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Date: 07/31/02 21:10:34 PDT

Mazda - Is ATV worth checking out? I'm only familiar with them through The Chameleons UK covering "Splitting In Two." And speaking of The Chameleons, they're playing in the US in a few months... I've already bought my ticket for the Atlanta show. Woohoo!

Date: 07/31/02 10:01:30 PDT

I also produced the Fall and I can categorically state that the Fall did not figure as a direct influence. The band and I never discussed the stuff I did with the Fall, ATV or any other band for that matter. I also employed very different production methods for WOV.

Date: 07/31/02 05:41:27 PDT

The krautrock influence is doubtful ,but Marc once told me that he was a huge fan of The Fall. I don't know how they may have influenced his playing though. He also told me that his mom took him and Bruce to see a Hendrix concert ,who definitely made an impression. - Bobby

Date: 07/30/02 11:51:22 PDT

Christopher - There exist MIDI files of "On Interstate 15" and "Red Light." You can find them at http://www.geocities.com/vieuxdo/nterst15.mid and http://www.geocities.com/vieuxdo/red.mid
Hope that helps. Anyone know of any more?

Date: 07/30/02 07:29:48 PDT

1 Krautrock = German bands such as Kraftwerk, Can and Tangerine Dream...it comes from the irreverent British slang for a German - Sauerkraut Lovers all apparently.
2 Museums = Those are not the correct lyrics. I produced the original demos. There were vocal versions featuring Marc, John Parish and myself from those sessions. I will try to post my version of the correct lyrics later but I don't remember singing some of the versions posted on the site.
3 Raul - thanks for jogging my memory with regard to the Devo connection. Stan was in touch with Jim who used to furnish use with tips and non factory pre sets for the Jupiter 8 hence the Devo connection. The Jupiter was probably the most used synth on Call of the West

Date: 07/30/02 02:54:17 PDT

Anyone know of keyboard & guitar MIDI files (or sheet music) for WoV?
christopher (rasputin@teleport.com)

Date: 07/29/02 17:39:49 PDT

That's someone's interpretation by ear, which may or may not be correct. I just want confirmation of what the actual lyrics truly are, and the fanclub stuff seems to be the best source for that.

Date: 07/29/02 17:12:42 PDT

Silly me.... O thought the lyrics to Museam were:


Here tommorrow at the museums
We'll see the light the creative way
We'll see the way that man once lived
And bring some mystery to our love again

Why don't you want to meet me anymore
In museums full of culture
Anthropologists are waiting at the door
To see your face when you walkin'
When you're walking through museums

Still life at museums
Still life
Still life at museums
Still life

See the Rex's
When they hear the time
Bright lights flashing
Keep your arms in line
We'll wander through the bones alone
Capture the beliefs of another god's world
In museums full of teachers on their fieldtrips
Or so they say
At museums we can meet once more
And believe our lies
In museums

Still life at museums
Still life
Still life at museums
Still life
Still life at museums
Still life

See the hexes, the foreigners
See the rights of the tribe that still lives
At museums we can see so much more
Day tomorrow ask to see the african
Day tomorrow cultural they assure me
Day tomorrow cultural they assure me at museums

Still life at museums
Still life
Still life at museums
Still life
Still life at museums
Still life


Written by: M. Moreland
Published by: Music Corporation Of America/Skeek Music (BMI)
Lyrics From: By Ear

which were right on this site... two clicks away....

Date: 07/29/02 12:56:16 PDT

Pantherboy - THANK YOU. One of the great mysteries of my life will soon be solved! :D
If you wanted to get all the packet stuff onto a computer, you'd need a scanner. Scanners can make graphic files of the pages, and they can also look over the pages with text and figure out what the words are, then create a fairly accurate text document.

Date: 07/29/02 12:19:58 PDT

Me again (the 'fan club' guy) -

I dug it up this weekend and was surprised at all the stuff in there. A "Sammystown' poster, a bumpersticker, copies of fliers (one on a bill with Guns & Roses!!), a programme from some hoity-toity gig in CA, and, yes, a packet of lyrics typewritten on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. I'm a computer idiot, so I'm not sure how to post the stuff. Oh, I also got a handwritten note from the fan club president (whose name escapes me right now). Cool stuff. I'd be happy to post the lyrics to "Museums" even if I have to type it on here myself. I'll dig it up when I get the time.

Toby -

Yeah, that Sparks stuff with David is some of their best. The Gleaming Spires didn't do much for me back in the day, so maybe I need to dig those records back up again. I highly recommend Sparks material though (yeah, and DEVO too...).


Date: 07/28/02 09:41:58 PDT

Toby here -

Dave Kendrick continues to play with Andy. He has played all through the White Trash years and at his last show as well. He did not play the first show because of a family crisis. Dave is a really cool guy as are his wife and young son. He also played with Sparks and in a band called The Gleaming Spires, who had a weird one hit wonder with "Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?" which was featured in Revenge Of The Nerds 1. They had a really great song called Christian Girls Problem, that was used by Greg Dark in the trailer to Devil In Miss Jones 3 & 4. Dave also did some soundtrack work for Greg as well. The album that is on, Walk On Well Lit Streets is really goods and really hard to find. I was looking for ten years... and finally scooped a copy on the net.

Date: 07/28/02 04:05:55 PDT

Are you kidding? DAVID KENDRICK has been playing drums for ANDY for years. Including the WHITE TRASH WINS LOTTO shows. ANDY played a show the other day. TOBY, Was DAVID on drums that night??

Date: 07/28/02 00:05:17 PDT

Wall Of Voodoo were visionary. Their music only seems to resonate more & more when as the years go by. I found WOV in my sophomore year in high school in Houston. They were the unlikely nexus of the new electronic sound, and the twangy C&W sound from spaghetti western soundtracks. And with all that rackety percussion? Truly inspired.

Date: 07/27/02 18:43:01 PDT

Great stuff from Mazda. I fucking THRIVE on that kind of info.
Please get the site back up! I'll make a donation!

Date: 07/27/02 18:33:49 PDT

Mazda - Bob Mothersbaugh was the guitarist for DEVO, and Jim Mothersbaugh was the one that worked (works?) at Roland. Jim also played drums for them for a while prior to their record deal. WoV connection - David Kendrick, who drummed for DEVO on their late '80s albums, was supposedly seen playing with Andy around 1997.

Date: 07/27/02 13:04:35 PDT

Can anyone read Norwegian? I went to read that DOC review and couldn't understand a gosh darn thing.

Date: 07/27/02 09:37:27 PDT


Date: 07/27/02 08:21:19 PDT

Dear Anton
Guru of Sound?!!!! Hey that's mighty kind of ya fella. I think that the influence of Devo through the friendship with Bob Mothersbaugh [brother of Mark and boffinhead at Roland back in the day was probably stronger, is that his name?] than Kraftwerk. But the primary influence was Morricone with dinosuars, devil dogs and creepy skeletons far more important than the early German techno bands. I don't recall having one conversation with any of the Voodoo about Krautrock. We just used synth's and drum machines because they were generally cheesy sounding and never really analysed it all. Machines used included my silly toy Casio, on 'They Don't Want Me', [remember them? The ones that you could buy at K Mart for what would now be $10]. The other primary instruments included the Ace drum machine [from the '50's/60's],the Roland 808 [main rythmn on 'Mex Rad']
Oberheim sequencer [the crazy sound on 'Radio'],Jupiter 8, Mini Moog [usually the bass parts played by Chas], Marc's Flying V, Joe's Pots and Pans and very occasionally the creepy Clave played by yours truly.
Hoping to get my site back up by the way....silly me didn't pay the bill!


Date: 07/26/02 20:21:16 PDT

It is on my right arm. Why?

Date: 07/26/02 18:24:49 PDT

To the guy with the fanclub stuff - does this mean you have lyrics from Seven Days In Sammystown? POST THEM! PLEASE! Or at least the lyrics to "Museums"... it's my absolute favorite song and I don't even know what some of the words are! :X

Date: 07/26/02 15:07:18 PDT

very good t.

Date: 07/26/02 11:26:30 PDT

Toby here -

NO CASH.... NO CASH!!!!!!!

just good vibes.....

Date: 07/26/02 05:43:17 PDT

Hey Toby, thanks for sharing some of your Wall of Voodoo and other related files with the crew here. That is extremely cool of you. I would be more than happy to send money your way for a CD or two.

All these rare bootlegs and demos you have aquired and made available to the masses very generous. I'd go so far as to send a little cash to see more rare gems appearing at your site just to save you the hassle of snail mail.

Oh and if I can make a "request" for next time (fingers crossed, knocking on wood whilst praying) I would like to see West Side Of Sammystone or something in the same vein.

Date: 07/26/02 04:17:00 PDT

ohh, you have a tattoo of an iguana? um, where is it at?

Date: 07/25/02 20:18:25 PDT

Judy, the I. stands for IGUANA.

Date: 07/25/02 19:41:14 PDT

I am really sorry to hear about Marc...it is a great loss to music!.Since hearing about this I have been trying to get CD's of Wall of Voodoo from 'Sanity Records'but they are not able to get them in!!!could you email me on- blue_eyed_zingaro@yahoo.com I am an Australian resident..Please let me know how I can obtain CD's I went twice to see Wall of Voodoo when they played Sydney...FANTASTIC!!!!

Date: 07/25/02 18:10:44 PDT

i tell you, there is some deifinite negativity going on at this site as of late.. used to be about the band, stories, and what not, which makes this site one of my favourites along with EVERYONE from around the world who visits this.

i would like to know what KR has to say about this since he appears to be the focal point of so much bashing?


Date: 07/25/02 17:34:32 PDT

fanclub stuff?!? Come on man, kick down.... share and share a like.....

Date: 07/25/02 16:41:50 PDT

Speaking of Bob's post about a newsletter, I was wise enough to get myself into the WOV fanclub in the Sammystown days, and got a huge packet in the mail with tons of goodies (song lyrics, photos, bio, etc). Anyone else seen that?.

Date: 07/25/02 11:36:42 PDT

About bad ebay-ers. One tactic i've heard that can put the fear of god into a bad ebay seller is to find out what county they live in and call up the local sheriff and explain the problem. If the sheriff is friendly, they will sometimes call or even go out to the seller's home and explain how much they would appreciate them fufilling their obligation to you. After a call or visit from the sheriff, you can bet the ebay seller will be more than eager to follow through with sending you the stuff you paid for.

Good luck.

Date: 07/25/02 11:19:54 PDT

Toby here -

Interesting question about the supposed Morricone meeting... I'll try to find out.

As far as bootlegs go, King Richard has been doing trading for years, which means that he got his stuff from other places, which means that there are other people out there with the stuff he has. He got a ton of stuff from me and I got a ton from him. So to say that it's not out there is just wrong. Also, everytime someone brings up live recordings, I try to throw my 2¢ in and offer up whatever I have for a trade, and I have gotten about three takers on that offer... so you guys are just not looking hard enough. Anything 80's Thing is selling on Ebay I have, so if you don't feel like putting up with his antics..... email me.... for free....

Date: 07/25/02 06:50:51 PDT

A comment and a question: I have dealt with King Richard (if he indeed is 80'sThing) on ebay. Yes ,I had to wait an abnormally long time to get the goods. Yes, I got pissed off(I was one of the people bitching in earlier posts) . Yes, he made lots of excuses (some bizarre)for not sending me the cd's quickly.......BUT, he did come through in the end and even threw in extras to make amends. Rich is just kinda lax in his business dealings but not a crook . He's sorta lazy like most of us but essentially a benign personality. You just have to remember you're not dealing with a legit business. He sells BOOTLEGS, -but he's the only one offering us this rare WOV stuff. I didn't know most of this stuff even existed before he started listing it. So , he is performing a service for us fans and since most of the stuff on Ebay is only going for $10 or $15 ,he ain't getting wealthy off of it. You guys would sh#t yourselves if you knew some of the tapes he's sitting on. Now ,for my question: in 1986 ,I received a one - off WOV newsletter(never got another). It mentioned that on tour in Italy(Andy- era) , WOV had a meeting with the great Ennio Morricone (if you don't know who he is and his influence on WOV , go choke yourself, HARD! & RIGHT NOW!). Did this really occur? Any details? Bob

Date: 07/25/02 05:11:16 PDT

A great guitarmaster and musician has passed away.
I didn't know how much I missed him before I heard his last records with Department of Crooks and his solo album.
It was just so great.
Serach for the 10/10 review of DoC-album at the Norwegian rocksite www.rockeweb.com

Date: 07/24/02 14:44:17 PDT

Toby here -

Hey Sheldon... email me if you want any help with anything. I can host that mp3 for you too if you so desire....

maybe we could do a trade....

Date: 07/24/02 14:38:38 PDT

Hey Sheldon -
Love your work with Marc. I was blessed (?) to find a copy of the cd in a local shop for $3 last Spring (and , of course, would have happily paid 10 times that for a copy). Funny how another person's ignorance can lead to our fortune. Anyhoo, I still play WOV and DOC on my radio show, and the first 3 WOV albums remain enduring favorites. BIG WET KISSES to the kind folks who tacked that live show on the end of the 1st ep. "End Of An Era" just rules!! Here's a link for the curious: http://www.stormpages.com/mcrx/

Date: 07/24/02 12:32:24 PDT

Sheldon here,
I love reading such drama. Its been a good laugh. Utopia this is not. So, this type of stuff is going to come up now and then. Can't we all just get along. HA HA...whew....I think I wet my pants on that one.
OK sorry, on to why I've popped up. I do have DOC stuff. I'm really bad at getting around to stuff but I'm going to convert the song "lucky 2 dollor bill" to an MP3. I just need to know where to post it or send it. Toodles

Date: 07/24/02 00:26:20 PDT

Anton from Moscow here.
I haven't heard the answer about the influence of Kraftwerk on WOV's keyboard arrangements. Maybe mr. Mazda would be so kind to explain as a guru of sound? ;)

Date: 07/23/02 18:18:21 PDT

Hey TATTOO! What does the I. stand for in I. TATTOO?
Just wondering.

Date: 07/23/02 16:29:29 PDT

Does anyone have a good pic of Marc at the US Festival, (The Last-Ever WOV Mach I gig) with that killer poncho? I would love to add it to the tribute.
Please e-mail me, I will give full credit for the pic:


Date: 07/23/02 14:23:17 PDT

i have many c.d. of Wall Of Voodoo:
live Hamburg, live Rome, live Florence etc.

Date: 07/22/02 18:41:31 PDT

I bring this up from time to time, and have not yet been successful, so here it is again. If anyone here talks to Sheldon, please ask him if he would consider releasing the unreleased Department of Crooks stuff for us to download. The unreleased stuff I'm referring to is not the porn sountrack they did, but several songs that did not make it on their album, one of which was named, "Lucky three dollar bill," if I remember correctly.


Date: 07/21/02 07:22:55 PDT

I don't know any of the members personally. I don't live in CA. But I have been a fan since Call Of The West. I like the Stan era Voodoo best, but Andy's solo stuff is great. IMO, it's better than his material he did with Voodoo.

Date: 07/21/02 05:35:24 PDT

oh yeah,Toby. Hearing it with the moans would be ok. There needs to be a song made that way. Think of STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN with a moan track. Hmmm.

Date: 07/21/02 01:34:39 PDT

Toby here -

Truth be told, I can't find the cd withthe Dept of Crooks stuff on it. I do still have the DAT original though... And Sheldon O.K.'d it already... it's just finding that damn cd!!!

no Cutting Class soundtrack either.

I am in Cali... why won't I be?!?

Don't have the demo... it's just in the movie, I will attempt to extract it, but it will come with the moan track as well...

Toby out, dammit!!!

Date: 07/20/02 23:25:11 PDT

Hey Toby, I don't suppose you could make MP3's of the Department of Crooks stuff that they did for your video (if Sheldon is okay with it)? And hey if you have the Moreland Brothers demo that you mentioned, I'd love to hear that too....

BTW, are you in CA? Is everyone here? It seems that everyone here knows members of Wall of Voodoo personally except me, way down here in the South...

Date: 07/20/02 13:14:22 PDT

Whoops! forgot. JD in Hotlanta, how was the Concrete Blonde show? Did she look like MAMA CASS?

Date: 07/20/02 04:00:46 PDT


Date: 07/20/02 01:07:49 PDT

looks more like Mama Cass!!

Date: 07/19/02 20:28:07 PDT



This last Wensday July 10th in Tennessee. Great show but she was wasted pretty much. She went into detail about what the song TOMORROW WENDY was about. No PRETTY & TWISTED material this show.

Date: 07/19/02 16:10:14 PDT

Toby here -

Yeah... um o.k. I guess I left a couple out. The Bruce one was called Areobisex Girls and had Bruce being "pleasured" as he sang Ring Of Fire on a really bad acoustic guitar. Again Rinse Dream was involved with that, although he didn't directed it. Joe Robertson (or Adele Robbins as he was known in porn) directed it, he also produced Dr. Caligari. So the ties go deep. Bruce had a little bit of a problem in that. Aparently he was working on the crew and was thrown in at the last minute.

As far as Andy goes... I would have no idea about that one. I know there was one film with a guy doing a non-sex cameo that looked very much like Andy and his then girlfriend Rita with a black wig on. The movie was called Elegant's Angels and was directed by... um.... the guy named..... Toby Dammit....... I think that the second installment of that had music exclusively by Department of Crooks. Yeah it did.... I'm sure I read that somewhere on the world wide web......

Then there was the recently unearthed Untamed Cowgirls of The Wild West directed by Rinse Dream that has a Marc and Bruce demo in it. It was when Marc was in France so probably Bruce passed it along. It has been confirmed to be a Moreland Bros demo.

I try and think any more porn/Voodoo connections.

O.K. I thought of one more... but this one is just the director stealing the song and throwing it in for a few minutes. Again that dastardly devil Toby Dammit. Cousin Bubba's Country Corn Porn. Johnny Legend wrote the theme song which was a reworded copy of The South Is Gonna Rise Again, which was the theme to 2000 Maniacs the gore film from the 60's. Johnny had recorded a cover of that and just stripped the vocals and put in new words for Cousin Bubba. Then Toby introduces the tape and starts walking with the camera following him. And he put in Dance You Fuckers over him walking around Hollywood. I was told that once Toby was showing Andy this tape and Johnny Legend was there too and he forgot that Dance You Fuckers was in there. So he's sitting with the guy who wrote the theme song and then the guys who's stuff he stole was sitting there too. Kind of a Zen moment..... or so I've been told!

Date: 07/19/02 04:24:36 PDT

Didn't Andy show up in one as a pimp?

Date: 07/19/02 04:01:10 PDT

Hey Toby...didn't you leave off another porn that has an um, special appearance by Bruce Moreland?

Date: 07/18/02 20:37:28 PDT

Thanks TOBY. You are THE MAN!

Date: 07/18/02 18:09:43 PDT

i'm crushed by the news of Marc's Death. Praise him for such inspiring guitar art. Miss YA Amigo

Hasta Siempre
David Spero Peligro

Date: 07/18/02 13:39:16 PDT

Oooh Eye Protection stuff... cool beans !!
Withdrawl has become happy intoxicated hang-over.
Many thanks to you good sir.

Date: 07/18/02 09:10:23 PDT

Toby here -

The porno directors name was Rinse Dream which was Steve Saydian in the real world. The same guy who co-dorected the Mexican Radio video and the covers for Call Of The West and Happy Planet along with the video for Do It Again. Which is one of the strangest videos ever!! The movie was Nightdreams and they used Ring Of Fire in a three way lesbian scene. According to Marc, he just used it without asking them. They didn't have a problem with but, they would have liked him to ask. He returned the favor with the video. Bruce and Marc worked on the crew of his last r-rated feature called Dr. Caligari. His other porn film of note is Cafe Flesh, which is sort of anti-porn. It's really disturbing and features scream queen Michelle Bauer going as Pia Snow in the lead role. She claims that a body double was used for the hardcore, but people who were there say that she did it all. Still worth the price of admission. There is a Cafe Flesh 2 not directed by Dream and a couple sequels to Nightdreams, but look for the original. Really bizarre stuff.

Date: 07/18/02 05:07:48 PDT

I had once heard them claim that they did the music to MOTEL HELL but it didn't get used & that it was the instrumental breaks inbetween the songs on the E.P. As for the porno deal, listen to the interview with Mr. Toby Dammit that he has put up. He gives some directors name. Toby? A little help here?


Date: 07/18/02 04:19:52 PDT

Keyboards and percussion in EXERCISE sound (not the music itself but the sound) extremely like in the Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" ('74).

Renaldo and the Loaf are nice, but not nicer than these Residents ingenious guys. :))


Date: 07/17/02 22:34:32 PDT

Did WOV do a soundtrack for a porno film back in their early days? And , if so, anyone know the name of it and if it is available for purchase? DonnieDarko

Date: 07/17/02 21:50:47 PDT

R & L are one of the most psychotic & strange of all Bands. They were good buddies w/ The Residents & the whole Ralph Records bunch, and you can D/L one of their weirdest tracks at my site. The stuff is quite difficult to find.
Here You Go
(my "Downloads" Page)

Date: 07/17/02 21:39:51 PDT

hey K.R.

drop me an e-mail regarding our trade,I don't think mine are going thru.


Date: 07/17/02 19:08:07 PDT

Renaldo & the LOAF? ok, fill those of us in on this one. I know STANARD was in The Flesheaters for a bit, but I didn't know about this.
So you got my attention NZ.


Date: 07/17/02 17:35:23 PDT

Renaldo & the LOAF!
Oh this is Grand. They are a personal favorite, but I hadn't expected to see their name here. Do you like The Residents, too?

Date: 07/17/02 16:15:46 PDT

My dad just got me interested in Wall of Voodoo (my mom says I just like it to spite her, but I've had a history of liking odd bands like Renaldo and the Loaf).
Ah, the speedy percussion, the disturbing lyrics, and Stanard's (when he was younger) eery sexiness...

Date: 07/17/02 14:57:40 PDT

Is there a conflict between King Rich and the rest of you? Maybe I have been focusing too much on the Marc posts.
What gives?

Date: 07/17/02 05:35:54 PDT

oh, almost forgot. The idea that it will one day be done gives hope. Just the opening page is up right now, but bookmark it! ANDYPRIEBOY.COM is on the web! Go see it.click here The Future? who knows with the site but it does have a cool slideshow of Andy.

Date: 07/17/02 05:25:59 PDT

yeah, that celtic frost cover gave me nightmares for a good week. There was another one but I can't remember who did it. I think that in itself tells how good it was.

Date: 07/17/02 04:27:12 PDT

Also remember a Wov cover by Celtic Frost, a swiss death metal band.

Date: 07/16/02 19:51:18 PDT

Hey, I remember the el vez thing. Not so bad.

Date: 07/16/02 17:20:21 PDT

Has anyone heard the cover of MEXICAN RADIO done by EL VEZ,the mexican elvis?

Date: 07/16/02 12:08:03 PDT

Toby here -
#6 has to do with internal conflict within (and without) the band and I will leave it at that.

Date: 07/16/02 11:00:06 PDT


80things=King Richard = K.R.


People who previously complained about him must know.

Rambozo the clown

Date: 07/15/02 22:16:29 PDT

Three of the members do perform as backing vocals on Andy's first solo album, but the others do appear as playing instruments. I'd give what parts they played on the album, but my CD and record are about a couple hundred miles away.

C.H.U.D. II didn't have a soundtrack, I've checked around. Though, despite the fact it was a really bad movie, I was surprised to find out that Guys Like Girls wasn't the only unreleased song on there. There's a solo Andy song called I'm a Hungry Man, and another Wall of Voodoo unreleased song. I'll try to record them off the movie. I can't guarantee their quality, or the fact you'll hear the music.

Anyone know if Wall of Voodoo actually appeared in the movie? One of the songs looks to be performed by the band playing, but in the credits it's attributed to Wall of Voodoo.


Date: 07/15/02 20:46:33 PDT

I respect your decision to do what you will with "# 6," but I wish you would reconsider...or at the very least give us SOME idea of what it's about (i.e. just mention the subject it pertains to...such as internal conflict within the band and leave it at that).

Date: 07/15/02 10:07:58 PDT

wow, I never noticed that about TENSION & MODEL. It does sound like it. But I don't see the tie-in with EXERCISE.

Date: 07/15/02 00:35:26 PDT

Anton here-

Listening to the first WOV EP (and the song Exercise from COTW) I found that keyboards sound pretty much like the german band Kraftwerk. So the question to mr.Gray - was there some influence or is it just a coincidence?
And funny thing - the keyboard line from Full of Tension also remindes me of the Kraftwerk song "The Model".

Date: 07/14/02 20:40:30 PDT

Toby here -

The album cover that was scrapped was a landscape of a sunset. Andy's concern was that it looked o.k. but when it got shrunk down in ads it would get muddy and uninteligable that small. The problem was that it was already paid for and they had a really small budget for that album... which is why there are no linear notes, and that is an album that really needed them.

I don't think there was a soundtrack for CHUD II. Those have never been on an album of any kind.

Lets leave #6 lie... no need in stirring up stuff.

Chas didn't play on the solo album and only three of the eye protection guys did backing vocals.... just a minor point....

White Trash is being shopped on the shores on London's west end. So if it gets picked up and produced there will be a cast album, but it will be with totally new people playing all the parts....

Date: 07/14/02 16:37:05 PDT

Now I am going to have to look for the CHUD soundtrack now. Pawn shops her I come.

Date: 07/14/02 15:25:22 PDT

Toby, is it any more appropriate at this time to repost #6 of the interview?

Date: 07/14/02 14:51:26 PDT

Just an interesting note about Andy's first solo album, if you look at the performers, Marc, Ned, and, I think, Chas all appear on the album. I haven't heard the songs on either C.H.U.D. II or Cutting Class, but they could be the same as the album. C.H.U.D. II's at a local video store, I'll have to rent it. Though, what's also kind of interesting is that all the members of Eye Protection appear on the album as well.


Date: 07/14/02 12:32:15 PDT

"If you must flame, sign your name! " F.U. COPELAND ! and ALL your Frat buddy lackeys- Jay Boberg ,Carlos Grasso ,your idiot brothers and the rest of their ilk.

Date: 07/14/02 07:08:39 PDT

Does ANDY plan on releasing anything of the WHITE TRASH WINS LOTTO soundtrack?

Date: 07/14/02 06:15:50 PDT

If you must flame, sign your name!

Date: 07/13/02 14:59:02 PDT

Just a wish list here, but the band should get back together in some sort. It's what they were born to do.
Andy could retrun, so could stan for that matter, but I don't think stan could do the later stuff that andy did. Sorry stan.
Chas could return, Bill could return, Bruce could return.
No one could replace Marc or Joe to equal but there are some great guiter players and drumers out there to stand in.
I'm not sure if Ned would return from Norway but hey it could happen.
The band could regroup. It could happen.
But everyone has a free will and that's why hell would freeze over first.

Date: 07/13/02 05:54:00 PDT

Sorry to have misspelled the motto -Latin is not my strong suite but I'm well aware of the origin. Abraham Lincoln's last words: "I need a night at the theater like I need a hole in the head"

Date: 07/12/02 21:21:06 PDT

Toby said: "They were having problems with the Album cover for Far Side, which was ultimately scrapped."

Is there a copy of the original cover somewhere on the web?
Why did Miles want Far side to be a solo album? Wasn't the WOV name still a good thing from Miles standpoint (because the name was known, and that would sell some albums)?

Date: 07/12/02 14:53:42 PDT

Thanks for answering the question but, i would still like to know if anyone can find the song, "Guys like Girls" from the C.H.U.D.II and Cutting Class soundtracks. I like rare songs so if anyone can please try to find it that would be fantastic


Date: 07/12/02 14:37:44 PDT

it is spelled "sic semper tyrannis"( thus always to tyrants).
not to diss you in anyway, but thats our state motto here in Virginia.
typical though, since we are a commonwealth and in complete ruins with no thanks to the "TYRANTS" in office..


Date: 07/12/02 09:57:43 PDT

no problemo tobo

Date: 07/11/02 11:06:51 PDT

Toby here -

I edited my post and forgot to reword the second part, whilst I don't know if Miles tried to lure Stan away from he band, he did try to lure Andy away. On two occasions. He wanted to take Far Side and the other songs that were on Andy's demo and rework them for a solo record. They were having problems with the Album cover for Far Side, which was ultimately scrapped. The whole band liked it and Andy didn't, siding with the record company. There was a lot of tension and then in a fit of exasperation Chas went, while they were sitting around Casa Voodoo, "Fuck it man, we should just use that fucking Black Velvet Clown painting right there...." So they all piled into the limo and went down to Alvarado street to look at Black Velvet paintings to try and see if there was something they could use. Andy was the first to be picked up and ultimately Marc could not be found. They all thought that he had split, which he had, but then he had a change of heart and came back. In the limo Miles confessed to his trepidation with the other members of Voodoo and lamented that a solo alubm might be a better choice. So that's what iI meant... I guess I should re-read things before I post them....

Date: 07/11/02 03:31:13 PDT

Not sure what you were trying to say Toby?
Miles only ever put out records that he thought he would make money on. All the records that I produced or worked on for I.R.S. were budgeted largely from the standpoint of what they would almost certainly sell..For example a Go Go's record might have had a budget of $90,000 whilst a Fleshtones or Voodoo record might only have got $10,000.However he expected me and other producers to make everything sound like a million dollars. Miles took very few altruistic risks. I very much doubt that he lost any money at all on anything. Meanwhile, artists lost their relationships, lives, their focus and in some cases their hope.
I don't know about evil but let's not forget that Miles was an economic major at school not a creative one.
As for what we were thinking when we all signed up what the fuck would anyone do if they had no experience of business, a head full of rocks, veins full of Bud and lungs busting with pure Skunk and Marlboro Country Air?

Date: 07/10/02 20:26:44 PDT

Doesn't stop him from being an evil entity though.

Date: 07/10/02 17:15:21 PDT

Toby here -

Also keep in mind that Miles put out Stans first couple records. He tried to do the same thing with Andy a few times. Once right before the first record was being recorded.

Date: 07/10/02 12:49:48 PDT

hey K.R., pls let us know if CB plays any WOV-related songs - thanks!!

Date: 07/10/02 12:14:35 PDT

"Sic semper tyrannus- "
Uh, is John Wilkes Booth a WOV fan?

Date: 07/10/02 04:14:16 PDT

all of your post about m. copeland is true and I agree about the sore....he be a baddy..
wov fan

Date: 07/10/02 02:33:49 PDT

Didn't Copeland also have a finger in WOV's publishing as well as being the manager AND owning their record label AND owning their booking agency??!!! What WAS they thinking? I know this sounds awful and I will go to hell but I wouldn't mind if that nasty sore on Mile's upper lip(watch the Bangles Behiond the Music special to see said sore) turns out to be malignant. Sic semper tyrannus-

Date: 07/09/02 17:19:35 PDT

I doubt they will. They are playing here in Tennessee tomorrow night. Going to try to get my PRETTY & TWISTED cd signed.

Date: 07/09/02 14:18:34 PDT

OT: anyone know if Concrete Blonde is playing any Pretty & Twisted or Prieboy songs on their current tour? They're in Atlanta on Friday night (anyone else gonna be there??) -JD in Hotlanta

Date: 07/09/02 01:42:18 PDT

stan ridgway: solo ac. and w/ trio
this week and next:
tuesday: 7/9 & 7/16
showtime: 9:30 PM
doors: 8 PM
dinner and beverage served
tables and chairs

432 n. fairfax ave.
hollywood, ca.
tix & dinner res:

(323) 852-1073

free parking at rosewood and fairfax
beyond tomorrow: http://www.midwinter.com/beyond/
sr dis-information: http://www.mindspring.com/~drywall2/
purchase cd's: http://www.cdbaby.com/group/ridgwaycds
stanridgway dot com: http://www.stanridgway.com
new west records: http://www.newwestrecords.com

Date: 07/08/02 21:39:51 PDT

I rented Cutting Class and the only Wall of Voodoo song on it, Guys like Girls, sounds very much like Devo and not like Wall of Voodoo at all so it wasn't very impressive. The Andy Prieboy songs in the movie, though not all badly written, are musically very cheezy new wave.
I guess if this was the material that would have been on their next album, I'm glad they broke up without recording it, as I think it would've lessened WOV's reputation.

Date: 07/08/02 11:53:08 PDT

Hi Natalie...no not Sector 27 though my connection with Tom Robinson came about because we supported them...then they split and my band [inc myself] replaced S 27 on the japanese with Tom. That's how I discovered that I was in fact Glad to be Gay [well Chas always thought I was a limey fag because I didn't wear underpants and dyed my hair] and that Power in the Darkness was right on. After getting in touch with my feminine side I went on to produce Tom's solo album 'North by Northwest'.,

Icidentally, Toby, Miles was my manager and label too and like everybody else I got screwed by his clever cross collaterised deals.
Thanks for your condolences everybody...I'm now coming up again so we better get this party started.

Date: 07/08/02 08:29:17 PDT

Toby here -

Those track from the movie were actually used in C.H.U.D.II and then recycled in Cutting Class. here is how it broke down. Andy was working on material for the next WOV record. IRS wanted to drop them, because they were contratually obligated to give them more money for their next album, the third (with the new record deal with Andy), so they dropped them and then called them all the next day and said, "Let's renegotiate." So they did and that was when Ugly Americans came out. No one in the band wanted to do a live album. It was IRS's standard answer when a band was at a cross roads with the label and they had to fullfill an album. So they fought to have the new songs on the album, which are not recorded live. As a matter of fact, there are a couple other tracks that are not recorded live. I know that Grass is Greener and Pretty Boy Floyd were not live. That's why they put the Bullhead City Arz. thing on there. Only one jounrnalist ever caught them on that and he did it by calling up the Bullhead City chamber of commerce and asking them if there were any venues in town that would have been able to hold Voodoo at the time, and then he looked back through the archives to see if they really played there, which they hadn't. Then when that record failed to ignite the flames of success, they were dropped again. Interesting note, they were managed by Miles Copeland, who was the head of their record company. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. I mean he was negotiating with himself on the the behalf of his band. Who do you think got the better deal??

So they got dropped and the fate of the band was in the balance, they got this offer to put songs on this soundtrack and they were out on tour and just told them, "Take whatever you want" The money they made went to pay expencise. And the stuff that the management sent the record company were all demos that should have been on the next album, which never materialized.

as far as Eye Pro go, try this:
you get Elroy and his B-Side sister Go Go Girl

I have two radio shows I am gonna dig up.

Toby Out!

PS What's the deal with the Ensenada Joyride? I need that shit!

Date: 07/07/02 07:30:04 PDT


My condolesences and hopes for better luck real soon. Did you produce Sector 27 as well as "North By Northwest"? If so, you are even higher in my esteem (if that's possible, as you produced WOV and the sadly overlooked/underrated Fleshtones)!

Good luck!


Date: 07/07/02 05:50:24 PDT

Also something someone might want to answer about the CUTTING CLASS soundtrack. 1 song is listed as MAN TALK-ANDREW PRIEBOY. Then it lists GUYS LIKE GIRLS, FOR LOVE & NEARER TO MORNING.I know that TALK, LOVE & MORNING all 3 were on ANDY'S first solo album, but this soundtrack lists 3 out of the 4 as being performed by WALL OF VOODOO.
Any answers to that one???


Date: 07/06/02 10:06:51 PDT

Hey Toby, don't you have some/anything from Eye Protection?
Maybe convert the stuff to mp3?
Anybody? Take Her Where The Boys Are is fun stuff but how about Elroy Jetson. Would love to hear that song. I am going through Andy Withdrawl!!

Date: 07/05/02 15:04:52 PDT

hey i was wondering if anyone can help me find a song called "Guys like Girls" from wall of voodoo it was on the soundtrack of the movie "Cutting Class" made in 1989?

Date: 07/04/02 19:06:40 PDT

Toby Here -

Stan show was great at largo, Andy;s shows were great at the Knitting Factory. Lots of Voodoo stuff happening around town.

Hey Stan! Usually the prformers come out at the end at Largo to mingle with the crowd for a mintue or two. Would love to see you adopt that habit!

I would love a copy of the Ensenda Joyride songs... email me at: tobydammit@earthlink.net got lots of stuff for a trade!!!

Hey Sheldon... you around?

Date: 07/04/02 10:52:46 PDT

What happened to WOV's instruments? (A.K.A. Chas's synthesizer, Joe's pots and pans, Noland's keyboard.) It's a dumb question, but they contributed awesome sounds to the band's music.

Date: 07/04/02 08:30:14 PDT

I am very sorry to hear about your losses. Hang in there, man. We missed you around here.

Date: 07/03/02 22:22:02 PDT

the things we know...
the door is lost and long gone - built by Frank Delia and Co. Frank is now a screen writer and he says "i think it got scrapped..."

There were many bulldogs bought by Stan in TJ. Some are still around, but the one on the cover got broke long ago...

dusty clown...don't know.

joe in video?...don't know.

the tall bald guy in mexican radio is "CARL" who went on to star in alot of Hollywood films...Withches of Eastwick, Men In Black, Addams Family Values etc...also does computer software.

That's it...
Clark and Agathat @ sr dis-info

Date: 07/03/02 18:41:01 PDT

Some trivial questions that have bugged me for years: 1) Does the lopsided door that WOV used in the "Mexican Radio" video and that they dragged around on tour in 1983 still exist? Who has it? (They also had it with them on their American Bandstand appearance.) 2} What happened to the ceramic bulldog (a piggy bank from TJ?) that was practically their trademark? 3) Who portrayed the dusty clown in the "Far Side of Crazy" video? It kind of looks like Marc under the makeup but I can't tell for sure. 4) Joe Nanini is supposedly in the "Far side of Carzy " video too,but I can't spot him. Where is he? 5) Is the really tall bald guy in the "Mexican Radio" video(the director) ,the same actor who played "Lurch" in the 1990's "Addams Family " movies?

Date: 07/03/02 14:42:08 PDT

Yes, I've got the two songs that are on this french compilation. They are "One night in june" and "when the lights go out" writen by mark just before he first move to France. That was a very small project and I don't think it's possible to purchase it somewhere now. At that time (90-91), We thought it was a good way to get a studio and recording for free. I remember, during this period, Mark was really into Jesus and Mary Chains music. You can tell when you listen to it, it's a mix between Mark's unique style and some post-eighties noisy guitars. I can burn a cd and send it to whoever wants it.

Date: 07/03/02 11:51:14 PDT

Anyone know how Marc got that crazy sound from his guitar?

Date: 07/03/02 05:35:12 PDT

For What it's Worth ....Yeah I'm still Here. After Marc's death in March I sadly lost my Mother in April and then was robbed of my laptop in May. Been licking my wounds and waiting for the scar tissue to form. With regards to my site it will be back, I am in dispute with my server. Hope to settle everything soon and be back on line for real. Shine on you crazy WOVheads..

Date: 07/02/02 12:23:03 PDT

I listened last night to Moreland's cd. Couldn't stop listening. It's far better than I expected, given his condition. There's depth, a great sense of melody, sadness, humor, irony. It's a painting done by a real artist, using colors only Mark saw, on a canvas only he knew. Taking it all in, I regard the truth of the band I once loved more completely. His is a fine farewell, requiring no regret. A statement made, and worth making. Welcome to Mark's world, and goodbye. It was dark, yes, but beautiful in the way only darkness can be.

I now withdraw into the ether, with thanks. lv

Date: 07/01/02 20:47:35 PDT

Just to set the record straight here.
Stan had a picture of Marc on his site for over two months I think and it was a picture from the Call Of The West Tour with Marc in front of the van they traveled in.
clark the P

Date: 07/01/02 18:35:14 PDT

Dharma & Greg has been cancelled as of the end of last season. Chas is now working on the set of a movie filming in Texas. He's a set dresser, which more or less means he gets to lug around all the shit you see on tv and movie sets and make sure it's in the right place. Chas was an integral part of Wall of Voodoo and the sound wouldn't have been nearly as rich and multi-faceted without him. He reads the bulletin board here whenever he gets the chance, so everybody wave at him as you go by!


Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 07/01/02 14:43:57 PDT

Darma and Greg, sorry.

Date: 07/01/02 14:42:44 PDT

The last I heard Chas is doing ok, living in Ca. He was working on the set of Darma and Grag. You are right Chas is a very important part of WOV and is missed. He brought a relly cool element to the band. Oh and by the way if Stan is so praised lately, why then didn't he put anything on his website about Marc's death? Not that I don't like stan but he's just too darn self centered.

Date: 06/30/02 09:52:10 PDT

Bill Noland lives in Seatlle and does music for films, puts out records, has two boys with his wife Mary... and well...here's more info


clark the P

Date: 06/29/02 22:15:00 PDT

Whatever happened to Bill Noland?

Date: 06/29/02 22:14:08 PDT

Hey, can anybody please give me some info on Chas T. Gray? What is he up to these days? Does he still play music? What did he do before Wall Of Voodoo, and how did he get into the band? Come on people, we all know about Stan, Mark, Bruce, Andy, Joe, and Ned, what about Chas???? I mean, without Mr. Gray, Wall Of Voodoo wouldn't have been possible. And also, he is one of the three original members still alive! We've all praised Stan, Joe, and Mark, which is great, but what about Chas?

A Chas Gray Fan

Date: 06/25/02 20:26:44 PDT

While in France Marc was in a band called Ensenada Joyride and in one of the interview segments with Toby, Marc mentioned that one of the Ensenada Joyride songs ended up on a French compilation. Does anyone have this song?

I also remember Sheldon mentioning that Marc had a box full of tapes filled with Wall of Voodoo demos and stuff....I hope that box is in a safe place...and the material on it will someday be released to the WOV Cult (commercially or otherwise).

Date: 06/25/02 14:09:07 PDT

Hi everybody
I'm Joachim and just read message from "CP" asking for some infos from Marc's friends on the record. I had recorded with mark, John and Jean-Marc some of the stuff that are on "MM Mess".
Strong memories...especially tonight, of these last 12 years.
So much good times even when I used to go and see him at the hospital.
Don't know if I've got something interesting to say but I Would be happy to speak about Marc with anybody.
Kisses from Paris

Date: 06/22/02 07:20:54 PDT

stan's coach house show by PHIL from San Diego

Date: 06/21/02 14:28:31 PDT

My Condolence to Marc´s Family and my true Respect for his work (can´t say anything about his life, cause i don´t know about it).

Have listened to Wall of Voodoo since i heard "A far Side of Crazy" for the first time. The best Song - however - was "Wrong Way to Hollywood".

Nothing left to say, except that i´m sad about the "Dead" of Wall of Voodoo.



Date: 06/18/02 14:47:58 PDT

"Far Side Of Crazy" is mine

Date: 06/18/02 14:39:49 PDT

Hey Pissed,
I know how you feel about the guy on Ebay selling the cd's and videos. I had to stay on his a#* for months until he sent my stuff. And I was on him all the time. But finally I got what he was supposed to send me. The stuff is really cool because it has been years since I've seen the band playing live and I have to tell you it was great to see them all again. The quality is poor on the videos and as well on the cd's but hey it's better than nothing. If he doesn't come through I'd be happy to copy what I have for you. I hate when people don't come through and leave you hanging. So I hope you get them soon, just stay on his rear end all the time and threaten to leave him really bad feedback. It worked for me.

Date: 06/18/02 09:00:19 PDT

Can anyone turn out the studio version of Fun Zone or Fine Line?

Date: 06/18/02 08:58:18 PDT

O gosh, I do so look forward to the day when someone gets his hands on the WoV studio versions of Fun Zone and Fine Line.
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 06/18/02 06:55:24 PDT

Looks like Audiogalaxy has been shut down............

Date: 06/17/02 18:01:02 PDT

Hey Mazda! Are you still with us?
Hey, I have your website featured on my "Intense Music Links" page, but today I click and I click, ...and NOTHIN' is THERE! Will you be back?
Hoping so,

Date: 06/16/02 03:29:19 PDT

re: the WOV Bootlegger on Ebay_ I will not argue the right and wrong of bootlegs but WILL say that the guy selling videos and and cds on Ebay -80sthing is his username-is VERY shady in his dealings. Those who finally got their boots were lucky.What do I have to do to get this loser to send my stuff? I notice he also in the business of Christian rock stuff and those bidders never seem to have negative feedback against him -just the people who buy the WOV material. All I can mumble is: you guys told me so. signed :Pissed

Date: 06/15/02 13:21:51 PDT

a live version of back in flesh? (is too much?)

Date: 06/12/02 21:12:15 PDT

I just acquired the "Marc Moreland Mess" CD and enjoyed the straightforwardness
of lyrics as well as the unmistakable "twang" of Marc through his guitar. I've missed
him since the breakup of WoV and am finding even more meaning now that I know
of the physical hell he endured. I will treasure his contribution of "reality music". It
was literally from the gut of daily life. Forever with a tipped hat and fond memories....

Christopher Elliot Gray (51)
Tigard, Oregon

Date: 06/12/02 20:39:08 PDT


Date: 06/12/02 16:57:11 PDT

Hey, Lisa...

Date: 06/12/02 05:27:49 PDT

Hey Guys,
Could someone please answer a question for me? Was the song "Do It Again" from Happy Planet used on a movie soundtrack? I would have bet my life it was used in a movie, but if so I do not remember what it was. Was it? And if so, what was the movie? Thanks for your help in advance. Steve G

Date: 06/12/02 00:05:06 PDT

As coincidence would have it, I have an answer for you. I've just posted live footage of "Funzone" on my web site, performed by WOV at the US Festival, and accompanying the files is an essay by Stan Ridgway on leaving Wall Of Voodoo. It's the first time to my knowledge that he's talked publically about it.

Anyway, the short answer is "yes, a studio version exists, and no, nobody knows where it is". You can read the whole thing, and download the files, here: http://www.midwinter.com/beyond/media/funzone/

And I invite you to take a look at the huge (!) update on my news page: http://www.midwinter.com/beyond/news/

larry hastings
beyond tomorrow


Date: 06/09/02 16:26:21 PDT

This is one for the experts:
Is there a studio version of "Funzone" or a longer version of "Faded Love" in existence anywhere?
Also; here's another link to my Marc tribute for those who may not have visited yet:

Date: 06/09/02 03:35:17 PDT

Hi, i wold advise you that "wall of voodoo" audiogalaxy group is slowly but continuasly increasing. Please help us to let this group better. go into audiogalaxy page, search for wall of voodoo group and ask to join. you can find a lot od voodoo and members rarities. Tks in advance

Date: 06/08/02 07:34:49 PDT

The Kevin here , from the Isle Of Wight . A small island at the extreame south of England . Musically it's very stolid , with no independent record outlets and , even now , only one high street outlet palming off commercial rot to the masses . So you can appreciate the state of things back in the early 80's !.Anyway I managed to get hold of Dark Continent and Granma's House ; while still a wee school boy of 15 . I'd never heard anything like it ! and quite honestly it freaked the shit out of my (not for much longer) friends . Yet to me , it was the most original sound going , absolutely unique...including the guitar playing .
I wish to say how saddened I was when an old school friend phoned and informed me that he'd just read about the death of Marc . What could I do apart from show respect by playing my favourite selection of W.O.V. material full volume from the top floor , with the windows wide open , for the benifit and enlightenment of all within hearing distance !
Thanks for the Vibes .

Date: 06/08/02 01:38:50 PDT

the obscure hayride lyric?

well i got a call from ( sounds like Lucy again? *** maybe Lisa as in Lisa Dewey at Kitchen Whore)again again see what I do.. oh yeah

I thought that was Lisa Dewey on the backing vocals for 'The End?"
.. but she isn't listed as being on that track in the liners.. maybe it is PJ?

I love that song.. marc's voice with the unknown voice is wrenching considering the last couple years. Strange how when I listen to this album every day- there are the downs still about marc, but the guitar on hey lady, or jacked up, or the entire 'saw the light' just snap me out of it. That intro to hey lady is the coolest damn thing ever and then on the second or third verse when marc goes hendrix, plus all of that muted rat a tat percussion sound from the guitar. i can't explain it but that song has so much of his great repertoire in it

anyway- this will always be the most important disc i own
when i hear 'i saw the lights' it brings back memories of 'ride' the pretty & twisted song. two of my favorite songs while driving

the ice cream truck? it's eight o'clock in the fuckin' morning!
rich- the stubborn pollito

Date: 06/07/02 05:31:21 PDT


Date: 06/06/02 17:55:46 PDT

Shit, now Dee Dee Ramone is gone.................

Date: 06/05/02 14:06:19 PDT

video in europe of wov?


Date: 06/05/02 07:57:50 PDT

no, meant further on in the song..

Date: 06/04/02 21:52:28 PDT

I thought it was:
we'll jack the volkswagen up again
head on down south to mexico
pick up some drugs in san diego....
seems like a good idea to me....Hayride...

Date: 06/03/02 16:22:52 PDT

somewhat related - would appreciate lyric help, from Hayride:

"I got a call from <.....> again; see what I do.."

Date: 06/03/02 01:41:03 PDT

yes, that would be nice to hear from some of marc's friends on the record. How was it? marc studio stories? we would love to hear. all hail voodoo.

Date: 06/02/02 13:05:03 PDT

marcs "spotlight" album is down right wonderous to listen to. its been in my disc plpayer for 6 weeks now since i had to wait about 3 weeks to receive it here in Virginia.
is pj harvey on back up vocals on the end? also, can someone tell me when this was recorded.

and finally, i was hoping if "the players" could offer some of their insight to their dealings with marc during the production of the album or any other stories that we could hear.. thanks so much..


Date: 05/25/02 15:39:33 PDT

Heard about the tragic death og Marc only yesterday. It's a sad, sad day and my thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Saw WOV play live in Oslo/Norway many years ago. A great experience!

RIP, Marc

The Gunslinger

Date: 05/25/02 06:39:10 PDT

Marc is in my thoughts every day.

Date: 05/24/02 23:17:40 PDT

How about blow-up cigarettes? These would increase lung power whilst satisfying some saddo's nipple fixation

Date: 05/24/02 22:57:34 PDT


Date: 05/22/02 05:43:12 PDT

see now, if they would have advertised inflatable IGUANAS. That would have fit right in. 2.00 extra for bar-b-que.

Date: 05/21/02 22:08:55 PDT

Dear Friend:

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Thank You and have a good day ...

Date: 05/21/02 12:47:21 PDT

Sorry about that not working. I was out of town for the weekend and didn't get it working again until today. Same link, same mp3s. Enjoy.


Date: 05/21/02 02:16:20 PDT

Anto here -
I smoke either but I'm not sure that this forum is an appropriate place for cig adds.
If someone needs to smoke - well it's always a shop on the opposite side of the street. Probably these guys thought that the add would be interesting for people who are fans of the band where players are smokers. Joke.

Date: 05/18/02 18:45:59 PDT

That link to the mp3's isn't working.

Date: 05/18/02 08:34:02 PDT

Gooday from australia. I'm the most appreciative fella who harped on about 'far side'. I got the elusive cd and it rips. Keep up the good work folks. I smoke, but I thought that the previous message( a couple back)was a bit uncalled for. Don't they make enough cash(retorical question). Take it easy.

Date: 05/18/02 05:32:46 PDT

I guess since cigarette ads are banned just about every place these days they've decided to come to a bulletin board near you. And now back to our regular programming...

Ms. V

Date: 05/18/02 05:02:47 PDT


Date: 05/18/02 00:21:16 PDT

Dear Friend,
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Date: 05/16/02 16:26:44 PDT

It's funny. Devo had a song on their album "Oh No, It's Devo" called "I Desire" which is the poem Hinkley wrote to Foster. I believe the poem was printed in the National Enquiorer.

Date: 05/16/02 15:01:40 PDT

John F. Hinckley, dear!

Date: 05/16/02 05:06:46 PDT

Thanks Nick (I just love the unique WOV guitar work from Marc). I was reading the other day about the nature of the song.
Seems it has something to do with the would-be assassin (forget his name) who tried to assasinate Ronald Reagon back in 81'.Apparently he was trying to impress Jodie Foster.
Sounds like a good excuse to write a song if you want my opinion. One other question: How many times did WOV tour Australia and when.
Jonathan P.

Date: 05/15/02 14:24:09 PDT

About the remixed Far Side of Crazy:

On the CD and the two Far Side of Crazy singles I have, it uses the remixed version by Ian Broudie. I'm not sure why they chose to remix it from the LP version, but there's not much difference from the LP version. The remix has about a second or two more of silence before the song starts up and different instruments seem to be given more precedence than others. It also seems to sound more clean than the original, but that's probably because one comes from vinyl the other from a CD. The main difference is that Marc's guitar is more noticable in the original, but it's downplayed in the remix. Other than that, I can't spot any really big differences aside from the remix being eight seconds longer.


Date: 05/13/02 20:20:43 PDT

hi, if anyone knows where i can get a copy (burned or real)
of Dark Continent email me at Pixie22182@cs.com. (JAMIE)

Date: 05/13/02 17:01:28 PDT

As you sit in your throne, and not only judge ALL of us simultaneously, but also sentence us ALL to eternal hell, I just wonder... Why does someone with so much God-Like power decline to sign their post?

Date: 05/13/02 16:26:44 PDT

Why do you like hurting others

Date: 05/13/02 16:25:51 PDT

You guys are going to hell dont you care

Date: 05/13/02 07:19:15 PDT

Bruce wasn't the one who died. It was Marc.

Date: 05/13/02 04:29:36 PDT

I'm new here so I thought I might drop you a line. I've been a big fan of WOV for around ten years when I first heard 'Mexican Radio'on our local rock station MMMFM104 Brisbane, Australia.
For some reason or other they have been playing 'Far side of crazy' on a regular basis lately. I wonder if it's got something to do with Bruce Moreland's death. Anyway, they had a top 500 rock song's of the 80s countdown just last week and 'Far side....' came in at 317 - not bad considering all the serious competition i.e Robert Palmer, ZZ top,
Dire Straits, Billy Idol etc.
I've managed to pick up both the US and Aussie CDs of 'Seven Day's...,the Australian CD is pink and the cover is much darker. I actually prefer that one to the US disc. One question, 'Far side..'has been remixed for the 1989 CD, was the original 7" version
released in 1985 any different?
I would like to hear from any more WOV fans in Australia.

Jonathan Pike
aged 31

Date: 05/12/02 11:29:03 PDT

Cool Ms. V..thanks for the info from OR.

Date: 05/11/02 08:28:55 PDT

The show is called Open Air. Here where I am in Oregon they have 6 hours every weekday morning of music chosen by two deejay-ish men. One of the guys (his name is Brad Ranger I believe) seems to be a fan of Stan's because he slides a song of his in usually at least once or twice a week. He's also played a WoV tune or two in the past. I didn't hear the album review, so it wasn't a replay of that.

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 05/10/02 14:54:58 PDT

NPR? what show was the song on or did they replay the album review?

Date: 05/10/02 12:19:30 PDT

I heard Stan's "Act of Faith" on National Public Radio today. Nice to know some deejays have good taste.

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 05/09/02 10:03:06 PDT

waz up

Date: 05/08/02 18:27:13 PDT

Neat site! Be sure to visit Mr. Bill's IRS Corner (www.irscorner.com); you'll probably want to add it to your links. Keep up the good work.
Jim Brent (LPJim@aol.com)
my site: www.geocities.com/LPJim54/

Date: 05/08/02 08:21:24 PDT

Wow. What a feeling. Having just heard Far Side, I am absolutely thrilled. It's been fifteen years since I last heard that great song. I love that song, it is no doubt one of the best songs I have ever heard. I've been raving about it to my girlfriend for an age, and when I finally find it, she's asleep. I try to wake her, but she promises she will listen to it in the morning. I sound over the top but I went through every cd, record, and single in two pawn shops looking for it. I gotta thank Nick (I will buy it soon). I know shit about computers and all the burning stuff etc, so I look forward to getting a hold of Sammy's and attaching it to my stereo and crankin' it up. Feelin' good. Once again, a memorable song, even better to hear fifteen years later. Cheers to you.

Date: 05/07/02 18:28:11 PDT

HELP!!! Chas or Andy..............
Back in the days, Marco and I were making attempts to gather up the stuff that was used in those last days of WOV. We got a Prophet 2000 and found a MC-500. We never found a Prophet 2002. I was able to have a friend give me his the other day so I broke out the old WOV discs for the live shows. I wanted to play along with some of the tunes that you guys programed. But I'm having problems with the channels. Did you have another machine with the 2 prophets? How can I get the channels to play correctly. I hit play for Do It Again and I get the tracks playing on the wrong instruments......aAAaAAAAAgh. I'm dying to play along with the stuff but I have no idea what secrets you guys had with the keyboards. Thanks for any help

Date: 05/07/02 17:28:03 PDT

Sorry about the lack of MP3s of late. I forgot to update the address to point to my computer, so it went dead. Though, it's back up and running available to anyone over here.


Date: 05/05/02 05:21:20 PDT

Gooday from Australia. I'm the bloke who ramlbed on a bit the other day about grammar and whatever. Forgive me, I just had the net put on and your page was the second one I tracked {after Telsa's}.I guess that I'm talking with the members from WOV, I don't know too much how this thing works. Anyway I was pretty exicted when I had this net thing put on, and since one of my goals over the last few months is getting to listen to Far side of crazy again, I thought that somehow, I'd get apreview or something. I'm just going to order Sammy's anyway. I won't go on, but I was trying to remember a few months back at least, songs I really loved when I was a kid. I swear that 'Far Side' was the first single I ever bought when I was fourteen or so. I can remember that rockin' chorus really well, and after reading the lyrics section in the website, the rest of the song was coming back to me. I don't know where the single went but I just know it was one of the best songs I heard and can't wait ti hear it again. I just thought I'd tell you guys what a great memorable song that is, and I'm sure that it will be as good to listen to when I do. Take it easy.

Date: 05/05/02 04:38:06 PDT

i buy dance of death here in italy but is not good like the index master live sound!|
funs of wall of voodoo i think wants songs, videos and others pay or free.

Date: 05/04/02 17:57:11 PDT

Tell me about!

Enough with the ebay debate already. You guys are giving me a cramp.

By the way, I agree with something awhile back. Someone asked where the MP3 links went that were up awhile back. I think it was NICK that had some VOODOO concerts up in MP3 form. Downloaded them & lost them.

NICK. Buddy. Any chance of you putting those back up for us?

Date: 05/04/02 13:18:36 PDT

Why is this "to sell or not to sell" debate still going on when the opinions of two of the founding members of the band expressed they didn't care? Can't we just drop it and move on?

Date: 05/04/02 05:07:08 PDT

DANCE OF DEATH is so clear because it was a radio broadcast. The radio guy was just edited out. Also, SPIT OUT THE WINDOW (live @ club SPIT)is the same.

Date: 05/04/02 00:15:43 PDT

Has anyone heard the CD Bootleg of Wall of Voodoo's, Dance Of Death? I can't believe the quality of this CD, the sound is beautiful, stereo, clear as a bell, like a studio album. It was made in '83 recorded live at El Mocambo, Toronto Canada. I got this from someone from Italy of all places. Any other opinions on this one?

Date: 05/04/02 00:15:10 PDT

Has anyone heard the CD Bootleg of Wall of Voodoo's, Dance Of Death? I can't believe the quality of this CD, the sound is beautiful, stereo, clear as a bell, like a studio album. It was made in '83 recorded live at El Mocambo, Toronto Canada. I got this from someone from Italy of all places. Any other opinions on this one?

Date: 05/03/02 20:29:55 PDT

oh, I can think of some skuzzier things than that.

Date: 05/03/02 14:33:18 PDT


As someone who has purchased and traded for bootleg WOV material I figured I'd add my voice to Toby's. Selling copies this stuff is just wrong IMO. I'm not the biggest bootleg trader around but the first thing I learned is that selling is just totally uncool. Most traders are actually offended if you offer to buy a copy of something from them. Not the way to start off a relationship with someone that has something you want. Selling seems scuzzy to me. As with anything else there are those that don't agree and I'm prepared to live with that.

I'm not with the moral majority and apologize if this comes off otherwise. I've certainly copied more than my share of CD's for myself and for others. My rationalizations aside, I have to admit that stealing is stealing. For my own sake I draw the line at selling copies. If others draw the line elsewhere or have no line at all, then they have to deal with their own conscience.

Like Toby, I find it hard to believe that people would buy this stuff when it's readily available for trade. I have a woefully outdated bootleg page up and have never once been contacted for a trade. I'm listed at Tapetrader and still haven't been contacted once about a trade for a copy of a show. Perhaps it's easier to shell out 40.00+ for a poorly recorded bootleg but that doesn't make much sense to me. There are so many ways to find and trade for this stuff that I don't understand why folks are unwilling to do it if they want something enough to shell out that much dough.

I don't have a hotline to any of the artists involved but I can't imagine that they really support the sale of music and performances by those who had nothing to do with its creation. I'd guess that most of those selling this stuff either got this stuff from a trade or free from a friend. Just doesn't seem right to me. That the musicians involved don't object too much is probably more the result of them being exceedingly nice people and not wanting to offend fans. Of course I could be wrong.

Jim Clark

Date: 04/30/02 22:01:20 PDT

"he would always end the conversation with, I just want to make music that SOMEONE will like listening to."

..MM got that all covered, man, & it's great, timeless stuff too :)

Date: 04/30/02 15:25:05 PDT

Well said, Sheldon. Thanks. I talked to Chas about the whole video thing over the weekend and he said it was no big deal to him as long as no one was trying to price gouge the fans or make outrageous amounts of money off the stuff. As I may have mentioned before, the videos that seem to have started this whole debate were starting at $9.99 which seemed reasonable to me when you factor in the price of a blank tape, packaging and such. And, like others have said, if you don't approve, don't bid. That's it for me this time around.

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 04/30/02 14:22:03 PDT

I can't speak for anyone else in WOV but I can tell you about the long nights Marc and I talked at length about all this "making money" from music thing. We both would laugh how everything we did as artists or whatever cost money. From the day we paid for a guitar to the day we had to buy tape to record on...we were always paying money somehow to be musicains and writers. From day one, others were making money from our work or our needs to create music. Gibson, Ampex, Fender, Tascam, Dean Markley, Marlbro, local dealer, record company, advertisers on the radio stations and the stations, IRfuckingS (as marc said it). We were always paying SOMEONE to make music. We hated the idea. What ever money we got from the stupid lable, they told us we had to pay it back somehow, someday. Some people do make money from there talent. I guess those are the ones that make the rest of us think we will someday too. But, I don't care who the fuck you are....everyone has copied a record to tape. Everyone has listened to a burned copy of someone elses CD. We've all copied something for others. To make it such a moral issue is fruitless. Marc always wished he was making more money off the music he's done. But he would always end the conversation with, I just want to make music that SOMEONE will like listening too.
sorry for my misspellings and grammer crap.

Date: 04/30/02 08:02:54 PDT

ho let's go

Date: 04/30/02 07:15:23 PDT


Date: 04/29/02 13:33:00 PDT

Out of curiousity, how does the band feel about the downloading of their music in mp3 format? Is that up there with the selling on eBay or do they think of it as a lesser form of tape trading?

Date: 04/29/02 08:43:26 PDT

My immediate apologies to all the grammatically wise, and spelling bee winners, who would have been a bit amused with my last drunken comment. I meant to say 'years', not tears (see previous comment). I apologise for any confusion as a result of this. By the way, 'Far Side' has escaped Australia and I hope I don't have to bite the bullet and wait for it to be shipped from overseas.Any help would be appreciated( forget tips with my poor grammar, that's just a lost cause). See ya.

Date: 04/29/02 08:33:12 PDT

I want a copy of Far Side of Crazy. As an absolute freak fan of good music, I can honestly say, after fifteen of sixteen tears, I still crave to hear that cracker.

Date: 04/28/02 18:40:33 PDT

"supply & demand? So TOBY, does that mean you would feel it is ok to put a used copyrighted cd of dark continent on ebay. Start it out at 40.00 & let it go to 100.00?"

the difference is this: if it's an original CD you're selling, supply and demand applies. You are without it after the sale, having traded the *original* for $. Yes it is ok, it was an investment that you made at some point in the original.

If you copy your original, sell the copy, and continue to sell copies, that is fraud. In the ebay case, the "original" either a) came from a trade, b) came from a purchase on ebay, or c) the individual shot the tape his/herself. Making recurring money in each of these scenarios ranges from shitty to illegal.

Date: 04/28/02 18:21:54 PDT

Toby said:
bootlegging=not legal

Yes, but I think we're arguing what is ethical, which is of course, different from what is legal, but i'm not the guy who's criticizing you for porn...so i'll just move on. If the WOV members want to make some money, then they have to put some stuff out. The success of e-bay footage of WOV demonstrates there is a small market that would justify a limited release of WOV B-sides and concert footage. Members of another band I like, Wire, have done things like this, even burning their own cd's for a limited release! Point is, If they want to make some money, by all means they should put something together and start selling it. I'd love to put some money directly in their pockets, but as of now they aren't giving me the opportunity to do so!

I didn't know of WOV until it was too late for me to see them play live, and I was happy that the bootleg I bought on e-bay, despite it's marginal quality, gave me the opportunity to see my favorite band live, an opportunity I would have otherwise never had.

Date: 04/28/02 15:41:32 PDT

supply & demand? So TOBY, does that mean you would feel it is ok to put a used copyrighted cd of dark continent on ebay. Start it out at 40.00 & let it go to 100.00? do the members get anything out of that?
No, they don't. Let me ask you this, If someone took one of your pornos & put it on ebay for a higher price than you charged to sell it & they made triple the money, is that supply and demand too? Did that make it right? would that piss you off? (1. No it isn't. 2. No it isn't 3. yes it would)As someone who won one of those shows, I am glad I did! I had never seen them in concert before. If another showed up that I had not seen, I would buy it too. You sound like someone who lost the auction.

If you are going to condemn it, then condemn it all.

If not, get down off your cross. There are people out there that can use the wood.


Date: 04/28/02 13:24:05 PDT

Toby here-

bootlegging=not legal

And I define bootlegging as the SELLING of copyrighted material. Be it live or studio. None of you selling videos of live Wall of Voodoo performance or demos paid for the stuff. You did NOTHING but make a copy and offer it for sale. An album that is out of print fetching a lot of money or eBay or anywere else is just supply and demand at it's basic. If Stan had copies of his live cd's, which I'm sure he has a couple, and he put them on eBay and they sold for $85, then that is him supplying to the demand. And what I meant was that there was no Stan solo stuff being sold because he was asked not to put any on eBay. Stan does not have a claim on the Voodoo era stuf, because he shares the profits with the other members. But his solo stuff directly affects his pocketbook. But as Ms.V pointed out, this is just my opinion...

And just to point out something here and put it in context... I have gotten stuff directly form members of Wall of Voodoo and they were really pissed when the stuff that I got from them ended up on eBay. Now they know that I did not put it there, but someone I traded with did and they are now reluctant to give me any more stuff because they know that it most likely will get to eBay. We all have to swim in this pool and when someone pisses in it, it wrecks it for the rest of us.

Date: 04/28/02 10:07:24 PDT

i'm glad i was able to find wov booted vid stuff on e-bay. now i get to watch my favorite band almost any time i want. didn't know of people trading anything here before.

as for there not being any stan stuff- good

i've always thought of him as a goofy little one dimensional uncle remus wannabe. If he'd resisted his delusions and stayed in wov , he would have had more of what he was/ is still seeking... and he could buy some more marionettes with which to play

But, he is a good bloke though- touching post he put on about marc

anywhoooo::: if a boot of their 2nd scream show ever gets out ( there is one- i got a copy from someone)one can hear a liquored up wov freak/stan disliker(not an oxymoron) screaming "stan sucks" repeatedly and then Andy finally stopping and saying "WHAT?" ,,, then the person again yelling "Stan sucks!" to which andy responds" Oh Stan sucks,,, I thought you were saying THIS BAND SUCKS!"Well at the
time it was kinda amusing. now before the Chpr.11 brigade begins : hey- stan is fine- i just don't like his music that much - when he was in wov I was into marc's guitar, and then when Andy came in, I got into blackboard sky, hollywood the second time, living in the red- which was seedier but more human to me. and to top it off i got suckered into seeing him at the coach house (for the big heat tour- wov would never do anything as inane as camouflage)anyway- i just wanted to hurl after seeing some gawper trying to imitate marc's guitar on tomorrow and a couple other songs
so, the lucky two dollar bill to all
Ricardo "El Pollito"
galaimpter @ aol.com

hey man, i saw a chupacabra last time i was went to ensenada

Date: 04/27/02 20:13:35 PDT

Yeah, time travel. He's going back in time to seize all the copies of that porno flick he made so he can be the only one making and selling copies. After all, a man's gotta protect his ass....um, I mean assets.


Date: 04/27/02 16:20:49 PDT

Time travel.... its time travel.

Date: 04/27/02 09:12:14 PDT

What is Stan up to? His message board says he's up to something that he hasn't done before. It's not a soundtrack. So what is it?
Any guesses or inside information?

Date: 04/27/02 08:27:32 PDT

Exsqueeze Me? Stan whips his dick out? Holidays in Dirt indeed!

Date: 04/27/02 03:26:53 PDT

just listening to " The End?"

Almost not a day has passed since '83 that I haven't listened
to something with marc's guitar in it (pretty & twisted, all voodoo, crooks, mess and more). Wouldn't it be cool if somehow we could create a marc disc with all the stuff he has done? Get some great photos on it for the cover art... Oh well... dunno how to do it

but so many people are missing out on the best guitar work ever

stuff like souvenier to ring of fire live

I'd like to start it with faded love as an intro- quirky guitar with his vocal

Anyone have a favorite Marc riff? I have always been partial to museums, living in the red, mona- that kinda stuff. I remember when I took guitar lessons for a couple weeks and my "teacher" listened to what I wanted to learn and he heard Mona and said "yeah, anyone can play that marlboro man riff. " Yeah right dude- go worship clapton some more---- I'll never hear anything as cool as marc's style--- even if it was a simple riff he made it ethereal

the ice cream truck? it's 8 o'clock in the fucking morning!

PS the guitar he did on pretty and twisted is just mega- the full spectrum of his talents- an all out assault

i know that bemused expression is somehow watching from somewhere and hearing take it to the spotlight with a nod of approval

hey lady is an instant classic and has been playing in my car every day


shivering on cahuenga and yucca

Date: 04/26/02 20:42:54 PDT

..just seems like if I received a trade of the vids or bought them, then turned around that sold copies on ebay until interest ran out - that's money made dishonestly.

If I sold my "original" copy, that seems fair.

Probably the best way to make sure he/she gets $0 is to.. not buy them, trade them here, hunt them out and make for a fun time of getting something for some work and enjoying it. Like going to record shows and digging through all the crap and finding something that apparently no one else wants (or found) but you get for a song. Life's more fun that way.

Date: 04/26/02 18:34:05 PDT

Hey, maybe if there is a video of WALL OF VOODOO where STAN whips his dick out, that might be ok.
Lisa J.

Date: 04/26/02 17:45:19 PDT

That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

A guy that makes PORNO MOVIES is telling us what is right & wrong.

SEX sells/VOODOO doesn't.
oh, my ribs.


Date: 04/26/02 17:29:28 PDT

Oh sure, like STAN doesn't mind that a copy of HOLIDAY IN DIRT sold on ebay for 35.00 last week. Or how about the copy of his live cd from Germany that sold for 85.00? Plenty of STAN stuff,& he isn't getting a dime for it. The copies of DIRT are promos sent to record stores, for free.

DEPT. OF CROOKS cds sell on ebay making more money that MARC or any of them saw or will ever see for it.

Let's not forget that DARK CONTINENT sells between $50 to $100,if you are lucky. A copy on SAMMYSTOWN is at the time of this posting setting at $46 !!! Used copy too.

Don't see the problem with videos being sold. I have bought plenty. Ranging from U2 to BOWIE to whatever catches my eye & I love them! As I see it, if you think it is wrong, then don't bid.

Better chance of me winning that way.

Date: 04/26/02 17:17:42 PDT

Ms. V here,

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on whether or not it's okay to sell stuff on eBay. Having talked to many of the band members myself about videos, most of them had never even seen some of the stuff that's being sold and traded around. They certainly didn't have copies of their own until either I or friends of mine made copies for them. And there is Stan era video being sold. Right now there's video from the US Festival, video from the Dark Continent era and live in Hollywood opening for Devo, just to name a few. There are ways for the people in the band to stop the sales of bootleg material on eBay if they want to try. I agree that it's much better to trade with each other, but there seems to be lots of fans who aren't plugged into this online Wall of Voodoo network yet.

But I'm just speaking for myself here. I'm not an official spokeswoman for anyone but myself. Everyone is free to disagree with me as often as they like.

Rock on...

Date: 04/26/02 16:28:45 PDT

Toby here-

I would have to disagree with Ms. V on the cd's and videos on ebay... I don't think the guys are o.k. with it. I'm sure you've talked to at least one or two of them and asked them, but I don't think that they are o.k. with everyone else profiting off of their music. They would be o.k. with people trading it, but for us to make money off of their hard work is just not right. I mean we are talking about a band who in their hey day really couldn't make enough money to do music full time. Marc worked at the track for years... They have the option to release this stuff themselves like Stan is starting to do, and then it really would not be right. And while we are on that subject, why is there no Stan stuff being sold? The guy doing the selling probably has Stan stuff too. Why no Stan stuff? Probably because he told him not to, or he knows Stan reads the web and knows what is going on... so if that is the case, why should he sell Voodoo stuff?

As far as people getting a collection fo their own, there are ways... we all have stuff we are willing to trade for double blanks or for other stuff, not necessarily Voodoo stuff. I've always put that out there for people. Gotten a couple nibbles and have made some great trades. There are always people willing to work with you. Everyone has to start their collection of boots somewhere.

Anyone interested drop me a line:

Date: 04/26/02 15:29:35 PDT

Check out www.irscorner.com for info views on marc, voodoo, stan etc...this is not run by record co people but by a super geeZer called Mr Bill. leave a message on their discussion forum or check out the various biographies...

Date: 04/26/02 11:35:40 PDT

The band members don't seem to have a problem with the tapes being sold and they're being listed for a reasonable starting price, so I don't see anything wrong in it. He's not asking much more than the cost of the blank tape and the postage in his starting price, so he's not trying to price gouge people. And it's not like they were commercially filmed videos that the band was making royalties on. I'd probably do it myself if I had the time and the means to duplicate all the WoV stuff I've amassed on tape over the years. If you can think of a better way to let the fans acquire their own collections of videos, let us know.

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 04/26/02 09:50:03 PDT

maybe it's been covered before - any thoughts on the live tapes on ebay? Surely the individual is just dup'ing them for $, which seems wrong.

Date: 04/25/02 19:25:08 PDT

I am looking for a cd (or cd-r) copy of "Happy Planet".. I would be very happy to buy one, or better yet trade a few cd-r's of cool punk or new wave for one.. I will hook anyone up super for a trade.. I need this on cd format..

PLEASE e-mail me At Gogo1980@mindspring.com

Thanks Craig

Date: 04/25/02 18:31:32 PDT

I geuss the HTML doesn't work on here anymore...
Here is the URL instead:

Date: 04/25/02 18:30:33 PDT

The song is by Stan Ridgway, off his first solo release by the same name, "The Big Heat". Here is a link to Stan's official website description of the release:

If you like that one, the door is open to all of the great music Stan has created over the years, including, of course, Wall of Voodoo.
By the way, Sam, AWESOME post.

Date: 04/25/02 17:40:58 PDT

OK, this may be a little strange but I heard a song a long time ago that recently revisited me in a dream. I don't know if it is a Wall of Voodoo saong or maybe a stan ridgeway. At any rate, I only remember bits of the lyrics and the general story of the song and I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction. Here are the bits I can remember They will seem a bit disjointed I am sure.

How long have you been following this guy the bell boy asked...

It's the big heat, there's someone following you
It's the big heat, step aside we're coming through

Everybody wants another piece of pie today, she said
You've got to watch the ones that always keep their hands clean.

OK, so that is all I can remember. Thanks in advance for any help.
If you know anything about this, please email me at omedivinehammer@attbi.com.


Date: 04/25/02 14:45:41 PDT

Dear Marc

Two weeks ago I visited this site again after a while and an innocent and ordinary day became a day of profound sorrow. Deep sadness came over me. From one second to the other my bones seemed to have filled with lead. Marc, your death reminded me instantly of my youth and the part you and WOV had in it and have for my entire life. You were so important to me. When I first heard of you, my life didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Especially the exponents of the female species didn't have the interest in me I would have wanted. Somehow I kept going, but I never would have made it without your indirect support. You and Wall of Voodoo, i.e. your songs, always were the source of consolation and joy for me. You were the motor that kept me going. Your music was the only thing I really could rely on. It always gave me support and made me happy. I must have listened to Dark Continent, Call of the West, Seven Days in Sammy's town and Happy Planet at least a thousand times each. I used to sink into your songs as if they had been a second world - a world that was always worth living. I especially sank into your riffs, Marc. Your riffs that were full of rythm, melody, geniality and suffering. Marc, I will never forget that I was allowed to eat with you after a concert of Wall of Voodoo. My being allowed to sit next to and eat with you belongs to the fondest memories of my entire life. You were so kind and natural. Marc, I thank you so much for all you did to me while just being yourself. I owe you so much. I also want to thank to Chas, Bruce, Joe, Ned, Andy and Stan. You also were part of it and without you Wall of Voodoo wouldn't have become the world's best band ever.

Frédérique, si j'avais sû que Marc était an France, j'aurais fais tout pour le visiter.

Thank you, Marc. I wish I could have helped you the way you have helped me...


P.S. 1: (Rich) Mazda, if you are the one, thank you very much as well. Who cares about Chardonnay or Bordeaux.

P.S. 2: Stan, please don't perform 'The passenger' anymore. Your guitarist playing it without the heart, compassion, soul and technique of Marc almost made me sick

P.S. 3: Chas, if you were to come to Switzerland I would be very happy to host you. Just tell me.

P.S. 4: Of course P.S. 3 also applies to Fré, Bruce, Stan, Ned, Andy, Mrs Vieux and everyone who loved and loves WOV the way I did and do

Date: 04/22/02 04:46:26 PDT

I'm an italian radio d.j.,fan of WOV.I'm very sorry for death of
Marc.I'm near to his family.Ezio Degradi

Date: 04/20/02 22:17:24 PDT

I just received a cd of Marc Moreland Mess. It is so good.....it's so very Marc, his style still blows me away. What a subtle sense of humour he weaves into clever / original songs.
Buy this record!!!!!

Date: 04/20/02 07:46:31 PDT

Seriously...some of us paid a price. Was it worth it? How the fuck would I know?

Date: 04/20/02 07:45:02 PDT

Well ...let's see now..since they would need at least an inch of hair from my head for the DNA test and my urine is pure Chardonnay I guess that leaves me pretty much in the clear with regard to the illegal. Next time you get out your ouija board tell Hoover whatever you like and as for Reagan even when he had a brain he didn't. I've said it before ..we consumed huge quantities of brain rotting goo goo muck, drank the levy dry and smoked Olympic quantities of Marlboro Reds and STILL made a great record! ...BUT kids do not try this at home, we were all crazy rock'n'roll guys who did'nt give a shit.

Date: 04/19/02 21:28:54 PDT

Mazda, are you admitting to illegal drug use....you'd better be careful, I'll report you to Ronald Reagan. BTW, what the hell happened to Seven Days in Sammystown? It sounds sort of muddy. Was it mixed improperly or something? Call of the West sounded much more crisp.

Praying for remastered WOV albums...

Date: 04/19/02 16:51:30 PDT

Actually although you're all right to say that WOV circa 'Call' wouldn't have been the same without Chas and Joe it's pointless to speculate on who did what or what would have been if.... For example with regard to Lost Weekend I am pretty certain that Stan who was a big fan of Ray Milland and the film Lost Weekend was the heaviest influence on that particular song. However the arrangement was down to all of us and the manner in which that evolved is lost in countless six packs and an empty bag of Crystal Meth. As we say in England just let it lie and appreciate the guys for who they were and what we all did.

Date: 04/19/02 16:31:01 PDT

My band and I cover Back In Flesh when we play live. Last time we did we dedicated it in the memory of Marc Moreland, the man who inspired me to get a guitar in the first place.

Date: 04/19/02 13:08:00 PDT

without Chas, you wouldn't have Another Lost Weekend.
Its amazing how each memeber of WOV was able to inspire the music.

Date: 04/19/02 12:36:40 PDT

Yeah, Chas is underappreciated. Without Chas ane Joe, I think WOV would have had a less interesting, more traditional country/western sound. Does he still play music?

Date: 04/19/02 07:46:16 PDT

Anton here -

Warning! Whatcha bin Smokin is a right hand of Osama bin Laden

Date: 04/19/02 05:18:06 PDT

Hey Movie Downloader! Whatcha bin Smokin'?

Date: 04/18/02 23:35:04 PDT

so sorry to hear of marc passing away. i must have been about 10 years old when i found 'call of the west' lurking in my dad's record collection. i love it just as much 15 years on. they were such an incredible band and marc's guitar playing was so inspirational to me that i just can't put it into words how much it meant. thanks so much richard leeds uk xx

Date: 04/18/02 18:55:46 PDT


Date: 04/18/02 09:27:22 PDT

where can i download movies fullie if so reply neeedo

Date: 04/17/02 21:09:12 PDT

Having been off-planet for a while, I only just recently heard about Marc passing over - a heckuva loss for us lot Down Here but what a gain for Them Upstairs. Having hung out a bit with WOV in the late Eighties in UK and the States, I got to know what great characters they were as people, as well as great musos. Certainly brightened up many a depressed life in the dark, dim days of Thatcherist England. I remember those brilliant gigs at the Lyceum, Camden Palace, Lees Cliff Pavilion in Folkestone...and the rest. I remember my old mate Phil getting Marc so drunk before a gig at Preston Clouds that he could hardly get on stage. Crazy days - and I guess we all paid a price. Not everyone survived. And the hospitality you guys showed me in the States - I shall always be grateful. It was wonderful to meet Joe and Gail-Gayle-Gaile(?) Nanini at the Al's Bar gig in LA way back when - lovely people. My heart goes out to both Gail-Gayle-Gaile and to Frederique. I know what it's like to lose your primary soulmate, but I also know they are never really gone, just moved to a different level. And I send lots of love and cyberhugs to Bruce, Chas, Andy, Ned, Stan, Mazda, Scottish Don and all the rest of the surviving WOV family who may or may not remember me from the WOV salad days...which feel like a lifetime ago, but then again feel like only yesterday.
Loadsa love to you all from Jenni Iguana...
PS Aussie Dave is right, there are lots of WOV fans scattered about here in the Land of Oz..so if any WOV members in any of their current incarnations wanna come on Down Under, we've just love to see and hear you. Anytime.
PPS Didn't Stiv Bators (Lords of the New Church) die in Paris too??

Date: 04/16/02 10:58:17 PDT


Yes, Andy played keyboards live occasionally, though I don't remember on which songs. Bruce also got behind the keyboard now and then live.

Ms. V

Date: 04/16/02 06:35:23 PDT

Anton here -

Thanks, Mike!

Date: 04/16/02 04:30:30 PDT

Hey Chas...thought you were deep in the jungle, Cheers M'dear Mazda

Date: 04/16/02 04:30:27 PDT

Live shows, STAN played guitar during LOST WEEKEND & keyboards on MEXICAN RADIO. I don't remember if ANDY played any keyboards live. He didn't stand still for too long in concert.

Date: 04/16/02 04:09:28 PDT

Anton here -

Could you tell me whether Stan or Andy played keyboards (or other instruments) during live-shows. Or they used to play only during studio sessions? The question came up after watching through the photoes on this site.

Date: 04/15/02 21:02:09 PDT

Hey Jake - thabks for the kind words. There's Still life at Museums. Chas T. Gray

Date: 04/14/02 20:17:13 PDT

try your luck on Audiogalaxy. I have them when I am online, and a few others do as well.

Date: 04/14/02 19:26:56 PDT

What was the name of the porno movie that WOV performed. Back in the mid 80's I watched a movie that had to be them performing. It was a weird setting with them singing on a stage with a smoke machine and red lights surrounding. I happen to remember because my friends and I made comments at the time on why they needed the money.
Just wondering

Date: 04/13/02 08:17:37 PDT

I was very happy when I found some old songs of WOV I didn´t know be-
fore. I found them on the site www.wallofvoodoo.cjb.net, but now it
seems that this site no longer exists.. Where can I find the songs of
that site? Mail to: Sialpe@Web.de
Thanx Simon

Date: 04/13/02 03:54:47 PDT

Hi everybody!
Does somebody know, where I can get a Poster of Wov? I´m searching a
poster from the cover of Call of the west and the band in front.....
Mail to: Sialpe@Web.de
Thanks a lot! Simon

Date: 04/12/02 18:35:25 PDT

Hey, my band is DEEPLY influenced by Wall Of Voodoo. My band's called Galaxy Toybox, we're on mp3.com. Feel free to have a listen. I suggest "Sci-Fi Movie" and "Zombification" have the rings of Wall Of Voodoo. I do the singing in those songs, I'm also the drummer. By the way, what is Chas T. Gray up to these days? He was always my favorite in Wall Of Voodoo. I loved the way he played the synthesizer, he was really good at what he did. If anyone knows how to contact him, tell me, or tell him that a guy named Jake is his biggest fan! Tell him everybody here still loves Wall Of Voodoo and loves him too. After all, no Chas Gray, no WOV. Have a good day my fellow Wall Of Voodooites!

A Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 04/12/02 16:37:30 PDT

And maybe we will get lucky and a someone will be so infulenced by the guys in WOV that they will start to play and start a band. And then we get a chance to hear some new songs that ring with the sounds of WOV.

Date: 04/12/02 16:34:53 PDT

Its all apples and oranges anyway.
It doesn't matter how you get the music. Ebay and used CD's have no life to give to the artist's. And MP3's are no worse. All of us would like money. But for most artist's, the fact that you want to hear their stuff is even greater.
I say share, swap, download, buy, burn, tape, give...whatever it takes to keep interest in the songs, bands, songwriters and so on, alive. Just do it, listen and pass it on.

Date: 04/11/02 15:23:16 PDT

And needless to say, BUYING stuff from a band ist a question of belief,
as long as it is possible to do so.

Date: 04/11/02 15:18:45 PDT

I hope you all did not get me wrong.
I only recommended Audiogalaxy to Anton because the CD's are impossible
to get in Germany. In Russia it should be even more so.
Of course, I prefer BUYING the Albums rather than downloading them.
Greetings by Hungerhahn from Germany

Date: 04/11/02 00:35:01 PDT

ya know its funny..but when these radio dweebs get enough calls, they play the song.

let's all call!

davis bouie (i am a dj ..i am what i play..)

Date: 04/11/02 00:31:44 PDT

Telephone for KPPC in Pasadena: They Play Voodoo, and Stan etc... and they need top playt more!
KPPC REQUEST LINE: 626-585-7000

Date: 04/11/02 00:24:35 PDT

in LOS ANGELES CALL for Marc, Voodoo, Andy, Stan songs etc... hey! they should play this stuff cuz it serves "the public"...radio needs to BE TOLD BY THE LISTENERS!:

(310) 450 - 5183

(310) 338 - 5958

Anybody else got some numbers to call?? Post them here for the USA and it'll be a good thing!! RADIO PLAY FOR VOODOO!!!!

Date: 04/10/02 11:37:58 PDT

This is the best idea yet. Call your radio and request the songs. And not just the hits. Radio sucks and they need to hear from us.

Date: 04/10/02 10:22:03 PDT

CD's and Airplay
When WOV signed there deal with IRS, no one even new what a CD was at the time. And it wasn't included on the deal. IRS records went under a few years ago... I think the guys in WOV were able to choke a few bucks from those carpet baggers. The CD's that we buy are old stock sitting around in warehouses of the distributors. When the boys in WOV get a check, its for the music getting played. Everytime Weird Science shows on TV, they get something. Every time Mexican Radio, or Far Side of Crazy plays, they get something. So, call a radio station and request a WOV song. That will help put some change in the boys pockets.

Date: 04/10/02 10:06:22 PDT

I sincerely apologize Anton. You are right. I should have known the situation there in Moscow would be difficult to buy cds by probably anyone that is not mainstream fare. Wall of Voodoo is not exactly Celine Dion are there? I plead ignorannce and once again please accept my apologies for such a remark. Best to you.
stupid raplh nader

Date: 04/10/02 03:32:26 PDT

Anton back again -
I'm not sure that it is a right way to indulge a person with such an "advice" not knowing all of this person's problems, clever ralph nader

Date: 04/10/02 03:28:59 PDT

Anton from Moscow here -

Yes! Surely I preffer to buy disks! But there is a great problem to do that in Moscow and even in Paris (my wife couldn't do that).
I ordered only two available disc through out russian shop - Call of the West (already got it) and Index Masters (in the process of delivery). So do not worry - I clearly understand that musicians get payed for it.
The problem is that WOV is not popular and widely known in Russia. The _o_n_l_y_ problem

Date: 04/10/02 00:36:42 PDT

Yes,...with no one buying anything from the artists anymore...how will they ever make anymore music?..what a drag. Too bad people don't get it yet. If I really like an artist I go buy their stuff cuz I know it helps them make more.
ralph nader

Date: 04/10/02 00:33:40 PDT

they'd probably love it if you actually BOUGHT some of their music...they still get paid on those tunes ya know. Audio galaxy is cool to check stuff out with - BUT if you really like Wall Of Voodoo, BUY a CD of theirs and then they get something from it...dunno if you can buy stuff in Moscow?...

Date: 04/10/02 00:05:15 PDT

Anton from Moscow here -

Thanks for the adresses with mp3. Anyway my wife returned back from France with two CD-R's with the whole collection of WOV music from audiogalaxy :)))

The idea of All of Voodoo members tribute to Marc (and Joe either) is beautiful. I wonder if Stan, Andy, Bruce, Chas, Ned and Richard would agree.

Date: 04/09/02 15:12:22 PDT

Toby here -
Mazda... keep em coming... You are the man!!!

Date: 04/08/02 23:39:40 PDT

Marc Stories:
Through the time that I was working with Voodoo and afterwards there were many funny and touching moments, it's hard to catch the sense of those moments but I'll try anyway. While we were recording 'Call of The West' almost all of the guitar solos were recorded in total darkness with all the lights in the studio turned off. Naturally we needed to have some lights in the control room which would have meant that Marc would have been able to see us but we couldn't see him. Exchanges between Marc and me over the talkback often went something like this.
RM: "Are you ready Marc?"..........
ten seconds would then pass...
RM: "Marc?"...
more passage of time..
RM: "Er...Marc"
two seconds..
MM: "Richard?"
RM: "Yeah?"
MM: "Are you going to be a pinecone later?"
It was several weeks before he explained that he was referring to my preference for smoking large amounts of Californian sensi which the Hit City West Studios' owner Jason Bell used to provide for me for free. I asked him "Why do you keep asking me if I'm going to be a pinecone?" He eventually told me that after getting high I would ebb and flow with the seasons..opening and closing like a pinecone. A Very Dry Wit indeed..still missing him

Date: 04/08/02 18:10:54 PDT

Hello all,

The Department of Crooks CD is now available to buy thanks to Lisa Dewey of Kitchen Whore Records. You can buy "Plan 9 From Las Vegas" as well as Marc's new solo CD "Take it to the Spotlight" at cdBaby.com. All the proceeds from the DoC cd will go to Sheldon and Freddy. So pop on over to cdBaby and get your own while they last!

Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 04/08/02 17:58:49 PDT

Hello, Does anyone know where I can find out about Marc Moreland's old songs with the Skulls, and Sky people from the 70's ?
email at joeoverhere@yahoo.com

Date: 04/08/02 16:42:28 PDT

I read at the bottom of the most recent "tribute to marc" link, that they are going to re-release the Department of Crooks CD.
is that true? does anyone know if thats just a roomer or is it fact?

Date: 04/06/02 08:21:06 PST


Marc Tribute

Date: 04/05/02 19:42:31 PST

I can't find the proper words to describe the feeling of loss or the void that follows a sudden loss of someone who had so much creative influence on so many. I myself have enjoyed his work for more than 20 years and appreciate every minute of it.
Thanks Marc..........

Date: 04/05/02 15:29:42 PST

I just read of Marc's passing in Rolling Stone today and was deeply saddened by the loss. I was lucky enough to see Marc in '85 at the Back Room in Austin with WoV and then a couple of years ago with Pretty & Twisted in Tempe, AZ. I got to spend some time with Marc after the show and found him to be a humble, gentle soul with interesting insights into music and the world, in general. His playing on Sammystown opened up a whole new genre of music for me, teaching me that a Western sound can be comforting and warm like the country music of my youth while simultaneously being dark and forboding. I followed Marc's art with interest and affection. His sounds and his presence made the world richer. He will be forever missed. Rob Neely, Glendale, AZ

Date: 04/05/02 10:16:37 PST






Date: 04/05/02 07:29:19 PST

Never having checked out this site before, I only heard the sad news day before yesterday when Freddy emailed me. On behalf of the scattered Glasgow haggisheads who met Marc and the band twenty years ago and kept in touch with him here and there since then, we'll always remember Marc's hospitality, generosity, and humour. He was a lovely guy, and we'll miss his presence in the world.

John in NYC

Date: 04/05/02 04:28:42 PST



Date: 04/04/02 20:25:16 PST

For such a long time now, this web site was devouted to our constant attention on Marcs health and the need for all of our prayers to be made hoping that Marc would improve and get healthy...and we made those prayers.

I was hoping that it would all be back to normal somehow, knowing he received his much needed transplant and that this site would once read " Marc has made a full recovery and is coming home to the states to celebrate, and all of us are invited to be with him" , kind of thing. I have cherished the music of Wall of Voodoo since 1980 when I was 13yrs old and to this day it has not left me. it saddens me deeply to learn of his passing even though I never knew him. I guess it shows us that time is short and we have to do what we can with the life we are given. Marc certainly made a place for himself and by the looks of this site, touched thousands of people who knew him, albeit in music only. thanks to jtl and everyone behind the scenes, this site brings us all a little closer to the "band" we cant seem to get enough of and refuse to allow to go away. it should not have gone this way, and to know that we wont have him around anymore makes it hard for all who loved his music and his talents and feel cheated that we wont be able to hear his voice anymore.
we were blessed to receive his latest album, and we will cherish that thinking of the things that were to come. I feel sick and sad and hope the entire Moreland familiy can gather some strength at this most trying time.

reading the passages from everyone including Bruce and Stan, Chas and Ned and Andy and Mazda, somehow bring this closer to the heart. Never in my dreams would I have thought that what is written, would be viewed by all the fans, families and members of my favorite band of Wall of Voodoo. it truley is remarkable.

So to Andy, Bruce, Chas, Ned and Stan,... get it together and give us an album that we all have been waiting for; a grandiose collage and combination of talents and expieriece from hollywoods outstanding musical technicians. That way, you can tour the world and greet all of us fans who are out here and have admired you all from afar for all these many years.... and also for Marc, who never got the chance to do so.

Vaya con Dios, Ese
we love you..


Date: 04/04/02 01:51:28 PST

Message to Anonymous

the drum machine on "Lost Weekend" is that modern classic a Roland 808 heavily treated through a Lexicon digital reverb. Both the drum machine and the reverb were state of the art technology at the time. Apart from hip hop/rap acts the 808 was not in general use by rock bands at that time.


Date: 04/03/02 14:19:25 PST


Date: 04/03/02 14:07:05 PST

Toby here -

That Skulls URL is "all jacked up"... what's the real one? Anyone... anyone???

Date: 04/03/02 09:24:34 PST

go to www.suburbias/skulls.com for info and downloads,i am a skulls wall of voodoo and Marc Moreland fan. In response to 2 down

Date: 04/03/02 06:01:43 PST

@Anton from Moscow
Try your luck at www.audiogalaxy.com.
We even have a user group called Wall of Voodoo there.
It is used for sharing their songs.
If you by any chance don't manage to get the rare stuff, then try your luck at www.wallofvoodoo.cjb.net
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 04/02/02 18:03:38 PST

Can anyone tell me where I can find some information or MP3's on the bands The Skulls and The Eyes? I know that a few members of Wall Of Voodoo were in these bands. What surprises me though is that Charlotte Caffey of Go-Go's fame was the bass player in that band, and Wall Of Voodoo members were also. It's not ironic then that both The Go-Go's and Wall Of Voodoo were signed under I.R.S. Records. Also, I tried AudioGalaxy to find MP3's by the Skulls and the Eyes, but still, to no avail. If anyone has any MP3's by these bands or any more info on who was in what band, please reply to this post!


Jacobb T.

Date: 04/02/02 11:36:32 PST

Message to Richard Mazda.........
What drum machine did you use for Lost Weekend?

Date: 04/02/02 11:35:29 PST

At the Catalyst club show, Stan was throwing Milkbone dog biscuits.

Date: 04/01/02 15:37:00 PST

A for the CATALYST CLUB show, STAN kinda set the tone by throwing health food snacks at the audience. You got hit with raisons, you would be a tough crowd too... BRUCE was laughing his butt off when STAN did it. A clip of this show is shown on STAN'S SHOWBIZ video of them performing ANIMAL DAYS.

Date: 04/01/02 08:21:24 PST

My condolences to Marc Moreland's family. He was a great guy and a great guitar player. I've been listening to a few live tracks of Wall Of Voodoo playing at the Catalyst Club. Is it just me or does it sound like they were playing for a tough crowd that night? If anyone has any information on this show, please tell me, I'm interested!

A Wall Of Voodoo Fan

Date: 04/01/02 06:59:13 PST

Oh my god, I was at Rio in San Diego! That was one of the more odd venues I've seen WoV play. I felt like I should have been dressed like a yuppie with a jacket and skinny tie. They had a good bar for the guys though...ha ha ha!

Best place for me to see them was some club in Phoenix that still looked vaguely like a disco. Andy got down off the stage and danced with the crowd on the dance floor during "Dance You Fuckers." And we all stayed at a weird Hawaiian themed motel called the Kon Tiki that had big Tiki masks all over the place. What a Hawaiian themed motel was doing in Phoenix Arizona is beyond me. Bruce had brought his blender with him from home and a bunch of us sat around drinking margaritas and shooting plastic bb guns at targets taped to the motel room wall to pass the time. It's strange how long things like that will stick in my mind when I sometimes have a problem remember what I had for dinner last night!

Rock on,
Ms. V

Date: 03/31/02 22:31:36 PST

yeah, elizabeth

those were great days. I think that golden bear show was the first concert i could drive to myself, what a great way to celebrate getting a license

i vividly remember sit you fuckers,,, and bruce pounding that steel pipe- or whatever it was, during the opening for dark as a dungeon

a totally surreal atmosphere for a young wov freak

the spotlight on that dog before the show, the intro and that entire show

the weirdest venue in those later years for me was at rio in san diego

anyone see that one.. it was kinda like wall of voodoo playing at the red onion for a bunch of frat guysand girls, but the audience was hooked

best gig- park plaza the last time

ps 'hey lady' is 6 plus minutes of marc displaying why i love his playing

hope that soul is smiling and shining

Date: 03/30/02 16:40:28 PST

Ballard Lesemann in Athens, Georgia here - I remember seeing Wall Of Voodoo on a broadcast of "Urg: A Music War" on the "Nite Flight" show late one night when I was about 13 (around '83 or so) and rushing out and buying "Grandma's House" - the only WOV album I could find in Charleston SC at the time. Moreland's unique guitar work on that collection still sounds as fresh and inovative to me today as it did back then.
I'm considering putting a "look back" story together on WOV and Marc for the weekly paper here in Athens next week - if anyone has any comments about Marc's career in music, please send them to me at music@flagpole.com - thanks very much.

Date: 03/30/02 11:18:23 PST

Hey Rich,

You must have been at a lot of the same shows I was in the L.A. area. The big guy in the overalls was the guys roadie at the time I believe. I think his name was Joe. He was a super sweet guy. The Golden Bear show was the one where everyone had to sit at tables and management got all uptight if people wanted to stand. So Andy sang "Sit You Fuckers" instead of "Dance You Fuckers". Ah, those were the good ol' days....

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/30/02 00:32:45 PST

sarcastic edge gone after "stanard" went uncle remus trip?

listen to happy planet , man!
loved wall of voodoo since heard can't make love on kroq and marc's guitar made them my favorite band. Andy brought out a great wave of wov change.. blackboard sky, living in the red, hollywood the second time, tragic vaudeville, that great b-side version of room with a view!,,, could go on and on- their shows in the late 80s with andy were just great- all of 'em. I appreciate the Stan stuff,, but I really dug the seedier, darker thing after Andy "met 'em at the track". The scream in particular at the park plaza in about '89 ? tequilla mockingbird opened up. That show was the most fun ive ever had in my life. place was packed, dry ice everywhere, andy full of banter about hollyweird and all us screenwriters , and his jibber jabbering about molly ringwald etc. marcs palm tree 'do with the crushed velvet jacket doin the bionic jaw behind mega loads of dry ice was just perfection. what a perfect night that was- when they played hollywood the second time, well i guess ya had to be there to really intiende. maybe one day i'll mp3 my scrappy little micro-cassette recording of that show.

ps who was that guy that introduced 'em at the golden bear?,, the place in Huntington beach that was torn down. It was during the sammystown tour with that clown prowling around. I remember a big farmer dude with overalls and a pitchfork or somethin' saying "and now i'd like to introduce my favorite band " wall of vooooo- dew"
with that department of crooks crazy guy on the phone accent

man, i miss el marco!!!
hey lady is an instant classic and ITS ALL JACKED UP IS my rally cry every time i hop in the car.

RIP guitar dude **************************************

ps maybe someone could explain how i post photos i took of marc playing at usc ?

pps every time i get a wiff of that fog machine stuff/ dry ice whatever,,, i immediately hear marc rippin out the opening guitar for 'when the lights go out' which was sooooooo good live

damn, i miss it all so much

Date: 03/28/02 23:13:46 PST

Anton from Moscow here -

Red Light and Mexican Radio on Ugly Americans are good! The last one was written by Marc anyway so they had "the rights" to perform it.

By the way - why WOV mp3's are not available to download? It's pretty complicated to get WOV disks in Russia - so I tried to make an mp3 collection on my iBook - and failed...]
On the other hand I've got a lot of Stan music, but still...

Date: 03/28/02 14:45:12 PST

Hello- Matt here, a longtime WOV fan. Just got hold of some latter day Andy era stuff. It is actually pretty good. I never gave them a chence after SR, and now nearly 20 years later, I find they are not too bad. They lost some of the sarcastic edge of SR era stuff, I think, and are a bit darker than early stuff. Good though. One last thought; good or not, AP and WOV never should have attempted to perform SR era stuff. Just doesn't sound right. So long for now,

Matt C.

Date: 03/26/02 11:37:58 PST

I was just listening to Department of Crooks in Plan 9 From Las Vegas, a truly fantastic record that I have loved since before it was released (I got an advance). And I decide to see if I can look for anything more from them. That's how I found out.

News of Marc's death saddens me greatly. I was a huge Wall of Voodoo fan as well as DOC. My band amp[sic] covered "Mexican Radio" better than whoever did it on that tribute record.

Damn this sucks.

Alan Evil (www.alanevil.homestead.com)

Date: 03/26/02 06:48:03 PST

I am shocked and saddened to learn of Marc's passing. I met the Voodoos on the tour for 7 Days in Sammystown. They were all an incredible inspiration for a young kid from the midwest, just to see such creativity at work! That and their kindness and humor have stayed with me. I haven't seen them since then but have thought of them often. My sympathy and love to all of Marc's friends and family.
Helen, if you see this, I hope you are doing well!
Lori (llshimer@hotmail.com)

Date: 03/25/02 12:23:02 PST

Hey Marco.
Its been impossible to figure out what’s going on in my head and heart. Thinking a lot about things you said and did. Even in my dream you said "sorry" every other second. You told me how many people you going to visit. Long list Marco. The dream picked up right where we left off. You sat on the drummers stool and showed me the tricks and the madness behind your guitar playing. It was always a dream, Marco. Playing and writing music with you. Having you answer every question I had about your style and of Wall of Voodoo. It was like a dream that you never got tired of showing me how to play those guitar riffs. It was heaven when you brought out that box of tapes so I could listen to your demos and WOV band practices. It was like I got that gold ticket Marco. And you were the punk version of "Willie Wonka." You can come by in my dreams anytime.
I miss you dearly

Date: 03/25/02 09:31:04 PST

Strange, but the majority of people are so narrow-minded. Nearly everyone talking about WOV (not of the guys who really love their music) says something like "especially known for their Mexican Radio". Why just not to listen to the whole stuff before sayng such things? As for me songs like "On interstate 15", "Tomorrow", "Blackboard sky", "Far sides of crazy" are perfect. And "Lost weekend" is probably one of the best rock-songs ever recorded...
And one more thing - WOV is the only band known to me which didn't become worse after Stan departed and was replaced by Andy. It's unique! And as I know, these 'traditional' rock-n-roll quarrels between members never took place in WOV.
Guys - you are the best, wherewere you are now - here or in heaven.

Anton MSK Russia

Date: 03/24/02 23:54:24 PST

You were a poster on my bedroom wall. Some kind of new wave icon. You were, and still are, the very source of this mesmerizing sound ringing in my ears. I do not know if you made the world better. A wake up call, you made my life better.
Thank you.
French Spy

Date: 03/24/02 23:33:46 PST

Indeed, Marc has been sent to the star at the PERE-LACHAISE in Paris.
He is not alone there and now can gig with Jim Morisson.

Date: 03/24/02 17:14:41 PST

Marc, I didn't know you but I really enjoyed Wall Of Voodoo and what Skulls tracks you recorded in the old days. I feel honored and now sad to have you on the Live From The Masque comp released on my label. I was hoping after your surgery healed up, you'd come to LA and play some shows with Billy Bones. Thanks for doing the Skulls reunions back in the 90s, those shows were a lot of fun. REST IN PEACE BROTHER!

Date: 03/24/02 15:10:43 PST

Toby here -

I have a little treat for you all.... As you might have heard, the Skulls did a show the other night and they brought Bruce Moreland up to play on a few songs. Billy said a few things about Marc's death. So here are some images and two quicktimes one of which features Bruce playing. Sorry for the shitty quality. That club was "dark as a dungeon!"

Click on the photo for a bigger version and goto here

Date: 03/24/02 07:53:38 PST

He wrote the music for the movies of our lives.
Thanks for filling up our ears Marc.

Date: 03/23/02 20:57:59 PST

Toby here -

I didn't think this was the time for that.... that's all I have to say about track 6

Date: 03/23/02 14:05:51 PST

Actually, having used a little URL trick to download Track 6 (and subsequently realizing why Toby pulled it), I would recommend that Toby physically pull the file from his server altogether.

I'm not sure what to say. I fucking love Moreland's guitar work, and have faithfully followed him everytime he's recorded something. I don't know the man, and it seems presumptuous of me to offer condolences to complete strangers, the circumstances of whos pain and loss I do not know, over someone I've never met. Still, his death means that the world has been deprived of something increasingly rare in music these days: a fascinating and original musical voice. Who can't feel some loss over that? Having never said "hello" to the man, I cannot in good conscience say "goodbye;" instead, I will merely say "thank you" to everyone reading this board who helped the man along his way. I'm sorry that it's too late to say that to the man himself.

- Dirk Deppey,

Date: 03/23/02 04:37:39 PST


Date: 03/22/02 23:35:14 PST

Thanks for posting Marc's interviews, Toby.

p.s. Do you have part 6 of the interviews? They seem to skip from 5 to 7.


Date: 03/22/02 19:33:47 PST

Toby here -

I've been told that the Skulls and The Controlers are having a tribute to Marc at Mr. T's Bowl tonight. I don't know the time, but you should get going and get down there....
toby here -

Mr. T's Bowl
formerly Fuzzyland
5621 1/2 N. Figueroa (and 57th Ave.), Highland Park

I also heard that Marc was cremated at DU PERE-LACHAISE cemetary in Paris yesterday morning. Members of PJ Harveys band, Ensenada Joyride (Marc's European band), and Wall Of Voodoo's Ned Leukhart were there to give their support to Freddie. More details to follow.....

Date: 03/22/02 13:27:08 PST

As promised, I have created a humble tribute to Marc's life.
Please have a look, and send any contributions/ corrections/ commments to: napalmzappa@astound.net

Date: 03/22/02 10:50:02 PST

I remember when Jimmy Hendrix passed away. Mark was so upset. He cried and cried. His hero was gone and now so is mine. I love you Mark moreland. You and your music will live on forever. Your Cousin, Tom

Date: 03/22/02 10:21:06 PST


Date: 03/22/02 09:21:26 PST

Sorry to hear about Marc. I was pals with him around 1971. I sold him his first guitar for $10. I don't know if it was worth that. Marc used to draw a comic strip about Randy Jenson. Randy was a buck tooth ninney. I thought is was funny stuff. I remember when Marc got to see Jimi Hendrix at the Forum. I thought it was cool that his mom would take him to see Jimi.
Marc a dog named Sam. Sam was a funny dog. He would growl when somebody would say "bath time". Bruce had a cool family.I always liked his mom. She was not like most moms. She had a certain hippness that most parents were lacking. His brother Bruce was an easy guy to get along with. He and Marc had a close relationship that I always thought was great.
Marc ended up pulling a Jimi on the guitar I sold him. He put it in a pool and squirted lighter fluid on it and burned it up. That cheap acoustic guitar was made in Mexico.
I did not see to much of Marc since Hollencrest. We were on different paths. I am glad that I had a chance to hang with him for a while.
Rock to your own beat Marc wherever you are. My condolences to his family.

Rick Downes

Date: 03/22/02 07:34:08 PST

TOUCH THE WIND...for: Marc

you will have it all
after you
touch the wind,
then you will understand
that life is not a tangible thing

now the essence of meaning
will not come from things material,
touch the wind
then do it again
reality really is ethereal

touch the wind
it is
what time is,
from birth to death
life goes by
blowing away like the wind...

by: stevesaturn@latindoll.com

Date: 03/21/02 22:04:22 PST


Date: 03/21/02 21:53:38 PST

LA Weekly / Marc Moreland


Date: 03/21/02 13:01:21 PST

Pretty and Twisted is one of my fav c.d.s...so sad to hear about this tragedy, Marc will me very missed...I am long lost friend of Johnettes who tried to hook up with her in Chicago recently...peace and blessings stevesaturn@latindoll.com Steve Saturn...Poet

Date: 03/21/02 12:50:06 PST

what the hell is this site all about

Date: 03/21/02 12:34:18 PST


When you get a chance, could you please email me? I have a message or two I've received privately that I'd like to pass on but I don't know what the heck I did with your email. I'll be going out of town early tomorrow morning but will be back on Monday.

Love to you and Bonnie,

Date: 03/21/02 08:57:38 PST

I'm a close friend to Frederique and Marc. I'm sure she will appreciate all of your beatiful words and testimonies of kidness. Thank you to all of you who can join them in to their sadness.

Date: 03/21/02 08:07:27 PST

"However, any loving testimony I give pales in the light of Frederique Moreland's dedication to Marc..."
Written by Andy, I believe...
I was wondering, does anyone know how I might read this dedication?
P.S. I selfishly left out my heartfelt condolences to all of Marc's family and friends, especially Bruce, who was also standing there and probably thought Frank was a "trip", too.
"NYC" has been tearing me up.

Date: 03/21/02 02:51:56 PST

I stupidly forgot to give my email address, regarding the ANDY PRIEBOY Eye Protection message. noyou@usa.com

Date: 03/21/02 02:51:05 PST

REGARDING ANDY PRIEBOY - Does anyone know if there is anything at all available by his pre-Wall Of Voodoo band out of San Francisco? The bands name was Eye Protection, and they had one minor hit on Los Angeles (Pasadena then) radio station KROQ. The songs name is "Take Her Where The Boys Are". I saw Eye Protrection perform at the long gone Perkin's Palace theater in Pasadena in the very early 80's. I think it was actually the very first concert I ever went to. I want more material from them besides just that one song. Please email me if you can help in any way.

Date: 03/20/02 22:32:26 PST

Less than a year after I came to the US I,somehow, found myself part of the Voodoo road crew. Andy and Ned were the new band members, and apart from Darryn the road manager, I was the crew. Having never done anything like that in my life, I was quite intimidated at first but soon realized I was amongst a very special bunch of people. I was given the task of looking after Marc and his guitar set-up, which like the man himself, was so easy to deal with.
I still remember the first time I handed him his guitar. "Here, Marc" I said quietly. "Thanks, Kiwi" he replied just as quietly. Then he proceeded to make that guitar produce some of the most amazing sounds I've ever heard. Rock and bloody Roll,mate!
Marc was a gentle, sweet person who always treated me with kindness and respect on and off tour, good shows or bad shows. He had qualities I looked for in other guitarists/muscians I worked with, and which I very seldom found.
And, like Marc himself, it's all passed too quickly, too soon. And like you all, I wish I could have one last chance to speak to him, to tell him what he meant to my life.
So, to Frederique, Bruce, Marcs' family and the Voodoos, I'm so sorry for your loss. I raise my glass in a toast to you all. Cheers, Marc.
Baa! Kiwidave spottykiwi@yahoo.com darryn and you voodoos.

Date: 03/20/02 21:49:07 PST

the nice thing about music,in a way,right now i kinda feel marc's presence.
that opening to hey lady is just so marc who else could sound that cool? the aura- the phantom wound in the guitar strings unleashed

being able to hear this treasure of a cd takes some hurt away and
sometimes I imagine marc just smiling at me as i'm goin bongo tripout boogie around the kitchen to these songs and proclaiming:
"your trippin dude" with a bemused expression

there will never be another... be at peace with your grandparents up there, buddy


Date: 03/20/02 21:06:36 PST

Marc was always willing to take the time to chat with and encourage me musically back in '81-'82 when i was just a snot-nosed 14 year old ultra-fan... told me about his secret guitar pedal-weapon (the blue box !!!) jeez, that's even his handwriting on the sleeves of the early records... I can hear his solo from 'ring of fire' in my head as i type.. fucking untouchable.
peace be with you, kind sir.

Brad Laner
Encino, California

Date: 03/20/02 15:08:48 PST

Au revoir Marc !
Merci pour tout...

Date: 03/20/02 13:48:34 PST

I've never posted on this site, but today I feel I must. I just found out about Marc's passing from Sheldon. I lived with Sheldon, Marc and Freddy for over a year and worked on the Department of Crooks CD playing bass on a few songs. Words cannot describe how saddened I am. I can only remember how much I enjoyed his company and how much I admired him musically. He was one of the best guitar players I've ever heard, and to think back on all the times we all just hung out at home and jammed together, I am lucky to have known him and called him my friend. Marc was a rare example in this often sick world of a truly beautiful soul. His kindness, warmth and humor will leave an lasting mark on my life and for that I thank him. He was a wonderful person. And to Freddy, we love you, and we miss you and our thoughts are with you.
Mike Mitchell-S.J., CA

Date: 03/20/02 09:28:31 PST

Good Bye

Date: 03/20/02 09:27:56 PST

To: Bruce Moreland
Bruce, I was very saddened to hear about Marc's death. I have thought of you both over last twenty years. We did have fun the summer of "Sky People" and my mom's house in El Monte. You always did look good in my clothes. I think the last time I saw you was the Crest in Sacramento when I still worked for Tower Records. I am now back in LA. If you read this message, please drop me a line. Sherri (e-mail: wigdive@aol.com

Date: 03/20/02 09:01:40 PST

Toby here -

I got a message from Andy that he wanted me to pass on:

Tonight, I sat at the piano and played Marc's guitar lines from The Passenger, Red Light, Far Side and others. I sang his songs. Songs that were released. Songs that never were. I guess I was looking for my friend. I was looking for the sweet, apologetic man who changed my life for the better. I found him at my fingertips .

As Marc's work rolled out, I was yet again amazed by his musical grace. The delicate balance between the mournful and the majestic are in all his melodies. Haunting. Deceptively simple. Eloquent. Even in his most frenzied moments, there always was a subtext, an elegant touch, that alluded to his inner torment and fragility.

Marc's work stands on its own. His handiwork is timeless. I loved him. I loved his work. I loved his humor and gentility. I miss him.

However, any loving testimony I give pales in the light of Frederique Moreland's dedication to Marc.

I want to express my gratitude for the care Freddie gave Marc over the past two years. With Bonnie and Bruce, Freddie applied an unbreakable faith. that helped Marc sustain the will to live, to keep fighting and creating.

I am deeply indebted to you, Freddie . Music,for all it's ups and downs, is ultimately a joy. Caring for and encouraging the terminally ill is the work of real heros. So, Thank you for keeping the daily vigil. Thank you so much for loving our friend and brother the way you did.

I send my love and sorrow to Bonnie, Bruce, Stan, Ned, Chas and everyone in this extended Wall of Voodoo family. God bless you all. With that, I'll go back to the piano and look for Marc.

Yours, Andy Prieboy

Date: 03/20/02 00:48:25 PST

On behalf of all of us Ugly Australian fans, and there are a lot of us down here(just try buying any new or 2nd hand WOV stuff, no chance),we are saddened by the passing of Marc and will do our bit to ensure that his music continues to be heard.He left a hell of an impression and made this a Happy Planet.

Aussie Dave.

Date: 03/19/02 22:04:59 PST

To Toby, for the interview ,and Elizabeth ,for the pictures,thanks so much . They made me smile for the first time in days.(My face hurts from the sadness,another friend from LA ,Mad Marc Rude, died the day after Marc -from the same causes) And........ MANY,many thanks to JtL for keeping this site going. Bobby (macfarb@aol.com)

Date: 03/19/02 21:28:21 PST

I grew up listening to a lot of bands in Los Angeles but was more into european synth bands like Yello, Ultravox, Gary Numan, etc...

WALL OF VOODOO changed that for me forever. From day one I was a FANatic. I remember the shows, the lineup changes, the Madame Wongs show where I believe Chas was performing in a leg cast - in obvious pain - Andy getting beat over the head with his Reagan mask on... but watching Marc and his guitar work was what brought out the auora of Wall Of Voodoo. That sound... That eerie presense coming from his guitar which reminds me to this day of what Disneyland's Haunted Mansion should sound like...

RIP Marc and my thoughts to Bruce and the rest of the family...

Los Angeles, CA

Date: 03/19/02 16:20:12 PST

Egal, ich schreibe in deutsch.Das Andere liegt mir einfach nicht so.
Diese Musik hat mir so viel gegeben ! Ich möchte mich einfach dafür bedanken daß eine Band dieses (für mich beste Album aller Zeiten) Seven days in Sammystown gemacht hat.
Möge Marc Moreland in Frieden ruhen, denn seine Art ist mit nichts zu vergleichen.
Chris, Germany

Date: 03/19/02 14:16:32 PST

Ya made growing up so much fun Sweetie. The best times were Christmas Eves & Del Mar in the summers! We're blessed to be in such an awesome family & that's forever Cuz'...... I love you. Connie

Date: 03/19/02 13:33:33 PST

Thank you so much to all of Marc's Fans, Friends and Family. It helps knowing that Marc was appreciated by so many people. Those who knew him know what a beautiful and loving person he was. He will be missed by many but his spirit will be with us forever. We Love You Marc.
Cousin Bob

Date: 03/19/02 10:33:17 PST

I want to thank everybody for all their thoughts on Marc. I am one of Marc's cousins. It really makes me happy that Marc has touched as many lives as he has. I have ony been around him a few times but each time I was around him, was special. He was a great and loving guy. He always had a smile on his face and put o smile on the faces around him. Marc has tought me so much about life and he doesn't even know that he has. He has been a someone that I have looked up to because of his strength and courage. I love him and I love all our family members. I wish Aunt Bonnie strength and thanks for having such a wonderful son. I love you all!! Katy

Date: 03/19/02 10:26:16 PST

I think tribute album's are lame, but some sort of tribute is definetly in order.

Well here's my idea: Wall of Voodoo members or maybe even members of other bands that are influenced by Marc go on tour to play the songs on Marc's new album. This would be a great tribute to Marc, who didn't live long enough to promote the album himself, and would hopefully drum up album sales which should benefit Marc's widow.

What do you think?

p.s. If you haven't bought Marc's album yet, get it! It's really a great album, listen to the samples at cdbaby.com if you don't believe me.


Date: 03/19/02 09:30:18 PST

I am Marc's fuddy-duddy aunt. Although I have never been able to accept the type of lifestyle Marc and his friends led, I loved Marc with all my heart. He was the sweetest, most compassionate, sensitive, loving person I ever knew. It runs in the family. Bruce and Bonnie are the same way. We were all looking forward to Marc's recovery and had planned to have a family reunion in July to celebrate. This is a very sad time for all of us but we're glad that Marc isn't suffering any longer. I know he's with his Grandma and Grandpa who absolutely adore him and one day we'll all be together again. I have enjoyed reading all of the wonderful tributes to Marc, and appreciate all of the friends who have expressed their thoughts and condolences to the family. I hope Marc's suffering hasn't been in vain and that all of you have learned from it. I wouldn't want your family to go through what Marc's family has been through and I wouldn't want you to go through what Marc's been through. My husband was an alcoholic and ended up committing suicide because he couldn't tolerate the pain. Alcohol and drugs are deadly and cause terrible suffering and heartache. Stay away from them and you'll find that life can be much happier. Love to all who read this.

Date: 03/18/02 17:08:15 PST

Hello all,

I'd like to butt in here for a moment and clear up the Oregon connection that people are wondering about. A year or so ago when I found out how sick Marc was I started a campaign to try to cheer him up. Since he was in the hospital and no one wanted to bother the hospital staff with tons of mail, I volunteered my post office box to be used as Moreland Mail Central. I gathered up all the mail that came for Marc, bundled it up and mailed it over to Freddy in France as often as it needed to be sent. She in turn would take it to Marc in the hospital or wherever he happened to be on that particular day. I also volunteered my email address and forwarded email to be printed out and given to him as well. I'm very grateful to all the people who sent stuff to Marc both by email and snail mail. You all helped make life more interesting and less depressing for him this past year. While he never lived here in Oregon, his mail passed through here and it was treated like the gold it was. Hope that clears things up a bit.

Rock on,

Date: 03/18/02 16:00:30 PST

man, que cagada..., espero que estes bien en donde estes, y que estes tocando las bellas guitarras. primero Joe y ahora vos. que cagada, what pity. elias from argentina

Date: 03/18/02 14:11:29 PST

Very, very sad news...I'm so sorry to hear about Marc's death. Wall of Voodoo was a big part of our lives from 1985 to 1988. David (or Kiwi, as most of the band called him) was Marc's guitar roadie. David traveled across the USA with the Voodoo's and then through Europe on tour - and loved every minute spent with the band and especially Marc. Marc was just a genuine good guy - very cool, yet so down to earth. And to be so talented yet still shy was amazing. I loved watching his face when he would play - it seemed to have a life of it's own that was connected to the guitar. The last time we saw Marc was in Vegas at the Pretty & Twisted show at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was so excellent. I couldn't believe the band broke up shortly after the show. We went back to Marc and Frederique's house and caught up with each other, but lost touch after that. We moved to New Zealand and figured Marc and Frederique would eventually move back to France. How Marc ended up in Oregon I can't imagine. I hate to think of the pain he might have suffered throughout his illness and am glad that he is now at peace, even though we will miss him greatly. He was a talent to be reckoned with. If there is going to be any kind of a memorial service for Marc, please let us know ( j-d-burlace@msn.com). Our thoughts are with you, Bruce, Fredrique and Bonnie.
David & Jeannean Burlace

Date: 03/18/02 11:58:17 PST

My deepest condolences to Marc Moreland's family. At a very low point in my life WOV kept me sane. Although the world's music is diminished with his passing, what a great light he left us.
Thank you, Marc
F. Fischer

Date: 03/18/02 09:53:28 PST

I had the pleasure of meeting Marc briefly after the Chicago show on the Pretty and Twisted tour. He was an inspiration to me, as well as many of my friends, and will be sorely missed. The world is a poorer place.

Keith Taylor

Date: 03/18/02 07:15:37 PST

Marc will be greatly missed. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Hemet, CA

Date: 03/18/02 04:47:22 PST

Rest in Peace, Marc. We remember you.

Anton and other WOV fans from Moscow Russia

Date: 03/17/02 22:11:50 PST

I just heard about this tragic event. And it brings to mind when WOV played here in OZ in 87 when I met Marc and how sweet and lovely he was. It's really sad.... specially now he is gone.

Condolences to his family and friends.


Date: 03/17/02 22:08:39 PST

We saw Concrete Blonde tonight in Boise, and she told us Marc was lost a couple days ago. She sang "Joey" with much emotion. Our condolences to family and band for having lost Marc. Hope you will keep on keeping on, we love your music.

Owen & Deborah

Date: 03/17/02 20:55:59 PST

what sad sad news this is. i didn't know MUCH of the w.o.v. stuff, not as much as i'd like to have, but was a huge fan of pretty & twisted. remember buying the album b/c i was such a big fan of johnette's work, and thinking, god what an amazing guitarist!! i've never heard anyone play like that. one of the best guitarists i've had the pleasure of hearing. you could feel every emotion in his playing, and it was such a beautiful thing. condolences to all who loved and will miss him. i rarely drink red wine, but tonight, marco, i'll have some for you. we'll miss you. love & light and may you be at rest in a better place than we are.

jase donaldson
dallas, tx

Date: 03/17/02 17:02:09 PST

Our condolences to the Moreland family and all of his great friends. We were realy hoping that he would get a chance to see, and play again with the SKULLS. It is sad that he had to join the pantheon of punks at such an early age, especially when things were starting to look up with his successful surgery. -Greg and Kim McWhorter

Date: 03/17/02 16:26:00 PST

it saddened me too, when I read that Marc Had Died. Especially since I
feel that was the Nail on the Coffin for any chance Wall of Voodoo
reunion..I was Lucky to witness early 80's WOV shows. One Time in
new york city at the peppermint lounge. I think Our Daughterw Wedding
was on the bill, too.. ( I had heard ODW passed on playing their
set so VooDoo could do another because they'ed rather watch Voodoo.. )
the band were so great, and stan was particularly funny that night..
I have also seen WOV in Trenton NJ at City Gardens..boy I miss
that place the way it was then...I saw at least 2 shows there ...
Also in Philadelphia, and towards the end of the Voodoo era,
a show in my hometown of Phillipsburg NJ at Castle Gardens..
would seem right playing in his place... I thank god I was in
attendance at those shows.. ( njkirkendall@yahoo.com )

Date: 03/17/02 15:17:04 PST

Devasting news, thought MM would pull through and continue to coax that demented twang from his strings. Condolences to Fredérique, Bruce and Bonny - although we couldn't possibly fathom your pain, your husband/brother/son was much regarded and loved, and our hearts go out to you and everyone else missing MM. Thanks to everyone sharing their feelings, information etc.
Funny, one of those anecdotes was forwarded to me today, quite touching, and words of condolence offered for dead loved ones were "He is singing in another world." I sure hope Marc is there, hanging with the homies, feeling no pain and having a good time.


Date: 03/17/02 14:24:30 PST

The phone rang at about 11.30 pm. It was Marc. "Hi John, I'm in London.
Doing a show here on Monday"
"great" I replied. "stick me on the door if you can, I'd love to see it"
"er, I was hoping that maybe you'd play"
"what, some tambourine or something.."
"we don't have a keyboard player..er..I'm sorry..er "
"I don't play keyboards Marc. I can play guitar if that's any help"
"Sure, but I don't normally play with any other guitar players"

I found out why on the Monday gig at West hampstead's Moonlight Club when I died of embarassment at being seen holding a guitar on the same stage as Marc Moreland.

I worked hard between the first & second show so as to avoid that acute sense of inadequacy, but I will always know what it means to be a 2nd Guitarist.

Marc, you were an inspiration to me. I'm so so sorry you're gone friend.

John Parish

Date: 03/17/02 12:53:23 PST

When I was 19 (18 years ago) I sold shoes at the JC Penney in the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California. One day I showed up and a co-worker (a fellow W.O.V. fanatic) said, "You'll never guess who just came in the store! Marc Moreland! He's IN THE MALL!" So in spite of my girlfriend's wishes I spent the next hour scurrying around the entire mall looking for him so's I could meet him. And meet him I did at the top of the escalator. The weird part was that he knew my name. "You must be Ben," he said. Apparently my co-worker had told him of me the hour earlier and he remembered. That made my year.

Marc Moreland has been one of my biggest influences on guitar. The way he used it as a percussion instrument, the single note melodies while strumming the other muted 5 strings, is, I think, completely original.

Ben Eshbach

Date: 03/17/02 12:13:29 PST

When I found out about Marc's passing, I was deeply saddened. Wall of Voodoo and his style of playing were always a big influence on my own work. Same goes for Joe Nanini, damn good percussionist, had sort of a Spike Jones thing going on. I give my condolences to all who were close to Marc. Strange to think he only lived a couple hours away from here in Eugene.


Date: 03/17/02 11:45:25 PST

I remember walking into the practice room that we shared with The Skulls at the Masque some time late in 1977. Marc had the back of his Marshall cabinet open and was trying to figure out which of the 4 speakers he had blown the night before. His 50th Anniversary Gibson Flying V was lying on the floor with the headstock broken off and the pick guard ripped and pulled up by some un-imaginable force. I would have been pissed, but for Marc it was business as usual. I don't think I ever saw him without a smile on his face.
I had been at the Skulls show that night and Marc had been carried around and off stage on some one's shoulders. I never saw what was exactly going on because I knew enough to stay clear of the stage when Marc and the Skulls opened fire. He had managed to weather the hurricane and never miss a note. Even when his clothes were being torn off....never missed a note. The show ended only because his guitar was dis-membered. I never seen anyone like him before or since.
I had a ratty apartment inHollywood and Marc thought it was the coolest....he described it as a 'giant ashtray filled with empty beer bottles and skin mags'...
We'll miss you Marc, always
Johnny Stingray

Date: 03/17/02 07:20:26 PST

I not only knew Marc, but I worked with both he and Bruce when they were in Captain Cosmo Devenus and the Sky People, doing the lights and effects show for them. They spent many hours in my parents garage and home practicing for a while (or was that the week-long party while mom and dad were gone?) Bruce and I hitchhiked around California a few times, and Marc and I used to go to the Rose Parade almost every year.

I spoke to Marc in about 1995 when he and Frederique were living in Las Vegas. I heard him interviewed in the radio when he was doing a project with the former lead singer of Concrete Blond (I don't recall her name) I got their number and called Marc, who put me on the guest list for their gig at the Hard Rock Cafe that weekend. I was unable to attend.

I called him the following week to apologize for missing the show and to thank him for doing that for me. That was the last time I spoke to him.

If anyone has info on any kind of memorial service, please pass it along to me at nitrofan@wwdb.org. My condolences go out to Bonnie, Bruce, Frederique and the entire family.

Joel Gelfand
West Covina, CA

Date: 03/16/02 23:47:18 PST

listening to take it to the spotlight for the first time today because i screwed up when ordering from cdbaby (i typed the wrong address in my order- what a dipshit)
but what a nice surprise and thoughtful thing for marc to mention my class of goofballs in the liners, who last year, grooved to dept. of crooks, wov and P&T. I love the music and there are a bunch of teenagers in orange who are now gonna carry on my love for the sounds made by THE guitar man. marc was wall of voodoo.
i'm really touched and glad marc was able to see the assorted drawings, well wishes and some pretty funky music critiques(most 5 star by the way!) from my hormonally challenged students... Thanks so much Elizabeth for helping with this. My ex-students will be thrilled to see the liners. They wanted to see marc play one day, but i suppose some video footage will have to do

once again, rest in peace guitar dude. i'll play a hand for you next time i'm at binions

my favorite line so far on take it,,, 'fuckin' ice cream truck at 8:00 in the morning

rich; galaimpter@aol.com

anyone remember that 1st appearance wall of voodoo did on arsenio hall...? marc looked mega there - the crushed velvet jacket with the giant redwood tree hair nest and shades. man, the world is a less colorful place

i don't know freddy, but i am happy marc met her and had her there these last few months

good music= good people

okay i can't stop rambling. i dragged my parents out to the coach house to see wall of voodoo once because my dad heard happy planet and thought ' it ain't my day' was the funniest damn thing in the world- he used used to yell out martha take the baby home whenever i'd visit. But anyway,,, back to the coach house.. marc did that brilliant ending at ring of fire and i looked over at my parents sitting at those awful dinner tables they have at the coach and both there jaws were hanging- one of the nicest times in my life. Thanks marc
once again you'll be missed so much and never forgotten in my being

Date: 03/16/02 20:16:55 PST

I never met Marc Moreland, but 'Call Of The West' was the first rock record I ever bought. It changed my life.

Was listening to 'Seven Days In Sammystown' just last week and thinking what an excellent guitarist Marc was. I'm sorry that he's gone, but I'm glad that the recordings will live on.

Scott from Toronto

Date: 03/16/02 19:06:41 PST

A WOV fan from Philadelphia..Sad to hear of the passing of Marc Moreland...listening to some WOV tonight. The music lives on..

Mike in Philly

Date: 03/16/02 13:56:41 PST

Marc's guitar lives on! An inspiration to me and my music. Tonight I'm playing for you... and maybe for the first time you can hear me, wherever you are. Thanks!


Date: 03/16/02 13:47:16 PST

We (and the rest of the world) have lost a true musical innovator, a side-splittingly funny individual, and just a sweet, sweet guy. I miss you, Marc. Peace on your soul.
---Michael Steele

Date: 03/16/02 11:56:33 PST

Toby here -

Just wanted to give back a little something. I know it's not like having him Back In Flesh, but here's a little peek inside the mind of a great atrist: marc moreland

Date: 03/16/02 10:47:19 PST


I've been a long time listener of Wall of Voodoo/Stan Ridgway since around 79/80 or so. I am very saddned by the news of Marc's passing. I recently got Marc Moreland's Mess and am enjoying it very much, I'm sorry to hear there won't be anymore. I knew he was sick, but I thought he was going to pull through, and his album doesn't sound like it was coming from a dying man. His guitar style was so unique and had a great presence, it made made me think of the desert and the old west in chaos. I never saw him in concert or in person, but reading this forum makes me feel like I was close to him, and he sounds like a wonderful soul, I miss him so now. My sympathies go out to his family and who's lives he's touched. He left us his music though, nobody can take that away, and for that he will live on for all of us. Marc, have a wonderful journey.


I would like to tell you all that there is a place that has some of the Plan 9 From Las Vegas by Department Of Crooks. The Half.com website has maybe 7 or 8 of them for various prices. Put in your search for Department Of Crooks, and it will show you what's available.

Date: 03/16/02 10:04:24 PST

Thank you Ms. V for posting last year that you'd forward cards,
letters and gifts. It's not often that we get a chance to say thanks
for so much great music.

And again, thank you Marc for so much great music. There is a long
shadow where a guy with funny hair used to stand. We love ya Marc.

San Diego, CA

Date: 03/16/02 09:57:18 PST

Here is a link to another version of

Date: 03/16/02 09:48:04 PST

I am very sad. That's all I can say right now. I'm new to the forum, but have observed and listened for years. I got the computer for the first time in days, and the news is still less than two minutes old for me. I can't even read the forum right now. I'm just very very sad.
Peace, JPGringo

Date: 03/16/02 09:21:28 PST

Ok, for my radio tribute, I've decided to play my five favorite WoV songs, which (not coincidentally) were all written or cowritten by Marc - "They Don't Want Me", "Call Of The West", "Museums", "(Don't Spill My) Courage", and "Country Of Man". While I'm on the subject, does anybody know the correct lyrics to "Museums"? I listened to it and its demo about ten times last night, and there were still parts I'm not sure about (JtL's lyrics page has something close, but not fully accurate, I don't think). "Museums" is bar none my favorite song of all time. Every time I hear it, it's like hearing it for the first time. It brings tears to my eyes to think that its beauty may never be matched again. I never met Marc or got to see him perform, but losing him was like losing a family member. I'll cherish his work always. -Raul

Date: 03/16/02 09:05:34 PST

Shocked and sadenned by the news. Marc Moreland was quite simply one of the best guitarists I've ever heared. I'm still trying to copy his style. I'll never get the chance to ask him about it.

Erik Stein.

Date: 03/16/02 08:14:11 PST

adesso e' tutto finito, ma c'e' 1altro inizio, arrivederci marco!!!!!


Date: 03/16/02 06:52:12 PST

Things will no longer be the same - but the music of guys like Marc or
WOV won´t be forgotten ever!! Thank you for that music and everything!
There´s a poster of WOV (Cover of Call of the West, the 4 guys stan-ding front of the door.. black/white, probably made by IRS).. Do some-body know, if this poster is still available? And where..??
Greetings Spoon, Karlsruhe/Germany (Mail to: Sialpe@Web.de)

Date: 03/16/02 03:53:50 PST

A sad day. All the people who celebrated Marc here in Frankfurt will never forget him.

UA from Frankfurt

Date: 03/16/02 02:47:35 PST

Hi MARC, YOU made this a better world!!
Thomas from Germany

Date: 03/16/02 01:55:24 PST


SPYWORLD is marc
on call of the west

Date: 03/16/02 01:44:24 PST

I am going to miss you, Marc. There was no one else like you.


Date: 03/15/02 20:26:30 PST

I remember Marc Moreland.
I remember meeting him backstage in L.A. after one of their killer Post-Ridgeway shows in support of "Sammystown". I was with my best bro, Frank, who is the greatest musician I know. Frank is a big, overgrown kid, kinda like a burlier Chris Farley. He and I BOTH had our musical worlds turned completely upside-down upon being introduced to the music of Wall of Voodoo.
I, the stubborn Metalhead who would scoff at such things, always favoring the latest offering of Judas Priest or B.O.C.
And Franky, the progressive music maniac tapping out Rush's "YYZ" on his desk in math class.
Then came Wall Of Voodoo.
Frank & I got jobs working in a big ol' cement factory in the CA desert with his old man doing electrical. OH GOD how WOV would stream through our ears and veins and imaginations while we looked off into the distance from the top of the 480 ft. Pre-Heater Tower... Off in the distance where the highway disappeared over the horizon... That was everything to us: Wall of Voodoo and spontaneous road trips to Vegas, or Arizona or anywhere else we could find us an OLD FUCKED UP ABANDONED HIGHWAY where we could listen to "Me and My Dad" and just OVERLOAD on Weirdness. To this day, we have yearned for a reunion. Because the moment that stands out as I sit here missing Marc, and Frank's old man and the freedom of those days... is the moment backstage when Marc looked at Franky (who all was hypin' out & excited about meeting the guys) ...he looked at him and in that low and low-key voice said "Dude, you're a TRIP!
I will ALWAYS remember Marc.

On here I am NapalmZappa.
Everywhere else I am Alan.
My page will soon have a tribute to Marc:

Date: 03/15/02 17:27:32 PST

I am so overwhelmed at the outpouring of sympathy, compassion,encouragement, dedication,love and strength exhibited on this web site since that fateful morning of March 13 when I first posted the passing of my brother, yes elizabeth technology is an amazing thing and so are you, your dedication has allowed my family and myself to heal so much sooner and more completly this web site is an amazing tool for healing I would like to thank all who have written and all who are going to write after this, everybody that marc played with in L.A. has checked in Skulls,Johnette,Nervous Gender,Wall of Voodoo and all HE Played with in France are with his wife in Paris helping and assisting in a most difficult time, there are people Marc went to school with that are touched by his life and in all place's like Norway, Canada,England, France, Usa and Ia'm sure many other country's will check in soon after, every one of you who have writen have contributed to the process of healing, We thank you all. Gayle I hope you too have Found healing in this web site and Iam deaply sorry for your loss as well, lets hope Marc and Joe are together now. Bruce Moreland

Date: 03/15/02 15:31:43 PST

Go to billboard.com. Chris Morris did an article on Marc today. Here is the link


Date: 03/15/02 13:15:50 PST

I spent last night going through my photo albums and pulling out more pictures of Marc to add to the photo gallery I already had up on my web site. There's probably 40-50 photos of Marc up there now that were taken by me, Helen Howard and Gail Holland during our years hanging out with the band. I wanted to share them with you all, so browse through the gallery and keep Marc in your hearts, minds and souls.

Ms. Vieuxdo's tribute to Marc

Ms. V

Date: 03/15/02 12:14:52 PST

I am in shock like everyone else, Wall of Voodoo was one of the life
changing bands of my childhood, and being from West Covina myself, I always admired them and they gave me hope there was a way out of suburbia!! I got to know Marc and Bruce over the years and they really
inspired and entertained me. My parents even loved their music and never tired of me playing those records over and over...I hadnt seen them in many years (havent left LA for England) but the music and memories always kept them in my life. At least he will live forever through the music!

Bruce, if you read this drop me a line, hjhoward@hotmail.com

Date: 03/15/02 11:38:54 PST

Hey Raul,
Me and My Dad was one I know of that he wrote.

Date: 03/15/02 11:22:46 PST

I'm planning a tribute to Marc on my college radio show this coming Monday (http://vaultradio.cjb.net for info), and I want to play WoV songs that were written entirely or largely by Marc. I'm going to play "Mexican Radio" and "They Don't Want Me" off Call Of The West and "Museums" and "(Don't Spill My) Courage" off Seven Days In Sammystown. My question is, does anyone know which songs off the original EP or Dark Continent were mainly Marc's creations? I want to play songs from them as well (Happy Planet was released outside the era my show focuses on). Any help is appreciated. Love, light, and peace to all. -Raul

Date: 03/15/02 10:32:45 PST

Hello....I was looking through the whittier daily newspaper, online, when i came across the sad news. Although this is my first time visiting this site, I wanted to give my deepest condolences to all who knew marc, even though i never got to meet him personally i can see he was loved just by reading the wonderful posts about him on this website.But i assure you...the music will live on....=) Judy

Date: 03/15/02 08:20:22 PST

You deserved a lot better than that Marc.

Date: 03/15/02 04:13:55 PST

San Jose had a wake, of sorts, earlier tonight. It amounted to cocktails and stories traded amongst those who knew Marc. If I had to sum it up in one phrase:

We miss him dearly.

Date: 03/15/02 03:32:03 PST

San Gabriel Valley Tribune Article on Marc Moreland

Date: 03/15/02 00:32:31 PST

Marc - I'm sorry you had to leave so soon. Thanks for being my best friend and roomie through the most artistically stimulating and fun-filled years of my life and thanks for just being you. You'll always be in my thoughts. Chas

Date: 03/14/02 23:36:11 PST

Simi Valley, Where the HELL is that? When I woke up, I swore I'd quit. No more, no more, I swore, I swore.

And I'm trying to, dying to sit back and see my old face.
Oh - it ain't my day
Marco take the baby home!!!

Date: 03/14/02 21:42:25 PST

does anyone know if there is an obit from the san gabriel paper on the 'net anywhere?
still can't believe it

if i could watch anyone on stage- it'd be marc.
anyone else remember those converse hight tops, i think? that he painted up with swirls of every color... Great when he wore those with that johnny cash t !

i watched an old video (mv3? or something? a local CA video show from the 80s) tape today that had marc and joe playing around and bear hugging. Whoever posted that bit about their reunion got it right!

I'm gonna try and scan the thoughtful autograph he signed on the pic for me- i think the humor in it would make many here smile for a bit

i don't know how to post it here though


Date: 03/14/02 21:14:27 PST

To Freddie, Bruce and all of Marcs Family and Friends,
We were lucky enough to meet Freddie and Marc in San Jose and become friends with them both. We got to know them, have them for dinner and
went out to baseball game one time (Marc even downed a hot dog or two, Freddie thought it was lame). We became friends. Marc & I talked about
the past bands he was in, I told him I was lucky enough to see the skulls one time (wall of voodoo many times). In his own lovable way
he turned red and kinda shruged a "oh Jeez". We got to love him. I guess, just knowing somebody, even for a short time makes your life a
little richer.Sorry Im rambling here....Rest in peace my friend. Freddie if you read this please contact us, if theres anything we can
help with, please ask...we love you....

Terri & Andy Average

Date: 03/14/02 20:48:45 PST


My sincerest sympathy goes out to Marc's family and friends, and to J. I will never forget Marc teasing me when I met him with Pretty-N-Twisted. He will be missed.

Date: 03/14/02 18:19:38 PST

While others in the early punk scene, who gained a certain level of success, let their egos run wild, Marc never let his personality become distorted by such things. He remained accessible and interested in those who were performing all kinds of music and art. He lent his musical abilities and talents to many creative projects, when there was no personal or financial gain to be made from such endeavors. Proving that, as Patti Smith once said "at heart he was an American artist". Where ever he is, we send him our love always --Edward and Karene Stapleton (Nervous Gender)

Date: 03/14/02 18:09:31 PST

I am in complete shock. This hurts so much. I don't know what else to say except thank you marc. I'm glad I met you a few years back after a Pretty and Twisted show.I will never forget that for the rest of my life. My heart goes out to his family. This is a sad day.

Date: 03/14/02 17:21:56 PST

One more thing...
Did Marc ever learn of Joe's passing?
If not, there will be one hell of a surprise re-union out in Rock & Roll Heaven...

Date: 03/14/02 17:15:57 PST

Many words have been written here already. I can only add that this truly is "The End of an Era". One of the saddest of days.

Date: 03/14/02 17:07:50 PST

Last message by,

Date: 03/14/02 17:02:52 PST

Like everyone I was so very sad to hear of Marc's passing. My husband came into the kitchen yesterday morning and like a little boy with tears in his eyes, told me that Marc was gone. But then again, his spirit will always be with us, his funny laugh, his kindness, his gentleness, he was just a very unique individual, his incredible talent, he was just so loved. Steve and I shared a lot of happy times, the early days down at the Masque when everyone would rip his clothes and tear at him, but he would just pop back up and keep playing, we had a lot of fun. One night after a show he wanted to sleep with Steve and I, he said I just love you both no funny stuff!! He was always so sweet to our daughter Daniella, Marc and Freddie never forgot her birthday no matter where they were. Freddie was his everything, she loved Marc so much and always looked out for him. They were an extrordinary couple, it's sad to think of Freddie without Marc. No mother loved her son like Bonny, and Bruce and Marc were had a special relationship. He was loved by everyone. We all have our memories and his spirit will live on. I feel blessed to have known Marc. God Bless You Marc. I will miss you.
My deepest heartfelt sympathy to Bonny, Bruce & Freddie
Mrs. Billy Bones

Date: 03/14/02 16:53:21 PST

I'm sorry sorry to hear of Marc's death. May he rest in peace. My thoughts are with your and Marc's families. Though I haven't seen you since High School I've thought about you from time to time.

Date: 03/14/02 15:41:18 PST

Like many of you, I have spent a lot of time thinking of what Marc Moreland meant to me. Feelings are very hard to put into words. I've been reading the words of so many of Marc's friends here and, while I'm sad, I can't help but smile at some of the things that have been said. Gayle Nanini mentions his "I'm sorry"s and I can clearly hear him saying that as if he were right here in the room with me. Stan mentions how easy Marc made his guitar playing look and I can picture him on stage making all those silly guitar faces as he played. A friend and I used to call him "The Bionic Jaw" because we'd never seen anyone's jaw swivel in quite that way. NO ONE could make a guitar do what Marc could make one do. I'm trying not to focus on his death but instead focus on his life. When I think of Marc I still see him in his prime....the out-of-control palm tree head hairdo, the shy smile, the sly sense of humor that always kept me laughing. Marc on stage with a cigarette poked between his guitar strings, pacing back and forth, knobby elbows sticking out, that bionic jaw swiveling while he coaxed incredible sounds from his guitar. I'll be forever grateful to this wonderful thing we call the internet because it put me back in touch with Marc a few years back. I'd lost contact with him when I moved away from Los Angeles, but through the miracle of the internet I was able to squeeze a few more years of friendship out of him via email. His last email to me came at Christmas and he was in good spirits despite the ups and downs of his illness. I'll cherish that email forever. My love and sympathy go out to Freddy, Bonnie, Bruce and to all the others who love him and will miss him.

a.k.a. Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/14/02 15:14:15 PST

I only worked with Marc for a short time, but his passing saddens me greatly. Love and light to those he has left behind.

Date: 03/14/02 13:33:14 PST

To all Marc's, friends and fans: Marc's obituary will be in the March 15th edition of the San Gabriel Valley news. There should also be another article on him in the same newspaper. Thank all of you for your support and the kind words you have and I'm sure will continue to express. I was blessed with an angel when Marc entered this world and no one will ever comprehend my loss.

Date: 03/14/02 12:02:48 PST

Marc, I very sad to hear that have passed on. What a beautiful and gentle soul you are. I had a great time hanging out with you and the rest of WOV and NG. All the best on your new journey.

Bruce: My thoughts and prayers are with you. Send me a message if you see this: hawkhead35@yahoo.com
Love, lil Chris

Date: 03/14/02 11:57:01 PST

Here's Better and Manic Machine, along with three other songs by Marc.


Date: 03/14/02 10:07:44 PST

Marc, you asked me where your grandmother went. I know you're with her now. I know there were a lot of ups and downs through the many years we knew each other..but I'm proud of what we did together. For all the hell and joy we have something to show for it. Last night I remembered you laughing and dancing in Mexico. Be free and at peace,
Marco. Love to Bonnie, Bruce, Freddie, and everyone in France.

Date: 03/14/02 05:51:57 PST

Been sitting here trying to figure out what to say. Trying to piece together something that would make some sort of sense. But this doesn't make sense does it? Just weeks after his solo cd & website is given to us, he is taken away. If you read the bio on that site, it says that they would tour to promote the cd. So much for him to do. More music..

I remember that SHELDON gave TOBY "thumbs up" on putting the songs from the porno that MARC did up, & NICK wanted to put the HEAVEN OR ANAHEIM demos up. Guys, please do.
let us hear them. post them.

I wish there was more music to hear...anything. There wasn't enough anyway.

We love you MARC

Date: 03/14/02 04:33:26 PST

Very sad news, thanks for the music Marc, we owe you.


Date: 03/14/02 03:57:50 PST

Oh my God, this can't be happining!!!!!!
This cannot be true!!!!!!
No words can describe this !

Graeme Qewe

Date: 03/14/02 03:57:46 PST

As a guitar player, Marc Moreland was the most inspirational figure to me. I'll never hear anyone like him again, and I know that I'll never sound like him. I'll never forget when I first took a spin through the Department of Crooks album and was greeted by Marc's playing. Or when I first heard Ring of Fire, Far Side of Crazy, and many others. Marc Moreland was a great man, and will never be forgotten.


Date: 03/14/02 03:18:51 PST

To the Moreland Family and Friends -

It's hard to know how to say how much someone has influenced your life. One thread is like a deep sewn seam... and the other is frayed and needing repair. This was Marc and me.
I'm deeply sorry and saddened. I am flooded with memories. Its a shock. We were hoping and praying for the best. I always thought Marc and I would play together again sometime. We talked a few years ago about doing just that.But I guess life and its complications got in the way for both of us. Cyrptic, I know, but it never happened.But all the music Marc made will still be heard by all who listen. Young and old.
Marc and his music will always be here for the familiar and the new.

Marc Moreland was very important in my life and he changed it and my perceptions of music.We met in a time when music itself was changing. And I'll always know I ran into the most original guitar player I ever met.
Being a bit of a guitar player myself, I to this day, do not know HOW he played certain things, feedback, fingerings and chords. Genius and mysterious, - style and substance, truly original! And everyone respected him.Especially musicians and artists.
Marc worked very hard at his music, although he made it look so easy.He always hid the strain and practice somehow. Marc in full performance was simply a person you could not take your eyes off of! Marc had it all. And was always a sweet, loveable, and charismatic person, that was very shy at times, extremely talented and intelligent and always had a wonderful sense of humor,... even though he could be a very passive-minipulative creature at the same time. Hey! who isn't?
You wanted to take care of him. And champion him. He needed encouragement as we all do, and I hope I gave him some in the time we had.
I loved him really..but then... everyone did it seems.

To all who knew him and loved him, Bonnie and Bruce and Freddie and Family especially, I send our sympathies, and we are sad too.
with deepest regards -

Stan Ridgway and Pietra Wexstun

Date: 03/14/02 03:13:51 PST

Marc was the last guitar inovationalist that I am aware of . There was not enough relesed material . Sammy's Town and Dept. of Crooks are very good examples of his finely honed craft . He will be missed .

Date: 03/14/02 01:28:40 PST

One of the best things that ever happened in my life was joining Wall of Voodoo and traveling the world playing the music that only Marc, Bruce, Andy, and Chas could have brought to life. Thank you for that Marc and for being a good friend. There is no one like you. I wish you were still here, I'm so very sad you are gone.
Love to you all,

Date: 03/14/02 00:41:45 PST

NO.NO.NO. it wasn't supposed to be like this...we thought we were having fun. y'know just making music not killing ourselves...
Marc, thanks for all the time we spent together. Now I see how serious it all was. Deepest sympathies to Bruce, Frederique, Bonny and the whole family.

Richard Mazda

Date: 03/14/02 00:15:50 PST

I've known Marc and Bruce Moreland since I was three years old and we went to Raymond Pre-School together in West Covina. I've followed their careers as members of Captain Cosmos DeVenus and The Sky People, The Skulls and Wall of Voodoo. I haven't seen either of them for quite a while now, but I am deeply saddened to hear of Marc's passing. My very sincere condolences to Bruce, Marc's wife and the rest of his family and friends. Marc brought joy into a lot of people's lives, and we're indebted to him.
- Don Williams, Malibu, CA

Date: 03/13/02 23:41:33 PST

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day in France. One of my best friend told me she was pregnant, it made me happy for the whole day. How could I have imagined that today such terrible news will make me cry ? Marc's guitar was fantastic, I like all his work , and I always tell my friends that Ring of Fire has the most beautiful, haunting, powerful guitar work ever. I never had the chance of meeting him, but his music will be with me all my life. My deepest and most sincere condoleances to his family.
Xavier from France

Date: 03/13/02 21:58:10 PST

All I can think to say is ........godammit -I wish it had been me instead. -Bobby (Love to you, Gayle and Freddie and even Christine Cano, wherever she is)

Date: 03/13/02 21:14:11 PST

Freddie, Bruce, Bonnie, and Fans, and all others who loved Marc:
Soul-searching and scary times ahead. Peace comes; I've seen it. Haven't experienced it yet, but I know it exists.
Joe loved Marc. He would tell me stories (from the Nanini POV) of Marc's adventures and talent and life itself. Fabricated or not, Joe admired Marc. I will miss him, his "I'm sorry"s, his sweetness, his music to my ears.
Joe gets to see him now. As I write this mess, they are up to no good once again - The Shenanigans Duo! I swear to M-F-ing God.
To the "sound" guys in the early years: after some shows, I would frequently comment-perhaps out of my social standing- that I could not hear Joe's bits or Marc's guitar. The problem is eliminated...I can hear them now. Clear, eternal.
Man! Does this hurt.
If Joe were here, he would say something piercing, real, very funny and cryptic. Marc is the one in a million who could respond.
Much love to all,
Gayle Nanini

Date: 03/13/02 19:06:11 PST


marc was my favorite guitar player.. but even better was hanging out at Madame Wongs after a show and getting his autograph on a picture I had of him. It is still on my wall. Also, seeing the Marychain at the palladium and catching marc there and shooting the breeze.

a genuine down to earth , gentle soul who had more talent and innovative style than any musician i've ever seen

just dreadful news...
hang in there bruce and bonnie- there are many people who loved your son and will do what we can if anything to help out

sincere condolences to all family and friends

RIP "dude" guitar player as you once said...
you were my musical hero and your music will play on for the rest of my life everywhere i go

there has to be a heaven because it would not be right for that soul to be anything but eternal and chiming with a fender jag

Rich .. galaimpter@aol.com

I'll miss you so much...

Date: 03/13/02 18:58:04 PST

Condolences from France to Bruce and Frederique
Marc will never be forgotten.

Christophe. Voodoo adept forever.

Date: 03/13/02 18:27:31 PST

R.I.P Marc we'll all miss you.

The dance of life continues...

Major Mal

Date: 03/13/02 17:31:28 PST

Joe Nanini and now Marc Moreland are no longer with us.
May their souls rest in peace eternally.
Long live Stan Ridgway, Andy Prieboy, Chas.T.Gray, Bruce Moreland and Ned Leukhard!
Mournful greetings by Hungerhahn, WoV Fan since 1988

Date: 03/13/02 16:56:18 PST


To pay tribute to MARC the only way I know how. A write up on him. For those of you who know me or read my site, you know how much I enjoy writing them. Not much enjoyment right now. This is how I wish to pay my respects...

MARC MORELAND- One of the most original guitarist on this planet. His sound was a mixure of sonic punk & old western movies. While other guitarist were naming PAGE,CLAPTON or DYLAN as influences on their music, MARC seemed to have CLINT EASTWOOD flicks & JONNY CASH as his driving force. No matter what the project, his style of playing could always be spotted. The thing about MARC was that he never thought he was that special. SHELDON (of DEPT. OF CROOKS) once told me that he asked MARC if he would maybe reform with WALL OF VOODOO for maybe one show at a club or something. MARC's answer was "whould anybody show up?" In a music scence with bigger than life musicians like PRINCE & MADONNA, MARC was just this guy that liked to play guitar. In an interview a couple years ago, MARC admitted he wrote most of the song MEXICAN RADIO. Took him 15 years to tell it. Like it wasn't a big deal.

Back in 1978,met up with STAN RIDGWAY at a club called THE MASQUE. They formed a band together called WALL OF VOODOO. The sound was DRACULA VS. A FIST FULL OF DOLLARS. The claim was made that they one day hoped to be able to make music for porno's or bad b-movies.With BRUCE MORELAND on bass, CHAS GREY on keyboards & JOE NANINI on pots & pans (among other thing)they released only a handful of music together:

When & WOV parted ways, ANDY PRIEBOY joined also releasing a handful of albums:

After that, he played guitar on ANDY's first solo album UPON MY WICKED SON. In the 90's he formed PRETTY & TWISTED releasing just one cd. A few years later formed DEPT. OF CROOKS. This proved to be the closest sound to WALL OF VOODOO than any former bandmates had done. In the late 90's he started working on a solo cd. Finally.

Then he went into the hopital...
The liver transplant was what all the fans were waiting for. Hoping that would give up back our favorite guitarist, but it was not to be.

MARC MORLAND died this day, 2:30 in FRANCE.

Put your earphones on & put RING OF FIRE on & turn it up. If your ears are not bleeding by the end of MARC's solo at the end, play it again & turn it up louder.

I don't know about the rest of you, but you can keep your CLAPTON, PAGE & all the other guitar gods. I prefer the guy that just liked to play guitar.

Rest in Peace MARC MORLAND. May you make GOD's ears bleed...


Date: 03/13/02 16:41:12 PST

Awesome tunes
Gentle man
Goodbye Marc
Thanks again


Date: 03/13/02 16:27:02 PST

This is truley,one of the saddest days of my life,I can't believe,that my dear kindhearted,gentle,loving friend is no longer with me.Marc I,m going to miss you so much,You have been such a great friend to me,you have inspired me,your courage in the past few years will never be match.There will never be a more inovated,original,stylish,guitarist,Marc you will always be KING.Freddie,Bonnie,and of course Bruce,my deepest condolences, to you and your families.The world has lost the nicest guy on this planet...I love you, gonna miss ya Marc...,Steven BILLY BONES Fortuna

Date: 03/13/02 15:38:31 PST

I don't know what to say...
my condolescences to his wife, family and friends...
he will be missed


Date: 03/13/02 15:05:08 PST

Paying my respects to the man... rest in peace, Marc.

Date: 03/13/02 14:56:08 PST

I'm too sad to say much right now. I feel like I lost a brother. Marc will live in my heart and somewhat twisted mind forever.

Rock on, brother...rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/13/02 13:15:55 PST

Rip Marc, t/c Bruce, thinkin bout u guys and recalling great times of music and good fun with MOTWA!!
Kai Jarre

Date: 03/13/02 12:14:07 PST

I'm with you Toby... a sad day indeed. Just passed the news on to some other WOV friends and to SR, who is shocked and saddened along with the rest of us.

Missing the sound and style that was, is, and will always be MM,

John in Montreal

Date: 03/13/02 11:34:34 PST

Toby here -

It's a black day in music...

today is all voodoo, dept of crooks, pretty & twisted all day all the time...
your time on this plane was way too short and you will be sadly missed. You were a true innovator and one of a kind. may you be in a better place now. you and your music will continue to live on in our hearts and minds for eternity.

right now "doing it tomorrow..." doesn't sound like such a good idea anymore.

Date: 03/13/02 08:47:53 PST

I am deeply saddend to inform all fan's and friends that my brother Marc Moreland passed away early this morning about 2:30A.M. in Paris France he was in a hospital and died quietly and was with his wife Frederique Moreland, I thank all who have givin support durring this last year. this world has lost It's most gentle soul. Bruce Moreland

Date: 03/13/02 02:57:39 PST

I'm Kiko From France
I'm very interessed by "Heaven or Anaheim demos".
It's very hard to find Wov material in France
Thank you Nick

Date: 03/11/02 15:49:43 PST

If no one has any objections, since it's all unreleased material, I could put up the Heaven or Anaheim demos for download. Would that be fine?


Date: 03/09/02 20:26:01 PST

the silver bullett..it won't slow ya down...
the guy from oklahoma city

Date: 03/09/02 20:25:51 PST

the silver bullett..it won't slow ya down...
the guy from oklahoma city

Date: 03/09/02 20:23:07 PST

I agree Clark you big beer guzlin pouser...The new Marc Moreland Mess is on my rig now and I am total;ly stonned...and digginh it..you can gett it here tou..at anmdon .com...wow..is that my mom?


Date: 03/09/02 20:15:25 PST

Thanks for the push and encouragement Ms. Viexdo...we luv ya! We got our Mark's Mess CD today and glory glory!!..and we mixing cocktails and swingin' to the cool sounds! Makes me wanna hurt myself! Get well Marc...this cd is a slammin' bunch o fun and fuzz! Betty Davis Eyes? too much ...we luv it! Thank you Kitchen Whore Records for doing the do...
Clark and Agatha @ sr dis-info

Date: 03/09/02 14:32:26 PST

It's not the site that sucks. In fact, the new design is pretty cool. It's just the popup ads that suck. And, since I don't bring in the big bucks either and have had to have my site hosted by Geocities forever simply because it's free, I can relate to the "funding challenged" among us. Clark and Agatha, keep up the good work. I know a lot of us appreciate it!

Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/09/02 13:18:52 PST

re: stanridgway.com

it IS about the music bub....its also about the resources we have at the moment. No one's pulling big numbers here... We are gonna change the server soon though and get rid of the adds. We think they suck too, but it was either this or no site at all right now. It'll change for the better soon, but probably never look and have all the doo dads you'll find at shall we say "more funded"
sites...unless maybe Stan starts to date J-LO or punches out Sting at a party..too bad but then we do our best with what we have.
clark and agatha at the site that sucks but soon won't..


sr dis-info (no adds)

Date: 03/09/02 04:19:53 PST

God, the new Stan Ridgway site sucks big time. A real disappointment. The bulletin board has pop-up adds that are forced down your throat.
Jesus guys, maybe stan's new album should have been called "Career in Dirt" and here it was that I thought it was about the music.

Date: 03/08/02 20:15:47 PST

Thanks for the tracklist Tattoo, the CD seems to be out of order, but at least I can put a name to the songs now.


Date: 03/08/02 19:43:30 PST

1. lights go out (piano version)
2. wrong way to hollywood (slow version)
3. heaven or anaheim?
4. manic machine (MARC singing)
5. send in the drugs
6. build a better garden (long version)
7. better (MARC singing)
8. gave you my hairdo
9. tomorrow wendy
10.I take the money & run
11.fighting for the wheel

Here to serve you.

Date: 03/08/02 17:33:18 PST

I got Heaven or Anaheim as a gift from my girlfriend just recently, and I recognize most of the tracks as Wall of Voodoo and Andy Prieboy demos, but there's no track list and some of the songs I don't know. Is there anyone that has a track list of the songs on it? And, is that Marc singing on tracks one and five?

P.S. Gotta love the dark sounding Wrong Way to Hollywood.

Date: 03/07/02 15:45:09 PST

If anyone has an extra $34,000 or so hanging around, you can own the original painting by Robert Williams that graces the cover of Ugly Americans. It's up for auction at:


Happy bidding!
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 03/06/02 11:51:00 PST

yeah, noticed on ebay that MARCS NEW CD IS ALREADY ON THERE!!! Bet they got it as a freebie from the record company & it will sell for some unbelievable price. Like MARC would ever see a penny of it.


Date: 03/06/02 07:10:47 PST

Say, does anyone know of other cover versions of Wall of Voodoo songs?

Date: 03/05/02 16:56:41 PST

About damn time MARC got his own site. Even if it was made by the record company. we need to send them pics & ask them to add a section

Date: 03/04/02 20:25:59 PST

And don't forget to check out...

Ms. V

Date: 03/04/02 14:58:56 PST

Got Marc's new cd Take It To The Spotlight today and it ROCKS!
Go and get it today. Don't wait till its too late or you will be kicking yourself and whining about paying 70bucks on ebay for it.

Date: 03/03/02 19:14:29 PST

I got my Marc Moreland cd yesterday and it's great! This is the best former WOV member solo effort that i've heard this far. He is an even better guitar player than he was in WOV, but have no fear, he has not become a guitar hero and does not show off just for the sake of it by engaging in several minute guitar solos or anything boring like that.
All I can say is, until WOV gets back together (yeah i'm thinking positive here), this is the best it's going to get.

Date: 03/01/02 15:06:13 PST

Hi Folks,
I, too, have always been curious about the relationships between Stan and Andy, as well as the situation that resulted in Bruce not being on C.O.W., and returning for phase two. I would love to read a comprehensive history of the band, including who contributed what to each song, influences, etc., a la one of those Beatles all-info books. Wonder if there's enough of us to warrant it? Peace, all

Date: 03/01/02 14:06:22 PST

ok.... I don't know your band... nor do i shop for music... I'v heard one song (so far) i like.... heard it from an adult dvd film "Night dreams"... oh joy...... ring of fire...... love it.... just let me know the cd its on... i will buy two.........
DIABLO 2 ME @ CS .COM VERY COOL..................................................

Date: 03/01/02 09:03:23 PST

Hey thanks for the mp3 reply Toby! I still don't know what the name means, but at least I know where it comes from.


Date: 02/28/02 12:14:37 PST

Hi people.
I wrote to toby and gave him the thumbs up on the posting of the music we did for his porn-porn baby.

Date: 02/28/02 06:29:54 PST

King Richard,

You have not responded to my email. Maybe yours is down. Since your last comments to me were on this board I'm hopeful that you will catch this and tell me what's going on!

My apologies for using the board in this manner, it WOV related however.

Jim Clark

Date: 02/27/02 19:36:28 PST

just want to know if Andy and Stan were friends or still are? thanks jaysin from portland, maine, USA, jsin6@yahoo.com

Date: 02/27/02 12:35:30 PST

Yep it was no other than Stan's former bass player Joe Ramirez that came up with the name, when Stan asked him if the music wasn't a wall of sound

Date: 02/27/02 08:33:37 PST

Toby here -
Well, why don't we ask Stan? Oh what a minute..... someone already asked him.

on the foundation of Wall of Voodoo

Andy wasn't so far off... So now don't you feel stupid!

Date: 02/26/02 23:37:39 PST

Ridgway on NPR's Fresh Air / streaming RealAudio Review by Ken Tucker

Date: 02/26/02 23:36:06 PST

Soundstage.com review by Joseph Taylor of "Holiday In Dirt" HEY code gooks!...its here for to review Stan's newest novella

Date: 02/26/02 23:24:56 PST

Soundstage.com review by Joseph Taylor of "Holiday In Dirt"

Date: 02/26/02 23:23:45 PST

Voice your opinion! Be an inernet blaboid! Write a review of Stan's new one. Don't be shy. Crack the bell!


Date: 02/26/02 23:10:49 PST

for the origin of wall of voodoo the name?
let's be sure and ask those who would REALLY know:
1. Stan
2. Marc
3. Bruce
4. Chas
5. Brendan
6. Joe...(rip)
Andy...(we lov him) he don't really know do he...?

voodoo dog

Date: 02/26/02 16:16:38 PST

On the ARSENIO HALL SHOW, Andy claimed the name came from a offhanded remark when the original band first went into the studio. Armed with a guitar, a small amp & cheesy keyboard & a old drummachine used in HANNA BARBARA cartoons. When the guy in the studio looked at them he asked "what are you supposed to be, the WALL OF SOUND?" They said "No, where the WALL OF VOODOO."

Take that story with a grain of salt & a bit of pepper.


Date: 02/26/02 09:42:35 PST

Hi. I hope someone can answer this question, maybe even Stan or Marc, where does the name 'Wall of Voodoo' come from, and/or what does it mean? It's a question that has been bugging me since I first heard 'Mexican Radio' all those many years ago. I can't find the answer anywhere.
Also, with the recent joyful reunion of Concrete Blonde, any chance WOV might pull together for another album or six? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the hell out of the solo work of both Stan and Andy (Black Diamond is one of my Top 10 all time favorite albums) and hope they continue doing great things, but I like the colaborative efforts of the Band as well. I am not saying one is better or worse than any other, just different. (Unlike say, the between-Blonde work of Johnette, which is unfortunately, mediocre at best (Sorry Marc and Holly...take it for what it's worth...I can't play a lick.)

right. well, ok. hope to hear from someone. thanks.

Date: 02/25/02 14:07:58 PST

Toby here -

The FUICKING Batschkapp Club!!!!! I saw soooooooo many show there it wasn't funny!!! I was at that show in 89. Stood on the side on top of the heater and recorded the whole show... have the tape somewhere. I played it so much I wore it out! Great to see it's on cd!!! And officially no doubt. Saw Stan and then the Andy era Voodoo around the same time. Talked to them back stage for this little zine that I used to do and interviewed him . Then went out to the car to listen to the tape and realized I had the switch on radio all night and it didn't record anything but static.... I cried for days!! After that I tape that fucker down with electrical tape. I was more pissed at losing the whole show. marc and Chas were really great. Marc walked us to our car. I think they were happy to see some real Americans in the middle of the wilderness.

Date: 02/25/02 12:23:19 PST

I ordered mine too and am waiting!

Date: 02/25/02 11:43:12 PST

I got my package from cdbaby.com today with my Moreland cd in it. All I can say is, if you're a Marc Moreland fan, GET THIS FUCKIN' CD!!!!!!! Mortgage your dog, hock your dad's dentures, sell your grandma, just GET the cd! His cover of Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" is worth the cover price all on it's own. Get it, memorize it, there WILL be a test later!

Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 02/25/02 03:04:43 PST

王迪我真的真的好爱你!我可以为了你付出一切,相信我好吗?就算是去了地狱我也会去陪你的!永远要和你在一起,带你去能让你快乐的地方,带你去吃你最爱吃的东西,带你去.......我 发誓爱你的心100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000也不变————师磊

Date: 02/24/02 17:09:57 PST

I ordered Marc's cd and I also got a hold of Holiday in Dirt. The
samples of Marc's cd on cdbaby sound great, though not like Wall of Voodoo (this sounds more like indie rock, and less of the country sound that WOV had). Marc's a great singer, and I'm glad this finally got released.

As for Holiday in Dirt, Act of Faith is one of the finest country songs that Stan has ever done, Garage Band 69' is good, as is Operator
and End of the Line, but I didn't care for any of the other songs on it. I think this album would have been better if Stan had re-recorded his B-sides, rather than simply compiling and releasing them, as some of the songs sound dated, but would probably be good songs if the sound was updated. At any rate, 4 good songs on a cd justifies purchasing it as far as I'm concerned.

Can WOV get back together now? Pretty Please?

Date: 02/24/02 09:10:42 PST

Natalie....thankyou for the suggestion, I would be honoured if Rhino could do something but I am not as well known as Todd so... there is also the IRS/EMI problem..who would know where the masters are..etc? Perhaps some of the lesser known bands that I worked with might give permission. I would very much like to see the the release of 'lost' masters especially 'Funzone' which was recorded at the same time as the rest of 'Call of the West'. It was a finished and complete master that was so fantastic that it would have spoilt the completeness of the 'Call of the West'. It was decided at the time that the track might have formed the basis and themes for a follow up album. Most of you know that we never got there. The ardous touring schedule which IRS forced on Voodoo was in my opinion the biggest single factor in creating the stress that led to the break up of the band.
Ho Hum..Mazda

Date: 02/24/02 06:55:24 PST

Hi y'all,

1. Great to see cover of Marc's CD, thanks Mrs. V. Please send best wishes to him, hope the new liver is making itself at home.
2. Any truth to the rumor that Stan is planning a European tour this year? Maybe some verification/denial from Stanard himself?
3. Note to Richard M. : Rhino Records put out a compilation of Todd Rundgren's PRODUCTION WORK. Don't you think a Mazda knob-twiddling/sliding compilation is an idea whose time has come?
4. Here's my definitive WOV/SR want list, any help/offers would appreciated immensely:

Index Masters
Showbusiness Is My Life (Stan video)
This Is The Way I Feel
Film Songs

Have a good one,


Date: 02/24/02 05:18:12 PST

THIS IS BRAND NEW as of 2/16/02. A special pressing of only 100 CDs! Recorded at the intimate Batschkapp Club in Frankfurt, Germany. AVAILABLE AT CD BABY ONLY!

Date: 02/22/02 08:59:53 PST

Marc's new CD is now available for ordering!! Click the cover below and it will take you to the ordering page at cdbaby.com. Enjoy!

Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 02/22/02 00:45:37 PST

NZ Coming soon ...'The Leg Tambourines That Nearly Got Me Fired' Followed by the 'Crystal Methedrine That Burned Our Brains'. Incidentally I stole the idea for using a mini amp from Peter Gabriel who once came to see my band Cosmetics at a small club in Bath called Moles. [Where do these idiots get there names from?]

Date: 02/21/02 18:21:03 PST

another artifact--

promo balloon from the happy planet release.


Date: 02/21/02 16:11:31 PST

1. That was wild, wacky & whimsical, Rich! Will there be more of this madness to come?
2. JPGringo, you sound like a cool cat.
3. Does anyone know of a studio version of "Funzone"?
4. How about more cuts from whatever show those KILLER versions of "Tomorrow" & "Call of the West" are from...

Date: 02/21/02 07:39:56 PST

just acquired "call of the west" on c.d, played it in car on way to work this morning, i ended up turning round and had a day off... that record is that good it fuckin hurts

Date: 02/20/02 15:34:59 PST

Here are the DOC MP3's that were posted back in June of 1999
Courtesy of Sheldon et al..

If anybody wants help posting html to the Open Forum I am happy to assist. Also happy to host any pictures.

Toby - congrats on becoming the Cat's Ass. Who knows maybe one day the rest of us will ascend to this height. (This is a joke so laugh you f@#$%^s)


Date: 02/20/02 13:58:44 PST

Hello all,

Got an email from Marc's wife Freddy earlier today and she said Marc's CD is due for release March 4th. It will be available through cdbaby and on the Kitchen Whore web site. So keep your eyeballs peeled!

As for Marc's condition, no change really. He's still hanging in there so keep beaming those good vibes his way!

That's it for me right now. Hasta la vista!

Rock on,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 02/20/02 09:38:53 PST

Hey all,
I just took my first spin through "Holiday In Dirt." It is definitely a must have.

Date: 02/20/02 09:18:47 PST

Toby here -

welll TANKS to you too....

I guess no one else is gonna step up and talk about Ensenada Joyride and film scores.... so here it goes.

Marcs band Dept of Crooks did the score to a movie I directed called Elegant's Angels 2. He was on that Where Are They Now? on VH1 talking aobut it. And they showed some footage of me sitting there tied up to a chair. I get so many people telling me that they saw that. At the ime, they played show a lot.... He also did a song that was just uncovered in Untamed Cowgirls of the Wildwest 2 back in the early 90's. Enseneda Joyride was a band that Marc was in when he was in France the first time. He came back to America and found out that there was another band called that and they were signed to Doctor Dream!!! Andy's label. Imagine the coincidence.

As far as the score that I have, I again.... put it out to Sheldon:

Can I put them up online? I think everyone wants to hear them... they're great and we would all love to share...

That's just my two cents worth.

P.S. How great is that Knife and Fork video???!!!

Date: 02/20/02 01:42:12 PST

tanks to all peoples, now works!

Date: 02/19/02 20:11:21 PST

People seem to be transferring fine from where I've got the files hosted, so you can probably take them down.


Date: 02/19/02 14:01:18 PST

Toby here -

Back in Flesh works now, it was a Capital HG that was clogging it up... both Invisible Man's work so I don't know what the problem is.

Can I take them down now???

Date: 02/19/02 13:00:22 PST

Thanks for the permission, Toby. I finally got 'em all up. You can check them out over here. All links should work, if they don't, just leave a message and I'll fix it up.


Date: 02/19/02 03:23:17 PST

Now did anyone get the Invisible Man songs and Back In Flech/Granma's House
from Toby's data bank? Those were the only songs i could not get downloaded.
I would be very happy if someone mails them to me at W-Halama@gmx.de

Date: 02/19/02 00:57:37 PST

why don't work back in flesh/grah...........uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 02/18/02 23:35:46 PST

Hola Voodoid Amigos,
I am a long time (at least 3 years) checker-outer of the forum, but this is my first entry. Consequently I have maanny comments and even more questions, though I hope to promise to space them out. I am in such a state of orgasmic euphoria at all the live material suddenly available that I could no longer be a mere observer. I have been scrambling over the last 12 hours to get it all before it's gone that I figured I might as well join the throng. I know it's old news to everyone else here, but, GOD, I love these guys. I love Andy-era, but I worship the Stan days, and I am always amazed at the "yeah, they're ok" responses I usually get from fellow music fans when I turn them on to the obvious genius (or at least uniqueness) of this wonderful band. I guess it's an acquired taste, but they hooked me right away, though, regretfully, they were gone by the time I found them. Anyway, it's 2:30 A.M. (can't keep the hours I did many years ago), but I promise to be back, iffen you can stand another Voodoo freak! Prayers and best wishes to Marc and his, and I still get a tear now and then at the thought of Joe's passing, but I hope to become part of the community. You seem like a great bunch of guys and gals.

Date: 02/18/02 17:30:27 PST

From Kitchen Whore's site, "Since then Moreland has been working on various music projects, including his own "Ensenada Joyride" in Europe, and Department of Crooks, which released an album in the U.S.. He has also been involved in film and has produced underground bands in the U.S. and Europe."

Anyone heard "Ensenada Joyride," or know what films Marc worked on?

We should really badger Kitchen Whore for a street date.

Date: 02/18/02 16:27:41 PST

Hey everyone! There is a picture of Marc's album cover on the kitchenwhore website! Plus a song list! But they didn't mention a street date. Come to Boston Marc!!

Date: 02/18/02 15:43:14 PST

Toby here -
Why didn't one of you puter geeks tell me my code was screwwy?!?! Anyway... the demos now work... and if anyone wants to host them, feel free. We're a happy family.. me, mom, and daddy. Just no ebay hits...

Date: 02/18/02 15:23:08 PST

Toby, you are the cat's ass! Thanks for putting up the MP3s! I just hope I get 'em all downloaded before you have to pull them. You're the man!


Date: 02/18/02 12:18:01 PST

I see the speaker now! ahhh ...

Date: 02/18/02 01:37:16 PST

Has anyone got the two Invisible Man songs from the Demo tapes and Back in Flesh/Granmas house from the Whisky Gig on the 14.2.1981?
Please send them to me at W-Halama@gmx.de

Date: 02/18/02 00:05:26 PST

ok ...NZ you download it, everyone else go http://www.geocities.com/creepyclave/1.html hope that does it for ya


Date: 02/17/02 23:07:05 PST

hello ..hello...monkey wrench come in...creepy dead eye too and spooky greay head call me!...TOO MUCH STAN!! i can't take it! This is a WOV page. go here to hype stan stuff..please..!



Date: 02/17/02 23:02:46 PST


Beyond Tomorrow

Date: 02/17/02 23:00:52 PST

A valentine from stan ridgway's website.
click on this:

Date: 02/17/02 22:38:45 PST

check your code babe! It is showin'...dig that new stan though..wov rules..
peter paranoid

Date: 02/17/02 21:08:09 PST


Date: 02/17/02 19:04:26 PST

hey mazda..i wanna seethis amp pic.. but it's not showin' babe...someone tell us how to post pics PLEASE!!

starving in diamond bar -
cracky the troll

Date: 02/17/02 18:55:30 PST

Ridgway's "Holiday in Dirt"on NPR's Fresh Air / a streaming RealAudio review by Ken Tucker

Date: 02/17/02 18:10:43 PST

There's an incredibly HUGE photo of Stan on Ebay from around 1983. It's like, 30x20 inches. Not a poster... but a PHOTOGRAPH. It's great. Item # 1513665011.


Date: 02/17/02 11:47:05 PST

Toby, if you're forced to pull them down, with your permission, I could host them for you.

P.S. Fine Line is a great song, I can't get it out of my head.

Date: 02/17/02 10:41:13 PST

Hi Toby. I got all wanted except the two Invisible Men from the Demo Tapes.
Did you already pull them?

Date: 02/17/02 10:05:17 PST

Toby, I will see to it that people get it on Audiogalaxy

Date: 02/17/02 10:01:02 PST

finally some thing that cannot be found!! Very good!! M.

Date: 02/17/02 08:18:25 PST

Hi Toby,
All i can say is this:
Many thanx and greetings
by Hungerhahn

Date: 02/15/02 14:21:29 PST

Toby here, again -

I know I'm gonna regret this... but here it goes:

get them while they're there, cuz they're gonna probably be pulled after the weekend.

Date: 02/14/02 23:02:17 PST

Toby here -

Great new Ridgway site... Love the videos that are up... and they're quicktimes too, so we can download them and watch them anytime we want... in the nude!!! But they spelled scores wrong in the listing on the right side of the page.

Date: 02/14/02 11:50:46 PST

Hi there,
Does anyone have the two Invisible Man versions from the Demo tapes or any tracks from the US-festival as mp3s?
I would love to have them.
you can mail them to me at W-Halama@gmx.de
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 02/14/02 03:22:31 PST

Toby, you are some kind of guy.
Thank you very much.

Date: 02/13/02 17:26:55 PST

ok then does anyone have a video of the entire US Festival '83 gig? I have one vid, but it only has "Mexican Radio" (all the other bands are shown performing TWO songs...that really pisses me OFF!)
Anyway, I was there & would love to re-live it.

Date: 02/13/02 13:03:44 PST

toby here -

1. 1978/1979 Demos
Take Me To Your Leader / Do The Doink / Wargasm / Test Tube Baby / Invisible Man / Untitled Instrumetal / Take Me To Your Leader / The Passenger / You Do Anything You Want (demo of Long Arm) / Invisible Man / Ring Of Fire

10. US Festival
Ring of Fire / Call Box / Animal Day / Lost Weekend / Back in Flesh / Funzone / Mexican Radio / Tomorrow / Call of the West

does that help??

Love the new Stan The Man plan.... but it's half stuff us uber-geeks have heard before. What's up Stan? When are we gonna get some REAL new stuff???? We are jonesin' MAN!!!

Date: 02/13/02 04:48:38 PST

Does anyone know which songs are on the Demo Tapes from Wall of Voodoo and which songs they did on this US-Festival in 1983?
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 02/13/02 00:50:42 PST

yes marc! get well soon..we need you...
a couple of vegas players that love you and your music.

dell and smith from casino south

Date: 02/12/02 10:20:41 PST

Hang in there, Marc -- it sounds far less ominous than it initially sounded! You're in all of our prayers to the Supreme Being - whatever you perceive Him to be! (anyone else remember National Lampoon's "Deteriorata"?) ;-)

Date: 02/11/02 13:43:08 PST

Hello all,

I got an email this morning from Marc's wife and thought I'd share the latest with you on Marc's condition. While things go up and down day to day, there's not all that much change at the moment. He's still in ICU and they aren't sure yet how long he'll be there. Freddy says "As far as the liver itself goes, things are ok so far." They need to do a biopsy to make sure there isn't any rejection going on but he needs to get a little better before they can do that. There's the usual infections that are bound to result from such a huge assault to the body, but so far he's fighting them. I know you all want to see him strong and healthy again as much as I do, so please keep your thoughts, prayers and good vibes beaming his way. I'll post more updates as I get them.

We love you Marc!
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 02/11/02 11:53:00 PST

Just thought I should help circulate some more lesser known files, so I've got the Extended Mix of Do it Again and LP version of Far Side of Crazy. It happens to be different from the one that appears on the CDs and most of the singles. Take a listen here.


Date: 02/11/02 10:05:13 PST

RE: The Catalyst Club files - There's a period after at least one of the file names in the HTML links. Hope that helps.

- Dirk

Date: 02/11/02 06:55:01 PST

hey you cockknockers!!

Date: 02/10/02 05:16:41 PST

ok, I am having some problems with the CATALYST CLUB. will try to got it fixed this coming week

Date: 02/09/02 15:45:51 PST


Date: 02/09/02 10:38:01 PST

Coolness... looking forward to it.


Date: 02/09/02 00:39:42 PST

NZ..be patient got to think of what to post but I'll probably start with a picture of a miniature guitar amp that we used on 'they don't want me' and other tracks.Mazda

Date: 02/08/02 15:58:54 PST

Hey the track list for the '80 WOV concert is killer!
Most of the links for the individual songs are not working, though.

Date: 02/07/02 07:44:35 PST

King Rich, message rec'd and understood. Thanks, I'll pass along the good word.

Jim Clark
'the middle man'

Date: 02/06/02 21:19:39 PST

Does anyone have the Stan Ridgway Live CD? The one that was released on CDBaby. I missed it because I knew about in on the 6th, damn. The samples sound great!!

Date: 02/06/02 20:36:06 PST

Okay. It is up & running. If you go to the mp3 page by clicking this link here the first download is to get the whole CATALYST CLUB show in 1980(?) Much thanks to TOBY on this.

Date: 02/06/02 17:50:13 PST

Mazda Man:
I have been waiting to see what manner of havoc-filled image(s) you will post.
Also, can you give a little insight into the "Exercise" track? Was it done during the "West" sessions? Whose baby was it?
There would be a killer pic...
You and Joe pondering the rhythm tracks to "Exercise" while Stan muses thoughtfully over his lyric sheet for "Hands of Love"! C'mon Rich!!
Napalm Z.

Date: 02/06/02 11:53:27 PST

Toby here -

Andy denies it... doesn't know anything about it.

Date: 02/06/02 07:14:22 PST

next up on the mp3 site, with the great help of TOBY DAMMIT, a concert, song by song. which one?

I'll give you a hint:

It should be up for you to download by midnight tonight.

two words: EN JOY

P.S JIM!!!! your email bounced back a email I sent to you. Long story short..... WATCH THE BOX

Date: 02/06/02 02:04:37 PST

Look.. I don't know but...Andy's sense of humour, vocal range and general puckish nature must make him a strong candidate for the invisible rockabilly. Somebody get him to deny it for christsakes and lets move on...[final thought: can anyone put a definitive date forward for when it first appeared?]

Date: 02/05/02 09:17:12 PST

I swear I saw Elvis up on the grassy knoll with a microphone and a Mexican Radio lyric sheet....

Rock on,
Ms. V.

Date: 02/05/02 05:00:20 PST

fess up!!! now who sang that mex rocklabilly thang!!?? come on...you know who you are. James Birch?...John Gillinghbam?...Jioe Stella?...coulda ben any of yooooo...
voodoo van mate...

Date: 02/04/02 20:41:41 PST

It was me. I sang that rockabilly version.


Now let it rest will ya?

Date: 02/04/02 19:46:31 PST

Mexican Radio is the greatest song ever

Date: 02/04/02 18:39:28 PST

re: who sung it?
Now fellow geezers..... i've finally been played this rockasilly version of mex rad and after running it through my voice and audio analyzing gear...comparing it to various peoples voice prints along the way...and looking at printouts of waveforms and what-not... me thinks its none other than...
former ceo of irs records miles copeland
on a helium jag
hopped up on pills and booze
in a dark plywood shed near a home depot.
what do you think mazda? lissen again and let us know..


Date: 02/04/02 11:50:31 PST

I'd prefer 'The Grand Duke of Camberwell' or Mazda no MR. But Rich is ok.

Date: 02/04/02 00:08:28 PST

Please tell me, where can I get all of the WOV stuff? I mean intertet-shops and so on.

Anton from Moscow

Date: 02/03/02 16:11:53 PST

I don't own it, but the first few tracks on Grampa's House are demos from Andy Prieboy's solo albums.


Date: 02/03/02 15:39:05 PST

Thanks, Mr Mazda... I did send you something, see what you can do...
Does anyone here own "Grampa's House"? I bought it on e-bay, and I am just wondering what the first few tracks are. They are definitely Andy, & they are definitely NOT W.O.V. It sounds like some High-Concept Broadway-type stuff. (It's not bad) Anyone?

This is the code, Mr. Maz: (may I call you "Rich"?)
img src="URLofyourpic"
Make sure to put the whole code between these: <>

Date: 02/03/02 09:28:40 PST

Hey napalmzappa..
er ..No I don't. It's not thru lack of will more not really understanding the access protocols as instructed by my host. Well that's enough 'Alien speak'. I'l make an effort to work it out and get back to ya if you have sent a message. I feel way more relaxed now people are bothering to post their names! I got fed up reading postings from that'PST' guy.
PS How does one post up pictures on this forum? I got a picture or two to post..It makes it sooo much more exciting, n'est pas?

Date: 02/03/02 08:48:07 PST

Chris again,

Oops, forgot to answer the second question. Marc's wife is French, so if you feel better writing in French, she can translate anything Marc can't figure out on his own.

Ms. V

Date: 02/03/02 08:44:39 PST


I forward any snail mail that gets sent to Oregon (which is where I live at the moment) to Marc in France. That gives him the opportunity to have the privacy of not having his address bandied about the internet but still allows the fans to send things. I also forward email to him for the same reason.

Rock On,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 02/03/02 08:23:20 PST

Hello all

Just 2 questions. As Marc is in France, why are we supposed to send cards in Oregon ?
I know Marc lived in France for a While (Annecy according to his brother Bruce) I'm wondering if Marc speaks french. (My english is so bad that I don't dare to write a card in english to him)


Date: 02/03/02 07:30:45 PST

Sorry about posting anonymously earlier, I'm kinda forgetful at times. I'm the one who offered to host the MP3s on his computer. Though, now I've got a question. I found a track online that claims to be the Dance of Death instrumental that was performed live, but I never owned Grampa's House to know what the track sounded like. Anyone in the know, or if you just want to here it, can go here to have a listen.


Date: 02/02/02 23:13:47 PST

Toby here -

Act of Faith... I like it!!!

Joe was in the background of Call of The West... not Back in Flesh... as King Rich pointed out... my bad.

We will work this storage probelm out... have gotten quite a few offers so far.. keep them coming... I got a lot of Mp3's to share!!!


Date: 02/02/02 22:21:08 PST

Hey! I didn't know Stan was gonna use that photo of my house on his new album! I wonder if I'll get royalties?? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Ms. Vieuxdo
(unfortunately not anonymous)

Date: 02/02/02 21:13:10 PST

Hey Mazda!
Do you ever respond to e-mails from your God-Awful COOL website?
Jus' curious...
(Not anonymous)

Date: 02/02/02 14:58:10 PST

May i just say that whilst one is already 'down' and another is still in hospital it is in slightly bad taste to refer to the band as dead. A band that has such devoted fans who still love the music is not dead. Furthermore...why is it that so many postings are anonymous?

Date: 02/02/02 08:59:20 PST

I could offer some storage space on my computer for MP3s, can't guarantee that it'll be fast, but if need be I can.

Date: 02/02/02 06:32:00 PST

Dear Sammystown fanatic,

could make you CDR copy, if that helps. Email me at NGravenor@compuserve.com. Off to download 8thanks again, Toby and Graeme)

Date: 02/02/02 01:20:11 PST

I have a video of early 80's WOV doing an L.A. TV show...I think it was Chas who did the arguing with Stan during 'Back in Flesh'. I will watch it again (it's been a while) and will post confermation of it..(although if miss v said it, that's good enough for me)....heck if I can manage it, I might even quicktime some of it.... (don't hold your breath).


Date: 02/02/02 00:58:40 PST

I want Sammy's town on CD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 02/02/02 00:53:21 PST

Kidz, admit it the band we LOVE is dead we gotta keep their legacy ALIVE lets make all the vinal into .mp3s seems the bastards at the record companines won't press this, so we should...........Sheldon Let Toby do it, we need this

Date: 02/01/02 18:22:07 PST

Toby here again -

Hey Sheldon... would it be o.k. if I made mp3's of the stuff you guys did for Elegant's Angels #2 and posted them? They're awsome.... and I think Marc would be cool with it. E-mail me if ya like.. tobydammit@earthlink.net

Date: 02/01/02 18:09:51 PST

Happy to read that my fucking country helped Marc to recover Health.
Get well Marc and Play guitar
Music lovers need you.


Date: 02/01/02 16:20:35 PST

Toby here -

I don't think it's Chas singing the rockabilly version... anyone who has heard his demo In My Night would agree... very gravely.

I think it's Joe yelling in the back of Back In Flesh.... He did it live too. Like when they opened for the 3-Devo date that is floating around here on video.

I've been looking for that Australian 7" for years!!! Glad to finally see a picture of the cover and back cover. The back cover is an Andy Prieboy orginal BTW. If the person that posted that wants to part with it for a nominal fee, let's talk.... I could load you up with live and rare stuff... email me at tobydammit@earthlink.net

I'd love to put up more mp3's, but I really don't want to push my luck with my server, so if anyone wants to offer some storage space, let me know and we can work something out. I messed with that Discography a while back and a lot of the links don't work because I had to pull the track off my website.

I have a couple demos that Marc sings on.

Toby out.....

Date: 02/01/02 14:24:27 PST


Date: 02/01/02 02:50:28 PST

Hi Everyone!

Was wondering if anyone knows how I could get my mits on Index Masters and "Showbusiness is My Life" (Stan video). Not that this stuff is impossible to get, but I can help out with Dark Continent, the live version of Back In Flesh from "Urgh! A Music War", Ring of Fire and Don't Box Me In (Stan Ridgway and Stewart Copeland, from Rumble Fish Soundtrack)as mp3s, on CDR or whatever. Mail me at NGravenor@compuserve.com.
Rumor has it that Stan will be playing Europe in support of Holidays in Dirt, any substantiation?

Happy lunch hour,


Date: 01/31/02 21:32:09 PST

back of aussie 7"

Date: 01/31/02 14:22:08 PST

Hey Mazda, when's your birthday? I'm gonna get you a new set of typing fingers! :)

Hugs to the evil one,
Ms. V

Date: 01/31/02 08:25:03 PST

sorry..typed that last one in a rush. RM

Date: 01/31/02 07:38:54 PST

In response to unhelpful and unreliable postings from anonymous people here is the latest on Marc's condition direct from Marc's wife today. His transplant went ok however since he was at a very low ebb physically before his major operation he is still in ICU which is not unusual. More news as it happens.

Date: 01/31/02 07:04:29 PST

if you wont to battle me lets go

Date: 01/30/02 14:14:36 PST

Nope, I haven't heard a thing for I'd guess a week. Last I heard from Marc's wife she said the transplant had gone well and Marc was in ICU, as is normal for major surgery of that nature. Complications are always a possibility. However, don't believe anonymous postings. Wait til someone who knows what they're talking about (like Mazda, me, Toby, Stan) posts here. And keep those prayers and good vibes beaming themselves over to Marc.

Rock On,
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/30/02 12:24:10 PST

What does that mean? Does someone have details we don't know about?

Date: 01/30/02 12:11:00 PST

Marc is transplanted but not well.

Date: 01/30/02 11:09:28 PST

oh, sorry.
DRUG BUDDY will not show up in mp3 form.

Date: 01/30/02 07:09:16 PST

Hi there Folks,
The Wall of Voodoo group on Audiogalaxy is back, after all groups have been swamped on the 1st Jan 2002. Anyone who feels like it may join. And if you know of any rare stuff or cover versions, you are even more welcome.
Greetings by Hungerhahn

Date: 01/30/02 06:17:36 PST

Hi King,

My Drug Buddy (which appeared on the Floundering soundtrack CD) was re-titled Amnesia (which appeared as an additional track on an Australian CD single)... but I believe it will be included on Stan's new Holiday in Dirt CD.

John in Montreal

Date: 01/30/02 06:03:47 PST

It's definitely Chas doing the "arguing" with Stan on Back in Flesh. I've seen him do it live dozens of times.

Ms. V

Date: 01/30/02 01:03:37 PST

Dear Voodoids,

Glad to see such a lively community devoted to this weird and wonderful band. Unfortunately, haven't got any original tales of initiation - was hooked by "Mexican Radio" as all the other non-cognescenti. But soon found "Back in Flesh" and "Call of the West" even more intriguing, not to mention "Don't Box Me In". OK, that preference just outed me as a StanFan, but I am seeking out the Andy-era stuff for further investigation ("Far Side of Crazy" was a big dance club hit at the Goth disco in Berlin, Germany I frequented in the mid-80s). Anyway, thanks to Ms. Vieuxdo, King Richard, Toby, Graeme (props to the new discxography with MP3s, the only way to hear many of the songs so heatedly discussed on the board. Muchas gracias!) for their informed and engaged contributions, keep up the interesting debates on Stan vs. Andy (maybe someone can post a Hegelian dialectic with eventual synthesis), queer content etc. Best wishes also to Marc, any news on his well-being? Greetings from overhyped Berlin Natalie

Date: 01/29/02 19:02:34 PST

Do you have any demos that Marc sings on?
Or Do you have live versions of any of the following:
Don't spill my courage
Elvis bought dora a cadillac
Any department of crooks live stuff?

Thanks again for putting rarities up on the web

Date: 01/29/02 18:29:22 PST

Have added the mp3 of CALL OF THE WEST LIVE from the MEXICAN RADIO CD5. Put it up since you can't buy it anymore. If you need to download it along with the rockabilly MEXICAN, CLICK ON THIS LINK HERE!!!

I want permission from STAN to be able to put up the mp3 of MY DRUG BUDDY. It does not appear on a cd or album & was a b-side I think. If you don't mind let me know. It is a great song & not everyone has heard it.

If anyone has a request for a live mp3 they want put up, list it & I will try my best to get a mp3 of it. It can only be a live track, a demo or a b-side. No requests for regular tracks on any cd released by wall of voodoo/stan ridgway/andy prieboy/dept. of crooks/hecate's angels/toni & the tomcats

Date: 01/29/02 16:10:39 PST

Chas is the one arguing on Back in Flesh? Jeez...I always thought it was Marc. After listening to Back in Flesh and D.O.C.'s One night in June (which I believe Marc sings), I can't tell much difference. So, either Marc sings on Back in Flesh and One night in June, or Chas and Marc sound somewhat alike.

Date: 01/29/02 13:29:33 PST

Haven't yet heard the rockabilly version... Is it possible that it is actually Stan singing with the recording sped up? This is the case with those early demos (do the doink, wargasm, etc.). I "remastered" those back a few years ago... some of the copies out there are the ones I "fixed" (I remember jtl put my name on the cover artwork of a CDR version)... They were recorded on one channel and had to be slowed down quite a bit to get them in the right key. Is this the case with the rockabilly Mexican Radio? Does it sound like the pitch is off?

Also, I seem to remember seeing the rockabilly version on a live bootleg of WOV2 (i.e. with Andy)... or maybe I'm thinking of the heavy metal version.

John in Montreal

Date: 01/29/02 11:44:55 PST

Chas can be heard as the voice that argues with Stan during Back in Flesh, if anyone wants to have a listen. Though, one possibility I haven't seen mention is Bruce. Ever thought that it could be Marc on guitar with Bruce on vocals? If it was recorded after Stan left, that would put Bruce back in the band since, according to Andy, it was Bruce that found Andy at a party.

Date: 01/29/02 10:23:57 PST


australian 7"

Date: 01/29/02 09:19:47 PST

I'm almost certain that is not a cover. So who is the mystery singer?
Marc is out (listen to one night in June on the DOC album), Andy is out, Stan is out, and i've never heard Chas, but Andy described his voice as low and gravely like the Marlboro Man, so i'd rule him out too. Maybe this one an audition of a potential singer? Which brings me to my next question. Aside from Andy, what other replacement singers were auditioned?

Date: 01/29/02 09:16:09 PST

Big thanks to whoever posted the rockabilly version of Mex. Radio!

Date: 01/28/02 21:39:11 PST

"I was wondering that myself, but why would they put a cover on a cassettes that they threw out in the audience? If so, who is it?"

Is it verified that that's the source, or is that just what the bootleggers said? Either way is cool, but it just seems like it'd make more sense if it were a cover.

Date: 01/28/02 18:17:21 PST

When is Marc's solo album going to be released?

Date: 01/28/02 18:16:37 PST

Hey Sheldon, good to see you back. If you're still willing to allow me to put up the rare DOC stuff that you have, please e-mail me so I can get to work on it.
Thanks, Robert

Date: 01/28/02 16:33:19 PST

Sheldon Here,
Although I know how to play almost every wall of voodoo song on guitar, bass or some keyboards....and I know most of the words....I don't think my delivery would do any justice to the WOV songs. I think I've rerecorded 8 or 9 WOV songs for fun and Department of Crooks did a couple on stage. One that I could do is they don't want me. DofC did that one with all the parts redone on CD except guitars and bass. Fredy played bass, Marc and I coverd the guitar and I did vocals. I think we had Call Box up and ready to go that night with the same set up. Don't remember if we did it or not.
I have spent many nights poping in the old WofV disc's into my Prophet2000 and its mate the Roland MC-500 to play all the keyboard parts and some drums.....then I would plug the Flying V in with the old blue box and play Marc's parts. And no matter how I try, I fall short of Stan and Andy....I've even boo'd myself out of the room...har har har.
thanks for the ear people

Date: 01/28/02 06:13:17 PST

I was wondering that myself, but why would they put a cover on a cassettes that they threw out in the audience? If so, who is it?



Date: 01/27/02 22:50:32 PST

Are you sure that the rockabilly "Mexican Radio" is Wall Of Voodoo? Sounds like it could rather easily be a cover...

Date: 01/27/02 18:59:40 PST

Hey does anybody have chord progressions or tabs for "seven days in sammys town". especiall "don't spill my courage". If anybody out there knows i reckon ill find them here. any ideas or help would be cool....nanoben@hotmail.com thanks BEN

Date: 01/27/02 18:55:11 PST

on interstate 15 7" back cover

Date: 01/27/02 17:12:25 PST

no, what they call ghouls, I think, is a 2:02 min. instrumental by marc. This later became D. Y. F.

Date: 01/27/02 15:36:43 PST

Is what they call "Ghouls" the untitled instrumental that appeared on the Take Me to Your Leader demo tapes?

Date: 01/27/02 12:28:50 PST

Ok, go take a listen to the MEXICAN RADIO rockabilly version mp3 as well as a live version of CRACK THE BELL. Coming soon, that demo of a demo of DANCE YOU F@#$ERS that they call "GHOULS" on ebay. To start listening CLICK ON THIS LINK RIGHT HERE..... NOT THERE....HERE..

Date: 01/26/02 12:38:26 PST

on interstate 15 7 inch

Date: 01/26/02 11:56:11 PST

Just curious,
Did anyone ever get the full Stan show from Richards on Richards in Vancouver
-may 13 2000? the CBC recorded it for broadcast,but
all i was able to get was the lame Radiosonic chopped up version.


Date: 01/26/02 00:24:39 PST

anyone know where/when i can get a copy of marc's forthcoming(?) record from kitchen whore?

Get well captain twang- best damn guitarist in the US

PS i'd go bongo if someone could me find a copy of the dept of crooks cd. hints where i can still purchase it? i lost it somehow and am going through withdrawals. need to hear beggar blue sky, ny city, or whatcha gonna do!!! i really miss that wacked out farmer guy goin off about mtv too

Rich.. shivering on cahuenga and yucca

if any have an mp3 of any dept crooks song .. lemme know please
galaimpter@aol.com thanks.. if that is legal of course

greatest night of my life was at the scream when tequilla mockingbird opened up for my heroes... marc tagged andy pretty good with his fiddle that night- i dont think the ronnie reagan mask cushioned much of that one!
the dry ice, the crushed velvet jackets, marc's brilliance on hollywood the second time- f'in surreal

Date: 01/26/02 00:13:46 PST

Voodoo Fans -MAZDA RECOMMENDS: "Mexican Radio" The Restaurant!!! When I was in NYC over Christmas I couldn't resist the lure of a eating at this joint in Cleveland Place just north of Little Italy. The food is a cut above your average TEX-MEX, as is the decor. The waitress claimed that the restaurant was not named after the song when I told her who I was. I think she thought they would get sued! Then I guess she relaxed as she could see that I was just curious and ended up giving me matchbooks, sugar sachets and menus which
I am going to send Stan and Marc. It ain't cheap but we ain't talkin' Taco Bell more like GourmetMex.

Date: 01/25/02 15:53:22 PST

Does anyone know if there exists a studio version of either "Funhouse" or "Dance of Death"?

Date: 01/24/02 09:47:44 PST



Date: 01/24/02 04:39:08 PST

Anton? Antonnn!!!!!!!?>.....It's Chekov on the web..Watch for incredibly long pauses and much longing for Moscow...Wait maybe he sang on the rockabilly tapes?
The Earl

Date: 01/23/02 21:37:46 PST

You may be surpised, but there are a lot of people who know and love WOV here in Moscow, Russia. Thanks for the music! As for me, WOV is one of my favourites along with Stan Ridgway's solo works. And I think that (like Tom Verlaine's Television) WOV has done for the world music much more than all this popular stuff in the charts.
Thanks again!

Date: 01/23/02 16:05:31 PST

Howdy ho, this board sure has come alive! And we even have STAN THE MAN! And Marc is on the road to recovery! WOW. Very Cool stuff. Too bad none of you twerps ever went to visit my damn website. I have been bugging you folks for some cool old W.O.V. stories & input to add to the expanding site to no avail. Well I guess I'll have to use some of Stan & Mazda's stuff, which is interesting as hell.
One more time:
Go to "Features"

Date: 01/23/02 15:54:01 PST

Oh, and one more thing. On the "horror tapes" is a instrumental that they name "ghouls". this is a 2:02 early version of DANCE YOU FUCKERS.

Date: 01/23/02 15:50:39 PST

Well as for the rockabilly version, your right it is not STAN. They always put in that ebay thing that it is sung "by a young stanard ridgway" but it is not even close. It does not sound like MARC singing & by the last post, it wasn't RICHARD MAZDA. I have never heard CHAS sing, so it might be him. I believe it to be made AFTER stan left. Right down to being rockabilly, they tried to make it sound different. What really sounds like a mexian radio station is playing low in the background. The drum machine is not used.As the first cords of the guitar start, the singer lets out a chilling scream. Not like the one on SPY WORLD, much longer. He does it again right before the musical break in the middle. I am sure that is not Joe on drums. Also the line "I BOUGHT A DRUM BUT I NEVER USE IT" instead of "product". Also the line "then in the morning, I take an order, hear the radio south of the border" is used instead of the "US inflation" line. The biggest thing about it is the IGUANA line. The singer does a mocking Stan-like vocal while doing the line. He does this nowhere else in the song. I have no way of putting this up in mp3 form. wish I did.

Date: 01/23/02 14:48:06 PST

Hooray for Marc!!! That's the best news! Marc, we are all praying for you!! Get well soon so you can rock again!!

Date: 01/23/02 13:46:35 PST

The Best News of the Year is that Marc has got a 21st Century future...Get even more Well sooner Marc

Date: 01/23/02 13:44:21 PST

Sorry Mike...Don't know anything about rockabilly tapes. It certainly wasn't the demo version that I worked with. As I recall the version that we developed was a tinny sounding demo probably recorded in their rehearsal room that had a lot of the major elements of the eventual single. In the studio I added quite a few layers and the snare drum in the chorus which pissed off Joe no end. Stan can you throw any light on the rockabilly tapes....?

Date: 01/23/02 13:27:23 PST

I'd like to hear that rockabilly version of Mex. Radio too, so let me know if you can get an mp3 of it.

Date: 01/23/02 04:58:02 PST

ok RICHARD MAZDA or anyone else for that matter.

Me & a few others have been trying to figure out the deal with a demo of MEXICAN RADIO. It is a rockabilly version, and it is not STAN, even though it always says it is when they show up on ebay as the "horror tapes" or what ever. That the band used to throw them out to the crowd or something. If any of you have info on this thing, what's the deal?

Date: 01/22/02 20:24:21 PST

Alright! He is on the road to recovery! I will prey for him. He has a lot more to give and now he will have the strength. May his recovery be speedy.

Major Mal

Date: 01/22/02 07:20:52 PST

On Friday Marc Moreland went into surgery and it was out with the old liver and in with the new. The operation went well and Marc is hanging out in ICU for a while. So keep sending those good thoughts and groovy vibes his way.

Vive Marc Moreland!
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/22/02 03:31:18 PST

Yes Billy Jeb
I am frequently here and sometimes there...There are a lot of stories that I could relate but it might help if you ask a specific question ...for example: in order to create the sound of spurs on a boardwalk for 'Call of the West' [trk not album] ..I used duct tape to secure two tambourines to Stan's legs and got the studio to have some large boards delivered . I then got Stan to 'Walk the Planks'. Boy was he sore at me for a while..I think this was after he tried to have me fired! Revenge truly is a dish best savoured cold...Jolly Larks eh Stan?! Course we are now great cyber buddies and have infinitely deeper levels of respect for each other and ourselves than we did back in the days. Being a student of Niccolo
Mazchiavelli's treatise 'The Prince' all methods, all modes were fair game. We all crossed each others personal boundaries in order to make a great record. There are some other gripping yarns on my site www.richardmazda.com with more to be added. By the way any relation to Bobby Sue or Willy


Date: 01/21/02 23:55:45 PST

Yeah! this is a Wall of Voodoo page.Can we raise the level of dis-course here beyomnd new wave?
Is Wall Of Voodoo under rated in the 80's and in their overall contribution to song and sound?

People hear beck, david lynch and the cohen bros.talk about WOV. Like no other band from that time. WOV had things to say about more than cars and girls and trivial stuff..., Call Of The West was like a novel or a book with music.

chime in...let's get serious..Producer:Richard Mazda?? are you there???

what can you say about Call Of The West..? How did it happen and how did you help?

the man who wasn't there -
billy jeb steinberg

Date: 01/21/02 21:22:59 PST

"Shall we get back to praising Wall of Voodoo now?" Ms. Vieuxdo says as she cranks up Dance You Fuckers full blast on her stereo...

Date: 01/21/02 19:09:36 PST

sorry MASTER EARL. I didn't know. I will be proper from now on.

Ah, JOHHNY! Isn't he dead yet?

Speaking of the PISTOLS. Here is something for you guys to try out.
STEVE JONES(SEX PISTOLS)on guitar, John Taylor(Duran Duran) on bass, Duff Mc Kagan(Guns N Roses) on guitar & Matt Sorum(Cult) on drums. Called themselves NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS. Give it a listen too. Shows up on ebay now & then.

Date: 01/21/02 13:52:44 PST

Master Earl....I must ask that you do not call me by the colloquial 'Man'. It reminds us of that disgusting little oik, Johhny Rotten. Ma'am ne'er quite recovered from his insulting little ditties. What with that and that conniving Republican bitch,Lady Di [mind you we fixed her good], the Crown has lost some o'it's lustre. 'Tis a pity ....
The Lord High Teabagshire

Date: 01/21/02 13:43:11 PST

My Faithful Tattoo.....you know By God I think you've got it! Capital! What, what?! I dub thee Sir Tat of the OOooh. Roarke ..it's pure genius that's what it is ....mind you Lady Robinson of Gordons remains in my favour. Oh by the way I grant you the lands of Canada...they won't mind, just don't tell them you're American

Date: 01/21/02 04:52:12 PST

EARL! Come on man, ANNE ROBINSON wouldn't rock if we put 10,000 volts through her. Who I would get to host the show? MR. ROARKE from FANTASY ISLAND. Think about it. The delivery would be so different.

"I am sorry ALBERT. You are.....The weakest.....Link. GOODBYE"
EARL I am telling you it would work!!!!

Can't wait to get that HOLIDAY IN DIRT. Is that going to be on internet sale only or will I be albe to get that in my friendly old TOWER RECORDS? (what am I saying? TOWER wouldn't be friendly if I put 10,000 volts through them.)
Anyway STAN, tell us about the cd!

Date: 01/20/02 23:02:23 PST



Thanks very much for the explanation.

Witty sounds and witty lyrics...you guys were an awesome crew, a regular Devo for paranoid urban cowboys and slightly twisted refugees from '80s yuppiedom.

best regards,


Date: 01/20/02 15:08:46 PST

This Way Out:
This was written after President Jimmy Carter's failed Hostage Rescue attemp that went tradgically wrong out in the Iraqi desert. If it had succeeded, well... Carter would have probably had another term, but as it turned out - a valiant, brave and daring but ultimately flawed and unlucky episode, where many lives were lost including the "sarge"... who's name escapes me at the moment. One of my favorite WOV songs and Marc Moreland's pre "desert storm" guitar is simply inspired and awesome (get well you marc you!!!)

The song started with Bruce Moreland's inspired bass line playing to our trusty DR. RYHTM (click -clack-clickity)..and Chas's buzzy tuneful approach on the moog. Joe of course added all the great stuff on perc. with his arsenal of pans, sound efx and "monkey blocks". I got the job of putting lyrics and singing (if you can call it that..) to this strange concoction of sounds.

San Diego band, Rocket From The Crypt does a cover of this song live with horns on Chas's lick. I've heard it and its a great interpretation and wel.."rocks out" like it should from a bunch of young punks from a Navy port town.

oh well...gotta go oil my wheelchair. Gettin' kinda squeaky. Again - Get Well Marc! You've got more weird god damn music to make!
big talk -

Date: 01/20/02 06:51:14 PST

Tattoo...That Woman Rocks and you know it. Who do you want to do the show..Regis? Anne Robinson used to be an ugly drunk and you know what she's all the better for it. I bet she could kick Martha Graham in her tummy tuck without blinking and liposuck her brains just for fun. Oh and by the way you guys didn't win WW2 all by yourself you know..

Earl of Bergamot, omnipotentus potentatus rex

Date: 01/20/02 00:10:19 PST


Any ideas about the genesis and lyrics of the Song "This Way Out"? I like to play that and compare it to "The Bomb Run" from the movie Dr. Strangelove. Any comments appreciated.


Date: 01/19/02 17:22:04 PST

Hey guys, I was just kidding around saying that wov
sucks. I actually like them alot, esp Stan. I like
petra wextun alot to. God guys, relax. Where's
your sense of humor. God you guys all act like a \
bunch of losers, like charaters from a wov song,

Date: 01/19/02 15:30:34 PST

Tell you what man, we will keep FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, let them have a comeback & another hit song. In return, will you please take that woman that hosts THE WEAKEST LINK back?

Date: 01/19/02 00:27:55 PST

Please Kill All Dumb Fucks....What kind of person logs on to a site of a group that they claim to hate and then takes the trouble to post a message on the forum. He can't spell Jeez for Chreustsakes! Flock of Seagulls were the dumbest band of all time. Most of us Brits had a good laugh when they actually had American hits. We never wanted them so we sent 'em over!
Earl Teabag

Date: 01/18/02 20:31:31 PST

HAPPY PLANET was released in cd. Look on ebay from time to time.

Date: 01/18/02 19:16:05 PST

Where can I find/purchase ANY Wall of VooDoo,Stan Ridgway,Andy Prieboy
concert posters/flyers??? I've been desperately searching for what
seems like an eternity. Also...although I have all of their vinyl and available CDs'
Why was Happy Planet never released on CD???
Please email me at----meant4u@pacbell.net

Date: 01/18/02 15:12:46 PST

the music of w.o.v is the best who you can feel!!!!!!
mexican radio is 1 of the best but no the best, stupid!!!!!!!!!

Date: 01/18/02 12:40:47 PST

To the last anonymous "piss-in-their-wheaties" poster:
Don't you think your time on earth would be better spent by scouting out the things you enjoy - rather than the things you hate? It makes no difference to me whether you like WOV or not.

It was a good rant, though, judging from the fact you made no mention of bands you thought were "great" - you only griped about WOV (and perhaps A Flock of Seagulls as well). Very impressive to refrain from comparison to some other band you may hold in high esteem since those kinds of rants are completely tiresome - as opposed to the only mostly tiresome rant you posted....

uh-oh. babbling! *sigh*

Date: 01/18/02 00:56:20 PST

wov was the dumbest group ever. I hated their one and only hit single
Mexican Radio then AND today. I thought they were just a dumb
novelty group. God, you guys have poor taste in music.
When I saw this page i just couldn't believe people
actually liked that one hit wonder group. Jezzzz.
Is there a Flock of Seagulls home page. YOU GUYS BETTER GET BUSY!!

Date: 01/17/02 15:50:04 PST

I got this email from a guy about WALL OF VOODOO. I just had to put this up for you guys to see.

My WOV moment came in 1982. I was (and still am) a huge Go-Go's
fan. They had to reschedule the Austin date of their arena tour, so
their normal opening band (Flock of Seagulls) was unavailable. So Wall
of Voodoo flew out to do it.
Stan walked out in front of 14,000 at the Erwin Center and said
"How many of you were expecting to see Flock of Seagulls? Well, tough
shit, you're getting Wall of Voodoo." I was able to go backstage after
the show, but Stan had left already to go to a private Go-Go's party. So
I got to talk to the rest of the band. It was about 11:45 and they were
talking about chilling out a bit, then buying some beer and going back
to their motel. They were horrified when I informed them that, in
Austin, beer sales were cut off at midnight. So I loaded them all in my
car and made a beeline for the nearest 7-11. Then we went back to their
(cheap) motel and listened to a tape they had did of the show.

Date: 01/17/02 15:42:17 PST

I have to second Ned's observation on Marc's commitment to recovery. I got an email from him at Christmas and, while it hasn't been a picnic in the park the past year or so, he talked of looking forward to making more music and doing more live shows in the future. You go, boy!

Vive Marc Moreland!
Ms. Vieuxdo

Date: 01/16/02 06:04:42 PST

I've just been to visit Marc. The past 16 months have been horrendous, but his commitment to recovery is strong. He still has his particular sense of humor and a relentless inner strength that I truly admire. I'm curious to hear what sort of music Marc makes out of all of his impossible experiences.

Date: 01/15/02 12:39:05 PST

Stewart Copeland is playing drums for Oysterhead right now.

Date: 01/15/02 08:30:42 PST

i think we would all like to see a wov reunion but at what cost, dept of crooks singer and stewart copeland on drums aint wov

Date: 01/14/02 18:40:22 PST

has no one thought of getting the guy who sang on DEPT. OF CROOKS as a lead sing for WALL OF VOODOO? Sheldon right? I think I once read that he came into the group being a WOV fan. He knows the songs & has worked with MARC. Talk to CHAS, talk to BRUCE. Need a drummer? I don't think STEWART COPELAND is doing anything right now.

then again, why count out STAN? have them do a VH1 STORYTELLERS thing. at the end, they flip each other off & tell each & all to go to hell, walk off the stage.

Would that be so hard?

Date: 01/14/02 17:43:40 PST

The Nervous Gender connection explained! Well sort of.....I think Marc, and a couple of the other guys from WOV played with Nervous Gender a bit, but that's all I know about it.

So Stan is busy with his solo stuff, and Andy is busy with WTWL. Well, a WOV reunion could still happen. I've heard Marc's voice on the Department of Crooks album, and I actually think he's a better singer than Andy and equally as good as Stan. So how about it? I want a WOV reunion damn it!

Date: 01/14/02 16:14:45 PST

Hey, I think Stan's solo stuff is great. He is one of the best song writers alive today. No one sets the mood like Stan. He may not be selling 4 million copys but I bet he is happy with the way things are going for him. Figuring that there are millions of aspiring musicians out there and the far majority of them couldn't raise a family on what there making at it, if you can live comfortably on it, I would say you're doing better than most... My $.02 worth :-)

Major Mal

Date: 01/14/02 15:50:44 PST

Benny Hill's corpse rules.

Date: 01/14/02 15:18:55 PST

What about a reunion concert? Hell, Stan's solo stuff ain't doing that great.

Date: 01/14/02 15:17:59 PST

All I got to say is that Wall of Voodoo was one of the Greatest bands of our time! YEAH!

Date: 01/14/02 10:03:07 PST

Benny Hill rules

Date: 01/14/02 01:16:06 PST

Everrt Ruess ...you gotta be kidding ..did you mispell your own name you cocksucking ass.
The Lord of Teabag [actually I never touch the stuff but ah well stereotyping is all the rage these days especially amongst jerks]

Date: 01/13/02 09:52:37 PST

Holiday in Dirt?


Date: 01/13/02 07:38:24 PST

Damn, I just feel out of my chair

Date: 01/13/02 03:16:09 PST

I've heard that Stan worships the devil. I've tried
to play some of his tunes backwards to see if he's
got some backwards masking telling my to "kill Myself"
I would kill myself if stan told me to.
That's all I got.

Claude in Chicago

Date: 01/13/02 03:10:16 PST

What do you want to know about me, you dumb TEA-BAG?
If you don't got any dirt on Stan, then BUTTOUT and
go watch Dr. Who, or why don't you go dig up Benny Hill's
corpse, you retard.

Now, who's got the dirt on Stan?

Evertt Ruess

Date: 01/13/02 02:56:52 PST

You fuckin'anonymous asshole...you know Stan is a jerk? So you must have the dirt then? I think not baby puppy, you are the jerk so tell us about it, fuckwit..
Creepy Clave 10.56 am London

Date: 01/12/02 19:35:51 PST

Who's got some dirt on Stan. I know he's a jerk.
so tell me about it.

Date: 01/11/02 10:36:48 PST

Seriously, anyone know about the Wall of Voodoo/Nervous Gender connection?

Date: 01/09/02 11:11:03 PST

More people than who? How do you turn them on exactly? Do you tickle them with the dog eared sleeves of their lost classics? Who are you , you Master Of Seduction, You!

Date: 01/09/02 08:39:58 PST

Just wanted to say that I've turned more people on to WOV and have gotten all kinds of responses. From "your nuts" To "how cool."
Thanks for all the years of listening to what I consider "cool tunes"

Date: 01/09/02 00:50:27 PST

Hey I remember that guitar from so many great 70's and 80's L.A. shows.
Anyone go to the Starwood or the Whiskey in the 70's-80's to see Wall of Voodoo or Stan?
Tell us your story please!
lyle the starwood bouncer guy (and i never knew ed nash)

Date: 01/09/02 00:25:57 PST

ridgway on the old lost weekend 12 string. great. is that a studio in L.A.?
spooky from diamond bar

Date: 01/08/02 22:18:36 PST


Date: 01/07/02 11:17:39 PST

Sounds like the secret ingredient on "The Iron Chef"...

Date: 01/06/02 19:05:34 PST

I would personally prefer a nice Oregon Pinot Nior with that...

Date: 01/06/02 06:26:43 PST

NO NO NO! SAMMY HAGAR with white rice baked with mushrooms.
I suggest white wine.

Date: 01/06/02 05:25:47 PST

Sammy Hagar would make a good meal as well roasted over mesquite and basted with BBW sauce. Still doesn't make it right.

Date: 01/05/02 19:39:16 PST

I'm serious. Sammy Hagar would make a good lead singer
for Wall Of Voodoo.

Wov fans thoughts?

Date: 01/05/02 17:52:56 PST

The new WALL OF VOODOO cd:


Date: 01/05/02 00:25:32 PST

hello..its me. Sammy. I sure would like to try this will of voodod thing. is this a Lord of the Rings kinda sound or?..Sounds like a friggin' gas maan!..do i get to scream and preen alot? you know me..I love to rock rock rock out!!Maybe I could borrow a few clothes from I mean..uh..when Eddie said ..hey!?..wait..who's that up my ass?..

Date: 01/05/02 00:20:24 PST


maybe you should check up your ass...

Date: 01/04/02 21:36:47 PST

And Why do no WOV members "talk to Stan?"

If Stan's got his head up his ass, let him leave it

If Andy is busy with his band, let him.

Where's Sammy Hagar?

Date: 01/04/02 20:59:21 PST

Andy is busy with White Trash Wins Lotto. I also wish WOV would consider a reunion, but i've come to doubt it will ever happen.

Date: 01/04/02 20:57:21 PST

Let's see, you lent money to a musician who likely had a chemical addiction at the time. It should come as a great surprise that you didn't get your money back. The next time you're looking to lend out some money, try a safer credit risk....like say flushing it down the toilet with a note that says, "Please return with interest," attached.

Date: 01/04/02 20:40:53 PST

Is Andy ever releasing a new album?

Nate Guevara

Date: 01/04/02 00:24:41 PST

Andy talkes to Ned, and Chas all the time and even Bruce on occasioun. He also talkes to Marcs wife via e-mail on a weekly basis. And Ned came through L.A. about six months ago with his new band, which is a rockabilly outfit.

So there.... it isn't that far out of the realm of possibilities. But the only way that WOV 2002 would make any money is with Stan.... What about Stan and Andy sharing vocal duties with each doing keyboard parts while the other sang.... I think the Buzzcocks did something like that once.

Date: 01/03/02 05:27:43 PST

Joe has passed on
Marc is needing a liver transplant
Ned is on the other side of the planet
No members are talking to Stan
not sure about Andy.

All that said, it doesn't look like a reunion could happen.

Date: 01/02/02 23:17:03 PST

Is a WOV reunioun out of the question?

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