The Chains Of Luck

Let me out and let me in. 
Everybody was breaking 
through the chains of luck...
Through the sand, and in the wind.
Born with any break I'd want...
Every alarm clock radio's on.
I hear the heart of California pumping,
"Do Ron Ron De Do Ron Ron"

Hey, Hey, Hey, I feel 
like I'm fading away.
My, My, My, My, My, 
I survived what a million 
other guys survived.
Whe had eyes like Bacall's... 
no kidding, I remember those.
Can't remember what 
she looked like... 
I remember her clothes.
I heard the heart of 
Brian Wilson pumping, 
"Do Ron Ron De Do Ron Ron"

I heard the waves sing: 
"Alle Alle Alleluia, Alle Alle Alleluia"
and the city behind me: 
"What'll we do with a drunken sailor?
What'll we do with a drunk?"
I see blue lights through the shades.
My body lying down in my bed.
I need some real big hands 
to ease this busted head.
I hear a baby crying in a video arcade.
Over the video war game guns.
Brian Wilson chants his mantra.
"Do Ron Ron De Do Ron Ron"


Written by: C.T.Gray, N. Leukhardt, M. Moreland, A. Prieboy Published by: Skeek Music (BMI) Lyrics From: Liner Notes
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