen pulls one more tour out before he joins marc

RIP guitar dude- you were the best. Nothing can top that red light roxy show, or later with Andy at the scream. Hollywood the second time with the dry ice machine in overdrive and andy hopped up on something good and marc's ethereal twang are such treasured memories

Date: 10/17/02 01:10:48 PDT

Elizabeth I'm hooked up thanks. As for Chas T Gay [see, just remove the r you fuckhead the clues are everywhere!And Paul McCartney has been replaced by an imposter] I'm with Liz if you have problem shut up, if you don't, what's your point?

Date: 10/16/02 23:12:29 PDT

Mazda & Gayle Nanini,

If you don't know how to get in touch with Chas, email me and I'll connect you up. Email address is: vieuxdo@earthlink.net

Rock on,
(a.k.a. Ms. V)

Date: 10/16/02 22:40:44 PDT

Juat took some time to read this site. Does no one have anything better to do? Thia band is gone. Wake up. On a more friendly note. I would like to get a hold of Gayle Nanini. If someone can help. Chas

Date: 10/16/02 22:26:40 PDT

Whomever was asking, I can tell you all about Chas T. Gray, for I am he. Chas

Date: 10/16/02 22:24:59 PDT

Hey Mazda - I've tried to contact you many times, but have been unsuccessful. Would love to communicate. Elizabeth knows how. Chas.

Date: 10/16/02 22:07:21 PDT

Don't ya just hate these boneheads who post things anonymously thinking they'll blow the lid off some supposed secret? Imagine me rolling my eyes and looking disgusted.

Ms. V

Date: 10/16/02 21:08:21 PDT

Yeah...most of us know that already.

Date: 10/16/02 18:00:08 PDT

And your point is?

Date: 10/16/02 15:59:13 PDT

Chas is gay

Date: 10/16/02 00:03:49 PDT

SEE...the strange and avantgarde "the DRYWALL INCIDENT" surrealist ..........drinks... RATED R for NUDITY AND LANGUAGE.

Jeez Stan, I know the economy is in a lull, but did you have to stoop to peddling smut to the kiddies? - Yer' pal, Jerry Falwell.
(psssst.....just kidding come over later....I'm wearing a little edible something, something for you know who)

Date: 10/15/02 07:47:25 PDT

YES?....What is it Toto? The Wicked Witch is Dead?! The Oompa Lumpa's are actually dwarves in costumes, there is no Golden Ticket, The Flintstones movies really suck?
MAZDA...always online, always watching

Date: 10/15/02 00:29:06 PDT

MAZDA MAZDA MAZDA say it three time fast....

Date: 10/15/02 00:27:43 PDT

The Stan Ridgway Quartet LIVE! this week in San Francisco:
Tues. Oct 15th @
Great American Music Hall
Wed Oct. 16th @
Rancho Nicasio

New strange cd's and swag from
Bob the happy swagman

& new cd's @ cdbaby.com:

And AT THE COACH HOUSE in San Jaun Capistrano, CA.
Fri. October 25th.....
(949) 496 - 8930 for tix

Date: 10/15/02 00:13:07 PDT

25 handmade DRYWALL VIDEO CDs up @ CDBABY
Read all about it here:


Date: 10/14/02 11:26:21 PDT

Anybody have any information on Chas T. Gray? Where he grew up? When he started playing keyboards and bass? Who his influences were? Ect
I'm sure a lot of WOV fans would like to know this!

Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 10/12/02 20:23:09 PDT

Does anyone have a good quality scan of the doll head 12" cover? I used to have one but can't find it and I need it for a project I'm working on. If you have one, email me at vieuxdo@earthlink.net and let me know if you're willing to email it. And please contact me before you email it so I don't end up crashing my email server with dozens of doll heads. Thanks in advance.

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 10/11/02 22:45:03 PDT


Date: 10/11/02 15:14:21 PDT

listen people it's not as simple as that...when you sign a record deal you sign over rights to names, likenessess etc. Marc would not have owned the name any more than stan would've. Certainly the surviving members and the estates of Joe and Marc would have some kinda claim. For example if Andy or Stan were to try and tour with a backing band that had nothing to do with Voodoo the other members would have a case in law since the rights to play gigs under a particular group name have never been 'owned' by the labels.
They usually own the rights to the name on recordings hence it is very likely that EMI have some rights to the name when used in conjunction with record releases especially with regard to the old recordings including unreleased material such as 'Funzone' since even these tracks would have been logged as belonging to them....phew hope that clears it up. Name and titles and who owns them have nothing to do with morals and everything to do with exploitation.i.e.making money

Date: 10/11/02 06:38:52 PDT

If Mark did own the name Maybe Sheldon can shed some light on this for you.

Date: 10/10/02 18:35:30 PDT

About Wall of Voodoo licensing, my guess is when Stan left the band, he left the name too and he has nothing to do with the name now. Marc was the one who owned it I would guess. Good luck tracking anyone down who can help you. Obviously I didn't help...


Date: 10/10/02 17:05:46 PDT

Due to some technical difficulties at my ISP the Open Forum was down for a while. That problem has been resolved and we now return to our regularly scheduled schtuff. Thanks to NZ for the timely heads up on this problem.

Date: 10/06/02 17:34:06 PDT

re- Bags/Voodoo/Damned-

I have no recolection of Marc ever being in the Bags, but they did have a lot of lineup changes. But Joe was definately in The Bags. To quote from http://www.patriciamorrison.co.uk/ -

"Patricia and Alice then approached a childhood friend Janet Koontz to play guitar; the only vacant position was for a drummer. This came in the shape of Joe Nanini who had placed an advert in a publication called Recycler stating that a drummer into Ramones and Mahavishnu Orchestra was looking to join a band. With a drummer now in place and as Janet was only a budding guitarist, the girls decided that a twin guitarist approach was the way forward. The second guitarist to join was a friend of the newly recruited drummer, Joe Nanini. Geza X was the final member drafted in to complete the first of many line-ups. Patricia had told Joe that they had to wear bags over their heads on stage so no one would know who they were as a gimmick, Joe agreed and relayed the same message to Geza X which was met by the same agreeable reaction. So with Joe and Geza X now in place The Bags, one of the original L.A. punk bands had been created. This line up was short lived.

Joe Nannini went on to play drums in Wall of Voodoo and Gexa X various LA bands and production."

And Stan was NEVER in the Damned (They're a U.K. band people!)
If you want to check out The Damned's site - http://www.officialdamned.com

And you can listen to their new album "Grave Disorder" at - http://www.nitrorecords.com/

The Damned rock!!!!
But Wall Of Voodoo are the masters,


Date: 10/06/02 12:31:36 PDT

I'm doing my part to bury your post as quickly as possible

Date: 10/05/02 21:56:56 PDT

Very often I will leave a post, and it gets buried before anyone replies. I have a licensing question that needs answering pertaining to WOV and Stan. Please, if you are Stan (and I know one of you is) or someone who knows who is in charge of licensing WOV's name and images, PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me:

I have tried your input thingy on your site Richard M., have you checked it lately?

Date: 10/05/02 17:38:19 PDT

Oh sure, those rhythm machines can be fun until someone loses on eye...or a section of colon....

Ms. V


Date: 10/05/02 11:13:59 PDT

I will scan , upload ,and link those photos here soon! Puddin'tate

Date: 10/05/02 08:37:56 PDT

Hey that rhythm machine is the reason that there were no bastard demon anglo-american methedrine mutants!
When the lights were out Marc played the soundtrack to our love dontcha agree Stan? Remember the bathroom at Hit City West..I stuck the microphone up the S bend and hit record..damn it was good

Date: 10/05/02 08:20:45 PDT

Curses...that rhythm machine will get ya every time!

Ms. V

Date: 10/05/02 02:35:49 PDT

Hey mazada...if i recall...i did more than kiss you....but then the lights were off...and the rhythm machine was on...

Date: 10/05/02 00:03:23 PDT

You know..I used to think that nostalgia was a revolting mawkish thing. Then I got older. I hadn't listened to a lot of my old stuff including Voodoo, Surburban Lawns, and countless others but when I do get that playmistyforme feeling and dig out the original cassettes or vinyl it still sounds good...so good that occasionally [in the style of James Brown] i want to junp back and kiss myself. Bless you Cough Robert!

Incidentally do any of you completist types know the connection between the Surburban Lawns' 'Baby' and 'Mexican Radio'?
I have

Date: 10/04/02 23:49:52 PDT

Hey Mazda! I'm in the forgotten land of Lexington, Ky and currently there is an exhibit in the public library on early punk flyers that were circulated to promote shows in Lexington between 79-83. One of the bands prominently featured was the Fleshtones. Reminded me of you, isn't that sweet? Cough, Robert

Date: 10/04/02 18:16:38 PDT

scan them, pleeeeease!!!!
Hey, have y'all seen this site yet? It has downloads of 'Funzone (live),' 'Exercise,' and 'Invisible Man (live).'

Date: 10/04/02 05:58:41 PDT

Bugger then. Does a gem fall out of the crown of the people posessing the songs if they would send them to us?
I would be extremely happy to have the songs.
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 10/04/02 02:25:02 PDT

OH MAN! What a cool story. Joe was somethin' else. I saw the Lonesome Strangers open up for WOV on the "Sammystown" tour. It was weird to see Joe on a normal drumset. That was when I met WOV, but Joe wasn't hangin' out after the show.
So what, are you gonna scan those things or what? We wanna see too!

Date: 10/04/02 00:23:43 PDT

Hello WOV people,
Sunday My Girlfriend and I went to Chinatown in L.A.There's a little store there called Shop Chuey. Right now they are having an exhibit of early LA punk photos by Ann Summa.They have a couple of boxes of glossy Photos for sale, they range from $5-$10-$20.Well they had a few really nice Wall of Voodoo photos that I picked up. one is WOV live on stage and the other is a group photo at what looks like a truck stop.I was completely tickled and teary eyed!I hung one over my synth/sequencer/music PC.They had some others, one really good one of Joe smiling.I wish I could have bought them all but I'm not in good $ shape. I remember a show at the Anti Club to see the Lonesome Strangers. I was really drunk and I was trying to convince Joe(Marc was there too) to get Wall of Voodoo back together.He said "no way..won't happen" and gave us some tickets to see the Lonesome strangers again at the Palamino.The band really enjoyed our heckling! Puddin'tate

Date: 10/03/02 12:44:14 PDT

Funzone - one word, yeah it exists nobody has it except....?

Date: 10/02/02 01:33:50 PDT

I asked the same question, Hunger.
Except that I also wanted a long version of "Faded Love".
If I remember right, Richard Mazda said that "Funzone" exists, but it would take God's Crowbar to pry it out of the asses of those in control of it.
Correct me if I'm wrong, guys and gals.

Date: 10/01/02 04:03:44 PDT

Does anyone have Studio Versions of Fun Zone or Fine Line,
those two fine songs from the live gigs?
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 09/26/02 23:57:09 PDT

hey! where's andy and what is he doing now?
white trash wins lotto= goes to building on fire

Date: 09/26/02 21:29:13 PDT


Holiday In Dirt the movie: A fan's perspective

Well, the big day finally arrived. The Oak Street Cinema had a good sized crowd on hand to view the world premiere of Holiday In Dirt, the
movie. A few of the film makers were on hand as well as Chris Strouth and Rick Fuller with Stan Ridgway and Pietra Wexstun sitting in the

The Movie was laid out pretty much the same as the CD with a little extra added here and there in between the songs.

The first cut, Beloved Movie Star by Rick fuller was pretty good, I thought. A lot of imagery of Hollywood. Flashing around to the different
actress stars around Hollywood and vine. It kept pretty true to the spirit of the song.

Operator Help Me by Jim Ludtke was done with animation. Very good. A disturbing narrative of living in the big city. Fire outside the apartment,
a character in mental distress, it captured the spirit of the song very well.

Time Inside by Dan Brown was very thought provoking. A cowboy wandering around a bad part of town ending up in an empty roller-skating
rink skating around...

End of the line by Carlos Grasso... hmm well, it put a smile on my face. I think he struggled a bit with coming up with an idea. ;-) It did keep
with the spirit of the song in my mind.

Garage Band '69 by Hernan Barangan. I really liked that one. Faceless teenagers playing in a band, running around making trouble. I think we
all have experiences like that to remember. And of course, the old man next door...

Bing Can't Walk by Steve Hanft. I think he really did spend the $500 on paying off his bills and then had to wing it on the shoot. It was pretty
funny though. Most of the song was spent running from some imaginary hit man. The whole idea did pretty much keep to the spirit of the

Brand New Special And Unique by David Moe. I think this one was the most involved. Based on the movie "Roma" by Felliniis. A fashion show
that grew more and more outrageous. Judging from the number of people in the credits, I think it was probably hard to stay within the $500
budget for this one. He did an excellent job of it though. It brought a smile to my face.

After the storm by Rudi Tuzla. Some very good imagery of the horrors of war. It fit right in with the song. I thought right way: no way did he do
this one for under $500. The W.W.I costumes were very real as well as the guns and artillery with lots of trenches and smoke, but when I saw
the credits, it apparently was some war association that donated their time and equipment for free. Score.

Floundering by David Roth. There was a toss up for my favorite cut between this one and Act Of Faith. I really liked this one. A narrative of this
guy on the edge. Hard to explain. You just gotta see it. It went well with the song.

Amnesia by Charles Bowe. Strange. Filmed locally here in Minnesota. Apparently in the cold. I think it was well done but I failed to see the
connection to the song. Maybe I'm too dense to spot it. Hula hoopers on the interstate, Adam and Eve on a stage, Passing an apple around a
table... hmmm Art.

Whatever Happened To You by Simon Blake. This one was good. A funny observation of strange things going on around a parked car in a
parking ramp viewed through the security cameras. Another one that didn't really have that close of a connection to the song but it was

Act Of Faith by Katherine Gordon. Maybe I'm biased. Act of Faith is my favorite cut on the CD, so maybe I just liked this one because of that,
but I think of all of the cuts, this one captured the spirit of the song the best. A man sitting in a laundry watching his cloths dry begins to
remember his lost love. The images of them dancing around on the farm, the giddiness of the woman, the happiness of the couple together,
then the return to reality at the laundry. An act of faith...

Beloved Movie Star Redux by Phil Harder. This one, I was the most impressed with. He did the whole thing on an old style hand cranked silent
film camera. All of the effects were done in the camera on 100 feet of film. A man visits his dead wife at the cemetery, then returns to his hotel
room with the framed picture of his wife. She comes alive in the picture frame and begins to talk to him. I loved it. Though I think 100 feet of
film was not enough to do the whole song so he ran it in reverse as well, but it worked.

Behind Closed Doors by Chuck Statler. This one got the most laughs from the audience. Very funny. Hardcore Dave (did I get that right?), a
local legend, playing the part of the ventriloquist. Lets just say... unbelievable.

Well there you have it, my perspective.
I'm no professional critic as you can probably tell, but I am a hardcore Stan fan. I think this "Thang" (as Stan put it) did his CD a great service!
It will go down in music history. As what, I do not know, but I am honored to have been there for the premiere.

Please forgive me Chris and Rick if I have left anything out or insulted anyone involved in the making of the film.

Andrew Olive
A.K.A. Major Mal

Date: 09/26/02 21:25:42 PDT

from the stanridgway.com site: LARGO 9/17

Re: LARGO 9/17

I'll try my best. Yeah, Wayne and Dave were there to loan guitar support. I don't know if he's been getting special guests at previous Largo
gigs, so perhaps I picked the right night to see him there.

As has been the norm recently, Stan started off solo (which he could also easily do at a music store co-owned by one Pete Grasso...right,
Stan?). Then he switched to a duo with Pietra for two songs, and then had the full band out. I love the eyeglasses he wore. The prescription
on those things was deafening. I was in the back corner of the venue, and even back there it looked like his eyes were popping out of its
sockets. Hey look, it's our nerdy Uncle Stan playing a song for us........

This certainly isn't the full set list (my mind ain't the way it used to be and I wasn't gonna look like some dork scribbling song titles on a piece
of paper), and it's most definitely not in proper order. God help me, I may even have one of them wrong. A stressed-out day at work really
jogs the short-term memory.

Solo acoustic w/harmonica

-Train of Thought
-some song Pete Seeger sang that was written by some woman who wrote 500 songs or so after she turned 50
-Operator Help Me
There was at least one other song, and I think it was a cover.

With Pietra on keyboards

-Cool Water (cover)
-Gone the Distance

With the full band

-Big Dumb Town
-Luther Played Guitar
-Wild Bill Donovan
-Garage Band '69
-Act of Faith
-Police Call (Drywall!!)
-some new song about carnivals
-I think it was called Monsters Of/From the Id (w/ Wayne
Kramer)--nice tune though
-Peg and Pete and Me (w/ Wayne Kramer)
-some standard blues song w/ Dave Alvin
-A Mission In Life (last song)

Sprinkle in another new song or cover song. He may have played Beloved Movie Star or Whatever Happened to You or another song off of the
latter half of Anatomy. That's what I get for trusting myself to remember the next day. He could've played a WOV tune for all I know, but I'm no
WOV scholar.

Police Call was redone to sound a little more groovy (for lack of a better term). Peg and Pete and Me had a bit of a quasi bossa nova feel. I
thought both sounded much better redone than on their respective CD's. I was pleasantly surprised hearing Train of Thought acoustically. I
thought the one misstep was having Pietra backing up on Gone the Distance.
Using pompous music-critic terminology, I think it conveys more power and more emotion with just Stan and his guitar.

Wayne got up on stage, and I thought I was looking at a short-haired and clean-shaven Walter Becker from Steely Dan. Even the way he
played and his body mannerisms reminded me of Becker. It was scary. Dave got up there and pulled a Miles Davis, showing his guitar skills
exclusively to the drummer. I'm not complaining, though. It was nice to hear a little jamming in the set.

CD's were there for sale (including the live shows in Germany and at the good ol' Strand) as well as one T-shirt style (black).

He might change things around when he plays away from L.A., but it wasn't a "hits" show. As someone who complained here once before
about him playing the same songs over and over in concert, I appreciate Stan for mixing things up. Someone kept asking for Camouflage, and
I felt like giving him an enema with my pint glass.

Date: 09/26/02 18:37:05 PDT

Ridgway plays MARS...

Date: 09/26/02 13:12:14 PDT


Date: 09/26/02 13:10:35 PDT

Ridgway Plays PORTLAND! 10/18/02!
Dantes' Cocktail Lounge

Date: 09/26/02 13:08:50 PDT

Ridgway in MARIN! 10/17/02


Date: 09/23/02 15:30:57 PDT

I also would like for Stan to tell us how this movie concept (for Holiday in Dirt) came about, and whether or not it will be available for purchase at any time in the future. (?)
(the REAL NZ)

Date: 09/23/02 13:52:24 PDT

Yeah! What he said...


Date: 09/21/02 22:35:42 PDT

Hey Stan, how about telling us how you and Marc met and what led the two of you to start a film soundtrack company? What were your first impressions of Marc? When you first met, could he play and could you already sing or did you both have to practice before you produced the great sound that is the reason we're all reading this some twenty years later?


Date: 09/21/02 22:29:29 PDT

Well, I'm drunk enough that you can call me NZ if you want to and I won't argue.

Date: 09/19/02 20:40:23 PDT

Is there another NZ on here?

Date: 09/19/02 19:19:02 PDT

uh oh...i done did a dumb code thang.....i is stoopid..and i soory ms. V....

Date: 09/19/02 19:17:46 PDT


This Sunday, September 22, @ 7:45pm
Stan's new DVD debuts in MPLS
"Holiday in Dirt -
14 short films by 14 different film makers"
After the film, Stan and Band play Lee's Liqour Lounge @ 10 pm



Date: 09/19/02 14:17:39 PDT

You can, but it'll give ya a yeast infection...

Date: 09/19/02 07:59:31 PDT

It is a pity that you can't shag beer....

Date: 09/19/02 01:22:39 PDT

Anybody had a hearing of the Nervous Gender live @ Roxy with WOV ?
How's the sound etc ?

Date: 09/18/02 12:47:52 PDT

Mad Dog, I'll take you up on the Pat Boone show, I think he's the ginchiest. But only if you meet me at THE SKULLS show (w/Ch3) in Corona, CA next month (Oct. ?) Are you still in New Jersey? Are you really THE Mad Dog? If so, e-mail me so we don't take up any more space with our chit-chat drivel unless there is WOV under/overtone sit. Keef? Billy B.? aaronah23@hotmail.com-

Date: 09/17/02 14:35:25 PDT

i think that wall of voodoo was one of the most interesting bands of 80's i have all their albumb (not cd......) and i'd like to stay in touch with wall of voodoo fans
my e-mail is
my name is steve
ps write on the subject "wall of voodoo" or "wall fans": other subjects won't be open thanxs

Date: 09/16/02 23:23:04 PDT

To everyone who e-mailed me with a request for my radio show - I'm sorry the RealAudio link was down today :( But rest assured, I played what you asked of me! :)

Date: 09/16/02 18:21:48 PDT

Hey Stan, who are/were your favorite composers of film music?
Donnie Darko

Date: 09/15/02 19:19:41 PDT

I have the chords for "Mexican Radio" if anyone is interested. My old guitar teacher was actually able to figure out the fingerings and chords for "Call Box", "Longarm", "The Passenger" and "Animal Day". They're somewhere around here. When I find them I'll post them if you would like. Anyway, here's "Mexican Radio". P.S. If anyone doesn't know what these chords are on a guitar, look them up on the web and go to the Guitar Tab Generator site.


I feel a hot wind on my shoulder
And the touch of a world that is older
Turn the switch and check the number
Leave it on when in bed I slumber
I hear the rhythms of the music
I buy the product but never use it
I hear the talking of the dee-jay
Can't understand just what does he say?

I'm on a mexican radio
I'm on a mexican whoa radio...

(The 2nd verse is played the same as the first, and the last verse has no chords being played, but here's those tricky chords for the last choruses.)

For Choruses 2, 3, and 4.

I'm on a mexican radio
I'm on a mexican whoa radio

There you go! Once I find those other chords and tabs, I'll post them!

A Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 09/13/02 23:53:49 PDT

JtL.....you are ALWAYS on the list here...thanks fer yer awesome page on WOV. gee...
email us at stanridgway@attbi.com for all the particulars...sf and such...

Date: 09/13/02 22:47:22 PDT

Hi all,

It appears that I have been asleep at the switch for quite some time. Please accept my apologies. Now that my house keeping chores have been handled (taking out the trash) I look forward to more WOV related stuff and less of the other.

Thanks for all the stuff Stan, Richard, Sheldon and Toby; it is phenomenal. You guys are awesome!

As for the Museums and other lyrics I will update my lyrics based on the Pantherboy postings and I welcome all help in getting the right stuff up here. BTW Ms. V has a much more complete lyrics section on her page so check it out.

As far as I know guitar tab only exists for They Don't Want Me. Anybody care to create/share more tab. I receive more requests for this than any other WOV item.

I have come across some interesting covers of Mexican Radio. Send me your suggestions and I will put out a CD with the best of the bunch. Here are the ones I have so far. El Vez, Gruppo Sportivo, Celtic Frost, Polvo, Frenzy, Buzz Poets (Live), Double Drive, DJ Screw and Bill Clinton (Fellatio). Those are the names of the mp3’s that I have pulled from the web to date so forgive and correct any misspellings or wrong ID’s.

Contributions of material for this site are always welcome; ok they are desperately needed and will be given full credit. Pantherboy I would love to create a section of this website devoted to the fan club packet, let’s talk.

Just a few other things then I’ll get off the air.

For the folks that are planning on going to the Stan show in SF let’s set something up. Send me an email if you want to get together for dinner or something before the show. Also it would be great if someone who is familiar with the city could take charge of coordinating the thing. Heck maybe we can meet Stan for a big lovefest/photo op/CD signing before or after the show. What do you say Stan?

I will fix any bad postings, double postings, broken links etc; all ya gotta do is drop me a line. jtl@wallofvoodoo.com

I am also happy to add a link to your WOV or other related site on the links page just let me know.

Finally thanks to all the contributors that keep me glued to my monitor reading your excellent posts. You are the ones that make it all happen.


Date: 09/13/02 19:20:03 PDT

I just wrote the lone review on Epinions.com for "Call of the West". If you care to read it,


Date: 09/12/02 13:54:57 PDT

Have not stared at this wall for a while ...
I missed a few good things. Mazda'great stories and Stan getting some old stuff out of his chest ... undefectible passion expressed by many fans after so many years.
WOV, maSteR voice, .., in short, the spring of your passion should not fuel your frustrations ...
French Spy

Date: 09/12/02 00:15:35 PDT

Jarred - most of WOV's CDs are sadly out of print, so ebay.com is your best bet. Good luck!

Date: 09/11/02 22:15:00 PDT

I have been a fan of WOV since Call of the West and Seven Days in Sammystown. I was about 14 then and had a taste for music that was not mainstream and had meaning in it. When I heard WOV that was it. I have since been through a divorce where my wife knew that the only thing she could do to truely hurt me is destroy all of my music collection.......... So now I am looking to replace my collection and Number One on my list is Wall of Voodoo. Can any of you help me out and tell me where I can get their CD's again as I live in a small town in southern oregon that has very limited music resources.

Thanks to all,
Jarred - jarredb@yahoo.com

Date: 09/11/02 17:31:36 PDT


I am an American.

Date: 09/11/02 15:50:45 PDT

Hey all-

Speaking of Rich's post about "Living In The Red" - what's the story on that toon? It's one of my faves, and why did it only appear on the live thingy?? (I guess the same could be said for "Invisible Man", eh wot??)


Date: 09/11/02 07:29:13 PDT

Never heard of WOW Hall in Eugene. But then I live on the coast and Eugene is a 100 miles or so inland. I'll have to make an overnighter of it, so when a definite date comes up, let us all know in case any others need to make cheap motel reservations. Looking forward to lurking in the dark and having people dart frightened glances my way while whispering to their pals "Who IS that creepy fat chick crouched in the corner over there with the spiders?!"

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 09/11/02 03:40:05 PDT

In Eugene..Stan is looking to play the WOW HALL...anybody been there to see shows? What's is like?

a person in a safe and undisclosed location.....

Date: 09/10/02 23:46:02 PDT

Hi all

thanks for the country of man demo link

still wish i could wake up and hear that marc is okay and maybe get to see my favorite guitar dude play again... oh well

have listened to Spotlight every day since March whenever cdbaby sent it to me. MM will always be the best guitar player ever in my mind

RIP up there guitar man

does marc's mom work at the track? i'd really like to give her a big hello one day and tell her how nice marc was to this goofy little wov freak hanging out at marychain concert at the palladium

"The ice cream truck? it's 8 o'clock in the morning!"

PPS made a vegas roadie a while back... listening to "saw the light" in the middle of nowhere on the 15 was mega. something kinda uplifting about that song- i'm glad that is the last one on the album

rich (galaimpter)

also, is the person who gave marc that johnny cash t-shirt a poster on this forum. had fun having a drink at madame wongs and raving about "living in the red". I have some good pix of that show and usc that i have to scan for the pic archives

Date: 09/10/02 09:29:01 PDT

Holy crap, Batman! Stan in Eugene?? When, where, what time?? I may actually be able to drag my big butt over there to see the show and lurk in the shadows in the corner while Stan does his thing. Hey, that sounded kinda kinky....

Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 09/10/02 02:01:01 PDT

Ridgway in San Fran Oct. 15th
Great American Music Hall

Then Eugene, Portland and seattle...

Date: 09/10/02 01:46:52 PDT


Ridgway @ Joe's Pub fri and sat Nov. 22. 23....

Visit Joe's pub website at: http://www.JoesPub.com
Location: 425 Lafayette Street between East 4th St. & Astor Place.
Take N train to Broadway & 8th St. or 6 train to Astor Place.
For information & reservations please call 212-539-8778,
or, for Telecharge listed events you can call 212-239-6200

Date: 09/10/02 00:14:56 PDT

a shameless plug from sr dis-information:
+++Tuesdays in Sept. At The LARGO+++
Stan Ridgway scrapes and claws at the strings, blows into his harp and then growls alot with his solo acoustic and w/ a TRIO too. @
Largo on Fairfax in L.A.
Every Tuesday in September starting tonight
showtime 9:30 pm
tix 10 bucks!
There is no opening act..

Date: 09/09/02 15:58:44 PDT

Raul again. Just a reminder: My college radio show, The Vault, features New Wave and Post-Punk music from 1977-1986, and I will definitely be playing Wall Of Voodoo a lot during the course of the semester! I'm on the air every Monday from 8-10 p.m. EST. We currently broadcast over the Internet, so anyone can listen (unless the RealAudio link is down).

If you want to listen and learn more about the show, check out http://vaultradio.cjb.net
I also take requests at request@vaultradio.cjb.net

I hope you tune in and enjoy!

-Raul Gonzalez

Date: 09/08/02 16:30:37 PDT

Yes, that is the same Patricia Morrison. She is now the bass player for the Damned and is married to Dave Vanian.

Date: 09/08/02 10:29:04 PDT

Legs Larry Smith?
As in The Bonzo Dog Band?

Date: 09/08/02 05:27:44 PDT

Aboutz the Bags connection - is that the same Patricia Morrison who was in Gun Club and a later, not so groovy incarnation of Sisters of Mercy?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Date: 09/07/02 23:36:35 PDT

Elfman, no....Joe Meek...YES
Drinking? of course!

Date: 09/07/02 17:39:16 PDT

Wow, Richard M. was in "Sleepy Hollow"?
I have been meaning to see that one, having heard Elfman's wicked cool score. Now I have something else to look forward to.
Great to see the site back up. Now I have one less dead link.
P.S. If you need help with uploading or codes for the sound files, drop me a line

Date: 09/07/02 06:27:26 PDT

For what it's worth my site is back up and I even added some new stuff ...Stupid is as stupid does ...I didn't inform my host when I lost my credit card so they froze my account when I got a new card!? DOH!
I will be posting some mp3's soon as I figure it out. At the moment I haven't added any new Voodoo memories but I will also do that soon. Have purchased brand new superdooper laptop whilst here in NY so I'm ready to do battle again ...

Date: 09/06/02 21:53:13 PDT

Elvis Presley, Django Rhinehardt ,George Gobel,Grandpa Jones,Werner Klemperer, Charo, Legs Larry Smith and Mae West were also in The Damned -just ask 'em.

Date: 09/06/02 18:58:31 PDT

Hi, Until recently I had only heard Mexican Radio, and that was yrs. ago. I recently heard a rendition of "Ring Of Fire" that was moving, and absolutely amazing. I'm going to try hard to find as much w.o.v. music as possible, as it is very inventive. Condolences to Marc

Date: 09/06/02 16:41:36 PDT

Sheldon said, "Hey everyone...I just found some of the demo's that were going to define the shortly lived concept of the DOC second album. "
What are the odds that we can talk you into posting them on Toby's website....pretty please...I'll throw in the sugar on top if you act now!!


Date: 09/06/02 16:39:50 PDT

WHAT!? When I posted the useless trivia question I was thinking the answer was the Bags connection, as someone here correctly answered. PLEASE elaborate on Stan Ridgway's experience in the Damned......

Date: 09/06/02 13:48:58 PDT

That's true about The Bags and The Damned connection. But Stan Ridgway also played in The Damned at one time. There's a huge Voodoo/Damned connection.

Date: 09/06/02 13:20:51 PDT

Hey I know Andy really well :), My aunt is going out with him, he's one of the coolest people I have ever met.

Date: 09/06/02 12:10:35 PDT

hello Xander
Soon to come Drywall Live! at The Alligator Lounge. a cdbaby.com release. It'll contain studio stuff and other "lost songs" that were not on the records all ready out... yes!

Date: 09/06/02 03:48:59 PDT

Dear Stan, is there any possibility of release of the promised other parts to the Drywall trilogy? Was the Drywall Incident the second part, or what?
Dear Andy, is there any chance of you releasing anything again? My three CDs are getting pretty worn out. Xander

Date: 09/05/02 13:31:47 PDT

I recently heard a version of Ring of Fire recorded live at Lake Havasu from the London Bridge. Does anyone konw how to get that recording?

Date: 09/05/02 12:47:56 PDT

Link between the Damned and Wall of Voodoo is............."The Bags".
Marc played guitar for the Bags on one show which included a bass player named Patricia Morrison.
She is now the bass player for the Damned after Paul Grey left due to being hit in the mouth by a beer glass during a show.

Date: 09/05/02 10:57:03 PDT

Sheldon here.
Hey everyone...I just found some of the demo's that were going to define the shortly lived concept of the DOC second album. Just to give you an idea of what Marc and I were thinking....it was a mix of Sisters of Mercy meet Wall of Voodoo and the Pixies. LOL ugh...Going back under the water kiddies....bye

Date: 09/03/02 14:55:12 PDT

I'll call it a hunch, but I'd wager a link with a certain mr. Bruce Moreland.

Date: 09/03/02 13:20:44 PDT

Okay, useless trivia time. Can you figure out the Wall of Voodoo/Damned connection?

Date: 09/03/02 04:55:35 PDT

Hey Stan...don't you just lurve this cyber pal stuff. Absolutely no touchy feely, no mwaa mwaa air kiss b/s and no nasty germywormies. I mean one could conduct a wonderful conversation with a dwarf with scabies and eczema whose nasal hairs would not distract you whilst his dandruff fell on your best Oxford brogues. I am waiting to hear back from JP who incidentally is not vertically, folliclely or dermatologically challenged in any way whatsoever...it's just that dry toast thing y'know? Soooo scratchy

Date: 09/03/02 04:34:45 PDT

Hi Mazda

No we've never met, if we had I'm sure I would have bored you senseless with endless Wall of Voodoo related questions! It was great when I discovered John's Voodoo connections. You're right about him,I've always thought of John as the kind of person who when they walk in the room you know everything's under control, he inspires confidence which is useful when you're producing a young band who don't really know their way around a studio.
By the way I was annoying the neighbours with Call of the West last night, for the umpteenth time, and what can I say, genius stuff, I never get bored of that album, how many can you say that about after twenty odd years..?

Date: 09/03/02 00:49:01 PDT

open letter to John Parish:
Dear John,
ya know my friend...you is a bloke that keeps popping up like a cork on the water....I think we should speak and I would like that. seem to have heard of you somewhere....do not you run the tavern in the province of ill - repute? Or simply working.

Or maybe he and thee spiketh the eye of the great whale, in bays of northern twas...doeseth thee knowest of voodoo and the phantoms, for so they then seemed, were flitting on the orher side of the deck, and. with a noiseless celerity, were casting loose the tackles and bands of the boats which swaug there???
I wanna know,...do you? I need to know...
Call me Stan

Date: 09/02/02 21:35:24 PDT

Hey Stan, I share the Jerry Lee affliction. If you go on Kazaa and search for "Jerry Lee Lewis" under video, you'll find a performance on Ed Sullivan from '69.


Date: 09/02/02 21:34:06 PDT

Thanks for the Country of Man demo, Sheldon!!!

Date: 09/02/02 15:51:57 PDT

Hey Simon...good to hear from ya...did we actually meet, I seem to remember John playing the productions to me? I felt quite proud that John was branching out into production and hoped that I had in some way influenced him or at least passed on some kinda passion for it. John Parish is indeed one of the most thoughtful and sincere characters that I worked with. I saw him recently when he attended my wedding; the reception took place in a village church hall which is where all my early teen bands used to rehease. It's strange that he is helping to keep the radical rock flag flying through his PJ Harvey work since a pint of scumpy, [alcoholic cider my yankee friends] and dry toast without butter were his only vices! The great thing is that as John was starting out Wall of Voodoo were one of his biggest influences and he then later became great friends with Marc which led to him contributing to the postumously released 'Mess' album.

Date: 09/02/02 13:01:46 PDT

Also I would be re - miss if I did not pitch you to read "HELLFIRE" by Nick Toche, THE book on Jerr and his journey through this LORD/DEVIL world we walk through....see ya on Highway 15...south of the swamps....

Date: 09/02/02 12:54:01 PDT

ok...here it is..
I was at the old Palomino Club in North Hollywood many years ago seeing one of my idols JERRY LEE LEWIS (the killer). Go see him now if he's playing somewhere.

He had broken his leg somehow and it was ina cast set at an angle to the piano bench so as he could play the way he's used too with his knee to the audience...anyway... he was kinda cranky and billigerent this night ...(hey ?...more than usual?..)

Someone up front yelled at Jerry to play "shakin' or somethin' he was not into at the momenet and Jerry, stared straight at 'em and then said in a low scary voice straight from Ferdiday Louisianna -

"Listen jack - you can use my dick as awalkin' pole..."

there it is...

Date: 09/02/02 08:54:25 PDT

Yes, Stan...how on earth do these odd Drywall characters manage to use their dicks for walking poles?

Date: 09/02/02 04:31:54 PDT

Hi Mazda,

I think that's a great idea regarding the rights to recordings passing back to the band/artists if the record co just sit on it indefinately. The current situation is a thorn in the side of many acts with a cult following. The position with WOV is scandalous, they merit a full reissue programme and some kind of Rhino Records style retrospective.

By the way I was in a band back in the 90s, we had a couple of singles produced by a wonderful John Parish, it was great to chat to him about all things Voodoo, bored the hell out of the rest of the band tho'!

Regards, Simon.

Date: 09/02/02 00:42:44 PDT

Toby here-

I just put up a mp3 that sheldon sent me of Country of Man. So check it out at:

hey Stan... what's with the "use your dick for a walking pole"???? Always wanted to ask that?

Date: 09/01/02 23:13:15 PDT

Haw haw hee hee -Miles Copeland waking up to Sting's(detached) head between his knees is a really appealing visual. Thanks ,Mr. Funsten ,for that-Lardass

Date: 09/01/02 19:18:18 PDT

I'm with you here Sweet Mazada, my demon lover from across the big pond. I get the questions all the time about this issue of "why no voodoo cd's out? Why no boxed set? How come?"...hey! we are not alone. Its every bands probelm it seems that the suits don't figger they can make ENOUGH on! Greed my fiends is BAD! not good... and it sucks. As if even there were riches for these fucks in these tracks made with blood sweat and tears by gangs of kids like us! I say we storm the gates and "settle all family business" sometime soon. We could bring Lou Cabrasi with us...and let's hope they own a race horse.I'll bring the conole..
Don Corele-Ridgiiway

Date: 09/01/02 16:45:48 PDT

The rights to the material reside with the assholes who have closed down the entire IRS catalogue. The only releases from this back catalogue are likely to be The Go Go's, Rem and the other mainstream bands [and there weren't many of 'em]. The entire industry is still run by people who started out liking music but then realised that the mighty dollar, yen or euro was what really made them hard. I propose that contract law should be changed so that these companies forfeited the rights after five years of non marketing so that Stan,myself,Chas, Ned, Andy, Bruce and the estates of Marc and Joe could benefit. The loyal fans would also win because I'm sure that if it was left to us to decide on track order and liner notes/info that we could do a better job than any salaryman/woman. Fuck the companies...I was never of the lefty pinko persuasion but there is something rotten about the way that artists lose control over their own music. If they aren't going to do anything with it why can't we have it back? Bitter? You bet. Twisted? Charles and Marilyn Manson got nothing on me pal....trouble is bad karma is just a good idea that has no basis in truth or else there would be a lotta burnin' record company flesh in Heironymus Boschland.

Date: 09/01/02 12:51:18 PDT

Questions: Who owns the rights to the WOV material now? Is the "Call of The West " CD still in print? Any plans for a WOV compilation CD? (An enhanced CD with the "Mexican Radio" video included would be a nice idea). -Lardass

Date: 09/01/02 12:22:40 PDT

Our Man Flint theme at end of Ring of Fire...yes it is! but slightly bent at the end two notes to accomodate the vamp. ...Marc and I wanted no trouble from composer/genius Jerry Goldsmith...we both dug the movie and his music for it...it just fit on the end like it was meant to be! Marc and I always got a kick outa this and of course all Marc's "bluebox Godzilla" sound scapes at the end!...thanks fer listenin'

Date: 08/28/02 22:11:16 PDT

Dude! This is Mad Dog, where have you been man? I've spent the last six years selling bibles in Newark, NJ, and in my off time I drive the book mobile around to retirement homes. Hope to see you at the next Pat Boone show, and hey...bring Kidd Spike!

Date: 08/26/02 20:04:15 PDT

I just now found out about Marc while surfing memorylane for the bands of my highschool days, early 80's.
Back in '92 I was fortunate enough to meet Marc, in L.A. A friend of mine (K.M.) was to be the bass player for the band uniting members of THE SKULLS and THE CONTROLLERS, SKULL CONTROL. He showed up late one night looking for some herbs, Mexican oregano, I believe, along with BILLY BONES and a quiet guy in a dark overcoat, unshaven, and with bedhead. Introductions were made and I was surprised and honored to find two of LA's early punk days celebs(?) in my room listening to Brian Eno and passing the dutchie with me. They were soon hurrying off into LA's nightlife and out the door. "thanks" and "no problem" were quickly exchanged but Marc took the time to express his gratitude and shake my hand as if I had invited him to Thanksgiving dinner. I did not know him, but I will always remember him as sincere and genuine.
I've been in Detroit Rock City for the last six years and lost contact with some friends; Kieth, Billy, Mad Dog, Kidd Spike, where are you? Aaron H. (aaronah23@hotmail.com)

Date: 08/26/02 16:44:21 PDT

Isn't the guitar part that marc plays at the end of ring of fire the theme to "in like flint"?

Date: 08/26/02 06:32:07 PDT

I have rediscovered my tape of "The Index masters", which I bought in NYC sometime in 1983. Anyway, I'm interested in obtaining a tabulature for guitar of "Ring of Fire" (or for that matter any WoV songs). Can anyone give me some direction? Thanks Jim McAuliffe (jim@haydenaud.com)

Date: 08/25/02 18:30:53 PDT

Does anyone have a Wall of Voodoo, Seven days in sammystown shirt that they would like to sell?
e-mail me at: countchocula@forpresident.com

Date: 08/24/02 11:10:37 PDT


Date: 08/24/02 09:03:52 PDT

Hello Anton,

Could burn you a copy of Dark continent if that's any help. Email me at NGravenor@compuserve.com.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with your very hip English teacher.



Date: 08/24/02 08:38:59 PDT

Message pour Chris le francais.

Je suis une américaine idiote qui abuse ta langue que parlait les grands philosophes et écrivains. Tu as raison, il n'est pas du tout gentil de se moquer des abilités linguistiques de quelqu'un. Néanmoins, tes remarques dirigés à Mike étaient bien immures (desolée, pas d'accent circonflexe!) Je ne peux que répéter les sentiments des autres - lassons-nous parler sur WOV/Stan/Andy/Marc etc. c'est un sujet suffisament riche!

Une dernière remarque: Laisse les jugements sur quelle nation aurait pu aider Marc - tu n'en sait pas vraiment tout.

Salut de Berlin.


Date: 08/23/02 18:06:24 PDT

Yes, well, that's a given!

Date: 08/23/02 15:56:56 PDT

Wall of Voodoo
kicks ass

Date: 08/23/02 11:01:09 PDT

"...and everybody got a mama, 'cause she's hangin' out there still!"

Date: 08/23/02 01:16:04 PDT

"jumbo had a baby lives on blueberry hill..."

a moron on wov board.

Date: 08/22/02 19:32:23 PDT

is it any wonder i cant feel it anymore...

Date: 08/22/02 03:30:49 PDT

Ned got married in Oslo 16/8.

Date: 08/21/02 21:14:17 PDT

Chas sang the back up on Back In Flesh.

Date: 08/21/02 09:55:58 PDT

<> That was Chas - Lardass

Date: 08/21/02 09:23:07 PDT

can any one sell me a factory copy of dark continent????? can't seem to find it any place I have the cassette write micky1@san.rr.com

Date: 08/21/02 08:25:19 PDT

Does anyone know who was doing the replies to Stan in "Back in Flesh"? You know, "he won't go" and "hey, f--- you" and all the others?
Was that Stan or someone else?

Date: 08/20/02 22:29:34 PDT

Memories.........driving home from Cleveland with a new copy of "Dark Continent" and not really knowing what I was in for.

Sitting in my apartment (alone and with headphones on) burnin' one and getting lost (in my head) while listening to "Factory".

Reading "Trouser Press" and seeing a promo picture for "Call of the West" and wondering if I should drive the 55 miles to Cleveland this weekend or next to buy it.

Saying "Fuckit" and driving to Cleveland immediately to purchase said album.

Missing WOV in Pittsburgh because I really didn't know the people that were driving. (Iknow, I know....stupid).

Max Murdoc

Date: 08/20/02 18:03:27 PDT

Oh boy everyone....!!!!
I have found a tape of band practice for Sky People. That was Marc's and Bruce's band in 1975. Wow....

Miss V....can you email me at fuglypan@earthlink.net ?

Date: 08/18/02 21:12:46 PDT

Ok, just a bit of WALL OF VOODOO-like related stuff.

For those of you that have not got hip to it yet, You need to see the best thing going on t.v right now. It is a show called THE RERUN SHOW on VH-1. They take old shows & revamp them with acters who can imitate them perfectly. Using a script from a show (& heavy liberties are taken with them by the way.)they make a very funny parody. This weeks show in rotation is THE FACTS OF LIFE/THE JEFFERSONS.

In the FACTS episode, all of them are played by actors dressed in drag. Blair keeps eating & continues to gain wieght & Tooty's breasts seem to get bigger as the skit goes on. Natalie is wearing a huge Jewish star necklace & Jo is so manly it is complete with hairy legs.

I know, what does this have to do with WOV? Well, the part of Natalie is a very hard to recognize BRIAN BEACOCK! For those who may remember, BRIAN was AXL ROSE in ANDY PRIEBOY'S WHITE TRASH WINS LOTTO.

Brian Sams

Date: 08/18/02 18:27:25 PDT

Thanks Sheldon, I can't wait to hear this stuff!

Date: 08/17/02 23:38:53 PDT

Hello Everyone.
What seems so long ago, Marc granted me the job of listening to hundreds of his tapes in order to pick out stuff that would be good for a Wall of Voodoo treasure chest CD. I've listened to hundreds of hours of tape and I can say that I have enough for 2 cd's worth of golden nuggets.
Here is want I need to do......
I need to get the thumbs up from Andy, Bruce, Chaz, Ned, and Stan....(that was done alphabetically) And I need to talk to Richard Mazda.
So, here is my email guys. fuglypan@earthlink.net
I've already spent over 100 hours on this and I want to see it to the end...so please help me.

Date: 08/17/02 12:38:56 PDT

Yeah, these guys were really good! I can't understand why it's so hard to find their records...

Caracas, Venezuela

Date: 08/16/02 14:10:00 PDT

:Hey Raul (et al);
Here ya go:

"...Packed so close, so tired and tight,
her hissing words like a fuse ignites
him to implode, man overboard
undermined he overloads
over all he does and all she owes
sin for sin it's blow for blow"

Ineresting phrasing there, eh? Thanks for the reminder, Raul - I always got hung up on that one myself.

Let's see, as I rummage through my packet I have:
-dis hyah lyric sheet
-some cool flyers (one from a Beverly Theatre gig - the band Berlin had to add another show. Where are they NOW, I must ask myself?)
-"Sammystown" album flat
-"It's A Dog's Life" newsletter (with fan letters, show reviews and a discography)
-bumpersticker (never to be used!!)
-Promo photo
-a large Samystown-era poster
-that really odd and funny crossword
-A membership certificate personally signed by fan club president Michael Gutierrez (where is this guy now?)

I know I have piqued your curiosity about the crossword, so I'll see what I can do.


Date: 08/15/02 15:41:04 PDT

Please help! I am looking for "Do It Again" on CD, mp3, anything-- it's been a long time since I've heard that song and after hearing the Beach Boys' version being played in a coffee shop, I am dying to hear the WoV version again.

Thanks in advance for any help. My E-mail is cjboutil at yahoo.com.

Date: 08/14/02 21:52:05 PDT

hey panther, did you have one of those funky business cards (dogs life fan club cards) that came in it? That is what I wish I had now. All my stuff was lost years ago. If you can scan that & put it up here,that would be amazing.

As I remember, mine had the card, the crossword puzzle,a bunch of flyers & a photo of Marc playing on stage next to the dog. I remember there was supposed to be a pinback button but I never got it. Anyone else get that DOG'S LIFE packet?


Date: 08/14/02 12:06:47 PDT

Sheesh. Ok, I did some listenin', and it seems the lyrics Pantherboy just posted are really close to what Marc sang on the original demo of "Museums," though one line sounds completely different and one sounds half-different. The Andy version has a few more changed words here and there, but it's also pretty close. The biggest 'ok, now I see it' is the Andy line "at last you'll see the Africas" instead of "ask to see the African." It sounds like he says something other than "advertise", though, and I can't make it out clearly.
Yadda yadda yadda. So, in summary... the world may never know for sure! But it's sure been fun trying.

Date: 08/14/02 11:47:40 PDT

Woohoo! Thanks, Pantherboy! :D
I do have one more request... there're two lines in "This Business Of Love" that I can't quite make out. It's during the first verse, and it sounds something like "Him to implode, man overboard / Undemanded, he overloads" - which seems a little bit weird. Thanks in advance!

Date: 08/14/02 10:30:56 PDT

Yep - got the crossword here - now I just need access to a scanner. Woe to the technologically challenged...


Date: 08/14/02 10:25:53 PDT

I remember that packet. Do you have that weird crossword puzzle that was in it? see if you can scan it & the voodoo questions.

Date: 08/14/02 10:20:46 PDT

Raul -
Here ya go - thanks for the reminder. I resurrected the 'Dog's Life' packet from the vinyl vault and it contains printed lyrics to the entire "Sammystown" elpee. Here's dem "Museums" lyrics. Others available upon request (I'm typin' at WORK here, ok?)


Day tomorrow
We'll see museums
See the lights they've created away
We'll go find the way that man once lived
And bring that history to our love again
Why don't you want to meet me anymore
In museums full of culture
Anthropologists are waiting once more
To see your face when you walk in museums

Still life at museums. Still life.

See the Rex's when they advertise
Bright cameras flashing - keep your arms in line
We'll wander through the bones aloud
Capture lies and beliefs of another God's world
The museums full of teachers and their field trips
So they say
At museums we'll meet once more
And we'll leave our lives at museums

Still life at museums. Still life.

See the hex's, the foreigners
We'll see the rites of a tribe that still lives
At museums you could see so much more
Day tomorrow - at last you'll see the Africas
Day tomorrow. Cultural. Reassurance. At museums.
Day tomorrow. Cultural. Reassurance. At museums.

Still life at museums. Still life.

Now I recall that these are not exact lyrics, either, but they're the closest thing to the source that we'll get, by cracky.


Date: 08/13/02 11:54:10 PDT

phlixx here.....
just found out about marc.......very sad ....
lots of great memories......thank you marc....rest in peace freind...

Date: 08/12/02 23:21:33 PDT

Well, Dark Continent is no longer my most valuable CD... I had to pay $66 for it on eBay, but I just won Sleep No More by The Comsat Angels with a bid of $98. Yeah, that's way too much, but I've spent months frantically searching for it, so I don't care :)

Date: 08/12/02 03:47:07 PDT

Ahhh...Ms V. you know everything Voodoo....are there any other songs written about Wall of Voodoo members or unexepected collaborations? Did Carol Channing ever get around to writing a song about the love triangle that she, Andy, and the WOV dog statue were involved in?
Inquiring minds want to know!

Date: 08/11/02 21:35:57 PDT

I've been to a Concrete Blonde gig these last days in Brazil and Johnette spoken during the show that 'Joey' was written by Marc and unfortunately he has passed away.


Date: 08/11/02 08:43:06 PDT

Well, I knew it, but I can't speak for everyone else.

Ms. V

Date: 08/10/02 21:42:04 PDT


Check out this link....in this article, Johnette (of Concrete Blonde) says that "Joey" was written about Marc! Am I the only one who didn't know this!?

Date: 08/09/02 20:35:19 PDT

Mazda or Pantherboy - Any chance of posting the correct lyrics to "Museums" soon? I don't want to be pushy, but I really wanna know!! :)

Date: 08/09/02 15:17:48 PDT

Hey, Sheldon Here.....
Just a note about Lucky Two Dollar Bill. The music box at the beginning is the pocket watch from the Clint Eastwood movie "For a Few Dollars More".

Date: 08/09/02 12:59:23 PDT

Did anyone notice that this is the only place where all the voices of WOV can be heard together once again?

Date: 08/09/02 12:54:36 PDT

Lucky two dollar!!!

great! It's like a Morricone Western film !!!!!!!!!

Date: 08/09/02 09:02:30 PDT

Lots of people have probably already noticed this, but I figured I would mention it. The background on "the wall," is a stereogram. Move your eyes toward the screen (don't blink) which will combine a few of the bricks, and then slowly move backward and you'll see the image as a stereogram.

Date: 08/09/02 08:34:58 PDT

Lucky two dollar bill is great. THANK YOU SHELDON AND TOBY!!!

Date: 08/09/02 00:53:50 PDT

G'day Stan
Its good to have your thoughts & memories made accessible to all us Voodoo nutcases.Interesting to read of the joint appreciation held by yourself & Marc in regard to Luther Perkins. Certainly can't argue with that.I want to thank you for Black Diamond too,superb stuff.I advise everyone who hasn't "really" listened to this album to do so.
I didn't realise the effect some songs can have until driving home late one evening playing Big Green Tree on the stereo and then realising that my 9 & 6 year old sons new the words and were singing along with much enthusiasm. Special moment really...........and as for Mexican Radio,they just lose the plot and sing as loud as they can until their mother can't stand it any longer .......
Thanks Stan.
Aussie Dave.

Date: 08/08/02 21:04:43 PDT

toby here -

I updated my Marc page with a few new things... go check it out here:

thanks to Sheldon for sharing.....

Date: 08/07/02 22:23:15 PDT

Can anyone help me to find Dance of Death? I have been looking for this for years and no luck.




Date: 08/07/02 12:46:44 PDT

Jerry Lee is 67 and still touring.
Here's his official site:


Date: 08/07/02 01:22:07 PDT

Anton here -

Yeap! Comparing to the early Swans WoV are very concervative ;)))

BTW - how old is JerryLee now? I hope he is still goin'

Date: 08/06/02 16:38:21 PDT


And Jerry Lee trumps them both....

- Elvis is a king!
- Yes. But Carl Perkins is better than Elvis!

(Memphis, Jim Jarmush, "Mystery train")

Date: 08/06/02 11:21:31 PDT

I meant "conservative" in the musical sense. What I was talking about was how most people in this town like Classical music and stuff like that and don't care for rock/rock-like music.
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Date: 08/06/02 11:02:24 PDT

Depends on what you mean by the word 'conservative,' doesn't it? As a general rule, folks with "conservative" tastes in music would probably not find the dissonance and sardonic lyrics of WoV to be terribly appealing. I've been to the place Dyani is talking about (Hemet, CA), and about half the people there are retirees.


Date: 08/06/02 08:01:56 PDT


Date: 08/06/02 06:08:33 PDT

- Elvis is a king!
- Yes. But Carl Perkins is better than Elvis!

(Memphis, Jim Jarmush, "Mystery train")

Date: 08/06/02 05:20:25 PDT

Forget Richmond STAN! Come to MEMPHIS! The home of ELVIS! Sun Records! What other reasons do you need?

Date: 08/05/02 20:49:04 PDT

I'll second that Stan play Richmond. It's within a reasonable driving distance from me and is a very nice city.

Oh yeah....Stan, do you remember the venue you played in Pinellas Park (St. Petersburg), FL with WOV? I saw a picture of you recently on ebay that was taken in Pinellas Park when you were on tour with WOV. Being a native of Tampa, I was kinda curious where bands played back then (I would have been about five at the time you played there, so unfortunately, I wasn't at the show).

Date: 08/05/02 20:43:01 PDT

"Whoa, Robert, are you really from Hemet? I always thought that Hemet "
Uh, if i'm the Robert that you're responding to (I'm not sure that I am), then no, I'm not from Hemet. I'm in Lexington, KY and am from FL originally.
Where's Hemet, anyway?

Date: 08/05/02 18:56:04 PDT

hey Stan, ....you played in pittsburgh at a club called "rosebud" if i am not mistaken, and was curious as to what you thought of the place and if you may head back up that way sometime in the future?

i. tattoo had asked for richmond to possibly be a stopping point for yourself if you plan on visiting the south sometime. its a great city with a lot of culture and some great clubs to play in. i am positive the turnout would be tremendous. also a new venue opened up within the past year in norfolk va. called " the norva" which is about 1 45min south of richmond. also there are 2 outdoor pavillions as well near Virginia Beach and in Portsmouth which is all around the same area. so you see, there are a plethera of available locales for you to come to.

just thought i would do some beggin since you are listening...


Date: 08/05/02 16:48:39 PDT

Whoa, Robert, are you really from Hemet? I always thought that Hemet was such a conservative town, but it seems to actually have at least three WOV fans! And two out of the five people that I asked knew about WOV and liked them just fine. I gotta ask more people...

Date: 08/05/02 11:53:29 PDT

No I haven't, but my friends like them.

Date: 08/04/02 22:58:03 PDT

Anton for Dyani

Have you heard Hedningarna? They are swedish-finnish alternative-folk band. Very impressing

Date: 08/04/02 10:33:40 PDT

I was reading the old posts before Marc died and they said that he didn't know about Joe's death.
Did he ever find out?

Date: 08/04/02 09:25:45 PDT

But what year, though?

Date: 08/04/02 06:44:38 PDT

True, A bottle of Sleep-eze or Sominex is the same as hearing PINK FLOYD, but what about the laser light show?

Date: 08/03/02 21:03:39 PDT

I heard 6:30 too....on a Tuesday.

Ms. V

Date: 08/03/02 13:59:47 PDT

I heard it was at 6:30 P.M, but you you know how these stories get out of hand.

Date: 08/03/02 11:19:03 PDT

I have a dumb question that no one will answer, but I'll post it anyway:
When were Stan and Pietra married?
Asked it on another site and someone said "about 7 PM"...

Date: 08/03/02 11:02:42 PDT

Stan to Paul McKenna - Hey Paul! Why did we do that?! Unroll the tape I mean...?..Was this my doing?.. I don't remember...Alpine Village was quite a WOV show as I recall. Joe N was in fine form as I recall, and I think there was an incident with some hillbilly bikers or something we insulted from the stage. Fill us in...ahh summer saugage!...I also remeber recording there at A&M studios with all of us and taking a leak in the rest room when Herb Alpert himself came in and used the urinal right next to mine. He said as " Hey you guys have a real cool sound...glad you're here at A & M." I zipped up, said thanks Herb...and even if it was just PR for him, it was cool he said it anyway. I asked him later to maybe play his horn on something we were doing but it never happened. Maybe that was too much to ask but a little "lonely bull" on red light or crack the bell would have been cool...Tell us the story Paul...I am listening...

Date: 08/03/02 09:47:29 PDT

Posted this a while ago on the SR message board, but no one noticed. Oh well. I'll post it here now:
I don't understand how you can miss two people so much that you have never met.
I just became interested in WOV/Stan Ridgway a few weeks ago. Because of that fact, it's strange how sad I was to find that Joe Nanini and Marc Moreland were dead.
Maybe it's because they were so talented. Maybe because they died at an age when they should have still been alive. Maybe it's because they seemed like such good people. I don't know.
Whatever it is, I just have to say that it was terrible news (though it wasn't exactly "new" when I read about it) and I cried when I found out.
All right, I'll shut up now.

Date: 08/03/02 09:36:33 PDT

Hey, I posted a while ago (7-17) about Renaldo and the Loaf.
Yeah, The Residents are good, but a bit frightening. Well, I heard them before I got interested in wierd music so maybe I'd like them better now. My former favorite (now second favorite) band is called Värttinä, and they're from Finland.
Stan and Värttinä...total opposites and perfect compliments.

Date: 08/03/02 09:01:48 PDT

Someone should just copy an original Seven Days in Sammystown cd, and start burning copies of it and selling it to people here for the price of postage and blank disc. Paying $75 on ebay is just absurd, and it's not like Wall of Voodoo is making any money off of it, it's just some as#!*le collector raking in cash.

Date: 08/03/02 08:59:44 PDT

LUTHER PERKINS: guit player for J. Cash on all the big ones!"
I have heard of Luther, but until now I had no clue how much he, in particular, influenced Marc. You would think, with all of these posts, the name would have come up. Thanks Stan.
By the way, you should do an entire album with The Residents. It seems so perfect... and you could have a song called "Wet, Rotten Puppet Clothing"...

Date: 08/03/02 06:42:26 PDT

"I can get the PINK FLOYD BOX SET for less than that. " A bottle of Sleep-eze or Sominex is way cheaper and almost as effective.

Date: 08/03/02 05:53:18 PDT

wall of voodoo guitar chords!!!!!!
where we can found it??????????????????

answer mazda please

Date: 08/03/02 05:42:59 PDT

Well Anton, I hate to say it, but I think you are right about DARK CONTINENT. Unless you want to pay for it out the ASS on ebay. I swear, 75.00 for a disc is to much. I can get the PINK FLOYD BOX SET for less than that. I don't know man.

As for PANTHERBOY, I must admit, I also can say that my first time in the back seat of my car with a girlfriend, my cassette of CALL OF THE WEST was playing.

As for STAN playing in the south, I am all for that! Let's see, you could hit ATLANTA GA, or MEMPHIS or NASHVILLE TN, Even RICHMOND VA. Hell man, HOUSTON TX if you can handle the heat index! I could drive to any of those places. I know by some of these posts that alot of us are around those areas. Come on STAN, give all of us down here a reason to meet each other.


Date: 08/03/02 05:02:54 PDT

Does anyone have an MP3 of Andy's version of Red Light?

Date: 08/03/02 03:36:48 PDT

Raul -ATV are worth checking out since Mark Perry the leader/founder menber was the first person [in da world!] to create a punk fanzine. This was called 'Sniffin Glue' and it's publishing was a seminal event that occured at the same time as the formation of the Pistols. Mark's lead was followed by many and soon after Sniffin Glue became a kind of punk bible which was much imitated. Mark went on to form the band ATV whose debut single Action Time Vision rates alongside the debuts of the pistols, clash, buzzcocks and other punk pioneers. The album I produced on IRS Records was an 'ironic Pop' record. After a brief but glorious career Mark Perry gave it all up. A year or two later I bumped into him at Waterloo Station where he was selling newspapers...............[cue violins and sound drums]
His was a mighty talent which is obviously largely forgotten.....[Stan?! Stan?! What's happening in New York? Is that where Sue Tissue is? No!! Please don't pass on my number...What's to become of us Stan? IN-JOKE #000345]

Date: 08/03/02 01:29:01 PDT

Thanks for the link, I.TATOO, very much. I'll take a look. Pity, but it's absolutely impossible to get a Dark Continent CD.
As I remember this guy's (the english teacher) favourite song was Lou Reed's Romeo and Julia. He asked his students to listen to it and understand.
Also he used to say that if you want to have an am-eng pronounciation you have to listen to Reed and Ridgway.
He was absolutely crazy - he was dismissed after he tried to ask his students to tell him in english what they thought about Syd Barret's Astronomy Domine ;))))))

Date: 08/02/02 20:38:58 PDT

I remember going through a lots of summer sausage and a lot of very funny evenings recording "Dark Continent" I also remember a show at Alpine Village, and at the end of the show taking the tape we recorded it on and unrolling it at the beach... wish we had it now...whoops
Paul McKenna

Date: 08/02/02 20:11:13 PDT

Thanks for posting Stan, and keep writing songs...so Pantherboy can get blowjobs (see his previous post). And tour the South...pretty please?


Date: 08/02/02 14:30:29 PDT

Wow - so many memories flooding back thanks to Stan's post. I discovered WOV at my neighbor's house in about 1980. We used to turn each other onto all the greats from that era, and I owe my 2 favorite bands to him, WOV and Killing Joke. I remember making a mix tape to take to the beach because my friends and I were going to do some acid that day. I had King Crimson, Santana, Hawkwind, and some heavy metal stuff on there, and I slipped those creepy little instrumentals from "Dark Continent" in the middle somewhere. I still remember the looks we got from overweight sunbathers on the beach as we walked by with our boombox, smiling.

I searched and searched for the first ep and couldn't find one (I started with "Dark Continent" although I had the "Ring Of Fire" ep already). I can still remember the day my dear friend Andy showed up at my house in 1985 and gave the record to me because he knew how much I wanted it. Later, he also gave me the British "Big City/Room With A View" single for the same reason. We used to drive around singing "Can't Make Love" at full volume, and he said "Blackboard Sky" reminded him of his wife as we were stargazing one night.

I still remember hearing kids at (high)school talking about this cool video for "Mexican Radio" and hearing its debut on the Dr. Demento show. I remember how "They Don't Want Me" spoke to a withdrawn, shy, DIFFERENT kid who just loved music more than anything in the world (still do, actually). I got my first blow job while listening to "Factory" in my room under a blacklight.

If I had a dollar for every time I've listened to "Dark Continent" while lying in bed and melted into the music - well, Marc might have had an easier time paying his doctor bills. I owe him, and all of the boys, so much. How could words or money ever repay the value I've received from their music?

Much love to you all,

Date: 08/02/02 14:06:20 PDT

MY GOD IN HEAVEN! What kind of a man would ask people to comprehend & translate a LOU REED song?

Just kidding with you ANTON.

I have been trying to help you on your search for INDEX MASTERS. One try might be towerrecords.com

I know they are lame but they seem to get things that others don't.
I looked just now & it doesn't say it is in stock, but it can be special ordered. Just give it a shot & see if they can get it for you. I am still looking around the web to see if any other places have it. I will let you know what I find.


Date: 08/02/02 11:47:02 PDT

Thanks for the WOV background, Stan --- it's great having you here, and I hope that the other oldie-moldie WOV-ites help you to tell the WOV story. There are a lot of folks in this empty closet who love reading this stuff, so keep it coming!

Bill in Westlake Village

Date: 08/02/02 08:11:20 PDT

Anton here -

Sorry but what is the problem between mr.Ridgway and the rest of WOV? Probably I do not get something due to the fact that English is not my native language.

BTW I know the guy who worked as a private english teacher. He used to teach american eng, asking students to comprehend, translate and keep in mind the songs by Lou Reed and Stan Ridgway.

Date: 08/02/02 08:09:39 PDT

Toby here-

Great stories Stanard. Keep em coming!! I would like to think I'm the pile of dirty super 8 loops sitting under the dirty laundry in the corner. Stan loved Luther so much that he wrote a song about him, called Luther Played Guitar. As far as I remember the story, he wrote it for Cash and submitted it and for whaever reason, Cash was not down. So Stan said "Fuck it, I'll record it!"

Date: 08/02/02 06:54:42 PDT

Chas is off being menaced by scorpions for several months in the great desert void that's come to be known as Texas. I'm not sure if he took his computer with him or if he left it at home so the coyotes couldn't lift at leg on it. So don't be surprised if he doesn't chime in right now to fondly whack Senor Ridgway upside the head and tell his own stories of lust, beer and Luther Perkins binges. But thanks to Stan from me, the stained and mildewed Jerry Mahoney jacket way back in the corner on that high closet shelf, for keeping us all entertained even after all these years.

Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 08/02/02 06:49:27 PDT

How I got into WOV:When we finally got a record player at Xmas 1968 ,I begged my parents for two records : "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison" and "The Good ,The Bad and the Ugly" (Santa brought the Hugo Montenegro version not the Ennio ,dammit!). I didn't really like rock and roll at first. So 13 years later ,along comes this strange EP with a scary doggie on the cover and with some of the same damn songs . A friend of mine said , " These guys seem like they made this stuff up just for you". -Bobby "Luther played the boogie woogie ,in the strangest kind of way"

Date: 08/02/02 06:40:41 PDT

Can someone talk about the MORRICONE or FILM MUSIC influence (if, indeed, there was any)? WOV had spaghetti western guitars... and the Our Man Flint theme is played at the end of Ring of Fire...

Way back when I first heard WOV, I thought "Wouldn't it be great to hear these guys play some spaghetti western themes?!?" only to discover The Morricone Themes a couple of years down the line...

I've always been a fan of spaghetti western music (foreigners' interpretations of the sounds of the old west???)...

John in Montreal
(long time no post... but still here!)

Date: 08/02/02 04:40:20 PDT

Anton from Moscow here -
I do not quite understand mr.Ridgway's exitement, but anyway thanks for the information for some kinda member of "empty closet filled with dirty laundry and wet, rotten puppet clothing etc..."

BTW these fucking russian delivers cannot bring me Index Masters and Mosquitoes for 3 monthes already. Probably someone know some US-online shop where I can order this stuff? Amazon has no Masters...


Date: 08/02/02 02:19:11 PDT

Pardon my spelling in places folks on this last post...

I guess I was kinda jacked up excited. Bruce? Chas? Andy? Ned? Former road managers..(Simon Watson? wooo! etc....roadies...).. and all? Anybody that was there for any of it? CHIME IN!

Don't leave it ALL to Mazda and me. Ya gotta talk some about what ya remember and know. Or maybe ya don't remember ANYTHING at ALL. figgers...

Afterall...Mazda and me are older than most of you..(by a couple)... and far more feeble and forgetfull..BUT maybe ..just maybe...we still got brains. HEY!.MAYBE!! or maybe NOT! Ya skeeks...

I now lay down the gauntlet for ALL WALL OF VOODOOITES memories to be here RECORDED FOR THE PAGE for the ages...all out, do it.

for ALL to witness. HEY? WHY NOT?

Let us piece it together HERE over time in a safe place with folks that listen....and care.

I feel I am screaming into an empty closet filled with dirty laundry and wet, rotten puppet clothing, along with some pancake mix in a dixie cup, and Sy Amber breathing down my neck....

Date: 08/02/02 00:21:13 PDT

Wall Of Voodoo Influences?

Gee this is kinda FUN huh? Yakin' and talkin' 'bout this and that, and who influenced what??!! Wanna know the old dope? I'm havin' fun tellin' ya. And the other VOODOO BOYS should CHIME IN here! I am GOD DAMN tired of towing the line here... Chas?!, Bruce?! whomever?! let's give it to 'em...My truth may not be yours and well...let us know. What's your story? Go ahead...rip me to shreds! The folks (all 10 of them or so) will get a thrill... huh?

In the beginning...
When Marc and I first got together in 1976-77 or so , ( can't reacll..), german krautrock, ENO, and J. Cash's guitar player Luther Perkins is what we got into...in a nutshell:

INFLUENCE 1. Marc and I really dug Kraftwerk and Eno when we met up. Punk - rock music was kinda dull really for us both.We dug the energy but... It had too many "rules". We wanted more outa music. Ralf and Florian were putting out some real cool stuff at the time ( 1976 or so), and Eno was doing some stuff with Robert Fripp that we got off on . and if ya had ears, ya just could not deny the genius use of electronic instruments, songs and such they was doin'. "the Model" was one we thought was steller and also their "duo" record "ralf and florian"....as well as "no pussy footin'" with fripp and eno.. Great songs, cool stories, minimal and stark..and great melodies and atmosphere.. ( and kinda ambigious too), plus great bass lines and beats. Real NEW MUSIC.

Also Captain Beyond was a group that Marc and Bruce both dug , but I'd never heard of them..but when I did I knew from where these brothers came..HARD STUFF with MELODIC FEATURES. Strange textures and rhythms. I was there too.

These Germans were fresh and different, and ironic. Did the singer CARE about The Model? The song and his delivery left us to figger it out...yeah. Eno was a sound and texture we all dug. This was our musical meeting place in the beginning.

Influence 2. AND VERY IMPORTANT!!!
LUTHER PERKINS: guitar player for J. Cash on all the big ones! Marc loved Luther and his style, persona and the way he sounded on those records that he did with John. Listen to 'em and buy 'em. THEY are great and we both got into this stuff together and pulled it through the musical sink trap. Marc and I used to sit and drink gallons listening to those records...We got all the old songbooks and stared at the old pictures of Luther and Johnny and ...well ..we just dug the sound and swallowed it up whole. Luther always played very simply, BUT he MEANT IT to be TRUE and without guile. And he always played with alot o' heart. His guitar "sang"...and it was his voice. Marc was like that too.

Luther Perkins was a great influence on Marc and he took what Luther did and changed it and added to it along with his own twisted and informed mucical vocabulary. Sitting there listening to it develop, I can say that it was really something to hear.It was truly new what Marc did with the guitar.

Has anyone else out there heard Luther? and others that knew how much Marc dug him?

I got more to say but that's enough for now. Gotta see a man about a dog...more later.

one skeek to another skeek...

p.s. Mazadas?..the couch is waiting....

Date: 08/01/02 20:18:16 PDT

The Stan Ridgway/Residents excuse is on this site:

Date: 08/01/02 17:52:26 PDT

This is too much.
I just purchased a CD entitled "Eyesore: A Stab At The Residents". This is a tribute-style release with over 25 artists doing their best to emulate the weirdest band of all time.
The best part:
One of the artists is none other than Stan Ridgway, but his song apparently did not happen for him. So, as his contribution, they have a recording of Stan, dubbed over the song he was supposed to have covered ("The Booker Tease") ...leaving a phone message explaining WHY he was unable to fulfill his obligation. They list it as "Excuse".
It is one of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life. He sounds so befuddled and so completely at a loss. I kinda felt bad for him because HE seemed to feel so bad, but I was too busy busting a gut.
Has anyone else heard this thing?
I would post it on my site, but I am out of space.
If NICK or anyone else would like to post it or hear it, I will gladly e-mail it to you.


Date: 08/01/02 01:12:39 PDT

I said I'd have 'em, so here's the two unreleased Wall of Voodoo songs and one solo Andy song from C.H.U.D. II. Guys Like Girls and Brave New Dance are both Wall of Voodoo songs, you may have to turn up the volume to hear the song over the talking for Guys Like Girls, but Brave New Dance shouldn't be a problem. Though, the two seem to be just clips because of how short their appearances in the movie are. Hungry Man, on the other hand, is probably the full version because it's a good five and a half minutes long, but carries on through some painful dialogue scenes. Be glad you didn't have to watch the movie. Enjoy.
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