Look At Their Way

Look at the way they're walking  
All these people around are giving me looks
They keep a big secret on the quiet side  
Where's the nearest place to hide?
Look at their way

Been around long enough now  
And they'll be around after everyone's gone
A mother makes love to her only son  
Turn on the lights and watch them run
Look at their way  
Look at their way  
Look at their way on the floor today

(It's grab and chew, that's all they ever do
A million born when just one dies)
All together now they'll rub their long legs
And play a sad melody, the only one they know
To air and earth and the quiet side  
And the mind built a million years ago
Look at their way 


Written by: Wall of Voodoo Published by: Big Talk Music (BMI) Lyrics From: Liner Notes Back To The Lyrics Page